The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 1948 OUT~OUR BTATHEV1LLK (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MZIUILL 6CAO, tXZSArA YbU THOUGHTFUL VJlTH TH6 COMER. T A DBAMWIC wvetune OF we YlCXZt FOR tHfe FAMOUS CRITIC, WHV, IF WE HAD . EVEN •LOOCHEDAT ^ A JOB WE'D HAVE * BEEM SNAPPED OUT OF rr LIKE A .> JACKIMAROX// f-^_ J ./ WELL,TAKING SOME LIKE THIS WITH ' I LEAVE WITH SUCH HORRIBLE MEMORIES AS VCXJ --K ) IAVE OF Keep (X O&TRlCWtS ACCORD Hefte US STILL VJ6T, AND r, THtVlt FIND MIE RIGttr HER* —"fo ASK 'it>tj N! i YOUM6 MENI E A GOOD IMPERTINENT REASON »B.tniS tJN Bur MINO wo ----: WHATEVER IT is. i WONT WHV MOTHFRS GET 6RAV She waived away with llofiodif Im ve dollari In her nurse »nd Uu owclcr's assurance thnt he conic >romise a large sum for her later r, °" , day1i * ht ? svlll e ! w « K»t t° the fifth Inning hav. to go to b,d whits it's still light .nough to finnh the Supreme Court To Hear Charge Against Spinners .V, June 2. (TJP) — The U.8. Supreme Court yesterday agreed to hear a government demand (hat four cotton mills were guilty of an unfair labor practice for refusing to let employes use a community hall for organization meetings. The Fount) u. S. Circuit Court of Appeals threw out an order by the National Labor Relations Board di- trecting the companies to permit use ^jf the h»U for th» union meetings. You Ar« Cordially Invittd to Visit The Xl Accessory Shop Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie^ Srlte Hotel Noble Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. <t BIytheville Glass Co. Jo« Atkins Bldg. HWJ. II So. Auto Glass Instiled While You Wait Sofety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture «nd Desk Tops We Also Do Caulkin*! Phone 3742 f. A. Stanley, Owner Political Announcements The courier News has been Authorized | 0 announce the follow'•"• candidates, subject to the * COUATr TREASURER f>ank Whltworth COUNTY COURT Ct.ERK Elizabeth BIythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNT* ASSESSOR Herbert T. Sliippeu 8TATK REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards I* H Autry H. K. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukle." Speck For Count; Judo TJ oIniui Green Fielder Peery For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chlskasawabt Township) J. Robert Cro**kno Radio Service ! at in Best! I I All New FM J ! Test Equipment • J All Service Guaranteed • i BIytheville Sales Co. j Felix Carney ', Phone 3616' «_138 E. Main ee «u]dltr font nBd In volte of her Oft qMBjiBo. Al To«'« lAaNttBce. ahe |* llrlaK with ».(• Mother Bnd aimer, I.HrT. while lie U overBf:ia. The? ore working people «nd Je«*lcjt, »e- cuMtumi'd tu laxary. trie* !• vain M»d or life. TOBI'M ilvler !• cool lo her Bud hlo uiolhcr oBeBlr o.n- tB£OB.j*ll«. Je««lcB goe* !• the Blr- porl (or •» »•!!••' vac Huxdar BtlerBOUB nnd »• KltraellTe ma« pick* m eoBvernattOB W||B her. While Hhe •Urnurnice* him, the- InclJeBi c'vea her pride Thr lifr It neeJn. UeliTvilncd lo xrek Independence for hrr»elt nnd hr-r IWO-year-nId dBUKhter. Itelftj. he- fnro 1'om'M return, the mke« • ralB-Bbfe Tin* 'thnf hud BrlnnKed to ker Mother dowBtow*. far mm- vrnlinl oad MBle. » * o XI PHE sky was brilliant, the air crisp nnd exhilarating. Jessica was excited and a little breathless as she pushed open the heavy plate-glass door of the jewelry shop. A little later the lovely cluster o( diamonds lay winking up at her on a pad of black velvet and aft elderly man with keen gray eyes regarded first tht ring and then Jessica. "Yours?" he asked sharply. "Mine?" She stifTened. "I beg your pardon?" He apologized. "There are all sorts of people in a town like this and we hove to be careful. Thii is a particularly beautiful and valuable ring. I should like to have time to examine it carefully if you care to leave it.** Something in Jessica's face must have shown her disappointment for he picked up the ring again, studied it for a minute, and said, "I'll advance a twenty-five dollar deposit on it. You may return it if you decide not to sell." Jessica bit her lip. She hadn't planned to return. Twenty-five monds brilliant. Suddenly someone Just behind Jessica said, "Let me see that ring, Joe." In the mirror before her Jessica jaw a (ail thin man with unruly black hair and very light eyes. He was thin-lipped and arrogant. He reached around her and picked up the ring in spite of the jeweler's movement to cover it with his lingers. He said, "This is a honey. How much is it?" • • * 'J'JIE jeweler's glance wavered. In that moment Jessica knew that the man was a good customer tnd one the owner disliked lo offend, and that he was uncertain and embarrassed. She, herself, despised the thin man. His coal impudent stare which swept up and down her. Those hard, insulting eyes and his arrogant manner. The jeweler found his tongue. 'The ring is not (or sale. The young lady brought it in for appraisal," he explained. . The man dropped the ring. His cool glance hinted that he regarded Jessica as a pauper. "I'll lake the ring with me," said Jessica icily. "I've changed my mind about selling it." She snatched up the ring and dropped it in her purse and lett the store, walked a block and real- ixed she hatl acted like a fool for no reason. No harm to have appraisal on the ring. Also, there was the twenty-five dollar deposit She passed a store window and saw a coat which would look won derful on Betsy. She retraced her steps, entered the store and said lo the jeweler "I was fooiish to leave but I didn't want that man to h»ve my ring.' He smiled and said, "He ha! plenty ol money to par a good price for what he wants and he dollars—that would repay Mary Belle and leave her five over. She smiled. "Very well." The ring lay on the black velvet, , . „„„ „„ •he gold soft and yellow, tht dia-lciding not to sell," she said. always knows what he wants gets it." Jessica handed him the ring "Probably I was too hasty in de- a sudden Impulse, shi entered the utorc she hac lasscd earlier nnd purchased tin "oal for Betsy. Kidceir-dolhrs. Sin ell reckless and extravagant bui ileased with herself, l^ler sht would repay Mary Belle Evan.i vho was now married to Taj ilaydn and didn't need the money. She was hot and a little tired. 5he was just a block from Iho llayflowcr HoLel. She paused, walked forward clowly and hesl- atcd before the entrance. What un to «o inside and visit the Ter- •oce Room. Music, > cool drink. She'd had no lunch and was hun- Her feet carriod her into the lobby and up the Liltle flight of. steps In the direction of'lhe music. A moment later sh« was >t a table by herself watching th« smartly dressed people seated about her. There was an afternoon :ea dnnce in progress. Jessica relaxed and greedily ale her sandwich, sipped her drink, and lls- lencd to the music. A voic« said, "Hello. What luck to find you here!" Jessica gave a liltle gasp of as- VEKMEER her tonishmcnl. The man smiling down at was- the man of the airport. "You're alone?" he asked. And at her nod pulled out a chair and sat down. "I was just about to leave—" He shook his smooth mown head. "This is too good," he said firmly. "I've been thinking about you all day and wondering just how I could find you. f came downtown on a business trip and thought I'd drop in for a quick drink. Now you and 1 must tMv« •ne together." She abjectcd weitkly, She hart a guilty feeling that she should not have come, that the should leave at orrce. She should not feel this flood of happiness because a man admired her and talked sheer nonsense—but such wonderful nonsense when you hove been bound and restricted and denied any fun for ages! (To B« Continued) Spinning Co. and three sister cot- The government then appealed to I ton mills at North Belmonl N O the .supreme court. | The companlcs owned the onfy The order was against the Stowe | available public meeting hall in the _, —,— „. ........ . . town. It customarily was used for all community meetings. In 1944. the Textile Workers Union (OIO) began an organization drive In the town, use of the hall - was denied employes and union. , One scheduled meeting was held on f the street outside the hall, according to the board, but no subseauent j ! NOW! meeting-place won available. The lower court agreed with the ' board that the employers "were motivated by a desire to impede unionization." But it ruled that the companies were exercising valid property rights In denying use of the hall. mee h«s meetings v, , held It was a, custom to exchange egg on New Year's Day In aVf lent, . Paris, the egg being a symbol of no I the beginning of life. at FOUNTAINS! Everywhere! ; K. M. 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