Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on November 21, 1968 · Page 18
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 18

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1968
Page 18
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:!8 S».New«, Las Craces, N.SJ. Hwiday, November 21, IMS - ' SALE start- uif! Nov. 18 at the Century House . . . . 20% off on all '.ntiqucK. No lay-a-wuys. Open '. days a week. 29-1C-7C-202 i o n SALE, 'f, CHAIN-FED ' l.'-ff. Call Jerry Woodward. 520 , |!: -'2. _ · 29-190-HC-20? ! L r U. W10, loo'J HUMAN Hair VI?). Call 524-1804, 29-108-3C-200 i: EEP CAm i ET~CLEANWG f'roblc-tris small -- use Blue Lustre wall to wall. Kent electric "liamjiooor SJ.OO Moll's 5IO, Midway, University or Solano Square. 29-200-1C-20U PLAY IT SAFE! Buy Your Ui.rJ or ReponBiibrf 35-FOH SALE: Autos, Trucki IMS CHEVROLKT'PICKUP. sii cylinder, automatic transmission. Call 383-5535. 35-198-3p-20fl IOCO KAMBEijr"cUSTOM 6 Cyl. Power steering, power brakes, factory air, new tires 58,000 actual miles. Call 523-1454. 35-195.5p-200 SINGER !'. From SINGER ·nd 8 .i SINGER extras: SINGER Knowhow SINGER Service SINGER Reliability New SINGER Sewing Machine! ...... from $69.50 '68 OLDSMOBILE 44J Span Coupe, 1 ipsfld, factory air condrllomtd, r»dio. ,-. ,....,,, .. v. A TM.J v«, 4 , P ..d, VB Super Sport . SAVE SAVE SAVE SINGER lorotto Centor : li 111. only SINOEB CO. Hi.d ,i | n Hili pl| »r. 29-195-6C-200 '66 OODGE 4 door Polara VB, Buto. miiHr. franimriilon, power itBBrinrj, rBdlo ,h,,,,r SAVE, SAVE, SAVE 66 CHEVROLET Bel Air door VS, automalt clranimlsiton, radio, liBalar SAVE, SAVE, SAVE THIS IS JUST A FEW OF OUR NICE USED CAR SELECTION CALL FOR BIDS BONDS FOR COUNTY EMPLOYEES The Board of County Commln- sionera of Dona Ana County will accept sealed bids on bonds for County employees from quail- fied local and independent ager-ts. residing in Dona Ana County, Sealed bids must be in the County Manager's Office, Room 104 County Courthouse, Las Cru :cs, New Mexico, by 11:30 A.5 Monday, December 9, 1908. Bi opening will be-at 11:30 A.S and all bids received after 11:3 A.M. will be returned.unopenet The Company will quote a.on year premium and a two yea premium. The Board of County Commis sioner reserve the right to ac cept or reject any and all bid and waive any informalities The following.list,of official; ill he bonded for the amounts | County Clerk -- $10,000.00; 13 County Commissioners -- 5,- 5,000.00; County Treasurer -50,000.00; Probate Judge -- 500.00; County Sheriff -- 3,000.00; County Manager -- 25,000.00. Miguel Frietze Jr. County Manager Pub. Nov. 14, 21, 1968 '·29A-Fruiis Si Vegetables ui;rj CIIM.I (No.7)TioTriJ!7. . .Mr; 50-lb«. or more lb,-30c. «l'linno Garda'fl 520-WMS. 29A-200-3C-Z02 30-FOH SALE: House Trailers i am UKTHOITER, 10 x~«7 ALL '.i I up, $2150. 1'lione 526-2075. 30.105-8C-202 30-A--FOR SALE: Cumpora IW.1 VOLKSWAGEN CAMI'ElT, I:'KK| rornllllan. Phone 52-1-2075 Ni.-lwi-i'n five and seven p.m. 30A.108-3c.200 ROAlf · C H E V R O L E T - O L D 5 "Vhiii - t t t , bcl tfcili : are a l w a y s mad*'' : Jcl. 5 J 6 - . S 5 9 5 . - ·'. -'}iti s.i, Main-- , Mai Criicti. N c » Mitlro 1003 FORD GALAXIE. LIKE new. Sell or trade, or will buy pickup or furniture. By individual. Call anytime 523-0096. 35-191-8p-202 1063 FORD ECONOLINE, WIN(low van. Side rear doors. Good mechanical condition, good potential camper. 523-0381 after 5:00 p.m. 35-102-10C-201 32-FOH SALE: Livoalock, Poultry H)H SALE, · I1A11Y WHITE lal.lills. 1825 Martha Dr. Phone :*l-:350. 32-200.3C-202 M I ' K 1IEKK ST'EElTcALVES, n-iiily to fiittcn. Call 52WJ24. , '·· anil 4 miintln old. 2 lioars. ''in t'fM. 32-10-4C-202 i'UOVEN ALL AROUND Gymk- ii;mn Ijuckskln nuiro. Excellent harrpl hnrso. Call 526-8008 after .'.00 P.M. or 520-2023. 3LMB3-2C-200 Mill SALE - REuisTEl'fED "liiartcr horKc. C;ill 524-253C. 32-108-1C-201 !'l Y K A R 01.1) C! ELDING. Very . ' ntlc. tiotid hunting horse. $125, i:all :.:M.:iS33. 32-ia8-3c-200 ; .15-- FOR SALE: Autos, Truclts VWtradolni come inall sizes. ·I And wn pul Ihom oil lo the '!l. Tl»- VW 16-polnl sololy Thuso turi possud. Ihoy ·I our 100% fiuaronlofi thai «'H rrjpnir o) replace all ma- I I(X mcelmnicol porn' lor 30 " rlriyjor ICMMiilm. whkhovor llic only Ihiruj you liovli 10 wiiny about li plding ow !·« right si.-tv MM Auio Brokers 810 S. Solano 523-18G8 l, blolK lytt Buicks ItM Wlldul 4 door k.rdtop. Pill int.tlly. l.mlly ,., I, fir,. uh.d U melilllc gr.Bn inrl t,., "VBryrhlnu you mlpM WBHI, In- duiiinp BJr condirlonlnQ . $lflf5 George Kuper Volkswagen, Inc. 1115 So. Bypaii fTTft 524-3561 IVWJ Ui Cruces JSSI WB-II Ir.J. (o, r.ur C.r, to, X! DOPOK WAGON, V8, nuto .-tlic. Krcont engine 'ovi'rliau ml brtkri. SCW. I'honc 52-t 't'OPA V'S SI'KCIALI !!HU T -l'1-.t WiiKim, SMii. 23 cars to i hnow (r«it\. Check our flrttin .;nsl plan. Ailnini Auto Salon : :.',V. Plrocho at Hill SI. ,SM L711. S5-199.3C-201 · ''··:' I I K I . All! TllKVHOl.KT. - l ( u ; i ri.iiK-r (.'ottll, spitco 31. ."-'.'I N. .Main. S5 l!)9lp.:.1ll !a VW CAM!'" MOU1I.K, IM- iri iru!;itc. tnu- owner, prlwl : :ITO. in Harvard. I'hono J24- »l». 35.1KHC.201 - TUN TRUCK7oOOD"cdNm. : -n. it 1 all steel b«l. MS5.00. Ni-f it Woodward Lumbar Co. : ·' W. Amndor. 35-ltW-Uc.MJ GOOD SECOND CARS 'S» CHEV VS. 4 dr $19 '59 CHEV. V8, J dr $19 'S9 CHW. 6 cyl., dr. .t.ndird... $195 'W CHEV. V8, Sttnd.rd, J dr. $295 '40 FAICON ^ Dr., t tyl JJ45 ·63 RAMBLER 4 Or, 6 cyl J495 '62 PONIIAC 4 Dr., VO $495 ·63 CHEV.,, 4-Dr. Ve SPECIALS '64 CHEV. Sport Coup ( , m 4 pod J1295 'tS MUSTANO V6, 4-lp $1495 '65 MUSTANO VO, $1395 '66 CHEV. PICKUP VS, 4 ip $1395 '65 CHEV. PICKUP VB, 4 ip $1295 '66 CHEV. PICKUP VS, 3 jp... $1195 '66 CHEV. PICKUP, « ,,|, 3,p..$|)95 '64 CHEV. PICKUP, 6 cyl.. 3 .p.. $795 ·64 PtTMOUIH 4-dr., « cyl, itindvrd $595 IOW DOWN PAYMENT Financing Arranged 35A--FOR SALE: Motorcycles 19C8 HONDA, 125 CC. EXCEL- Icnl condition. Accept best cash offer. G4G-2450. 35A.199-ip.202 19C8 HONDA "350 11 ""sciiAMF Icr. 1,500 miles. Perfect condition. 52-1-3188. 35A-10B-CC-203 1908 HONDA SCI!AMW.ER7l500 M, Perfect condition. 524. 35A-190-1C-201 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO In the Matter of the Last Will and Testament of H. E. Yancs, Deceased. No. 4059 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROBATE OF WILL THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO TO: To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that an instrument purporting to he the Last Will and Testament of R. E. Yancz, deceased, has been filed wilh the County Clerk of Dona Ana County, New Mexico; and notice is further given that November 25th, 1908 at 1:30 o'clock P.M., at the Probate ?ourt in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, has been fixed by Order of the said Court of such County and Slate as the time md place for the proving of the bast Will and Testament of R. E. Yanez, deceased and for the idmittance of the same to pro- late and the appointment of the Executrix thereof. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I lave hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Probate Court of Dona Ana County, New Mexico this 29th day of October, 1908. /s/ Lorraine R. Gutierrez PROBATE CLERK Pub, Oct; 31, Nov. 7, 14, 21, 1968 Las Vegas Scene FORREST DUKE LAS VEGAS -- Micltey Lolich won the singing battle against his Detroit Tiger pitching team- male Denny McLain. Both appeared in lounges here -- McLain at the Riviera and Lolich at the Frontier -- and critics agree that Lolich is by far the best singer. Ironically, it's 'Me- Lain who's serious about a show business career, not Lolieh. While here, McLain recorded lis second organ-playing album 'or Capitol, this one entitled 'Denny McLain Live At The Jiyiera".. .Harold Minsky mov- ss'his famous burlesque show rom Hotel Thunderbird to the Aladdin with a Dec. 20 opening t the alter. Meanwhile, Thun- ierbird bosses announce they re going to book more and NEWS QUIZ How's Jbnr News I.Q.T Associated' Press News Quiz. Editor's note: How. much do you remember about'the'news of the world? This weekly quiz will help you find out. If you score fewer than five correct answers you' had better read the paper a little more carefully. If you do eight or better, you rate an "A." 1. Named Most Valuable Player in the National League was: (a) Pete Rose; (b) Bob Gibson; (c) Willie McCovey. . 2. The United States told the .jrth Atlantic Treaty Organiza- ion that it would: (a) take six steps to bolster American mill- ary strength in Europe; (b) pull out of NATO early 1969; (c) start a cutback on American military strength hi Europe and iore~"girly" acts into the hotel (shift it to SEATO. s a luro for the boys. . .Jackie. _ 3. Defense Secretary Clark i /ernon, poker-faced .comedian t the Aladdin, says he has a M. Clifford told Saigon.that the L me siiduuiu, says nu jias a United States would: (a) not riend whose wife is such a had [ continue the Paris talks until ook their garbage disposal snf-, Saigon came to the conference ·irgd a bad case of heartburn., j table; (b) abandon all' military aid to South Vietnam unless Saigon joined the peace talks; (c) continue the Paris peace talks if i Saigon didn't come to the' WHO'S WHERE ALADDIN -- Jackie Gayle, ittle Kichard. CAESARS PALACE - Bobby entry, 0. C. Smith. Nero's , . . ook: Belle Earth, "Bottoms p," Kirby Stone Foun. conference table soon. 4. James Earl. Ray dis- J missed his lawyer only 36 hours , our. bc ? re he was to come to trial DESERT INN - "Pzazz! and re P Iac «I him with: (a) Per" Foreman: b P L I'jbOJCiIVJL imil ^ Z a Z Z l · ·----. v*-* * i-»- S"; Lounge: "Tom Jones" I ^Foreman: (b) F. Lee Bailey; musical, Roberta " Sherwood, j Davis Reese. DUNES -- "Casino dc Paris." Line Reuaudi "Vive Les Girls," Dick Stabile Orchestra. EL COHTEZ -- King Henry, Gil Nikki. (c)Lc 5. For the first time in its history, this university will admit undergraduate women "to enhance its contributions to the generations ahead." The school is: (a) Franklin and Marshall FLAMINGO - Sergio Fran- i College; (b) Yale; (c) Brown, chi, Hines, Hines, and Dad. I 6 ' Tlle Supreme Court deLonngc: Wayne Cochrane, Hazel i clarc| 3 unconstitutional: (a) a Scott. New York state law making FREMONT -- Jimmy Dean school attendance compulsory Imperials. ""'U a g e 1 s ; (h) a Tennessee FRONTIER -- Eddie Fisher, '," w t^J Prohibited anyone un- Guy BOTATING CHICKENS-'The inside and outside edges of rotating checking laying cages are shown in this photo. They are rotated everv 4^ hour"? fnr termg and feeding. (Tessneer) ^uuia AW w* Environmental Control Key To Large-Scale Egg House By MABVM TESSNEER Sun-News Staff Environmental control is the key to the huge Gates-Cyclo, Inc., of Denver egg producing complex outside Chamherino in :he southern part of Dona Ana bounty,, about 25 miles south oi Peter Nero. Lounge: Holiday," Pat Morita, Do Soul. 1966 YAMAHA 125 CC, $200.00. Call 524-3751;. 35A-188-VC-20-1 YAMAHA -- HONDA - TRI- tnipli - BMW motorcycles. New and used, Cruces Cycle Center, C20 North Main. 35A-UM 36-- WANTED TO BUY: Mlscollanoous FUKN ITUHK, 'SLIP COVERS drapes, quality clothing on con slunmcnt. Phone 52H.1078. ___ 36-200. lp-20 IT. 1'liono 523-OOCS. 31-198-3p-20( 40--WANTED TO BUY! Furnlturo WANTKD llOUSEli()IT), OK flco furnlturo * Appliaiu'es. AJI amount. Call anytime, 523-0690. 4Q-a»-10c-20S I Dial 523-4581 BEFORE THE NEW MEXICO I'UULIC SEHVICH COMMISSION IN THE MATTER OF THE AP. PLICATION OF LESTEK V. NEMESH FOB A CEKTIFI- CATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY COVERING A PROPOSED WATERWORKS SYSTEM UNDER SECTION 08-7-4, N.M.S.A., 1953 COMPILATION, REPLACEMENT VOLUME 10, PART 1, 1967 POCKET SUPPLEMENT. CASE NO. 012 AMENDED OKDER OF HEARING AND OF NOTICE On June 3, IOCS, Lester V. ^omesh filed Uie ahove entitled and numbered Application with the Commission, requesting the Issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for a water utility, as fully set forth therein. The Commission will conduct a public hearing on said Application on December 13, 19G8 nt 10:00 a.m. in the Offices of the Commission, Old Capital Building, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tile purpose of the hearing is to take testimony in support of, or opposition to, the Application. Any interested person may examine the Application, to- uether witli exhibits filed hy the applicant, und any related papers that may ho filed in the Office of the Commission, and any interested person may appear at the hearing and bo heard. However, no person may become a party to the proceed- inj; unless he shall have filed a formal petition in Intervention, In accordance with the Commission's Rules o( Practice and Procedure, as set forth in the Commission's First Revised Clenoral Order No. 1. A copy ot those Rules of Practice and Procedure may, on request, be obtained from tho Office of the Commission. A copy of this order is to bo published in a newspaper of general circulation In Dona Ana bounty, New Mexico, on or before November 22, 106S. Applicant thall pay the cost of tho nibllcntion and shall furnish the Commission, liy certified mallj it least five days prior to the dale set for hcarine, Its proof hat publication has been made vithtn the time limit prescribed by tho Commission's order and notice. This Order is effective on nnd rom tho date hereof. ISSUED umler (lie Seal of the .'ommlsslon at Santa Fo, New Mexico on November 18, 1968 NKW MEXICO PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION L. J. CHAMBAHD, Chairman MORUIS YAS1IVIN, Commissioner ARTHUR ULIDARKI, Commissioner ub. Nov. 21,1068 i "Fillesi""; (c) Vice-president elect Spi_ ro Agnew. SANDS -- Dean M a r t i n . ! 8. Premier Marcelo Caetano allowed the leader of the. democratic opposition, Mario Scares, to return from exile in secrecy, in what was seen as a major step toward liberalization by: (a) the new Portuguese regime; (b) the new Spanish regime; (c) the new Czech regime. 9. After Chobyo Yara was elected Chief Executive of the U.S.-aVninistered Ryukyu Islands, lie announced plans to set up a committee to study: (a) a plan to extend military security Lounge: Righteous Bros. Revue, Johnny Paid. SILVER SLIPPER -- Ba! Ashton's "Wonderful World Burlesque." Lounge: G e o r g Rock's Dixieland. STARDUST -- MC8 Editio 'Lido do Paris." Lounge: K Sisters, Esquivel. TnUNDERBIRD -- Pard My Can . Can, Kings IV, It Blues. THOPICANA -- 1868 Editio 'Folies Bergere." Lounge: Lo s Nye, Helen O'Connell, Si Zen ner Orchestra. Jay Sarno, major domo of t new Circus Circus casino, e plains how it got its doub name. "At first I planned Roman circus motif," he say "hut changed my mind and d cided to build a circus like \v are all familiar with -- instea of a ROMAN circus, it's a CIR CUS circus". - .Comedian Mart Allen was at Circus Circus trj ing to hit the lever with a bas hall which dumps a pretty gi out of bed. He kept missing, j finally he jumped over th counter and hit the lever wil his fist. . .Jimmy Dean at th Fremont: "I know a guy wh served'his wife breakfast in be and didn't let her do the dishe -- until the next day". . ,Rep resenlatives of the Howar ilughcs hotels here have bee sent to Paris to offer Elizabetl Taylor and Richard Burton Uia highly-publicized three millio dollars for appearing four week, in a showroom. H the answe s "yes," they will do the show while sh e is here filming art of "The Only Game In Town," now doing interiors in Paris. The Burtons say they would give the money to charit; . .Singing pro golfer Don Cher ry was on bill with Buddy Hack ett when the comedian did i special late, late show las weekend at the Sahara. . .Sa hara's Robert Goulct: "A pro fessor is someone who talks in others people's sleep". . .Col umnist Earl Wilson in for the closing show of Marty Allen nnd Steve Rossi at the Riviera. Also ringsiding at the olficial breakup of the comedy team: IIHH's son Bob Humphrey and lib beautiful Donna. . .Dean Martin at the Sands: "A person who fans everything should bo quarantined". . ."Smokers An- inymous," tho first non-profit organization of its iknd, opened ail office here. . .Alpine Village Inn, seeking B genuine either player for the last five years to entertain diners, found one in Idaho--an Austrian native who agreed to come hero for n "limited engagement". . .Helen O'Connell at Tropic-ana tells about her small niece who was served a chicken w i n g . "Can I have another piece?" she asked. "This one Is all hinges." When Ihe Detroit Tljjers won the IIH5 World Scries from the Chicago Cubs, ccntrrftolder Doc Cramer led the Tiger hitters with .319 on 11 hits hi K) trips to the. plain. are either under construction or nearing completion which w i l l give a total of eight or a capacity to hold about 270,000 layers. When all eight houses are operating, the company expects to get about 200,000 eggs ppr day. To people who think of the hen house behind the farm house with its boxes holding straw or even the more modern caged hen operations in which the eggs " · · · · - - little trough, t h e roll out into Chamberino hen houses will come as a big surprise. The houses are cylindrical shaped, about the height of a plan to extend military security s"^TM; «·»""· "'* «"§"·· "' r treaties with the United States three-story building and e a c h . ,, ··*'-' "". miiii.ii Kjialca ; t nnnn A ,,.;(!, let-tin nrtAMnn unite !0 the mainland of Japan; (b) he gradual closing of American bases on Okinawa and to consider returning the island to the Japanese; (c) a plan to keep J.S. bases and troops on Okinawa for another 50 years. _,,-- with large cooling units. Beside each house is a f e e d tank supplied by the plant's own feed mill. The hen cages are stacked in four concentric circles. These circle of cages are rotated to the water and feed, making the in n i , . lne water ana iceu, maiuug uie -,, 10 ', President-elect Richard drcll j t to {mlr hours . stationary Nixon s first appointment was: j watcr and f ee d troughs are a) Rose Mary Woods as head erected at each level and at the """'" """"- l1 -""' - "-" and inside of each cir- il secretary; (c) H.R. Halde. j "jhe idea behind this system is man as Attorney General. QUIZ ANSWERS 1. b. 2. a. 4. a. 5. b. 7. b. 8. a 10. b each trough to drink and feed and then start the circuit again Zink noted that caged chickens cave a tendency to get sluggish or suffer injuries easier. But the chickens in this plant seem to sense when they are going to feed and become agitated and move about in the cages as they near the troughs, Zink said. It is believed this type of exercise helps eliminate some of Uiese problems. This also is the only point where the hens receive light. There are many theories on how much and at what periods light should be given hens. Now many poultrymen are beginning to agree operators should use the system that suits their operations the best, Zink said, and this one seems to work the best for this plant. The eggs are collected by girls who ride up and down along the edges of the circles in five elevators. The eggs are taken in flats, stacked on skids, by small power tractors to the processing buildmg. Here they are washed and leld in a cooler until they are ackaged. The packaging setup s a standard operation consisting of loading, candling and cartoning stations. The eggs roll off the conveyor belt into the proper grades by weight. The fans move five cubic feet of air per minute per chicken to keep the air fresh. The air is drawn in from the top, forced downward and exhausted through louvered vents on t h e lower level. The temperature is mainlained at around 60 degrees. keeping stresses during the laying period at a minimum. The feed mill puts out a mixture according to Gates-Cyclo specifications. The basic raw in- I gredients include corn, milo and soy bean. Other vitamins, minerals, alfalfa, meat and b o n are blended in. The resulting mixture is conveyed to the house feed storage tanks by-pneumatic systems. iim uma ueniuu uua ajau:iii 13 mauji(tiut:u in around to degrees, i the elimination of conveyance j The birds give off ample body systems, Zink explained. In-1 heat and no heating system is 3. c. I stead of the food being brought 6. c. I to the chickens, the chickens go 'to the food. The birds have 4vi minutes at 9b. required. Zink explained the houses are designed to provide ideal .environment for egg producing hens, Resurfacing Ofl-Mile SlrefchSeen SANTA FE CAP)-State Highway Department officials say a stretch of U.S. .60 between Fort Sumner and Clovis may be resurfaced next spring. Officials consider the nearly 60-mile long stretch critical. "That's a very bad piece of we know it," said road and _ -" ·· - -----.. .t, anlll Hope Wiley, department planning engineer. He said a portion of'the route in question is tentatively scheduled for reconstruction in the 1971-72 fiscal year. "We rate the whole road from east of Fort Sumner to Cannon Air Force Base, west of Clovis, as critical and in need of immediate improvement," Wiley said Tuesday. "But we've got a list of $200 million worth o£ work we ought to be doing on primary roads in the state, and we've got only about $10 mil- ion a year for the primary roads. What we're trying to do s attack the worst spots first," le said. State Beekeepers Schedule Annual Meeting In Socorro SOCOIUIO--The annual meet- ng of the New Mexico Bcekeep- rs Association is scheduled here riday and Satin-day. Tho first day's program will * devoted to the problems of Dmmercial beekeeping, w h i l e le second day's program will = devoted to interests of hobby eekeepers, says Ersel Edard-s, Los Lunas, president of c state association. The Friday program, w h i c h icns at 12:30 p.m. at the El tmino Motel, Includes: A report from the American eekeepers Federation Meeting Jim Petty, San Anjelo, Tex A report from the New Mexi- Dpartment of Agriculture -alias Rierson, director, N e w cxico Department of AgricnI- re, New Mexico State U n i - rsity. Bee Inspection Report -- Dr. orald L. Nielsen, Chief, Divion of Plant Industry, State De- rtment of Agriculture. County Extension Agent Rert -- Tomy Romo, Valencia unty. )isease control--Dr. Nielson. 'anel and questions -- Berna mston. Belen, presiding. Saturday, Waiter Earth of the I. Root Company, San An- nlo, Tox., will speak on "Bees- x, Its Production, Handling, d Preparation for Market." onn Gib.TM, secretary a n d asurer of the American Bec- oplng Federation will report its activities. Carl E. Benson, oenix, president of the Arl- m Beekeepers Association, I talk on price support of the uslry, )«vld F. Cargo, governor rt ew Mexico, bj scheduled to peak on "Beekeeping, S p a r k Plug of Farming Industry." Bob 'Barnes, manager of Su pcrior Foods, Denver, Colo., wi describe new products in houej 1 2 Workers *.! w uiJi.cia Get Awards At WSMR i W H I T E SANDS MISSILE IANGE -- Twelve employes tvith Sentinel Svstem Evaluation \gency (SENSEA) at White ^ands Missile Range received wards this week under the Arny's Incentive Awards Program Col. Frank J. Wasson Jr,, ommnnding officer, made the resenlations. Receiving suggestion awards 'ere 2nd Lt. Robert L. Katz nd CWO Joseph A. Bulmer YSMR, who shared an award or a joint suggestion; Ann C. obert Perez. El Paso. Cecil A. Poplin, El Paso, re- eived a 20-year service pin. Ten-year service pins went to epcrt F. Milner, Las Cruces; lieodore Cicszko, Charles E. opelnnd, William C. Young, auiel C. Zalace, Velmn Nicves nd Margaret L. Atkinson, all CONTRACT B R I D B y B . J a y B e (Top Record-Holder in Manors' Individual Champlonlhip Play) 1 F A M O U S H A N D North dealer. j North-South vulnerable. NORT3 4 8 3 V A Q 9 8 72 + 109 63 WESX EAST A 6 5 2 A j V 10 4 V J 5 3 « K Q J 5 B V A 8 7 4 2 + K J S 4 + Q 7 6 3 SOUTH A A K Q 1 0 9 7 4 » K 6 A _^__ «£ 10 9 5 2 Thr- bidding: North East South West 1 » Pass 2 1 Pass 8» Pass 5# Pass BUT Pass 7» Opening lead -- king or dla- Very few players use asking bids, but there Is no doubt that whtn tho right hand comes atonr* the asking bid Is the perfect answer to what might otherwise be nn Insoluble problem. This deal occurred In tho 1003 tar and Marshall Miles, whoe« bidding went as shown. Miles began with a jump-shift to two spades to reveal th» promising nature oj his band and followed this with a leap to five clubs when Kantar rebid his hearts. This unusual jump was an asking bid requiring North to defino his club holding, which was South's chief concern In th« hand. A response of five diamond* (one step) would have indicated Q-x or worse; five hearts (two steps) the king or a. singleton; five spades (three steps) the ac» . and at least one more club; fiva ' notrump (four steps) the singleton ace, the A-K, or a void in clubs. So when Kantar responded five notrump, Miles know his club losers were taken care of. and that the grand alam would! como marching home except In tho unlikely event that he lost a spade or a heart trick. According to the convention, as played by Kantar tmd Miles, thera could be no confusion about whether five clubs was tin aJUtlntr bid. Thn lenn rn fit.* of El Paso. Miss Board man was also cited as the first place winner in the recent security awareness poster contest at' WSMR. At Minneapolis, Minn., the Mississippi river h over 1,000 (cct wido. U.S. Team Trials. It wns played at eight tables, but only once \v«3 tho excellent grand slam contract reached. As n matter of fact, nt three tables the North-South players failed to bid «wn a small alum! The lono p«lr to reach teven w»r« CaUfornuuis Edwin Kan . lubs (over three hearts) when i natural and forcing four club Id wns avallihlo meajit that outh wanted to know North'* reclce club hdldlng. And Kantar, despite hli mliU- Mim opening bid, obliged by tiling Miles exactly wh.t.hi wa« hoping t» he«r ^ (o met, suut ]*Htor« flmafcut, Ufe)

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