The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1956 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1956
Page 11
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TUWDAT, XAIKM If, MM BLTTHBYTLLl (AM.) COOTBRHSWi PAGE ELEVEN T/»e Big Switch Now Floyd Patterson Waits for the 'Rock' B? JIMMY BRESLIN NEW YORK — (NEA) — This is New York's boxing beat in the era of confessions, court rooms and confusion: A few nondescript bbxWs rattle around Stillman's Gymnasium. Lou Stlllman opens his place at/ noon and by 1:30 he is looking to lock up — a full hour and a half before normal closing time. You walk up Eighth Avenue two blocks and find Tex Sullivan sitting in th« second-floor offices of the London Sporting Club, which ran televised Monday night shows at the St. Nicholas Arena. In Court "What do I know?" Tex says. "I'm in court trying to fight th» commission order that KO'd me." Down a few blocks, Custy D'Amato, who has Floyd Patterson, was h&ving coffee at s. cafeteria table. D'Amato looked out the window at Madison Square Garden across the street. "Why am I so demanding?'^ ne •puttered. "I got the only heavyweight who means anything. They want me to fight Hurricane Jackson in an elimination bout. The •winner lights Rocky Marciano for the title. , i .'They want me to take the same • television money—$4,000—that they give Tony Baldoni, Bay Drake, Jackie LaBua and a dozen others. "I'm riding out this, month. "Al Weill is going to have to do something with Marciano. When he does, he will pick the promoter and toe opponent. He's a business man. He won't go With these people across the street just because they are promoters. "His f«ud with Jim Norris is a' real. He's going to go where-the money is. "Patterson is the only fighter the public will accept against Marciano. I don't have to go to Weill. He'll come to me. "You'd be surprised how many other people want to promote a iJarciano-Fatterson match. "The promoter that" holds the i- heavyweight title controls boxing. How do you tihnk Mike Jacobs got to? H« had Joe Louis. The International Boxing Club came into boxing with the heavyweight title. It oould happen again. It always has." No Interest Cross-town, in a carpeted and ash-stand studded office, Weill slips question with practiced ease. "Rocky is down by South America. He will be here the end of the month," Al said. "Then I'll start usin' my cropper about September. We got to fight in September. Them two guys, Jackson and Patterson, is just layin' around. They ain't causln' no interest. "Marciano would murder this Jackson? Well, what are you goin' to do? It's up to the public. I ain't no salesman. We'll see what's what when th« correct and proper time comes." Jack Dempsey, packing his bags for a trip to Santa Monica, Calif., was as up on the heavyweight business as anybody. "Where's Marciano?" he asked. 'TV* never seen Patterson fight." From Florida, Max Waxman, Dempsey's hooker, asked: "What's going on in New York? And what's this stuff on the coast?" Did he mean a possible title fight — or the price on Friday night's . fight at Madison Square Garden? I In Industry "No, I mean Investigations and that," he said. "Fights? I never dee any fights any more." Bay Arcel, who. formerly promoted the Saturday Night Fights, hops off a train from New Jersey. "I'm working no* for an industrial plant," he said. "There's nothing in boxing right now." He's telling us. We wasted a day finding out. NO ACTION — Floyd Patterson has been sitting still while the calendar moves, something a young fighter shouldn't do. Squaw Valley Is Guaranteed Enough Dough SACRAMENTO, Calif., OB—Clif- ornia has just about guaranteed the four million dollars needed to cinch the 1960 Winter Olympics for Squaw Valley in the High Sierra. The next-to-the-last step came yesterday when the senate passed its version of the 19S6-57 state budget with the Olympic money in it. The assembly earlier okayed the sum in its budget. The two houses still have to meet, probably today, to work out overall differences on the state spending program before it can go :o Gov. Knight. The internaional Olympics Committee in January gave California Backers an ultimatum; either have At your Call m Woods Drug Store Phoh* • POplar 3-4507 Fights Last Night By THE ASSOCIATED PEESS New York — Larry Baker, 147'/ 2 Mount Vernon, N. Y., stopped Pat Lowry, 14914, Toledo, Ohio, 8. New Orleans — Ernest Burford, 151>/i, Memphis, outpointed Al Hauser, 156, Philadelphia, 10 Providence, B. I. — Dennis (Pat) Brady, 139, New York, out- pointed Tommy Tibbs, 134&, Boston, 10 Big Klu To Stay Behind FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Manager Birdie Tebbetts of the Cincinnati Redlegs threatened today to leave Ted Kluszewski, the club's big slugger, behind when the team begins its northward trek next Monday. "Klu's just starting spring training right now," Tebbette said. "H« is taking light workouts and coming along pretty good. But he says it still hurts him to swing and his thigh is nil taped up. When we break camp, there's a strong probability that Klu will be left either in Tampa or in one of our minor league camps in Douglas, Ga." Tebbetts tried his best to sound optimistic but there was a definite suggestion of annoyance at the length of time Klu has taken to begin working himself into shape. He's Prepared, If— He expressed confidence that Kluszewski would be in the opening day lineup but said he was prepared if he isn't. "If he isn't ready by opening day, then I probably will play Frank Robinson, a fine-looking young player, still on the Nashville roster," he said. Kluszewski was hurt the second day o! training, swinging in batting practice. Until March 19 he did not appear in the lineup On that date, he tried it for three innings against the Pirates. "He was struggling so hard '. decided to get some competen 1 medical man to tell him it wouldn't hurt him to keejj playing," said Tebbetts. Kluszewski was sent to see Dr George Bennett of John Hopkins Hospital, who was vacationing in the Florida Keys. • "Dr. Bennett diagnosed the in jury as a pulled muscle deep ii the hip," Birdie said. "He said i was an injury common to athletes and assured us while it was pain ful and aggravating, it wasn' serious and 'certainly not perma nent. He prescribed the packs massages and light workouts which should be increased gradually." Only Bragg Seen. Able To Top Warmerdam By HARRT &TOECKM, MERCED, Calif. — (NEA) — The world's outdoor pole vault record of 15 feet, 7 3/4 inches, which was set by Cornelius (Dutch) Warmerdam in 1942, isn't expected to be woken this year. That's the opinion of Warmer- dam and J. Flint Banner, head rack coach at Fresno State College aid the man who guided Dutch trough his collegiate career. The way they see it, Warmerdam did such a thorough job of lifting lie pole vault record that it might irove tougher to break than the our-minute mile did. Today's Poles Better 'If Dutch haa vaulted with the steel alloy poles they use today," Conley's Arm Is Hanner says, "he would have gone over 16 feet for sure. He used a )amboo pole, you'll remember and t had a lot less spring to it." Hanner and Warmerdam agree that if his mark is to be beaten, 3on Bragg, the 19-year-old Villanova student, will be the one to do it. The Rev. Bob Richards, America's best-known pole vaulter, has come closest to Dutch's record so ; ar — with a 15-foot, three and a lalf-inch effort — but Bragg is rated ahead of him in the future book. He is bigger," Flint says, "He stands 6-3 and I like height in vaulters. His hands are higher on the pole when he starts up. A little guy has to make it up in spring." In college, Warmerdam was an even six feet. Now 40, he still hauls down the battered bamboo pole — the record setter — from its garage + rafter perch and gives his fourj sons and daughter a chance to see pop fool around at his old specialty. 10-Acre Farm When not working his 10-acre ranch near here, Warmerdam assists Hanner with the Fresno State trackmen. As the man who made the pole vault popular in this country, Warmerdam is always asked about his record — and who will be the first to top 16 feet. With anybody in track, you see, cracking Dutch's mark is the real "toughie" left for the trade to beat. Other records are falling all over the place. But nobody has. come close to his so far. Dutch Warmerdam Middleweight boxer Jackie Labua is a relative of Jake LaMotta, former wor.ld middleweight champion. Porkers Bat N.D. State FAYKITEVILLE, Ark. (ff) — Led by the- hitting of Walt Matthews and Bill Kretschmar, the Arkansas Razorbacks trounced North Dakota State College's baseball team 144 here yesterday. Matthews and Kretschmar each slugged a triple to spark a 7-run Razorback rally in the sixth inning. Arkansas collected 16 hits oft a, pair of North Dakota State pitchers to support a fine pitching job by Jess Deason. Deason scattered seven hits for North Dakota State. Read Courier News Classified Ads Mark Sling BRADENTON, Fla. (AP) — The future of Gene Conley, 6- [oot-8 right-handed ace of the Milwaukee pitching staff, remained a question mark today after his shoulder trouble was pinpointed as "chronic ten- jonitis." Complete rest, heat treatments and medication were prescribed :or the 25-year-old pitcher pending another examination Thursday. Conley can dress in uniform and run in the outfield but must not throw a ball. Dr. Michael Di Cosola would give no opinion on the pitcher's future. He gave Conley a comprehensive three-hour examination of his back and right shoulder yesterday. Multiple X-rays were taken. Hit Hie Spot After Conley simulated the pitching motion, he was given heat treatment and an injection that alleviated the pain. Dr. Dl Cosola was Confident he had hit, the right spot. "All we can do is just wait and see what happens," said Manager Charlie Grimm. The shoulder trouble popped up last week after Conley had appeared in two exhibition games. He was effective in a three-inning stint against Brooklyn but was hit hard by the New York Yankees in another three-inning tmr. After the Yankee game he reported a recurrence of the pain in the shoulder that sidelined him last season. In 1955 Conley had won 11 games by All-Stax Game time but failed to win again. He tore ligaments in the shoulder while pitching at Brooklyn in late July and finally retired for the season Aug. 13. Gene Conley Al Smith of.the Cleveland Indians doubled his previous season's home run output in 1955 when he smacked 22. In 1854 he hit. 11 round trippers. John McGraw managed the New York Giants from the end of the 1902 season through 1931. During that time his teams won 4,683 games. Local KG Boy Helps A's WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. HI — Alex George, 'a hometown product who was signed as a shortstop, may help give the Kansas City Athletics needed depth in the outfield. Their farm system is woefully short In that department. . George, I?, played left field a» the A's "B" team absorbed a 4-2 defeat from the Memphis Chicks. It was his second game in the pasture, and he handled himself well. He looked particularly good in the first inning, when he got In fast to catch a shallow fly. George was signed last September after starring in baseball, basketball and football at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City. He competed two seasons in American Legion play and on» in the Ban Johnson League. the four million by April 3 or the games to Innsbruck Austria. Gov. Knight has been an ardent advocate of landing the games and there is no doubt about his approving the four million. Dartmouth's director of athletics Red Rolfe and hockey coach Ed Jeremiah were teammates on the Dartmouth baseball squad in 1929 and 1930. Rolfe later became a star third baseman for the Yankees. YOU CAN'T STOP THE QUEEN MARY WITH A CLOTHESLINE . . any m«e UK* yo. con keep a tornado from hitting your house, fevt yoy COM buylmvfcmce — trw rt&it liiod, in *h« rtgM omov***. W«H b« NOBLE GILL AGENCY GLENCOE BLDG. Pho. 3-6868 METAL IASI CABINETS Ftrala T«fi M" - M" - M- Rer.ltt Value 1 Prict Duuni HUIIARD A SON The Most Complete Selection of GARDEN & LAWN TOOLS Blytheville's Most Complete Hardware Store! General Hardware & Appliance Co. Phone 3-4585 LIFE, A& ^ I (Mote) (Mac) •LJOaniels- Williams Ins. Liability It Auto 106 S. Second St: Ph*BM i-JM* - t-tftt Blythnilti, ArkiBttt COMPLETE -S COVERAGE j FOR AIRMEN*' \ WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS ... BAIY BEDS • HOLLA WAY BIDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 111 W. Main Phone 3-Sltt • HOLIDAY MOAN Dual S-tatoilizer Action doubles your riding oomfort ! SOLID ... 1TIADY .;. STABLE! Th«t' t die feel of OldMDobile'i rid« fet '561 The du»l «Ubili«c •etna of Oldsmobile'8 S«fety-Rid« Chuat pr« jaa « «w tenm of control «nd Kcarity t i i JaMm joat riding ptawmi Tfc» » »o "tfaoek-uxl-roU" rife! Sub*Kr bin, bo* front and re«r—p«t at OWo»obil«'« »t«dy nx-poiBt impenMon-keep you "rooted" to the n*d, treo on the »h«rp«t toni«.The ertr«-he«Ty, «ttr«-rigid btme rwut» twisting ind bouoM.Thi. account* for Old»mobue'« handling .Ubility. And won y«« tM the "nwdM" of • bott of pnw iutnrMt, yo« hire the nltim«l« fa uoMnif MM. r *«ri«J iwiJvV — RATI THE ROCKET OH THE ROADI This ride's got plenty of "get-up-and-go", too. The 9.25 to 1 compression of ill Rocket Engine nwaws swift, fleet acceleration ... power to spare. And Jetaway Hydra-Matic'.witb Iwo fluid couplings, proridee • whole new nwwote of MnooWmew. ONt LOOK and yon know ... Old«mobH«'» styling fa M idVanoed M the mechanical feature*. Look, for ewmpK M Ae "IntagrHfe" front bumper. It'« two bumpera in one for «t*a-depth. protection and new beauty. We have w Old. ready for you—plenty willing . ; . mighty ablet Set fri Dri« M At our dwwrwM, IVI Solid Foundation for . That Smooth Rocket Ride! • ROCKIT 'ROUNM.THI HOCK...AT YOU* OLDMMIRI »IALM'»I HORNER-WILSON MOTOR COMPANY, 317 E. MAIN , til OUT »r 1MI MMNARV . . . INTO AN OlMI .IT TOP VAIUI TO.AT ... TOP MIAU TOMOMOW.

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