The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1931
Page 8
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KKIHT Poise and Smartness Make Fashion Model Ki'flfs K\plaJnliiK the Contract Syslcnu 111' W.M..K. McKKNNEY Smrlury Anirrlfan bridge O'.vlir,' are examples show- Ing JiOtt- to apply the pilch raimt. Then' are two different South liimds ami three 1 different North hands. Following Hie card ' yon will tee it imiill figure In parenthe- MORTH (PARTNER) (A) (B) AQ-7-3-2 (2', AK-7-3-2(3); VA-8-3 4J-9-5 4.J-6-3 (D (1) VA-8-3 *J-9-5 therefore If partner opens the bidding firbt, third or fourth hum! Y.'ilh one no trump, you should Jump to three no trump, while If he opens sccorvl hand with a no trump, you should only no Hump. to two -C a (C) AK-7-3-2 VA-8-3 4J-9-5 *K-6-3 (3) (4> (1) (3) I . ^ 11 . SOUTH (DEALER) NO. 1 AA-J-5 VK-7-4 4 K-Q-3 *10-8-42 (5) (3) (5) (0) '13 NO. 2 'AA-J-5 (5) VK-7-4 (3) « K-Q-3 (5) *Q-3-4-2 (2) EIrftanre aud ilhtinrlinn.. .me And JiPrr you sen her In liftTfis:iry In nnv ; hr.illi Ihe inodrls us tii Ihc jjown, s:ijs Cliilrc Cnuller Unset}. lirlihil sown, smitrt Iji its liberate |^;irl embroidery. Charming Claire Conller Has Advice for Wonlfl-Be Mannikins life. Every summer she spends tack In New Fnslnnd. "t (lilnk modelling Is the Brand- ret work In the woi!;l for a uli'l." shr- snld. "Your time Is your own. Von can make very good money if you work luird and, take youn work BV JUI.IA BLANSIIARD I re-inn in cr.nlact with (ho .spcctti- seriously. And 1 know of no work NBA Service Writer Mors. Not that they don't Ret fan 1 1n l!lc worl(1 l!lllt ls so enjoyable NEW YORK—You do not need mail— dial never bothered ai al " le snme l!mc 's so reiuuncm- lo be beautiful lo bo n surce^sail; g[ r i ypj,i fa;hion model averaging $203 a, prmr' si'.i-ccs«fnl fn?iilon models week in salary. IPO \ n f or uj[ 7y Hvinc. siien-liiii; all do not. even have lo b= : ihrv mi-ke. bul '[he majority of| PfCUfl Gl'OVC tive niut alio Midi :i liberal crtuci'- ! lion." lhr! tol , rton ., ijjrncl murh mom 1 }' nn ' mrinv of (lie lirsl -groomed slum- i You attractive! Bul— You musl have a flair fcr wear- Ing clothes smarily nn-1 well, any type of clothrs, perfectly in sta-s 12, H or 1C. You must have n self-confidenco that gives you poise \vhen you walk, sit, stand. Tbis is an outline of the fashion model situation ns given by Claire Coulter, the model who rot only Imppens lo be at the top of the ladder right this minute, with mere appointments offered than she could ever fill, but the one |<ier nn "more "(linn \KO ami a who refused Mile. Gabrielle Chau-1 y cars . Because mojdlln Jtr Alfr d sis—thcso represent the total count r or each suit. The figure at the Mllom is the total connL for the land. The count, as previously explained, is ace four, king three, ciuecn.t\vo, Jack one. • • * Hand No. 1 In hand No. 1, South, the dealer, counts four in the spade suit for Ihe ace and one for the Jack, giving him five for spades, three for his klii'j of hearts, three for the king of diamonds and two for the queen ot diamonds, and nothlnK for the club suit. His grand total therefore, Is 13—sufficient to open Ili'.sl or second luind, but not strong enough for a third or fourth hand bid ns third hand requires a count of 14 while fourth hand requires a count of 15. • • . Hand A Holding hand A, If your partner opened first or second hand with a no trump, you, wilh only a coun of eight, should not bid two m trump. Your, partner has advertise] a count of 13 only. As yon Imvi only a enunl of eight, the combine! count of the two hands may on!; count 21, nncl ns a count of 22 i required lo bid two no trump, you proper declaration is to pass. How ever, if partner bid Ihlrd or fourt I hnml. you should raise to two no i trump. Hand B was Hie guest | with hand B you Imve an addi- Hand No. 2 , Driller's hand No. 2 lus a i]w better than hand No. 1 which fives | • -. It fln additional count of two, or a ('); j total of 15. This hand is strong ntiugli to open the bidding In any osillon with one no trump. If you •crc first' hand nncl, openeci will nc no trump and partner, with and B. were to bid two no trump, on should go to three no trump us partner has shown ft total count of \ ine — you hold 15 — therefore the ombincd count Is '24, sutllclcut for lircs 110 trump. Copyright, 1931, NBA Service. Inc.) * . Bargains for Saturday and Monday Ever-Good Sliced Center <i |" i Cuts Ib. 35c, Whole or Half, Pound PURE LARD 11 1C l.b. 112 Mixt'd Sliced Hlack- imC iiiiwu. u>. 1/2 R1TZ THEATER Friday and Saturday Warner Olaml in Charlie Chan Carries On' with John Garriek, Marjoric Wliitc Story by Earl Dcrr Diggers Best R C Baby Beef Shoulder Clod, Ib. 19& Thick Rib !b. 14c, Brisket, pound 1 PORK SAUSAGE „, PORK RIBS u, 18° I PIG LIVER 1? 1C NT u>. \.Li $ ••• • — — sj 10 (; I MMOTVuL- J K C baby beef club or Thick Rib, pound SALT JOWLS ;,10 C Also Comedy Fables Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 and 35c.. Ritz Theater Special Morning Matinee— 10:30 A. M. poo their own hair ami mrmlraro | of >Miss Allie UiHlnln at Lone Oak,, t | on[1 i C0lm t of one in the spade llii'lr o«u nails aud save tholr sundny. ( nllt Am lo ()lc fnc( t ,,j, t you ,,„,,, money! Win 1 ? Prril In Popularity "Modelling Is unique In one w:iv." OWr^ explained the reason for tliis camu'ness. -,\ ulrl nmv b^ able- lo (.."n'lnue n:mlcllin~ fivo years successfully. 1ml ccrlnlnly no more. I shcuVl estimate that • can stay tit the top of the liui- i and Mrs. Taylor Jackson were guests of, Mrs. A. C Drittaiu of l.oiv? Onk, Sunday. Mis^ Louise Kmory spent tlnv with Dink Daniels. Miss Blanche Pinter- and Sun- V"lnm Johnson of Manila visilcrt Mis. Frank Birchett. Monday. Emory entertained [he kins ot spades instead ot the queen. Now. it partner were to bid one no trump first or third hand, showing a count of at least 13, you should jump lo two no. trump ns Miss | the combined count of the two hands is nl least 22. However, if partner bid otie no Irump second ha . el's offer to work In Paris because , only ' profcwlnn I crn ' think of j * I|SS Mi| dr«l she felt "Anurica offers much more lv h rr o the wrv thliw Iliat c'l', ynu ! """' of Mlsscs opportunity than France." to Hie top kills ynl ,-p 0 pi,lari:y. hl .' tl:un - Su » > halt' " " u " lllor °J, S' OU "S I K() l> lc nt lllc1 '' onlv be 21 and therefore you should th" ""'- Tl " ls day light wlh a dance, 'pass • • ' HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Buck Jones Greatest of Outdoor Stars in 'The Avenger' *. . with Dorotliv Rcvier ••••t . You'll' thrill to the ilnrini; deeds! "Indians Arc Coming, No. 8 and Cartoon. opportunity then France.' Queen of Beauty, Ton Miss Coulter happens to possess i for them" all the qualifications that she discussed, both these yon do and do'iirrs of Lucius was Alllc nll<1 the If partner were to bid one no trump fourth hand, however, lie would be required to hold 15 and HENS Dressed l,b. Z8 >1C VEAL ROAST ,.„. 14 C Fancy Louisiana, Pint '££33 and Juicy Size 176 POTATOES No - l R ^< 35 C CABBAGE Is'esv Green l.l>. GREEN BEANS Frei .V IT? CARROTS BBd BEETS™. 5 C Adni. Matinee and Night — 10 and 25c. Flrsl. everybody wants vou'to nose; ««• Toinmlc Bells Is visiting rel- l)wrelorc , vvl(ll your colml ot „,„,._ ••- ••-•• Afler a v.-hilc you have !ltlvcs "' M'sso'"-' <l«'s week. I Mr. Leonard Andrews is recover- A new model' " l !? [rcm n s(>rlolls tlll>C5s Mrs. Ingratn RITZ THEATER HOME THEATRE singular grace for she Is'flvc feet ta,l and ' '" "" "' ' iiol to save. Dccr.mlre 0«n A;).irlmrnt Mr. nncl rMs. Henry Richardson . were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. I Homer Lucius, Sunday. I Mr. nnd Mrs. L. F. HorlRe \vcre i Blylheville visitors. Wednesday. Mixes Mildred nnd Virta. Lucius It was R wedding dress that gave Claire her first start up the laddrr c,f success. Born in Portland, Me.; and raised In n convent frcai the' Claire herself lives in a smart shopped in Ulythcvllle Wednesday. time she was left an orphan quite' apartment, she has dcroratcd her- young, she had never done any- sclf - n verv modern bcrtrcom. a FORT McRAE ENHAXGKUE1) work at all until two years ago 'charming o'.rt Colonial living rcom. PENSACOLA. Fia. (UP)—April last winter. Sunning in Palm Trlle to l!l ' r convent Iratnins, she gales so undermined the Beach one day with friends. fhe' fe " s beautifully, makes nil ot hrr of historic Fort Mciiac here that i K * n l>»'f, can turn 'e::t the mcs! it- probably will fall into 1'emacola Sunday and Monday Program mentioned that she -was going to i have to po to work. "Why not model?" they asked lier, .as they all watched a fashion show in progress along the board walk. "I came back to New York, went to a studio that books fashion models and asked for work." she told me simply how she bejan. "They sent me to a photographer for test pictures and when T went back three days later, they had shown the finished pictures to a shop that wanted some model te pose for a bridal gown picture wh 1 had not posed commercially. I got the Job!" "That is the usual procedure." she told rne. '"Onca you get started you should work conwlc-n'io;;<- ly and hard ani above all b^ obliging and let them tell you exactly how they wnnti you to stand, to sit' to look, if th?y wan! to. After all It Is their clothes they arc photographing, not yourself. Once the\ • get confidence in you they wilt let you uss vour own Jud^moni." They Get Fan Mail Claire Coulter pricked tcv Illusions In a direct way. Fashion models are never botrf cred by unpleasant advsncfs. usually are booked bv an agcnc' that arranges all (heir hours ir, them, they go and ccme on sc'neil ule, usually work with some hi^ ' class and thoroughly rlivjtab! photographer and when they mod ' tl for fuhion khnwit th*r rt prefers omelet in il:e world, but bay during the next storm, engl- bi:sines= to hniuckcepini,'. nccrs believe. The fort was bulli ,. Shr> drives her own phaeton, rkles in s by t!:e Confederate government horseback dally in Central Park uith slave labor to bombard Forl ? breakfast, adores Hie the- Picket across the harbor, tcr but decs net i.ire for social 1 - Corns Conic Out Without n Murmur; Tain Gone At Once—Guaranteed. I WAFERS THIN' AS 1'APKU ' SHOKS DON'T HURT "I n'ver saw their equal: 1 Yank •orns richt cut by the roois and irver a pain or *lm;. U's n joy 0 s;ick an 'O-Joy Ccru Water' on 1 (endrr. aehy corn. Away ROCS -aiu Immrciialely and thru later ".it comes csi:ci:s. rctn. roots and 11. Sli;) st;o:s riirht 6n—they von't hurt. O-Joy Corn \Vaf-rs re Ihin as piper. Slcp u;in<? u-ly luinin^ acids and dou^lmut p!as- ?rs. Thousards of people torliited uth cerns have Joyfully praised 3-Jny Wp.fers. Results atsolulely uarantced. Six wafers for 10 ccnii —Adv. 2 FOR SALE Stoneville N'o. 1 planting scoti inch and sixteenth staple, saved before any rains, big boll, easy picking, turns out \vcll at gin. Price $50.00 per ton. Less than ton S3.00 per hundred or will exchange ono for two for good prime seed. J.H. Smart, Sr. 1123 frcst Main Phone 551 Mark Twain's Gift to 10th Century— Will Hojcor's Gilt to the 20th Century. j llhcre is what you have in "A CONNECTICUT YANKEE": 1. A Great Star, known all over the world. 2. A Great Story read by millions for two generatioi's. 3. A Great Cast of big names. •t. Mark Twain, America's best beloved humorist. 5. The Best of Good HH- mor at a time the country is crying for laughter. I Comedy — Charley Clia.<e— j "HOUGH SKA AS". ONIONS Kcil Clulie L> in c •I Lhs. 1U LEMONS r APPLES Fimcy Win rJ!;,,25" •ft Juniljo Stalks Each POTATOES F;mcyN T^18 c Down It Comes, 23 oz. Pullman Loaf 9c, 1 dozen large panrolis 5c ? 12 oz. regular ioaf, each STRING BANSsiUf No. 2'/ 2 Courier 9 TO ourier 9 T 2 Oins t)3 SALMON Chum 1 AC C;in 10 MEAL Dixie Cream Cream itC 21-M). Sack 4-1. APPLE BUTTERn^!r£. If TCIATOES^ 28 ^^ PINEAPPLE ^iL^J CATSUP Bottle IH Each ll GARY COOPER SYLVIA SIDNEY Spring Brook Creamery SUGAR In Cloth lings 10 Lbs. m Country Club. All Flavors OAC 3 1'kjrs. A) PlCKLliS Sour or Dill 01C Quart £1 LARD Compound S-!.li. 1'ail CRACKERS C. C. ore 2-I,h. liox PICKLES Swertor8w - J S 31° with Paul Lukas, Wynne Gibson. \ I-ove and Courage — Pitted jasainst a Kntl.less Fate! Comedy and Cartoon Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c. I Coining—Marlene Dcitrioh in' —• ' "DISHONOUED". Coming—"K, 1 Pet or Car- 3 large or nation 6 Small 2 Pkgs.- Fancy Evaporated Mi. Lastest News. Matinee- L 10-25 and -!IV. Night— 15 nnd 'I0c. GINGER ALE M ^< 14 ^ » " Silver Mine, Petit Pois 2 Cans PRUNES Fresh Stock Oh^ 1 !,bs. ^ I AST LYNNE." SEM22CK33EJ53K Waxwel! Kcuse Canova Sunset Gold • CORN 1>rillc of Illinois cn

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