The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 1948 GOP Delegations Near Completion California, South Dakota and Indiana Are Last to Elect By I.yle C. Wilson United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 1. tUP> selection of the 1.004 rie.legales to the Republican National Conveu- | tton will be completed in two pri- I nianes today and A slate conven- ' tion on June 11, * Today'? primaries are In CaJi- lorma, where 53 delegates will be Instructed for Gov. Earl Warren, and in South Dakota where the U delegates are expected to support Harold E. Stattcn, The last Republican delegation will be selected in an Indiana convention on June* 11. Indiana's delegation will number.!!). On the basis of actual Instructions to delegates. Hie Republican presidential candidates line up this way three weeks before the convention metis in Philadelphia on June 21: Gov. Thomas E, Dewev of New York— 128. Sen. Robert A Taft of Ohio— 14. Harold E Slassen of Minnesota —62. Sen. Raymond E. Baldwin of Connecticut -13. Gen. Douglas MacArthur— 8. Dewey, Tail, imd Slnssen all have considerably greater delegate strength than the numbers actually instructed for them. Dewey and Taft spokesmen each claim their candidates will poll upward of 300 Jirst ballot votes. Sta-«en headquarters claims 340 votes (in the first ballot with around 200 second choice delegates prepared to support the Mfnnesocan later on. The claims are exaggerated somewhat because they artel up to more votes than the j convention has delegates. 4W Votes Needed Republican convention rules re- _T?I,YTHBV1U,R (ARK.) COURIER Today's Cars Last Longer The averse car in 1<H8 travels, In one year, over (wlra as far us AM the automobile in lg2s. And the nvertjje car scrapped this year will have lasted over twice » IOIIR as lUe cur scrapped M yoars ago Tilt chart, based on rifiures trom the Automobile Mninilncturcrs' Assona- tion, shows how the uspag* and life ol cars ha, Increased over Die years Okayed Script Judge Dismisses Contempt Charge Against Reporter CLINTON. Tcnn.. June 1 UIPi — Reporter Nat. Cnldwel] of the Nnsh- ville, tortay vc as absolved of contempt charge., after he refused to tell a grand Jury where he got liis Information regarding bootlcuging activities In Past. Tennessee. qtlire a bare majority lo nominate . A " Anderson County grand jury «. presidential candidate. That! ""'esllgalcn 1 the. charges which would be not less than 548 votes in this year's national convention. Some of the mvillstructed delegates are as [irmly committed one or the other ot the leading candidates aj they would be if a primary or stale convention formal- CaUlwell made in a scries o( newspaper articles, reported it found no evidence lo support them, and ask that Cnldwctl be held in contempt for refusing to inrtcntify his sources. Criminal Court Judge Jesse L. Rosers refused to hold Calriwell in Baruch Recovers Lost Money, Soyi Everyone At Be/mont Is Honest NEW YORK. .lone 1. CUP)_ Elder Statesman Bernard M. Baruch said today he was convinced everyone at Bdmonl. R nre Track is honest. While altendiiiK Hie r.ices on .Saturday. Baruch lost a roll of 22 »100 bills. He reported l.he loss to the Workers at Oak Ridge Lab Vote on Wage Settlement OAK RIDGE. Teiin., June i. (UP> —Rome «2 workers m tli? Oak Rirtge National Laboratory nre vot- I'lg todny and Wednesday on whether lo accept the ••|iim| offer" toe u wi\jy seulrmcm by Ilic O,ir- Wrii> nnrt Carbon Chemical* Cortior- lUion. The workers nre. lopief-onlocl oy I lie Atomic Trfidr.s itnd l*it}i)r Council lAFL) offieliilj predict Ml overwhelming lojertuin ol Hie company offer. The election, concluded by the Labor Rdntioiw Board, is the flfjsi under Die national ciner- ucncy provisions of the Tntl-llnn- Icy Acl. But NLRH ulliclnls suiil It Is not blurting on eillier puny. Kennel h L. Scott. «n nffkuil of the union, emphasized Ilia! the vote is not » strike volf. He «<ldert, "we'll Vinve nnothcr muss meetiiiK next Sunday at which we will decide uhat of net Ion lo lake. 1 An AO-dny Tart-Hnrtley nnli- striltf injunction, obtained \vbpn A s1 rike wfls thrrftienrd In Mnrch, expires June 1. At a mass mectine l»st Sundny Ihe union vulert 1,, «-i|hrtraw it-s earlier 'compromise ciftw 10 scltlo for a IS rein an hour \vate Increase.. H now demands a |] :1 | 2S cent an 8 «m"an hour I^Urx"""™ "'"'* , vl , ANNIfs . ON .. niE . 81i . A June 1.—iUl'>-.\iK. (ili-miii <; n |.' irarlt management, but rtmiblert hp 'let! Vate of Merlnti. Pa,, capln/. nf wovilrt ever see the money afjntn. 'he U. S Curtis Cup learn unit However, a gate keeper. George. | '-"«^e SIIK(:S of AtlnntH led" IOMI- Pcarsall. found Ihc nnmcy ypMfi-dityi' American women Into the [cinilli and turned It In. . - . "In fill my years o( iiiceGoiiu* I've never received such Allieio Cnindeio Ims been „.,-,„,. [ lied liy Ihe National HiOBdcHMlIng j Co. in New Voit City as II,,, M ipcr- | visor who nawert Hie "Vole* nl America" script which ha,s at'Oiui'il i Senate llullRnalton. Renr HOIRII I war. Ideniiried » s lli« writfr. tNK\ i TeJepholo) Drunk Sites Passer-by MIAMI, Ma., June 1. <up> -Police wondeivd when (.iconic Mc- IJonnUl lolcl itinii he'd in ..... bitten l;jr K (Itintk. Ali-Unnulct said lie wus WHlkhi)j inline when H man lying l>ronc on (lie sldewulk nulclenly raised up mul took a n!|> at hU ankle, roller Invi'sMunti'it. 'rhcv found l.nnviim Unices lyliik' Just wlic-vc McDonald snld hi; svns. '1'jiey mri'st. ed Hoijers, , i'R»)i'()si;i> PACK SI'II.Ml l'l'i:i) Women Move .. ASSI-Mlltl.V «K IT IIKKOIA'KI) HY THK NKN- ATK OF THK .STATE <)]•' Alt- KANSAS AND HY THE 'llOUHK Ol' % HKI'KKSHNTATIVHH, A MA- JOHITV 01' AM. TIIK MKMllKKR KI.Kt.-lH) TO RAC1I IIOUMK ACiKKKlNO TIIKUKTO: Tluit Ihe ItilliiwiiiK Is hndiy pm- )i<ised «.<, nn imiemlmcnl tu Ihr t:on- lidlllllon ul I lie Htitti. <il Arknnsiis. »H'I HIUHI lii'tnB Mllnnideil In lln> cliH-lcirs .if Ihc Ktul,. I,,, «p),,. uv ,,i or lejiTilcin 1,1 MM' u.'xl Ki'llerul elec- lion l,, t - R<'|iri-M.|it,uivi's unit Hi'iin- l"rs, II u majnrlly of (lie derlm* votliiR thereon, nl such nil elei-dnn adopt smli nmeiHlnii'iil. Ihe sumo shnll l)i-i!«nni. u mill of tl K . Hms |U Hllion ol (lie Hlule of Al-kunnns lo-wll : BKCTION 1. Th,,t d.l-.O.nsiin,. (ion i,t Die Sluli- ol Arkilnsns liv niil('IHl«l by iiUKlliyliiK N.MInn a of Article J of nalc! Comtltullon «o «„ lo permit the Leijlsliituie lo enact " law providing tor a re«lstraUon Of VOlciN. SuW constitullonKl HitiBiulnicia .slmll iwiil ».s rollowK, to-wll; • "UK IT KNACTKU BV TJIK W7O- S'l.K OK THE STATE Or ARKANSAS:" "The tlvni' Assembly tilmll have power to ermci IHW, j.rovldlnn (or a iTKlstruilon of voU'i-a prior to any lionrral, siwclal. or pilmnry election, >nd to requlr* that tfcc r%ht ta'Mto !»l »iy such election t-.ull f|-|iii| I upon such prcvloui reglXlritloo:"*.' J Filed In the offtc* of Secretary «( I Stale on the Mth <Uy of Msrdi, Witness my Imud itvd te»\'at of- lice .on this th« 12th day of Apr*, 19481 „ c. a. HAIX, Secret.ry of SUl«. SMOOTHER because it'$. TliU m»nni Ilial fln« Olecmmr. wlihkl«i ar« willl choicut gialu neulial ipiiill bul Imliad o( b«ing bolllxiliiim^cliultl/, "Ihompwn" It put Inlo lo mak» II unaollitr, tuilivr, „ ...... rt I'lmif. Til. m,l,M kick." Qflruch Kfil<l. "It proves everyone at Bclmont Is honest, I'm ROIIIR | 0 give Hint man a J5(IO rewnrcl." Renri Courier News Want Ads. ly had committed them to support > R °K" S refused to hold Caldwel) In a given individual. But the balance I co »<enipt. He said that while it »RS of power delegate strength appar- • " ar " '" place serious charges a- «nlly will be on the fence during R^'ist officials on hearsay evidence. , been nonetheless "much good )IB.I done in this way." Caldwell charged that bootleggers had been given "safe conduct" from ' wet to dry counties by state pat- ,' rolmen. The Jury dropped the Investigation. • «arly balloting. Under such circumstances observers look for half a dozen ballots In which supporters of Dewey, Talt and Stassen will have opportunity to put their clioice.s over if they can. Palling decision on & presidential nomination by that time would leave the- convention in or close to deadlock. That would invite re-sort to the kind ol off-the- floor conferencea which lead to compromise. The dark horses most often mentioned as likely'compromise candidates are Sen. Arthur H. Vanden- . rh , „„,,,,-.,„„. 1,1- , j L. Newspaper at Oak Ridge ' Starts Daily Publication j OAK RIDGE. Tenn,. June I. (UP> ; —The Oak Ridge Times, a neiv daily newspaper, will make its first appearence here today. Is deadlocked. round of the Hillish Amntcin 6 Championship loday us two. other U. S. entries \vere eliminated Dorothy Klrby of Atlnnln' and Doio'.liy Klelly of ly>s Angeles alsfi ; ndvnnred lo Ihe fourth round, lull j Mis KsteUo I^awson rase ol Chapel I Hill, N. c, and Grace [.encr.yk of i NewhiR, Conn , were, beaten. CHANGE OF BUS SCHEDULE Effective Jun» 1 hnsKWi for .lonesrxiro, Newport, [jdle Rork unH lr»(»r- merfiaie points leave Blylhevillei T:(>() A. M. 11 :!5 A. M. 3:(>fl f>. M. i;05 P. M. These hunse* Arrive In Jonesboro 9:85 A. M. 2:05 P. M. 1:15 P, M. T:25 P. M. Busses leave .Icm*slx>r<> for New)Mir(. »nd ),illle Rock i 6:15 A.M. 10:15 A.M. 2:151'. M. 4:00 P.M. 7:;tlir, M. MATHIS BUS LINES, INC. For Bus Information Call 4441, Dixie Greyhound Station Georgia Names Anti- Civil Rights Delegates ATLANTA, On.. June 1. cirpl — operation will be set up to linlcl the Oak Ridge editorial and hust- j ness offices with the copy desk' and layout division In the" ICnojc- ville plant. Chandler said. « Ten newsmen will make np the An anti-civil rights delegation wasJ ready today to represent Georgin i lit the National Democratic Con- i vention. but State Chairman James S. Peters said the group would not walk out of the Philadelphia meeting even if the racial program IK "forced upon tis." The delegation was named here yesterday at the state convention State Rep. Robert Elliott of Colnm- bns. Oa.. was chosen new nntional commiUcemnn to succeed former (AGnv. E. D. Rivers. • ™ State Sen. Iris Blitch of Homer- ; vllle was named national committeewoman to succeed Mrs. Virginia Polhill Price. ! editorial staff. Chandler said. iNOW! jot FOUNTAINS; J Everywhere! ! 'These maps are so confusing — Couldn't you show me where it is- Personally?" Everybody likes our mechanics. They're coin-Icons and efficient well (rained anri experienced (o rln a lop- rale repair job on any car. When in need of repairs, drive in here. Or call (iris. SHELTON MOTOR 119W«ff AthSt. COMPANY Phont 4438 And it's Importance in Helping to Keep Down Disease and Epidemic Cleanliness of our bodies, as well as our genera! surroundings, is of vita! importance in checking disease. Too, water is the most vital factor in the functions of our sewage systems. These are only two of the reasons why an abundance of water must be available at all times. Our staff is ever on the alert to protect and maintain this water supply . . . and their efforts are always directed toward providing our patrons with an improved service. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" CONSECUTIVE VICTORIES MAKE FIRESTQMS TIKES THE C/uice PAY ONLY A WEEK YOUR USED $$S ARE WORTH'MORE [ AT FIRESJONE CHOOSE THE TIRES THAT CHAMPIONS USE... GET EXTRA SAFETY and EXTRA MILEAGE at NO EXTRA COST Now \t tb« tint* to trade a»saf» tirw for safety-proven Firestone D« Luit Champions. You SAVE bwaiue WE BUT ALL THK UNUSED MILEAGE IW YOUR TIRES. With our big trad* im »H»w»ne« you'll b« surprised »t how littl* genuine Firestone De Luxe Champion* cost. Dofl't drive another day on nnsaf* lire*. Con* in ami get Fireiton* Tir«i — THE ONLY TIRES MADE THAT ARI SAFETY PROVED ON THE SPEEDWAY FOt YOUt rtOttCTION ON TNE HKMWAT. ££$5&?yfffeiv i5TWW^Wff^^?^-

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