The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1954
Page 12
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BLYTHETILLH (ARK.) COURIER NEW! WIDlfKDAY, DBCBMBBR, I 19M Home Stretch Spurt Can Make US Business Best Ever in December By 8AM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) A home-stretch spurt can make December the best month of this yWr Merchants 1 have high hopes Christmas retail trade will top last year's. And industrial output, in spite of a slowdown for the holiday, may hit its best pace Of the year. It started out lamely, Although .. IS4S can still make a good showing. First reports from the stores tell of good Christmas traffic. The magazine Sales Management predicts December retail sales will total $16,900,000,000, 3 per cent above the year-ngo dollar volume. Merchants are wooing customer* with advertising and price promotions. Finding prices either stable or » trifle lower, customers are believed to be in the mood this year to buy. Last year many were waiting for big price breaks, STARR GAZING OSCEOLA NEWS By Bettye NeH« Starr By BETTYE XEU.E STARR The first telephone office in Washington. D. C-, begun operation on this date, 1878. The B and O. Railroad opened to Harpers' Ferry, W. Va., on this date, 120 years ago. The Monroe Doctrine propounded on Dec. 2, 1823. On Dec. 5. 1848, President Polk, in his message, con- wtoieh never came. Aulo. Helped Forecasts of an industrial activity spurt this month are based \ largely on the early start makers (rot with new models. The j tadustrV plans to turn out more! Of all things! Governor and Mrs. cars this December than In any other month this year. A further rise in steel production and In a number of other Industries is also looked for. As a result, the Guaranty Trust Co. of New York notes, "for the first time since early 1953 general business appears to be rising more-than-seasonal firmed reports that gold had been discovered in California., The Washington Monument was "auto I completed on Dec. 6, IBM. Francis Cherry had as their luncheon guests, Governor-elect. Orvfi! Faubus and Mrs. Faubus. Ain't pol- said: The best at a rate." H sees strong possibility of a further gain in December." Purchasing agents report that In many Industries new orders are now coming in faster than production Is rising. The steel operating rate has risen above 80 per cent of capacity. The American Iron 8: Steel Institute reports, and output Is higher than at any time since early December 193. on UP The U.S. Bureau of Mines forecast an increase this month in the amount of crude oil that will be consumed here or exported. The bureau thinks the total will average out at 6& million barrels a "ay. „ The Federal Reserve Board looks for the December spurt to lift the year's total dollar volume of goods and services to 358 billion dollars. This would be only 2 '/ 2 per cent under !B53's gross national product, a record 365 billion. The expanding business activity is expected to keep employment high In December and make work weeks a little longer, and pay checks fatter. Abortion Leads To Star's Death Virginia Hopkins Put Career Ahead Of Childbirth LOS ANOELES Ml - Pear thai childbirth would Interfere with her plans to break Into the movies was blamed today for the abortion death of former swimming champion Virginia Hopkins Wntson. Her husband, Arthur Watson, told police he wanted a child, but that his wife had a movie part In "Jungle Jim" with Johnny Welss- muller. He told Detective Sgt. Herman Zsander that his wife Informed him she underwent the surgery Nov. 18 and noticed no ill effects until last Friday. She died of peritonitis late Monday night In Los Angeles General Hospital. Seek "Doctor" Police seek to determine who performed the illegal operation. The 32-year-old Mrs. Watson, a swimming instructor at Hollywood Athletic Club, set a national 400- meter relay record In 1939 with her twin sister. Marlon Hopkins. Eleanor Chamberlain and Esther Williams of the films. Virginia set a world 50-metni record in 1938 in Los Angeles. The Hopkins twins appeared later with Billy Rose's Aquacade. Los Angeles County autopsy surgeon Victor Cefalu said that poisons resulting from the operation overtaxr-d the kidneys. Grasshoppers Good to Eat (?) BOISE, Idaho W—Idaho's ART! culture Department has a letter from a California man who wants to know if it's true that Idnho's Indians used, to etit grasshoppers, and if so, how they cooked them. Officials of the University of Idaho Extension Service, to whom the letter was passed, said yesterday they don't know tin? answer, but they're sending A. A. Johnson, of Azusn. Calif., a U. S. Department of Agriculture bulletin which says In pan: "Fried or roasted in nothing bill their own oil, with the addition of a little salt, grasshoppers nre by no means unpleasant eating and have quite a nutty flavor." Officer, Save That $12.50 Hat! MINEOLA, N. Y. Wl—Mrs. Mary Jo Hasson walled In anguish yesterday when her new S12.50 hat blew off and fell under the second car of a Long Island Railroad train. Conductor J. T. Ryan saw her plight and conferred hurriedly with engineer Walter Stephenson. Slowly Stephenson backed up the train. Ryan retrieved the hat. handed It to Mrs. Hasson, bellowed "All aboard." Two minutes late, the train puitod out X UM elation. itics grand? As Longfellow thing one can do when it's raining. Is lo let it rain. The nurse of full-grown souls is solitude. There Is no defense like elaborate courtesy. Kindness has killed a lot of folks. Talent is that which Is a man's power: Genius Is that in whose power a man Is. . People are funny, they always v.ant to be busier than anybody, hotter and colder than any body in the crowd, no body ever had such a serious operation and nobody's children are as smart as theirs. It Isn't a bit to early to start addressing Christmas cards and I hope you didn't make the resolution last year not to sent! any this year. What would Christmas be without remembering friends in this small way? If you have small children in the family, bundle up their cards mid let the postmaster at Santa Clans, Ind.. mail them from his office. I never miss and the kids get a big thrill out of it. And speaking of Christmas, did you hear Bettye Woods' program on KOSE the day after. Thanksgiving' 1 She hud ortit be 'shamed. Every record she played for 45 minutes were Christmas records. The first fellow to start It Is a rotten CUB. Now we all know what Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Rilcy, Jr.,. Mrs. G. B. Scgrflres, Jr., and spent Thanksgiving with Mr. alley's I children. Joyce and George, of Stut- molhcr. Mrs. Rlley, Sr., In New j t«art visited Mrs. Segraves, Sr., over Madrid. She returned home with: the weekend, her son and Mrs. Hiley to spend Mr. and Mrs..Roland Anders, their several days. On Monday Mrs. H. [ daughter and Miss Dorothy Wilson J. Hale and the two Mrs. Rileys' | O f Memphis have returned to their were Memphis visitors. ' j home after visiting Mrs. Emmett Miss Bettye Ann Whltworth, who: vvilson and family. They came esp- teachcs school in Memphis spent | ec i a lly Jor Thanksgiving, her vacation with her parents, Mr, i Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Whitworth. ' am i Mrs. Allan Segraves and Mrs. L. C. B. Young and ,Bill were Harold Ohlendorf attended church among the Oscedlans to attend the; g u nday in Senatobia, Miss. Ole Miss football game Saturday, j Mrs. Winifred Watson and son, . Susan Matlock celebrated her 8th ' Larry, have returned to their home 'ntially Bettye do you have I birthday Saturday afternoon by in- • ln Memphis after several days with IcGuire Sisters record of V '"»K 22 little girls to her home lo j lu , r parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. D. help her celebrate. Christmas was In ! Ma.ssey. evidence throughout the home. When refreshment time came, Mrs Matlock brought out a Christinas tree cake studded with birthday candles and goodies. The group played games during the afternoon. Leo and Jack Duclos and their Rogelio Helphen, of Panama Billingsley's DaughterFound Stork Club Owner's Girl Eloped with Photog NEW YORK W —Sherman BilJ- ngsley. owner of the Stork Club, has called off a police search for his 18-year-old daughter Barbara after learning she eloped with a ew York photographer. The girl had been missing since Saturday but her father waited until yesterday before asking po- ice to try to find her. Then last night he telephoned police and said conflde the McO "Christmas Alphabet?" Cut* as Mrs. Santa Clans' new Most everybody Is afflicted from ear-sickness, either from the ridiny or from the monthly payments. •ille, was the holiday guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hendon. RUC.SL, , See by the newspaper, a woman's j werft Thank.sfjivinf,' of Mr. and best friend—Li be race. is on the.- loose and what's so wrong with his fiancee chunking his theme son? to "Kissing in the Dark?" I mill think 1L was all a public- j ity stunt of his announcement to i marry, knew all time he'd find a loophole, | I'll admit- the loophole wru>. awfully smnll, but when you're looking for one, the small ones do Just as well ILS the big ones. He may be the answer to a mnld- •n'B prayer, but not this one, you know the feeling you have when you eat too many sweets, he has that same effect on me and that ain't Rood. Man, sampling wife's casserole: "What's in this honey? I may have to describe it to the doctor." He who dances must pay the fiddler, also the florist, pick up the check, tip the waiter, the hatcheck girl, and for parking space. Definition for cocktail party: a place where they cut sandwiches and friends Into little pieces. I've always contended there Is nothing worse than a tactless person, they are the greatest menace to society. There are two types of this unpopular specimens. There Is the type, who in their crude manner make you wish you had worn your "other" hat or dress, or else stayed at home. This type is Invariably a woman. They make a comment that almost prompts you to stuff snid hat or dress down their throat. There's one in every crowd and you need no .second Introduction to tier. Then there's the other typo, which could be ultlirr sex, who goes we are in for, until Christina* Eve. around shouting their importance, Mrs A. D. Duclos. The three young men' arn majwinf; in agriculture at the University af Arkansas. Jnin- intr in the holiday festivities at ihe Duclor> home south of Osceoln were Mr. and Mrs. John J. Duclos of Blythevillc and Mr. Jack Brown. Mrs. C. W. Push and children are home after ..spending the past week in McCna, Mi>-.s., visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Johnson and and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Newton Johnson spent Thanksgiving in Mississippi. The group attended the Ole Miss game Saturday. Mrs. Bert Bradley of Clinton, Ark is .spending two weeks with her son. A. B. Bradley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Godley have returned home after spending Thanksgiving with Mrs. Oodlcy's sister, Mrs. Roy Brandenburg, and Mr. Brandenburg in Oklahoma City. Dr. and Mrs. George Cone drove Miss Carolyn Edrlngton, Miss Jean Driver Kendrlck, Buck Alexander W. L. Glllespie were home from the University to spend Thanksgiving with home folks. Returning Sunday to Arkansas State were Misses Karen Bradley and Shirley Shoemaker, Donnle Dunn. Russell Thomason, Miss Barbara Shanoyfelt, Dowel! Harlan, Kenneth Cole, Paul Stillwell and Ilnrlan Starr. Miss Billie Oaines Mann has returned to Arkadelphia where she attends school. Miss Bettye Spires ate Thanksgiving dinner with her' parpnLs, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Spires and then returned to Ole Miss where she attends school to participate in the campus festivities and to attend the game Saturday. Miss Karen Young, Miss, Joanne Cutlom and Warren Weinberg returned to Vanderbilt and Miss Patsy Jones left Sunday to return to William Wood where she is a freshman. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton A- Barton of Houston. Miss., have .returned to their home after a visit with Mrs. Barton's brother, Elliott Sartin and Mrs. Sartin. Mrs. Sartin complimented Mrs. Barton with a dessert-canasta par- their dauehter Shlrfey COM,, UItt |, ty Friday afternoon Winner in the John Hci-rlnB to Memphis to catch | canasta games was Mrs. Bob Gill- thelr trains back to their schools lifter spending the Thanksgiving holidays with their families. Cone Is a student at Unlvrrsity of Tennessee in Knoxville. Mr. Herring is a pre-med student at Baylor in Waco. Tex. thinking they are Impressing you of their bigness by the way they strive to make you feel small. In their eye, only the very rich understand their bigness or can come anyway near competing with their intelligence and sound Judge- ment. I not only want to stuff my.hut mid dress down this type's throat, but my list as well. As It is written in Proverbs: "For men to seavc.h their own (.dory is j not glory." And that goes for women Mrs. Gillespie entertained at the Seminole Club with a luncheon Mon- cmy. Following lunch, canasta i^ames were played with Mrs. Sar- tiiin winning high. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Grover and children left Monday for their home In Wichita, Kan., after visiting Mrs. Grover's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Jr.. over the' holidays. The Watson's also had as their guest, their son, Donald, B student Austin,, Tex. W. W. Prultt, Jr., and family of Lolnnd. Miss., were the holiday KiicslK of his parents, Judge and Mrs. Prultt, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Crane and children spent the holiday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Schur- loek in PiRgott. Jack Hendon, a student In Russel- For generations, whiskey connoisseurs have loved llit- deep mellow llavor and character of OLD TAYLOR 100 proof Wiled in bond bourbon. Now all this superb quality—this true bourbon HaTor—comes to you also in lighlw, milder OLD TAYLOR 86 proof Kcntui-ky blraicht Bourbon Whiskey. Onec you laslc ill is exceptional bollling you'll give i,t a place of honor alongside OLD TAYI.OK bonded bourbon. So ask for 01.11 TAYLOR 86—as light i\nd miltl as a really rare bourbon can be—and make a new friend for life! OLD TAYLOR 8G IT'S LIGHTER • IT'S MILDER IT'S LOWER-PRICED "We know where th« girl to. We don't want any more police action." Barbara telephoned home to confirm the family's suspicion that she had run away to marry John Rogers Christoffers, 28, a commercial photographer who uses the professional name of John Rogers. The couple met three weeks ago at a party. Christoffers' brother Alfred said they were married Monday at Folkston Ga., and are honeymoon- Ing in Florida. He would not tell where. Nudist Bill Is Readied PORT SMITH. Ark. UK — The Rev. Braxton B. Sawyer's battle with nudists is going to be carried Into the next teuton of KM Arkansas Legislature. The Fort Smith radio tvingelutt, who was tossed out at t nudUt convention last summ«r txeauw he refused to disrobe, laid laat night that .State Rep. D«wey D. Stiles will Introduce two antl-nudurt bills in the State Legislature. Bills also will be Introduced ta the state legislatures in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Michigan, Sawyer said to promising a nation, wide campaign next year again* colonies of nudism. Paint Closeout M»njr ffftt * i Price Hubbard Hardware •IV! » MILIIOH BOUM lOO* Certificate for New Trend lowtg* mil by Hart Schaffrw & Marx give a MILLION DOLLAR look This year, when the Christmas ornaments are lighted, and after the carols have been sung, place one of our Gift Certificates under the tree for that man on your list. It calls for that "Million Dollar Look." Then, when he arises on Christmas morning, he will be all smiles because you all chipped in! For now he can choose his own gift, at his leisure, the best gift of all. Our Gift Certificates are issued in any denomination you desire. CIVI A MIIUOM •OlUkl UXMt Certificate for sport coot Oftd slacks by H<x1 Schaffiwr & Marx CIVI 1 MILUON DOHA* 1OOK Certificate for handiom* ovtar* coal br Hart SdxiffMr I Man.

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