The Noblesville Ledger from Noblesville, Indiana on December 12, 1941 · 7
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The Noblesville Ledger from Noblesville, Indiana · 7

Noblesville, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1941
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i703EJV2lfi CDJ JXtZIT FEDAY, fcECBCSI 12, 1941 ,1- tt""1 r AD V i KEMBALL , AUTO SUPPLY LOGAN 8TH ST. PHONE 17 . FARM LOANS H 5 to 23 YtarLLbraL Inpayments, WO CHABQEg fo BORROWER. ',,' . CHAS OFFUTT, Ins. Ago, NoblesvuK Ind. FOR SALE FAHM LOANS i -INTE2ST AfL tMflMlMM 'Quick Bmlca- No Charge to 0. 1L Russell - Phone CM . '' , LueL Ind. CocxplsU Acte ' . Accessories s.-; -New AbJ Use! At Farts-Tires - Tribes - Batteries HUOmtluiip- ? Kimball Auto Supply Logan and tfa 8t Phone U Santa recommends PLYMOUTH or CHRYSLER from Lentz Motors" Fair ApsnUsat-Prempt Bwvtee a Dm Sheskiey. Mfx. : RlftfOIAI FARM LOAM IS. -Wt XwInC Ib1. MA. (ML Town Properties, . . Farms and Suburban FARM LOANS Low Interest . PimikiPciviirr' fBED&ORINJESSUP EMBIdeSgBVe ' Phone M - FOR SALE Used washing machine, A-l condition. Dorman's. : FOB - SALE Tlsed ttres, toed radios. Road service; Term. Good-yer Service. Nov. 16-lmo. FOR ALE Good rlch"Topsoir for new lawns; also gravel for driveways and lanes; and good cement gxaveL Ft Wamscott, 108 South 11th Street. Nov. 11-1 mo. ru Balis uonur strons aealn Stark Trees and Shrubs. A few un-" called for trees tn sell mm. OMpr t now for eprlng. I am again selling , siectnc cleaners, tne very best. Order now for Christmas, next pay ment in r j!-roruary. - ev. tn. U. fckerley, phone 804. , Dec 6-tf. jiFOR JSALEOccasfonaliable and chairs - for - your - Christmas gift, I porman's. - - ; FOR SALE Small "medium and ;double door metal utilities at low prices, Dorman's. ; POP. - .QAT.D! rtavsnrmrt r Kjwltt nhrarv tables, clothins. nlllnwfi .ni many usenu ariiciea. - iau at . nanmoai sireei ijaurence v. meg. WrtR. A AY .V Jttnnrt T Tnm . tr m bouse; well located, good possiblu- tlesAtlartte," IndWamwrlght . uec. iu-ot. ' FOR SALE Christmas trees, not limbs. Roy Webster, Arcadia, ' Dec. ll-3t. . FOR BALE Winter coat, suit and dress, size 49..' Inquire at 3 North Joth Street. ' i" Dec. 8-tf. B . : .. v FOR SALE Number one, ' living room, dining room,' bed room,, and kitchen furniture. " Call 345. - '' ' Dec; 9-4t. " FOR SALE Roll top or knee hole desk. , Real Bargain Donnan s. USED CARS! I Gals. Ethyl Gas , X rl X ItOO ..; ' NEW BATTERIES -: lust received a big shipment of Federal Batteries as low as 3J5 exchange; ' , j ANTI FREEZE " ' Thermo Royal .... $1.04 per gaL GLASS We have the glass to fit yonr car 'sr track. - - : . MUFFLERS . We have new Mufflers and tall plpea to fit any car. STOVES ' New Stoves, 50c on the dollar, also a few used Heating Stoves. GRILL8 New Grills for all cars. , - . SILVERWARE Ask about Free Silverware. We Twwis- ; KIMBALL AUTO SUPPLY Mfeastdtefssl Fkomi 17 CRT I SI N G i in i FOR SALE Dand? little ten urt suourhanhome,good four room nouse, barn and outbuildings, good zencing, evei tend, immediate pas session. Eleven miles from Nobles ville. wise Bros. Realty Co - i Dec, n-3t. Jure - homemade candy ' and crackerjaclc In gift boxes at Grand pa s Candy Store, 398 N. 10th. - - Dee. U-3t FOR SALE Good used oil burner, mniace type, ixrmans. FOR SALE 60 acres Hamilton county. Bargain ; for qaick E. A. Foster, Tipton, Ind. sale. ' Dec. 12-2t ? TOR SALE Puppies from regis-" rerea Dreea. Reasonable. Phone 585, Noblesville. - . ;' Dec. 12-3t. TOR SALE Practically new wood northwest orNoblesvffle on Schwlt zer farm. - . Dec. 12-3t WANTED WANTED Experienced farm and dairy hand, under 38 years, refer ences. Russell Roberts, 2 miles south of Fishers. Dec. 12-3t. wawuslj wasnings, " large or small, also Ironings. 640 Hannibal street. Ruth Phegley. Dec. 12-2t. WANTED White girl for house work, part time. Can Fishers. Mrs. E. H, Burford: or write R. N Noblesville. Dec. 12-3t. WANTED Afternoon cook. Ap ply ra person. City Care. : Dec. 8-tf. WANTED Dinmz room girl, ap- ply in person, City Cafe., WANTED Raw furs and beef hides on Saturdays only," at Hare's Blacksimtih -Shopr-Noblesville, W. Logan street. Jett Hinshaw. ' -r- ..... . ... tn i. .. - We Want at Once 1,000 Tons Iron HIGHEST PRICE3 PAID Kimball Auto Supply 8th St Logan Phone 17 Radio Service Complete depend' able service on any make radio. Member of Radio , Manufacturers Service. Complete stock of tubes and parts. Austin Radio Service. Phone 92. West Side Square. Nov. 19-lmo HAVE A SELLING PROBLEM? Our business Is solving them. May we diagnose year Belling tronbiea? . ' ' Phone 15 or call at our offloe, 35M Sew 9th Street, Noblesville. THE K. C. FO-LAND AGJENCT -r - Selling Experts J WANTED To ouy your poultry for cash. Best, prices at all times. Expert culling free. Noblesvfue Electric Hatcherv. Phone 194. - . ' : - July 5-tf saws giiinmedrBand WfiTafiarp-ened, 25c, cross, cuts, T5uc; Black-smithing and general repair work. Earl VanZandt, 349 So. 6th. . .-, '...J . 5. Dec. 8-1 ino. WANTED Middle "aged woman for general ; house ; work; ' C. C. Adams, Arcadia:,'5' -! Dec1sll-3t. FOR RENT ' , FOR RENT 6 room house, bath and garage. . Inquire at 399 North lOtn street.,., ; . Dec 9-tf. FOR RENT House, , Barn and outbuildings, 15 acres pasture 4 miles trem Noblesvflle. E. C. Gullkey, 1007 So. Tenth St., phone V8-oi. . . : r Dec. 19-3t. FOR RENT Two room turntohed apartment.. 385 North, Uth. ; ' ' - Dee.12-2t. ' FOR RENT Modern . furnished one-room apartment, ' or sleeping room. 439 South 6th Street. . Dec I2-. FOR RENT Modern four room apartment with bath. Phone 44301. Dec. 12-2t. LOST LOST Ladies gold wrist watch. getam to Ledger office, pec. 10-3t. Colgate University freshmen learn the school songs and cheers from lines printed on dinner napkins used. In the freshman dining hall. Upperclassmen see that the food is toot served until the freshmen have learned their extra-curricular lesson. 26 CALLED FOR EXAMINATION Local Men Ordered to Re port to Fort Harrison, Jan, 6 ' ' An order received from State Headquarters by the local Draft Board, Thursday,1 asked that 28 registrants be sent to Fort Harrison Jan. - 6, - for - physical examination. The selections, will be made In the next week or two but none of this number will come from the present 1-A class. AH now tn this class have passed the examination and are subject to call without any further preliminaries. It is thought-most of them may come from 1-B class. This request- is in line with indirect . information which the board has been receiving for some time, to Ihe-ef fectJnere iU-he large cans for' yorog men from this county starting early fav the new "year and continuing perhaps until April or later. . .." In the meantime the hoard u an ticipating an ordef4or all of those who have bee reJecteS on account of minor - physical i defects to be called back for reexamination. (Continued from page" 1) ' John Nightenhelser, Kathryn Sinclair, George Thurston, Mrs. Lee Blnson, Wm. Leonard, Ara Ashen -bacharyerkmsMrs.iJlobert Grimme, John Barker, James Cas- Purvis, Norbin Spidel, White River Township Mrs. Nellie House, Mrs. Perry Grant-Carey,. .Ray Parker, Ed .Eller, Clifford EUer, Fred Carpenter,! Floyd Newby, Mrs. Elizabeth 'New by, Mrs. Sam Berg, Mrs. Fern House, Fred Rinker, Mrs. Glen Maggart, Lloyd Anderson, Robert Busby, Earl Presser, Lincoln Gentry, Mrs. Lincoln Gentry, Willard House. West Noblesville Township t Mrs. Albert Horn, Lewis Hill, Mrs. Lewis Hill, Gladys Hill, Norma Hill, Mrs. A. W. Biddle. Noblesville Fred CotUngham, Mrs. Win. Hut- son, Jennie Appieyate, Mrs. Eva Barker, Mrs. ' Wm. Meara, Irvin CareyTMrsTJohtt-. Kepner, Mrs. Anna Johnsonr Mrs.-Wmr-ErGifford Frank Kaiser., Mrs, Rolla Stern, Mrs. Fred Harger, Kennetn Deppen, Mrs. Kennethl Deppen. Mrs. Wni, Klrby, Mra,CJarenceHelny,2 Morris Evans, Harveys Chapel Wrft iC'. 7 S. Society, Mrs, Elizabeth Gas- kins, Mrs. : George Cheesmah, Mrs. PranIi-Braggr,MrPmncetiehKier! Mrs. Jennie Stringfellow, Mrs Sam Cook. Mary . Jane Montague, Mrs. Ray Reese, Allen Stewart. ; ', . : North Noblesville Twp. ) Mrs. Paul Miller. : Westfield Thomas Fesmire, Mrs. Clara Mc- Kinney, Mrs. Emma MacDonald, Mrs. Chloe- Warner, Mrs. Ida Jef- friesUMUaMendenha John Briles, Mrs. John Hinshaw, Mrs. Virginia Hendron, Herbert Bray.-Martha-Barkerr Robert Gam ble, George Lee, Russell Brouhard, Marlon Overman, Earl Overman, Bernle Spaugh, Emmet Mendenhall, Harry Sheetz, Maurice Ballard, Morton Roberts, Rev, Ben Kendall. . West Delaware Twp. Mrs. Willard Weaver, Entre Nous Club. ' ' V W, White Rivr Twp. . Mrs-. " Guy Gflkey, Mrs.- Alnia Nickey. ' ' " . East Delaware xwp. Frank ,Daubenspeck . Arcadia Mrs. Clifton Hartley, Reese Coop er. Georae Smith, Roscoe Shaffer, Mrs. Roscoe Shaffer, Rev. HartweU Ramsey. ' ' ' Cicero James Bright. Wayne Twp. Ci F. Irwin. Chy Township Larry Davis, Smith KarsneF, Florlfr Newsum. Earl Harvey, james Knotts, . E. . E. Bower, Walter Mos-baugh, Fred Miller, W. H. Wilson, Neida Goldlngr- i . Contributions Less loan Lou Huehes Mrs. Jessie Smith, Mrs. Roy Ehman, Wesley Ehmanrhseal) CHEELY E. BALDOCK, Mrs Arthur Mason, Grant carey, Frank' Wilson, Ernest Deaver,. Mrs. E. E. Brittenham, Mrs. Lora Wolfe, Pauline McClintock, Rev. Koscoe Coleman, Mrs. 8. H. Ballard", Dan Tehoe, Mrs. Ed Lassiter, Mrs. T.'E. Smith, Mrs. Jennie Barr, Mrs. .Virginia Wynn, Mrs. Clarence Eurick, Mrs. R,usseU Sells, Nellie Douglas, Beverly Ehman :.: -.."rr.' NOTICE o nujtP li herebv (tiven that Lester Kaufman has filed his -petition In the.Hamlltoti Circuit Court wnave the time and place of his oma ae-rminiii. Said netltlon is met for hearing Dec 19th. 194L : Da this 2th day .or Dec., wu. - - . (Seal) Cltesley E. Baldock, ciera of the HamiitoircircuH voun. , ' .-. Dec. 12-lt. NOTICE tfrtttce Is hereby given that Paul Budaly has filed ms petition in the Hamilton Circuit Court t.o have the time and place of his birth de termined. Said petition is set ior hearing Dec. 19th, 1941, Dated this 1 Hh-day-of-4fti-4941 L Chesley E. Bawocx, Clerk of the Hamll on Circuit Court. , - - - (SAt."; '.r;v; ?" .Dee.'W-M. After four years in office, Ohle' only woman Justice ,of the peace wonders if she wm ever oe canea upon to perform a marriage ceremonyher one ambition as Justice at Bucyraa..-'...-'.' .'''Xj'v JOB WORK AT LEDCEK OTTtCf NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the uaua oi Commissioners of Hamil ton County, Indiana, wUl untU 10:30 a. u. January 6th, 1942 ' receive sealed bids for Zurnishhu and de livering the following hated supplies lor tne county Highway Depart ment 5000 ea. yds. or teas pit ran gravel near Che city of Noblesville by the ra. and naaea mto county trucks. 5000 co. yds. or less pit run gravel la Delaware Twp. near EUer bridge, try the yd. and loaded into county trucks. WOO cu. yds. or less pit run gravel la White River Twp. near the Wal nut Grove sChoolhonse, by the yd and loaded into county trucks. 6000 cu. yds. or less pit nm gravel in Jackson . Twp. near Cicero, by the yd. and loaded: into county trucks. - 3000 cu. yds. or less washed pebbles near the City of Noblesville by the yd. and loaded into county trackarr-J 3000 cu. yds. or less washed peo- btesln : Jackson Twprby the yd. rand loaded into county tracks, 2O0O cu. yds. or less pit run gravel unscreened in the northwest part of Adams Twp. by the Id. 4 60,000 gate.. OaeoUHe or leas dumped.- into county tanks in Noblesville, Fishers, near Atlanta, near Camel and near Jolletvllle, all in Hamilton County, Indiana. 1.100 gals, or less motor oils de ilvered to Hamilton County High way Oarage, in Noblesville. i 500 lbs. or less oT pressure differential 1 and transmission greases 'delivered to the County Highway Garage hV Noblesville. 10,009 Brd. Ft br less of white or burr oak lumber, 3" thick, in lengths not less than 14 ft. or more than 22 ft. Delivered to1 County, Highway Garage. Noblesville. 2,009 lirr. ft. or less of Galvanized, Corrugated metal culvert pipe, Bid tay Garage, N Jalesville Ind. 500 sets or less of grader, mam talner and drag blades, delivered to ,Wf mST ottner coa ruipment. Bid dls- count on parts. 400 bbls. or less Cement, delivered to County garage in Noblesville. 50,000 lbs. or less of intermediate grade, new billet reinforcing steel bars to conform with State High' way Specifications. V 3,000 brd. ft. or less No. 2 form lumber 1X8, 2X4, 1X4 and V strips, One Road Malntainer to com-nlv with specifications on file ia Co. Auditors office ' ' ., One-i-lndustrial i. type wheeSed tractorisuitable-tc--operate-mam liamerBidextwi Cab,. ..lights, battery, generatorr. starter and t bower control box. One One and one-nau wn truckheavy-duty-with-dump bed and hoist. TTlres 7.50x20 both front tions of County Highway Dept. 50y;lres or lest of truck and trac tor tires, Aid ' the: following .; -(sises;- 8.25X20 - H55Xr- 7.wanr 2K; All above mentioned material and supplies to meet specifications on f lie to the office oi tne -VQuniy Auditor. . ' IV i Bids shall be submitted on ' prer scribed forms which are obtainable from said Auditor. Eacn oia ls-jw ot accompanied by bidders bond in a or by certified check in a sum equal to 10 of such bid, conditioned that suclLbldderwtn, if successful, enter into a contract azreeing ro iurnmn such materials and -supplies in the event they are ordered- deiivereo at ar time durina the year 1942. : i The Board reserves the right to reject any and au bios. Dated this nth aay oi Leceuici, 1941. i W. L STURDEVANT : . - - i - Auditor Hamittm County '. . v y . , Dec. 12-19. ' (Emmet R. Fertig. Atty.) : NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT , '- OF ESTATE ' NotlceCis hereby . civen to the credttera, . heirs ; legatees of George Craycraft, Oecsssed, to appear in the Hamilton Circuit Court, held t Noblesvilte, Indiana, on the 12th Cay ot January, 1942, and show cause, if any. why tie rinai sewie ment Accounts with the estate of said- deodent-rhould--not-be ap broved: and said heirs are notified td then and the e make proof of heirship, and receive, their dlstribu tivr-shares. ;r: Witness, the".' Clerk of said Court, this llth day of December. 1941. Clerk Hamilton Circuit Court -v; : pec.-12-19-26. NOTICE . ; " Notice Is hereby given that Robert Ernest Jones has filed his petition in the Hamilton Circuit Court to have the time and place of his birth determined. Said petition is set for - hearing - Dec. 19th,. 1941. Dared this llth day of Dec., 1941, Chesley". Baldock, Clerk of the Hamilton Circuit Court. -4 (SEAL) i: ' bee. 12-lt. NOTICE Or INSOLVENCY ; S ate, of Indiana, - County of Hamilton, ss. "-' -In the Hamilton Circuit Court. In the matter of the Estate of John W. Harold, Deceased, 1 Newton Wiles, Administrator. 1 No ice Is hereby given that upon petition filed in said court, by the administrator of said estate, setting up the insufficiency of the estate of said decedent pay the debts and liabilities, thereof,, the Judge of said court did, en the llth day of December, 1941, find said K(ttttrT6bVprobBWflrTOlventrnd order that same be, settled accordingly. The creditors of said estate are .therefore hereby notified " of such insolvency, and required to file their, claims against said estate for allowance within thirty days. ' Witness . .;he Clerk and Seal pf said court at Noblesville, Indiana, this llth day of December, 1941. - , ,' Chesley E. Baldock," f r Clerk Hamilton Circuit Court , .) -r .--X)a. U49. (Harold A. Beelar, Attorney for . - Plaintiff) . KOTICI TO NON-U8TDENTS -State of Indiana, -r -J Ham 11 toe County, at. - ' : In the Hamilton Circuit Court, ;f October .Term, 1941. . Cause No. A-4004 Alice Lorraine Myers -VS. V. . t -? " Qeorge Lawnon, e, al . Now comes -the plaintiff by Harold A. Beelar, her attorney, and files complaint herein, together with an affidavit that the defendants Robert Lawhon, Dorothy Law-hon, Nelsene Lawhon, Mary Landis, Elisabe;h-Lawhon,-TMattle-Urban, Everett KerchevaL Effle Mae Hos-klns. Sue Belle Kercheval. Violet Kercheval, all of the widows-or widowers, as the case may be, and all of the heirs of the above named defendants, and each of them, all of whose names are unknown to plaintiff all - the i women herein namedasdefendants- who. are not now known by another or different name, all of the, husband or- wid ewers as the case may be of such womenTwho may now oeknown-j by some other name or names, and all of the heirs of such women, and all' persons- -whomsoeverr whose names are unknown to plaintiff, whomaylalm some right, title and interest to, or lien upon,-the teal estate hereinafter described,; : and owned by plaintiff,- adverse to plaintiff's title thereto,' are non residents of tne state or inmana, and that thetr residence Is un known. - t That said suit is prosecuted to quiet the title as against each and all of said defendants and as against the world to real estate in Hamilton County, State of Indiana, described as follows: Lots 10 and 11 in Square 9 in River Park Addition to Nblesville3itr. Notice Is therefore given said de- fendants, that Unless they bejind appear on the 10th day of February, A. D., 1942, the same being the 26th Judicial day. of- the January Term of the Hamilton Circuit Court at the-Couri-House-in-Noblesvlller-lnH said-County-and State, antLanswer or demur to said complaint, tne same will, be heard and determined In their absence. In witness whereof, I have here unto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court, ait Noblesville, Indiana; this 11th day of Dec., A. D., 1941,.- - ' - unesiey ta. aaiuocn, viei, Hamilton Circuit Court. (SEAL) , Ti. Dec. 12-19-26. NOTICE V Notice is hereby given hat Paul Stewart-nasfiled nis petition .in the-Hamilton Circuit Court to-iave theime and place of his birth determined. Said petl.ion is set for hearing Deo. 19th, 1941. Dated Nfeis 11th day of Dec..' 1941. Che?leyE.Bardock, . Clerk of the. Hamilton Circuit -..Court. SEAL). ' t IMc. 12-lt. feBlic SafeDatei Dec. 12 & 13-Frt. & Sat. 1 p. m. each afternoon, and 7 o'clock even- Mpgs grocery stock known as the North Side Market located on North 2nd St., Fortvllle, for Idrell and Etta Cox. Sale In charge ci Foland-Auetlon-Cor Dec. 13 Saturday 1:30. Modern home, 290 W. Main St., Danville. Dr. J. L. Sharp, owner; -Wyant Auct. COr-r-r , . . Dec. i IS Saturday 2 :30. . 1 '4 acre home, 3 'sq. south . of Court House, Danville. 3. L. Sharp, owner; Wyant Auct. Co. Dec. 13 Saturday 3:30. 3 acre orchard and home site, adjoining high school bldg. on south in Danville. John' Sharp, owner; Wyant Auction Co,- - v f" JDec. 16 Tuesday 10 :30. " 96 acre larm and personal property. 1H mile east -of Fincastle; J. M. Anderson, ownerr-Wyant - Auction - Co.-Jn Charge. I vpec. 17 Wednesday 10:00 A. M. public sale, located 3 miles north of McCordsville, 4 miles west and 1 mile north of Fortvllle, -JO miles southeast of Noblesville, on the Old Madi son Brooks Home Place. Roy L. Cain, owner. Cols. Brandom, Gartin and Dresbach, Aucts. Dec. 20--Saturday 1 P. . M. Mod- ern home,, 1015 N. 7th street, 'Lafayette ; Clarence Jones, - owner ; Wyant Auct. Co. In charge. -Dec - 20 Saturday 3 p. mr: 7 room hduse and. 3yacant-lo:sr 1317 E. 35th St., Anderson. Greely Davis, owner, ;- Col. Poland, auctioneer. :-; , Dec.. 29 Monday 1 P. M. 280 A. -tarm improved, 3 ML West, 1 Mi. E. of Monterey, 10 Ml. N.E. of Winl-mac, 7 Ml. S.E. of Bass Lake, Pulaski Co.; Ind Chas. W. prasa, owner. Col. Poland, .Auctioneer. . f Jan 16 Friday 10 a.-m. Gen-ral farm and livestock sale Dure Sogs and Shorthomycattle for Mar- ton Danforth, one mile S.f- 4 mile I. of Modock, 3 miles N.. 2 miles E. of Greenfield. Sale In charge of the Fo-Land Auction Co. i. . Jan. 16 Friday- P; M.- 80 acre farm well Improved farm s. E. of Fortvllle, 1 ml. E. of Modock, in Hancock, county, "17 ml. E. of the State Fair Grounds, on the 38th St, road-Marion Dansforth, owner. Sale In charge of the R. C Fo-Land Auction Co. Rent one of these leeker boxes and have fresh meat, . berries, fruits, eta, for weeks to come. , Frigid Locker Service Kf . IKfi 11 Woklssvmo wmmm Tt ' ' fit ' DEAD STOCK-Wahted . PROMPT REMOVAL ; - ,. , We Pay AlfPhon ChorgM. ' -J T " CALL PHONE NEAREST TOC1 : . ' ' Neblesv&le 91 A - - Fsttvlto 171 Sheridaa 15T ' ' OsasvlBe 128-F-tt Noblesville Rendering Co. USED CARS 1941 FLEETLLNE SEDAN ' " (Demonstrator) 1 -4t Chevrolet Sport Sedan, Sadie and Heater v '39 Dodge Sport Sedan, -Radio and Heater -U Chevrolet Town Sedan, Radio - and Heater -40 Chevrolet sport Sedan, Radio and heater. ,.' " '37 Chevrolet Spec, Town Sedan, Radio and Heater. "37 V-8 Todor. '36 Chevrolet T. Sedan. '34 Plymouth Sedan, - '33 Chevrolet Coach. '35 Dodge H Ton Panel. '35 Dodge Sedan, Delivery. ' '36 Chevrolet 1H Ton, 157-Inch s W. B, Dual, Truck. 30 Ford M Ton Pick-up. -'30 Ford Coupe. 21 Chevrolet Coupe. 30 Chevrolet Coach. LIBERAL TERMS Your ear probably will make the required down payment. - As long as 18 months to pay. W. Hare & Son Gold CupC6ffee;r Noblesville Warehouse : Market: North Side Square ESQUIRE CLEANERS Rave en Cleaning of Suite, - Owns, Coats, Bags -r-n '' Draperies. .,,-; Plck-au and DeUverv Bervioa, Expert Aleratlons and Repairtag j - ay our- own xauor. Phone 508 35 S. 9th St ! ;. Red Cedar End and Line Posts Always on hand, and, our prices will please you. Fishers Lumber Co. Fishers, IsWL DR. HOURIGAN l Eyes Tested - Glasses Fitted. -. 92 So. 9th St, Noblesville Kroger Grocery and Baking Company Phcme 45 . last Side Square r Noblesville NOBLESVILLE FURNiTURE The "Home Complete CASTETTER - 4 HARDWARE- ; Complete line of Appliances and Novelties 977 Leon Phoot XU l5 ALE HANSHEW LMPJEMENT SERVldE ALLI-CHALMERg SALFS -AND SERVICE , ' "'-f Phone 169 . . I Layaway Sale ' . ! WINTER COATS Select Your Coat Mow and Save! wniiTSco. is WANTED , DEAD ANIMALS i: Ccdl Noblesvffle 609, Sheridan 14, Arcadia 16 PROMPT SERVICE ?7t .? V We pay all telephone charges. .. , JOHN WACHTEL CO. '' " "H . - -' i QCALITX-- .-'v ' GROCERIES AND MZATI North SUe Squam . t ZECKEL'i Clothing and Men's Fumlshisca. So. Side Sq Noblesvflle FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY STORE m Leran St, Fbeoe 148 Stetson Hot CKpperCroH dothci 1 Jaraan Shoes ., WHnrs WE carry all th lot- est song hits in sheet ' ""music '. WELDY DRUG STORE HELP THE GOVERNMENT BUI. UtS. DEFENSE BONDS American Nationcl sanity . STORAGE Oi AllQnds REES-YOUNG -ldsmobCe-- Across rrom Arpsory . uucAiiuuia I - ISCHEAP Public Service Co. O.V.NUTT FURNITTJU HAXDWAZS VNDERTAKOra . : Delivery Service Anywhsre CARMEL, HID. Used Trudcs 1940-1 JTon Ford 1936 l!4 Ton International 1935 Iff Toa Dodfe. : T 19331 I Ton G JM.C. I t 1932 1 Ton Ford. 193a-m Ton For , 3 Automobiles , 1939 Bantam. ' . " ' .::'- - 1935 Ford Tudor. t 1 1S2D Want TbA: " f V . Used Tractors ! F36FarmaS, ".(ft r F26 FarmaD, " '' - F12 -FsnaaH t -. f - t, Regular FmnalL ' rf ' 10-20 McCormkk-Deering, . , W. C AWs-Chsfaaeret , . . , V. C.Anis-ChaImers. .l . . r BARKER IMPLEMENT SALES Two-tentlw Mile East of City Limits on 8tate Road 32. ' " 4 Phone 524 t - iiccdcbtat:c3 Alas new CJe -Cast M',aVJ 'T ' Oaad ' CaMnM ' lUtt'' Vmtm McConnlA-I)erlars3at4risU- loan Deere MedoT wheels rabfesc Mm-Deer Cs4tt B Tnctssv W. ratWr. Hubor Traetor ,m tWIhtim, MS: tract FWened tmi Wsni ; HesmnfStswa,.,.:;. : aym Ktoetrie Ftsnsfi ssi Nowand Vse4 BftrfsiM mmM R.E.HAROIO NciTilljiTdCow: Si2Logc3. fhczaZZ: - - Sesyejr.'iT""--?; At ear ytttt " Vr JC AG3Cn O Im3 7 rr zr-r S 9th St, CHEVROLET ' - : ill e " . ... e T ' m i COALTTO J - FTTT7PT7XT. VTT r I MJiWLoccaiPfccTO O o ... o v e e o oo. . , . EVANS GOD3T FunIIbnsj South,: 10th &' Phnnst ftlft -'. LUcfiLIcyciCo sua-- .. ei i 1 VIl6inToaCc .-"..JTjI' si r SoieryIXJcli , .!A' k - i I n WT II I Mil i. II 1 , CWUkte f ne s 1a I X'

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