The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1953 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 7, 1953
Page 6
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURTIS NBWS THURSDAY, MAY T, 1953 Brownie Rookie Bobo Holloman Has No-Hitter in Initial Effort * # * * * * Conlan Ruling Still Rankling Ed Stanky Low Man In Bullpen Jumps into Spotlight By BEN PHLEGAR AP Sports Writer Bobo Holloman of the St. Louis Browns pitched himself a no-hitter in his first major league start last night and the big test now will be whether he can survive it. Holloman, a fun-loving Georgian nicknamed after the last Brownie hm'ler to pitch a no-hitter jumped from low man in the bullpen to pitching glory in nine hitless innings against the Philadelphia Athletics. He faced 31 men. Three of them walked and one reached first on the pitcher's own error. St. Louis won, 6-0. The big right-hander now will have to whip the jinx that befell the only other pitcher ever to open his major -league starting career with a hitless performance. In 1892, far enough back that baseball historians don't recognize it as "modern times," Charley Jones broke in with Cincinnati with a no- hitter against Pittsburgh, although Pittsburgh scored one run. Jones never won another major league game. In addition to this king-sized jinx, consider the pressure Holloman will face the next time he pitches: The Jinxes A rookie Is on the spot every tim he starts a game. A rookie with a buildup is 01 more of a spot. A no-hit pitcher often gets into his next couple of games 6-year-old son Gary Lee, witnessed the St. Louis spectacle and will be able to come back to see another game free. Owner Bill Veeck told the small crowd he was grateful they had defied threatening weather to come out and issued an Invitation for them to use their rain checks to come back again sometime. Bobo Newson Last Newsom was the last W^^^VV^AiWT^upto-toi^lj,,. pitched two no-hitters for Detroit season after winning 16 and losing l«t war but his record for the seven for Syracuse of the Interna- .efsonTas a poor 5-» L'°™> ^ague in laaand pitdiing A rookie, such as Holloman, who pitched a no-hitter in his first start will have all of these things going Against him the rest of the season. ~—j *.-.„*, — *..„ ™ ~~~, --... Holloman's performance over- of two American League pitchers to shadowed the rest of the major hurl a one-hitter this season, won league activity yesterday but for th record Detroit defeated Washing ton, 8-4, and Chicago stopped Boston, 6-2, in the American League, and Brooklyn whipped St. Louis, 7-3, and New York whipped Chicago, 8-5, in Natonial League games. Cleveland and New York weren't •cheduled in the American League while rain halted the other two National League games. Philadelphia was leading Cincinnati, 2-0, when the game was canceled after 2% innings Milwaukee and Pittsburgh were tied, 1-1, after three Innings. A cozy gathering of 2,473, including Holloman's wife Nan and his BASEBALL STANDINGS NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. OB Philadelphia Brooklyn St. Louis Milwaukee Pittsburgh New York Chicago Cincinnati 12 5 12 6 8 6 8 6 8 10 7 11 .701) — .601 </2 .571 V.k .571 2!4 .444 4 ',4 .389 514 .5 9 .357 514 .3 10 .231 7 AMERICAN LEAGUE New York Cleveland Boston Chicago St. Louis Philadelphia Washington Detroit . ... W ,.13 ,.10 ..10 ..11 ..10 . 10 I/PI.CT GB 6 .684 — 6 .625 l'/2 8 .556 214 B .550 2'/ 2 9 .526 3 9 .526 3 1 13 .350 6V4 5 16 .238 9 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W. L. Pet. Birmingham 16 8 .667 Memphis ,,.14 9 .609 Little Rock 13 12 .520 Chattanooga 11 11 .500 Nashville 11 13 .458 Atlanta 10 13 .435 New Orleans 10 14 .417 Mobile 10 15 .400 Yesterday's Results NATIONAL LEAGUE New York 8 Chicago 5 Brooklyn 7 St. Louis 3 Cincinnati at Philadelphia, postponed, rain Milwaukee at Pittsburgh, postponed, rain. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis 6 Philadelphia 0 Detroit 8 Washington 4 Chicago 6 Boston 2 (Only games scheduled) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Mobile 6-7, Atlanta 5-1. Little Rock 14, Nashville 3. Birmingham 1, New Orleans 0. Memphis at Chattanooga, postponed. Iceman Gets Award DLCAN, Alberta (#)—One hockey player who can be classed as a veteran Is Harold Boutland, first string center of the Vulcan team He recently received an award marking his 23rd active season in the Foothills Hockey League. Brownie hurler to pitch nine no-hit innings but he lost the game — against the Red Sox in 1934. He gave up a safety in the 10th and got beaten, 2-1. The last St. Louis pitcher to win a no-hitter was Robert Groom against the Chicago White Sox. Holloman's epic came 36 years to the day after Groom's. Holloman, whose given name Santurce of the Puerto Rlcan League to the Caribbean championship this winter. Billy Pierce of the White Sox, one By JOE REICHLER BROOKLYN (AP) — Can a fielder obstruct abase runner while lying on the ground? The question was raised by St. Louis Manager Eddie Stanky today following a decision by Umpire Jocko Conlan in last night's game between the Cardinals and Brooklyn, won by the Dodgers, 7-3. The decision set off a heated argument between Stanky and Conlan that resulted in the manager's expulsion and his official protest of the game. Here is what happened: The Dodgers were batting in the f . |% sixth Inning with Duke Snider on I tt\t T/\ l%/\^^ third, Jackie Robinson on seconc I I Y IU UUA nnd Roy Campanella at bat g Campy smashed a hard grounder to the right of shortstop Solly I • Hemus, scoring Snider. IA f C&\1 lf\O Hemus dove headlong for the JVI J V V JV/V ball, which eluded his glove. Rob• inson collided with him while he was on the ground and he, too, was knocked down, but regainec his feet and stumbled to third. Third Base Umpire Tom Gorman made no call on the play but Conlan ran down the baseline and waved Jackie home, ruling that Hemus had obstructed the runner. Stanky catapulted out of the dugout and argued in vain with Conlan., The expulsion and protest Rocky Won't to Box Joe Brockton Kid Will "Moke Him Fight" , 4,.., fourth game of the year as he sot down the Red Sox on six hits. A •pinch-hit home run by Del Wilbcr with a runner on base cost him a shutout. Ned Garver won his second straight for Detroit after three early-season setbacks, scattering 10 Washington and driving in two ot the Tigers' eight runs on a homer in the eighth inning. Stanky Protests Brooklyn, where "rhubarb" was first applied to a baseball argument, had another one last night. St. Louis finished the game under protest after a sixth-inning set-to during which Cardinal Manager Eddie Stanky and catcher Del Bice were chased from the park. They vere ousted for arguing with Umpire Jocko Conlan, who had waved Jackie Robinson home from third base after a collision with Cardinal shortstop Solly Hemus. Hemus sprawled head first In the baseline, diving for a drive off the bat of Roy Campanella. Robinson, running from second, collided with him and fell down. Conlan ruled Hemus liad obstructed the base runner. Duke Snider and Gil Hodges hit aome runs for the Dodgers. Rookie Ray Jablonskl hit two for the Cards, who got only five hits off Carl Erskine. The Olants battered six Chicago Ditchers for 15 hits tus they handed the Cubs their seventh straight loss. The victory moved the Giants up to sixth place and pushed the Cubs down to seventh. By JEKBI LISKA HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) — '.{ Jersey Joe Walcott decides ;o hit and run in their coming heavyweight title bout, Chamion Rocky Marciano will storm in flailing pursuit to "make him fight." They meet a week from tomorrow night at Chicago Stadium with Walcott seeking to become the first man ever to regain the heavyweight crown. "I know Walcott can change his style a lot, but I can't," said Marciano today. "If he doesn't make it a fight I'll have to. I'll need to go after him and make him fight. No matter what he does, though, I'll try to nail him from the start." Reports from Walcott's Chicago camp hint strongly 39-year-old Jersey Joe will try to outbox Marciano for a 15-round decision instead of blasting away for a knockout as Rocky himself exploded In their brutal fight at Philadelphia last fall. Rocky Favored Marciano, now rated an 18-5 favorite, doesn't figure Joe's famed sideways.and forward shuffle, used only once In their first meeting, would trbuble him if Walcot gets fancy Uiis time. "Whether he's jigging or not, he has to come near me to hit me," said Marciano, "And when he's near enough to hit me, he's near enough for me to blast him too." Rocky's manager, Al Welll, leaped into the conversation. "That Walcott can shuffle off to Buffalo as far as we're concerned," snorted Marciano-Walcott bout. followed. Not Intentional VI based my judgment on obstruction," Conlan explained later. "The ball was past the infield. I don't say that it was intentional but Hemus already had a chance to field the ball and Robinson couldn't change his direction." Stanky hit the roof when Conlan's explanation was relayed to him. "Hemus was diving after the ball," he said. "Kow he can obstruct anybody while lying on the ground I don't know. The way I see it, the rule applies only to Intent of interference or obstruction. Even Conlan admits there was no intent." Rule 706 (A) states: "A batter who has become a runner is entitled to unimpeded progress as he advances around the bases, whenever a defensive player impedes Lhe runner in any way, unless he Is attempting to field a batted ball or has the ball In his possession, the umpire shall call obstruction. Weill. "You can say that other guys Have tried to dance and dodge, but Rocky knocked out 38 of them and he's undefeated In 43 fights." Roland La Starza, who dropped split 10-round decision to Marciano 1950 watched Rocky work out yesterday after a two-day layoff. "He looks in fine condition and his punching is faster and his short work sharper than the last time I saw him," said La Starza, who reportedly will fight the winner of the MEN WANTED BUICK MOTOR DIVISION Leith Street, Flint, Michigan Hiring 6 days a week 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. INCLUDING SATURDAYS Stanky Wont Count "Giants-Out; Sees Four-Way Race in National By GAYLE TAI.BOT NEW YORK (AP) — The new owners of the St. Louis Cardinals, who like everybody and are very public relations conscious for a reason which escapes us, threw a delightful luncheon at one of our better restaurants. Not even the club president delivered a speech, and you can't make a much better start than that. When we finally caught up with* —— ——— Eddie Stanky. who survived the big shuffle and continues to manage the foaming Red Birds, the little fellow with the choir boy face was grappling with a. question. He had been asked if he thought Brooklyn was going to "run away and hide" from the rest of the National League. "Do you mean," he asked in credulously, "if I think they'll win by 15 or 20 games? The answer is that I certainly do not. I still think It's going to. be a four-team race. I mean between Brooklyn and us and the Phillies and the Giants. I'm not underestimating the Giants, no matter how they've been looking up to now." Phils Aided by Weather Which team did he feel had benefited most from one of the wettest springs since rain was vented? "There's no question in my mind —the Phillies have," Stanky said. "All these days off have permitted Steve O'Neill to keep coming back with Simmons and Roberts'. He won't be able to do that later on. On the other hand, I haven't yet been able to establish any real rotation with my pitching staff. "Take Stu Miller. I want to use him, but it's rained the last three times he was due to work, so that means he has to wait until his next turn. Why don't I let him pitch the next day? It's not that simple. The next day Is Gerry Staley's turn. He's my best and I've got to go with him. And after that come Joe Presko and (Vinegar Bend) Mtzell and Harvey Haddix. They're all going too good to miss a turn. So the rain helps Steve, but it hurts >." If one of the big four, say the Giants, should drop out of contention, which of the other clubs did he think might climb into the fight? "Milwaukee, without any doubt," said .the sophomore pilot. "They're improved 100 per cent over last year." Today's Games NATIONAL LEAGUE Milwaukee at Pittsburgh—Wilson (1-0) vs. Lapalme (1-2) St. Louis at Brooklyn—Slaley (21) vs. Roe (2-0) Chicago at New York—Hacker (1-3)'vs. Connelly (0-2) Cincinnati at Philadelphia—Erautt (0-0) vs. Eidztk (0-0) AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Little Rock at Nashville. Memphis at Chattanooga. Birmingham at New Orleans. Only games scheduled. Little League Tryouts Begin; 12-Year-Olds on the Line Today Sixty-five nine and 10-year-old Little League aspirants demon, strated their baseball talents before coaches at the first try out session for team positions at the Ninth Street Park yesterday. Rain and wet grounds forced delay of the practice sessions which were originally scheduled to start Monday. The schedule as first layed out will be continued for the remainder of the week, with 12-years- olds slated to workout today and the 11-year-old group tryouts set for tomorrow. i The lads put out their best efforts yesterday as coaches looked over the field of hopefuls with a view to choosing their 15 team members. Each boy was given an opportunity to show his fielding and throwing ability and his effectiveness with the bat. Unless present plans are changed, the tryouts will be completed Friday and the "auction sale" of players will take place Monday night at the Y.M.C.A. Manila Cops Missco Loop Title MANILA—Gaining their eighth consecutive victory in league competition without a setback, Manila's Lions today put in a solid claim for the Mississippi County Leagui championship. Yesterday, the Lions kept their slate clean with a 4-0 win over Armorel. A sparkling pitching job by Carl Tipton paved the way lor the Lions' win yesterday. Tipton had a no-hitter going until the seventh when he gave up his only two hits. He fanned ten and walked but two. He aided his own cause in the second when he singled, stole second and third and came home on Bobby Scott's single. Armorel's Hughes also turned in a creditable mound job. He struck, out seven, gave up six hits- and walked but three. The Lion's are to be awarded a trophy., emblematic of the league championship. Game Guy Wins Letter BOULDER, COLO. (/P)—Meet ft game guy—Don Rodgers of Colorado Springs. Rogers' dreams of playing football in college crashed when a high school grid injury led to amputation Montgomery Ward Stops Y.F.A.3-1 Montgomery Ward notched its second win of the season yesterday in defeating the Young Farmers of America 3-1 in a Commercial Softball League pitchers' duel. Montgomery Ward massed all its runs in the second inning on a single by Potts, a walk to- Baker, a triple by Phillips and an error. Y.P.A. tallied its only score in the second on an error and a double by Poole. Baker, hurling for Montgomery Ward, gave up only two hits to the farmers, who took their first loss of the season. Y.P.A. pitcher Gann gave up five hits. The win gave Ward a season's record of two wins and one loss. Today's game in the Commercial loop pits the Courier News Dirty Sox against Bell Telephone, the only teams still undefeated in league play. Line score: Mont. Ward 030 00—3 5 1 Y.P.A 010 00—1 2 2 Batteries: Ward — Baker and Potts; Y.P.A. — Gann and Erwin. of his left leg. Later he enrolled at Colorado University. This year he decided there's nothing wrong with his arms and went out for the C.TJ. gymnastics team—and won his letter on the rings and bars. way to please the Man who is hard to please and likes fine whiskey Seagram's 7 Crown. Blended Whiskey 86.8 Proot. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corp., N. Y. Riley to Get Top Billing After Win Chillin Charley Stops Gallardo With TKO in 7th WASHINGTON (AP) — Charley Riley wears "Chillin' Charley" in big letters on the back of his fight robe and it was obvious today it's a pretty accurate description. The young man from St. Louis punched highly-rated Dave Gallardo silly last night and'thus propelled himself Iront and center In the muddied featherweight title picture. Riley is no Johnny-Come-Lately to the fight game. He's 28 'years old ' and has been in the ring professionally since 1944, but he has always missed the big prize. Promoter Goldie Ahearn is ready to give him his chance now. Ahearn said after the- fight last night he was going to try to arrange a meeting between Riley and Percy Bassett, the interim featherweight champ, at Griffith Stadium this summer. Charley earned the big chance In scoring a technical knockout over Gallardo in the seventh round of a scheduled 10-rounder at Turner's Arena. A mere 712 were on watch the show, but millions more saw it on television. Riley weighed in at 132, Gallardo at 129K-. Gallardo was an 8-5" favorite on the basis of his upset victory over Bassett in a non-title bout here last month. Tor the first six rounds last night it was anybody's fight. Blod flowed freely from both as they mixed it toe to toe from start to finish. Riley got his break at the start of the seventh when Gallardo, who was pounding away at Riley's head from close in, left his own Jaw unguarded, Bang -went Riley's right cross, and Gallardo was through. For the next 60 seconds, Riley raked Gallardo with rights and lefts that threatened to jolt the Los Angeles youth from the ring. Referee Ray Bowen etopped the mauling at 1:07 of the seventh round. BLYTHEVILLE FRI. 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