The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1931
Page 6
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?AGB SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.), COURIER NEWS FRIDAY.' APr.lL_i7,_i93 1 Baseball's "Temperamental" Actors •Nick and Al May Reali> ; Swing Haymakers Some Day and Not for Fun. BY WI1.UAM HTIAUCHKK NTA Service Sporls tMilor KEW YOHK.—Among tlie pli? iiomena to watch during l^ie base. bal) season that Ins Just uejuu to swing along with springtime vl-jo '• are 1 Ihpsc tv.o super-buffoons ot tH Q diajnondr-Nick Altrcck ami M Srlnehl. ccachcs and clowns cf I'.K • \Vnslrtnglori Senators. If you wak'h c.irpfully enough, lh?re Is a c':.a'.i:e that you may sec one of than ge killed; I^ick anil Al, to borrow ft populn .word, have gone phhliht! Almo-t afij day you may lic'.ir of Nick pop ; pin£ Al on llic chin with n tixlii Blove loaded with nol':lnj funnier (Ml a liorssslicc. Or It may bo tip other way around—there Is E\ chane" . th^t In Uifir little son-tall [53111" Al may loss a comical 10-pouml sint in 'the general direction of Nick nofye 1 dome. They Just don'i g;t How It staled and w!;o h n blame remain untold mysteries, lint t^.a fact is Ihat these clowns i, • through their comedy acts day nf- terj day, bringing roars of Inughtf : dccn from the stand:;—and cni. l hoping down in his heart that th oilier hns lumps In his gravy. Your 'correspondent Invcslljal.-M .-at' Biloxi, where thr Senalo - trained, having heard toward I!" . clcfe of last season Dial Ihe (wi .had decided lo get ns far a^a\ : from one anolher as Kamchatka if frcm Tallahassee. I fount] tin'. -• . wherever Nick was, Al wasn't. Onc^ -. they found themselves In [he sum? room with, semal of the Wnsiilni;- .toir. baseball writers, rind' Nick suddenly had lo go and see a fellow .' about a dog. -.*. ' • There was a well-confirmed vu- riior lo Ihe effect that last during •••one of their clown-boxing exhibitions, 1 the two actually swims real V haymakers lit each other, and •."•. brought them right up from thc : ?.:•• floor, and no foolin. 1 '•-.- During .their winter vaudeville ;-;. trip, Ihc favorite diversion cl HID '••-.- rest'of the actors on the bill, it was '•-. said, yrns wa Idling Nick ami Al try ;;;-' to. piish one another inlo cavern;. oils trap dMrs off-stage. {.- - Things teiug. as" they are. Ihsr y..-Is more than a chance that t^e' /. will-be Irying to bend tats around pnej another's ears 1n the form, of wooden neckties before the season . has gone very far nlong. . • * • * ',. "It's their temperaments thn' '. cladi," say some of the baseball --. writers who have Inllnnte will' •..'.thej two for years. "Nick is sort of ; casi'-EOlng as a rule, bill Al is on fire with ambition. Allrock ddei hi- stunts on Ihe boll diamond nnri nt ter. he is .through he remains Ir the. background. Al Is a groat f?l . liw to b3 pushing hlimelt t-i th fropt.tto keep in the public nve. /' .. ..gets sore because Kick doesn't push • ; ' himself along more. Nick gsts sore •;. because Al pushes hlinsoll too much. They .just can't seem to bs frlend- N,lck, by Ihe way, was once OT ..or.the best left-handers In 111-, American League. Pitching for Vv Whilo Sox of 1BOS, "the li'llp- . v.-cnders," Altrock hclpsd the tciir to win a pennant and hurled fv fine games In Ihe world series wilt- theiCubs. He'won Ihc first, 2 to 1 beating Mordeeai Brown, and las' the second, I to 0. again opposed b' Brown. He Eet a fielding record fi- . stosl for years, accepling 11 clinnc- cs, of which three were pntouts an' eight assists. . One' of the stories told about Nick as a pitcher was his deceptive thro- to first bas?. He used to walk run . n=rs dclibernlely and then nto Iherr of! the bag. Nick used a little psy chology in this, taunting runn?r with "sticking too close to the bag.' (hen suddenly trapping them o Jhey accepted his dnr; f> ""tik your fool off that bag anrt a dead baby." Nick drifted to minors after hi; day with the Sox was done. Always tricky in his hundlin; of .ball, he practiced while at Kansa: ' Cily, add soon "Germany" Schae fer.:who was doing a similar cloivr stunt in the majors at that time united. Nick to come along and bo come a part of tlie act. After Schaefer's death. Nick car ried on alcns with his shadow-box ing, ball juggling and orter stunt for-a year. Then Schacht came I '. the Washington club as a piicher - Clark GrifTith soon decided that a pitcher A! would make a bstlc , ckrni, so he teamed up Nick an Al as coaches and enlertaincrs I :'their years with the Senators t'-.e have drawn thousands to the park .• Their "temperamental clash" does :-' not seem to Interfere with their ; : work. This year they have b=Er '•-. carrying on in the same old slap• Etlck way that delights thr fans. But, as I said before, watch for •; the haymakers. BKUSIIIM; ur SPORTS By Laufer •&*. ''.•.'f Third Slraiaht Whi Defeat A'h'etics. S\0 SHffiMNN OP TOLEDO, OHO/ WAS Eou».ep PERFECT 300 GAMES- wiTH BOTH LEFT IRIlfl STEP STANDINGS Southern '. LHtlc Rock New Orleans" Allnntu Nnshvlllc pitchers In question being Pete Donohue and young Hal Schumacher. .Walter Johnson wants Hadley Pebbles Go Up-and Mem-1 £»"- •;;;;; rliis Down; Pelicans .Share Lead With Travelers. Mobile National The Lltl'o Hock Travelers and . the Nnv Orleans Pelicans were set- st. Ixinis (Ing the pace in Iho Southern Boston league at the cloro of yesterday's jj €w York' games und consequently the Menir Chicago ' phis Clllcka and Mobile Marncs Pittsburgh were roorling on Ihc botom of the Philadelphia ladder. I Brooklyn '.. Tr-t: Pebbles gave the Memphlans Cincinnati their third straight drubbing 5 to 1. Lea Moon. Pcb Lefty, pllchcd -orrVss baseball In all but one Imlng. Griffin and Unchurch fall id ID hold the socking Travelers. The Pelicans showed u powerful offense in br-aling Hie Xftirlnes, 12 'o 6. Dams was Ihe winning pitcher while the Pels assaulted the of- 'erlngs of Wnlror with a vengeance. Kale, Pel third sacker, hit, Ihe ball hard. Tin} Atlanta Crackers got off to a good start before 17,201 home 'own fans, by winning over Ihc '-noknuls. 4 to 2. The game was •-.nrclhmghl with TIearn, Crax HiiVr, holding the edge over his I rivals. Tlie attendance was a 3-ulhern leasue record The Birmingham Barons playing their first game at home lost to i.he Nashville Vols T 'to 3. ^tll- -,lead won allliough lie pitched ims-1! into srme tlghl places. Wcls I Birmingham got three lilts. League W. .... 3 ... 3 2 ... 2 .... 1 1 .V...-0 . . .'. 0 L n 0 i i -i 2 3 3. Pet. l.Ol^l 1.000' -6UU .6CO .333 .333 .000 . .000 Pet-, and Marly, rry to help Sam Jones a 1.000 little more than they did last, year. 1-000' Bucky Harris is depending upon a .66fi | crmeback by Wolte Hoyt. Joe Mc- •5M earthy can be democratic In Ills .500 desires about pitching; he hopes •33.3 tljoy all do belter, and that PIp- .000 gras is just as good;as he .000 j or that operation. The Cards seem to have nothing lo worry about as far as pitching goes and the Cubs hate n better The SI. Ixjuls Cardinals and Ttoi- lon Braves wire Hie nnlv u'nae- fi-:iVd teams In Hie Nullonol teaRiie afler Ibn- days n! Ihc 1031 jwn- iwnt chase while the New York Ynnkn's were the onlv Aireriom !c:i"»e teim with a perfect average. The Hc;l Illrds won llieir third slnilylil gan>i3 from Ihe Cincinnati Ri'tls. (1 lo 3. Ha!n?.s and Urrrln- ocr ])llthcil well for St. I^uls whib five lilts by Wully Roetlgcr failed lo put Ihe Cincinnati team In front. The Graves eotillnr^d (o upset Ihc- dope by Hiving tiic iiowcrful | Urcoklyn Kobins liieir third straight setback, 7 to 4. lirandl on(|):U-lK:d the high tnlailed Vunsi to set the Dothers on llvir MIS with only five hits A circuit clvlve by Wi-.son with two ot!e aided t!i? 'i'lie New York Giants ran tlie hises ra^t^ed lo swnmn the Phillies H to A nt Philadelphia. Mitchell pitched tlie entire game for New York while t!io Phillies used up a Huartel of hur'ors. Ott. Terry. Lln- strnm. Klein and Whitney pounded the ball hard. A four Vjnse smash by George Chiuilham, pirate second baseman, with a runner en base In Hie ninth Inning gave 1 tl'c Corsairs a 4 to 3 »vin uver Ihe Chicago Cubs. Tlie Pirates (jot only six hits lint played Iliem lo gowl advantage. Spencer was the winning liurler. Wild Heave Ends Game For almost niro full innings Ihc Yynkoes ttud Bo.ston.Red Sox bat-j tli'tl n!p and ttick, Then Ijisenl>ec . Red 5io\ hurlcr who had engnged Vennock in n alrtlglit pitchinsf duel heuv^rl a wilii pitrn and Die win-; v'n' lun r.rcssed the iiliile for the Ynnkees. The score 2 to I. I Washington 3"nators took Tigers enabled the Browns to knot Ihe counl in the ninth. Titi? Cleveland Indians poundetl g,^^ w m Ihe offeiings of three White Sox Curlers uicluilmg the redoubtable the lead in their rories with the rrSia'^'Mon Athletics bv flcfealing Iho Mackmen 5 to 4 at Washing- Ion The Macks rallied in Ihc ninth to score two runs but fell short of OBELISK FOR ROOSEVELT MISSOULA, Mont. (UP)--An ob- erectcd this summer at the summit of Marias pass as t memorial to Theodore Roosevelt Ted Lyons while Clint Brown shut The marker wi , tise w fect in thf ; o-t the C ncaso boys. 7 to 0. The ajr at the , nt wl ^ Rmx _ Sox were limited lo six hKs while veR h!ghw crosses lhe contm^. llic Indians poked out 14 blows. tal ^ v ^ c i LU M:UIC uwu Lia]^ uiju lull £JIU:L ui i staff than last year's-on paper, tyin? t!v crunt. Tauschcr was the Letter Travels Four Years anyway. The Pirate pitching will ] «-nn:t» pitcher and a recruit Me-' BUTLER, Missouri. (UP) bother the boys if that team ever , r> n;i!ri received credit for the loss A bit more than four years after Ti'j h V'Vionc gets a bit lucky. j although Earnshaw allowed two it was mailed, a letter has bsen r~- B •• • ..Mr. Mnck, whose ' pitchfn? 1 runs after relieving him. ceivc<t by Roger Cummings. Bates (s vested in .two .men--J tt toofc 12 innings lo decic 1 .: the County farm boy. A five dollar bill Operation of a half-volt .motor' the claim made re- Dr. Bruno I^nge, Ber- GAMES TODAY Southern League Memphis at. Llttl? Rock. -Chattanooga at Atlanta. . Mobile. at. New Orleans. Nashville -at Birmingham No Natigiul Leagu games scheduled. American League St. 'Louis ad Cincinnati. Pittsburgh at Chicago. Only -frames scheduled. Amerlcan .I«sue Kcw York 3 0 1.000 St Louis 2 1 .666 Washington ....-.: 2 1 .CM Cleveland ' :. ... 3 1 .CM Philadelphia' 1 2 .mi Chicago 1 2 .333 Detroit .'....:. 12 .333 IJoston' •.':..'. ,0 3 .000 Grove and Earnshaw—hopes with 1 *-atirv between the Detroit Tigers inclosed, which was originally in- all hid might Ihat nothing happens and the Brownies at St. Louis. The tended for a r-resrnl at Roger's to either of those worthies. Mr, .Tigers won in the extra period prsdualton from the eighth grade. .,Mack knows he'cannot"win with- wlxni Gehringer doubled and scor- will do quite as well now as a w - „,££ out both" of Hiese gentlemen click-- fit on Alexander's single. A dropped high school commencement pres- i fly by a rookie outfielder of Ihe cut, lire boy says. j'M'ri Should one h'.t putts with the i<ht or the left hand in control ot lie shot? Some of the stars use either The' Tip :iV I'tt'o ..: ' '*: '.:': • it ' present: arrangements,' for. a ] fight -May. -15..'.bcl'«een s Tommy 1 Loughra'ri •arid : ,VlctorIo Campdlo are [ ccnsumrriated, - on Nfay'. 16 ' yo\i are ; polni to' pick no a newspaper anil rend .the following . headline: LOUOHRAN'S LEFT LICKS CAMPOLO. . Of course, if Slgnor. Cain- polo really wants to hit Mr. Loughran, he should go buy himself a bean blower and ambush Thomns on his way home .some, dark night. The Starkey Program James J. Johnston, who U now promoting at Ebbets Field, Urooklyn, says he has Jack Shar-ft or the rlzht Here -a, on 'of BcbV J Jou s ' ,umn g vk!i his ramoiii. Calamty Jane. You will see that he grips the •'uh w'l'i tb^ r'zht haml silEhtlv .ub u.t.i th. r.gnl hand s.ignuy , ;-.oncE. now THE P..SHT HMO is RICH COAT. VEIN FOUND , SUMMIT HILL, Pa. (UP)— A rich vein of coal, averaging 68 feet •.:in thickness, has been uncovered on : • Ihe edge of the famed burning mines here. Mining- engineers of -. the Lehlgh Coal and Navigation .' company reported the vein extends ..'• along the ridge of the mountain. :' along which strippings opei^llons p.. fcrt'ixw t»lng eenducUd. ' illus- k «' lined 'up for four bouts. The '°'>r men In the orde, •named are Camera, Mickey Walker, Tommy ^"Bhran and the winner of the Sehmeltng-Slrlbllng afTalr. Mr. Johnslon ^^ thfse (our i^ take place In rapid succession— In June. July, August and September. The program sounds very smooth— you might almost say too smooth. An unnecessary burden on our books Dark Hants There Is a dark horse In each of the big leagues.' Singularly each of these bnmet steeds hns a:i infield problem with which to tinker. In the American League the dark horse is the Indians. In Ihc National, the shady quadruped is the Braves. Manager Pecklnpaugli has been suHe^Ing troubles on the left side of the Inner defense, and that's what Bill McKcchnle is fretting about, too. The Cleveland dark horse probably hasn't as good a chance to cop fls the Boston entry In the other league. Thtrc 13 a five-club race In the National, it Is generally agreed, and with that many clubs under Ihe shaft, the little fm«i>r ripping and hacking at one an- of the right hand overlapped by othrr. the sixth place team hasn't the Index finger of the left. This, far to go to get to the lop. Slslh th" contro 1 of the club In tl-o l place In the National league Isn't r!?ht band. The wrists working, as far away from the top as fourth •^ainn cnrh ether giving him a in the American. If the Senators mooth rhythmic swing. | on d Miiletlcs get going right, it Get the feeling of looseness and \ W0 n't be long until fourth is far. you will soon acquire what is far away from first in that circuit. known as touch. BELLEFONTAINE, O. (UP)— A calf, with five legs, was born on the farm of Frank Lane near here. The calf Is In good health but Is han- dlcapppd by the fifth le?, which extends from the knee joint of the right front log. rK'hlnjr rniilcs Many ot the managers 'his year have pitching worries. If Simile,' the former Indian sou'paw,' comes through for Uncle Robbie. I Joe will lift a mighty burden from i the shoulcjers of his manager. H is' the same way with the Giants, the your you carry your own fire insurance your risk rests heavily on the debit side of your ledger. If you are urd or insured a large p--.rt of your risk may stilt rest on the debit side. In cither case you are in danger of considerable financial loss in case of fire. .Your local stock fire insurance agent can transfer this burden of risk to dependable insurance companies, whose business it is to look after these interests for you in the right way and at comparatively small cost. - Soun'd insurance protection improves your credit ?\\~ -^nances rht- piogress of your business. Consult any member of llu; Insurance Exchange of Blytheville W. M. WJRNS INSURANCE AGENCY FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO., INSURANCE DEPT. FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY WHEN SAN FRANCISCO Stock Fire Insurance';;y|Met Its Supreme Test -TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO &in Francisco Was I in (lames. The fourth .day of the fire revealed 28/18.8 fuined buildings, covering 520 city blocks.. . '. . .-'_' Thousands were left homeless. Property des'truction reached the enormous total of 350 million dollars. This one fire swept away all underwriting profit earned by the Stock Fire Insurance companies since 1860 and 80 million dollars In addition. STOCK FIRE INSURANCE companies paid more than 200 million dol- ' lars into the stricken city, and San Francisco stands today as a magnificent example of tliz restorative power of sound insurance and l!u courage and resourcefulness of its citizens. Through succeeding years the Sloclt Fire Insurance companies comprising the NUtionol Board of Fire Underwriters have increated their efforts to nuke cities safer— protect life and property in all communities — reduce the possibility of San Francisco's experience being repeated anywhere. Special 25th Anniversary Broadcast — April 18 Over 65 tUtiom of th« Columbia Bfcudustinj Syitein— « lo 7 P. W: Pacific Time, 7 to 8 P.M. MounUinTimr, 8 to9 P.M. Central Time; 9to10P.M.E«fe m Timt. TKe President of the Crurokx r ol Commerce •:! tl< Uniitd Stales, the Governor o! Califomii, aid othefi will offer their tribute to the suu-esikl rtouilding arid future progress of Sw Funciscol Stoefc T/rt Innirmnc* CHICAGO by CtptUt Ajtntt In Yo Community. THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS 85 John Strttl, N«w York SAN FRAt-'CISCO' nxlr flu Uimtun Co»fti>ht

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