The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1953
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAT §, »t» (A*»j oontnm KIWI OUR BOARDING HOUSI — with Major HoopU rsREAT CAESAR, KTWrinQpfMnaaBTMjr •ajueg •"•••• i*ss,6>\ "THOSE VJ0(?D5 OWfWC ESAK.SNOFPY/L^AT^ 1 ^ KUNCE,Mfl;jOR.' ^HAK-HAI^.'; MV INV6NIT-/I T ,,DSBLJ«AVSTOt.EU? 1 ' ibN/MYSiLertr 6eRVAHT.'lHAT di^-SifeiS 4. •^^£^ L a8SWrr M TO J&* 8 * ISNAL * NDIU <5TvLGN II rvJy ^U[WVCK,i BLJ it ;w»v\ 0R(3ftNir£E A14 OV^L€> •FRITZ we FIRE-); £LUg |NDOOR gftsg _ SflLLTEWA— WE'LL { . SO OVER AhIO 6AT { lVJELLItJSTON'5 COMK/ . FOR A FEW * pPUTT-TT/? THIS IS A BITTER i OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willfomi NO, NOT ON A HANP WAVER LlkE MSO/ FOR JUST PLAIN WORK, VE&" BUT OKI A WIWD3AS WHO SHOOTS TH' GAB WITH MI& HANOS, LOOK, I'VE LEARNED TRICK 'WITH THESE BAKIPASES-JOG PUrON--l'VE OU6HT EVERY THIWSIMTH'SHOP, CAN'T, OH, CAN'T -lOL) PUT ONE ON BORN THIRTY YEARS. TOO 5OOM BOSS MAN NOT COME IN TDPW, /HELLO. VOI/-A1 £O PICNIC Statistics show that women live longer than men practically everywhere in the world except India. rompt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Deliver; to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. • Puppies • • Parakeets • • Kittens • • Canaries • • Tropical Fish • — All Pet Supplies — The PET SHOP Mrs. N. G. Jerome «3 S. Division Pb. 8075 Miracle Mesh s advertised in ttic Sat. Eve.Post MOVIE CAMERAS and PROJECTORS '" Offered in a Large Selection BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3647 FOR SALE Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Culvert Tils Septic Tanks WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. Ark-Mo St. Line Ph. 8414 TV Service-Center NEIL ROSS Trained Technician (or radio and television repair, industrial electronics, and basic radio engineering, For Service Dial 3816 SYLVANIA Radio-TV Sales & Service CBS-COLUMBIA Electronic Lab 110 W. Walnut Ph. 2441 — Nite 6076 BOOKS FOR THE Anthony Morton D A K. \J IN COfrKl THE STORVi John MnnnrrlnR, who If) The HaroK, on the Mitle of Inw nnil uriUT, lm» viftltcil New Srutland Yard tin a rcxult ot mTft- IcHou* cvcnl* nl 1,1th,>m Ilnll. the hninr of the In!,- Lord I'hilip I.Itliam. Clorln l.tthom. n dnticrh' trr. un»-fllinK to hclicvr hpr fntlier nn>t ni't niiinlcrcd, clnlmcd la have found the l>ndr of a nrcond murder Tledm, bnt thr ho(t7 dfKnpprnr*. After T I fi I t I n K Superintendent llri.stuw nl Ihe Ynrd. AlnnnerlnR '.it nren-'ted l>r n mnn tin Ihe Mrret nnd l« forced at Kiln-point lo Icnve hi* enr. » • » VI 1\,|"ANNERING stepped off the ^ pavement into the road. His companion went ahead, opened the door of the cab. and stood on one side. Another man sauntered along the pavement As Mannering got into the taxi and sat down, he jaw the newcomer open the door of his own car and climb in. He tried to relax as the cab moved towards King's Road. They were near the corner when the Mannering's car overtook them. At the same .moment, a neighbor from one of the lower flats turned the corner and recognized the car. He stood staring, puzzled at seeing another driver at the wheel. Mannering leaned forward. hop- Ing to make the man see him, to .make some sign. His captor kicked his ankle. Mannering sank back, the article stinging Mannering's captor took a pair o/ dark glasses from his pocket. "Put these on." he ordered. Mannering hesitated; the gun poked into his ribs. He put on the glasses. There were thick side-pieces, more like goggles than spectacles, and when they were on, there was only a glimmer of light »t the sides. The new darkness, amounting to blindnciis. was .a trick he hadn't expected: more evidence of. careful planning. He fidgeted with thelglasses. as if to get them comfortable. They were a shade too small: luckily, they flttcd below hls^ bruise. He moved hip rlRht hand. It was gripped in vise-like fln- [fr . Dfjr»/iurie ir wf j iftvtcr, /we. gers, his arm was thrust upwards and then behind him in a hammer-lock-, agonizing and crippling. The cab stopped, and the man whispered Into his ear; "Get up—and move forward." The pain in Mannering's arm increased ss he moved. He feared the bone would snap. He groped with his free hand and touched fingers. A man on the pavemenjt gripped his wrist, pulling him toward the door. Then the pressure on his arm eased. The man Ln front said. "Step down." DLINDED by the glasses. Mannering moved cautiously His heel caught on the edge of the running board, he would have pitched forward hut for the support of the man tn fronL At last he stood on the pavement; two women -were walking along, little heels going tap-tap-tap-tap In brisk unison, and growing fainter. A gate squeaked on its hinges. "Careful here, steps." said his guide. irive steps, and then a wiry mat beneath his feet. Another squeak, and he knew that the front door of the house was opening; so he wouldn't be able to see the street; even if he dislodged the glasses, the glare would dazzle him. He went on, and greater darkness fell on him, even the glimmer at the sides of the glasses was blotted out. The door closed. , He was a prisoner, and helpless —and little more than half-an- hour apo, he had been In his own fiat tolling with L/orna. The man behind him took bis arm again, just above the eltxv They were steel-like fingers, giving a hint of the pain they could cause. "Mind th« stairs," growled t man In front. "Step up now. 1 Sixteen steps. The other, holding his arm, had not spoken since they had left the cab. Now he guided Mnnnerlns. those sivini; silent nrrlw?' They turned right and walked along a carpeted passage which ed from the landing; their muf- flled footsteps were uncann;. They paused, presumably outside a door, and he heard a sharp tap. A man called: "Come in." Even through the door there was a quality in that voice which Mannering would not easily tor- get. It wasn't deep or harsh, but id a peculiarly penetrating tone. Mannering could imagine the man's character from that tell-tale voice: hard and cruel and ruthless; bad. The door opened Immediately and he was taken inside. "We've got him," said his captor, superfluously. "No trouble." "So. Mannering," said the man inside. He laughed softly unpleasantly "That isn't exactly what 1 was led to expect by a study of your past activities." Mannering stopped when the hand was taken from his arm. He senseo that he was standing in front o! the speaker — who was perhaps two yards in front of him. Mannering said: "Age takes its toll, sou know I'm not so reckless as f used to be." "Lucky for you." "There's always a.compensation „ you look bard enough for it." said Mannertng- "Do you mind If I take off my glasses?" "If you take them off, U you catch so much as a glimpse of me. you will never return to your wile." . , A CHAIR was pushed behind him. against his legs Belore he could sit down, his captor patted his sides felt beneath his armpits, even dipped mtc nis pockets. Satisfied that there was no weapon, he put his hands on Mannering's shoulders and forced him down. It was an arm chair. A cigaret was pushed between his Ups. and be felt the gentle glow from a lighter very clos« to his eyes. He drew in the smoke gratefully, and settled back. "All right Parr. You can both wait outside." Mannering sensed a moment of curious tension, a clash ol personalities 1 , it ended when Parr—s name to remember—moved away from him. and the door opened and closed softly (To Re Continued) Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 5 FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY I 6:00 Dennis Day 6:30 Life of Biley T.OO Big Story 7:30 Hopalong Cassidy 8:00 .Cavalcade of Sports 8:46 Greatest Fights of Century 9:00 The Doctor 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Tonight In SporU 9:55 Weather 10:00 Names the Same 10:30 Pour Star Playhouse 11:00 News 11:05 To Be Announced 11:35 To Be Announced 12:05 News 12:10 Sign Off SATURDAY, MAY 9 9:00 News and Meditation 9:15 Tops 9:30 Rootle Kazootte 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Pride of Southland 11:30 Mr. Wizard 12:00 Cowboy G-Man . 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Quiz 'Em 2:00 Horse Races 2:30 Treadwell Band 3:00 To Be Announced 3:30 To Be Announced 4:00 Date With Judy 4:30 Aldrich Family 5:00 Kukla, Fran & Ollie 5:30 Strike It Rich 6:00 My Hero 6:30 Amateur Hour 7:00 Show of Shows 8:30 Lone Ranger i 9:00 Juniper Junction 9:30 Abbott & Costello 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Sightseeing With Swayzeea 10:30 Wrestling 11:30 News 11:35 Balance Your Budget 12:05 News 12:10 Sign Off WARNING ORDER Lawrence L. Everett and Margaret H. .Everett, his wife, are warned to appear in the chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to answer a complaint filed against them by Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Association, within thirty days from the date hereof. Dated this 30th day of April, 1953. Geraldine Listen, clerk Marcus Evrard, atty. for ptf. 5H-8-15-22 T. M. tttf. V. ». f •<• °*. o»f. 1H1 b, &EA »..>!«. tn«. "How was I to know he call* «arthworm$ 'rubber bandt'7" FRECKLIS AND HIS FRIENDS . OF UNCLE VERIJ. J. REQUEST PERMISSION! — PRINCE OP EXCUSES' 1 WONT HAVF T& READ HOUR LATEST MASTERPIECE, LARD—I / CAM GUESS ITS COHTEMTS/ BEEH „ INS FOR TWiNTr Y6ARS/ wur TO HERE,WR.WILSOWJ THE STUDENT BODY INVITES ~tOU TO A DIMMER CELEBRATIN& TOUR. TWENTY YEARS WITH SHADYSIDE" HISH / csv O X D a *+• o ^ o o MY NAME IS ROflERS DR.CUVTON ROOERS. I'M k PHYSICIAN... PERHAPS I CAN BEOP.SOM6 SERVICE. BEfl PARDON, MAP4M... I COULDN'T H6U> NOTICING YOUR LITTLE BOY... BILLY, OASLING, I'M AFRMP HOU'RE EICK...BOOONESS, WHAT A a. O a. U 10 ai a. •THAT'S HIS X L, (Tf CONCERTO 1M^ '£A> A BATHTUB; IS*&L ..A CUT OF V YOU »ETTgR LlCTEN 50 G'S.' V TO WE, PAJfEK. PUftNE KINH5EKI.V, OK I'LL &0 TO SHS'S &STTIN6 CHAN06, fTOWW-Y FORTHB PAY . ru- PUCK. INTO THE NBXT BOOTH AMP HOPE HER VOICE IS LOUP, PAPPBK?,. HAJtKIET.'., H-ENTY.. YOUR PAL, THB JOKER, JUST SAVE WE T^S BUWS RUSH 'CAUSE I A6KE7 FOR WHAT'S TO MB... T JAIS5 BURK6.IS MOTTO BE DISTURBED. PARKER m IFANVOWB5HOULP, CA.LL.! Parts and Supplies }. ' for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors WHOLES \ I, F. Ill North Broadway Phone 4511 and 4517, TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Kirby Drug Stores WALPOLE ELECTRIC . 115 S. 2nd Ph. 3S71 Emergency Ph. 4641 or till —Closed Sat. Afternoons— ear i FEEL. Y vou LOOK PALE AMP EXHMisreP. ALL KIOHT, PAr...\ PENNV1 VOU'RE HEAPED FOR A JUST A BIT OP \BREMCDOWU IP V0LI DON'T REftLLY. RELAX MORE (EACH PAY! PENMV VWLJLPM'T L6AV& A W655AGB LIKE THAT FOR.ME... UMLESS SOMETHIM6 WftS VJROHG WITH HESUIK6 I'VE HEAEP HINTEPl GOWG TO SEE HBR.MWWW! THINKING 1AM ILL; I ABLAZE WITH ANGER, OUR HERO •— SET OUT TO PREPARE FOR THE INEVITABLE DW OF RECKONING. NOW IF I CAN JUST SET THKT UINK TO BRING IT OUT HERE TO ME! OH, OH! JUST WHKTf NEED.' BKAU5E HE "KNEW TOO MUCH7 ALLEY OOP v*,5 THROWN INTO THH MOAT BY ORDER OF WNfi MACBETH, WHO THEN SENT AN t== EXPEDITION TO SLAUGHTER THE FAMILY OF MACDUFF. .. _. .HOW <bf\Y ~ "" O.OVC, JSVOWVY WOW S91PM TO 'OW1W '• ft a«t MR h OT WW

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