The Buffalo Sunday Morning News from Buffalo, New York on July 22, 1877 · 3
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The Buffalo Sunday Morning News from Buffalo, New York · 3

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1877
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OH THE STE&UER. "Oh, That the Waves Would Rise Up and Cover Me!" The Nimble Sixpence Brings Good Servtee, If Sufficiently Multiplied. Champ&gnt, Chicken Soup and Cayenne-Liverpool and London En Rout to Pari. Pommes de Lerre et Haricot DUwer at th Americam b gallon. Tht Bloni Attack as the En llsst MiUaau. The JNToftoriou Min Howwd- Ani ItaUinv rrxox oxsm BJteirz.xa coratspoxroxvr. Kiw Toax, July Slst, 1677. All hints of travel mast be more or less egotistical, but as J am only one of the rank and file of the StJHDAT Kiwi, and for the commanding office to apReat Is for all others to ODey, x can only say that if like poor Nolan I should misinterpret any orders and my Light Briftda coma to ffrief. I shall have done what I couid and the court-martial must be held at headquarters. I dont believe it ever occurred to me i 1 1 mii ! CI a mi i n 1 1 mtm I Inn n mV going abroad whether I was to the manlier bora or not. I was far more interested in the discussion between the dear am tij3h- and mv folicitoos mamma about my the n-exceedin g yoathfalneea for such a voyage .and an entire catting off from parental apron strings. I was going with an elder brother and his wife, if I went, and they were to take no end of eare of me. How Idispieed of that hateful proposition it need not here be told, for consent was given and I immediaiely began to patronize all my less fortunate friends and in the hoar the final "ve& was said succeeded in tearing three breadths, of a new dress while confiding it to a handsome Gordon setter and a big Newfoundland dog, in those days my warmest friends, A threat that such hoydenkh conduct would prevent my gQlng at aa prooucea an innux ox could poor old Monsieur Peltefaer, with the soiieu wnite reib ami ongut kuiwiib. uu such an n petite as I then thought, when I saw him devour the ample lunch my good mother's thoughtfulness always provided for htm when he came to give roe a lesson. It never occurred to me then, as it has since, that she saw deeper than I did and perhaps knew that this was the only decent meal the poor snuffy, old fellow ever got. - However, I don't think that attache's French was much better than mine, but on the other side of me sat a gray haired gentleman who took me up and made that solemn ceremonial a genuine feast. Unless he was appeaiea to ne aevotea nimseu vo me, and although his slow and drawling tones sounded a little odd, I not then having learned that where we clip words, English people draw them out to their utmost. I felt very much obliged to him. His conduct aroused my blonde moustached escort ana ne was inciinea to oe attentive, out my turn had come, and I am a little afraid I gloried in returning the snubbing. I learned afterwards that my pleasant friend was an English gentleman. His tones be- trayea nis nationality, nis courtesy, ms right to the latter title. Dinner was at last over and at a signal from our minister's wife we all rose, ana returned to the draw inff-room. Here the ladies leathered to gether or separated as they pleased. I sat down to a oort folio of nrints and conducted myself precisely as i soouia at nome unuer similar circumstances. I looked at the prints and waited events. The gentlemen joined as very soon, and ny blonde attache attacnea nimseu to very iuveiy uirrtcu woman. My English friend sought me out again, asked me several questions about America. &nd made me feel auite at home. It was here, however, that 1 got into trouble, for I had been at the Italian opera the night before. We bad gone into a party and many notable people had been pointed out to me. My attention was specially attracted to a very superb looking woman, dressed most sumptuously In satin and lace and fairly ablaze with diamonds. Several royal scions had been pointed out to me, who were then visiting Paris, and I noticed that these and many others had their lorgnettes levelled at her. I began expatiating about her to my new friend and asking who she was? It might have been her pi eta re that Owen Meredith drew in his Adz Italiens when he says: Like a queen she leaned, on her fall white arm. With that roval Indolent way she had. So confluent of her charm.' It was gravely told by my friend In the quietest way that " he did not know, though of course he did all the time, and it was not until afterward I learned that I had been questioning about the notorious Miss Howard, whose name at that time was linked with the Emperor's. We did not remain long after dinner as we were all going to the opera again that night. So bidding oar hostess "pon solr so ended my first entertainment in Paris. Although I had gotten past the period of sharp elbows my attache didn't see me leave, so X consoled myself with making a face at him (a mone mutine would undoubtedly sound more foreign and elegant, but a face is what as a school girl I should have called it) behind a curtain and left him neither of us inconsolable at the separation. Ada Dkkn Hunt. FROM LOCKPDRT. Steam Expansion which Causes an Explosion. Political i Coming Events Which Cast Their Shadow 41 Before. A Very Some Interesting7 Batch f Fire Hattetw With I Personal Ia; grains) of Loekportiane anal Baffaloaiana. dignity tfa.t luted until I broke dowa "i.RfflniB, CITE HIE REST. Only one moment, unfettered by eare, Hushed as the temple devoted to prayer w nen neaven is pawiing- we n e, sbwwiinv the kkv thro' its nortals aiar. Looping the curtain of night with a star Spirit of power, forever you'll reign. saying "good bye" to the dear ones at home. Previous travel had Uaght my friends just what we wanted so that we carried no superfluous luggage, although we bad everything necessary with as. Among these were rugs, wraps, oar own lounging ehairs made of cane, rubber pillows and whatever we might need en voyage Oar belongings for the voyage wme all packed in a square box that was pat In oar cabin or state-room, and although at that time travelling was not as simple a matter as it has since become, we managed very nicely. I had the regulation travelling drees, handsomely made, but I got all the comfort of the voyage out of m half worn black silk ana a aannel wrapper. - it was an exceptionally proud day for me when I first stood on the deck of the Canard er and was starting for a foreign tour that was to last a vear. I felt de cidedly uncomfortable about the severed apron strings, especially when the hoir for parting came, and I think when the dear old padre bade 44 God bless his children, 1 would have tied them Into the hardest imaginable knots, just for the moment. The mater's surreptitiously wiped away tears were even worse, and it was with very red eyes I finally sic down to my first dinner on shipboard. Then as now, abundant feeing brought or bought, perhaps I ought to say good places at table and excellent attention. I had little appetite for the meal, however, and before I got to the table again, I had envied Jonah and would have been perfectly willing to have taken, or no, I coaldnt have taken anything, to have been thrown Into the sea, as a sop to a watery Cerberia or for any other reason Anywhere I anywhere, out of the world. I had been so sure I shouldn't be ill, so I determined not to De, tnat wnen tne next dav after Starting, a storm broke, njaoo,. n and during the greater portion of the time 1 seemed to be trying utterly uncalled for, Impossible and involuntary acrobatic performances, in which standing on ay bead was the least of them, I bad to yield and began to fear I shoald become that species of people which can be turned inside out and yet fulfill all the functions of a living being. Witb calmer weather came calmer thoughts, lees involuntary action, and after a glass of champagne, followed by litcinchitiken soao. hot with cayenne, I felt my dignity returning and I soon got on deck. After that I enjoyed the trip as only a school girl ean, and, as we bad ' . pleasant party on board, many of whom wre old travellers, we. enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. When packing bad first been suggested I had gonA largely into histories with a school girl determination to read up ' places-1 expected to see. In fact the remark with which 1 clinched the outset project was to the effect that I never ouid have believed the St- Lawrence with Av'rv endeavor ODDressed. Sick of the lessons that nature has taught, Weary with burdens oi infinite thought Give merest. Grant me a potion lethean, a draught Sparkling with tranquil repose never quaffed By mortals at pleasure's behest. Give me a peace the world cannot give Bespeet from action; to act is to live Give me rest. Ceaseless the toil of the spirit distraught, Boundless the realm of invisible thought. Where imagery lingers caressed. Waves of oblivion over me roll, Welcome forgetrulness bring to my soul Give me rest. J alia CUrk. THE ACTRESS AND THE MOUJIKS. As Adveataie in the AJfe JUle George. rBOK ptra kkouxaa cobb.xspokikst.1 IjOCKpobt, July si, 1877. Ime ago BirdsaU Holly, of water works fame, came to the conclusion after some investigation of the subject, that - steam could be conveyeJ through pipes under-ground and distributed to house, stores or manufactories for the purpose of heating the same. His scheme was made known to parties here, who were favorably Impressed witb the project and a company was formed under the title of the Holly Steam Combination Company (Tmited) with Samuel Rogers as President, Dr. Bishop as Treasurer and Frank Trevor as Secretary. The canital of the company was to be $25.000i one half of which was to be put on tnej ; maracL iiuuiYuiatMY wuu iuc agreement It Is claimed-that the other $13,600 was to be divided pro rata among the original stockholders orovided the experiment was a success and Mr. Hol ly's plan proved feasible. Accordingly the nraxhalf of the stock was promptly nlaced and from the money realized a boiler-house was buiir, boilers construct ed, and pipes were laid through certain HtreetaJi - i The Work was pushed forward as rapidly 'as circumstances would permit and asithe time approached for the first trial to i take place, the Steam Heating Com party were on the very tip-toe of expectation, r tnaity, everytning oeing in readiiiess. Jul? 12th Wai the dav set aside for the great test, which was made from radiators that bad bees placed in the residence of & H. Hooper, and at other places, which was highly satisfactory to jail concerned. It was then understood that in view of the promised success of the enterprise the disposition of the balance of the capital stock had better be arranged, i It should have been previously mentioned that at the commencement of the enterprise, five commissioners were ap pointed to organize the company and it was held by very competent counsel that alter tne omcers or tne company uaa been elected the stock books should pass from the hands of the commissioners and become the property of the direc tors, ri'hu opinion was not concurred in by M. St. South worth, the Attorney of the Company, and on his construction the books remained In pos e&lon of the commissioners. Accordingly, when it was determined to market (he balance of the stock, the commissioners' consent was necessary before the i books eduld b-opened and a meeting held for the purpose of di posing of the stock. This was obtained as fol lows: Dr. Bishop, one of the com mlttioners. waited udob Mr. Butter field and told him that Mr. Rogers desired to see him at his office at a certain time and stated that he did not know what was wanted. - Mr- Butter rlield kept the ap pointment and there met Dr. Bishop and Mr. Rogers, who wltn nimstur mane a maiorltv of the Boarx. of Commissioners. Mr. Roger then stated In substance that it was desirable to plaot i the remainder of the stock and that the directors wanted the books opened for that purpose and that a meeting would be held for that object. Mr. Butterfield readily gave bis consent ana on motion pi ur. jisnop me short In this particular. The Fire Depart-roent will do their duty nobly. Let them bp ably seconded by the Commou Council and the citizens generally. PERSONAM. Harrv Osarood exnects to attend a big trial shortly, i . Charles Lewis, formerly Of the firm of Walter A Lewis, has rented the plate glass irontoi eiaata's news room, anu win mwu be ready to do anything required in the watch or clock repairing line. ' . . t ' -rrr - .1 ,1 it or junaio, were in sown on neuucuT. They were cared tor and were no doubt pleased with the acquaintances they maae and the royal manner in which they were entertained. I ! William a. Hamilton, formerly ioreman at the Holly Water Works establishment, but now the mechanical Superintendent of the Indianapolis Water Works, has been In town several days on a visit to relatives. George Brown, of the firm of Taggart Brown, dealers in firemen's supplies, was in town Wednesday making arrangements for exhibiting a full line of their commodities during convention week. The firm is now i p pi j in g spalding uose wiin new oeiw. H. C. Godwin, ai representative of P. J. Hanour, of Buffalo, was in town on business during the week. Frank N. Baker, Esq., the Secretary of the State Fireman's Association, and lL N". Marvin, Chairman oi tne executive jom-mittee. are expected In town to see to the arrangements for the coming convention. W. L. Pattison, city editor of the Union, has tendered his resignation, to take effect to-day. He will recuperate for a couple of weeks, and then assume a position of trust and responsibility on a newspaper not far from here. He has the well wishes of a host of friends for his future success. , HTNKT. OOOlV-lflORROW. When thnt the morning weeps. x say, goou cnecr, Blue skv is near: Bat when the day his rainy mar tie keeps. And wraps about him till with eve he sleeps, l say "gooQ-nignc" w sorrow, j Soon comes 'good-morrow." I A. F., in Harper's for August. D ENTISTRY At Prlcea to uit the Times. DR. W. H. KEZELER, Dentist, AT NO. 6 EAST GENESEE ST., Is furnishing a fall plate of best IUMSril IUI V" WM(5 ui"B of all kinds at lowest possible urices. and all work warranted. tyTceth extracted without pain by a per- fecuy safe process- - A sure enre for Cancers. Tu mors and Ulcers without the use of the knife or loss of blood. There need be no dread of the treatment, as it is mild, easily borne, sure, safe and certain. All persons interested are invited to call at our office and examine specimens of cancers removed by us. Satisfactory reference will also be iriven to parties in this city and elsewhere. Send for circular giving full par ticulars. Address DHS. McniCHAEL ec minota. 86 Niagara street, BullWo. N. Y. One Price Furniture House. The former directors of one of the Paris theatres isorntributing to the Figaro a series of stage anecdotes which have the doable merit of being well told and well founded. Referring to the French thea tres at Constantinople and St. Peters- commissioners then adjourned until 10 urg, uu uuuiwiug fcua yivuuunj i o'ciocx oaturaay morning. Aucassom their remaining open, or of their being closed while war is in progress, the writer relates what took place in the latter city when the French army was marching upon Moscow. Mile. George?, of the Corned ie Franchise, was just tben the idol of the St. Petersburg playgoers, and, though the news of French victories arrived In the city, she continued to play, by order of the emperor, bat not without some apprehension as to the results in consequence of the growing hatred of the populace against the French. After having appeared every evening for two or three weeks, she was informed, when about to start for the theatre in the court carriage, which was always placed at her disposal, chat a band of motijiks, armed with thick stick?, had collected onrsWa of tHa-tre, and appeared Intent upon procuring admission. It was with great difficulty that one of the actors who played witb her couid persuade her to go to the thea tre, ana sue was oy no means reiawrcu by the savage appearance or tne men wuu glared at her aa Bhe got out of the car- ount KarUcklne, the superintendent of the Imperial theatres, endeavored to allay her fears, but she felt more emotion as the curtain rose than upon that memor able night when she played before I parterre of kings, and on loooking round the theatre, which was filled from top to bottom with the savage moajiks, she fell fainting into tbe arms of the actor who was standing oesiae ner. a sue was Ing carried off the stage, the moujiks. brandishing weir mess, aixempieu w force their way in pursuit of her; but Count Narischkine, who bad been watching tbe scene from behind the wings, came forward, and by a motion of bis hand kept them back. Several omcers of the army were with him, and upwn a Rivef ran down had I not been there to - m one ot tnem toe uoora m u 2i tl5 wSned forvlf Sat it really stalls, galleries, and boxes were thrown dTdandv Wet d fixed My histories were confiscated, however, adiers with loaded muskeu and fixed bat I had guide books, and although I bayonets- v . . . . A T iTt . -r i At the same time a detachment of sol- aia not scan in"" mucu x wh biicl nnu i , . glad Sail had learned what I eould, and diers came forward w." . i i !. j I sinA nf tho prvin tu of the theaire brouffht aDOVe- ail Uia X amu tM&zn rw uiuiou w aa Mr. Butterfield denairfied It is claimed that Messrs. Bishop anil Rogers opened the books and one placed to his account $5,300 and tbe other 5t 600. Mr. Trevor was riven 6500. and asi it was not good policy to leave Mr. Holly out in the cold. $500 was pat for by him. It Is also claimed that Mr. Baodock, coming into the office while this transaction was goto? on. claimed a certain share, but as there was only $700 left he was content to take tnat The atttsir has caused considerable excitement sind tedious litigations will undoubtedly grow oat of the affair. I have interviewed several par ties who are interested In the success of the enterprise and all loin in condemn Ing the action as before described, and the general opinion In that even if there moral obligations of tbe parties who have made the "divv" have been violated and must not only redound to their discredit hut to the disadvantage of the company. j 4 i POLITICAL. -j , Last Wednesday intelligence was re ceived here that Niagara county had been taken from tne win ana sauea to tne zom Revenue District and that Hon. Burt Van Horn had been appointed collector. The district consists of the counties of Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Livingston. Ontario, Yates. Chemunar. Steuben and Allegany. Mr. "Van Horn has alwavs proved a compe tent nublic officer and will undoubtedly conduct tne ousiness oi ma new posiuon ac- inri.itire in a deal of desultory reading. We landed duly and rested a day and sight in Liverpool, and then left there all tha superfluous wraps, tbe camp chairs, and the boxes we had used In our state-room. Tbe trunks were gotten up out of the hold and we were really on British soil. The next day we went oa to London M nay brother was the bearer of dispatches to oar Minister there, but beyond s mere interchange of cards we saw nothing more of . them then. It was early in the season and we were to cross the channel at once, so aa to replenish ' oar wardrobes, and also, which was at that time a great consideration with me, be presented at the court of the nephew pf his uncle and see Paris generally. My impressious of London were rather bewildering, and as for that channel it was just beastly. It left me altogether In such a demoralized condition that the ride to the gay eapicol was almost unheeded by me. It was not until the pext morning when I opened my eyes anal rjeeoed out from the bed curtains and eaught sight of a very gilt mirror, a very gilt clock and very gilt candelabra n,i heard the unaccustomed cry in the queerest of all nasal voices of "pommel Ce terre efi haricot" that I realized I was really among 'furrlnera. ttn looa I tWre trvinir to make out that queer and uoinleiligSie Jargon 1 cannot say, but a-determination to find oat what it meant sens me out of bed, and there saw a ert 'driven by such ax object and containing potatoes and beans. Why eould at she just as well say "po-tara and beans9' was the Hibernicism rushed throegn my Drain, tm i one of the servants of the theatre brought a table with pens and Ink, and laid aown a plank to enable the moujlks to step on the stage from the body of the house Bat before they were allowed to do so Count NariAhktne addressed them aa follows: "My good fellows, what would be the use of you insulting or killing Inoffensive actors, who are, In addition, oar guests I can give you better advice than that. Come up to this stable and enroll yourselves to serve in the outposts, where you will be able to prove your devotion to holy Russia and your love for her master, our respected and glorious emperor. Not a single moujik uttered a murmur, and they came up oue after another, deposited their sticks, signed their names or made their marks, and started for Moscow. Lake Shore Sunday Train to Lake Ceau-taaqua 8:40 A. M., returning arrives in Buffalo 8:20 P.M. AUNT SALLY'S VISIT. Back to OI4 Virginia susd the Friends he Lelt Thirty Years Ago. ' Old Aunt Sally Manning left Hawkins-ville a few weeks ago to visit her old home in Virginia, and if possible hndsome of her people. It is about thirty years since Aunt 6i i y left .Norfolk, since the war sue n been industrious and frugal, and accumula. ted money sufficient to buy her a little home on the street below Messrs. Ferguson & Co.' store, and had some money extra. About the first of last month she made her arrangements, cooked rations, bought a ticket irom uswainsviue to Macon, ana there procured a through ticket to Norfol k. where she arrived in due time. Aunt saiiy tnat laughed at my own folly and wondered I says she was astonished to find the streets wbat possible Irish ancestor, though 1 1 of Norfolk "turned and crooked about so never beard of having any, had sug gested thatidea. Oar eards were left at the American Legation and aa my brother was a personal rtend of his, I suppose we may have escaped tome of the usual formalities. However, it is a customary thing to leave cards whether acquainted or not, as, It poo if a stranger in Paris, upon that de pends to a certaia extent the probability um"Ud Our first days were devoted to shopping and the Louvre, and a dinner at oar Minister. Oar manner of going gown was appointed us and 1 brought up tne rear with a youDg attache who ew 4cntiy felt utterly thrown away and no wed he felt so. I am dreadfully afraid he was not to the manner born, for cour- ty is an essential lugredieot in ibe na- mueh since she was dare befo. All de folks 'peared strange, par was lots of new houses put up and big ships on de waters, and nobody peared to know her. She at once began searching for her white people, and after a lonar inquiry found that the old folks were dead, but that her young "missus de little gal dat she used to units and think so much of was still livintr." She at last found her "little missus" an aged woman now, witb her second husband, and eentablv. 1 ft may not be generally known but it Is a fact that tbs Hon. T. T. F lagier has been to Washington endeavoring to cause a chancre in the post-ofiice at Middle port, Niagara county, and at Batavia, Genesee county, but wiuioui result, it wouia ne supposea that the honorable gentleman would have been content with the wiplng-out," he received last fall and abstain from again sticking his finerera into nolltlcai nle, but it seems not and under cover of going to New York to see his daughters off for Europe, he took a little trip bouth which has done himself end friends no good. Verily like Joev BaaTStock the trick was "devilish sly," and It's leakine out has added much to the gentleman's sUscomforture. The name of Lee B. Sanborn has been Srominently mentioned for the position of tate Senator on the Republican ticket. It would be a nomination eminently fit to be made as the gentleman has served accepta-blv in the Leffislature and la withal a man of acknowledged ability and fitness. H name would add considerable 'strength to the ticket. George Ostrander. the nresent very effi cient elerk of the Surrogate's court is talked of for the nomination of Surrosrate this fail, George is a young man who has hosts of friends and should he be so fortunate as to secure the nomination he will undoubtedly come out aneao. . . ODDS AND XXTDS. I understand that the glass factory will close for the season this (Saturday) evening after a ntiui run oi snout seven weeus. A number of people in different parts theeity complain of depredations which are committed by boys upon their flower gardens. If a few of the marauders were caueht and handed over to the tender mercies of the do lice authorities and an ex ample made of them it would probably have the desired effect. The Millard Club is practicing with a view to giving a concert in oratario musie at tbe Baptist Church shortly. The selections are from Elijah, Joshua, Samson, the Messiah and other first class oratorios and there is no doubt that under the guidance of the ekiniui oaton or 1'roi. w m. J. comp-ton, that the club will exceed any of their former efforts. It is a remarkable fact that notwithstanding all the State bridges have a large sign at either end setting forth in plain iet- tfr that tba nenaltv for drivintf acrotts faster than a walk is 15 00 for every or-fence. yet nine-tenths of those who cross in vemcies uo so wunout attempting to slacken tbe soeed of their animals until more than two-thirds over. Attheciirar sxnra of James- Mnlvnenv. on Main eifreet, there is a dog which excites the wonder of the country-folks. Tbe Canine 4s of the breed known as Scotch terriers, and its hair is quite busby. . The body is of a likht brown color while the ears sua tall are ;dyed a light blue and around its neck and down the center of its back there is a bright erimon streak. Its appearance is very remarkable and as I said before attracts much attention. The artistic work waS performed by Wm. Palmer, who is to be -congratulated on nis success. , THE ONLY SONS OF KyKdyk'ft STANDING Hainbietoniai IN EBIE COUNTY, Vaverly & Mohican Brad by MR. CHAS. BACK MAN, Stoney Ford, Orange County, 24. T. . , - PEDIGREES. W A Y1BLT, Brown Stall ion, 15 hands X inches high: weighs 1105 pounds: foaled, October, U46; sired by Rvsdyk's Hambletonion; first dam Susie Roberts, by Kewi York Black Hawk; second dam Capt. Roberts' Mare of Messenger descent MOHICAN. R Rtnllion. 1S; hands S inches hla-h. foaled 1872; got by BysdVk's Hambletonian; llrst dam Makric Jones by Seeley's American Star: sec ond dam Memnrino Chief, eon oi siemorino Paymaster, by Membrlno. Hamoiemmon y rtyr dyk's) by AbdaUab; 11 ret dam Chas. Kent Mare, a. ttv Bishnn's Hambletonian: third dam Silver Tail by Imported Messenger. 1 Abdallah by Membrino, son of imported Messenger; dam Amazonia by son of imported Meaeenger. Hambletonian (Uisnop-s) oy lmponea messen ger; first dam rneasani oy imported ouara; second dam by jimported Medley, American Star (Seeley's) oy Stockholm. American Star, son of Durao: first dam Sallv 81onoht by Sir Henry; Beeona asm oy importea jaBeengr. i nmiinM nr show better coIlb in sise. form or ipeed, for the time tbey have been in the Sind t t tsBusrii new This is positively the last season of Waverly Wpntnrn Naw Vortc. as he returns to Stoney Ford Sud Farm at the expiration of the season. The subscription books are now open. For par ticulars inquire at the stanxesoz . win. LOCK WOOD, Cold Spring Houie, cor. Main and Firry Sts., or FRANK CULVER, Cold Springs. Season commences April 1st and ends Novem- I oer mi jot i. f TERMS. Wayerly, $50 for the season. Mo- hiran, SsOforthfe season. Mares not proving in foal bv Mohican may be returned, free of charge., for the season of 1878. Good pasturage furnished, but at own's risk.. V CANCER. Office. The above having their houses filled with PUJUE LAKE ICE, ! i ji Are prepared to snnply consumers both in large and small quantities, at the lowest market rates. ryice Houses, foot of Erie Street, TOU CAN SAYS PER CENT. BY BUT" j 1AU FINE CHAMBER FURNITURE, i i, : I Fine Parlor Furniture Office Desks, : Pier and iWantle Glae and: Window Corulcei at F. A H. BENSLERS', Wo.' 141 Seneca. Street. Umbrellas, Parasols, 137 IS Geuesee BU BUFFALO, N, T. Sun Umbrellas and Parasols with Ivory, Pearl and French Horn Handles a specialty. Re-Covering and Repairing promptly "and neatly done. JOHN HAMILL . , Dealer in genuine j ; eMail; LactawannaVBlacl! Diamond & I i Pittstoa Coal. ! Also. SOFT COAL and WOOD at Lowest Market Price. f 94 SCOTT STREET, THE SEWIlr MACHINE EMPORIUM At No. 10 Sontb Division St. SINGER AND THE HOWE MACHINES AT BOTTOM PRICES. Singer Machine- Retail at Whole- sale Prices. ' i ;" Save Agents, Commissions and order your SINGER SEWING MACHINES (personally) at the i - , i I : - Sewing Machine Emporium. EDWARD FAY, j . Vo. 10 South Division street 1 ! BUFFALO, N. T. Remember also that at No. 10 South Division FRA1 Srf E S an 5 a" efy WgVva r9eVy 8i KoaAVS vu Bcieoi i rum. Jolxu C. Slieehan, mmm WmT9 mm. n m.T n W m wmm W m ar aa a vnrsaa a-aa - u "i CORNER fBNECA AND MAIN STREETS, laning, McMillan & gluck, i COUNSELORS AT-Ij AW, i No 24 West i Seneea Street,; Buffalo. SOMETHING For Musical NEW People. Just nnbllshed for the benefit M subseribers to CUTJB'jH'S MUSICAL VISITOR, (the inds utnucni journal ox maucj, u VISITOR AVrO-USEC ALBUM," Evafv mnalAal ncmn wants It. No ona shoulu tea to a 44 Normal" or other Musical Class witn out ill It is just what young musicians need to nraservfl their efforts In comnosmon. anu tne autographs of their friends and teachers, it contains 64 pages, fine iv ruled, gold stampsd and strongly bound. It will be given away to all who Biitoscrioe for ens visixutt at si.ou. ara nle conv with oarticalars of this, and four other premiums, sent on receiptof on stamp. Agents wuwu. jour caiiKun c sv. tlt 1 CINCINNATI, O. NEW DRUG STORE I i I II II i l" TT' ' ' i TTTawnia-fi'ir- n I LlrtiULawJUHun ci i . a j. - it a w -Tec THE Clarendon Hotel Saratoga Springs. NEW YORK. The CLARENDON opened iS. en June 1st. Rates reduced; Mai - . . , ( , .... 1 i! 91 per WCCK iur ogHn nnu fift S f September; $16 for July: $28 '1 w for July; $28 for August; 94 f.iji provements and conveniences j nave been added far the season of 1877. CHARLES E. LELOD. Proprietor, Of Dii-evaw Hottsb- Albany, and Rohhuobs Hotel, New York. John Root's B I T T E R S. These celebrated! Bitters are purely Vegetable, being composed of roots, barks and berries. They are the result of thirty years study and repeated experiment, and we now offer them to the public, a sure and speedy cure tor fever and ague, dumb ague, typhoid, brain, intermittent or any kind of lever, small pose, chronic and bilious diseases, launaice, liver and kidney complaints, dyspepsia, Ac, &o. Tuc are an excellent stranffthnnnr in fell r.AMR of General Debility, for either old, young, male or female, weakness of the stomach and nervousness. Females will find them invaluable in cases of weakness, irregularities, pain in the back, general languor, etddiness in the head and nervcais irritability. It cleanses and purifies the blood and gives new life an vigor to th patient BSTFor sale at Powell Plimpton's, and Spencer 9t Bullymore's, Main street. P-8m Never So Low!! CE. ICE. ICE. $10 to $25 day sure made by Agents selling onr Chro- mos, Crayons and Reward, Motto, Scripture Text. Transparent, Picture and Chromo Cards. 100 samples, worth $4. aentpostpaid, for 75c, Illustrated Catalogue free. Established 1635. J. ti BUFFO liD'S SONS, Boston. E. WEBSTER & SON, 219 Erie Street. ri ; ' j s. Jacob J. Schwinn, I I Manufacturer and Deal- ar HOTEL DEVONSHIRE, Opposite Grand Central De pot, on 4 1st and 42d St. bet, 4 ill Sc ath A re lines, JSexv York, i The TIOTICTj DEVftWSHTBR la naw fl.t class Hotel, elegantly furnished, .and well ven- iimiea. every room is origin ana cheerful. The hotel i a modern structure, built especially for a first-class houue, anil has everv modern Improvement. It is conducted on the European Plan, at a mrtri(ratft rain nf hflfira lJ nrnma Visiting the city will Bave carriage hire ami se cure ui uuhl nccninmwini,iaD8 lor me emaneat cob, oy stopping at tne uoiL djevon. JOE SCHMIDT'S S1LOOM AND RESTAURANT, At 46 Niagara Street COOL LAGER, WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, Ac. CyBeBt quaiity of l,nnch all day. ICE CREAM . i r! Furnished in any quantity and guar anteed tne best in the city I LUTTED&CO. HOME-MADE CANDY DEPOT, 815 Mak: f9tM opp. Chnrciies. I LUMBEU. Fiv j1 I'iirk, Wholesale and Be tail Dealer In r.VirJH PT.nnil U i . M. 1 L. 1 ITU aiit TIMBER of all kinds, for Frames of Buililinir. This Yard is situated on UnnpiPA Str.'it. Frio CanaL Pine Lumber. L.atha. SU in- gQh snd Fence Poits. Onlce and Yard, eorner ui rouiiituna naeaon streets. HEW SUMMER GARDEN At !: East Seneca Street. Good music, fbssh lager And a general assortment of Wines, Liquors aim vi&urs. wilful, pmuu ni reeorx in jsunaiOi uau ana see me. Kit u uiusun. (Hanour's old stand), 98 Seneca street. Thomas Ianphier, DXAIiBK I New & Second-hand Furniture, MATTRESSES, BED -SPRINGS, LOUNGES, CARPETS, OIL CLOTH, MIRRORS, 105 and 197 Seneca St., Near Michigan Street. BUFFALO, K. T. CJFnrniture sold on weekly and monthly payments, i FOB Perfect SKIRTS rUG SHIBTLESS. Fit Guaranteed AT Carney Bros, 176 Seneca St. ISO HALF-MADE GOODS. , i t Every Shirt guaranteed to (rive: Satisfaction to the Wearer. None but Richardson's Linen and Knnr York Milln llteL f-r becure your measore ana sob to fit at ! Shirt CARNEY 176 Seneca. Street BROS) Buffalo, N. PATENTED BIRD CAGE, The Only Safety Cage in the Market placed without taking the Cage down from its noos. J! or parucuiars wiureuo s MAY Sc CO., 339 Clinton St BUFFALO, N. T Where the Cases can De nadJ Cost no more I tnan oruinary uages. Cronyn Sc Co ST. ; STEPHEN'S i IIAlili Cor. iSVAN AKD F BAN KLIN ST?S. The undersigned havinor leased the larg-o and handsome store, corner ot Swan and Franklin streets, for the purpose of carrying on the Diug Business In a legitimate way, desire to call the attention of the public to the fact that, belnx practical Pharmacists, we do all our own work, and having; no wages to pay we can afford to ssll and dispense Medicines at from as to ss per sent, less than any other 8 to re In the City. It will pay those wanting anything- m our line to give us a ealL full line Of DZUGGI3T3' MATfi tt ' jM constantly on hand. Pure Soda Water? Ginger Ale and Mineral Water ON DB AUGHT. rv Particular attention riven to tb Pre scriptlon Department. f'BOYN t COi THIS YEAR 1877. T vnn -alant ttmnv. vifrnmni. Well-branChed. unforced Flowering Plants, Hanging Baskets, etc, in complete variety f ueiuro Bpeuuujjf dime. Examine OUR mnKNSK STOCK And LowjHard-Tlmes Prices, whether you buy or nou I LON( SKO., 317 Main St., Opposite The Churches, BUFFALO. N. IT; Branch at j: i IjONO BROS., FLORAL BOOTU, Washington Market, extreme cor. Washington I and Chippewa streets. CHOICEST IMPORTED FLO WEB SEEDS PLANTS AND FLOWERS 1 I BV I - Tne Avenue Greenhouse Corner of Summer street and The Avenue. THOMAS CtAYTON,' Proprietor. Drop me aline and I will call at your residence. Estimates and designB for fixing up windows with house plants attended to. For a trifle bouses may be made beautiful by decorat- t : .. . , n. ; i k ; liniu att a. mi Non Explosive, Quick Baker, No Gas ! and Economical. FIRK MATTERS trrr fit fach a one. It makes me lanzb sow wbeil I think how bored he looked and wbeo finally he tripped on my train, X having been arrayed thua for the firU tune, I aboald have laugbed odtrht had U not been for the awful solemnity of tbe occasion. Dinner la a solemn matter at best, bat aa official dinner as completely take the pas ot a funeral aa that ceremonv doe of a aotilUon. Even tears are not permitted here, and until on is fairly seated and tbe aotip and Sab bave been dispensed with, there is an anxloos stillness, a sort of feel-?na that speech would be sacrilege that rouo mak the digestion of those first two disbe a serious operation for the gastrie juice. Tbey can only act apoa a nome-t rm. r Jt i a nri nctnle. My attache, who had a wonderful blonde moustache, paid very UU tie attention to m- Ha addressed on or two remark to me in French which eould have been better thaa that lfinlster Elect Koye 1 aaid by the inn to be Studying no nnWrwn PiaU. and which I DfeUnded not to understand ; ia faet I am not snr thai I Aitt. T h Inarned OllendorsT through frnm Aven. wyuM lm ekaveaul to jluant ctudte, je reeiiai hien. to say nothing of Kceuil tpistoiaire," out r renen was so dinerent from American French, and then 1 muidrt tell these people that they spoke lea fitind generally bxowbeaUtbem a 1 ren. A sood as she saw old "Mam my Sally" and recognized her sbe ran to the old woman, threw her arms around hevand embraced and wept over her as if she were real mother. Aunt Sally's next search was for her husband, and she found him living in the eountry, near Norfolk, married again "Well, Aunt Sally, what did you do then?" we asked. Numog at alt He aay to bis odder wife dat he was agwine to come home wid me. and be would a come If he bad de monev" "Well, Aunt Sally, yon are now The noose of Protection Hook and Lad der Company ie faet approaching comple tion. .. . Hydrant Hose Company's house is being fixed and the furniture re-upholstered. The official paper of tbe committee of ar rangement has just been Issued and pre- sents at attractive appearance. It content 1 are fraught with much that is of interest to every fireman in the State, and reflects mucn cremt on us compilers, jaessrs. is. m. Ashler and R. Hudson Bond. It will be circulated throuarbout the country so that every body can have an opportunity of post- log tnemseive upon nre maiiers. John Hodge has just naa m&nursctarea LAKE SHORE ... .. -. AND ! - Mich. Southern R'y. Direct for Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, St. Paul, Omaha, Denver, San Francisco, ana an points w ew ana aoura west. No Delays. no terry Transfers. now dat re seen de old country and de I through tbe popular house of C. P. T. La 7 1 Q Ai Mi rrve at D rblks, I'te gwtne to try to make some more j Boche. a handsome uniform cap for bis I Brocton 8.45 a.m, Erie 10.00 moot? to live on. Pan worked hard all dia I snecial oroteKes the Hod are Hose Comoanv. 4. ue caps are ok oiue ciqui ana oi tne same time to save money to go back to Ole Vlr- srinnv lo aee mv neonie. hui mv dov -l'ae never aeen him yit. Da ay he went to 'Or ieans. Jiawcin6inu4 ucapcucii. A Deserved Compllmeat rvn and after Mav. IS. 1877. trains leave Bnf falo from Exchange Street Depot ana Eat Buffalo as lollowa, by tfuffalo time: Buffalo 7.10 a. m, ar t at uunxirc .au aim. Brocton a, a.m, icrte io.w a.m. (Dreaciaat), Cleveland &00 txm (dinner). Toledo &0ff D.m, (supper), rues via old road, Adrian 9.45 p.m, I w row rigi reon 1.16 a.m. Klknart 3.1U a.m. Cni. Tg" bW IklU shape as those generally worn by midehip niAn in iu nmvv. i nm irnnu am omimsnb ed with the inscription "HodRe Hose Com- 1 1 O P Paclne Express (Sunday pany N worked in bullion, aad an.r- krl tfL .SSHS? row gilt Dana arouua tne edge complete I a natty piece of head gear. The cost of the I whole was in the neighborhood of $50 and speaks well for Mr, HodgC liberality and 1 Brood taste. ! n ii -- m. v o j ii tu rrowcuus puu& sp luuer vompany win hold their reception in Daniel' Hall, and From the Commercial Lfcst and Price Current of PbUadelphla, July 7, 1877.) The New York Mercury at th present time 1 one of tbe best literary papers in tbe country. Under tne able management of Wm. Cauldweft, IT. nri its variMII ftm-M rtmiinfa Mnlata mw i t H inuiresUDa matter. For some time past the the Hydrants have secured tbe Millard Club Q IR P JJC Bpeoinl Michigan Cxpresi diiorUis of this lonrnal have attracted the I Hall for a similar purpose. iJtXJ 2.1XJL' (UaUy, except eaturdaye. literary world. A vigorous, 1 r-witt OHnton ffomnanv baa Invltad Kaai jsnnaio p m. amrn unniir iu 13 CMS p. m., arrives Dunkirk S.0O p.m. (dine' Brocton 3.26 p-m.. Erie 8.4 p.m., Clevelan 7.06 p.m. (supper), Toledo xl.30 p m. fruns via air line), Elkhart 4.3 a. m., Chicago 8.30 a. xn. 41 C D fJT Brie Accommodation, (ex .XtJ -L " ill i oent Sundavi). arrive in liunzira o.v p.xnt 0 roc ion 0-00 p.m. xno i.wj p m ires attention of the sent! bio, thoughtful exponents of the day thoy uu uariTaitea. ina iaoie xsis ' ueparw ment is an exoeedlnffly Interesting feature. In una, eaen weex, arnumoer ox jour xeuows ana svme of the other tex too-reiute th most omorons ana satirical lnomenta. W especially umixv vnn prvirae fr muoaucuon to eaca 01 the articles which make no this nortion nf th paper. This journal employs the best talent QOwtiis?)le, and is a living example of the fact that flxsirikiass, well conducted literary paper will ray. We seidata speak as strongly In reference to a periodical as we do at this time, but we so rrite because we believe the true merit should be appreciated and noticed, especially when ttreU so much M traah" in newspaper forms,' For full corroboration of all we hay Mid we rifer the reader hiaiaetf (0 the jiercpry, Dewitt. Clinton Comnanv has Invited Libertv Hose I. of Buffalo, to accent of their hospitalities on parade day a well aa Mechanic Enifiue Company of Albion. Washington Hose Company No, 9, have extended an Invitation to Active Hose Com nanv, of Rochester. Bpauldiite Hose Company No. 8 will have a errand bait on the evening of oarade dav. 'i ne soliciting committee wm can on our citizens within a day or two, and it t hoped l.h.t thnv will cri va v. In nt.tiar places when conventions have been held the citv authorities have taken the matter in band and entertained the delegates, and H w to ne nopea tnat jfocaporf wui pot aiL liOO At M datzceptadaSrt tnar, Eat Buffalo 1.00 a.m., arrive Dui fid 6m., Erie LOO a. nx., Cleveland 5 1 a. m. ertre into Special Chicago Express, arrives Xxprese, r morn or, Bat Buffalo 1. oe a.m., arrive Dunkirk a.10 a.m.. Erie a 45 a.m.. Clevelend 6.86 (bre&kfast). Handoasrv 8.68 a.m.. Toledo 10.43 am. (runs via air line), Elkhart 8.00 p.m. (upper), unicago o.uu p.m. 1 Truin arrive at Buffalo at 4.16 a.m.. I 0.30 m.. 1.30 p-m.. 7J6 o.m.. 8.20 o.m. ; Sunday train Secure ticket oy uiis ravorite route. ' For ie at Kxonsoure xreet; uapot, ana at vom- paay uipoe, jsj vxenanfre ntroer. 1 vnao. rjLLPtai, we a. 0a px. ! f A BUBOH, Oen. Sutern fu't sent THE Goods of tbe Beet Manufacture, 1500 Lined Pants, for nen. at Formerly gl.OO. 3000 Pants of different styles from 200 Pants, sold fast year at $3. SO, for GOO Salts, 1r Men, at -TSO 9aits for men, at -20 Styles of Suits Casnimere at -10 Styles of Anita, medium weight, at 20 styles of Worsted Suits, from No. 4 Bulflnch Street, Boston (OPPOSITE REVERE HOUSE,) The Science of Idfe ; Or, SELF-PRESERVATION. Kobe than one million copies sold Gold iriedat Awarded to the Author 1 sF sue "Nsnonsi iQfld leal Ario- I mavoh 1 1BTH Just nnblished bv the P EMBODY MEDT. (TAli INSTITUTE, a neweilUion of the celebrated medical work entitled the "SCIENCE OP LIFE; or, eELF PRESERVATION.1' It treats upon Manhood, how lost, how retrained and how perpetuated; cause and cure of Exhausted vitalltv, Impotency, Premature Decline in Mao. Snermatorrhoee. or Seminal Loss. es (nocturnal and diurnal,) Nervous and 1 hy- boUinfffl, Menial Depression, Loss of Energy, Hasrirard Countenance. Confusion of Mind ami Lobs of Memory. Impure State of the Blood, and all diseases ariain from the Kkboks or Youth or the Indiscretions or excesses of mature years, ' j. it tens you tu nuoui montie 01 generative rnysioiogy 01 aiarriagre, ox weutocx and Off-sprinir, Pnvtiical Contrasts, True Moral it v. Em- uiiiwbiu, ii, Hoi"" ui mwiuii;, V"UJUgai Precept and Friendly Counsel, Physical Infirmity, its Causes ana Cure, Relations Between the Sexes, Proof of the Expansion of Vice, the Miseries of Imprudence, Ancient Ignorant anu Cirruns. JunAnn tin. uiire or kiuiv aim muiu inui. rHinvirij3 uf xkjeat- mint. Address to Patients anu Invalid Read ers; The Author's Principles. The price of this Dooa is uniy x.w. This Book also contain more than Fifty Prescriptions lor the above named anel other Diseases, each one worth more .than the price ol the Book Aim, uiiubiid aiu"ic iiicuioi uvauuj exclusively on miiiN xjvij ajxv jsekvou DigRses; more man zw royai octavo pages, twenty eiegani engravings, uounu in suosian tial muslin. Price only t i. pay ior pnnung. Barely enough to The book for vounar and middle-aired men to read just now, is the Science of Life, or Self- rreservauon. ine umnor 11 aa reiurnea irom Enroue in excellent healtb. and is a train the Chief consulting Physician ot tho I'eabody aieaicai msuuiie, an. jouinnca ntreet, osion, Mass." Reniiblican Journal. "The Science of Life is beyond all com pari son the xuost extraordinary 'work on Physiology everpuouaiica." insiwn neraru. "Hoe nestled in the bottom of Pandora's box. and hope plumes her wings anew, since the is suing ot 1 neao vuiuaote wonts, puuiisnoa oy tae Peabotiy Medical Institute, which are teaching mo us aims now m uvuiii Lita mitiauiuH uiili. nap thn citadels of life." Philatleluhia Enouirer. "'It should be read by tbe yotng, the middle-aged and even the old." New York Tribune. The tirst and only Medal ever conferred upon any Aieaicai aian m cms country, as a recogni tion of skill and professional service, was pre aemed to the author o( these works, March 3lst, 1876. The urosenutUou was noticed ut the lime of its occurence by the Boston Press, and the leadinfiriournals throughout the country. -Th. maenidcent Medal is of solid gold, set with more than one hundred India diamond a of rar hrilllRiifW. Altogether, in it9 execution and the richness of its 111 ale rials, ami size, this is decidedly the mostnoticcauie meu.u ever scrucK in mis coui trv toranv unrortp; wtiatever. It is weil wor tha infection of Numismatists. It was fuirlv won and worthily bestowed." Massachusetts Ploughman. June 6a, I7b. ty-Catalogue sent on receipt of 8 cents for postage. v.itho nf thfi AhrtvA works sent bv mnll nn r. ceiptof prir. Address PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, (or W, H. l'ARKEK, M. !.. Con suiting Physician,) No. 4 ButUnch street, Bos- WU, JUnSD-j ujjiiroiii. vutvu. vi'.'.. n. it. The author can be consulted on the above namttddiseascs, as well as nil ditseasee requiring skill, secrecy and experience. Office UtJUi s. 9 A. M.W5F. fll. W-lv BOTTOM TOUCHED IN PRICE OF CLOTHING. which for FIT, QUALITY or STYLES cannot be excelled, i SLAUGHTERING PRICES. STRANGE, BUT TRUE! LOOK AT THIS PRICE LIST. TO cts. to fl.CO - - a.fto - 400 5.00 - T.50 - - 9.00 8.4IO to IO.OO MHTABLI8HKU 1833 iung ;glimg tSfS . Merchant's Gargling Oil! A xaniment for Man and Beast. Whether for use on msn or beast. Merchant's Garellne Oil will be found sn Invalnahls'Lltf It. and WOTthV Of nsa bv everv refit dent In tha IsnnT W knnur nf nn nmnrinian nu.iui,. a. article now nsed In the United States which shares the good will of the people to a erector de t eroe than this. Yellow wranoer for animal and white for hnmnn flAnh" iv v ft' oe than this. Yellow wrapper for animal and white for human flesh." JV. P. Jhtdeien(Umt, Axirnn irom leunr irom (t. h. mmmnnflu i minnvi i la ia .iniwaj ioth u w .m n.,, uarglinfT Oil than all the liniments put together, and I am keepine twelve different kinds. K l D1DK 1L IB I no IMMl rameav rnr hnrwflMh In ilna mil fmn It w thmi u nnMUv. UUUUIWVtlUU. It' fe Kxtrastfrom a letter from Bhoemafcar A Co.. Rl Aomin ctnn. In A. Rant 17th 1HTS ! T tm tkoF m ' wu. uuw. a. uunil. MJl BHUUl ZUIUtUB. X. M. AUV. all. in JL mt " 1 in W mors or year Oarsjilng Oil than of all other liniments combined, and have seen It used on horse! and cattle with jrood effect when other hare tailed." -vf- more of your Gargling Oil than of any liniment we ksep. Merchant's Gargling Oil as a Faiitfy Liniment Pe are now, and have been for some years. nrenartn&T the OH free from stain to k- 2? it ii!1 m J5.h' extractlBK tn coloring ingredient which has heretofore ivnT ed It objectionable. This Oil possesses all the medicinal properties of that prepared with th. k tinge for horses and cattle, and will be found one of the best remedies for alJ pnrnose4 o n ituuucrui. im reqnirea inav oas ever neen msnafactnred. v..1T;k T?t OTvmniown, a., Jan. w, ikvl Your Gargling Oil Is doing much b. outstairaflVa. OW- "d x5l pnt up for family Ear-rhe O are line OH called 4 P.miw mi HhMli, ......t.i I Mwersas weirfor-heasts: vtc wr. thedirk ImVnTwK1 11"."; stain and discolor the skin, but not permanently. Yellow wrapper for animal and white for hu Merchant's Gargling Oil as an Internal Remedy. ig yii s a oimsinie stlmulsnt and carminative. It can be takn internally P91! i-the stnct, Colic, Asthma, or Internal Pain, the dose may bo Iron? ir?SiL?I? tn Bn"vor mixed lit ?7P n ny convenient form, and repeated at Lis ef three to six hours. Yellow wrapper for animal and white for human flh-1 Merchant's Gargllij! wnen sncu a rsmeay nrteen to Intervals EsmilhwJf.S0.01 8 Liniment of the United BUtes J?-TeLivr8 V l: I5edin 600 Bmail, 26c; small size for family use. 25c alanntactured at Lockport, H. Y.. bv M. Q. O. Co.. and sold hv mi dn.i.t. "" I JOHN HOPGg, Socrctnry. f HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST NOVELTY? IT 13 A FOLDING B EDSTEAD And enn be closed np to resemble a beautiful Wardrobe. It makes an elegant piece ef Fiirui tore and should find a place in every suite of rooms! ANOTHER LARGE INVOICE in tho cit y. OF THE CELEiUtATED 50 Style of all Woolen Casnimere Haits.- f rem lO Style of Black Suits, 6fce tonlsliinffly Tjuyv F IO.OO to 15 OO Bine Flannel Suits, from IO.OO to 1ft. OO Children? Clothing, at Boys' and gnrei, at Phoenix Bent-Wood Verandah and Lawn Chairs, These popular goods are in every concotvablo Color and Stylo, and are the most fashionable article of Furniture of the VaranUaJi kind offered this season. DURRELL, MoEWEN & CO., No. 395 MAIN STREET. HOPELLERBES Tlie One Price Clothiers, LOOK! PRICES 420 DON'T MAIN STREET. 420 LOqK ! TO SUIT THE HAVING PURCHASED A T ES A. & Dlrnnt. therebv Bavins middle profits. SAVING OVER 50 PER CENT and to give my friends and patrpns the benefit. I am enabled to sell a g-oo l article of i YOUNG HYSON, OOIiUWfcr. AND JAJAIV, AttheExtraordin.iiy low Price of I LOOK! TIMES. LARGE INVOICE Next to the Erie County Savings Bank. 40 CENTS We I apri FORGET THE NUMBER, irive no Chromos, Glassware or other presents bnt irive a (rood, wholesome article Tea at -ST ta aiift alL CALL AND COSVlrfCE yoijKSKLVES. Goods delivered to any part of the city. Ordcfs by Postal Crd receive prompt attention. lltlPOIBXKR HOLMA N ' S NEW TEA AND C 0 F FEE STORE, 94 Mam Street, near Mam Street Bridge- Just onencd with an entire new Stock of TEAS and COFFEES, at prices lower than any 1 otner store in tne cuy. 0 Manufacturer of Kolraan's Uakjng powder, the best made. THE ESTEY ORGAN 4 g 150 and 153 Mala Parade PER lb. Street, BITFTAT..O,- IV. Y. House. LEADS THE WORLD. THE LARGEST AND MOST CONVENIENT PLACE IN THE CITY FOB Pio Nics? Summer Night Xrestivala Concerts. Parties And it is especially adapted for bahmilt fio nics. t roSEPH JEItGE. ARE YOU GOING Ti IF SO, YOU SHOULD, BY SCHIUND Extensive Warerooms, No. BUY FURNITURE? ALL MEANS, CALL AT & DOLL'S 472 Main St.. opp. Tifft House. AND SEE THE ELEGANT STYLES AND THE LOW PEICES OF OUE UOODS. y' ALL KINDS OF BfipEOOM SETS FROM I Four Dollars to Six Hundred Dollars. EVERYTHING NEW AND STYLISH AS WELL AS BEING BE It VIC ABLE. rAVe have one of the LARGEST STOCK. i mu-war price. Tone full, noble, and exceedingly animating. Moscow. Rnblnateln Deserve the high eat admiration. Brunswick. I consider them unsurpassed by any I have ever seen Frsni Abt. a.- Isi '".Tl aw WORLD'S PRIZE MEDALS EASE'S A th. bfist In Iti. World FAMILY USE. SEND FOR CIRCULAR. F. S. PEASE. MANUFACTURER OF OIL FOR Bonn longer Mitt will gi WORLD'S PRIZE MEDALS PREMIUM OIL (bp bent in tli. Woi ; J e mun' liglit than nuy utlic.t ina.Lt. OR CIRCULAR. S" PEASE, MANUFACTURER OF OIL, UREASE'S FOB Burn. loiitf.r and will c SEND F AA. 117 M..U SC ti, M, tti Exceedingly appropriate for religious seryiees. Schwcrin, Wcrrick & Bissiug, tvKN'Hit al iJisun-ANCK ana REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Xi. "5- German Ins. Building:, . irenared to insure nronertT at tho ; v.-tfes in the following good and reliable Bun Uniu . THE CLIMAX OIL STOVE Has all the abore qualities. See ii before buy ing eisewnere. j REFRIGERATORS, ICE CHESTS, WIRE CLOTHS, RANSOM AND ALBION icrman ..... $650,000 of Jlufffilo 300.000 ,t Buffalo. IflO.OOO Mechanics & Traders, N. Y 675,000 Westche ur. n. Y. Brewers & Malsters, N. Y S00,00 Western Toronto, Ont 2,000,000 RKAL ESTATE. We have very desirable Farms for sale on easy terms or to exchange for city property. r to rent in ull tmrts of the citv. 1 Our new list Of Hiiildintr TotA is th Ini-o-Afit and embraces the moat desirable on tho West and Aast siaes. WKKKIGK X HISSING. RANGES, GUARANTEED. 1 - . . MANUFACTURER'S PRICES 8e all above Goods at the Agency, Wms J. Donaldson, 123 Seneca, opp. Wells St. BUFFALO, y. Y.j ' f Teeth Extracted Without Pain DAY OR NIGHT. Beautiful Artificial Teeth at PRICES TO ritit AliT,. Call and see beiore having Teeth mane. FINE1 FRAGRANT TOOTH POWDEB for sale, prepared by my. :mm-mmrmT - DC1I, V IliCU J tne teetn irom aecaying ana aoaing. ; iest rexerences given, DR. CLARK, Dentist. No. 443, Main Street. .. K early opposite the Park. TONY SCHMIDT'S TIVOT-iI I O-LXYJOXIIKr j AND REFRESHMENT HALL, S3 ana 354 Washing; ton Street, BUFFALO, W1 T. (Forxueriy ef Aroado Qaloon, Clinton Street) Have been a teacher for a lifetime, but never found their eaual In beauty and sympafhy tone. . i Anton Freyer- ERIE RAILWAY. The onlv line runnlne Pnllman Palace Hotel and Sloeoinir Coaches tbrouh without ehaoge, between ChlcaRO, Cincinnati, Cleve land, ixmg:iru, ruiitj. nucuwuic, liUIJ UIO, Aew im ana a. i ior dan, viat, lot i, iraina will leave BuuAio as louowa: 5 15 A. M. NEr T0ua1.yI!xpaE8B- WAY MAIX.. Sundays excented. Between buffalo. Avon and Corninar. iZon nectiiiK at Attica with trains for all stations to ouaquenanna. Arriving at New : 7 25 A.M. O KA TIT ATLANTIC EXPRESS. 4&tVF j. s ALA JJaiiv. 3.25 P. m. 6.00 P.M. Arriving at New York at 7.26 A M. WAT EXPRESS, Via jiocneswir division. Sundays ezoeptod. ACCOM MO DAT ION. Daily. Bnffaio Division. lAIC D JUT NEW YORK NIGHT! XiiUi EJltuem. uaiiv. rt. eopt aunaays, jkrnvuiK w rxow iors at Trains1 leave uunaio for Niacrara rails. Suspension Bridge and the West at 11,60 A. a. . r m.. Betnmlnir leave SuBnenslon Bridsre at 11.40 Sunday train to Niagara Falls and Suspension Bridae leavea Buffalo 11.80 AM. lteturntns from Suspension Bre at S 10 r m. anu o.iu r m Aiasara saua ana 0.10 r si. Trains arrive from the Bast 12.20 and 8.20 A si. l is. 0.16 ana a ai. inxongh and Local Tickets and Sleeping and Drawing Boom Car Accommodations may oe onramea at tne uenunu Uffloc, No, 177 Main street. JNO.N. ABBOTT, W C. GOULD. ttea'l Pass. Aet.. I Gen'l North'n PaHB Act. New York. BuXTaio Excel m fine powerful tone. Copenlutgen. Grand Duke of IKeeklenburs;. Ole Bull. RED U CT 10 SEE I can play with exquisite enjoyment for hours on these beautiful instruments. St. Petersburg. Annette Eealpoff. I am surprised at their full, noblo, and oran-like tone. AxxAa- Chap rile. Stove Chestnut Egg Grate Panltne Lucca. Surpassingly flue, aad rank far above any other manufacture. Londo?u i Professor Aug. WllhelmJ. ? i Undoubtedly the finest of their class. 1 Fr. Knekin. Noble tone, surprisin power, fulness with light touch, satisfy tho greatest pretensions. Sophie m enter. Vienna. -IK Popper. ALL OF THE PURE AND CLEANEST M NOW OR CALL Warsaw. Like them bettor the longer I know them, Berlin. Excel all in beauty of tone and easy act.on. ; tichlenitz. Professor Leonard ft: mil Back. The Conntssi Braadli, ON WESTERN NEW YOlUt and are sellinir it at i-iy PREMIUM OSL if t'.iiTTD sin ifJl el 11 r CETTEHHIAL PQJi I N COAL. PRICES. $4.45 per ton. 4 25 do 4.20 do 4.10 do I Hew York El Honongahela Coal Company. $4 '00 Per Ton on tho Track, T LOW F1GUHEH. -SEND IN TOUtt ORDERS AT THE OIFRJE OF J. C O HEN, 509 535 Main Street? Street. Bi?t.0.r' Instant Pain Cure. Redeem reed instruments from harshness. Boston. Certainly the best I ever beard. iVe-tf York. . . r Professor E. o. Emenou, Professor Geo. W. Morfan. TESTIFWIOIVIALS. After a trial of twelve years, I cannot find their equal. Philadelphia . Park McFarland, Jr., Orfanlst. MOST EXTENSIVE I t nm o-iu.i that t can irive testimony in f: 1 nmepeakablo Rood, and has in it. In my npiij 1 tne common maiauv i nuQuiaausub I aillicted. I am, yours truly. I fully endorse Capt. Hand's tetlmonja Mrs. D. Broad: . Madam 1 take pleasure in the opportu I Cure, prepared nnter your direction. I ha REED-ORGAN WORKS 1 Mr. "Hi. TItji- A TJ I T hdvrt nno.ti vrttir Tnnts.nt Pftln fliiro for I relief from it than any of the various remodies 1 have used. ON THE GLOBE. ADDRESS FORBEAUTIFU L ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, STEAM GEORGE HrPR AI.n. .Til mi 11 rv lTllt. 1s47l. vor of your Instant Pain Cure, since tt has ilone r.i ion. the means of hohiincr thotiRHnds nulTorina wt h ng that you will be rewarded for your InhnVs for tho and prououueo Uie IuhUihI V&ia Curo par excellence, IIUKFALO, Mar IPth, 17. ity of saving: a word in favor of tho Instant I'ain e uaed it will) (rreat succcbr, and oan recommend ft to allufferers anlicted with RhcumatlBm, Sprains, and in every chso where a pood liniment is- neeued. Sir.. Dr. TtnnAT) Madam For three or four years I havo I or Kheumausm nouiing can give more epc UEO. W. BUOTT, Mo. 17 East boneca hUecU ' ltl'lfPAI.0. SlilT 18ttt. 187. iitr-fl vniir TriRlant Pnln Cure, nuil in uakm tit Sirti..nB iUy relief. Vety rojpctfiiily, Ac- TI it vir a r.o. JannarvlVth. IB74v several weeks; for a biuiso on the knee, and titH.; morn A. CirTBCn, fi Exchange Street BAKERY O". E3STEY eSo OO., BEATTLEBOROJVT.,tU. S. A. rViUG RIDGE MAtftirACTCwEnS OF THE BEST OYSTER CRACKERS Milk Biscuit, Soda Bisc Wo. 10, 13 and 14 Elk Sl SONS, mm. u:t. Butter Crickero, Snaps, &cv; BUFFALO, Nm Y4 Street

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