Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 3, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1891
Page 5
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Munson, n Mondays," Tridajs or Saturdays. 214 Fourth " •'-- - '•• 'street, opposite 'Court Honse. -M-ONE Y, QaneialXsrarano* and Iioici. All MncJ« ot In- inrano* plaood In nrrtelaso oompanlei. Endow ment poUolM pnrohiBed, BondB ot anretysi.. written tor parties holding po«!Uens of tm»i where a bond Is required, 31» PKAKJL ST. S. M. Gloss on MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes.Bonght ln'> any. sum over $25-at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 percent. GEO. B. FOEGY. Daily Journal. TUESDAY, MORNING, MARC A 3. Natural.gas .bills for March due today.- "\-::,'.•; • • - • George' Goff. of Goodland, was in the city yesterday. A-eady.of .tobacco was stolen from McGlnrfc (fe.McKaig's store room Sat- j urday night. Livery stable men reaped a harvest last evening and are hoping that the snow-may hold out-for a few days. 0 .! '," t ! f- ' •'•"'- ' " ' James Dickey, theMiami confidence mac, was placed on trial before Judge Chase in the small, court-room yesterday. ~.^~,w.«.-.. I guarantee that one bottle will cure your face of pimples, freckles and blackheads. ; .Price, 75 cents,, at Keesling's drug store: * . : , 3— Mrs; 'George H. Miles is corivalesc- ingirpia;La severse spell -of illness wMcllha 8 confined: her to bed for some weeks past. : • .-•• .- • ,• Boys ".belonging- to the Juvenile Temple 'are '''requested" to. meet this afterDOon:after school at Good Temp- Jar's-hdil for arill. Yesterday,'John Hile, who was arrested 'Borne weeks ago for stealing a clothes wringer, was released' from jail- on' his own recognizance. John-Wallace, a welt known attor ney of Monticello, is in the city look injfafte^ the interests of a client who has-arfease.in the circuit court. At the'- -regular;. monthly examina-. tioniof,: applicants' for -license to teach oitoSatttrday^' : sixty-three, applicants torSnged the WestNSide school. j Al Bringhurst departed yesterday on a visit to friends at Washington, D. C, Roscoe Kimball, attorney, of Xcnia and F. W. Chase, attorney of Lafayette are registered at the Murdock. Kokomo Gazette-Tribune: Will R. Small of Logansport, who is here assisting in the work of getting out a city ! directory, went to Indianapolis to-day: ; '• Some slick, though unknown rascal stole a pair of shoes from Will Brown's shoe store last evening and made goon his escape. Another sign of cold weather. Yesterday before Judge McDonnell, the case of Franklin O. Adams vs. Sheriff Gwin, of White county etal., was begun. The case will be continued to-day.. The County Commissioners met in regular session yesterday. The day 'was principally consumed in receiving- the reports of township trustees and. transacting business in connection with those officers. County Treasurer Charles L. Well is regretting- the death of his valuable gray horse which was kicked by another horse in the stable Sunday. The kick broke the animals leg and it was shot to put it out of its misery. Fort'Wayne Sentinel: Dr. R. B. Smith, assistant physician at the Logansport insane asylum, has resigned, to accept a similar position in the Michigan asylum at Kalamazoo. No appointment for the position made vacant by his resignation has yet been made, though there are numerous applicants in the field. Dr. Daniel Rea, Jied at his home in Royal Center yesterday morning, aged 7! years. His death was caused by •rheumatism and the general decline of old age. The deceased had been a resident of Boone township for over forty years and was one of the .coun- .ty's best known citizens. Thus passes another of our pioneer citizens, Mrs. J. M. Studebaker, oJ^South Bend, Mrs. B. J. Bogue, of Mishawaka, Presid-ent and Vice-President of the Mishawaka Children's Aid Society, and D. W. Place,.one of the Commissioners of St. Joseph- county, are guests at" the Murdock. •They will interview the County Commissioners in the interest of the Children's Aid Society this morning-, then go to Peru. A couple of hoys sleigh-riding behind George Flannegan's horse last night had an experience which might easily, have resulted seriously for them.. The horse became frightened at another sleigh coming rapidly up behind it started to run and turning suddenly at the corner of Market and Fourth street, spilled the boys out in the gutter then ra.ndown the sidewalk finally running into the Gtrman Catholic school breaking the sleiffh. The horse was then stopped. No- bady hurt. Atwater C. Barnett bobs up as the latest heir at large to a big slice of the Annecke Jans estate. At. has the required strawberry mark and will make a vigorous kick for his share in the fabulous estate. He declares that his claim amounts to $8.11 more than the claim of George Miles, who as has previously been stated, will knock the trinity church people out for over a million and a half in good round dollars of the realm. Both Barnett and Miles are contemplating trips^-to Europe. ' Martin Shaffer who was recently sentenced to 15 years penal servitude, for the murder of Ed Low'ry, and is at present in the county jail pending the motion for a new trial, was yesterday compelled to have medical attention, his system having suffered much from the effects of despondency and general low spirit.edneSB. It is said that since Willard Harvey was. acquitted and Barney Klein was admitted^ to bail, ' 'although charged.with murder in the first degree, Shaffer has been despondent to a degree which threatens his reason. It is not to he wondered that considering the light manner in which the other two have been treated, that Mart should be dejected. It would: require a philosophy founded on a more -stoical basis than /.anything Mart's brain possesses to remain contented under such circumstances. Harvey's acquittal struck a death blow, to Shaffer's system of philosophy, and the old fellow has not been the same man since he was informed of the verdict of that truly wonderful jury. j A Well Pleased Audience. The Springfield, 0., Sunday News of the 1st inst, pays the minstrel company which, will ^be,here next Friday evening the"'following''''high corrlpli- ment. ' This company, is -weli -known here and the compliment is deserved: The Nevrs says: .."Last eyen.in.g_ aj Black's 'opera house, Gorman's minstrels g-ave one of the very best and most elegant burnt cork and burlesque entertainments ever witnessed in Springfield. To say that it was appreciated is not, sufficient. The audience fairly went wild over the performance, and were untiring and un- .stinted in their applause. In fact, no minstrel troupe ever gave such an all around satisfactory entertainment in this city. The highest compliment that can be paid the, program is to say that there isn't a weak spot in it. From the raising of the curtain to the finale, the performance works smoothly rapidly, and with increasing good effect upon the audience. It can fairly, be pronounced the most engaging and attractive minstrel, comedy, and operatic company now before the public. The program opens with an entirely new and welcome departure from the usual style, "The Lorillard Recep. tion," a full and swell-dressed scene that -caught on"-immediately. Then came the "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh," "The Colored Zouaves," George Gorman in his original and inimitable characterization, song-solos, farces and -. sketches,. John E... and James. Gorman in rare and racy newspaper-readings. One of the strong featnres of the performance was the spectacular idyl, arranged by George Gorman, "The Dancer's Dream," a wonderfully beautiful series of dance figures and scenes. Arthur Rigby, the -onliest" monologue-comedian, not only brought down the house but kept it uproariously stirred up. One of the prettiest and most graceful dance sketches ever seen is "Twilight in Dixie," by the Germans.and Geo. Jenkins. Reto.the phenomenal contortionist, amazed and startled his audience. The entertainment concluded with the handsomely dressed and mounted comedy- burlesque—• 'The Gamboliers''—ar- arranged by James Gorman. The audience remained until the curtain fell for the last time, and were evi- dently.the best pleased set of people that ever left Black's opera bouse." Prof. G. D. Edmonson & Son, the celebrated opticians of the Edmonson Optical Association, will visit Logans-^ poet, March 3d, to remain a few days.- They will stop with Ben Martin, the Jeweler, No. 310 Fourth street. These gentlemen are among the most scientific opticians in this country, their success is remarkable, oftentimes in cases of total blindness they have been able to restore the sight almost equal to that of youth. During their stay here they will introduce the wonderful wafer combination spectacle which enables the wearer to sea near and far with one pair. This is the finest spectacle ever invented, it does away with the bother of changing spectacles and makes the sight as perfect as in youth. All who are troubled with their eyes should take advantage of this rare chance. From March 3d, for a few days only. Consultation and tests free. , mchld2t . John W. Markley has purchased the interest of Homer Kessler in the abstract firm of Dodds, Whipperman & Kessier. Mr. Markley is well-known to all our citizens, a,nd is well quali 1 fied in the abstract business, having been in that business for ten years prior to his leaving the city for the South. His four years in the Recor- dre's, office gave him a training that will be 'of great value to him. Mr. Markle needs no commendation or recommendation from the Journal. His work, in this city and county aere- tofore' speaks for itself. He is careful ind accurate, and work entrusted, to him will always be well done. d&w We desire to say to our citizens, that, for years'we have been selling Dr King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck len's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and have never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have given such universal-satisfaction. We do not hesitate in guarantee them every time, and we-stand ready to refund the pur chase price, if .satisfactory . results do hot not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely; on their merits. B. F. Keesling Druggist. 1 A fcady ia Texas Write*. My case is of long standing; has baffled many physicians; have tried :very remedy I- could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator is all that relieved me. Write The Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. tol Short breath, palpitation, ; pain. £' jhest, weak or faint .spells, etc.,. cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart^Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's -'• ' - • ^5) "JUBEEOUS JAGS." ol' Uctiinar Ciidcr the |»ll» fey .M>pciit<? ••I have frequently read" said^a .gentlemanyest'ei:daV,~•'of'tlie measures that men' wil'lTe'sort to to gratify 'the advanced stage of alcoholism. I once lived in a village which contained two of the most inveterate snake hunters I overheard of. Reduced to-.-the last stages of disease by years of intoxication they were refused liquor by saloon man and drug stores. Their numerous subterfuges to get the longed for liquid at.length failed them. One of the men was a painter and he possessed a knowledge of the composition of his material in trade so he would purchase .shellac varnish, let : the shellac settle in the vessel and drunk the pure, or impure alcohol ^offi the top. • He actually was in the :habit of drinking coffin varnish. The other discovered that alcohol and lemon peel made lemon extract and was able to get many elegant jags by drinking lemon extract.- They both died in the course of time but there was nothing to indicate that their journey to death's door was any shorter than by the straight whisky route." Marion Chronicle: The Senate yesterday passed, the Metropolitan Police bill intended to take the control of the police out of the. hands of the Terre Haute authorities, who are Republican for the first time in years. iTerre Haute is much opposed to the bill, but Republican control of police is too much for a Democratic legislature. This aggregation of law-makers has spent four-fifths of its time in legislating Republicans out of office for the benefit of hungry Democrats. There has not been a single useful law passed this session and less than a week remains for them to fulfil their promise of reform. Even the fee and salary bill, according to • Senator Magee, the Democratic leader of the Senate, is "one of the most arrant pieces of demagogy ever concocted." Hi-nator IHajree Makes a Semation The Senate spent the afternoon in considering the Indianapolis city charter bill and the Kelley bill prohibiting railroad and other corporations from retaining any part of an employe's wages for insurance purposes. During the consideration of the latter bill Senator Magee created a sensation by charging Roll Clerk '^eyris with, falsifying a roll call. The icl'erk denied the charge. The p.resir dent of the Senate sustained him and Senator Magee withdrew .his charge and apologized to the clerk and the Senate. .Laid, to Rest. The remains of Conductor Charley Case who met such a sudden and untimely death in the Hagerstown wreck last Wednesday were laid to rest Sunday afternoon and a large number wf the late conductors railway associates met at the residence on High street to pay the last token of respect to their departed friend. Rev. Dr. Putnam conducted divine services at th'e'hou,se and interment was made in Mt Hope cemetery. - .• l,l*t ot Advertised, better*.., --..Remaining In the postoffice at Logansport for the week ending Feb. 28, 1891. LAMES' LIST. . " , Alice Miss Ifaroy, P. A. Mrs.w.. -- McLutery, E.E.Mrs. McDowell, Edna Miss Max^oe, Louisa Mrs. Page, Susan. . GENTLKHISN'S LIST. Ballou, J. W. Lorpnz. Jno. W. Christen, Joseph M:irx.,Henry /. Demoss William Morte, frank ^ Lenard, Cbas. Prounh, Al Yurley, A. F. Persons calling for t!ie above letters please say Advertised. D. W. TOMLLSSON, P. M. Pcraoiutl Ufocrty V.N. Physical Slavery; While we are free American citizens, enjoying our personal liberty: but most, of us are in. physical slavery, suffering from scrofula, salt rheum or some other form of impure blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great blood purifier which disolves the bondsof disease, gives health and perfect physical liberty. 1 BilOllKIieHN. . We have tested its virtues, personally, and know that [or .dyspepsia, biliousness, and throbbing headache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We tried forty other' remedies before Simmons Liver Regulator, but none of them gave us more than temporary relief; the Regulator hot only relieved but cured us.—H. H. Jones, Ed. Telegraph and Messenger, Macon,. Ga. toS Its Excellent Qualities commend to public approval the California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, . It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, it cleanses the system effectually, thereby promoting the health and comfort of all who use it. « For^tlie lip there is no brightness, For.th;> tf'etli there Is no whl.eness,; Where aozODOKT bus got no place; But those who use.lt, know lull well, How bright and beauiilul the spell Ic throws o'er man or woman's Jace. to8 J>ean, John Mrs. Fife, Cora Miss Grover. Henry Mrs. Hunk. Dellie Miss ft, CLOTH TOP SHOES, CLOTH tops are again being" accorded a considerable degree of popularity in both men's and women's goods. Cloth is superior, to leather in every jwy except durability, and even in that it holds its own in some cases as against some of the leather used for tops. Cloth is the best material for shoe tops ia the case of persons whose feet have a tendency to. perspire freely,as the surplus • heat of the foot as well as its moisture is allowed to radiate and transpire- thruugh the meshes of the textile fabric much more .readily than though the ^ leather. Good cloth is not materially affected by moisture and e-sceU leather used for toppings in resisting its attacks. Cloth does nof erafk, scale turn red or grow stiff, and chafe the wearer. It is more comfortable and smooth fitting than leather. It makes a handsome .effect by contrast when used with leather vamp. It is more "dressy," and, in fapt, as;, ; we • ; said at the outset} tester for toppings than the leather generally used in every way, pi o\ idrng-af-ffrfet-class quality of cloth is employed. .There are cloth fabrics sold for shoe tops that are not desi.able, just as there are^kinds of leather used foi ^hoe soles that are not desirable: some being cheap and poor quality, for use in cheap shoes, and some being fine quality and intended more for appearance than wear." There is a grade of cloth for every grade of shoe, and the best grades are more J expensive than fine leather. The pattei'ns vary from plain black to fancy figured. . OTTO KRAm ^- ) ( J r j SMOKED ME A T , Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered -and Cured by W.C. ROUTH, Logansport Infl« ...,."-•• ' "• : '--" "? / V 'Fo'r Sale Ghv Leading Dealers. " r iini", \ THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE .CHEAPEST! I buy the Purest Drugs, the Finest Perfumes "and Toilet Articles and' sell \ at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. ' Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription work Yours. 1 H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. T """•' Jlust Lnt tlie roles Alone. BRAZIL, I nil, March. 3.—Judge McGregor lias granted the .Postal Tele- gragh Co. an order temporarily re- strainiDg 1 J. 1C. Miller from further trespassing- on their property and also from filing before justices of the peace any further affidavits against the company or its agents or employes. Miller is tne farmer who has been cutting do\vn the company's wires and poles because lie lias not been paid for right 'of way. A suit for damages and a perpetual restraining-order will be heard March' 16 in Clay circuit court. The case has at- tractedmuch attention. If Miller'is acquitted other farmers will bring suit. All \Vere Saved. •'-YORK, March 2— The 'steainer'^ :Chester has' arrived heie. Shei the crew of the Iowa, as previously] T ported, the latter being cut through by floating ice. ^ 0 ""~SH "-.- .''•'-'<••-- > ml MOONSHINERS AT WAR. A Uloody ISattle Reported Between Rival Gangs of Illicit WhUkymakera.' .TONESBO'BO, Tenn., March ' 2.— Word reaches this place that the notorious Wright and Potter 'gangs in Johnson county have been at war again,, with another gang of moonshiners. Details are very meager, but the report says that three or four people were killed. It is known that two or three were fatally shot. The battle lasted 'two or three days. Both gangs are still under arms and the people in the neighborhood arc alarmed. Tiie Vjueen to Visit Vitrif*. PAKIS, Mareli 8.— The Figaro announces that Queen 1 Victoria was so pleased by the account given her by the Empress Frederick of the respect and courtesy which the latter was shown during her visit to Paris that the ueenq has promised to return the compliment and stop two days in Paris when she passes . through . the city . en route to the south of France. , . livlnc on State Lands, COLUMBUS, 0., March 2. — The state canal commissioners ohave discovered that a strip ten feet wide, on each side of the national, road across the entire state, and belonging- -to the state, was held by private .individuals. It amounts to thousands of . j £• Two trams on the.. Georgia Southern road colli'led at Tifum, Ga. A fireman was kilt -.1. i Both the method and results "wliei Syrup of Figs is taken; it 5s pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and act* • *•$ ! gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, -U^ ! Liver and Bowels, * cleanses the^s-i' j tern effectually, dispels colds, w 'iead-' j aches and fevers and cures habitual j constipation. Syrup of Figs i# tfi| only remedy of its kind everii|>tOi dueed, pleasing to the taste ai}dj>ac ceptable to -the stomach^ prompt i , ( its action and truly beneficial m its , effects, prepared only irom the^ most 1 healthy and agreeable substano^f its? many excellent qualities •comme 5 *''''"-* to all and iave made it the popular remedy known. ' fswf fayrup of Figs is for sale la. 50cjj| and $1 bottles by all lea'Kng drug-^;T ^sts.,v Any reliable duTggislJwwr f: may not have it on hand -wilf pV*'^ cure it promptly &,r any one TV! wishes to try it . Bo not accept 'A substitute. . ' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP SAN FRANQiaCO, CAl. LOUISVILLE.KY. KfWYOfK.t..^ Fors8lebyB. F. Keesllngind all arnggfifk" 115 *

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