Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1896
Page 8
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Apron Day, Today Only, For'the Poor.. For the Rich. Anybody. For Everybody. Our Eastern'touyerjhaving purchased all the Aprons of a large Eastern Concern at a remarkable Sacrifice, we propose to give you the benefit Today-by giving you prices on Aprons tor less than you WU buy the material. ! APRONS JN WHITE AND COLORED. 0 Come Everybody and get an Apren at your own price; THE GOLDEN RULE. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. The wall-knoWQlSDeclalla-s-ot New York have appointed D, A. HA.ITK HI will', (or thalc c6!e'.Ki»t«l Spoctiioles and By Classes, evorr pi'lr guarRnteed. t D A HA.UK lias coiiislete assortment and Invites all ti satisfy iliewselves of me stoat .superiority nt tUese »oo<U ovw , w minafactured, at the store of D. A. II AUK, 3ale;agflDt for L unsportInd. Ho Peddlers Supplied. Fire Works The largest und most complete asaort- in the city., intending having home dis- of fireworks coine'to us and we * win fix you out. We have all sizes ot tla^, bunting, Kantems, etc. Burgman Cycle Co DAILY JOURNAL Pay your natural gas bills before July 10. hec the Chicago g'rls race in bloomers at the Driving park July 7, 1896.'.. ., I A preacher down to Oklahoma,!Is dc- .C'Vei'iiHg a SCOTS of senmons on thi;. subject: 'Tro on the'Olds'Side." Prlrtce Btaimurck derives ana.uuualta- oomie of $227,750 from tlie various' Industries to'which, he "is .interested... A 5-yeaT-old son of Charles Williams, living six. miles south of tlhe city was quite badly Injured Friday morning;-by being klt-ked by a norse. In cases where dandruff, scalp diseases, falling and groynes^ of th'o hair appear, do not .neglect them, but 1 apply a proper remedy and tonic like Hall's Hair Renower. Boy Bcgley and Harry Kapi). ^who were arrested Friday night for shooting ilre crackers wore arraigned befpre -Mayor McKee yesterday morning'and were discharged. • .... • \Vm. Gargen.il, of Elkhnrr, Elkhart aounity, escaped from- Long Cllffi; July 3d, wb'H'o walking In tlie garden and lias not yot been found. He was a mnn ef middle age, deuieauted condition plainly Miiiii'feslt to uu intelligent oli- jcrver was quiet'in disposition and not at all (liiiiigoroiis. Justice Walters yesterday deckled the caso of Jdhn- Bauta, swpervteor, against Joseph Delraven, (in employe at Long Cliff, in favor of the plaintiff. The case wUI be appealed. It will be . remembered that Delia von resisted an order to work the roads, cliitonlng thitt'he employed a main invtiuaii-y to work ..the roads at his home in Washington'town- ship. The uaHomi.1 reunion of the Harland family will be held at Glen Park, Richmond.!? from .August .10-.tp|-.20., ..-The H;u"land.,fMUlly ni'c .'. desccnden'ts'' v.of Sllcluiel and ..Mm Hartand^vyhb.cti nic to Amcidic'a'frani.Enfiia.ad'iii.l.G70 and settled in the;;Bnst; : .jTlie Jlev.'M. A.,Har.-' land and family of this'city,'a re".descend- «nts of the'family apd-wHl.attend-,-the jcnnion. It Ls estimated '-Hurt six'huh-' ..' dral will be present at tlie reunion. The consolidation, of fhe Natural and irtlflcinl gas- companies, makes the payment of bills for consumers: using 'both kinds "of gas much: more convenient.. The person paying for natural jas- wio Is also a user of the artificial .oan now pay both bills at the same time at the-company's office, 317 Penrl street. Alt bills-are due'and collectible,on the Mrst of each month with customary ten a&ya" grace. Bills far 1 . July, 1896 now. toeing due. ', '."..-; . '_:\*'~*1; TO 1 BE CONGRATULATED. The St. Luke's English Lutheran Church Nicely Repaired. The miMiibwwh-Ip of St. Luke's! English Luthorn cUurch are to be congratu- la-tod upon 1*e new improYinoiits re- ceutily made in the interior. An entire renovation of tlie auditorium has taken 'place. (The-walls and colling have been artlstaiilly repapored so.that tnc effect is tliat of fine freseoe work. .All Hie wooil work has be.em repainted iu white ensimel, and the cainpet is a very Iwind- somu pattern. Besides this ventilators luive been put in flic ceiling-, thus..adding materla-Uy to the comtort of the worslilppei-s. TUe entire work was dona under the supervision ot H. Wilur & Co., aaul IS a gi-esnt credit to'that outer- prising firm, as the room is pronounced as beautiful as anything in the city. Mr. C. A. Eberlcdu did the work con-' nucted with the ventilators. It was ex- pcctod to hold the reopemiug service^ last Sunday, but the sad double beivave- ment which the cliurcli suffered rucned the day Into one of mourning instead of rejoicing.' Tlie opening services will-be held today wirtfli tun probable erection of a parsonage later on, aud a Sunday school room, fflie completion of the tower aad aganist another seasom, our Luth- crau fiwkU will have a very desirable property, located in the very heart of the city, and with- an' entorgctlc people and an efficient set of cliurcli officials, the pastlnvelvu years luive brougiht this chwrch into a prominent position among the religious forces of the city. RESOLUTIONS. Whereas, .Evidence of cruelty not only to the lower antoiils, but to children and other members of tlic unman faiinLly as well frequently come to our knowledge and observation, and Wihercas, Such ci-uelfcy should not only be prevented bat those guilty of it pualslicd, tot they-and their cli'l- drcn may be taught the lietaioiisneas of such oil'ense, and •Wiioreas, Sucli work ain-not be ac coinpllMhed by, ludlvldnal action- but by united effort atone. Therefore, be it Resolved, Tiwt we uncompromisingly condemn nil acts of cruelty to humanity :iud to tlie lower animals and are determinedly -iu favor at tlie enforcement of the tows against all .forms of cruelty. Ilasolveid, That we call upon all good cttixous to jota tu'ttotlve effoi-ts to csu-ry out suuh laws and to aid In tin? suppression of cruelty. Revived, Tliat in• furtuerauce of this oud we c:Ul the attention'of tlic public to the Humane Society, which has just been organized in-this city, under the .name of Che Loganspou't Hum-aue So- clety, and urge ftH classes of our citizens to give M actilve support by b^com-' -lug members -to the association mid glv ; -Ing lit .sympathy and assistance in its . work. '.. Iiesolveil,.That tills .Society declares itoqie opposed to the cni'eloss .and un la-nifnl hablit-of allowing horses to stand hftclrod to hitching'poatfl'and. rings !» cold and stormy weaChar wichout being siitlielonffl-y covored wltli- blankoLs or properly, protected from- stxn-ms. Tliat lit opposes tlte a-buse of the oyercheck as used an horses;- that it condemns the ktlliiig of: birds-for mUlmery, prnpasesi or their.iivthlelss slaughter for .any pur pose. , -V • -';•. ' ... • , •-.' ' .-V • • ' . ' Resolved, That we'favor the circnla- .tilon of .iltcra'ture on Liuman'e enbjec.tsl; ;.th'o Education of chjldt'en la : ,tihe, sonie line, :ind hlie passage of .-ill legislation necysssiry to prevent or punish- cruelty. Resolved, Th'ntt we ' favor tha sfiibltelimuut' at publ'ic parks in. our e.Uy and -the miii'mSimuii-f and pru.tei-- tion fclKii-olii of 'Wrd.-Cga.Tne and snwillot .iiitnrails. To tlio end T.ha.t the children and 'their oldors iis well may obtain t'lvsh air and sniieHiline and bo educated as 'to -aniiiniia,l ttt'C iind iiabils and proper Immune i-oiiduc't toward brute orea- GARRET' AUGUSTUS?.' Mr, GiMtirut Augustus , ilobarr, who was iiwniiiMi-ted ait St.. Louis; Mo-, at the recent KojwMican, convention as the party's' c-uidiftlaic for tilic office or Vk-e- Frttsldenit of .the Uii'l'twl pates, U a man of ftf'lT-Uvo'yi'nis of a-gu., He is a Jeisey num'by .l>i:rli a.nd \yas born at Long Branch iii.'lS-i-t- He received- his whiciitton ait; Rutgeis college, and a-t'w'r a. «licrt appreiicteeshlp at', teaching school, took up. the. study of tlic law. bol-ng aitoi'Med. to t:hc bfi-r in ISGlVTbveo years afterwards he.becii-iiiii city counsel of I'atMsoii..'i'uid.'tiho. next yuju 1 coun- srf to t.ho boaird of c-li-osun freirhol-ders of Passage comity. 'Iu . lS|T2.'-he..was ulocted to the Sfai'te-legislsitiit'tv and.'On being re-elected t,]ie following year,-was ch-osen si>eakcr of the assembly. He de- uJin-ed a third cilect.lon.nnd devoted, him- syif to his law practice. In .iS.'Ojj'hOAV- evor. he wa.s.elccted.S-tato.-.sojij^&.;'be- 'V-outliig president of, ..the st'iurtcJ^ii'aSSO: From 1SSO to 1SS.1 1-i-e was elMrinaa ot, the Ecpublk-an State conviult'tce. and iu _.S4, bee-awe a member of the'National oomiiii!-t.-tce, ivhosc chalrmmishlp-.histian- mense business connections forcbtl 3iiiu to cl«'ll:ne. As a l;nvj-er Mr.'-.Hbllart iKis'been no less, euc.ces.si. .Hu wiw-re- coivor for'the New Jeiiscy -UidJandJRaH- yoad wropanV, tUe.ppsIderacy. of which he subsequently- OocUmcd, ami 'Of -the Montohiir itaiilroad company, thc-Jei'sey Cllry and Albany. Railroad wrapany, a-nd-the.FItst Nattonnl bank-oil Newack: It is, -however,/na-,a.-water wprks:.mon tiliat the readersflf^lTO^tid,Water w'll most care to..kno>y;:Ma l . Hobart, whoso pmbroitt acoqaiii»Tiles.-,this; 'article—a very good picture of 'hJun .being in .the group, liilnisteted-.-on .this page, .• • sur- I'omKl.taig- tlie pperatlon-CHf.-tnTOlTi-K water iivailn* at Paitereou,, N..- J.'; by .tiie A. E. Smith process. M'r,.Hota'i!t.was elected president of. the .Paasaic.- Water company in'1888. He,.fe-'ateovprealdeat of the Acquiaefcanouick, -Watar company, -tlhait supplies .-New-ark .and Jersey City w'lltli water, of tte ; .TVcst MH.ford- Water Storage colnpamy, ,the,Montclai* Water ocunpauiy, and -;a .dltojc-tor of the Long Branch' and Btsih-ljimK; Water companies. ' !,i.»/•••.'•: w [ ' In ratersoii, both. Deraoerats and RR- pii'blilcans are proud -of, -Jfr. Hobart as a citizen. His own-city, .and state know htm as a man of great-ability in evcrj' dlrobtiian to wJhety.ha-lraB- 1 sougJit sue cess. "Paterson, in particular, knows btoi as a blnidly man .public .spirited anil'honest, whose : gTeftt succass. lias increased, rather thau.;dlm.lulsihed .the ad- pnlraiblte'. q-uallltles r;,wliicK-won; frl-ends and kept them, years v ago.-.- He is a man of fine artlstfc,. tastes,- and- a- fca-r'cler who lias Been much, of • the world.'-:.He Is the saime to all -men, ciulct, self-contained, Imperturabile, klndlyi a^mamol gi-eait reserve force—rFlre and .Water. .' . .. NOTICE; ..-' <:•:' !'. . • . Carpenters and Joiners L. U., No.; 774. will meet at Assemiblylialli \uortlieast comer of *ai and Market streets at>-T:3Q p. m. Monday, JnIy, ; ,G,;-tK>:transact' im- porfcaiit business. ;>Vili members are requested to be In attendance. ..-•••; COMMITTEE. ••'.;, .- -NOTICE. -.;.'•:-. ; ;;: All meinibers Oi^Wabash lodge,-K. of ,-H., No. 183, are reciuestcd:to attend reg- ulapi- meeting Mon.dayi eve,- July. C, as .spoetal .business of Interest : ;;to.' every member vM , cosine' : up; ..also InttlatJon. .'' JAMES- GLAD ITS OVER With Its and Danger is Past. WHAT A SOLDIER SAW Accidents of the Day—Nothing Serious Reported. Xhe.r£'were : nuin.y Mug-drawn sigUs of reliof lust might wlimi the last'fire- cracker hod llziied and . sputtered its way to mi explosion an-d there was <iulct onto -more over Hie city. Nerves ih;u had been strung to a High tension the .•elojjffdaiiV wwo relaxed and the slumber tluitlmd•been rudely broken in upon 'early lii t-lio nioroi.ng wsis doubly welcome. Ee-niiukaljc as it may seem, a.mM all ,.Mi explosions of giant crackers and the hundred-mid o.nu UiveiiHons for making noise, the serio-ivs ;iecld«uts of tlio day wlii-di might luive been uxpec-ted were lacking, Thore were iiiiinnorous ]io\\'dor -bui'iis iMw.l bruises, but iwhtng that c-nn iw called a serious accident Downtown iu tlie evening t:he main business streets' wei'e crowKleil and there was a coiisfiu.it .st-reaim -of fire and sparks on ;ill sides, making It :i tei-ror to ladios a.n<l children,. Tin/boys liad a great tJuw firing the (Amii-p'ouud.. mixed by_i,he di-ugglsts and sold iiLbiiilk. Equal parts of sulphur arid chlorate af potash, mixed and wivipped hi o-iMice packets, wUI make a noise equal to a brass teu-pounder.'and It h!i« I'll*; merit of being a chenp sub- sVit.ute for tiie guu, besides being safe. Broadway, -Fourth and Market streets wore tli'e scene of the btittl* of fl reworks; anil it wus like walking Into the gate of 'the'lower world to run the gauatlet of fire. At ttines there would be'ii'-luiU In the llri-ng. a,ud Uien it would break out afresh and wit'h greater violence. A' veteran of the war of the rc> bellioii,'who *.tood at the corner of Fourth street and Broadwny watching the sc-eiie Sflid: "It i-eminds me of the Mine jusfljeforc. a bl<tr battle, when the batteries are at work a-ud the skirmishers iire"ou'it'ou the lieltL The smaller ll-i-ecrnckera answer for the scattering •fire of imiusk'eti-j-, and tbe larger crackers, those that crack with such a sharp report, are tlie Parrolt rifled guns throwing shell;- That stuff the boys touch off with a stone on the brick pavement is the heavy artillery." As the dim increased, and the heavy clouds of smoke w>Med out, enveloping the streets filled wirli people In its folds; he sniffed the air'eregei-ly and his eyes lighted up with tlie tire of battle. Though his hair was almost snow-white and his shoulders were -stooped with age, lie straightened up as hhough he were on parade and his cheek flushed with the excitement of tlie. moment. : ' • 'TUESDAY'S RESULTS. Xarrow Escape B'rom a Horrible Death .-..-,.,•.:,.•.. —Minor Accldemts. x John W. • Mai-kley and family had a jiarrow escape" from being dashed into eternity by a train on the Panhandle yeste«lay : evening. Mr. Markley, wife .aiid-daugbtei-, LUCJ-, and Miss EHza- beith Mairkley were returning from a day's outing hear 'Fitch's Glen. -Mr. Markley'w-a's'-"driv,ling a' spirited' team hitched 1 !to a! uaBdisojue surrey. At the crossing -of' the Panhandle railrojid Just bdow-Ken-neth he started to cross the track- when he discovered a freight traiin within-'a-few feet ot the crossing •aud '-coming-at full speed. There was not" time iJi-which, to drive acco.ss the tracks-ahead of the train and he pulled the h6rses''baek off of tlie track just In time to prevent their being struck. The anlmals-'oonrlmied backing aud as. the 1 grade 1 af'-th'le'point Is fully, twenty feet hig-h nad. Very steep, the surrey a.nd Us occupants '.were •backed oft the roadway down;*b&'''grade. The bolt holding the .doubletrees'to the tongue broke, froc- lng.'.the-horses, and the surrey rollfd dowin tW'grnde, landing at the foot bottoan-siide up. The occnpauts crawled .out from under the wreck aud strange to a.iy--nonc of them were seriously in Jured, severe-bruises being the extent \at- thetr hurts. The canulge was nilued; It 18 asserted by a uumber who were..noiir by ait'tlie time of the accident .that the'englneman did not sound .his whistle -for tlie crossing, nor'was the.engine 1 bell rung.to give warning. ; .Adam Wolf and 'wife and Mrs. Cnp- py, niaOier of'George Ouppy, who were Ih^a buggy-.Just ahead of Mr. Markley and-ifoimHi}-,.;wet:e also thrown out by ; tbeh- horse taking fright at the accident and Mns. 'Cwppy' was severely bruised. That .the' accident did not.. ..result In deathy-orutthc'Ieast some broken bones to some .of those who were in It. Is extremely fortunate. -.•...' {Yesterday .'morning the : fiye-ycar-old daughter of M<r. and Mrs. George Eick- 'iebucneE'of-.the\Westslde fell"from .a f-ence'and ; seVei«|j" Injured her leg. Dr. Hetherin^ton ' was suimnioned" and ^dressed th^'./wound which'was an ;ugly OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES \ that Harry Frank has ever originated [and carried out, this one will surpass and will' positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give „ you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 arid 6.5O Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin • 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots--.. 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$land 1.25 Cotton Worsteds 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants He In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to he'p themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. for some ti'me as a result of her injuries. Yesterday evening while Will.Butter- worth was celebrating the glorious Fourth he met with Quite a. painful accident. He -lighted a giant fire cracker while .standing ln front of Bcn l ( ' is ' uci '' s place of business and' before he could deposit it on the street it exploded, tearing off the thumb nail and a part of the thumb. Qnincy Keys wag a victim of the abundance of fireworks. While walking on the street at the comer of Market and Fourth streets some one unintentionally threw, a giant cracker- a gainst him, and when it exploded his leg was painfully burned and Ills trousers badly torn. . 0. B. Shaffer met with an accident by which his face was badly disfigured. His Injury was also caused 1 by a ilre cracker. White standing in front of John Mulcany's cigar stand he attempted to throw a lighted cracker into the street but Instead ttoe cracker caiue back Into his face and burned it severely. Tod Youngker's clothing were set on lire but the flame was extinguished before Sihe was Injured in any way. Early yesterday morning while Gus Asnius was firing a, salute, using anvils' as firing instruments, he burned Ms hand and arm severely. Tlie wound was dressed by Drs. Busjabn .and Holloway. THE CHURCHES. Market street .M. E. clnirch, preaching by the vxiStor, Rev. W. R. Woues, 10:45 ,1. in. and 7:30 p. in. S.'ii)baHi school at .!):,'!0 :i. m- Ohiss at 11:45 n, ui. MK\ 0:30 p. )". .Tiniloii- league 3 p. in. Ep- wartHi league 0:30 p. m. . Services today at tlic. NtoUi street ClH'fetkui dttmdn. Sermon, by the pastor, Ke.v. T. S. Freeman. L'uiou- services at tlie .rluk at nlgl*t Sunday school at 0:30 a. m., G. N. Berry, superintendent. Y. P, S. C. E, at G:30 p. nl. AM "invdted Sen-iices ait the A..M. E. church, cor- ncr Market and Clcott streets today as follows: 10:30 a. in. sermon by the pastwr. 3:00 p. ni'. Sunday school, Trof. G. C. King, superdiiiteudcat 7:45 p. m. sermon'by'Rev. W. H. H. Marsh. All al'e welcome L. Pettiford, pastor. . UNION SERVICES. Union services begini at the rink tonight ut 7:45 o'clock. Sermon by Rev. T. S. Freeman. •".•^' ; --\.'.;'' The Broadway sreUiodKt church, E. L. Semnns, pastor.'- : Class !at'0, Sunday scliool at 0:45, preaching at 11, Junior league at 6:30. No- evemiUg service. All a.re coi'dlaJly imvdteii. •Broadway Pi-esbyteiriaii diurch, eor- u-er Otli and Bwadway, Rev; H. Atwood Ferdvnly-pastor. Public .wowbip at 11 o'clock a. ni'., subject of sermon, "Jehotokim's Knife." A ne\v program, good musJ'c. Bible scliool 0:30 a. m., Mr, David Elder, superintendent. Young' Peoples' prayer service at 0:30 p. in. Union service at the rink at 7:15. Fre seats. All cordially invited. St-Lute's-English kutheni. church, corner 1st and Market streets, J. C. Kauffman, ixiRtar. Sunday school .it 9; ChJIdreneVday services a* 10; and regH- IM-services-at 11 o'clock a, TO. The later \vffl be iiu keeping with, the event of re : occupying the newly refitted hudl-tor- kim,, JunJloi' -Endeavor .it 5:30 arid CteMitan Endeavor at G:30 p. m.- All are Inylted. Iu the evenihg'tlils chucch wililjolii \vith the otfliticemralchurcheB nithe union services at- +he Broadway- 3.40 For Choice. WOMEN'S LOW TAN SHOES, ALL THREE-FIFTY AND FOUR DOL-. LAR GOODS, YOUR CHOICE FOR TWO FORTY-EIGHT (52.48) AT FILLING'S SHOE HOUSE. BETTER THAN 16 TO 1 SEVEN TIMES ARE FILLING'S BARGAINS IN SHOES-HIGH v GRADE GOODS AT LOW GRADE . ' PRICES. THREE DOLLARS AND FORTY-EIGHT CENTS TAKE CHOICE OF ANY TAN SHOE IN MY STORE.' PILLING PLEASES ?HE WITH POPULAR PRICES. This sale Is cash, and you will appreciate the low prices If you will only call amd see what we have to offer yony Pilling, the.shoe man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. . ; To The Ladies • This 16 the geaaon of the year when the unpleasant bat necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention oC the housekeeper and not a little. 4» peiids on the appearance of your luet, curtains as poorly done-up curtains spoil the effect of a well-furnished home quicker'than anything else.. We havr experienced, help ta this class of work who do nothhig else and W« KQow W« can give yon perfect satisfaction.., W« are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, belnfrtb* only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate yonr patronage." Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. s Are You Out of Employment. .-, Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would like'to exchang£,fof,a business thatwlllglve big returnsTTv Cell at 703 riichigan Avenue. L. G. PATTERSON Ha» opened a Fire and Accident Iniojv ance office at 410 Broadway, up ttmin, an* •olicltc » (hare of the pubUo pMrotuce. None but First OlaM C?ompanle« E»pr«- •ented. STATE ::; NATIONAL BAKK tOQANSPORT. IKD. ; : . ' • .. '• «2OOiOOO J. F. Johnson, Prealderit. B. W. Ullery, Vice President H. J. Hcltbrlnlc, CathUr. . DIRECTORS... .-' "-: : -^l t. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. 3. T.BlHott .^ W. M. Elliott W.JH. pnjder., -,:.',^j Buy and eo'l Government bouii. Mx>an Honey on personal security and collater- ' tls. Is»ue special certificate! of deposits.; bearing 1 1 per cent. Interest when lert one rear; 2. per cent per annum when depos*. tUd mix month*. •-..-. •'.-•'••'•..• :.;!- :^.•:•'-> n Jn Safety Deposit Vault* of thlsv for. tbe deposit of deeds.

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