Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York on February 14, 1895 · 9
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Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York · 9

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1895
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THE BUFFALO COURIER: THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 14, 1895. THE RAILWAY RECORD. ' ;' ' - : " 1 ' i Busy Days at Two of De pew's Bustling Shops, j FOR STOCK IN TRANSIT The Erte Establishes a Feeding Station at Hornellsville Central Traffic Lines Again Airree o Matn- ta Frelan't Rate. . The recent snovr blockades have made lively tmies at the New York Central's loco-motive shops at DVpew. Last Saturday and Sunday orders were received for extra ' f uglnee, , and ' they were eent out of the hops ii) double-auifk time. Monday's record was the highest, 13 engines that had been rebuilt the few weeks previously, haying been sent out to do duty on the road. The 700 men employed in the shops turn out an average of one and a half engines a day.- .1 ' I'nlon Tur Warh. Business at the Union Car works is rushing.' An addition to erecting shop No. 1, 12G by 300 feet, is being made, which will malte the total length of this building 700 feet, and it will have over a mile of tracks. The works will then have room under cover for 150 cars. The Company has orders for orer 500 cars, to be turned out during the next two or three months. Large forces of men. are employed in all departments, j FEADUGHT FLASHES. tttfda n1 Cnds of Xm flattierst tn - and Abont Station and Offices. Howard J. Ball, General Passenger Agent of the Lackawanna, has gone to California and will not return until the 25th int. j . Traveling Passenger Agent Hitchcock of the Lackawanna started Tuesday for a tour to the Pacific Coast and will be absent about . a month. ,. r The Missouri Tadflc will put on an extra passnger train exclusively for traffic to the Hot Springs. It will rua'daiiy, leaving St. Louis at 8:35 p. m. and passengers will reach their destination at noon on the following Haji ): i , . Thomas O. Piatt, receiver of the Southern ' Central, reports for the quarter ending Dej-cember 31: Gross earnings from operation, $1X0.092; operating expenses, $106,475; net -earnings, $9,619; fixed charges, $3,615; net deficiency, $196; profit and loss (surplus), $10,-868. The report of the Lehigh Valley for the quarter ended December 31, filed with the State Railroad Commission, shows: Groas earnings from operation, $1,199,073; operating expenses, $744,033; net earnings, $453,040; fixed charges, $209,077; net Income, $245,963. The net income for the corresponding quarter the year previous was' $106,748. Among the officials in the city, yesterday, were General Superintendent Cannlff. and Assistant General Superintendent Blodgett of .the Lake Shore; General Passenger Agent Lee of the Lehigh Valley; A. A. Heard of St. Louis, Assistant General Passenger and Ticket Agent of the Missouri Pacific, and Chief Engineer Iloyt of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg. At the annual meeting, of the Wheeling & Lake Erie stockholders the matter of the absorption of the Valley was postponed for 80 days, pending the decision of Judge Ricks as to widen mortgage shall be foreclosed. The old board of directors was re-elected, except that William E. Connors succeeds A. A. Soper. The directors re-elected the old officers. The Nickel Plate's report tor the quarter ended December 31 last, has been filed with the State Railroad Commission, and shows: Gross earnings from operation, $1,660,561; operating expenses, $1,214,286; net earnings, $446,274; other Income, $1,608; gross income, $447,883; fixed charges, $296,861; net income, $151,022; cash on hand. $371,099; profit and loss (surplus). $175,089. The net income for the same quarter the previous year was $162,-739. P. W. Resseman, General Yradmaster fop the Buffalo Creek since May 20, 1893, has been appointed Superintendent of the Ottawa Gatineau Valley and the Pontlac . Pacific Junction with headquarters at Ottawa, Ontario, the appointment taking effect tomorrow. He was formerly employed as Gen eral Yard master for the West Shore and the Fltcnburg at Rotterdam Junction. General Agent Knlbloe of the Buffalo Creek in speaki ing of the appointment yesterday said: "Mr. Resseman is unquestionably one of the most efficient general yardmasters In the country, and I think it Is the general experience of railroad officers that that is one of the hardest positions to fill satisfactorily in the transportation department of railroads." FOR STOCK IN TRANSIT. - The Erie Establishes a Feeding Station at Hornellsville. . Hornellsville, . Feb. 13. Special.) The employees of tie Erie in this city report a -very pleasant increase of business for the past 30 days. Since the resumption of traffic which was generally interrupted! by the blizzard, the employees find no lack of work. Nearly the entire force of trainmen; engineers and firemen are getting in. more than full time. There is much freight mov. ing westward and a large number of cat tie are being shipped from Western points to the Eastern market. The Company is bunding an immense stock barn in this city, at the foot of Pine Street, which will be used as a place for feeding east-bound stock. On Monday three train loads were fed here for the first time. Yesterday several .loads of corn were re ceived on account of the feeding station; Railroad business Is the best at this point , that it has been in montns. , HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST? J . . . . , - - - :. Chieaa-o Eaut-Bonnd Line Ag-aln Aarrea : to Jtlalntain Freight Bates. j v Chicago, Feb. 13. (Special.) Danger of a total collapse in the eastern freight rate situation has apparently been averted by to-day meeting. Each of the 10 eastj-bound lines was represented, the meeting being under. the Cleveland resolution of executive officials. Every .representative went to the meeting loaded with charges or denials; but instead of the expected Donny-brook, there resulted as near a love feast as Eastern lines are capable of at present! No direct charges of rate manipulation were made, it'beibff taken for granted that nearly all the lines were guilty. Only the future was mentioned, -ami one" after an other the representatives pledged themselves they had no outstanding-contracts to pres-rent them' from absolutely maintaining rates. As they1-warmed to the situation one " after smother pledged. his line to maintain -rate until all had so pledged themselves. vlction that for time at least there would be no further - rate disturbances. When they had recovered from the daze into which the meeting had thrown them, some of the representatives became doubtful of a few of 'the pledges made," but each one declared he would accept them at par until certain .they were broken.. 'Later In the day the rood effect of the meeting was seen in dm-f-atches from Western point that deals ia force for some time- and engineered by Eastern line had been canceled.' . - ? Should maintained rates really last foe some time as a result of the meeting, it Will be one of the. most remarkable in the history of Eastern roads. : It was probably the almost i universal conviction that j a desperate rate war was 3at band which led to the result of the day's meeting. Had uu rami uvea as was expected, it was a foregone conclusion that some of the roads would have gone into tiie ceivers. : i g. jre- THE WAGE QUESTION. The Southern Railway Tells Its Em. pleyeos Why ft Can't vm.y More Wowj. Washington, D. C, Feb. 13. The fx-pected conference between the officers of the Southern Railway; Company and their employees in an endeavor to finally arrange their differences took pfae here to-day. The meeting wajs entirely harmonious. if In its answer to the" request of the men for a restoration of the wages paid in 1801, the company publishes i1 a pamphlet kd-dressed to the employees which contains the reasons why the company is unablei to make the genera! increases at present. This pamphlet explains that inequalities of pay and service existed ia consequence of the previous separate control' and management of the several component parts of the system, and these are to.be equalized. The changes made on this accirmnt are increased in every case and apply chiefly to employees receiving the small pay ' of 65 a nionjth. This inequality is corrected by the new schedule. $ i i j Attention! is called te the general depression existing in all branches of industry! in the South and to the? fact that amid tpis fch.inkrge railroad employees have borne a smaller proportionate ! reduction than any other class engaged it industrial pursuits. In ctnclusfon it is stated that the new scne.iuif- will not takeettect Vrt'fore Mayi 1, unless tn men desire anjearuer aate. me commit re of the llrainmn s Associat; tojx the statement under consideration. RAIL GOSSIP. on General Intella-ene ' frani Tar I ens nicbuax rTr1Bi). :j) C. C. Curtice has been appointed City Passenger Agent of the Yahdalia at St. Lof Is. A. C. runn has been Appointed Traveling Passenger and Freight; Agent of the Union Pacific, with headquarters t Sioux City. j -r-A rumoriis current to the effect thnt ppy-eral chariKeS are imminent, amontc the offlciaU of the Cincinnati. Jackson & Mackinaw, jj Thomas 3 E. Smith, tlie Youngstown. jSO., ticket bmker. who was arrested for altering: a Nj pa uo ticket has been cdnvieted of forgriry. C. E. Benjamin has; been appointed Traveling Passenger Agent ibfS the l'eeos Valley. His territory will Include the States of Illltiois and Indiana. i f :! Eastern Passenger Agent Burke, of ihe Louisville tSl NaxliTille, denies the report that he has beeh offered the Eastern passenger agency of another Southern road. The appointment is 1 announced of Daniel S. Willard. Auditor of the Missouri, Kansas! & Texas in Kansas, as Auditor Of the syStjeni In Texas, vice John C. Telfex, resigned. jj C. J. SUfciwell, fornierljf Superintendent! of the Cleveland division of jthe JJlsr Four, inas been appointed Superintendent of one of he Dakota divisions of the Chicago & Northwestern. S ;i ;f Douglas Dalian, formerly commercial agent of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. iouls, has been appointed General Southern Agent of the Hoosac Tunnel Lfnej with headquarters at LouisTllle. t i i Kail road financiers are 'of t he opinion that there has never been a better time for investment In railroads. Control lof many roads can now be bought for a song, which in a few years will be earning dividends. ij H. F. Bicknell, assistant trainmaster i of the Pan Handle, with headquarters at Pittsburg, .has been appointed a division Superintendent of the Lake Erie & Western, TVith headquarters at Lima. .O. Mr. Bicknell has been with the Pan Handle lines 21 years, j be ginning as a teiegrapn operator. i J. D. Anthony. Chief IClerk of the rie passenger department, ihas made application for a counon which mav be attached to nv ticket, and -when torn, s after the style of a postal note, ill indicate the number of miles to be traveled. Such a coupon would neutral ize the effect or any alterations In the body of the ticket.- i- ij Receivers of the Northern Pacific are ne gotiating for the complete: sale of the "Northern Pacific .Express Coriipany. Bids have been received from the American, the Adams, jind the United States Express companies. The fold made by the Americans Express Company! Is the highest, and the deal With that companv may shortly be closed.? with the consent of the court. I j i t ij ' The shipments of west-bound competitive ireignt rrom eastern Truns Line terminals to Chicago? last month aggregated 1064384 tons, tor the nrst week 17. (Vitf tons were shipped; fmr the second Week, 27.927 tfins; for the third week, 30,497 tons, and for the fourth week, 30,301 tons. The aggregate shipments of west-bound freight in Trunk Ljine territory for the month of December was 101,- 414 tons. j ;j By reason of the recent reissues of ; the rate publications of the Central Traffic As sociation neing incomplete, because or pu-avoidabie hasty preparation and lack of conclusive data relating to portions of the territory affected, a meeting of the compilers and rate clerks of the lines of the territory of the Central Traffic Association has been called to convene at Chicago to-day, to Consider the revision and reissue of the Central Traffic basing sheet and , questions relating thereto. j ! i i H. M. Bell, Superintendent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul's ;Lake Superior jdl-vfslon, has tendered his resignation, to tike effect to-uiorrow. It. U. Minturn. who has been Superintendent of (the Wisconsin Valjey division fori several years,; will succeed hi in. J. H. Foster will be transferred from he superintendency of the Hastings & Dakota division to the Wisconsin Vslley, to succeed Mr. Minturn, and the territory and Jurisdiction of Superintendent iJ.; R. Williams ill be extended so as to covtr the Hastings! & Dakota division. An Arizona exchange' tells about a man for whom a passenger itrain has no terrojrs. P. Sullivan owns land nea? Solomonville, over which the sOila Valley, Globe & Northern built its track last Bumpier, according to Sullivan, in his absence and without his permission. Recently be erected,: a frame building surmounrted by i a wire ' fence on the tracks. He -moved his family In. and the next trjiin was obliged to halt. Whet! WHUam Oarland, President of the Road, who was on the train, ttemnte1 to remove the fence. Sullivan lev eled a shotgun at him and said he would shoot if the President did not take his hands riff. That official obeyed, and the train retuned to Solomonville. I where a warrant was issued for Sullivan's arrest. j ? 1 Charles t. Scull. General Passenger Agent of the Baltimore & Ohio, is one of the uiest earnest advocates of having differentials apply to party business as well as to regular travel. He says: "The shew and prtrty business nowadays cuts nO little figure in regular passenger receipts, and iti Is for this reason that the Baltimore & Ohio wants its portion of the traffic. In ;the iearly history of differentials this was allowed, and there Is no reason why differentials; should not be granted in case iof parties as well as in regular traffic. For bit part, I cannot see any difference, and I think the cases are parallel. In tiew of the Justice of the case, I cannot see why any board !of arbitration should not see fit to rule accordingly, and In my opinion; the Baltlfnore t & Ohio Will eventually u w oyyij un- THE COURT RECORD. I. SUPREMOS COURT ERIB COUNTY ClR-rriT The Hon. Hamilton Ward, Justice. February 13. j i I i ' John Tilley vs. the Clty ot Buffalo. Verdict of no cause of action. ,: ' a i Joseph Pammo vs. Carl Hamilton. Cotirt directs a verdict for plaintiff for fl33. s John Powers as administrator vs., the D. L. & W. R. it. Ckmpauy. Complaint dismissed. William Jackson vs. 'William Jenkins. : 0a trial. -s j ' 3 ' r Dav Calehdar4-Nos. 72,; fe, 2, 49, 68, 24,. 201). 220, 25tl, 2751. 270.- ?! i: Mary Coke vsj Elisabeth 1 Farley. On trial. Michael Jewell as receiver vs. Ilenlry Rathmann. ordered reterrea to Kosweil Rnrrnws to bear, trv snd determine. Day Oalendar-f-Nos. 2jSi' 87, 165, 83, 93, 174, ono "ii 'KM. oTSii ;-b "" The Hon. Alfred pprieg, Jnstlce. RUPREME COURT SPECIAL TERM .The Hon. Manly 0.' Green, Justice, s February -13. Mary Jamison vs. I Lawrence Brown. Referee's report) confirmed and Judgment ordered in accordance therewith for plaintiff; The People vs. the Cataract Bank. Order referring semi-annual report of receiver to E. Corning Townsend. i : George Elliott I and one vs. Arthur Mlxon. Motion fori appointment " of receiver denied without prejudice and without costs. j i Eiamett A. Root and one vs. Erin M. Root et al.! Interlocutory Judgment in partition ordered. Maurice E. Spratt to sell, i i First National Bank .-vs. ; Perry Salt Company and Joseph: E. Coe as receiver. Referee's report continued. Judgment and sale ordered. SUertff to sell j V! j- ; ! James 11. Maher v. Philadelphia Read ing Railroad Company and one., Order of substitution of attorneys. h E. Truman. Halbrook vs. Hestr Wilcox et aL Order of refernce to compute to A. O. Wade. !: ; . - . .- . j, New !tork National, Building and Loan As-sodatlon vs. Bertha , Stress and one. Order permitting plaintiff tri serve summons. 4 In re-appllcaUon of Henrietta N. Cowden and Blanche G. Cowden' for appointment of trustee,! Order appointing George R. Butts special iguardiau and referred, to Leon L. Fancber. Victor' M. Ely and one vs.Samiirf Ely et al. Sheriff report conflrmed in partiUon.- OrselljCook vs. Miles Ooe et al. Order of reference to E.E.. Woodbury to compute. Moea: D. Tennant as administrator vs. Eugene i Dudley- Judgment, of Court of Ap-peals made Judgstent of this Court. -Daniel Ramsey vs. Ephraim, Heal and one. Summons and complaint amended. " Henry Lapp va. Nancy Shinier et al at commissioner. Referred to William Alger Wheelof to hear, try and determine. In re voluntary dissolution of George L. Squleri Manufacturing Company, s: Receiver directed o publish final notice of dividend. Eugene A. Homer et al. vs. City of Pough-keepslej Order changing place of Venue. I-redeiicki Pipenbagen vs. Coatsworth & Burke sand one. Order of reference to John Plattohjto pompute. i: In r! voluntary dissolution of The' Court Street iiTheater Companv. Order, to show cause before William S. Servls. referee. May 22. 1805. why corporation should not be dissolved, ij k ' In re ; same. Morris 8. Roblnsori . appointed temporary receiver. Bond 10.(XX' V Joseph Klein vs. John Ott. Order reviewing retaxatton of coets. SUPERIOR COURT TRIAL TERM The Hon Robert C. Titus, Judge. February 13. Isaac Davis vs. the Grand Rapids Fire Insurance Company of Grand Rapids, Mich. Jury out Day Calendar: Nos. 73, 131, 27, 2, 86, 92, 95. I j ; SUPERIOR COURT SPECIAL TERM The Hon. Robert Q. Titus, Judge. February 13ji University of Buffalo vs. Aehille J. Olshei. Order Ifor plaintiff to show cause dismissed and motion by defendant denied with $10 posts. SUPERIOR COURT CRIMINAL TERM The Hon. Edward W. Hatch, Judge. February 13.H The people vs. James Taylor. Grand larceny, fllrst degree. Jury out. Siime jvs. John W. Osborne. Robbery second degree.: Sentenced to Erie County" Penitentiary for three years. Samei vs. Joseph Dada. manslaughter. Admitted to ball. Bond $T.O0O. Same ; vs. Julius J. Elkan. Grand larceny, second: degree. Held to February 10 at 10 a. tn. .: Same vs. Charles L. Bailey. Forcery second decree. Withdraws former plea and pleads 'guilty to forgery third degree. Same ; vs. ; Edward Connors. Like charge. Like plea. Same : vs. Joseph J. Ruslaz. Common gambler. IIke plea to charge. Samej vs. Morris Connors. Attempt at burglary third degree. Jury out. ERIE COUNTY COURT AND COURT OF KESSIONS-The Hon. Joseph V. Seaver, Judge, iji February 13. Mary A. Wood vs. Martin Madigan and one. Order f reference to Robert Foote, Jr., to compute. In re' application of Henrietta Roth for leave draw money in County Treasurer's office. pOrder directing County Treasurer to pay over certain money. AnnavBaynes vs. Benjamin M. Pelham et al. Order striking out certain parties defendants, and order of reference to Frank Gibbons to' compute. In re examination of Henry Juntzen et al. Order directing receiver's bond discharged of record.!' LevljM. "Halst as execntor vs. Ellen Tebo et al. "Referee's report of sale confirmed. The People vs. John McGreeori Grand lar-' ceny flirst decree. Verdict guilty as charged. Same vs. Anna Dunpbier.. Assault first degree. Sentence suspended BRIAR PIPE GIVEN AWAY POUND b&le ummm Wfll ilJiiiS. ti T& 9 Every pipe sfejnped Dukes Mixture or Bo Pa-- THORNTONS CHESTER f :BESTT"! -AND ti Globe Mills" PATENT ROLLER FLOU1-. Makes More Bread i I and Better Bread Than 'Any Other Brand on the Market Our FLt)UTt can "be had at MILL PRICES of any nret-ciasa dealer m f he city. THORNTON & CHESTER. i Ko, 7 Board ot Trade CuUdin?, . . BUFFALO, N. T. 1 1 f VAYfSE'S OUiTLlOITj BbMUeiM. mim tv : ftrv isf All ffTBDUDBs vB Wav knna via i gaU f 4rW(iM, of arat by mU Im M cWl ,A44rm D. 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In and by said judgment appointed for that purpose, shall offer for i sale and sell to the highest biddor, at the westerly vestibule of the City and County Hall in the city of Buffalo. N. y., on the 21st day of February, 1S9S, at 10 o'clock in the torenoon of that day. the lands and premises in and by said judgment directed to ce sold, and therein described as follows. viz.: All ; that tract or parcel of land situate, lying aud being In the City of Buffalo, County of Krie and State of New York, and known as paft of lot number forty-three (43 in the tenth township and eighth range, being on that part qt the Buffalo Creek Reservation surveyed , bv James S perry for the Ogden Company, iThls piece is further known and distinguished as subdivision lot eleven (11) of the subdivision map of said lots numbers forty-three (43) and forty-four (44) according to the survey and plan ou map of said lots forty-three (43) and forty-four (14) made by Peter Einslle for Orlando Allen, which 6ald plan arid map Is recorded in the Clerk's office of Erie County, in liber 125 of deeds at page 332, ; said subdivision lot number eleven (11) containing Ave S) acres according to said survey .in ore or less. Also all that other piece or parcel of land being part of said lot number forty-three (4.3) and being subdivision lot number thirteen (13 according to said subdivision man and survey of Peter Emslle as mentioned in the foregoing description as subdivision lot number eleven (11 and being the same premises convered by George Tries and ; Henrietta Tries, his wife, to Charles Krakow by deed dated the seventh day of March. ! 1863, subject to a public ritrht of way for a road three rods wide along the north front of said lot and excepting and reserving therefrom about one twentieth (1.20) of an acre of land being a triangular piece off the southwest corner of said lot thirteen 13) as conveyed to th Rochester & Pittsburg Railroad. Company bv deed recorded in Erie County Clerk's office In liber 446 of deeds at page 33. ; Dated, Buffalo. N. Y.. January, 29, 1805. HARRISON OSBORNE.: Referee. HARLOW C. CURTISS. Plaintiffs Attorney. j . NOTICE TO STEEL AND IRON CONTRACTORS. Office of the Erie County Penitentiary Buffalo, N. Y. SEALED PROPOSALS for the ii Iron and steel work required tn the erection of 304 steel cells, steel cages, window guards, steel door frames and doors, steel trusses for roof and lantern, for the new addition of the Erie County Penitentiary will be received on Tuesday, February 2. at 2 o'clock p. m. st this office by the Penitentiary Committee. All bids must be accompanied, with a certified check for 2 per cent, of the amount of each bid and a full set of drawings and specifications, showing exact construction of same also locking device and levers and a strain sheet of roof trusses 'A.J- ' Plans and specifications of building showing location of trusses, etc., also alt requirements will be on file la this ce on and after Wednesday, February 13, 1895. J ? The Committee reserve the right t reject any and alt bldd for the above jwrk or any portion of tne saeLLiAM CUMMINGS. Chairman of the Committee. rait txnr until 2 o clock, p. tn,. standard time. Friday, March tJW and then publicly opened. All nform"a,Jf?,'f4ulTl.she,C n application to JARED A. SMITH, ;Lleut-Col., - T7. 1 T i .....r US. ENOlK- utnyoi . mtJivux. Building, i 185 Ewlld Atennej Cleveland, Ohio. February 1, IMS. Sealed propos- alsfor dredging st,C1Vl?? "f1 Manmee Bar. Toledo Harbor. Ohio, will be received here until tn',rl -?rtd.y. M-rr 1. -public 1, . m , 1 1 i t. Mn a rl on aii , i ration to JAucu 5. aad then publicly furnished on applf. SiUXU, Ueut-CoL, LEOAJL NOTICES. SUPERIOR COURT OF BUFFALO The kj tier man Bank vs. William Kuni, et al. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale entered in the above entitled action In the Clerk's office of the Superior Court of Buffalo, on the 5th day of March, 1894, I. the undersigned, referee in and by said Judgment duly appointed for that purpose,; will expose for sale and sell at public auction to the highest bldder.f in the westerly vestibule of the City and County Hall, in the City of Buffalo, on the 6th day of March, 1805. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the lands and premises directed in and by said Judgment to be sold, and therein described as follows: All that tract or parcel of land, situate in the City of Buffalo, County of Erie, and Stats of New York, being part of Block No. 192 of the New York State Reservation, and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the Intersection of the northwesterly line of Massachusetts Street with the easterly line of Lawrence Place (formerly Sixteenth Street); running thence easterly and along said northwesterly line of Massachusetts Street three hundred and thirty-one (331) teet, and to a ?olnt one hundred fifty-one (151) feet east rom the easterly line of Winter Btreet (being a point formed by the intersection of the easterly line extended of said Block No. 102 with Massachusetts Street); running thence northerly along said lot line live hundred ten (.r10) feet, to a point, one hundred twenty (120) feet Southerly from Hampshire Street; thence westerly parallel witn Hampshire Street one hundred eighty-one and one-half (18l4) feeti to the center of said Block No. 192; thence southerly along the. center line of said Block No. 102, one hundred ninety-five (105) feet, to the center of said Block No. 192; thence westerly along said center line ten (10) feet to a point one hundred and thirty-nine i feet from Lawrence Place formerly Sixteenth Street); thence southerly parallel with Lawrence Place (formerly Sixteenth Street) about one hundred sixt.v-four (164) feet, and to a point one hundred fifty-one feet northerly from the northwesterly ' line of Massachusetts Street: thence westerly parallel with Massachusettr Street one hundred thirty-nine (139) feet to Lawrence Pln.ce (formerly Sixteenth Street); thence southerly along the easterly line of Lawrence Place (formerly Sixteenth Street), one hundred fifty-one (151) feet to the; place of beginning, together with the appurtenances and all the estate and rights of the parties of the first; part in and to said premises, and all the fixtures in the mill premises situate thereou and forming a part of the realty, including the boilers, engines, sprinklers, centrifugals, shaving-conveyers, hangers, shafting, pulleys and elevator and other articles, to wit: 1 J. A. Fay & Co. Joiner. 8 rip-saws and tables. 2 pony planers. 1 sand-paper drum, 1 glue pot. 1 Joiner, 1 J. S. Graham rip and cross-cut saw i stair string routing macoine, 1 L. Houston moulding machine, 3 J. A. Fay & Co. moulding machines; 1 No.. 2 shaper, 1 J. A. Fayi& Co. grinding machine, 2 8. C. Rogers saw filing machines, 1 grind stone, 1 drill, 1 hydraulic pump, 1 automatic pump, 1 heater, 6 cross-cut swing saws and tables. 1 J. S. Graham & Co. re-saw machine. 1 No. 135 Frank 1 ft; Co. small re-saw, 1 J. S. Graham &Co. large planer. 1 No. 18 Frank & Co. matcher. 1 J. A. Fay & Co. matcher. 1 E. & Hi Holmes gang-saw, 1 J. A. Far A Co. rtooif clamp. 1 J. A. Fay: Co. blind clamp, I Hi B. Smith sand-papering machine, 1 Frank & Co. mortlser, 1 J. A, Fay & Co. tenanter, 1 L. Houston moulding machine, 1 L. Houston tenanter. 1 L. Houston blind slat machine, IS H. B. Smith mortlser. 1 J. O. Graham blind slat machine, 1 F.; H. Clement band saw, 1 emery wheel machine, 4 turning lathes. 1 Samuel II. Shiner & Sons shaper, 1 J. A. Fay shaper, 1 Smith & Phillips sash pulley mortlser. 1 J . A. Fay & Co. small sticker, 1 Frank & Co. small sticker, 1 blind slat machine. 1 lot steam pipes, used for heating the building. Dated, February 9. 1895. I LYMAN M. BAKER. Referee. ROBERT F. RCHELLINO. Plaintiff s At- torney, No. 447 Main Street. Buffalo. N. Y. COUNTY? COURT, ERIE COUNTY WIl-helmlna Heron et al., as: executrices. etc., against Joseph Burxynskl et al. Pursuant to the Judgment of foreclosure this day granted in the above entitled action, I, the undersigned referee in and by said Judgment appointed for that purpose, will expose for sale at public auction in the westerly vestibule of the City snd County HalL in the City of Buffalo, N. Y., on the 28th day of February. 1805, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon, the following described lands. All that tract or parcel of laniL situate in the City of j Buffalo, County of Erie, and State of New York, being part of the west part of farm lot number nineteen (10) In the eleventh township, and eighth range of 'the Holland Land Company's surrey, and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point in the northerly line of Lovejoy Street at its Intersection wltii the easterly line of Gibson Street; running thence northerly along tbs easterly line of Gibson Street one hundred and four (104) feet; thence easterly at right angles with Gibson Street twenty-seven and one half (27H) feet; thence southerly and parallel with Gibson Street one hundred and four (104) feet to the northerly line of Love-Joy Street j and thence westerly along the northerly line of Lovejoy Street twenty-seven and one half (2TH fee to tie place of beginning, i Dated February 5th, 1805. ? - , j JAMES L. QUACKENBURH. JAMES C. BEECHER. f Referee. Plaintiffs' Attorney. ? . PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. . ; Fr ft-HIlU-DEXFHIA. BAt-TIMORE.WAH-. INOTO ANi XttH aoiITtt. ! On and 4after May 27, 1884, trains leave BUFFALO! New Terk Centra! Station, , via r.nitndala-ua. as follows: $, , CC X M -Week-days, for Watklns. 4- aD Elmlrs. Williamsport, ' Harris. bnt-af "'hlladelpbla. Baltimore. .Washington. aad New York. Pullman Buffet parlor car Chester to T Philadelphia. , , O OA A. M.-Weefcdayg, for Penn Yan, O.oU iWatkius. Elmlra, Wllllaiaiport. Hailsburri and Intermediate stations. O . Off P. ' M. Week-days, for Penn tan. O.0 i Watktna, .- Elmlra. and , all Inter. (. (mare stations. ; - . 70A P. M. Dally, for Watklns, Elmlra. .OU .Williamsport Harrtsbtirg. Phlla-oeipuia, Baltimore and Washington, with through sleeper fioea Suspension Bridge, via Buffalo, te Washington, connecting at Vaah-tngton la same station for Richmond and all points Sooth. -; . ' , - Bleeping i car berths and - tickets sold at ticket office. No 10 Exchange Street. Buffalo. Telephone Seneca 664. 8. M. PREVOST. J. B. WOOD tieneral Manager, Pass, Act. BP. FKAZEit -Cb. AjtU Baft'ale Disk. ,; '- ' , RAILROADS, j: ' " . N!3feCl TTujnkIine OF AMERICA. 0 1 At A. M. Daily. "Festlbnled Umlted" XO for HornelUTllle, Corning, Elmlra, Waverly, Blngbamton, Owego. and New York. Pullman Parlor Oar. Meala on Dining Car. 8 Af P. M.-Ially. New York ttpecaal. 11 Solid vestibule train. Elegant Pull man Sleeping (Cars and- day scoach;. arrive " vra o B. B. . , ! i TO LOCAL POINTS EAST. ! 7QK A. M;-AEicept Sunday. Aeeommo. .OO datloi for Bativla, Atoo, Rocbea r1 'rnla, na Elmlra. i A. M. Accommodation for Horaalls-vllle. ti. a . j - i I rt 1 5 A. M. Sunday only. Attica jAc- V' l COmmodatlnn. Sfir- MBcept SnnflatJ Acconimoda-R!.tii-i,05L Jor Attica,. BttaTla. Afon, Kochester Bath.;4Cornlng; and Elmlra. i 4- ft rt P- M Dally. Hornellsville. aeoom-f? P- M Except Snndayl Aeeoimneda- R(Veste Attica. Batavfa. Avon, and 11 PA1' M.-Kxeept Bqnay. Attica ae- 1 mmcrtt!on. CHAUTAUOUA LA KB AND mvt WnT. Q Qt A- M..Dall.v for ' Bradford. Jaaaes- Ol town, and all notnta West. F( P. M. Except Sunday. Aecommo-datlon for Jamestown.. Corrv. Mead- 8 6" 5a,5n,"nca.i and Bradford ivia Dayton. f)A P. M. Except Sunday. Salamanca VM 'ommodatlon. U Dartoa. P. M.4Dally. Jamestown Accom- NIAGAHA FALL8 AND LOCKPOMV JtAIlXOArJ.' AaiAA' UUTUT aAARt-." THE FOUn-TRACK TRUIIX UV.Z Ten Magnificently Equipped Paener Trains .dally- traverae the Emplr State W twJCf? New York. Boffakt, and the Went. Thla .la the Only Line enterlna- the City t Nw. York. All trains arriving at and oe-(partlng from Grand Central Station. Fonrth Aenne and Forty-second Street the Ttry co-isr of tht city, Tralnt litre Exchanga Street Station , at fMjowat , 1 ' K( A-. M. 3blcago and Boetotf Special 4ifr, A .If ..Special New York Express. t"."-1117' except Sunday; as New York n ft ft .. ' M. Albany Acoontmftdatton. 1n4K J "n7 except Sanday; due Syracuse M A .1. v. i . . .Jjallvs stopping at Rochester. Srrs- TOA a". cuae tt. J t"PP"n- at uocnester. Brrs-n TfcAniA,tyi Mw York :00 I ftft AiiMNaw York and Chicago Mm t-Mh tfo N,w; Tork 6:30 p yvftffc.. A- H New Tork Kxeresa. rtatlvt V Z. iv?w ?: P- n.J Boston O'hX-A except Sunday . '.-fl A M, Accommodation, dallr, T S JAC,Pf e"n Syracuss 1:2( ex p-m. b-5T . JZ Buffalo for Niagara Fall at fnAL m l da,IJt except Sunday; 9:35 a. m., Sunday only; t, m.. dally, eicept Sunflayj Li D. m.. Klin flaw amI. .QA n m ifflv except 8iind.Jr, .'-rt"""'-" !, mT"J" Buffalo for Iockport at S:50 a. m-i5 allyxcept Sunday; 100 a. m., Sandays W iV .:3?, p- xt-i dally, except; Sunday; 7:R0 . xcept Sunday; 7:i5 p. m.. Sun-flays only. , ' i j Trains for Toronto 8:20 a. m., and B p. m.. except Snndy. ' CITY TICKET OFFICE. 4 No. 17T Mala Sltr fntr Exchange. O. V. Adams, City Ticket Arnt. Telephone Seneca 2IS. ROBERTS, " H. T. yABOKR. Gen. Pass Agt.. Geo. Agt. Paea. Dept. New York. Buffalo. N. Y. Trains leave New Tork Central Depot. Exchange Street (Eastern Standard time) as follow. I I' ' J. 8 OA A. M.J-Day Express.! Sundays i ex- mfyJM eepted.; for Bast Aurora. Oleen. Bradford. Smetbport, Condersport, Austin, Cortello Kmportum. Driftwood. Lockhaven. and Williamsport. 8AS A" &tp,.ttl,b,ir Express; dally for m'tyj Dnnklrk.. Mnvvllle. Jlamestown. Oor-ry, Meadvllle. Titnavllle. Oil City. Franklin. Foxburg, Parker, Pittaburg. Solid train of through coaches between Buffalo and Plrts-b,rr j . ; 2ff A P. M.--OU City Express. Sundays aTJll excepted. for Dunkirk, Mayrtlfe. imestowa. Corry. Meadvllle, Jitusvllle. i Oil 5? ft ? M.-tPbilsdelphla j Express, Sun-v days excepved. for East Aurora, Olean. Bradford, Pt. Allegany Condersport. "'"i Emporlmn. Driftwood." T-ock Haren. K Vil i . Brocton Accommodation. dally except Sunday, stopping at all ft f--01ean Accommodation; dally. 't'Z2lJ Pf,1nlf nt stations. H P- M. Kaat Aurora Aecommoda. t !i ' station's T' "'"P Sunday, stopping 91 r ItJ1 M Plttshnrg Express; dally, .l solid trsln. with Pntlmaa sleeping cr between Buffalo and Pittaburg. j Sunday train at ft:20 a. m.. for Olean ! and intermediate itatlona ! i Gen. Supt Gen. Paaa'r Agent. General offlces, 84 Exchange Street. Buffalo. N. Y. s i , Ticket offlceit-iNn. srr Mnln Eagle Street. C. W. Miller. Agent; City of- Agent: TTnlou Depot. R. N. Blood. A cent. LehiiValleyR,R; P. m ' V Bandajrj due Byrtcnaa 4D 1 .Oft F:mr,r Expreea. dally. Votir foTiR1 "c. and Aibanyi doe New Jl'ii- M' 0n? . Aecemmodatloa. TrOOor m' xeptj Sunday; i due Geneva A ff i ... " J: .nianuc ffixureas. fluliyj u: d. KeWTW0 NW Xork na ton; due ',"C-s to New York and Bo.1 . ib Nw York TK)5 a. m.; Bostoa 10:W 70 v;wV? Special - dally, doe 7-Sft P V. Washtarton Rnmo. .n. PladelDbT nir.V"' 1:1 J?arrlaburV Ington i eJS-iJ?iri? t0 P"'"""" and Wa.h. rnZA.J?0? In same sUUon for Rich. 1 i PC'nta Booth. IMaI'?', !' ?H""r Pans and SneBrfn T-no "Slnffl.w??k days 0:1. e ao. t410' eT?.2? T8:!0. 4:J. T:llt. TA H T:10. ! 140 Jj. bj r'' ao. "i hl pV-S" fVrouto"- FOP LockfVnr Muk Ammm . . O ... . . . hVs'-8 p m- Bandays at K a. m. aii trains marked and all Lockport train stop at Tonawanda. , . .AU tJinB tked T and all Lookport trains stfto at Terrace StaHon. P'n. Infnrm.tlAH mju a - Ing cars apply at Olty Ticket Office. No" 1 Kx-chanre Btreet. cor . Main. (Telephone 540a.) " -ivri fui, jro. on naiB Btreet. cor. Eagle, or Exchange Street Station. Miller's Baggage Express calls for and checks bag. rage through to destination, fe. N. BLOOD. BDSONJ. WFaTKS. .Ticket Agt a SUtloa. General A rent. . Buffalo, N. Y. No. 1 Exchange St. JOHN M. TOUCBY. ORO, IX. DAN1KLS. General Maogr, Gen. Pass. Agent . Grand Central SUtlon, New York. j ' ."v; ''''' '.'''"''' I'"-'" '' Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars'oa ntxht tralBa Dining and Parlor Cars on day trains. The only ltne with through sleeping cars to Philadelphia. s Tralnt leave. 'Buffalo fronv Lehigh Valley station, corner Washington and Scott streets, an follows: i, ' i Q AA A- M.--Week Days. (Local Kxpreas O.tU for Batavla. Rochester. Clifton Springs, Geneva, Ithaca. Say re. and way sta-t1on. - OAA A. M. Dally Vestlhuled Limited for ,UU New Tork. Philadelphia, connecting for Baltimore. Waahlnatou, and polnta South; Bntnvla. Rochenter. C'lfton Sprlnra. Geneva, Ithaca, Rayre. Wllkes-Barre, Allentown, Beth-lnhc"' Faston. 1 f O OA M- Week days. Local Express for Batavla; Rochester. Clifton Springs, f!i,i"i Tthacs. : Sayre. and way stations. A A P. M. Dallr Faat Night Expresg for n.UU New York. Philadelphia. Baltimore. Washington, and points South; Batavla, Rochester. Clifton Springs. Geneva. Ithaca. Rarre. Wllkes-Barre. Allentown. Bethlehem. fR.ton . . i" J O A A P- MDally. Fa at New Tork j and O.UU Pbtlndeinhta Special. Connecting for Baltimore. Washington, nnd all point! South: Batavla. Rochester. Geneva. ;Sayre. ".Wilkes. Bnrre. Allentown, Bethlehem, Eaaton. i 9aa P. M.t Dallv. Nleht Kxpreas for New UU York arid Philadelphia. " Tickets and reservations at City Ticket Of-flce. corner Main and Seneca street. (Telephone Seneca 24R. and at Union Ticket Office. 877 Main Street. i. El P BYINGTON. CHARLES R. LEE. . Gen'l West. Pas. Agent, OenM Pa. Agent, Buffalo. N. Y. Philadelphia. Pa. bT. CLAliC TUNSEL LINE. Palace Drawins-rooui uud Sleeping Cn through to Detroit aud Chicago, Trains run on Eastern standard (city) time. Depart as follows: .j . Detroit. Chicago &15.T.C. OesoU H. Y., L. K. St. Louis 6:15 am. A M.jpeaet Toronto .s... .! B:15 a. nij Toronto & North Bayfx 8:00 a', m.lx 8:20 a m. Detroit and Chicago. 1X pm. 11 p. m. Toronto . . v : O I P- J l.t p. m. Toronto Wsntreal. x 3:50 p. ui.f f Toronto A 0:30 & x 11:30 1. m. Detroit and ChlWo.f U:10p, mj T Dally, x Daily except Sunday. Trains leave Erie Street Depot via International Bridge, dally, except Sunday, at .7:80 a. m., and 4:80 p. in! Secure tickets and sleeping-car-bertha at the company's office. No. 177 Waahihgton Street corner Exchanee. Telephone Seneca. 1220 A. I T. D. SHERIDAN. I I District Pass. A Buffalo, Rochester & ; PIttsbargb RAILWAY, j i Trains leave hew York Central depot.' Exchange Street Eastern Standard time) as "" . T 1 Jm 6-.. a, ai nwvm. ui. -Duimioct and ett.-Johnsonburg, Rldgeway, Brockwayyiiie. Falls Creek. Dtt uois, runxautawoey sod 8.15 Bradford Impress for bpringville. e, Salamanca, uraaiord. Mt. Jew. O AA - P- Mrf Pally. SprlngvUIe Accoramoda-IJII tlon.j Ptops at all stations. VX P. MWWeek daya Salamanca and .4-11 Bradford Ex Dress for Orchard P.,b Kpriugvllla, EilicottvlUe, , Salamanca! Iford. t . .nil Rrfld n A P A Xt Rnndav nnlv. IflalamanA OeTiO Bradford Express. Stops at all at. Trains arrive 8:45 a. m., lOiO i. nv and S.M n. m. ... I . . -. 1 i ' Olty Ticket Office, No. eS Exchaag Street.' W. U. TUMSON. Agent. - R. O. HAT111SW8, Gen. Sunt.. Rochester, N. Y. EDWARD O. LAP18Y. . wen. ass. Agent, Rochester. N. Y. . t ' TRAINS IKAVK aud akkiy KXCHANOM-STHttT DKPOTj ktASTKJtrt STANDARD (CITY) Tint. " ' " la effect RevmbarU,im. on. Now Tork t Chiaaxe special.. a bi fiona enora unitN ................... Fut Cktou, Exin imm Micbtsu Eiprcaw. o4 Arc4inmxl.tio4l .............. ' Fuctn. .ad auuU Kiiii 1 tlly. Ko oa Bnud.y lna I Arrive Bngale.l Buffale. a am Tj am I N AU.... Ml AM!- !. AB ra 41 am; M iSMl' 4 t i.HA r!tlJ Ami 1 Kot o Kondy. TICKET P T1 '"'S; M Fwhiiir Btrrmt, T.la, ftcm T. H. 1 M.0n, f .lTB I'M"" O. W. KumtMA. hwt'I a4 . .m I WVWfv waawwnw wwrn mix V Pullman Buffet Parlor and Sleeping Cars. ' The only rouU having a late night train ! service. Buffalo to Philadelphia, dally. All through trains solid Pullman vestibule, aad ' lighted with gas. UNTIL FDuTHER ' NOTIClj trains" will leave station,' foot of Main Street, Eastern 7Mb Meridian time, as follows: V LANCASTER ACCOMMODA- etTION Week days, stopping at alt A. M. Week days. Solid Yeetote irain ox funman urawmf-room Kof. imf PaplAP Para ni TlaiV pAaeKaa A i ava, m wa v kTBajr waasw AlltTVV t at New York 8K p. m. and Philadelphia at 8:4ft p. m. ' i 4 QA P. M. Every day. Sotld VeaUbnTe i .01 train of Pullman Drawing-room But. fet Bleeping Cars and Day Coacbea, Buffalo to New Tork. stopping at principal ata tloua. . arrive New York :80 a. tn. n OA P M.-NEW YORK SPECIAL J eOty Every day. Sofld Vestibule train. Pullman Drawing-room. Sleeping Cars ; and rav Coaches. Arrirea la New York f:S0 a. m. 1 A ftft I. MEvery day. Solid Veaahnle ' lJJJ train. Pullman Drawing-room Bur- ' fet Sleeping Cars for New Tork. Arrives In New 1'ork at 9:40 a. m., PhllaAetnhIa 10 a. m.. ' Baltimore 12:33 p. m., Waahtugtoa ' 1:42 p. to., dally. ' Trains arrive from the Fast.' T:10 a.' m., ; 9:20 a. m., 11:30 a. m.. 5 sad 8.-00 p, in. Tickets, Drawing-room and ; Sleeping Car accommodations at City Ticket Office, ll Kx. change Street. Telephone Seneca 601. Depot , Ticket Office, foot of Main Street, tjnioa ' Ticket Office. 877 Main Street. GEO. n. STAGO, Oitf Ticket Arent -i W. F. HOLWILU HOWARD 3. BALL, Gen. Pass. Agent ' Gea. West. Paaa. Agt. T-SHORE N. Y. a H. R. B. Co. Lostee. ? Trains leave New York Central Depot, Ex change Street (Eastern Standard time) as f ok A.' BL -Day Express, ; dally. . i A A.' M. Chicago aad New York Ex-,4A press dally. 'Tff PT M.-Newark Local, dally, except ,1 Sunday. - ' i . m. naiionai express, aaiiy, ex cent Sunday. : Y. M. Atlantic Ex pre. dally .05 6.40 Sleeping Hoeton.. ca-s to New York aad O 1 A P- M. St. Loots ISxpreas. . lallv. t7.i.l Sleeping cars Buffalo to New York. e:lo a. m., lKw, 11:40 o. nx. for Niagara Falls and Suspension Bridge, .i Trains arrive from the Eaat it (Kfl t rn , . 7:40 a. m., 10:10 a. m.. 12:40 n. m., 7 AadU:S0 j. m. From Niagara Falls at v:3a a. Brfto. and 8JMJ.. m. ' 4 City .offices No. 1 Exchange Street, comer , Main. Mansion ITgnee .-Block ( Telephone Rene, ca Mft Al. and Jrrr M.in Street.' corner Eagle. EPSON 3. WEEKS. General Agent. C R. LAMBERT.- General Paetiger Agent. LAKE SHORE L MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RY. Departarss aal Arrival at Exekaage SU Statlom, . asUra BUaaard (City) Tlaie. ' ' '" 'rrtnj,, ltttAK ,T, Bea, A ctio. Spl...... 1MAh,h ......Wwxri k ;rm.MM 7.oa. .AOA.sl........aU)aT Aooomt.... iitJA: A M ..SpwiaJ Limited Mau....... a ni.MPM..n.M...lolflo KxpTMa AwA OA n aA liuaNala tmr& a. a A ' J- t ....,K"SAcooBi........ I HAHPH hnlhfmtv. LaA 7.1A', . .....t....AUntl3 Caprwa.,...... r ' , . .Toledo A Buffalo Accoca.M.. W-Wl Dally. lOallyea. Sunday. tOally ex. Hoaflay. Ticket offlemM Exchange St. Stailob MTf JtfCa ma Mcaang. pt. ' eiepaeae- aeneca . A. J. SMlTtt. , T. a. 11 MP! Ota. Paaa aad TkkAck : luaa. MPSOK. Paaa. Agt.' Kicks-Rafc Eattarn' Gtan dird Tlm.f i . Aatatva. tsrAf. Through Exprasa I a u I a. u . Tralna Dally. && . m. UlJ r. m Palace Buffet aUeepInf Cars, Superb Lifting Cars. Telephone 732. City Ticket Office No. 23 Exchange. E-eet. ' Trains arrive and depart from Krie Fa wa v Depot, corner Exchange and lla.J.z: Streets. Foe Car space a'Sra b. v. notsiro, l. v. yv- Crrtr l 1 -n. rf. C'y.. " v'. i, : -::a cr- .

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