The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1931
Page 7
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ANN uftrr •In- me ur lief I'llOVV- hj Al AN rilOSKV. frniH p year ncd n ftluJf i»s Trt. nrtil W tinJ hrokrii tlirlr r Binrry n »r.i'ililrr t J I in n tid <J > IIHJ C^CT \\hrrf Jim pr.ipfrrv, III* rk'loti Ju.l rrturnvil tinlf In 1'nrU nn*. t; it I u l f or t hi n ibrU'lntt l^iiv tr* are bintlli. 1 uli lirr. 9IAU- (~\.\ f.OHl.M;, JJm'« liinnrr tinm-rr. iLinrrlfji 11 SiOi U I'JIf I,I.U'«, mil- I where It's ccoler but I don't s'jp I poso she'll Sx" I "You're hero yourself tor c[iille j a whllo?" Oypsy simke rasu.-illy. • wondering " her voice uuirtiycil I her trepidation. I "liidelinllcly." 1 V '/1IAT i tor? that llrwk rbllllli. Mi. lirrti kill,',I In n full mini u liunr. .Mnrrln rrcurni. <o Kiin-ic Cll>. Jihl- cini- KnllM Jim Illniul bf I nimnrlril luiil- Irn. nuil lalrr U'lU htiu tier i Jhu t vtlfr. K ta rfni:iln loj;il lu t llarrhi trt-i|ut-nilj i- ol iLr »hunllnu un T had tills other filrl conn' Oypsy knew very well n idt merely lo discus* the IIC.M and Aunl Ellen's henltli. lucre was some nllicr purpose baeis or Marcla I'lillllps' vlsll. She was puzzling over the problem when Marcla'8 voice broke In "!~orcsl Clly lias been very BMC. ! . guvo me overylhliig but 1 didn't lovo him. l never could lovo him—" "Why aro you telling nil (Ills to me?" Uypsy asked let a strained voice. i "licc.iuso you tool! him away. You did!" Suddenly Iho gray-bUte- eyes I blazed. "1 camo hero today to toll yo'.i simifihtUB. You'vo sot lo give i tip Jim Waltnco! You havo tils '. name all rlghl but I'm Ilio one who ; lias Ills love. You'vo got to give- blra • "Hi" i "1 —I don't understand!" ! "llb^ yes you do. You know Jltn vY&lhtco never cared lor you. Ho only married 5ou because !ie was lealciid and ariErjr. At ttio very Lie was listening lo tho mar the »ho fpIIR incridlng basket Isy on ei:d ot tlio dnvenport wlicrg had Irti II. Gypsy sat down It. A i:atr ol Jim's socks toppod Iho pllo ot mending. She ot that olher tlino months boror« In brmiij> •hni.i thni "JIui lr:i\<- HI. In ' I "l-orcst City lias been very BMd ! - tln ' (J lle vvas l l5 le»l»K 1° U'« "'"' ', ; tor me " she said languidly, "I sup I "^ «r»«>°i» I wns the ono Ho - I 110=0 i'm sentimental about the' wiu IhliikliiK ol! I tell you Jim " i place My happiest days hare all love3 mi nild ' Iov<! """• Vou '« " L.,. cnnt.1 hnrr," S'lB evi.,1 (ll'.lnv 8°< 10 E° SWaj-dlVOrCO bllll PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers * 5 § S S § 5 5 FOR SALE mint h,- 11.ilk. [ M>W Cll ON WITH VIU; s'lULM ' CHAP I'BIl XXXIX | TMIKHE was nn chance fcr retreat : - Already Marcla was half way i up lliu walk. Hhu mnlicd cool and ! serene- in a while silk asmrts tiuuk : 5^1,3 iu [his sleekly beautiful crea- and broad-brimmed sun liat. Kvery ! Hue sound so uan.ilr thing about Marcia suggested ex qiilslte grooming. Uyusy'a own linen house dress was rumpled unit acr nose was liccu Ejicnt here." S!ie eyed Gypsy narrowly. "Oil, don't be bhoclu-il! I tiiDiioi-e It's not the conventional l]lI[1B fur n yam , s W | liow lo 6a) . i)i|( n' s quite true. I'vo known more happiness In this Illlle lown than anywhere, else." "I like the lown myscll." Dypsy j \J a ., rcC(| w|]y ,,. us , gver y,| lln5 6he Aunt Ellen had rlpp«d 0111 tho stltclie3 Eho hnd so luiliiElKh. liiEly put Inn nnollier.palr. How insny tccl;s sho had uiondcrt slnco tlicn! ••'• Mcclmnlcnlly sli« Ihrc.idcJ a uccdii! but sho did not eel lo work. "Jim couldn't linvo hnnwn about III" t!>rsy Inslsleil to hoteclt. "lit wouliln't do such a (lit'ni;. 1 hnow ho' wouldn't!" Sho reviewed ihe scjeiie wltli Marcla. It wiu. true, ol course, l hat now Iho other girl WLIS openly an enemy. V/liat did tliai ni.ntot 1 ^ "She Inlcd mo auyho\v.' Uyiisy ihoiujlu. "1 don't caro wlmt "Oh. do you really? 1 didn't Know. 1 thought you inlRht be am ions lo sc'i New Vork agalo." Uynsy shook her heart. "We're nut planning on ;;i;lUB soon." for an luslanl silo thooglu Mar cla had dropped her pose and Ujat /"»V1'SV was silent, looking down the floor. "I'm sorry." she .Id presently, "1 can'l do It." "You iiie.iu you wuii't? Oh. but you'll have to! You cnn'l keep a man lied to you Legally when bo doesn't love you. It's Immoral, Why, It's barbarous! You couldu'i do a thing like Hull!" "Yea." Uywsy replied. She forgot ihe letters ID the LOS: box. She did not eren try lo enni raon a smile but stood there wait- ^a Look ot pure haired gleamed trom lag. Uypsy. \vhalever else her sins j iho tray-blue eyes, It she vns cor- mlshl ho. was never hypocritical. ; reel tho look disappeared os quickly Marcla called In her SWCUICM | . 13 u had conic. Marciii plchcd up tono: "I'm sn Kbd ID find you i -j. paliu lenl [an tr-jm the la'jle and home ' SLie crime up ihe stei'a Hei farmed lier^elt Indolently. , ...- -— --.- —- lunnircr and eiurcsslon tiad llielr "What are your plans?" febe asked Kvilh anfier und her eyca hashed, usual air ol superiority. i quietly. ! "You'll bo sorry you said lhat!" "Won't you come la?" j "Wliy—wliy I don't know! Juai j 5lie threatened. ".No womlcr Jim "Thanks. Isn't H nice and cool' thu usual thing. 1 guess. Jlin doesnt care anything oiwnl rou In here?" Marcla tald as ilicy en ; hasn't been able lo nrrniiBe a va Vun're just a common llltlo uoljwly ot to to away—divorce You'vo KOI to Irco him!" "You want mo to divorce Jim? "Of It's Iho oniy way to sho Ihluhs or dees. It's ouly Jim!" make tilings rlshl." / Oul ot that half hour's revorle » new Gypsy cauni lo lite. Marchi'a aala^oiilsni had been the spur to !"MiiiB about this trnnsroruiailru. She couhl not t;lve up Jlni to auch ji'slnllow. selibh crcnluro as Marcla. S!:e louked over the rast wtek* nnd saw lier mistakes. How easy Shu had made. It For Marcla! Her own impersonal uiauuer. tnr toel- Ing that sho had no real claim on Jim had proTlded the opportunity Marcla waa watching (or. • Oil. but now she understood! Now sho would take precautions! Tv.lce that afternoon there wcro Ions serious momenta when asked hctselt what et:e would do II Jim MnioaU carno to her and for his release. That would be eu- tlrcly different. That would o»— 1 think 1 could. It seems better to me to keep a husband than to try to take someoou else's—" Man'la 1'hlllips roso to her (cet Her usunl pallor was heightened i'hc lla::io-rcd lips were distorted FOB SALE—Baby chicks. Pay tills fall. Sec us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. • OC-TF FOR SAI,E—Good, dry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 101. 11P-CN FOR SALE—1,500 bushels yellow tcccl corn, 75 cents per bushel at crib. H. N. Trimble, Lilbourn, Mo., I'hone 16. 13C-K27 lered the living rnnrn. "You Kmm 1 UiouKlit you mlylil Uo oui at Ihc- club ai [he tciinia tournament Everyone in lo\vu eucms lo t»c (here!" Tliu> "clul>" n[ roursc W.-K iln callon becansif there s been so much | :iftcr his money. I had no Idea you work and tho other partners have < were BO contemptible! Well, you'll been away. Laler perhaps we may j have to slvo him up |u«t Iho same! 50—" : You'll see!" "1 see," »ld Marcla. Slic ncsl i G - v l' s1 ' wn3 slaiulliiB. loo, moiiieiii. droppe-l ihe lai: -. FOR SALE—Rowden Cotton Seed. Welch Foster, The Grand Leader. 14C-K20 FGH KENT FOR RENT—3 room furnished flat garage and coal , houst. Cal 67H-W. .. " "-•'••' ' 'TC- roil HEN*r— Three, five and six rcom residences, also a furnished noiT "If .llm wants me lo divorce him,' Ulundiilc iTotiiiliy Club. Uypsy nun I am! sludlciMls dcsiBii. "How loup !' sll ° Kal " crcnl >'- "i" 5 ' 11 ' !nve , to te " rcail almnl the Iminiariie-m. bin alie : have you nwn hercr' I " lu hlrasett. 1 don t know why you had never been Invited lo the club ; "Four months. We came the llrsi i wlno hcre " ul l k - now n was " ' D0 ' house. : wcuk lu March." j "I don't know anything about: Mnrcla nodded. "You and Jli»i tennis." Ehe adiiilllcd. i hadn't known each utlicr Ions bL 1 - "llenllyr Well. I often ihlnk my j lore your marrlat;;.'. had you?" self that sports are boring. I'm 1101 ! "Not so "ery lonK-" good al any o( them, but sluing] "That's whnt 1 understood, through lorruamenls and cons/a:n l course, Jim and I have beeti friends latlng Hie winners and all thai | almost as long as 1 can remember, seems lo be the thing to do.- 1'wish 1 liad your stronjth--ot'character and could stay out of It." ' i-ypsy. nude nn reply. She _n~a£ contra^t'lus^ .Marcla'fl 8llm kit] : pumpa wl|h her own Erlqiy- sandals ."You 'know, tor neighbors we scarcely see each other." Marcla continued after a moment. "I house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. [ (.nought you promised to come lo FOR RENT— Apartment in Ingram building. S*e Parkhurst Company. 9C-TF FOR RENT—5 room modem apartment on West Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 479-W lOc-kll FOR HE.NT—One ol the Miller Apartments at lOtli and Walnut, hot and told water, Arcola heat, garage, shade trees, pretty lawn. Apply lo Ike Miller. 10c-tf FOR RENT—-Modern five room furnished bungalow. Call 4ti. pklS FOR RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms. 113 VV. Missouri Avenue. 15P-K18 WANTED WANTED—Will pay cash for. wall formed, young bay horse with fox walk. State price and age. Box B Comer News. 17p-k20 call." Gypsy's embarrassment In her face. "I—I've been awfully i busy." she alibied. "There firs so many things to think about ID a house. Then the garden takes a lot of time. 1 suppose I'm out tlitre more than i need to ho hut I lovo 1L Would you like lo see Itie garden?" Marcla leaned back In her ctialt and smiled. "I'd love to," slic said, "--later." "How Is Aunt El!en?" "Oil, she's fairly well. Feels the heat. I'm rather couccrwd about her. Aurt Ellen's such a darling. Don't you think so'.'. She's been so wonderfully kind lo rae. I've been urctuz her to «t away somewhere [la used to carry my lioc.ks home from pcboul. Jim was older but lie never seemed lo like any of the' older Rirls so well. We used to BO to parties together too. Oh.' tliere aro so many llun^rf. 1 roaieuiuer— panics, football games, moonlit drives." Gypsy's checks bad lost tlitsii color. Her cye.i studied the oilier Sirl Intenlly. "Jim lold me," she j said. j "Jim told you?" Suddenly Mar- 1 cla Phillips' voice rose to l .i harsli pitcli. "Ji:5l wtiat did be loll you It 1 may ask?" "lle told me you used lo be engaged." Marcla straightened In her clialr. "Tliat'a right." she said. "Wo were encased. Wo were engaged until four months ago. Such a foolish little lover-' quarrel—something about daaclng with another man al a party—made mo give back his ring. The neit tblng I heard Jim was married. My prldo was nurt, Urod; Phillies had been urging me to. marry him for months. lu reckless moment I agreed, lircck cause Jim tolu you lo. 1 don't be- I lieve lie knows anything nuoul It 1 It seems to me this matter Is he- I tween Jim MIU me aad not lor out' slilers." QI\ "Oh!" exrljlracd Mare la. It [ seemed as far as vocal powers could j carry her. Sho wns half way to the I door. Suddenly ebe turned and rjared back al Gypsy. "You Ihlnb you've- got him, don't you? We'll see uboul thai!" A young woman weariiis Mar-' cia's scant £H)-b could scarcely Ue. a Illllo depru?sln£. said lo "lloujice" Irom the house and yet that was tho Impression crcaled as. with head high and quick, lerklng steps, sha hurried through Ihc door and down the SICES, tjyii&y. watching, saw Marcla uirn Eu tho illrectiou of Aunt Kl [en's cotiase. 'oventng he tpoke ol an nltli souio buslucss and drove away. The second week IP July scorchlufi hot Ml day long Ihe sun beat down unceasingly ou the dry earth. Tho lawn which Sam hud V^r^ed so faithfully to turn tutu Slowly Uypsy came back to the 1 thick'green velvet bccnmo singed room. It was very warm. She and brownish. The garden wilted, started lo nick up tho palm leatljlm camo home to dinner looking fan, ihcn realizing fJiat Marcla bad lust held It, dropped It. There was a largo square envelope, on Iho la ble, and Ihis she picked up Instead. and brushed it back and forth nlni- not a breath of <vlod was Elirrtn; lossly. ; Throughout this ordeal she There had been times-plenty ot lighting lo Seep up her courage, them—In tlypsy's comparatively; It was Abhle Manley—Abhlo who brief young llfo when she hail re-j would never sretted hasty. Impulsive speeches ! harmed anyone—who brought iho Sho was not regretful now. "I'm glad 1 said It!" sha told her- • Uynsy. =«U. -I'm rlad I said It." : (To tte POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. eed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west I courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone H. ilC-TP POULTRY WANTED-lIarket prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 H. Fourth St. 9C-TF WISH to buy fcr .cash, horse power liny baler. State make and price wanted. Hox B Courier News npk'20 WANTED — Family .washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mizcll, 2207 18th SI. TF Will buy good side riclivrry hay rake if priced right. State size, make and price. Box B Courier News. 17p-k20 WANTED-CIc-an rags, free of buttons. Courier News. LAltlEVlREPAIREPl FAY O.DAVIS AUrater Kent Dealer Tlionc 411 Invest With Safety 6% p;iid quarterly on full paid stock, §100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on liomes in Hlythevillc. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association •\v. i market for. used hay mower in good condition. State make and owest casli price. Box B Courier lews. . • Hp-MO PEKSONAI, IENUINK DUCO Authorized refinishing station. C. T. Slininlin n-ith DL-nton Clicvrolct Co., Main Franklin. 31--K24 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS lave yottr slioes rebuilt at. our True Blue Shop, 322 East Main. All work guaranteed. 10p-kn iN THE DISTRICT COURT OP Tlffi UNITED STATES FOR TIIE JONF^BORO DIVISION OF HE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OP Omcr Lules. In Bankruptcy, to the creditors of the above named bankrupt of Blytheville in the county of Mississippi. Division and District nfcrc-sairt. a hankrupl. Notice is* hereby given that on April 7th, .1031, the above nan-.eJ petitioner was duly adjudged a bankrupt, and the first meeting ol the creditors will be held at my oflice in the City ot Jonesbnro. in said District on April 27 1931 al 2 r. M., at which time Ihc said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint n, trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such blhcr business as may properly come before said mcctins. At Joncsboro. Arkansas, this April Itith., 1931. F. C. MULLINIX, Referee In Bankruptcy St. Peter's chair in Rome is salt to be tlic most interesting and an Jclcnt piece ol furniiurc in exist cnce, EECOS1JIZ.S AlJ OUD PAL VoORS "?- EXPECTS TO BE kIDMAPPED OR WASH TUHHS ""- ^^ V&J) )ytNtftWNKlM'_y ~ (^^jVf^ yA f^/Y^ 4^ @> V^°°^ W ^^%^~ ^-^ '^ ^XH W ^Hg •>*&:&••> s),.S^W\V,?V\-L^-£??-^ MV GOOD MAM, I rlUklDREDS QF HOURS GIA/A-T -fetE. scopes OF LICK 1 ArtP McUrtT WILSOJkl OBSERVATORIES, WILL W4oU r AM A SCiEMIiFIC PR. rlflOPfE IS Trie oFiHe rJ(C£ MOCsM -loMlCiHT', MIS-ltR! cE»ATS-Td LOOK ATAM 1 COURTESY, LET ME PEER THRU GLASS AT "THE BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES DOWN—DOWN— LINDBERGH CCOWO -^^-'-t.^-t \ ' i^-jy? THIS TovJfJ ? WE LAST WI6UT AW W IT OFF TVIS TRAIN-A SoT THE MSxT TRAlhl FCC GLKHART, AH' Ir T. HAD Softs VJAY OF £=TTlrJ' THIS CRtlTCH To fMSHT HELP , CATCH uc fvRST H»;«6 \t\JA EA^ TOW MR OftWWT ,', RtWRKftBLY tf^T, tfVRWORt EXfcP-V^tEO oh, why tliliil; about It! novcr do Bucli n Ihlne. That ovcnlna sho made an cltorl to look attractive when JUu arrived home. They Had dinner sorted on t!:; screened porch. -There were cool drlnltn and an iced dcsteru Oypsy studied Jliu's tace covortly, decided that he was llrcd. "Have >ou made any more riu'is for yunr vacntlon^;' s!ie askojl. "UDn'i you think you really need rest?" lle Fall! vaguely lhat bo nnghl take soiTio time off ncit month. !t 'was o'Jt of tho question for tho pVesent. ', "Listen, Gypsy," he said, "there's no reason you should alaj here scorching just because I must 11 you'd Ilko lo go up to iho lakes tor a couple weeks—or some place else If you'd rather—fio abend!" "The girl said quickly thai elm would rather stay. Somehow Jiin'b j enthusiastic dismissal of her u:i9 \vOrn and weary. Several limes no complained, ot headaches.- Gypsy tried lo keep the hou?o cool and invitlug but there "were days when ; news lhat was tjw; las' straw for KH-EV AGAIN! WrAV, IT'S RILEV !•' 6ES-WStze I THOOGHT WGBeC IT V'AS THAT CROO 1 ^. LooWM' fop. HIS CRUTCH....! WAS Si'AnGD SO BAD TVIAT

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