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Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah • 2

Deseret Newsi
Salt Lake City, Utah
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1 I "lehinr with the coast! anc the to without regard Puerto Principe The Captain- i no changes in other; class post offices AJliiT TilhTr ld or bonds. of people from all parts of the State, and D'ES BRET ENINO fntind' it1- necessary to detail will be except ou ifwuimyuua HPAlare thatDulce Is greatly alarmed At the request of Sargent, -Secretary Tuntn pll has taken into cimsidferation uw iicioua ureutt' v-1' lows, eession. in this i city, i-ccepte an invitation to attend the jrameht; demonstration the lire andiroillta ry companies; from Vallejo, San Fran retary of the Treasury, Including abro-therof representative 8chenek, with headquarters at Nrsr Orleans. Bra vet Major general Colonel of the IUh Infantry, 1 retired with the full rank of Major Oeneral. i The colored delegates from Alexandria bad an interview with the President today, concerning the appointments at the le i3e of the Custom House (property the ferocity the volunteers, fearlotfl that it may compel American interfer, 1 encel The tohelof Cuban advices if very hopeful if the patriots, and all i i rn ett i i If necessary; of recommending Congress next December Jto -set It aside.

Both tbe Kaatday. Mar 10, IMt uu Virginia VVijr nuu uum 11111, xc- vada. were also in attendance- The lines refer to perming The Yndiln BuFeau rchf their supllesof the that their pro visions and transportation will at army rates: instead of the old plnf tracting with firms- for -doing-Indian business at an Immense profit? When. SecreUry Welles left Washington he received permission to use one of the Government vessels to transport is household eCTects to- hbi home an Hartford; after much treuble the goods were sailed, but it was found: that she drew too much water to cross the bar at th mouth of tb Connecticut River, in consequence of which the Secretary promise favorable results. that place and to tell him something about the feelings o' the colored people of travel to and from Sacramento were thrown open to tbe pubUeffeet and im Bee retary of the Treasury ana wrami Stoier Derano have'given positive assur- n- tTist lt11 BhRll not be diaturbed aa ii rnm a Lame reveuuv urenari nt orncui.

raocRAN he. i on the subject. The interview wm mense numwr or peopie iook vh-tAira of thia clrcumiitaucdand flocked Revenue Intern thatitbe reipts from the whisky satisfactory to thecal" KL fj)niThe estimated loss by fire thither. Thft 0. 1 Company had thirty Nevada Y'fiO fast rail has bfeeh'Iaid Til folio win istbeofflctal prog rain me, of the celebration, in this city.

In lion locomotives gaily ranged at the last 'nlchi. Is $75,000. The museum of the Academy ofHelence Is almost totally onthe.ClJlcagoiind Rock Island Pacific Railroad between Desmolnea andCbUH-cil Bluffs, eivlncr Chicago two direct wof therorapletton the cltyfront. asine signaugun nounced the driving of tbe last spike the row of locomotives opened a horuS destroyed, iuvolvlag los ot road, which took place at Promon had to takB his cooda to NewIiOndon ttld dlst'nct osnnectiona'witlx of whUUea. and au CEhe repo.rt.thAi the prpJect.Of bridging andishln them' thence to Hartford by whistles in the citFjoinwl inrrProfonnd Ik I rnll i recti epposite-iuv L.ThoJZic tpf clal says the jpablnet did hn kuii And that 1 he Urn a Kaan khindnnM.

SLld that xl7 regret was expressed that the roads were 1 l'KOOOAUME. the expense being double what it would have been if he had shipped them1 from Washington in; a i regular nothing relative to the Cuba Question hntlt lost, above the city. not loinedTo-cavr Tho Secretary bf 'State declared that the obstinancv or inability brthe IT. committee at Prompntory Bum Is AUthoriUtivelyi dented; it further trade'vessel. P.

road ito make tue conneouon. uis- toil Will telegraph tie. laytas fof She there is nothing before his department ho winer that an expedition had lef stated, by authority, mat ine worts, on tim bridge will be pushed forward with patches from the Promontory eay that i a a 1 Li inerttised vicor. Jt la expected that the this looted upon the newsnaner reports as i having some Upon annbuncernent by telegram that several! nunureu' jucli ai. Piedmont; (poj whic wa4 jridfh Durant.

telling hi mlhat they1 Were tilers and abdtmenta wiu Ds'unianea foundation. bixtv-jsreatlv exaggerated within RTfnM 'ir It 1 the connecting rail la laid a aalate will are aouDie tnose; reanzea under tht two dollar tax A lt also appears that aupervisorlaw has proved of grat value to the revenue in unearthin frauds, and compelling persons to make their returns -Ail assessors say that more Income: returner have been made this yearthan vf Jbefore. f. VMi'A. ''-j i Si i i 'I ARKIVALS lAND DEPARTIRI.S To-'tbe Termisuia the' nion Vntlut avtvv ViBaitroatl.1 kj' Hr Slade, wlfb and three children, James TriboJE Mills, Jaques, Lees.

Sol Maltese, Webber MaJ Nounnan, 4 Davis. Frem tttts Tendlnn or tbe Union Purify. Kallronfl. Thomas, Bonkosfey. -Brown Dr Stunt, M-6aulsbergf Jas Irish 1 Priest, 1 Col IVanklin.

aj Bu rnett. 1 Elliott, wife and child, II Smiu, and wife.D Ellin-f i Cram, Joleson, EdCmway, Howard, Silas' Ilal 1, JL-Johnson, Col Birne, Mr GrubMiss Dix; Arlhur A Newton Mclni-- He dded Spain' had liever bfflci- huncrv andJxnnst their, money. Knrineneld. Msss. Tbe entire force Washington; The Navy Department has received- ar dispatch from Admiral IIoflT, dated IT Havana, May 1st, to the be fired from the hill, near the Arsenal! and would detain hlmJtlll it wasprth- of workmen -at 4hn.

car faetory or tnis the Court Houae and City Hall, by Ma ally informed Sthis Government that theral waainy insurreption in And ItVonldot beexpedieUfto issue nit xr unitpd. thla aftornoon. to ceieorate coming: wrhe uon-arnvai or Darant is the 'ailesed Drincinal reason fori the effect; that 1800 troops, under me command of Generals Letona and Escolon ter arrived "at tacbnients Tha KnmniLnv are, now DUliaing-04 postponement pf the ceremonyf 0f Join- pracianxaiioa.oE neutraiiij i 1.1. from VUla Claria; the next day. Gen.

passenger and a large number of freight tin In fvlli Flags will be, unfurled, simultaneous heavy hail torm-L iu St. Louis. Several lots of coffee and pepper, In the hands of different merchants, have been, seized for the alleged violation-, of. the. revenue lawa ZChere Iiesca unexpectedly appeared at 1,200 men from Puerto Prin itostou.

The or tne Southern HlinioS, on Wednesday Ignt, ly tbeiewitb, from the principal offices, banks, stores and private residences In vote refusing the liquor bill a third read creatlv in lured the vecetablearstraw- cipe. having fjrt detachment of ing, was earned in tne senate, to-iiay, thousand on the road. No I resistance berrlea and othercirsrthegT0fa15awas the tlty. ''eil'f is aald be, a large quantity; of cohtra- coveredrlnTany places to tberdepth of Capt. Croxall's Band, from the top of mna.suar tn tne city, wniea wm te seized this week.

The licvubllcan has New York, Spanish Consul bad an intervlew-with Marshal Bar- a letter from Camp Washita which says was offered to him on tho march large bodies of insurgents were posted on, the hlUs, at some distance from the Aji umber, of wel I. constructed trenches, breastworks, etc. were" visi ly large and crushed all the. vegetables before therdi 3 sterm-textended "oince April xyin twenty loages 01 had received poelUveinformatlQa thai ft south to Memphis.1"1 Cheyennes, belonglnc lto.the band under XiltuejRobe'wIio-eurrendered steamer and several small Bailing ves Washington. it has been decided ble Th Tou r1 onsan en con cen-tratcd at Neuvletaa, including the 1,500 that tbe dealers 'In liquor, who sell sels were being fitted out to take volun to Custar on the "Edge Staked Plains dnrlntr the latter narc of Marph.

Iirtp A nnantitles of 1ef 8 'thairtive EalJecs-and teers and arms to Cuba for the Insur Cataionian volunteers recently arrived gents? he demanied thatauchexpedl- rronir opatUf wi4i. immediately 1 comr left here' withbot'permisalon from the nroDer authorities. This makes 120 mepco operations along the railroad be- lions te stoppeu. xie ajso caueu aiteu-tlon to the various recruiting offices in also quanuueaoiiiTPi gaiio wpayn ward, must pay the special tax both as wholesale and. retail dealers-- V.

-1 Newohearii. The( tfikHof i auditor lodges the, 1 GO captured by Cnstar, About started, on April 23dr con 1 mm a v. ft vvr 1 -JK. this city, and furnished a list of them. The Marshal, yesterday, received an.or- Bull'on the Kansas border, making Wvckllff unon the second Indictment of der from Secretary Fish to prevent any 4SOoora opn at 7)i o'clock.

Perfoirnan at the lowest estlmate.COO warriors now muaemeanorjn issuing forgfei commence at i such breach of the neutrality-law-relat-' ready for hostile demonstrations in the rants, closed last night, a verdict of djt to Cuba. The chief officer of the vicinity of3RennMlcinyf Solomon and guilty" being returned. Thisls reeard GMWD GlUTPERFORIilANCE tlieew TaBYraacleranV other bands from different localities, will discourse their soul-Cheering strains to divert the public andadd a life-giving impulse to qiheoeeaslon. 'fl 1 41 Ar hJjf-pastbne o'clock p.m. the pec pie generally are requested to meet at the New- TaberrLttCla'tci Join in expressions of becoming satisfaction.

Resolutions, speeches and lappropii-ate interspersed with ma-sic from the bands present, wlllbe Governor C. Durkee, Hon. O. A. Smith.

Judge C. Mayor H. Hon! Joaa' Taylor and lion. W. H.Hooper are among the list of speakers for thateccasloy.l'i-iVO The Memorial of the Utah Legisla-tare' of ii-i, calling opoti Congress to build the "Great and urging lta'earllest practicable construction will be read.

ateamei Qttata Cifyl to-day; dialed, on Saline Creeks, jnorthwoilhe Arkansas ed as lne6trongctrtasegatfit-Wyckr- his honor as an officer and a gentleman, Riven The Indians; express supreme Hir. antncrprqni will probably be entered. intbS remaining la dlf lments. that 'owners had jthe alighteat In contempt foj tbe, The Arjra- tention to send lier Cnba orleven, to Laying of the Last Bail The Mississippi river is hich the West Indies. -J veying provision trains.

This expedi-tiori'underGenMiesca, will -repair the road and provision the troops at Puerto Principe, who are said to be on half rations. It is reported that Quesada, the revolutionary leader, purposely allowed the Spanish to march without opposition from the, interior to the coast, but Intended to obstruct their return and capture the provision train. Admiral Holf forwardedlhe reports from 'Lieut. Commander Eastman, dated April 2Sth, at Coryal Keys. 4 i4 The prisoners taken1 from the Lizzie Major and sent to been released, by the; Spanish authorities of that place, They offered no courtesies OT THE UOb ruu awuy, pburb lur uuip ouppiy to-day.

where they will 'd raw their wsier iiiai ukuger ui crevasse is reported below-the-cltyr the-ieCbrts Alfonzo Brett and Wm. Jones, prin-ers. 8a Nassau street: aroMn custody. sunblies till arrancements are made for vvblch -being ade toAclotf charged with being engaged In printing uieis xemo vai a 1 1 apparently unavaiiauie. counterfeit notes on the Hay tlen gov further north." ernment.

-John Russell is also arrested is rumored Jin the. camp, that. lit ids 2 roune 1 orK special says theom has an account of cold, discovery at HobokenJ-wfcere 'ledge1 has GREAT PACIFIC RAILROAD. wlthjlf nen fdj the PKeenth as the party who ordered the. printing of the notes.

He says he was deputized being opened rorthe Tounaatlon of DDITIOH TO by anofficef of the Haytlcn government the Stephens Free Ct)llege2fc8ome rock the philanthropist Vincent Collier, to FarcBaacoml were attacked byi Indi 1MISS AKmm liOCKII ART was taken yielded. eighty or facilities to the Penobscot as is cus-4omary on the arrival of a foreign ves to procure for, them notes representing $2 each in gold, to tbe amount: of $300,000. were $000,000 printed and ans at tbe head waters of the Washita douars toitne tona luifl. The emigration society for English River. They ifought two dsys.4 and sue sent to Hay ti, and placed in circulation FTJL.I.

ItAM ATIC i COMPA Y. working' men has sent.elxteea agents sel, but pernapsthls was more from ignorance than design. Govei uor Re-ledios has informed the U. 8. consul at Carlbean that he must not hoist his ceeded inr TOakiog- their- escape.

The renort comes from Indian sources. before their real character was discover to the West to select A location experiment of teachlnr Indians1 the art be attractive and Interesting. The City Hall, the; Court House Theatre, Em-rrium, ILrchange Buildings' and many The following grptienien tav klbdlj i entdlo appear is to be made in Nebraska; ed; the balance have been recovered here. Three' Hay tlen officers, Includ- A party of Americans, jmaklcg a boat flag at the Consular office again, In consideration of the state of affairs in that Jari David WcILcnzft. nsr an Admiral, are implicated.

jNiifwere reeenuy at Cserjous ylot; pcarred "atUIudon 9 Virrlv6eo2Wtinrrrii country, where there-are Americans tacked by tne Arabs and two or them of n6gresee4 The Kiowas: iaud Camanches are averse to labor, and look upon the matter, as entirely too degrading. Rands, composed if remnte-of tbe Cd do waco, Washita abd'Powakana bandy.have all plant holding millions worth of property. and iff lWr. T. Cuiuc.

f-i he rearea injury xrom the volunteers. uommanaer Eastman concluded to re killed. --p; Richmond. Ttlii stated 6n good authority that General Canby has fixed the first Tpeaday in July, for the ejection. main there' spme days.

Admiral Hoff ed corn, bql tribes have raised requested General Dolce to allow the Corn hair a century without govern American, nag to be over the ment aid. 'I consulate at Carlbean. i MONDAY MAYs 10, 18G9, iyn.fl be Great Seism-tioul Amritn Drrrn, in 5 AcU, entitled, THK if. verr -by Washington. A dispatch says the Btate Department basr reeeived srport from the Government' officer at New other of the principal buildings and jiraidenoea will -vie- wltbf each' In -vaHeUied Hghk'aml cofon The Illuminated mottoes, suspended across East Temple Street will be grand.

The glowing flres'from 1 Arsenal Hill, converting darkness Into light, and al-most, night Intof day, wlllf enliven the ntght scene; aixtl the muIc of te bands, from, house-top and 111 will Impart life and zest to this, glorious occasion. The public are respectfully invited, IadoXThe stock markeF.wlthln a the Rock Island and Pacific railroad to fitewart'and Wm Osborne, few has beenJnfluenced nnfavor- York In reference to the frtory of the; fill was recOfded In Pottawattamie County, the rate of in-teresti 4m be -Ban England, to A Iowa: A 5 NeV York. lOvIhV for-the per cent. and tne current belief that a further advance will be made shortly. Ilavtlen Government has become satis- ZOE, tbe Octorooru.iMla ANNIE IJCKII ART Jacoo McKenzio owtmrto-theypolltlcal uncertainty occa- fiednf the.

parties, r- City last evening, between some English miners and a crowd of Irishmen; a number off persons were injured, two perhaps' fatally. 'Several were arrested, but were subsequently admitted to bail. The losses, by flrerin Reade and ambers Streets, lostiight. aroo.unrto The principal losers are Thomas B. Peddle, $25,000, partially1 Insured; Band, Haven and fully Novelty1 Rubber; $70,000 fully insured; nail, Southwlck 1 insured1 A.

and Porter A Thompson a In the United States district court an order has -been discontinuing the suits of Whlpley and Belmont, vs. the Erie Rrilroad. i it 'Police has received an anonymous letter from LAQcaahire, nglandt eUtiog that there has been- severali private meetings fot shareholders in' thet Krler have been swindled to considerable amounts by. theuKrledlrectors and ihey axe de-term la ed to dispose of the principal thieve, a they 'called them, of the Erie Co. The, writer urges a sharp lookout for all boats arriving at New sioned oy csumners speech, the exportation of-gold for foreign loans and the depressed state of 3 mil ct aiedi Wlthk peingj implicated lffexWnsIvisrgrlee'oTllaytWV notes, and has.

applied for their release, steamer Arcgot laden wuu 'arms 1 and munitions of war, knd' carrying a tbdu-sand uniformed men, destined for the insurgents in Cuba. Secretary Fish is well informed with regard to the steamer, as he had previously been notified by the Peruvian minister that, he had purchased or chartered the4 mrjo to convey stores to his government. She sailed with regular papers, and with no attempt at concealment. TheVreport that she liad on board-, regiment ipf men and a large amount of arms, created much amusement between FtnWmki ieepo1 "era tmit prvffrennnu'. i.

f.ftf I ''I upoa firing of the salute at noon, to sua- the present Mayor BaiIro4Ml toy tUe Orhe rt which was pToihptry8 ordered. A sub-senuent fctatemetit was'made giving full of has refused the nomination to i eoaelnde with Pailiament from the electors of Yontrh. peua business and. participate in such demonstraHons a wlir caiTy1 Into effect the general programme" for the occasion, In the display of flags and ban aexalls. Ql the jpf he forged MAaM wtkAK Isvi nltAotAa on Anmiral alliThelrUh, national papers tbe recent course of O'Sullivan.

GRAIIQ TABLE AU and two subordinates; of the Hay tlen Madrid. A proposal has been made nerstnd la ereoing Ilium i nations. navy. Statements, were made re 4 i Minister Garcia andL. the Secretary of garding -other forgeries; The notes to the cortez to name Marshal Serrano Recent, nd a General Prim Post ConSu were or high uenominations.

lite a gvr A5S and BJng is RAuaau, Committee It. TV-Burton. 1 Washlceton. A 'dispatch eay a the 1 1 it, 1 Secretary of ther Navyr has called the It is stated thati Captain General J. I.

T. McAixister, attention' or Aamirai lion: io me fact Dulce has renewed bis attempt to bribe that Spanish, jvesseis are in the habit Of leading patriots into leaving the Island. arprkrfo? tha ntx wefeft, XI the Bait -takVcityt ifay 10 Gen.Cesnedes Iras been, offered a free Jv searching American mercnancmen in neutral waters. The Gulf of Mexico department directs the Admiral, to keep State. The Arago had not a soldier on board, neither did ehe carry arms.

A small amount of powder, some ammunition and certain commercial stores composed the carried only the regular craw and sailed, under 4 the auspices of the Peruvian govern enment, and cannot, without a viojatipn of good faith, be used except in the. manner-specified in her. papers It; appears, however, that the BtcamerlPcret sailed from New York; 1 She was chartered by Cubans, contained war materia), and carried about three hundred men. tbePAClFro IIAILUOATJ; with i.t bass for himself and and two A DISPLAY OF hundred thousand dollars If he would abandon Cuba. Other Generals have a Viglianiwaienf uereaitcr, prevent.

such an infraction of international law (HpecliU to the DeserH Earning iVcuw. express belief that lake will be dispatched. I 4 I Z- 1 Chicago. The Tribune' special says the government has' received a late report from Oen. Davis, commanding in gives further particulars regarding-i tbe burning of tne Indian similar though less in He ays the Admiral's dimes are to protect not' but amount, aue ouers were maaexnrough citizens, but were spurned at once.

It American commerce 4 is declared that some who sought to accept the, amnesty offered, weeks large jaumber of since, were muruerea oy tne outposts officers have signified their intention to attend the National Encampment of the Grand Army of theRepublicin this city of -volunteers. Several sus 5ra Kmc -3532 s-i pected of patriot sympathies, have been taken from Santiago Jail; at night, and murdered by order of Dulce's chief of on Wednesday. General iKgan will deliver an address! at the reception op 13lh 1 'Ward? Rooms, TUURSDA Y13VGt MA in, staff. i r'-' Vednesday evening, On Friday, a steamboat wilt rnade to Ottawa. Hon.

Mr. Rose hast made a Will ha clnon North uenu, tuoj jwroUiOi.Aieuerai Harrlsoni 1 i financial statement In the House of Commons; He said the estimated re Her clearance papers show her destination to be Jamaica or some betacefUl port, and that the relation lo arms, been, erased, has frequently been done before, with the knowledge' tif.ii--QiJlu.LrJL nc.L (. Atlanta. Tbe 1 Tribune special says that Radford Rhodes, a prominent Republican, in' Warred Co.j was killed at Ills residence -near Warren ton, on Wednesday Is bt- betters, frm, that vicinity report continued outrages by bands of Ku Klux. r.

I 1 Ch Icago. The Tribune Washington special says there Is quits a struggle among men' about tbe appointment of sub-treasurer at San JFrancIscpA -The1 President has Chtcatro. Yesterday i morning, at 3 ceipts of the coming year exceed For tie BeMl cf R'BEAffCHAHP, 'To assUt htm eel id Australia, to wblH o'clflcatiOtorlotis honseof prosti tntlon the expense oy a quarter 01 a million. 1 the Cortes yesterday, Prim pronounced utterly baseless, the place be baa been cftJ-ed. lo go on a Mission.

in Monroe streets near wens, cook nre, and wasaomnleteiy destroyed; the I i Tbe Entertalnnnent will consist ot Jlamesx epTeadqrepldly-tha the in- ufnors thr he meditated an attempt EftitalioyR. kt. a rain st a tiiberai regime; He, declared mates barely- escaped wiin.iueir lives, not beincr alilei even, to put on their that the future would prove that "hon By permlaalon of 21 easrs. CI Wbon A or and liberty" were his 1 clothing, Two igtrle- 'were severely burned, one. probably fatally.

The fire It is reported that Gen. Cabraroi the CISS L0CKH1RT, 1K0 KR. J. 13. HARDY wnsiindorabtedrjrthe-work-of an incen noted Carlist leader, has appeared in nominated his name lia4 irwill asslstattbe Eotertalntnent.

Imiss ABAiis, I 'mh. irj Boitrxd, I MK. HAItVEY. and given ineir services gratultoofely. New 1 York; -The steamer! Henry diary.

i' i A bout noon, afire brokeoutln aSstory Building cn the time street, a llttlefur-thex do wiv which was completely. es-troved: the building was occupied by CJuainoey brings the following tiews from' Panama. The small pox is' mak- Ttoors open at 7. ieTformaucetocomm-n-o at 8 o'clock. t---- i ng fearful ravages, though it was Goward, manufacturers, refrlg-1 not reached the Senate ia wlujJroo-ably be renominated Li 1 A list of sixty-two offlperf detailed to perform! the dutres, of Indian; agents and superintendents, vwlll be published shortly 4 Thl order Aw ill vlrtxially remove nearly all Indian officers now in place quakers lately appointed.

Among those removed is one man named WbI.S0t!lu by the rejection of a Quaker nominee Tho 1 tliooght to -be. diminishing. Itat-tacked hrroes and whites, inside and eratora; S143.J 1033; zyj.vrr 7 butside'the walls bf The san- The imcs -W znngiQn epeciai says. K'titt 3-t Secretary Fish has received advices from Minister Johnson, since the re- tary commission was actively engaged checking the scourge. i 4 A gang" of counterfeitert was clfculat-ng large quantities of bogus American ONE 5 year old l.ixbt Bed COW and Calf, wblta under belly, wblieatfipaernmnmn eipt ot the oiucuu lacw irom iuc uaueu States government, 'relative to the seiz order is iu accordance with the law village; but the malui faets have been It makes no allusion and irregtilaritles among the 'officers, and the authorities have no official information concerning the alleged dls-gracefol conductor certain, officers Sta-tioued there.

jt iVorki-T-Tlie-' 7W6tme' especial says tbe services at Trinity church, and other, ceremonies in commemoration of the opening of thet Pacific Railroad have beetl Jiostponed to Several passengers arrived this morning, eight days from- San Francis to. They say much work must yet be done on the road to put, it in first-class The announcement that Durante and others 'been cornered by the workmen on theUnion Pacific road caused some alarm among bondholders, but the officers: have announced that the matter will be satisfactorily arranged to-day. i ftUj'ilu ij Ban Fraucise. The Pacific railroad celebration -'to-day was bne bo. re-memberet for all time-In "San Fan Cisco.

Ths day Was ushered In by a salute of hundred gunsv At noou alt the Federal forts in the harbor fired a salute, the bells of the city were set ringing, and steam whistles screaming. At night whole city was illuminated, and presented a brilllan appearance. The procession was the largest and most enthusiastic ever wltnessetf In San 'Tbe topie. willing and eager to observe an event of so much Importance to this city and the Pacific coast, turned out cn masse. Business generally suspended, and nearly every citizen exhibited a hearty interest lu the The military and civic display was grand.

In addition to the State militia all the available U. H-troops from the several forts and the presidios participated on tbe while the civlo societies turned out in full ranks. The city and harbor prevented a magnificent sight during the day, the principal streets being draped with the banners of every nation, and thronged with excited, and Joyous people, i The shipping was dressed in line style. AdiiaIuhJreceived from the Junction of the roaus; announcing the driving' of tbe'laat rplke of the Central Pacific railroad at 10 a.m.f sent a thrill of joy through Uho Congratulatory messages were transmitted to the Directors of the Central and Pa-! ciflc roads by the California Pioneers. At Sacramento the event wai celebrated iu a grand and enthusiastic manner.

The city was crowded with a multitude and other coin, u. ami at Bt. JLouis. II. B.

Milk's livery stable, at the corner of Hlxth aud Myrtle was burned this morning. Forty-five horses and mules were consumed. I 10,000 to $12,000. Dr rope's medical college was badly damaged, aud the roueum in the Academy of Sciences4 suffered loss tt the extent 'of $15,000. An.

Omahav dispatch- aays 00 Sioux attacked 40 Bannock and Snake Indians ear South Tass City, 10 days ago, and killed 2). Oen. Mitchell, governor of New Mexico, left here yesterday for borne; be has not resigned, as reported from Wash-" fc r-Cincinnati. The Joint Committee of tbe City Council, and Board of Trade and tbe Chamber of Commerce met the representatives from the various Southern States to-day, who argued the advantages of the respective line propo- ed; other delegations areexpecied next wek. i Bal more.

Orchard, -Marley, one of the oldest odd fellows In the United -SUtear, died yesterday aged 7S-- A'long-penuiog' law suit. Involving the title to the Barnum City Hotel property, was decided yesterday; under a decree of the couxt the property will be sold. Boston. The Bapreme Court baa gran ted Mary Eliza: Jone from her husband, Count Joannes, for alleged desertion and non-support. I New.Vork.

Sub-Treasurer Van Dike advertises that he will receive, each Wednesday, proposals for the sale, for government, of one million of the new iMite, In sum of not less than or, regbtered homU will be received in payment. Van Dike reserves 1 the rlht reject any proposals not' for Interest of the government. Cleveland, 8. The stockholders of the Lake Bbore railroad have adopted the with tUeJake Shore and Michigan line; the contract got a vote of over two-thirds of the "wUH'h ciders." Cincinnati. The11 rullnff 'topic Tof interest Is tbe Southern Railroad; to- i- morrow the Joint Committee of the City Council, the Board of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce -will meet the Southern delegates In reference to the proposed roac t5evral appointments of special custom ajenta have been made by tbe Seo- aud down eaeb tbigh, white under ja ami pot on lnrt ahunlder.

sqnar ctof off rlgbt ear and cut in leti; brand on left lhih. Said Oow, It sot claimed on or be'ore Ine given time required by Jaw, wilt te sold lode- Jamea HJMcColIy. American Consul ure of tbe brig Mary iajwcu. lie says the English government will make a re-clAmallon uDon.Snsiu fortbe outrage. at Callao died of tbe yellow fever; at Idma April 17lhi Theiyellowj feter The brigring, virtual ly, under the pro iray expenses.

i OF.OIiOE ATK1N, dl44-22S-2 TooeJe Coanty 1'oandat eper. was diminishing in Peru; it bad disan- tection of a liritiaa irigate, cne owner oi the brig will therefore look to England peared from Arica, after raging with great virulences rk 1 1 to or darnsrs" 1 The Tr-iOum1 New Yorkpeclal says Two heavy shocks earthquake were felt at Quito on the 10th Shocks fifteen gunboats have been contracted for at the Mystici Bridge, Connecticut, to be ready in ninety days. It is un were also felt at 8an Salvador on the 10th," lllh and 12th; no damage was creating the Indian Bureau, which authorizes the.Preaident to detail officers of the army to perform the duties ofagents. JJiiI I The Preaident'and Cabinet have finally decided against the' proposed real estate negotiations with Mexico, jit jap: pears that, during the last administration some such scheme was proposed by Romero to Seward, who gave It a favorable consideration. Secretary Boutwell's official figures show against taking steps toWaros a sinking fund.

it appears that the-deA-clt increased $23,000 000- from N4v, 1st, '67, to Nov. 1st, 'CS, and up toT-Iay 1st, 'CO, had further increased to The Commissioner of Patents has extended the Rhodes' patent for leather-lug the heads of appears that tix I WILL. Rive the abov Rewar fo ny one won will deliver In Joant Pollard, of tne lithWard.aC' estnut Sorrel UOE.SK.wltb. Dlaze ace, 7 year nit, branded on left bin and a. Yellow WOR-SH.

10 yara old branded ran. done? i derstood that they are built on account of SpaluVand that their jcoostnictidn is Berlin. A Congress of German Pro testants will meet at-Worms on theSlst SQuarr: were lastaee? on tbstb lnat. Lr of May; their object lsato consider and approved tiy the ashing ion authorities. The New York JSiaai Zcitung advises Germans to have nothing tx do with the frame a reply to the recent appeal of the Crovfin or Ixt.Creec, Morgan County.

1 dl-2s2S-2H-2 Cuban Gen. Slerel refus Pope to the rotestants. es to allow his name to be used oni calls CtUwa, lion. Mr. Jioiton gave no tice of an.

ad 1 ess that should be pre- for Cuban meetings: i WArren and Castillo, the Fenians, ar C. n. I AV.I N.C 0 A Ben ted to her Majesty, expressive of the deep interest felt in the passage of the Irish Church hill. millions of these tacks are dally consum rived on Sunday; they were met at the dock by a large crowd of sympathizers, and will, have a public reception on Three Dmh Easiof J. R.

Clawson' Ice i Bishoo Connolly, of Halifax, mbere; dltf-! Creanl he strongly urges the release of Father McMaboni l) The Jtepublican's special says reliable ed In the United States. The teport of General Warrch' and the Pacific lUtirpad Commissioners will be ready in 10 or lil days; it will be one of the most exhaustivo yet submitted; and will condemn certain i partialis To the rood West of the Black Hills. Chicago. No more. Presidential appointments will be made to dices In ih cases of resignations, till 1370.

In the second dUtrict :4 Cuban advice snow that it is the determination -of Spanish to hold Wednesday or Thursday. The Tribune Washington speciaL says Secretary Boatwell does not say what he Intends to do with the Government'bonds lie Is golnjto bny; It reems to -bo-, asumed that Intends to establish a kinking fund, but be tays he has not determined to do so. In selling" and LuylE bonds the Secretary will be governed by gen- Puerto Principe and Neuvletas, and the 111 railroad between inem. ueseuanas Deen pressing them hard, but the' Spaniards ate compelled to maintain a connection.

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