The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1955 BLYTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE F1TB Greenback Party's Candidate Worried About Money Situation EDMONDS, Wash. (AP) — The manvle of presidential nominee rested easily today ou the unassuming shoulders of a country grocer. He tried it on in 1952 with the slime results he expects next year. Actually, Fred C. Proehl (pronounced Praylc) is more concerned with what he considers the sad stute of this nation's monetary affairs than he is about being a serious presidential [ threat. ' fir/tons Look Upon Soviet Bosses as Political Clowns The 75-year-old nominee of the Greenback party was tapped for the honor without flurry or fuss. He was named in a quiet mail referendum conducted by the party and announced by John Zahnd, party chairman, at Indianapolis. The party—and Proehl—believe in greenbacks. Lots of them, as substitutes for interest - bearing bonds used in financing such things as government power projects. "We want to issue money (.6 pay for the services of government," he explains. ''The amount to be issued should be limited to what actually is needed. If money gets too cheap, we would stop printing it." Once A Banker He doesn't like the practice of j the Federal Reserve Bunk issuing currency because, he suys, the sys-j tern is controlled by banks and it j gives too much power and profit to a small group. Proehl once v/as a bunker in j Minnesota and, should he be elected, he Would be the first former resident of Otter Tail County to occupy the White House. "I want to emphasize that I'm not a busted banker," he asserted. "I sold out voluntarily." And, as though to prove he is not fly-by- night Geenbacker, he explains: So]d Out "I sold out when I found what the Federal Reserve Board the financial system. Those plans led to the depression that people finally recognized in 1929." Proehl doesn't plan to do much campaigning, particularly around his little rural store a dozen miles north oi Seattle. '•Those people around here are all Democrats or Republicans, and if I start talking my politics in the store they'd shoot me." Judge Gives Way To Santa Glaus HE IS BUT MORTAL—The insignificance of man is symbolized a a lone workman cleans statues on the facade of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City- Statues shmvn represent Christ bearing his Cioss, l?Ct, and two of his disciples. Builders of First Airplane Engine Is Now a Destitute Charity Case HARRISBURG, Pa, t*Pf — Santa Glaus has shoved a federal judge P cS^cetni,g™ m ln the «* ANGELES ,fl - The man, ,90,. He apparently has no other Judge 'Frederick V Follraer said i who built the airplane engine for fv, a t xvVi-ii ihp first nf December the Wright brothers' first flights ro,fed around the pLo f f°e™ked at kitty Hawk. N.C.. is in Los An- \ Wright", cycle shop at Day™ him to vampoose to make room tor geles County Hospital-a destitute LONDON m — Nikolai Bulsanin and Nikita Khrushchev have established themselves as political clowns in the minds of many Britons. Whatever successes the two Russians may have achieved in winning friends and influencing people m Asia, their visit to India has cost larity they may have had here ns peace advocates. Some of this tittering may still be | cliev visit London in the spring, as planned. This visit is already the subject of biting newspaper humor. A carton in the Daily Mail showed -A p,ud<, r y Khrushchev addressing a stiffly formal banquet in London's ancient Guildhall.. The Communist boss begins "Comrade Lord Mayor, reactionary lords, ladies and imperialist Fascist warmongers." Historan Alan Taylor, a columnist in the Laborite Daily Herald, rel'Tifd 10 the Russians as "the two going on here if Premier Bulganin| knockabout comedans who have just and Communist party boss Khrush- >- ••-- ------ •• Trusty's Cor Wash Business All Washed Up EVERETT, Wash, lift— Snoliom- ish County Sheriff Bob Twitchell received a phone call yesterday in which he was asked if he had seen an advertisement in the Everett Herald reading: "Cars washed and waxed $6. Car wash only $1. Call Bayview 4890: seven days a week." • "What is this, a gag?" the sheriff a<*ed. "No, go ahead. Call the number, " he was advised. Twitchell did. A woman answered and when he said he wanted a wash • job he was advised: "Just take it to the parking lot j next door to the county jail. Ask for- Jake Enfield." ' Business soon was al! washed up for Enfield—a jail trusty serving I six months for burglary. And so was his. status as a trusty. been touring India." Taylor deplored the suggestion that it would be better in BuJganin and Khrushchev did not come to f.osdon in view of their attacks on the West before Indian audiences. -On the contrary," Taylor wrote, "I can hardly v/ait to hear some new j i pearls of their wisdom." Dogs' Damages A re Squared STANTON, Ky. <jf) — A boy dismissed his grief over loss of his dog yesterday and volunteered to kill j any other dogs his pet might have] bitten. I Tests at. Lexington showed the [ boy's bund was .rabid. 1 The dog owned by Eugene Patrick. I 17, reportedly bit four people, about 30 dogs and cats and an unknown number of livestock before it was | killed by the boy's father. [ Yesterday, Eugene killed five dog; I and a cat his hound bit. [ Boy Owes Life To Slick Road MACON, Mo. Icy ro:id conditions usually are blamed for traffic accidents, but there is a 5-year old boy IIKT who probably owes his life to the .slippery pavement. Ralph Brammer v:as hit by a car yesterday and knockrd down. But instead of bcins run over, he ts pushed uhcad oi the front, wheel for about 100 i>ei., sliding on his 1CK The driver hits been un;uvare of Coal in Comeback CLEVELAND Wl — Coal, Its fortunes diminished for a time by competition from other .fuels, is on the way back to prosperity cm a wave of industrial expansion, a coal industry expert said last night. J, R. Forsythe of New York, pen- era] manager of the Keystone Coal Buyers Manual, predicted that by 1970 coal production would have increased 100 per cent to an output of 800 million tons a year. the boy until he heard shouts. The boy was not seriously hurt Letter Finds Way Needed Anymore To Right- Place TEMPTING FIGURE-Tasty three-foot figure o( British Actress Diana Dors is shaped in London—from ice cream. It took 1000 portions to make the statue, used at a banquet honoring the actress. In Arctic- style parka is sculptor and ice cream manufacturer Remo Bertorelli, 36. He's doing his sculpturing in the 30-tiegrees- below-zero temperature of his factory refrigerator. The Bermuda land, mass totals only about 21 square miles. DAYTON, Ohio Wj—An airmail letter mailed Nov. 19 from the African Gold Coast to "Wright Three Brothers, Invented Aeroplane, America," wound up at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base yesterday. It's sender, Kwabana Addinkroh of Osenasi, noted in all brevity, "I am with due respect to submit herewith this, my humble letter, to forward me to your latest catalogs for the contiscntal mails. "I have to be, sir, you obedient servant." The ba^e public information office began preparing at once a packet of aviation literature eom- ASHLANd. Ky. (/Pj—Randolph P. Booker's car smacked into a tele-. phone pole yesterday and caught [ lire. Bocker, 27, was charged with | reckless driving. He pleaded guilty! and Municipal Judge A. R. Imesj imposed a $100 fine but R greed to suspend it if Booker would give up his license for 30 days. Sure, Booker agreed. "I don't have anything to drive anyway." Birthstone Rings Regularly $9.50 to $45.00 NOW i PRICE For A limited time only Take Advantage of Our Christmas Layaway Plan O'BRYANT'S JEWELRY Main at Second Phone 3-3261 the flood of Christmas mail. The judge made it clear that he j charity case. Charles E. Taylor.' ad- was all for the holiday spirit, and! milted to the hospital Nov. 13. suf- that he understood what the post | fering from asthma and general de- office was up against, but thought i bility. It was reported yesterday it would be nice to have his court- j that he still receives S800 a year room all the year' 'round. As it is, he must call a December recess. from a fund left by the late brother Wilbur, made the pioneer flights in at Guard's plete with pictures and descrip- work In the j tions of U. S. 'Air Force planes. | "We're glad Lo do this favor ior S18-a-week mechanic. I the Wright brothers—all three of A hospital spokesman said the • them," a base spokesman said, county may place Taylor in a san- | "but that's the first time I ever itarium or rest home unless a pri- \ heard Orville and Wilbur had a vate benefactor comes to his aid. j brother." at R. D. Hughes Co.... The Cream of the Crop! FEELS LIKE A FEATHER IN JUNE OR JANUARY Hints for the December Bride The Honeymoon: When the reception h over, you will »ani lo change into traveling clothes for sour irip. Only two things can restrict jour iravcli—time and money, i-or a tiucfrce honeymoon know how much of each you have lo spend—and stay within your limit! When you return to >our home will it be graced with sterling patterns like these by Reed » Burton? It will, if you rcfiistcr your patiern with us now. Prices are for 6-pc. place sellings and incl. Fed. tax.' Guard's JEWELRY STORE- Wrrirt a btMrtyi Yotmgstown K*Mi«M .H" cabinet smt . . ,K styltxi for n«;w kitchen work-saving fcftinn*. WStrt a bargain! S..-f ibis a u**r W prwe. Hurry On» pmc, jpdd-rwWm poftriaM-eftiiMM steel top . Giant, twin fraifltxxffth • Kwmr, rw-s?l3sh bowl . Bewiifiil chroow-plirtwl handles . impressed soap dish . inK iwiamj-fawet proxies exact walw twnper^ute desired . Crumb-cup swakH-f refuse, b»«-tuf(] converts twwl to dhhpw . WifK-dean, Hi-Bjke enamel finish to-dcM, tmindwi iwttours . Rut*w bumpers cushion door dosings; positive-acting wttws . Recessed t« and *n« sp»ce mahes standing easier • Right height (&') . STtEL construe! ion thfWRhovt . Plus many mw« *» Ilium KM i iiu f»M ftaeto Dnpow MSI* tattne* • E«y- Wt Giy« Quality Stampc Adams Appliance Co., Inc. "Tfct OMert Appliance Stw» in Mittittippi County" W - 2*8 W. Main Ph. 2-2071 GIFT CERTIFICATES FROM $1 UP You i;et a lot more use out of! .tiul a lot more comfort while we.irinq; it, because of. its "weightless feel." You can wear it all season, anv season I The smooth, lustrous fabric is 100% hue worsted, "pre-laxcd" in the loom by Pacific Mills to make it Jit! pounds lighrtr. And scientific Balanced Tailoring* byTimelv Clothes, .,,, makes Plateau look bettei .. longer! \Ve have it in a v\ idc < choice of models and colois Come and try it on! ' «.»< $72.50 '' ""• PlATfAV pacific Mills Credit Accounts Welcome 30,60,90 Day Terms

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