The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 12
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HLYTUYILLB (XML) OOUBZBB laney, Peasants Split Over Track Scrub, Bub D*WM' Injected In Civil RiflhH IMIM MBMPH1B, Two., JIUM l.'(WP) — .The eootrmnf ot«r ttw propoud «t«M,000 "Dixie Down." r*ce track tanm Us« river ki Arkmnsai o*us»d - rift todty »»t threatened the •dwdvlMl tUto' rlghU meeting ban to fight t)u nomination at rr»diimt Truman. Mayor Junes PlttsanU and Gov. B*u Taaiej; of AvkamM, chairman of MM peraunent campaign com- wiltt*a tgftinftt Mr, Truman, were Involved hi tt» nce-track'-eivll ddrmuti. bad Mbeduled the statei' zi^hte meeting a4 Memphis for early thta month, but no date irai an- Bounetd. ' Th* (oYeroor Wtephoned Pleasant* jreitordty to determine Hie ex- a«4 date. lAney said he was "surprised" when the horse racing Issue wax injected Into their convcrSH- Hon. Tl>e Me* wxs to kill the truck propowd. "I'flatVy refused to go nlonjf with their Idea," Laney said, "They are j trylnc to set my back: to the wall on " •otnetMng that has no connection with th« civil rights issue." lAney described his conversiUIon tlon with Pleasanls a.i "petty pollli- «al pressure." "I'm aurprised at the Incites used by people who are juppo:>«tl to be outstanding political leaders of Memphis," Laney said. "If that's nil 'the Interest they have in our civil rights (Wit, then we don't need them fa owr group." AB ArfcUMc IsMae Lane? tmphasiied that the race track tewe at West Memphis was purely an Arkansas problem. > The governor said that he planned ' *B hold th« meeting either in Birmingham, Ala., or at Jackson, Miss. Pleuanta confirmed the telephone eotiversation with Laney, saying "I •xpressed to him my personal admiration for this stand on the president's civil rights program. "We were then slapped in (he face with the possibility of a race track In Arkansas In sight of the Sterlck building," Fleasauts said. (Sterick building 1» In downtown Memphis). "GOT. Laney of Arkansas, who wns named M chairman of the committee which proponed anti-so-called civil righto measures' is the man Who could stop this race track. "Every thinking business man, - father, or head of a family charged - with providing groceries and clothes, knows that thi« race track is bound to be a blood sucker on the existence of the City of Memphis. "We have not retreated one inch from our position on the civil rights program and, I want to emphasize this, do not Intend to do so. We regret that we were forced to advise Governor Laney that we could not proceed under hi« leadership In what we all are attempting to achieve In national politics, and at the Ame time promote the Interests of West Tennesnee. Of U.S. Petition for Order Investigated by Officer* To Fore* Soft Coal Talkt WASHINGTON, jun« 1.—(UP) — John L. Lcwli lod«y ulced Federal District Court to to« out * government request for a court order directing him to b»rg»ln with tlie Southern C0»l Producer* AMOClt- :ion. In a brief fll«d wllh th« oourt, the United Mli« Worker* preiident charged that the government's petition for mi Injunction U Illegal and WHX (lied Illegally. s«ld lilt arguments against Injunction "require that the lie may b« the governor of Michigan, but wlieu he attends" the Holland, Mich., nnminl Tulip Til .a Festival, lie scrubs liku anybody else. Michigan's Gov. Kim Slgler, garbed in an aulheti- tic Dutch costume, helps polish the streets of the Dutch-American town. Peaceful Lake Scene Of Torpedo Launching* SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—-There's a spot In Cnliroinrfi where more torpedoes were launched in peaceful waters Umn were sent ngalns) (he Japanese during World Wnr by our carrier torpedo planes. The Navy Biircnn of Ordnance here st\!d the spot is small lake, '20 miles from Pasadena, In lhe Sierra Matlrc Mountains. The Navy revealed that since 19-13 more than 3.000 underwater mlsstle.s have been tired In the elRht-inlle ninn- made lake. The Navy is conducting tests to aid future research on the laka. Ltwh teekt Dlintlnol ttowoh Traffic Death the th« government'! for * court order court, petition." directing Lewis to b»rg»ln with the Southern Produceri Association was (lied last week by attorney* for Robert N. Denham, general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board. Denlinm acled at the r«quest of lhe Association after Lewis walked out on negotiation* for a new soil coal contract two weeks ago. I/ewis balked when the mine owners voted to scat a representative of tile Southern Association. Mississippi County officers today continued an Investigation ot .he accident, on State Highway 77 Sunday which claimed the fife of 12- year-old Anna Ruth Forrlater of The child was killed when she darted across the highway )i> Irani of her home In Etowah Into Lh< path of a truck. D«puty Prosecuting Attorney Myron Nallllng of Osceola listed the driver of the truck which struck Hie child as Leon Brothers of Route 2, Blytheville. No charges have been filed, Mr. Naming said. Preliminary Investigation by Constable Red Sharp of Etowah Indicated the accident was unavoidable, Mr. Nallllng said, hut officers arc remove any trace of doubt. According to the Initial report of the accident jumped from Japs Purchase 45,000 . Bales of Cotton in U.S. TOKYO, June 1. rup>—The Japanese Donnl of 'IVRde, In tlie first postwar purchase of American raw cotton on a competitive basis, today ncccptcd the bids of 42 American cotton firms for 45,000 bales. An announcement by the allied headquarters' Foreign Trade Division said the cotton ranged from Hood middling to low middling In grade and from l-3\t inches to 1[8 Inches In staple. Cuban Voters to Elect Head of Republic HAVANA. Juno J. (UP)—A record turnout of an estimated 2000,000 voters Is expected to go to the polls today to choose » nw •president for Cuba's 60-year-old republic. Four canidfltes are running to succeed President Ramon Grrui Snn Martin. Political observers give former Prime Minister Carlos Prio Socarrns—government canldate— » slight edge over his opponent.* Hut chief opposition leaders, Dr Klcnrdo Nune I'ortuondo and Eil- urnrdo Chlbas, nre expected to be strong candidates. Over Liquor Bill Brings Two Negroes Into Municipal Court Esther Lane. Blytheville. Negro j woman wns fined J20 nnd costs Sin Municipal Court this morning on 'a charge of assault and batlery and hearing on a charge nt selling liquor without a license was conj tinned until Thursday. ' She is alleged lo linve sold a hall- jpint of whiskey lo Arlrilc Hipps, an- j other Negro, nrut was arrested liy I City Police yesterday after a fijiht 'with the Hini« woman over [iny- mwit for Die whiskey. Boy* State De/*gcrtM [left County Officer* Two Blytheville boys today were serving 1« county offjcer« u delegates to Boys' «at« in Uttte Rock made » study of county government and prepared to set up a stale government. '• Boys State la a project sponsored by the Arkansas Department of the American legion to further the interest of cttlMiis of tomorrow In function* of state and local government. Charles McDantel of Blytheville was elected prosecuting attorney for mythical "Harrison County" and Prentis H. Jcrnigan was elected sheriff anci ex-officio tax collector for mythical "Webster County." The delegates electee! full sets of officers for the two mythical coun- TUESDAT, JUNB 1, 1M8 owr 4*0 KM 1« 40-lT-Mj Cattle 1300; ulablt 3,500; calvei 2,000, all salable. Market active on Jed cattl« and prices firm. Several good «jid ehotc* »te«r« J1.SO-S4; load yearlings 34.50; good and choice ... „ „ ww% heifers and mixed yearlings 30-34; j with liberal supply giving buyer* medium to low good heifer* and j definite lower Jdeaa. mixed yearlings 26-M- etitUr an« common 17-24; little <kw> on eo'w*. continuing tlie investigation M as to | ties. Fifteen Blytbevllle boy« attending the Legion - sponsored Moon's Pha.vea The moon, many of the ancients thought, was i bowl of fire. The bowl turr.ed around and around, they said, and seeing It from different angles gave the phases we know today as new moon, first quarter, last quarter ami full moon. ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, - IT NOT PLEAStn. your Me b«ck A»k «nr drUHlat for thia STRONG runyicld.. Tr-OU M»de wilh DO w- «nt alcohol. H PENETRATES. Reioh- ~ ..d kill. MORE r-m. (,.u,. Tod,y KIrby Brothers Drug Co. the Porrister child ., ,.— the truck driven by her brother, Roxcoe f^orrister. as it pulled In front of her home and darted across the highway in the path of Brothers' truck, Mr. Nnlll- JDK said. Tlie girl and her brother wore returning from church services at the time of the accident. She wns the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Forrlster of Etownh. Red Cross Proposes Water Safety Course Plans are underway for the beginning or a swimming eias.s for senior life snvliiE nt Hie Municipal pool In conjunction with tlie swimming classes being conducted by Hie ChlckasnwbN District of tlie American Red Cross and tlie Chlcknsaw Athletic Club. Oscar Elliott. Jr., will tcncli these classes, which will b« held either in the morning or evening, according to the needs of those wishing to take tlie course. Tlie water safety program will jxtend throughout the Summer. Those Intending to take the senior life saving course should contact the Red Cross Office In the Court House without delay, officials said today. Memorial Day Accident Toll 72 for Arkansas [Hy United PrrSB) Arkansas rang down the cilrtalti today on the long Memorial Day week-end by counting 12 persons dead from violent causes. Traffic accidents took five lives, two persons were shot, one tnnti took, ills own life, and four persons died from miscellaneous or undetermined causes. Life Underwriters Meet Th« Rev. L. T. Lawrence of o«- ceola was speaker for lhe Blytheville underwriters at their monthly meeting in osceola, Saturday. Plans were made for the annual election of officers to be held at Inolr June Hi meeting. Saturday's mcctin B wai conducted by E. s. Chiles and J. j. Roberts i of Osceola. Livestock , ., June (USDA)— Uvesock- " M STOCK- < ?*: . a " lo ^T, " an Moilda 5" ^ E ' Us ," v "' 35 ° lbs WS ', 5l , ca , tly l ° 25c A and choice 170-240 '" 24 ' 50 25 °- 270 lbs s down 17 75-1825- few 18 50100-120 lbs 18.25-20.75; sows Ycllou'Mor.* P<u* It /umoui /or it* beun — Yetloivstont Whitkey, /or in quality. c SJmce It started m 1872, production has never caught up with demand for Yellowstone —there's never been enough of this prized Kentucky Bourbon. Bottled in Bond under U.S. Govt. supervision-Yellowstone, Inc.; Louisville, Kentucky • W*« I t S* Lt 110UOR DIAL i B 5 I NOW! \Q* FOUNTAINS! J Everywhere! . i The Hudson Finish - Better Cleaning--In Only 8 Hours N ...Goodwill ...Prompt Attention *r Oar Business Is Sustained On These Two Points Alterations Tailoring Moth Proofing Storage Air Conditioned for Yo ur Year-Round Comfort! \ HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR CLOTHIER ille, Ark. Jt««l«, Mo. YOUR CAR HAS MORE TRADE-IN VALUE AT POOLE MOTOR CO.! WEIL MEET OR All Prices on a Trade for a New Jeep! No sir, we DO NOT expect' to get your car for a song in a trade for a new JEEP! We are now Glowing and will continue to allow the HIGHEST PRICES foryour old car. Regardless of make or model of your car, you'I i find the squa rest deal obtainable awaiting you at POOLE MOTOR.COMPANY! Drive in and see us today! \Vc want you to see for yourself that the "Jeep" is an all-piupose vehicle that may fit your needs to aT. Come in and drive a "Jeep." See how easily it handles! Feel the mighty surge of power from its Willys-Overland "Jeep" Engine and the sure-footed pull of "Jeep" -(-wheel traction! You'll >ee why ih« "Jeep" can spread its cost over many industrial «nd farm uses... the day around ... the year around! You'll know why the "Jeep" can do anything a light tractor can do. You'll recognize its handiness as a 5,500-lb.-pull tow truck — an 800-lb.-capacity pick-up truck...a passenger runabout. You'll realize th» "Jeep's" ability to carry men and tools to jobs on or off the road and furnish power to machines on location. \X'e invite you to come in now and drive a "Jeep." GET * Jeep SEE THESE FEATURES THAT MAKE THE 'JEEP 7 A 4-FUfcKTlON VEHICLE POW» TAKf-OFf drslwcrs up to 30-h.p. to shaft and bell- driven •qulpment HCAVY DKAW 1*1 for pulling farm implements and trailers. Heavily brac«d frame. imCTIVC 4-WKHl DXlVl gives wid« tractor and highway operating rangoj. IOAD 5PACC of 10-sq. ft. In sturdy steel bed. Can alia hold scats for passengers. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator South Highway 61 at Steele, MO. Phone Steele 49

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