The Evansville Daily Journal from Evansville, Indiana on March 11, 1863 · 1
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The Evansville Daily Journal from Evansville, Indiana · 1

Evansville, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1863
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VAN VOLUME XV. EVANSVILLE, IND. WEDNESDAY MORNING, "MARCH 11, 1863. NUMBER 134. DA.IL' Y TTrt)TTu WA1 1. JJ. Jjj V .1 COMMISSION HOUSES. EXPRESS COMPANY New Arrangement. Tni! APAMS EXPRESS COMPANY BE-SPECTKI LLY announce to their friends and aatrons, the publico Evunsvilleand vicinity that, with increased facilities for -the transportation ol Freight, Packages, Money and Valuables, ThT solicit a continuance of firmer fnvor. -fecial cure taken in the collection of Bills, Draft Notes, and the transportation of small and valuable packages. All persons wishing to ail themselves ol facilities of the Express, can olitain auy desired ln-'nnation in reference to the routes and details ol the business, at their office on First street, between Main and Locust. jT2 CHAS. WEXTZ, Agent. ' ..." - Copartnership. ITTE HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED WITH V ns, in the Forwarding and Cujiimission bini-ns, Mr. R. K. Dunkcrsou, formerly of the firm f Slauehter k Snniurwu, under the firm name if ne? Brown ft Co. CKAJ.E A BKOWi-V BOY 2 l A CSASl. WM. ROWS. . K. DtJUKIKSOS. CRANE, BROWN & CO., Forwardirg and Comajisfeioa IVEei-climvts, AND Special Railroad. Agents. GiTe through receipts and make lileral cash advances on shipments of Produce and Tobacco to Sew York. CRAXE, BliOWX t CO. ' Evausvi'.la, Not. 2"th, 1801. jEO. . Fosteb. A. II. Foster. m. a. tWTH. GEO. FOSTER & CO., Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Provision Merchants, CORKER or lOCl'ST STREET AND THS CASAL,- angO EVANS VILLE, IND. JCatts, Gives Co., ) f Cbakk A Know.-, Paducah, Ky., J F.vansville, Ind. Harding, Gives ft Co., St. Louis, Mo. WATTS, CRANE & CO., COMMISSION MERC HANTS No. 4.5 Broad Street, SEW YORK CITT. We hare opened a House in tho city of New Yoik for the sale of Tobacco and Western Produce, Under the name of WATTS, CRANE A CO. Mr. D. Watts, of the firm of Wntts, Given ft Co. it Partucah, long familiar with Tobacco, will take charge of that department of oar business, and M r. . Crane, of Crane and Brown, Evausviile, will sako charge ef the Produce bnfiness. a,oi WATTS, CRAXE ft CO. X. Cox. F. M. TtCMPHRET. COX & HUMPHREY, Forwarding & Commission Merchants, Steamboat Agents, WHARF - BOAT PROPRIETORS, EVAXSVILLE, INDIANA. We have taken the Grey Etwtr WkwfR, ask of our friends a continuance of their patronage. One of us w ill be fouud aboard both day and night to attend to the wants of shippers. sepl JOAP AND CANDLES. . Iliilip Decker, (Successor to Decker ft Kramer), Manufacturer of Lard Oil, SOAP AND CANDLES. Also, an extra article of BURNING, $SGISr, ASD CAB OIL Dealers in Rosin, Soda, Ashes, ftc. Also Pure Catawba Win Of our ewn raising, in quantities to suit pr chasers, 118 Main Street, Between First mnd Seeond, Etassville, India a. trST Terms cash, or 60 days' paper negotiable ia ek. jau-Ji-ly DRY GOODS KEEN & PRESTON ttivf IFST RECEIVED A LARGE AND Xj, general assortment of Desirable Dry Good, Which they nvile the trade " to call and examine i.rices and qualities; believing, knowing, they can save dealers additional freight penwH. in going fnrihr K:ftw:ird. d ex- JMBlft S W. THOMPSON, M. D PHYSIC IAN & SURGEON, OrncR asd Besidexci No. 35 Walnet Street, (At Dr. Ronald's Old Stand.) EVANSVILLE, INDIANA nov29-ly MILITARY GOODS. rrrn YARDS GOLD ARMY LACE AND iUUU Bniids; Army Cord ; i cases Gold Bullion, Staff, Foot, Me?ticiU and Pay Officers Swords; Gilt. Bronzed and Leather Scab ar."cs; Sword and Rev.lver Belts ; Snura, and all lesoripttons of mlliurj trimmings furmsheg at ihort notice. CHARLES BXBCOOK, mneC No. 8 M.iin Street. GROCJiRS. 3akvel E. Gilbert. William R. Barer. S. E. GILBERT & CO., WHOLES ALE GROCERS Sycamore Street, bt. Water and First, EVANSVILLE, ID. A full assortment of Gr.-cories always on hand, nd f"r sale a the lowent pricen. JUST RECEIVED AT H. J. fcCHLAEPFER'S ISew Di-ug Store, rpiIE LARGEST VARIETY OF HAIR I Um.hM. Iiresdinc Coi&bs. Tooih Brushes, Hair Oils, Pomades, and Hand kerchief Extracts, Also jiwt received some of the celebrated Parotide r hrr.norht tn itiA Chewing Unm. Also, a pure article oi um nd Spruce Gum at ,SCULAF.PFEK"S mv27 !'rm Stor-. ADDLERY. RE3IOVAL. THE rXPERSIflXED FIRM nATI Rumored their gadolery eMaulishmeut to the Comrr of Main Mid Second Street, iu tho room oc-cepied by Fred. Krone, deceased. C. WOLFF & J. KROEPSCH, ASCrACTCKERS Ot AND DEALERS IS Saddles, Harness, CO LARS, &c, &c, Erain Stree , Cor. Second, !h! hr Ftvd Krone.) 1 I ..rtt-ra .ttoiiHr.t In Vt ith disl'Stch. Work wairauted. noylS-ly rnAR! TAR! 3 barrels of Tar. 2d.. 1 P!IH X kegs, 1 Uoi. 1 gallon keps tar. jimt received at iirr.iii un.'c. jsatl Xo. W Main Street SASHES AND DOORS W. HUNNELL, CORNER WALNCT STREET AND CANAL, E V ANSVILLE, IND lias on hand the largest lot of Sashes, Doors, Blinds, Frames, &c.r Eier llanafact ured in the West. TEEY ARE OF MY OWN MAKE. I hare also a fine lot of White Pine and Popnlar Flooring. Moulding of all kinds niadi:nnd sawing fall descriptions done at the shortest notice. .JUSTRFCEIVED AT JLs crvc!c!"iJLxr-t ers, No. 74 Main Street, , A MEW OT r ' - ' ' - ROCHESTER COOPER TOOLS AND Terro Haute Tress Hoops. JACOB STRAUB ft SON.. Jaol9 Hani ware Dealer. SPECTACLES. I- RITTENBERG RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES TO HIS friends and th public he has a ntwly invented PaLtoscopic Spectacles, n newly discovered principles, by which the numerous inconvenient es of the Spectacles now in use re entirely avoided and every advantage secured which these artiules can possibly afl'ord in assisting the sight. In addition to that I hare on hand the Brazilian Pebble Spectacle, They are made on a scientific principle. Field Glasses for the Army, Superior to all others now in nse. Marine Spyglasses, Compound and Simple Microscopes, Opera and Hunting Glasses, Spy-glasses, Eye Glasses, Tortois S ell, Steel & Gold Frames, Sear Sighted and Cataract Spectacles Tiie above mentioned articles are alwavs kept on baud, and can be bad of I. KITTENBEKG only, No. G 7 Maiu Street, Kvanoville, Intl. novl' Wl. GLENN & SONS, Wholesale Grocers, 70 and 72 Vine St., bet. Second and Fearl Stj., CINCINNATI, OHIO. vi e invite the attention of d"alers to our larre I and well assorted sk k of Groceries, t ordage, 10- acco, Woodenware, ftc, which we oner at close rates to cash buyers febl9-2m DENTIST, DENTIST, Corner Main and Second Streets, EV ANSVILLE, INDIANA. Etassville, July 'S-a'y JAMES Attorney RE I D , nt Law AND COLLECTING AGENT. OFFICE On Third Street, third door from Main Street, in the Cres-ent City Bank Building, EVANSVILLE, INDIANA. foh25-ly EtJGEXC K1PPLER. '. SOUS ARES RUR 8 KAPPUU & SCIIXAKENBICG, JMP0RTEK3 OF AND DEALERS IS Whiskys, Brandies. "Wines, Gins", & c . , & c . , &c. Also Rectifiers and Manufacturers of Domestic Wines and Liquors. NO 4 WATER ST., bet Main and Sycamore, feb!7 EVANSVILLE, IND. DRUGGISTS. 9 AND GROCEK, So. 175 Ju;' Street, EVAXSVILLE, ISDIANA. Modicines andCrocrrios at the lowest cash prices ofthcity. aog 3 LAW CARD. CHARLES DENBY, Attorney at Law, H,u reunited the practice of Law. .Office on Third fctrcet, middle of Mall s lilocK, op s'airs. leu MEDICAL. B. J. DAY, M. D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. EXAMIMG SURGEON FOR rENSIONART. OFFICE On Second Street, between Main and Locust. RESIDENCE At Slierwooa uouse. KTnTille. January 6, 1SS3 MARBLE WORKS. UELHOEH & BRINKMAN, (Successor to M. A. Lawrence,) Dealersin- 1MEKICAS i filain Stree, 11 ITiTHV VJ Ktsr C-rproniptlTex- I EVAXSVILLE, kinds of " wl DRUGGIST PUBLISHED BY McXEELY. IT. M. TIIAYER. JAMES II JN0. H. McNKELY. cnder the firm or the Evansville Journal Company. ' i Joraal 13 ITlltling-S, ' LOCUST STREET, BETWEEN FIRST AND WATER. RATES OF ADVERTISING, e c 1 75 "2 90 l Vug. 5(1 75 10" 1 2j j 1 6" 2 2 j 2 75 I Days. Woy: Dayt 5 Pag. 1 Week A 75 1' 1 25 t eo I is i 1 5'i g in 2 25 f 1 60 19 T75 2 25 2 80 H fiO STF 3 75 3 25 i 511 1 ft 25 75il 875 2 I i Z-6 j 3 75 I 5 H' (i 2 5 I "7Vi j 3 n I Voo j 4 5" I Vot! 1 6 0- I 7 SO I 9 00 I l1' 60 eliTi I lTTT. j 1 2 (0 I H0 uir.'" I 31e$ j i .vo'rj l 3fo'. I I 8 5 j 11 6 ' j 13 75 I 10 IX j IS 75 7 so 1 11 25 1 15 00 1 18 7i 1 22 so 2S 25 J i) 1 12 75 1 17 oo 21 2", 2--.n yi 75 j 3o's. I 10 Oo I 15 00 I 2u to I zo U) I a 1 uu I o6 00 Jfo's. I 13 ' 0 I 19 50 j 26To I :tsf So 39 0" 45 5'l I73fVl.roo "22 5f3'i Oi I 37 5'l i5i(i 52 50 THE TOICE OF THE ARMY. ink . Camp of 1st Indiana Battery, Near Pilot Knob, Mo., March 1. J Eds. Journal: Enclosed I send you a copy of the Preamble an dissolutions ex- ' . . . . ! pressive of the sentiments of the othcers and men composing the "Indiana Brig- ade," in the army of South-eastern Mis- souri. At a meetins of the officers of the Brigade, held on the evening of the 26th . of February, a committee was appointed to prepare resolutions, and reported ' those marked 1. Those marked 2, were j offered when the committee reported, and were accepted as supplementary to j the first, and the whole unanimously ! adopted. They have also been submitted to the action of every company tn the Brigade, and were as heartily and unanimously adopted as by the officers. The sentiments expressed are of the right kind, and to the point, and it is ht jdwill, in connection with others of a ndred nature, help to disabuse the m 3s of the people of their doubts as to tl loyalty of the army- I might add tht the "Indiana rngade"is commanded y the gallant Col. Shunk, aud consist of the 8th, CoL Shunk; ISth, CoL Washburn; 1st Indiana Battery, Captain Klauss, and has been organized as such since September, 1861. The resolutions are at your disposal, to use as you think proper; also the above statements. Yours, J. L. B. (1), Our Government is engaged in a struggle for the perpetuation of every right dear to us as American citizens, and requires the united efforts of all good, true and loyal men in its behalf; Axd Whereas, We have beheld with feelings of sadnes3 aud regret the bitter partizan spirit that is becoming dangerously vindictive and malicious in our State, the tendency of which is to paralyze and frustrate the plans of the Federal and State authorities in their efforts to suppress this impious rebellion; there- lore, Resolved, That having pledged our most cherished earthly interests to the service of our common country in this hour of national peril, we ask our friends and neighbors at home to laj aside all petty jealousies and party animosities, and as one man stand by us in upholding the President in liis measures, in maintaining the authority and dignity of the Government, and in unfurling again the glorious emblem of our nationality over every city and hamlet in the South. Resolved, That we tender to Governor Morton and Gen. Laz. Noble our earnest t-iatiks for their untiring zeal in organizing, arming and equipping the army which Indiana has sent into the field, and for their timely attention to the wants of the sick and wounded from our State, and we assure them of a steady and warm support, in their efforts to maintain for Indiana the proud position of being pre-eminently among the first States of the Union in her efforts to subdue this wicked rebellion. Resolved. That we have watched the traitorous conduct of those members of t , r tj: .l :-o- the ljegisiature oi liiuiiiua, uu, ui.on- presenting their constituency, have been proposing a cessation of hostilities, osteu- sibly to arrange terms ot peace, nut i reality to give time tor tue nearly exhausted rebels to recover strength, and plotting to divest Gov. Morton of the rights vested in him by our State Consti-. 7: j i ..... . ri t. wa calmly IUUUU aim litna, o" - - . and firmly say: beware of the terrible retribution that is tailing upon adjutors at the South, and as your cm is tenfold blacker, will swmiy Btmie JUu with tenfold more horror, stiouiu you pei- sist in your damnable deeds oi treason. ... 7,.,7 That in 'tenderins our thanks to Gov. Morton and assuring mm of our cordial support in his edori to crush this inhuman rebellion, wer deeply and ;ieeimgiy in earui- have lelt to the protection , our children anu ourcim a nnrt; p . . . . ! I . I wilLf 5m a portion of the loathsome trader it necsssary in are trying t--ls to return and crush , proper order fr. 1 JluVlJ WP rip. 6 Qe m J?JrnJPnLrJU. ron i we w - , . . a1d 'l,le'ep execra'e any maT uh -"' this .tnto for ati0Qal fifeTofFers o- , erstac-jored tiois opposition to the State or Feden J authorities in their efforts and measures for the vigorous prosecution of the suppression of this Godless rebellion, j Resolved, That we are opposed to all propositions of peace and compromise, ' other than those propositions which the i Gov? rnment has constantly offered, viz. : i T?ftnrn tnlovaltv anil nlipiiipnoe to law. on a common level with the other States oi me union, wnn tue onsiuuuon our Fathers made it. as And AVhereas, We have recognized and have ever maintained the right of property in and to "persons owning labor or service" in certain States of tho Federal Union, for the reason that the same was so recognized and maintained in the bond of Federal Uunion made by our Fathers; but Whereas, It appears that traitors who (4l&for tbo roj port. are .peculynty lnterest- "ed in 8ilch persons, Lave not, and nro I1UL I1UW, CUlllClllCU Wlill I lie of the bond and contract, as the same has been carried out in good faith by a majority of the free people of the free . States of the Union, and are now using j such "persons" in a military capacity to overthrow the constitution and laws, by -whiela alone they have a right to employ BAHtMnna n A 1 .1 Kb Af" o l Vl "nocaAn C the services and labor ot such "persons, and are making the institution, thus recognized and heretofore protected by the people and Government, the chief corvier-stone of a new Government opposed to the constitution and laws of the United States: tlitrefore Resolved, That we cordially endorse and support the military order, and emancipation proclamation of the Pres- :.i 4 e u TT:,l Cti. ..,.! tW.a ident of the United States, and this not merely for the reason that, as military men, we have been sworn "to ouser. a al1)i 0bey the orders of the President of the United btates, and the othcers appointed over us," but the higher and better reason (if any such exists,) that we firmly believe that we can the better visit great injury, if not the utter destruction upon traitors in arms, by a faithful observance of said order and Proclamation. Resolved, That we hereby endorse and sympafize with the sentiments of General A. P. Hovey, Cols. James li. Slack, G. F. McGinnis, W. E McLean, and W. D. Spicely, as expressed in their address to the Democracy ol Indiana. Men of Color, To Arms J A Call by Frederick Douglas. When first the Rebel cannon shattered the walls of Sumter, and drove away its starving garrison, I predicted that the war then and there inaugurated would not be fought out entirely by white men. Every month's experience during these two dreary years has confirmed that opinion. A war undertaken and braze nWi-ir:d A"", the nerpetual. cn-slavement of colored men, calls logically and loidiy upon colored men to help to suppress it. uniy a moderate share of sagacity was needed to see that the arm of the slave was the best defense against the arm of the slaveholder, ifence with every reverse to the National arms, with every exulting shout of victory raised, by the shaveholding rebels, I have implored the imperilled nation to unchain against her foes her powerful black hand. Slowly and reluctantly that appeal is beginning to be heeded. Stop not now to complain that it was not heeded sooner. It may, or it may not have been best that it should not. This is not the time to discuss that question. Leave it to the future.' When the war is over, the country is saved, peace is established, and the black man s rights are secured, as they will be, history with an impartial hand, will dispose of that and sundry other questions. Aeuou: action! not criticism, is the plain duty of this hour. Words are now useful only as they stimulate to blows. The office of speech now is only to point out ivhpn where and how to strihe to me hest advantace. There is no time for de lay. The tide is at its flood that leads on to fortune. From east to west, from north to south, the sky is written" all over with " now or ntver." Liberty won by white men would lack halt its luster. Who would be pe themselves must strike the blow. Setter even to die free than live slaves. This is the sentiment of every brave tolored man amonj us. Thpre are wea1 a"d cowardly men in all nations. We ave them among us. They will tell you llat this is the " white man's war-" that ou le " better off' after than befor the war;" that the getting of vou intft"6 army is to sacrifice vou on the fir-opportunity." Believe them not covirds themselves, they do not i i. hm their Cowardice ai J W1SU U " ... ,r.mrvw t.hpm tn . ... flvnmnll1. your M1' i :, xt.Irl'.tv or to hatever other mo- tneir ii'-"-'i Uy ioi thought lhtly rf the words T am tow addressing iu ... - Jel Tgive comes of cl enervation BCI J- H , it m nrrtrrraoo n ' the great slrufS that this is your r v.o rlfer COnVlCl"" " : m n-- --t . ; hour and mine. then &nd In g ood earn j oesi uci'- wirj jeel at j bpst time duting tv' .. i se iberty to call ana cou Vin(U yo o -p consiaersti m-ntrrmpn orl k jei yju l" Ajy every ' 1 - . r. 1 ensii i j ieu'" J i ii t- laved Vs1,-. ,f ,n..r i. maQtO ATVl i T . f .TUOIIHrO ' VUUIIU V. I ..;, nil " -..t;nn wren oa cnensh for every uaiity of yourselves - chiUrci by all the ties of anu willch make u$ one V.lnnd and wu - e Uck men now R Mn Wlr Ct8in uana, in South Caro our oat ,, ff n ou to uy to arms BA lina' .hB,iAl the power that would stnu Grr,ment and your liberty .a the 8aie hopeless grave. I wish I coulj te Jon that the State of New x urs c-'s youto tins high honor. Fo , " - n - v..ui. a' or tue mment Iup constitutor! ...t O r-n . . 1 . i niiLiiiirn.if.K ",D ' cul on tue suoject. They will lPZ - J T y and doubtless on the ."8f1(,e;, bu; w,er are nt compelled to of Ireason an.1 R nvA u i. Ci a r viJ luiuugo me State Of Kfascaolineatta S - the War of Independ- ! UKl io DreaK the chains of W SlaveS; fir8t to make the black nan X ' the ; CrSt t c2 children to her common .chools; and she was first to answer with her blood the alarm-cry of the nation when its capital was menaced by retelr. You know her patriotic Governor, and you know Charles Sumner I need add no more. Massachusetts now welcomes you to arms as her soldiers. She has but a small colored population from which to recrn't She has full leave of the General Government to send one regiment to the war, and she has nndertaken to do it Go quickly and help fill up this first colored regiment from the North. I am authorized to assure you that you ' will receive the same wages, the same rations, the same equipments, the same protection, the same treatment, and the same bounty secured to white soldiers. You will be led by able and skillful officers men who will take especial pride in your efficiency and euCoess.1 They will be quick tu accom TO-yuu ail thc honor vou shall merit by you K valor and see that your rights and feelings are respected by other soldiers. I have assured myself on these points and can speak with authority. More than twenty years' unswerving devotion to our common cause may give me some humble claim to be trusted at this momentous crisis. I will not argue. To do so implies hesitation and doubt, and ou do not hesitate. .You do not doubv The day dawns the morning star is bright upon the horizon ! The iron gate of our prison stands half open. One gallant rush from the North will fling it wide open, while four millions of our brothers and sisters shall march oit into Liberty! The chance is now given you to end in a day the bondage of centuries, and to rise in one bound from social degradation to the plain of a common equality with all other varieties of men. Remember Denmark Vesey of Charleston. Remember Nathaniel Turner of South Hampton; remember Shields, Green, and Copeland, who followed noble John Brown, and fell as glorious martyrs for the cause of the slave. Remember that in a contest with oppression, the Almighty has no attribute which can take sides with oppressors. The case is before you. This is our golden opportunity let ns accept it and forever wipe out the dark reproaches unsparingly hurled against us by our enemies. Win for ourselves the gratitude of our country and the best blessings of our prosperity through all time.. The nucles of this first regiment is now in ca', at Readville, a short distance from Boston. I will undertake to forward to. Boston all persons adjudged fit to be mustered into this regiment, who shall apply to me at any time within the next two weeks. Frederick Douglass. Rochester, March 2, 1863. fUJiltUii JJJiiK sl JU-njJU.vjJS.JEJ, WHOLESAU DIALERS IN Cigars, Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, Snuff, Pipes, & c. l3"o. GO Main S?t-, EVANSVILLE, IND. Xehare now, aud will keep, on hand a complete Da well assorted stock el CIGARS & TOBACCO, AND OFFER THE SAME TO THE PUBLIC LOW FOR CASH. .Sutlers will find it to their interest to call and examine our prices. We are enabled to sell to them as low as any honse in the West. octl7-dw SCHROELER & LEMCKE. PAPER DEALER. GUSTAVUS HOF, W holesale Dealer in Cap, Letter, Manilla and Wrapping P APE It S 9 PBIS'TERS CVT CARDS, BONNET BOARDS, HEWS AND BOOK PAPER, PEIJtTERS IKK, AC, No. 28 J Main Street, between (Uh and 7th Streets CINCINNATI, OHIO. tWHighest price paid for rags. mh i ' 1 vtnw-Vflnmw CLOAKS!- CLOAKS! A lot of Handsome Cloaks just received from New York by Express; just suited for Holliday Pres ents, at E. A. COOKE & CO'S. No. 7, North First St. dec22 SADDLERY HARDWARE Cliarles Babcock, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN -Poftf;h angaddlgrxjardware, HEYANBVILLE, INDIANA. AVING COMPLETED MY ARRANGE-ments with European and American mann-factnrers for a direct supply of ail Roods in my line I am enabled to offer inducements that can not fail to be to the iuturest of all engaged in the business to (Tire me a trial. 1 naceiauari. Axles, Springs made of: ne best St"' Bands, enameled if all kinds of Leather Cloths, Linings for Carriages , Varnifhes, Castings of all kinds ; Saddle Trees, English Bridle Leathers j Bits, StirnipH, Spurs, Uaniee, fine Silver Hames of all kinds: Jennv I.inH Ri.Tr.. Seir-adjusting Pads; Taylor's Patent IIauies;Flj Nets ; Shoe Threads ; Horse Blankets : London unwi ncos, American uirtb and Kein Webs, both cotton and worsted ; London Welt Skins, a superior article; Ivory ; Gutta Percha and Brass liked Martengal Rings; nperior Kerseys for Horse Covers ; the best quality ef Carriage Bolts ; Patent Gig Trees, Ac, Ac, kc, Ac. I keep in fact everything appertaining to either branch of the business, and understanding bth branches thoroughly, we would respectfully invite your attention before purchasing elsewhere. I am also Agent for Ward's Patent Spring Sa groceries: JCST RECEIVED ANOTHER SUPPLY OF the genuine Plantation Bitters, at ' fcb2 SCHLAEPFER'S Drag Store. ENGLISH DAIRY CHEESE 10 boxM Putnam Farm Cheese, at II. A. COOK'S feb 'is OA S TED RYE AND BARLEY ' 40 barrels Roasted Rye, l' " " Barley, received fM6 at H A. COOK'S. MOLASSES AND SYRCP.-New Mo. lasws at W) cenu per gallon; Syrnp, golden, at W3 cents per gallon at VK'KERY BROS , JanHl So. 82 Main Street. JEWELRY, WATCHES, ASD OIiOOKS. Having jist returned from the Kat with a large and beautiful stock, I now flr to sell . Gold and Silver Hnnting Watches, Sruitll Gold nuntins; Watches, Gold Vest and Chatelaln Chains, PiHiuon.l, Pearl and (tal Rings, Carbuncle, Pearl and Plain rjetts Jewelry, pins, Burkl. s, Crosses, Necklace, c, G-.ld and Silver Thimbles Lockets, BiilTer Spoons,, Caps and Napkin Rinsrs, MWer P.utt.-raud Kruit Knives, Salt Spoons, riated Table Tea Spoon-; and Forks, Ktods, Sleeve Buttons and Ear Rings, And m.niT other articles too numerous to mention, ail of which I will sell at low fit urns fur Cash. Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. Ton will find it to your adraniace. . GEO. A. BITTROLFF, No. 48 Main Street. K. B. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired and warranted. jn - A. C. PUSHEE" Foreign & American Fancy Goods, COMBS, BRUSHES, PURSES, WALLETS, Satchels, Toilet Soaps Rubber Goods, GAMES, YANKEE SOTIOXS, Ladies' Baskets, Children Cabs, &c. No. 20, Main Street, EVANSVILLE, .... INDIANA do-Zt MATTRESSES. LOOK HERE, EVERYBODY. WE ARE NOW MANUFACTURING WEL Patent Folding Spring Bed, the best am most conTctiient now in use, as it can be ruored or handled without any trouble. Call and examine them. au&'i SEWING MACHINES. ri M. SELLMAN HAVING REMOVED HIS JL ohice from No. 4 First Street, to his residence on Second street, opposite the new Presbyterian Church, will keep, as heretofore, a good assortment of Wheeler & Wilson's, and Singer's Sewing Machines and Needles, Silk Thread and Oil, an I evry thing that is connected with the business, mhl . r. M. SKLLMAS. Ag't. DRUGS, MEDICINES, &c. the FAMILY IE STORE WII. A. HALLOCK, Druggist and Apothecary, NO. 10, FIRST STREET, SEAR POST OFFICE, Has just received another large and splendid assortment of Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicles, fancy Articles, Perfumeries, Pomades, Brushes, Combs, Toilet Articles, Soaps, Flavoring Extracts, &c, &c. Brandies and "Wines, for Medical Purposes. All the Approted Tatent Medicines kept eon-stautly on hand and for sale at North American pricoe. Rtj,Particular attention paid to the compounding of prescriptions at all hours. WM. E. nAT.LOCK. tiov27 wmia x irst oireei, urmi rOKi umre. hvni.Bville, Ind. SASH AND DOORS. JAMES STEELE, (Successor to Steeli A HritjfKL. SECOND ST., BET. CHESTNUT AND CHERRY, JCVASSVILLE, ISDIANA. SASH, BOOBS, WnJEOWELIlfDS Dressed Lumber, Beards, Laths, Ac ef everv deserintinn erder. Sawing of ererr kind donw on tho nhortest vis unuu. X .H.rJliU JJUieS OI fill E n 1 r.inlA tr rtf SADDLERY. Still On Hand and Betermined to succeed. rjEORGE THORNHILL takes pleasure In infer-VJ mmg his old customers that in the quality and style of his work, he flatters himself he cannot be eYrw.ll.w1 u i iiT t. i j . . . . una irniuiril t U J)IH, B .tCV JUlia- ing. Second street, bet. Main and Locust street, itrrVttt v'Viah th. ii j e.jji. u, v... LuuiLcrt, nBiin aiiu cnuiqics of terms. ft"RpairinKdon with nfatness and dispatch. Second-hand Haraesi always on hand. j SODA l.V kegs, be?t n;ftlilv, in itore and to arrive : for aln uf Tinvnr rf nf mnA.fA i d fcfebl9y S. E. GILBERT CO.. ' 7fril 8rcameT Strret HARDWARE, &c. HAEDWARE HOUSE. -WELLS, EELLOGG & CO.." (STGN G0LD1CX MILL SA.) (SUCCESSORS TO C. S. WELLS,) 13 First St With increased facilities,! - Direct importation... Acquaintances, andT"- CASH Purchases, . (Before the late advance,) WE ARE PREPARED To sell Merchants, Grocers and Traders, Sutlers & Quartermasters, Goods in their line .Eminently to their Satisfaction. BUYERS at WHOLESALE from Kentucky, Tennessee , Illinois and Indiana, After pricing my goods mil be sure to TRANSFER a part of our Stock of Hardware to THEIR OWN SHELVES. We have now to offer A LARGE STOCK OF Axes, Shovels and Spades. Grain and Coal Shovels. COTTON 0&.RDS. Saw Mill, X Cut and Wood Saws, Chains, Trace, Log and Coil, utt and St ap Hinges, 1500 gross Gimlet Screws, Locks, Latches, and Bolts, Tools Cocpci's and Carpenter's. 750 Doz. Pocket Knives, , . 1800 44 Table lieedles Sewing, Knitting and DamiEg---PacL?ock'8, Sadlers' and Carpet Tacks, "Butler's" Ink and Blacking 1000 Doz. Files, in every variety, Whips, Whip Lashes, and Cow hides, Japand & stamped Tin-Ware, Hollow Ware and Dcg Irons, Meal Serves, Riddles, and Wove Wire, RUBBER ELTING HOSE and PACKING; Hardware Notions, full stock ; SUTLERS' GOODS. Army Knife, Fork & Spoon, Army Note Paper- and Envelopes, ARMY GOODS, "Iron Proof" SWORDS, coirs " PISTOLS, ''Smith and Wesson's" Cartridge PISTOLS. Also, 1 Case of the Celebrated 15 Shot "lirS" RIFLES, Good ror 1000 Yards, together with everything usually found in an Extensive Wholesale Hardware apd Cutlery House. WELLS, KELLOGG, & CO., 13 First Street. oct-i LADIES' FURS. Having bought our fine Furs before the unprecedented advance on this article, we are prepared to furnish our Lady customers with as fine setts as ever eeen anywhere and for a good deal less money. To satisfy yourselves on the point, call at VAUTIES & SIARCOUNIEE, 39 Main Street J. SMITH'S SHIRT MANUFACTORY, KTo-O Second St, (1M lKAT'l BLOCK.) OHIBTS HADE TO ORDER TBOJI HEAS. nrment and a fit warranted. A stork ef reaay.made Shirts and Collars always on band, and at price that will snit tbe purchaser. Tocsin Ckirts, Stiehing Bosoms, ., done with ixatBees and despatch Thankfnl for past favors the snbscriber respect, fnlly solicits a rontnanre of the patronage as liberally bestowed for the past live year,. J.8JaiTH.

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