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Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah • 2

Deseret Newsi
Salt Lake City, Utah
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HEVJ mentthat-meanaJiad; been arrived at, Iioulsvllle. CovJnrrton. Urbana. O. and true bill zt charge of murilef and oa of extracting thegreen coloring matter Jelleraonville, Indiana! were xepro- v.s;.h UMi 7 suniea.

a neir ooieci is 1 10 iorm a a- SP'BT'HC'r t. r-i if: iih r-jv (fclctophyll) from grass, leaves, ctci jlo util zo the I oom of Spring was indeed daring idea, and by no means impossi- which acommiUee, to-draft a bean appoint-cdi. they wjll continue Injsesilon several fii'iiud agalnstfhlm by the grand jury. Tha trial terminated on Tuesday last, a verdict ot ''not guIItyM. being returned f.y Cie Jury after deliberating all night.

IC Is gratifying to know. that public eeoilment in Canada sustained the act hif nr Rfrvjinniianmeni: dui man excel lent Intention has by the uaya. "Indianapolis. During a storm yester extreme ftlterabllily4 of the in question. day, a woman and child were killed by I lightning at 8harpsbury.V TJir iH of tliis boy lu avenclngthe wrongs of KxVlih ir Spanish Poilk-Wc.

lewiromjtJVi THE his J.lma tov.Beoj young man like, Whltaker, In the pos Fork, that tno Legislative caucus have agreed to postpone the convention on then Constitutional Amendment xto the 14th. a a. (JLinuYv A XromPt, Ixuis. passed here to-Uay. bound for Co-op eialiye' Mercantile j.

Zion's if session "of1- r'J many advantages, cut down. In the bloom of what might have To-morrow, or Monday, it centrally be I leTdTwl I fXel lOTay port' whtth pMbFflu aetUemeniunaeiTUie Idireci tlonpnheJxergeticJD A. K. ThuT- ber, last week succeed largo addition of water, to tho settlement for milling and irrisration by enlarging the TiSTITtTTIO.V the la: isiflCIUHroad will Kew Orleans, to take measures to pro- betoi a useful and honored life, bad be bceUj pgbf iral prlqcK i oiuoU- tobsei4o1retU-lTI me uur Airt his emit Ar. constantly receiving rootera direct graia trade, men inr OrleansI 'UU I I a4 i UeWtrYozk.iT4Allairei alt'ttnartr! original mill race, giving great xacuiues to ttin citizens of that place to rr-r r.rr J.CON8I3TINO,O.Ka I had ills pocket picked, on the horse cars was when the seducer.tC bejiad weajtn, could, PIfO ig looked Upon as a gentleman.

bQt that commencement of a new era in the commercUt tnUrprise of oijr own'ountfy aml'lbd world at target celebration, becoming the mag- t.1 develop the natural resources of the The grain Is doing well and prospects for fruit never looked better. A meeting to perfect tborgani ration of the co-opera-ti va nooif ttc. will be held. tomorrow, and it I 4 or aouars and a goiawatcu. i In the Common l'Jcas court; before Judce Daly.

Frances WaUand recovered 1ST GOO DS FOUWAROEb FROM NEW YORK "Ai JI day Is passing awayand the betrayer of vlftoe.fwbed'khqya, is looked upon; with -co'uieinpt' byii alt decent'. is the intention to open the store at an early verdict for with intereat.agalnst John Livinrston, a JaWyer, who was the administrator of-the deceased hjus band of theplalntliT, nd "had ngiinV AND I jy ueirauueu ner. JuugejJaly administered a eyerevTebuke and. pronounced Livingston 1 4 disgrace to his rice.un-try and profession. 11 iUJJiil: By their PnrehaaiBK A Key West special says the British specUble pwjde and bis.

death, when brought about In ihs summary way, Is generally fookbd upon as astlfl able. 1 The seduced) the mot despicable type of man, and if, in every Instance', they met with the fate the heroic boy Cbaloner. deal out toWhltaker, they would soqu become, extinct, like other classes of repti les once known on the earth, would pass away forever. 7 1 2l uommodore, Fhllemore, arrived at Kingston on the first. He goes to 'PitlU-'ANI) as-Doors odu at VA o'clock.

Performance to commence Yli Havana to. investigate to; TIIIItBA Tte DRY. GOODS DEPARTMENT pending, ana xassaa to investigate the report from Bermuda, nnd afterwards to Hayti, where the British 4 Of the Engagement of the Favorite Corned I well supplied with consul noias a steamer oi oainave as ir 7) Brown Domestic, Urown Sheeting. THE, Indemnity for a cargo seized at St. Mary.

i The from Kew Orleans, stating that 'the I- PHELPS! FAIIHY OnGAl iHpoI to (lie Dfterrt JZrming Srtmt. II blockade runners Peru and, ZUion, en Lldst Complete Assortment gaged In carrying filllbustcra from New III i MISSINNIE! EOCKHART nltuUotand splendor of ff the event, wIIJ be bebl'ju nearIeTe'rycltyI of Importance! lu the Union. Trom Kalne In the east to California iu the west, and from Florida to jfregon this grand triumph of Ametlean enterprise and ton lua will be celebrated wUh becoming honor. As the rppjieo( hU SepltoTjeTenmpng the first to point out the, nece'saity and importance of the' workand hare been earnest in their' efforts to bring about IU aicorriplUhmeat they Will neither be last nor least among the citizens of the ItepajJ4 In manifesting their Joy now that the goal ha been reached and the triumph gained. At the last meeting of the Municipal Council of thU city the matter was under consideration, and the following resolution, presented by Alderman S.W.

Richard, were unanimously adopted: i He It resolved by the City Council of Salt a committee i appointed to make suitable arrangement. 4or celebrating, In: this city, the approaching event of laying the last rail ouithtO Ortatl racificRiUroidJ thereby connecting; the.eastern and wMUra portions of the continent and constituting one of the most remarkable epochs of the tge and one ofun paralleled Interest In the uulversal development of our Territorial Htate and national greatness. Iteiolved That a copixulttod be ap- pointed to be present at Promontory Humeri It to witness the 'occasion as representatives of thla expressive of our earnest and Joyful appreciation of the this great Orleans to some point contiguous to the Cuban coast, have landed their car to at Ftir.15 toltllMAXIC COMPANY. me iaian or urana sjuivoqua, twelve I TO BE FOUND hours sail by steamer from Florida Keys, and that the fill ibu3tera have gone into qaarters, awaltlncr reinforce MR. DAVID McICENZIE ments.

The World alsorlnsista that the Has klntUr consnlfid ta ppe.r tl even Inn in CableMbed 90.4 Bleacbed 4rillw, Prints, StrfplIIae DenluiM, Apron Checks, Car set Jeaut, jnafle lalnea. iaiinlt, All wool elaine, Crato, Kent aekr Joans, Carpets, fambrle Dress ools, Nottou Shjswlar beitf es some "very deslrs lle iiud In Jobllxts Ter UvPrifttJii HATS AND CAPS, Ire Assortment, Reasonable Styles, nnd Cheap. oboTs and: SHOES, ladles Kid Shoes, V. I Misses "Pebble Goat Balmoral. I Indies Cloth Gaiters, Gentlemen's Fjne Shoes.

I Sfen'seoarseand fineKtioe, raffocm sail, for 'Cuba, with 420 men and i81 officers, nnder General Jourdan; be oiiai-fteteror nAHYMANW, oni ually played by niiuat thin TUextre with dlitlogalsoed saccep. ITST THE CITY, and that among the ofllcera were Brig. Qeneral Char es ay.lLiecti J.F.Mt Kdward Berre, of the Jreock cavalry; ALL OF WHICH I PRI A Vl86 xviajor ueo. ingman, or seventh li. fThe performsfeeo will consist -of Dion Bond 8an people, of this city and Sacramento; are lira state of feverish excitement with regard to the completion of ths Paclflc jallroad; grand preparations are being made at both placcai for -the "observance pf the event, whlcb'wnii occur on Saturday.

The bankers of this city have given notice that their houses will be closed that day, and business, generally will be fiuspended: iVaVia "hleX Arrangements are made the Western Union Telegraph Company that each stroke of tbo hammer, on the last spike driven, shall be reported simultaneously In NewXork and San Francisco by telegraph." Uesldea" ft" silver mounted and poluhod California tie, and asplkeof sliver pick and ft silver hammer, lor use in the completion of the road, have also been forwarded to the end of the track. The excursion train for the eastern? tend of the Central road, with the Commissioners and Gov canlis beauurui eemsiioaai jyoi ineiiuQ u. o. cavairy, iit. xnos.

Fltzgibbons and many others. The World save four other? roenels have WallU; K. 1 in 11 WE ARE ed within! three weeks, Uie first uhde Col. Johnson, taking 652 men; the second under Gen. 6pinolaf Je third, with COO, and the 2 fourth under ihx" Kuoes, I dfaf -vli jk-ii -i i i "Xv.

DETERMINED TO BELL Children Shoe, Infants' Kboes in Voriely. General French with 5SQ xnen. They national enterprise, sq world-wide in Its ilKorfd! eaye within the last 33 day'w I I n-' lunuence. llesolved That telegraphic commu- have positive, information IbaV, I men have left the cltiee of Charleston; 1 Baltimore and New Orleans, for a point! nlcatiou' be juade to all the principal groceries; hardware, QUEENS WARE t.D AGRICULTURAL 112 PLETi UTS cities of this Territory announcing tno 41 BRIDES QyAEYlEH ernor Stanford'and girests-, was nearly completloupf the (road immediately CALL, AND EXAMINE. aujacent tome uu tan coau, ana roc Island itself.

4 Twenty-five hundred have left theeity of New York-; and COO, .1 ATTITE Ann C'hnte, the i wrecked yesterday by a large tree which bad fallen acrosa the track; the obstruction was discovered in time to preserve more are Refcoil jriorsran l'Ueln EILY irCOX-NOrsl thWCulIeen Hrn. MJk ANNUS IJCIvHAKT OLD CONSTITUTION ClIILDliM! the passenger cars uninjured, but the upon, receipt of such intelligence In. Inis city.j Alderman V. Ulchaxdsi Alderman A. II.

lUlelgh and General T. Burton, were appointed paid, committee of i arrangement. jitj av "i a DANN XVMANN, the lumcbbcked Servant, Mr I) McKKNZIK locomotive was damaged and thrown 01T the track. New Orleans. The Committee of the Chamber of Commerce Invite proposals The following named gentlemen were DIM Sons.

rf9 ilaananlnrf ffl.sft nut 1 tha Rl Itale. i i )n Rf tlvo preparation, tcethrllUnz Drama of appointed a committee to represent! 8ippi The committee will endeavor to 8an Fran ciseo OHonol uiuadyicci to April 22d say there was considexable excitement and alarm among the people of Honolulu of a rumor ofacou splracy among the coolies to murder aud. plunder their preparations for reslstanee were being taade-f ircase of an uprising. llMon A Blaett. Sasrar, crashed A ana IlrownV, i Tebscee, Orwpe Jnice, Xyy a i fv-i; i M- eJiee, HmC.

Lis odaSlerntnv (i ii ItalsLMS, Canlr FJas. JVaiia, dinsw; '1 Bait lake City at rromon tor mm rn obtain rronitneuovernment tne dredge VIcerrresldent of now in use, witn tne balance or tne ap- Utali Ceatral CcAnT Head; printing DISSOLUTIOH OFPARTTIERSHIP. a office and bindery, in Ledger Place, was Bupcrinienueub uiuvuM. vuuis; ut. iu majwy ua luiir, tihrvd awn XOTICEI Feramor XUUe, jDirector of destroyed by nre thla morning; loss, S.r.!.'; Cane4 Cratta, Clirou, THE flnnoT3rX.BERT4i80NS, of Bait Lake City.

U.T Las this daf been dissolved. Abel Gilbert retlrinfc Irom Ui flrmi from and after 4 4 LI, ar JIEHI.tCAITtpNICD HiraJnHt ttre mirebasflf of'Snr at all notes Central Itailroad: CeU JohnSharp, As? fRfJif ti' -'i irri loK swell the total losa to SoO.OOO.X siaUnt Buperlntendent of numbed 'of visitors JIaeearoal, Paints snd Olb, nml vourhf-m In my favor, ueen fitted or otfered tuts date. Tbe bnsmens will itereaiter; fe eon 10 io iifuotitfte ty narllew rimln lo Te act-I inf xl l.v Oyrm P. flilberl William Gilbert. CentralTlUlroaa antCoV4.C-8avage, (ov the hi te House was larger than Ine bt OiV authorltr lib 01 ui an ui riiyjei atular Uia Arm pama of CP.

Wm.UIL.BKKT. usual. Among the number was Gover Beituaie sacti lDRuain'ntK or cretua obll Th'eN followlnir la the 1 programme of 1 gationv, tnakBtntracUbrlucur eebtonmy nor Ashley, who took leave of the I'res- inccisMoxatioQvM iiki.i 1 Rccouni. Ident previous to his departure for Mon at Ogden. U.

wbo will settle tbe ooUtandtnu business of tbe Ute firm of Gilbert are authorized to collect all debts due toe same. r- ABEL GILBRUr, S.L.CM yf Aprt 1 IT; 18Q0. P. I LB ETtT. dl35 lm i i Wm.

OiLBEKT. a eocoanut whlio a gVoVe at his country seat. The necessary fixture1 for lighthouses at Honolulu and Ilila, and ev-eral other 4olnU. had beeCreceiveffiat Honolulu. --f A high chiefess of the ancient Hawaiian race died at Iiilo suddenly, and was buried at Honolula'witblionors There arecomplaintsof a limited busi-nesa this sprlng.

Xiiaf. ina nv LouUon.In tho Chancellor's Court to-day the case of the United States Vb. Colin MrRae; was- up Tor de cision. It was a bill to obtain' from the LUTHER S. TIENT, CH1-4 Oon tractor U.P.U.

ltoad. 1 Coal Oil, larre Variety of v-- "4, v''Fsney Groeerle. HARDWARIE tlKD Ml CULTURAL Xteapera and. Hewvrt, i'leirs, A4(llerx and Harness Trlniniins-, lana. Upqa receipt the announcement of Wm.

Carey; of Galena, Illinois, who has been con firmed assessor of Internal the Jaat raitWing laldjjk salute from the artillery ill be given from "Arsenal i Revenue in Utah, declines the appoint ment. v- vjilstrumenis- Sufjgical OTIiR st ck Fifty-one assessors of Internal Reve Hill," IherCouTt House City Hall. Flaes will then bd nnfurled from the nue were aiiointed Vesterdsy: the ma ar j- VUU5MU ui a mil nnui iiucu vi LlNMRYrt, a- ai mt fM a. a mT Vai bTT at aj-ia defendant, on accounted of principal bnUdlngt; odces aqd -private jority wcro for Pennsylyaula die rwlJenccs in th. trfctd kirk, dppilnUc ted Kpadea, SbOTels.

Kakes, lloen, ftpadinr Ferk; ay Forks, J' KbelfTIard ware ceat variety. 1 AnTUs, Bellows, Vices, 1 Nails, Iforse Xails. Spliies, iiarneas 'and Bridle Leaf her, Deor IVoelcs, Pad Locks," Largest ci best Stock in the VestH Bands will discourse music from the while acting Jas agentifor the Con fed Minister resident to Uruguay. rieveral most suitable posltons for the public rate Cn vice Chancellor said there was no evidence to ahq w.that Internal Iievenue appointments were slso gratlflcatlon, and at the meeting In the I a4 -f -3 Wi A Wwhlnirton Special says the Span- any 'money or goojDeionRtng' to tne Ht.

CHICAGO. Lnkf DRCOGISiTS, 114 Horse and Mule Shoes, Cutlery, Jd 4 Bwtia. lllnsrea. commence one hour 1 1. hlnlnllfrln filaAmfl rlnht aalltatiti ivulah.

jllOOH 8K1RT8. and a line aeiecUon 1 'JOrn o' FANCY DRESS GOODiaod, SPADING FORKS. A11DKN MUSS, Vf- pa6 icons, nd A ireneral Aswyrtment or HARDWARE, AttttoueAtt are offering i isn minister uas miormeu tue ciate uci ed from his right as successor to the after firing the ialuter 'fj partment that should this country re DEALERS in Physicians' Stock, Raddle Bags, Masnsue Maehtoe. Elastic liose.Cratcbes. ever The follawlnff eentlemen will then cognize the belligerent rights of th Atomizers, Douches, Fine Chemicals, reached Uie Judgment Cubans, paln will regard It as a decla h-: deliver speeches Uited to the occasion Gov.

C. "Wilson Hon given i iivavor of Jthe "defendaii.t, ration of war, and will authorize the m.8iMl for cries aisf and JUlnstrated Cata rimtmmmlM aaae. bert qnaUtr linil very ATf iiO IGTJltlf.S.r logue. tiii-i iii 4122 2.i: fitting out of privater, which must do li U. A.

Bmlth, Mayor D. II. Wells, Hon, iMadrld. A Carllst conspiracy, has a 'i wnee. Platter, Cortnd nlslien Happies.

'mutmlmMBnSm HAISB1TT HIUDLEY. been discovered at Barcelona: thirty- John Taylor, HoaU'W; JI XHoopferiri ii, 1 1 nira, WMh Jowls nnd PKebera, The Bcnooncr UrapcaAoj, which it was reported had sailed lor Cuba, with six arrests have been far in connection with the aflat fjcMany 'army During the meeting, the Memorial of the Ctah'XegUlatdre of 1S02-S, calling oluuteers, stilt lies at this harbor. A CLASS WARE; oClcera are implicated' Important "pa large number of Hneneer rtfle. for the TIIE the attention of Congress to' he ad van; rEori.tra; TKAMNGf syoitE, TOOELE Spanish, were forwarded hy the Colum pers, containing the details of the plot, have been seized, i lYllLLirjERY. TtJST RECEIVED, by Express, a eood assort bian to day.

Lcfusul Tlurub palled In tagi Resulting from the Great High Tsmblersr i' 11 lass Diahea. Xapplea. London: Thenousr6r Commdns lborucr of Main Sl Vln St HJS.Qowsns, Agent. the iirat vesel, -r, .4 way, and urging its earliest practicable has resumed the consideration of the mral of LAttlEa' and clIlaJRE9rR CYUCJtatnau will be read. Irish Church -OlIIA Oeorge-Jeakinaon.

formerly oiocsaae runner, auu a 'M a tkjnsexvaUve -member Co p2xarth KEEPS constantly mi bsnd a lareand ebolee AMortmrat or DKY CiOOUM wlDX GROCE-K ICeW-r Ahtq MlOVfBIOyH of -ry lwrlptlon. Travelers tu HIUTU PIHE and cau he SQffplletlQn reasonable ternns. iVwiw i i di(lJtw7 6m very rat vessel, leituere yesterday: it la Jsrii Celevy 1 MATS. LAlso Kood article of UOM K-HADE liATa tor -aJe Cintap; at OlTK BlXK3C-ANlA-rLXJr EAST OF THXATKK. Wiltshire, moved to strike out the rumored that she carried munitions of clause providing for the THE CHALOXKlt CAKC wAr for the v' :3, In large varietfy, 1 dl2l lm 1 1 fc 14 i rZmw York.

It i htAtl tlmt tha Maynooth college from Church funds. nvtt, After a debate the amendment was re- 1 1-i French cablu ksuiipfcDy will land the yester The telegraphic despatches. agalrfetisr-rtie tjlatfsei -TIATORALIZATIOrn snore end 01 tue cable Uapo May. whence three main linen will deviate. contained a "brief allusion 'to the originally introduced were adopted.

I I a tll. 1 .1 1 110 ijvv waes, were wuh fy aeuWtal of Cbaloneri by at one to Washington, another-to Plilla Ice iThaaltrdayare comlnp, but tbe pablte can aeepbemselves eoot by calling at 3. K. ClaAWSOXS ICE BEAM BAXOOIV, THlSTBlCTr.COJinT.lFp.BalHE 1 Bavai Bv aav a a a A hb. a am.

A. aa I arafih8'Hrteshire staises by" i'rident delnhiv and a third i along the shore Quehec.for shooting hia alster'a seducer. Ai I K'-- north, 1 to The steamer, 1HIKU JUUICIAL-UISTRICL TU trial ri as excited far ruor Uanyr witn eavo franco lu diuary Interest, owing- to tba position -ttFlLuie to sewioaoijBArjifrJATjtbasib: 1 1 a purpose ol It.l.. Kak. II ns i iiiJiocicty of the parties and the youth Where a ntpiv olhls Bommer- delicacy, and alenflVffU flfCUl bVn.RQ' aival Id John KInnard and Oeo.

like perfumes are -oftertf derived from fulneaaox the so-calied murderer st. kept on hand. 4f aumuiiDK aliens to uizeuraip. now eligible are resMenU in the United States for fire ears, and In this Territory one year lt tbo IVeclaratUsn of Intention two years oust. Alio murderers or a negro, family ifi.Lewis the most repulsive sources; gas tar gives the magenta and mauve.sQ Xashinuahla Whltaker.

the was an enslsrn County; sentenced to be bung i to eiviiu i i DIuk lSMlu; 1 Eetter Piper, Jl--. lens, Peoliolders, Pass Books 1 Tne lleraorandnm Hooka. fichool Books, Wlllsons ReadersV i i Ueorraahlea, timmniRrs, -ui. Arltliiaetieiigtaei fteui i Wa won particularly call Abe attention of lour patrons to our Splendid Assortment of. cdbKiriG- Stoves "Which we offer AS LOW AS THFT CAN BlIiOUGlXr in this Market.

a i i Tbe Public are respectfully Invited to call and examine oar Itetall stock of lu iho C2rd regiment; he waa consider lhoswho tiare arrtved wltbin the limit not tUe morrow. of aeni, the isnme United TSiaidT under tbe see or elgbteen and Washington. Gen. Terrill. of In ed the hsudjwm'est man In the regi buuivc, nuuuces orange anu yellow bava attained their majority; applicants will eovern themselves acconttnely and brine their diana has been appointed Third Assist tones, lbe beautiful i color ultramine ment, and was only twentytwo years ant 1.

WU In place of Zevely. formerly made of lapis lazuli 'and of kge.HIs handsome appeaninco and sArtl tstblissif fm tpj.UCTi. 1 ill jI a ii Kerr In: the billiard tourn' was rajr too preclousf aa 'article-to be used by' tbe calico Printers- hht xlh JUAT RECEIVED FROM THE EAST. FOUR LOIDS OF VJGOIIS. wiunincr manners had enabled him to Qoldthwaite to 1.141, the average modern chemist, having discovered the elements of which it is made, now builds win the alTcc tlous of Iss Ch alo the power he had thus obtained was iiiteeu auu anair.

in ine evening. Foster beat leery; to 900; Foster's 1. op arunc.aiiyv This is 1 one -of ithe Parties wtubinc to paTcnase wagons by the Ciar Load, will do well to call and see us. .20 Set rAXa.lBreeehin CoaeordllTai a number of Xtoek Island Moliene her he ued lo elTbct lief avers po waj twenty-three and a half. most siriKing results 01 scientinckno To-morrow evening the deciding game ruiu.

When the fact 1 became ledge, and was probably the first trU X'lows or sll sizes. i All of the above W41I be sold ClXEAr. for the-s prize, will ba nmpu of synthetlcal-chcmistrv. The kuowu' young Chaloner, thbugh-ouly nuao.puo agaiosfr xcery. it costly pigment that we treasured up is now made artificially at, one shlllinit seyenteeu year ot age resolveiV-io Mrm.

JLgtntM Jor r. BcXuitter't Chlcaoo Wagon. Wajj-ons made to order front best material. Cincinnati. A bold attempt was avenge the outraged honor of his fami nernoiiudl -Tha mfcihod.nfar.nlvihw.

it made to assassinate policeman on his 27fc 29 Ilandolpli St, Chicago, I Tw i 5(norea Krolhers ii A FOUR MULE TEAM FOR BALE. beat atone o'clock this morning. Matt. to cloth is yery ingenious.i it la in ly, and for that purpose, on or about the Boinabie, how was it to be -made1 to1 ad McCardi, a desparado, who- has often been belong the courtfor assault and Wm hove dov in. fttore'ooa of the BEFORE rURCHASINQ We have stock: a splendid assortment of ,.1, t.

tilt i'li Clottilnff." I 1 i fitlt laT--e vai-lety tieavy andUffut -i i NHtnmer Cloth fnjr. very s. 1 flMla' tlnlf IIau. i.hi!a kl Stale Road, oppbiite Seventies' here to the material? Chemist an rink where Whltaker and, some, of his battery, stole upon," and behind oClcer swered the question by mixing it with URSE5T tEST-r IZD CHEftFESTTSTCCK fellow onieers were. ependlng the after Bennett and placed a jour-shooter with albumen: wnleb, coaulatlntf byhear.

lu twa Inches of his hed and snapped noon. The ensign waa one' bf the last 1 i fixed it firmly on the fabric tcwhteh' lt "was applied. The waste heaps of spent IttiMceT'Without discharging' Ben? Tlrer ofrerel for sal In the West. will sell FOR TUB 'SEASON to depart, and onpaaaing into the street i Undersold Over v.l iiu Hats, Caps, nt'jt) oenta time nod coarse Shoe' 1 t-s Jioya snlts, low, 1mxi Ctd rw i rTrt KAKT OK nett turned and collared: the would-be mauaer were lormenyagreat nuisance, WfJT, tnaUHAUAMKi; ACTION. ho was confronted hy the boy Chaloner, ana were ouen turown away, or course a assassin and knocked him down with his mace, and got two more blows In.

Bnyers comnUiifi Uielr bwn'lntere rllt do revolver In hand, which lie Imtnediatle xjsjn- jjhis, vsra into mesa great earners streams and sou in can en1 hfArft rmrchnxin im In -flKO AND FROM THE ana buoes, rivers hence the water In thexneiirh Two-byalandera. Interfered and, pre ly dUcharged hlnj; ajlng "you i a-jU Jj rftlK' i vented a fatal reuit. AlcCardi wad borhood of dye works was always point know what that The ball missed badly, but not mortally wounded, about tlVV IVI rw WMM.VVaTs VTV ed; it is now louna.inat afieast; one-: WS WW t. V7 VfatJ ITT VJARpSPninGlBATHS. I liltakef "ana he' and Chaloner Imme- the head: he was Uken' nUtloil I third of this hitherto waste product can a itii e- be snvert hyr llng-treatcd Trith a hot id It i iJ riAcn diately closed and strujsled.but the laNl hoaxe and of attempting ter 'managed to discharge a pev-ond bar-1 assassination was.

lodged against him. r.3 fTHE niCES1 EEs SUCH aS Y.1LL.u1iE i Satisfaction to.euyersp acid, Trusslan 'the U' jna from i t. im trith, tkl effect: tha hall iwiegatea irom tuo faloou keepers' pieces or norse -a yoor, or woolen I avAfntl ifl onnvantlnn 4 materials, by fusion iicn.aA& tl through the brain of Whlitaker. ncr last night; 8U IxjuU, Chlcc-o, Will leave the Rait Lake House every Horning at Klgut o'clock, and at every HOUR tbrouah the Cay, calling st ail the principal "i n.XESQVDS'"' tlliO-tt i Probrieuir. kali.

"A few years ago tho scientific General Superintendent world was startled by the announce Chaloner was suuseueuny air.rvti Cincinnati, cpringucui, Illinois, I.

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