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Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah • 1

Deseret Newsi
Salt Lake City, Utah
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DESERBT EVENING NEWS. etery etenlnf except Sond.l i a. i ir. i i i i ii ii i i i i it m. a i a ,4 a i i -1 a a bl Iti COBQE Q.

CAMJfOir, Editor. QScti'Csntr ef Sonti m1 3t Teapla BtweU DESEEET, NEWS, SemiWcekly (FubUshed every Tuesday aad Saturday.) The DESEBET HEWS, WEEKLY erery Wednesday.) On 0py oo six month tbre znomUxs. 6 00 ms sea I I ft. I i i lit I. VL A i if 1 TERKSF0BTHESEKI-WEiay4 TRUTH LIBERTY une uopy one year, 13 i.

six months. 'tiireemon AtCUS CANNON Gmenf Bashes AgnU TH NEWS BOOK JOB PRINTING OFFICE HAH StPSRroR MCIUTIM Tim 0X TE8KS FORTH WEEKLY One Copy one year. ISTo. 163r i i ix months I III i I'll'mm i I three mont ntli 2 4 I CltEVITIiES. Wanrti nawT, Fntnlt Palmrr CHICAGO TRADE.

tnai Lau uenrer-1 lrginiauiiy UIIIOII 1HSURAHCE COMPANY hi WELLS 'i5 o'fllct Tf-jit rf en 1 Thfee conctse rules for velocipede BANKERS and DEALERS IK GOLD DUST, IU1 Ole Hull and Blind Tom raro rival t.t u'. i'is: nlT beneral Express Forwarders, exhibitions at Bjracuae. N. lately. I Warren llmwr Ocx.

liaaken, Denrer and Fitch, Williams WHOLXSAUB PKAUCaS IX 1 -) ll'atlTMl IVi AMAA dlitt 1st and 2nd dors north of Kimball A Xjtwreneea, BXaln St S. I City. i. vvmmim vwaa ajia. That Houses of Parliament in Tjondon 1 Of San Francisao, California." CAKIT CAPITAL fully paid In Cold 8730,000 STOCKHOLDERS PERSONALLY LIABLE Insure against Loss by Fire ou terms as favor able as any other First Class Company.

AND A btt of soap rubbed on the hine-ea of ATTft 1 1 i HATS, CAPS. STRAW GOODS uiwrs wui preveus liieir creating. AiKwan aNncof three year. In i 4 5 1 TTMUllETXAR. "PATlARnTS TITO or THK i i our are rough rub them I ornn at hla rmldenci.

Btreet. Losses nromntlv and eannitablv iV'fct wun nne salt and It iti m.b. I TntT iith 33lSs 3f3 Xiaico Street. if i suiiwiu, 1 I orein ana iwmauo vowecwnn r.iAiL. N.

6. Winlsms, '-I- Corner of Wabash and paid. WALKER Salt lake City, d20S-ly GenetaZ Aoenlt for VlaK UDIET REACH ARD GLOVE KID GAITERS, Bide Bprlnss4 Battoa and Lace Balmoral 'and Polish Styles MISSES1 and CHMREira SEWED 8H0E3, i-- phe best Custom-Uade FREflClfc CALF SEWED BOOTS Made in the CUy. constantly on band and made to order. GOOD riT GUARANTEED.

AirlleiMdriBsr done wltU neatneaa and untried rvtra nM ti I w.niiiTLcn. iiaoglcgln the sun, are becoming an Kimbn CHICAGO Edward witty, i s. JT. Heron, i i 1L W. Lawrence.

cauimstead. ut Hmc uauiornia. KIMBALL AJLY STAGES to and from the TERMIN- A LAWRENCE. Orders will receive tmeclal and nromot at Small Profits and Quick Returns! MAHA. and the CENTRAL PACIFJXJ RATI.

TheiKing Chan, or Pekin Gazette, orner of Eaxtaa'I FiraiWeat Temple Btreeta hm u6 record of its age, having been tentlon. dU8 6m ROAD of CALIFORNIA. Passenrers tloketed DvmuuatiA to UKJM VlUisHALT IxAKlQ CITY AUSTIN, VIRGINIA, NevadaACRAMENTO CaL, and Intermediate points. j. I Dry CJOTkds, OrriMtIlarlirr, Jlaia, ltoata.

NbM And lUrdiiarf. her vete refused at tha lut I di tf JAS. BUNTING, dWly Froprletor, Btases leava HALT LAITE CTTYidkilv fr brousht suit asrainst the election SlrViw'A TWV1 anri altaraaia rlova ta VTP. OINIA CITY, and HELENA. Montana.

BOIHK omeery for 10,000. T. A W. TAYLOR, AT CITY, Idaho, and other points in those Terrl Salesoan, soliciting orders a rf-1 m. I a tt a a eu vj a-.

ueoreia larnier rava mat a rnto- rn Anup cantor beans planted around a cotton DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, i i THE COM AN RUN AN AT win worms ana And a General Assortment of Merchandise SIHGrERS ilt '1'' iHiitT Dtsuuiuro lusecis, aultr JOHN V. FARWELL CO'S, "Drittinfif tha jnilr" has linm. AV I 1 SElVirJG AClilfJES! a California phrase. It Is now applied! to an active exertions, and is tome Dealer in mm DRY GOODS, OVERLAND' EXPRESS In connection with their Stage Lino and are parcelsTbank NOTES BULLION, -GOLD and SILVER COIN and EX PRK13 FREIGHT, to aU parts ofhe wortdTst P7r5aced Mtea. COLLECTIONQ and COMMIRSION8 promptly attended to.

Parti ca-1J sttenticm pMd to the delivery of EXPRESS LETTERS at all points on our routes. I liins' similar to the war phrase ofio ENcnAL MEnouANDisc. thaf lino It thatline.1 "lighting it out on 1st door south of Town Clock Store. WE Wish again to call attention to these lastly eelebrated Bewlnar AfacblnM. and 42, 44, 46 "Wabash A lello vv in Illinois advertises a mn.

dl-ll Am .80 ir i refer our friends to tha largo namber of oar citizens to whom we have sold them, and whose families are now nslnar them, to prove their IN away wlie, who, he ssys, hA3 left him ju-t lui summer's work was beginn jr. Bat tea. For parUcolars apply at office. East Temple snpcrlorlty- over all others. ing, noiwwuaianuing he has had the ex- cajsot ltorjiatTS, UM Vat (9U ufcy.

peuseoi Wintering her. Dealers In DRY GOODS. GROCERIES and i. KM KRAI. MO'3UANDlSE, Wholesale and ALLEN FilACKEY, Importers and Jobbers In THEO.

F. TRACY. Agent. (G(0)(OIDB vccumemcai teiau. west ta as( Temple ntreet, it Couivilja Rome, a corps of -T ijff Ki.RfilN'U Having been re-confirmed In our ilQcncT for TJtali, We shall keep constantly on hand urs is uemgorganizea.

aii tueaeubera-t Hons will be in Latin. The reporters C. M. UONEUSIPN, selected from the! PIONEER OOOPER, i Opposite Paclflo Telegraph Offloo, keeps con-1 A GOOD SUPP LY, tiaiillv Art hsrtil fnr ania rsv tha mrsit raaafin. I -v WESTERN able t-rms, a good supply of COOPKR WAKSj And an assortment of of the best quidUy ana evtry variety.

d206tf assorunen ot ISToodlos and ITiactiires. 'wwm A OU Clotha, Mattings, Mats, Curtain MatorlaTs, Uodding, Feathers, Paper TTawjrlngSf I Xtc. t- IikGESnWEHOUSS IH THE WEST. Goods sold at manufacturers' list prioe, freight added. Orders sollcltod and, prompt attention given.

Price list Xtonished on application. niucicui.uauuu mi uuijegea at ivouie. The Ne York tm sajs: "The immortal hammer which drove the last spike in he Pacific Railroad Is now on exhibition in seventeen of the principal eitiea of the United States. The spike itself, being of gold, ia considered too costly to jdu plicate A rich but miserly peasant near Park failed to employ a lawyer for his daughter, she being accused of crime, knowing the fcourt would assign one. The We wish It distinctly understood that we WARRANT KVERY MACHINE to give satisfaction, or Will return the money.

W. 1 AXDERSOX, M. SURGEON AND PHYSICIAN, OfMc at Residence, 13tla Ward. We name a few of the many to whom we have sold thesa Machines: FAST; FREIGHT LINE I JTBOSC WHOT.ra A T.T! and RETAIL. A.

O. Bmoot, II. Lawrence. Jno. B.

Kimball, A. P. Rock wood, Walker Bro's, Lew. a Hills. A.

Carring-ton, Thoa. Naylor, R. T. Burton, Oeoree Clawson, Jno. Clark, Jno.

H. A. Wool ley, Thomas Grover, Tho.Atkln, David Day. r. OR MS BY, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Orvica: City Drug Store, kept by Ormsby A Clinton, -where Drags and Chenncalscan te had Wholesale and Ketall.

case was ssuiruiiy and successfully argued, and the grateful father sent the eioquentjaavocate a dozen eggs. ALLEIT AOKET, New York and Boston ii -TO UTAH, COLORADO, riOriTANS, ETC: A sporting Quaker put his bet thus: riend Edward thee thinks thy horsa CHICAGO. 89 South Clarte dlia.em 1 mm doberts, Constantly Arriving. is raster man mine. I value my opln in at twenty dollars.

Now if thee values thy opinion at the same rate, we will nut the money together and ask ti dlCW AGENTS, nPAir nr. TUG HOWARD DXSTXXXEXZT. bniuuitniir i .1 our horses what they think About itj ii i I MlllUrllviV to rK -itj wi The GroatVcslerhDespalcM 0rt. ujj' cottOTwbod. 1 -1 Address JOHEPH HORN SALT LAKE" CITY 1 auu itavo uie conclusion to tnem." Fast Freight Line esUbllshedby the CALL AND EXAMINE.

wTr L10 iumrHuiy, jor transporting I H.VlBf Um New York and Boston west OIOCV. that will not bear Express charges. A Orleans now exists for the lirst time since 1S12. His mammals the Oountess of Paris, who was confined at Twickenham, England, on the 6th, of February. The young Duke la a great grandson bf Louis Philippe, by both Onr Tariff- from the East to the end of I OIARIXS F.

JONES, Manufacturer and Dealer In Stoves and Stovo FxiriiitTiro I Also every descxlption of Tin, Shoes Irost sad Ospperwsre. Merchants' wa material made up to idvan- taee. ttae TJ. P. B.

It. la tbe same wlu enarsjed toy avU Uie principal Railroad Lines. We bave now lutuer anuj motner. TO ARRIVE SHORTLY1 A rebel soldier of Morfreesboro.Tenn.: second West Street, between Court House who returned, home at the end of the war On hand one of the ana uia rort, juaae city. d3d 6m Mark Freight for Colorado and New Mexico, "GREAT WESTERN DESPATCH," careof ji A lot of the to find his Wife living illicitly with his brother, and the mother of an illegitimate child, recently- sued the fle brother for $10,000 damages.

The bnoYYNirjc houtz a au ut uueyenae. or utan ana care of Megeath end of U.P.R.U. LARGEST STOCKS Have Just received from Chicago a well-selected CROHTH FERRIS, AGENTS, SALT LAKE CITY jury gave the piainuu 5,000. BEST PLOWS GENERAL MERCHANDISE or EOEATTT A Cheyenne. M.

1L, UOVKT.ym For. EO. J. OClEY, notion. I A Jew appears as senior wrangler this year at Cambridge University tor the 11 time.

He Is the son of a XAclceirs) of sat Which we will sell at LOW RATES. dl07 Cm Plaeeo of Unslneaa Salt Lake LEAF Um Which will be HOHIE MANUFACTURE! 3EZSSBSSXY 70S UW; CRECC, 1 SOLD CHEAP. castes asp oimrn. ioomiro GLAKS and PICTTJItB FRAIIE HAKEB, jcked in Patent Air Tight Caddies of 8 lba, 7 lbs. and 10 lbs.

each. This package Ib 50,000 P0TOJDS Two doors west of City; Drug; Store. TERRITORY, 1 WHICH WE OFF15R Old Frames resilt. Pictures cleaned sad re. entirely new and found, the most convenient ever Introduced, both for dealer and consumer.

French rProfessor, Hartog, of the Jews' College. The question whether he can be made a. Bachelor of Arts, omitting the Christian form of oath, la yet to be A curious physiological experiment recently, made by placing a few grains of barley before a hungry pigeon. While pecSlng at the barley, the brain of the pigeon was frozen. by means of spray of ether.

The bird being thus deprived of Consciousness ceased pecking aud remained as if dead. The -barley wai then removed, and the ether spray having ceased, the brain was allowed to thaw. The bird soon returned to Ufa and its first act was to renew the pecking for stored. Maps atralnedand vamiahed. dlZl tf The trade are invite! fo give it a trial.

mm WOOL WANTED Al9f Manufacturer of ATTOltJf EY sad COC5SILOR.AT.IAW, EXTRA LARD Oil AT THK di3tf FOIL Z.TJBIUCATING, zxfrxssly roa DESERET MILLS. dS8tf OCDEN CITY. Flonrini Eilli, Saw Ifflj and Woolen Millsj JAMES CftULT a ume, auaoaga no ipoa was Dexore 1U FOR SALE AT THE DESERET HILLS, Au i Cngllsh chancery; salt, irecenUy tolnform ttia rabiio thai-na ti on hand j' comnleoclil, has developed scm. facU to do ail kinds of WHfl ANfl HFTAH eoneSnlnel the construction of htS Plasterinn Anri lAwnchlhrt 4MMLC0ULC llUUi Ht I MIL. rnlngithe construction ofJehlc- Plasterind and: Whffawakh I hn PURE NEATSF00T OH.

JJocsHJn, Kerseys, Tweeds, Itnn and nthep htmtif. M.nll... Ii FlailllCls. colored and white. I Special attention given to orders from Utah, Salt Lake City, Feb.

12, ISO. Thus it appears that mohalr.or the hair II All orders promptly attended to la the city of the lamaj goat, UJaiel7: oaed a JJnscjs, colored and irliJtc, 1 v-. ca la nd, MANUFACTUBSR OF A2TD DSAX.KB IK it ii first boiled nntiitheanimaiF rrcnwMn i CREALI YARNSf SINGLE and DOUBLE. v-iru i tuou wuuea in not Datn 1 1 of salt and water: then it la nlnnmdl in Th.inHmltTiir mrnlnv hnt fth nnhlln SJU1DS! to a bath. Iwltli snlnhiin ran kmd luemsuTM oooi.

caJiinir a.L Values, Traveling Bags Satchels, 5cc, Also, Sole, Harness anil CTppJiatMri where it remains twentv.fanr cia whojts ice cream SAI.009T 0f every description, at wholesale and retail then it Is tolled in catechu llqSrTK 1 tlthulres atm lockWeU ofTe, lit WW A v. w.u'c JU Will, OUUUI 1 tr. i nil ill m. 47 South Clark Street, and which, after a While, sulphate or iron is IF11 Cree Cafion.H miles rroux Ue Temple I Rummer delicacy, and mlded; flnaJIy lit is. washed In warm l.

U. Ci i aS. oi naSLCII01CiS 1. 48 Xortli Cla.kHtreet,CllICAGO, IIL 'i uwoin' 1 ri j-i. irv i 1 1 i i ii rnAV rv jvj it ai ai a.

bl sp i. i i i jup ouuj, mu4 kuva uncus ii i ri Vs i i i a I I 1 ii a sop A Chinese named Ah Bam, who! keDt if .1 rf I riuJiLtn vtbtiAiiLt biAiiu ofgood Beefand Calf Hides.V LEISJ HAM tlancr THE JSEASOW APPLY TO MC1IAJX wishes to inform the pa bile that I he has enlanred hla Btore to double Its rupt, and' was ordered to uie a schedule -3. Wholesale Dealers In 4 wnbw u. inienai id seep iiiiocxea rrv mw mw ram. i ii of his Xiotsnowlnir the names of his customers he had entered short TO AND IH03X THE so as to meet the wanUof nls many friends and -1 WW il fl Yfl 1 i IvK Wcro sold in tlio Year 18GS 3 nairons wun tne earnest and best uaiujEN I 1 rri I Df cci at vwwr I i 4 Jismiiisa asm sa aaesi a I TiiUilAIiaiUl AUU UIO aJvsfe AUUiillal lull I Al tHA IlAtAr! ATHIi 9 ITanVATt PmaV descriptions) of them la his ledger, and when lie entered Court had nothing White Lead, Paints- A 1 I can be obtAinM snywhere, aad Intends to 7 OriuUU Ull 1 110.

LOViXQDra. dliMm Or his i residence, 11th Witrd, Salt Lake City ROT ONE HAS1 EVER! FAILED i i i -j OIZJS, iiww man ne louowmg to snow. It was given me by his solicitor as legal curiosity: AlDUtcher. owes SIS: caotaln orrj Bole Agency for the. nOTICE.

I I Entire Satisfaction! of a schooner. $50; cook in a ship) Will leave the Salt Lake ITouse every Horning il HOHTH 7E3TEHU GLA3 WOEKO. K'alley, Ted snlrt fman, 27; mao si Eight and at eTeryHOUR through i DISSOLUTION CO-PABTKEIISIIIP. i THE PX21FJECT OPERATION OF EVERY. heretofore existing: be SO, 92.

01 and 86 A i Banth Water Street. VuXXAVa.VJCW late (A Cap man, I the day, calling at all the principal Hotels. I S.s lean man (white man), $20; at 1 yr. Ait3roxj; IT11? (captain tall man), Froprtetor. uiy irei bramn day isaolred by utual CHARTER OAIl STOVE AlUtKTT A CO.

la this If (437 6m consent. The business sold is yji: French old man. SS. whlakpra will, be carried on hereafter in the firm style of I 1 Tstvrw ws arsTaTniinri man, $18 37ja; blacksmith, bar 1 JflflPli LITTLE Ci CHANDLER. All If i fill ELAG8 Per, i workman, whiskers man's friend S3 25c: doubla hlanket Ass WBzaxvxa KXOWX yl" Mannlactnrers of rr tlLJUI NOTICE! KArt lltltt annffc irw All Dersohs knowlnir themselrea' indebted to ATirrr ziAciiJraE xxadi: the old firm are reoneated to settle immediately uiauble blanket man's friend.

$15: lame I 17 I un save turujer costs. iror.xcoricrr.Jfbr turarility, May 1, 1SC0. Io r-tf it LL those knowing themselves "indebted to iZS EL 13 GJ Di ns for the past one and two years, will wnusera, iuc.r steamboat ill 1Q. frirflan Tr- ForElrsplIcityttf Jlanajreinenl, for Cleanliness in Cooking oblige us by settling their accounts, as we wish Grocers, Drnrlats, Xakere, Ae XUI3IiIC TfOTICJi to dose up our ini? o- T3', Yea lap ear- usqimkntai. and, company coixjna, r'n llower pantaloon man, $16; i -V --J 02TI.X MAHTJr ACT I K3 tn ilie 2fORTH BY VinTUX: Of an order tons, directed front Ii -eaae aire attentien to tbe i the Probate Court of Lake County, we.

I -wuisser gono to vaiirornia, a man-batcheija Itableman, ta, far tTanls and Libert riles, flW get tight (drunk) man $7. The 7 tdS will nrlvat mIaTva I 1 hand a FINE BELECTUD STOCK 13 La CzllO CtZcCU 7l" have on IlOUSCi and Two CfTY TX)Tt aitnata In the I WS 3t Ward, luitlike Citv. b-in the property of I OF GOODS, and are determined to sell Very Manufactured in the wesf. and adapted to tne wants of the EOUKIEliri i Surely no good bouefcepT can afford to be without one. Wat PIUCE IdfliT, adfress Excelsior Ilanuracluring 613 14 Wain Street, LOUIS, Mr (1C7 6m ast entry the Commissioner decided! tww mua to oraer oy jjluj riujuxut'dj of much too a.

rtuMz-fn. I' I .1 wo iiOBKRT JiUQEIiii. deceased, aor I Mri i mm wmw Wit a "iJK HIN DLEY'3. WILLI Ail vr ACrTTAl; JF, ISDITT Kl.iCLEY r0R TEKRiTeRY. TIKUIAH HiVIWl." I f.l vOlW-JJt Administrators.

1 dUS-Im -1.

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