The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE fOUB BLYTHEVIUJC (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUB JW-YTHEVILUS COURIER NEWS ootmm news oo. JAMH L VsUOCTF. HiMr HUMAN. : Tortt AfUreooD Bxnpt Sunday ••ken* M meiftt ctaM saatt«r »l tin pott- oaTiet at BirtIM«Ui«, Arksuuu. undtr act ol Conera«. Octoter «. Itlt «er»«d »r UM United Prata MATIB: •j carrier in 1h» dlj of BlytnerlU* or MV •uburbav.i town »b«r« carri*r Krolce ta maintained. Me per wttk, w Kc per month »r >uU within a rattua ol U BUM. M 00 per fear, (2M tor six months tl.oo Or Uirc* vonttu; •by mall ouUidc SO mil* •oo*. 110.00 pv *MT p*;ibl< IB advanot. Meditation AM! Be aawkt a parable unlo ihfm lo IKii ''•at, that mm wicM always to pray, anil not U fateL—Uak* 11:1. " • • * » O thou by whom we come to God— i The Life, the Truth, the Way, . The path of prayer Thyself hast trod; Lord, teach us how to pray. J. Montgomery. Barbs Some folks who claim they have open minds should close them up a while for repairs. • * • It's an even bet whether forest fires »r plc- •lekers will do the mot damage this summer. * * • A native of India has a 6«-inch mustache, what a strain—during the soup course! » r • * A M»nUn» man tried to break up • sit-down strike In his plant with a driver. Tacks might bar* wwked better. « » » More people ire making fortunes these days. The trouble It, It Ukfs three or four of them for living expense*. British Attitude Toward Israel Is One of Injustice The British government seems to have washed its hands not only of tiie Palestine mandate but also of its re- •ponsibilities »n one of tlie leading members of the United Nations. The UN's handling of the Holy Land crisis, first hampered by an awkward American policy, now suffers from,a CKlculat- «d British policy of obstruction. In the face of all the evidence, Brit' aih ; refus€s to admit that the Palestine - war is a threat to peace. Her delegation in the Security Council has blocked an American resolution which would recognize that threat. Meanwhile the Arab belligerents have continued, to receive British arms. Egyptian flyers in ^British planes havs dropped British bombs on Israeli cities. The British government disclaims all responsibility for the actions of King Abdullah's Arab Legion unless the Council finds Abdullah, guilty of aggression. And it thwarts all Council attempts to ' take such action. Yet this best, fighting : outfit of the Arab armies is still subsidized by Britain to the tune o'f ?8,000,000 a year, and is still commanded bv British officers. L 'The United Kingdom is at least . morally bound by the General Assembly's decision on partition, even though it abstained from voting on the question. But i = its present actions are not cvSn neutral, let alone sympathetic to UN policy. At the same time the British press and public seem to be largely Rnti- I American as well as pro-Arab. Mr. Truman's recognition of Israel lias come in i for sharp criticism. Certainly Ui e Amer'••. ican position has been inconsistent, to : say the least. But the recognition of. Israel is defensible. It rmikcs some amends for this wvcrnnient's desertion '. of its early and active support of partition. It also accepts an accomplished fact. The present British position is even less excusable than the stand tliat , Brftain took when Mussolini invaded # Ethiopia. For today's policy is one of • open support of the aggressor rather _ than of the hesitant inaction toward the - t Fascist invader. And this support of the -j Arabs is particularly cold-blooded when - ; the service of Jews in the British army ,. is contrasted with the hostility and open pro-Hitlerism that some of the Arab leader* displayed in World War II. British policy has opeiiod up an unpleasant rift in Anglo-America,, relations. But |hat is only a minor issue. The re«! tragedy and danger are Brit_' ain'i selfish injustice toward the new State of Israel and her stubborn refusal ^ ' to co-operate with the United Nations in • trying to stop an unnecessary conflict . which contains the seeds of peril for , . Britain and the world. Plowing Under Henry W»ll*c« told *n Oregon »u- dience that people living on sub-marginal land ahould be preventer) by the government from having children. Later, at hi*, "horrified" a&giiUtnt'a suggestion, he repented and retracted the remark. Maybe Mr, Wallace wa» thinking back to hi* day* as Secretary of Agriculture, and confused the little children with the famoui little pig*. VIEWS OF OTHERS •••*•*»**•••••*••»•••*•••' A Test of Leadership haJ bee M haJ been a long time, My experienced ob- aervers, tlncc CongreM has come M near a hoped- for adjournment date with so much either Imperative or Important legislation still to be acted P«i on. With Ui* Inescapable responsibility that goes with undisputed control of Congress, the Republican leadership faces a, task thai will put Its skill, its statesmanship, and Its courage to a revealing test. For vital national interests are wrapjiec! up In some of the bills. On others liiniic mailer* ol justice and welfare affecting either nil or Important i sectors of Hie public. Political Implications stemming Irom past platform promises or hopes ol election support attach to Just about all of them. Some of the ponding legislation Is so obviously Imperative that some action seems certain. Appropriation bill, of course, Al least another year must be given the Reciprocal Trade Agreements l( for no other reason than that even those who would return to log rolling tariffs have no urln bill ready. Likewise with support of larm products. some sort of stabilisation program has such wide backing that, pending a general overhaul ot farm legislation, the existing supports seem bound to pass—with some revisions, we hope, in the direction of flexlblllts'. Some of the measures which await action could await tt forever, in our view, to the benefit of the country. One Is the Mundl-Nlxoji "Communist Control" bill, which contains more Ihreals to civil liberties than to the more dangerous kind nf Communist activities. Another Is the hill which would surrender the nation's offshore oil reserves to states less open to conservation views than to the influence of the oil companies. Deferring action on other bills, al least until after the conventions, may be dictated either by their complexity or their holly controversial character. Any legislation on civil rights and on boosting Ihe minimum wage level In a period of labor scarcity belongs in the first category. •More time seems needed lo blucprml and achieve agreement on a lona.-rar.Be larm program. Aid to education may be held up by opposition lo Federal spending In the stales' domain, Special interests may be powerlul enough to sidetrack for some lime action on the Ta!t-Blienner-Wagncr housing bill—at least until Indignation from the houseless builds up again. The h'quai Rights (for womeni Amendment may be stalled simply by lack nf lime. Postponement of these measures would be regrettable but, to a degree, understandable. It l« surely i o be hoped, however, that Congress Is not gclng to nuke the postal clerks wait any longer [or their long-needed and modest pay boost; nor, In view of the dairy bloc's record or maneuvering, make the consumer wait longer for repeal ot the oleo lax, There are two musts which ought to be ••» self-evident as ati approprindon bill. Americans cannot afford to be resigned lo any procrastination. do more thon merely hope Congress will now move quickly. These musts belong together as two faccU 01 the campaign | O win and protect the peace. One is Selective Service. Congress's political timidity In shrinking ; r0 n, action on UMT or uny other provision (or building reserves is hardly edifying. But it may have to be accepted for the moment In order lo nuke Mlre lhat K i t i, OUB |, ,,,_ ture plnnrt to fill the skies'have teen voted the nation'* existing military forces do not waste awny lor lack of men. The srcontl is Ihe Vondcnbcrg resolullon, which would put American w »cr bnck of western European orsanlMtion Io c i,c c k Commimlmi and Russian pxpansion. These arc not Republican p n , Iy ,,, CB i,, rC5 They are American measures. Tney nre measures which must not be made to wait. -CHRISTIAN SCIKNCE MONITOR TUESDAY, JUNE 1, lfl« SO THEY SAY Tom Sawyer Had Nothing on Arthur Wallpaper Designer Rides Bus In Search of an Inspiration , THI DOCTOR SAYS UJcerstlve colitis u t dtseas* in which thert ta » n inflamed and ulceroui condition of th* Urge colon, or bowel, it m »jr effect psrts of almost ill of th« colon. t section of th* Intestines »bout five feet lon|. rf It It »cul«, >|] the signs of a severe Infection «re present. The cause of uker»tlv« colitis, however. U still uncertain. A good many different Iclndi of germs hav« been found, but to far no one of them we mi to be entirely responsible. Other possible causes have been considered, including allergy, disturbed nervous control and deficiencies of nutrition, but MOD* of these teem to be exclu- ilvely »t fault, either. Both Be»«« Affected The disease Is Just about as common In men as In women. Most cases begin before the age of M. The usual first lymplom is the appearance of bloody mucus on the nutf.lde of the stool. It may start with severe diarrhea, often ac- eonipalned by bleeding. Pain In the abdomen U common, though It , may not be very severe. Fever sometimes present. The treatment includes careful attention lo diet, especially cient water . minerals and mills. Sometimes (here has By Karman W NU-hoU (United Pr«w Staff Corre«p*adMlt WASHINGTON, June 1 (up)_l Glen Olsen Is an airmlng man. He puU romance on walls. And Mr. O. makes hlmsell amazing In an amazing way. He spends a lot of time riding around Chicago on buses and street care getting Ideas for wallpaper designs. Of course. It goes without ttylng that our boy U In th« »«l|p,p, r business. He lia.< his own way of working He'll Jingle a dime In the slot biut- ness of a Michigan Avenue bu* and Just sit then and k«p an irlisllc eye cocked on what's going on. All of a sudden ha w n ( no( i ct sn unusaul woman 1 * h»t; mayb* one that looks like an Ice cream cone upside down. The light flash** In th« wallpaper-conscious brain Mr. O. pulls, the cord, bounds off, fishes for another dime and beats it back to his office to dream up a wall creation for a kiddles room Leaning toward right-side up lc» cream cones, of course, Instead ol crar.y hats. "The cones made more sense anyway," he said. I Mr. Olsen Is willing to put himself to the pain of personalizing hour while house—for a price. All right. Say you are newlyweds and the little woman decides th* master bedroom would be cute If the wallpaper were ipeckled with little pictures of brides and groom*. Lack of Co-operation Among Large Industries Stymies U.S. Effort to Supply Scarce Materials so much bleeding that anemia develops and it U neces*ary to give bleed or plasma. A great many have been tried. ;uffl-1 "Wonderful." says our Mr o vita-[getting out his drawing board and been .other' gent. After the B. * o. arm-Inarm It out of the place he confides that the deal adds up to pretty Bood oilier measures business s The sulta drugs i "People get tired of that sort of - "^ •* "• "&•» i i eouie gel urea or that and pemcmm have not yielded as thing after they've been Cd rVen ^.iT^LS *$>»£ '£««« Mils does not do will under lhelpi c t ure s Thai louses^in^h '""n^ usual treatments, surgery has to! paper and we sell 'em another de~ bo considered. Sometimes this con- .,1^ Maybe one w ita "°i* sIsU In taking out tht Inflamed scenes." he said portion of the colon. The cause, the prevention and Ihe development of more satisfactory methods of treatment remain for future medical research to discover. Every once in a while a personal experience will jive Mr. OU«n an Idea. Like the time one of hit horses in a playful mood, bit him. , m. After he had bitten the nat back ' to leach him g good on*, he hopped tlons worked out by tlie National try advisory commitlees working 0-1 Petroleum Council unrter Mnx Bail's voluntary allocation agreements , cab and beat It down to com - pany office*, where he's th» boU WASHINGGTON Only three have been fullv approv- - J Without Uklni his coat off n» part of another !ndustry-*lccl-nrc manent allocation program, it Is plumbing and dralW under control i >><"'>K M.bmitted to Department of .heating boilers and Tadfators Sen. nohcrt A. Taflof Ohio Justice for anti-trust Inw clearance „, „ »• , 1 ""'" UI *' claimed II wasn't necessary to have i If okayed, it will be put into effect! .,* 1 , 1 « lloc . a "° n f °r pre-fabricated government allocation controls as for next winter i S housing was at first turned requested by President Tninmn. So i This guarantee of freedom from 1 ,*'", ay . be r * consl « er e< | . The lust year's special srsslon of con- ami-trust, law prosecution wasthe f ctloleum «nHpment industry put gross decided everything would he. bfg worry of the steel producers '" R ,ieeTa ve»r taken care of it Industry were just, when they were first culled in byiJ! i ii, . i, " " " allowed to work out Its own nrob-'EecKrtnrj- of Commerce Avcrcll °l"a[ W " S >ent bMk for lcnl5 ' ' Ilarrininn to work out their alloca-1 The food Industry record is a lions. Though the Taft law ex- p p.rm Implement makers have re- complete blnnk. Authority to work emptccl lliem from this danger the tuscl1 to consider any allocation with the food industry on voluntary steel masters refused to sit down l lr °8 ram - Tn« same is true for the agreements was given to then As-' and talk lo each other till tlicv liart p'y»'oo<3, gypsum board antl lalh slslani Eccretnry of Agriculture'a le.lter from Attorney-General" Tom inrtl ' 5tvics ' which hope to get by Charles F. Brannan. , Cbrk tclline-them It was all rl-ht ' vvil!lout conlrols. ANSWER: A pregnant woman should see her obstetrician as soon as possible. He is thus able to give ipmem inoustry put.' ad'' 1 *' early and to watch for any r up to 6.000,000 tons' symptom which might occur. It r. It was so big a n | should certainly not be later than the third month. Charles F. Brannan. , Cbrk telling-them It was all rl-ht One agicement wits drawn up and j Even then the steel men v, : ent signed hy the brewers. But when-through battle alter battle lo reach' mittccs are considering allocation If Fears Ago In Blythevillt Other Commerce advisory corn• i 8 ?i nVi orewers. But when 'through battle alter battle lo reach mitlces are considering allocation trie distillers flatly refused to agree any ngrRcmcnt on allocating steel conlrols for nitrogen fertilizers v so-I Ta on Riiv allocution of scarce grains to tndus'.rics lliat need it most. Af- d» ash, cotton textiles, rayon, alu- Co " r lor lliclr Industry, the brewers' tw five months of this, they are "ilnum and scrap Iron ..mnii/>« "Ti backed out on Ihe deal. , Just beginning lo show results ' - • .... The poultry industry refused to i Voluntary Advisory Committees consider conservation ol feed grain Al Work by agreement to reduce their spring Secretary Harriman set up a spe- hatcn. The baking Industry refused, clal Office of Industry co-onera- to consider allocation of flour lot, lion under John C- Vlrdcn lo handle their use. ; Tnft net deals, virden is the unfor- Wneat millers, wet and dry coru : tiinntc Cleveland industrialist who millers nntl flour blenders likewise has now decided to resign, following turned down the government's invl- Michigan congressman Fred Craiv- tation to agree on a little self-re- j ford's protest that Virclen's daugli- Sl """A.i ! lcr *' as worl:i "'; for n Russian news O.I .Vlliiruhoni May v.'ork ; agency That she did so against her hand for good measure. One fancy creation, which h»a a number, but no name c*me about In an unaual way. A wallpaper man -not Mr. Olsen—had a llttla rascal not long out of diaptrs who took a shine to the plain wall paper in her room and went to wark on same with a king-size box of crayons. The elder genius In tht family captured his daughter's work and preserved It for somebody else's wall and. Incidentally for posterity. K costs a pretty penny, too. by th» roll. In case you're getting the Idea maybe your own little scalawag could save you some dough Taken from the files of the I It you turned him loose. June 1st, I9.*o. I One of the prides and Joys Ot advertise their big dollar the Warner company, which Mr O day sale whlch ls op today only, | heads, is a job called "Chlcagoland," as! B B ' J evolve<1 . the llove1 stunt| which has about everything in It nn'°* Illera)) y throwing dollars away; but a gust of wind from the windy ot their store this after-1 cltv As yet no allocation have been woiked out. But mounting demands for European • "' J" er: recovery and more national defense are received, It Is considered likely thai there will eventually have to be .some -system »i»i" supplies. , - - — - ,.- E. even one round of trump, he led the eventually have to for sharing avail- I ln ? heart lead was won by Dr. KaU | with the ace. and before pulling Temporary oil Industry alloca- , in'.hcrs wishes marie no difference, any better |_ Anyway, Virdcn has had 16 Indus- tl,ing The Taft act is clue to expire] March 30. The best bet now Ts that it will have to be renewed, or replaced by government controls, it voluntary agreements don't work if the cost of cvprv " up and up IN HOLLYWOOD" BY ERSKtN» JOHNSON N'EA Slaff Correspondent H01IV\vnnn ,MP*I ,M, ° ' Minal appearance. He was all set In bill her as ")he ex-.Mr.t, George Je.ssel." A.lcr they cleaned up the debris, the lights "blinked out "Lois Anflrcivs." . . . Private .Marion Hflr- Grovc has hit the jackpot again. He just .sold the .film riglils to "Some- tliities' Got to Give" to UI for SM,- or.O. . . . Jackie Cooper and .Inne Home are straining at the nv.Uri- monlnl Icasli. . . . Don McNeil of "Breakfast club" fame Is yran for a film career anri has hired agent lo see thai It happens. ivas- a liltle surprised himself— that maybe It was because lie was klncln snirt. "why don't you pretend I'm benefit?" ON BRIDGE By William E. McKrnncy Amtrlea's Card Authority IVrillen for XEA Service Kvcii Club Split Is Bidder's Only Hope Hart; J. Fishlicin of New York i.s one oT the most pDjjnlar bridge ex- pens in the country, but there is one young lady. Miss Gloria Pish- We arc convinced mat today Russia is manufacturing many times as many planes as we are. We not not have lo choose whether or not we will meet the issut In the all .The choice haj been made for us.—Gen. Hoyt 8. Vandenbcrg, Chief ol Air Force. • « • The Marshall Plan Is the beginning of (he end ot all dlcUlorships In .Europe. The people ot the world are fed up with dictatorships, both Inside and outside the iron curtain—Former King Peier of Yugoslsvla. * * * If retired miners need 1100 » month to live then the other retired workers should receive (he same annuity. ] »-||| introduce a bill In the House calling for jioo social security benelm » month at Ihe age of «2.—Rep. J. D. Dingell it» of Michigan. • » * The only safe snd certain guaranty asalnsl enemy air attack Is lo sei?« snd hold tne bases from which his alrcralt would fly.—Gen. Omar BrKtlej-, Army Chief of Staff. » ' » « Sooner or later wai Is Inevitable wuh Russia. There is no alternative. And when It comes It will tome without warning—Hep. c. Cannon (Di of MlMourl. Not in the script: T.v Powrr after setting another "black eye" (or a lilm scene—"A black eye guarantees that it's a genuine Tyrone Power movie." Vidi-D Recalls I'.luisc -- .- i ' llt O'Hrirn's wife, Eloisc Taylor. ">m >umm may. MISS uiona ^-isn- Clnb" fame Is j-canilng w »° rctlml from the stage 17 ye.-ir.s hem. ivho thinks that daddy is the ago when she married Pat, lias only ; t ood bridge player. She never been offered a mistress of cere- congratulates him tor winning be-I monies role on n new television cause she just expects him to win -show. . . . Eddie Bracken's father- , in-law. John Yuhnsr.. nns organized an independent film company. . Columbia will give John Ircinhtl a butld-up as a "klngslze Burgess Meredith." queen of clubs. East did not cover but the doctor took the finesse anyway, and when it held, he led a small club and finessed dummy's I en -spot. city. "Worst part of that ont te, thought," says Mr. Olsen. "is that It sells good everyplaoe—but In Chicago." -. As his only hope of making the liand was to find the clubs split three-three, he next cashed the ace of clubs. Then he led tlie deuce noon. A dozen packages of good merchandise was also given trips through the air to land in the middle of a scramling. fighting, crawl- Ing mob of eager people. Jimmy Boyd, the open air publicity m»n, had charge of the ceremonies.'^ — ... ..„ ..... *..~ u ^..^^ Mmes.. Max Ried, Oolye Hender^^ of diamonds, winning with the ace j son. T. a. Seal and Joe Treishman and dropping East's Queen. ' entertained 100 guests with a "Hose" On the jack of clubs he discarded ! party Saturday afternoon »t Ho- dummy's three of hearts. It would tel Noble. not liave done East any good to rutf A china breakfast set was Mrs. in as his trump was high. Dr. Kali' j Harry Kirby's prize for high score next lead was » small trump and in ' tlie bridge games, second, a East won. If he returned a heart. I walnut coffee table went to Mrs. declarer would ruff In dummy, bin, j Park Hatchett, Mrs. Hunter Simms Eist saw that it was hopeless and i won a Mcderia luncheon set for laid down the ace of spades. And' third honors. The low score, two (he doctor made his contract of tive brass candelabra, were awarded diamonds doublet!. j to Mr.s. J. A. Leech. Diplomat Nuvman Corwln's inlrOfhirlion of £ddle Canlor at a recent banquet was a classic. S:iirt Norman: "Ertdle Cantor Is a man who needs no Introduction. In facl, fiddle doesn't rvrn need a man to **,r. 'This man needs no Introduction.* " Just like I said weeks ago. Gloria Grahame will marry director Nick Ray 10 minutes after her Las Vegas divorce from Stash Clements Is final. Ray Is waiting for her at the Flamingo Hotel ttie'e. Kaple-Uon Is planning a big star buildup for Scott Brady as the result of his work In "Canyon city" and "29 Clues." He's Lawrence Ticrney's brother. More Baltics Ot BulRC The rush back lo war pictures I Includes a celluloid version of the Baltic of the liulsc under the title, "natllocround." Bill Williams Joins ! Vic Mature as one of the stars. (There's anolhrv battle of the bulRC i at Warner Brolhcrs the.>c rinys. (Robert. Stack. Edmund O'Brien and Wayne Morris are working out with Mushy Callaliati to cut down tncii- weight. George Jcssrl had a date widi a young lady. At dinner, she noticed that Goovse, never al a loss for «'ords at a banquet or benefit, was strangely silent, fihp wanted lo Vnrw what was wrong. Why wouldn't h» U1U Jeswl wid hY When he sends out f»n photographs «f himself, Abe Burrows has all nf the envelopes stamped "Caution! Open at Your Own Risk." Abe Is the fellow who once quipped on his airshow: ''I could Icll you whal 1 looV like, but that's i- terrible thing to say about » guy.'' Now it's a feminine Orson Welles. Edana Romncy, tlie British star. producer and writer, will be Introduced lo Hollywood soon by UI.! They're releasing her picture, "Corridor nf Mirrors" . . . Hob Ryan will be slarrrri in "Robbery Under! Anns." it's an Australian classic. ; •Joan Blomlrll apparently hnsn'tj given up her film career entirely.. She mixed an offer to star in a rnriin serial when she wis refused the right lo bow out if a film role 1 came up. . . . Director rank Bor- MRC thinks Florence Marly, who .lust noikod with Hay Milli.inri in "Scaled 'crdict." is a combination of Garbo and Dietrich and will guide her career nlnn:, (hose lines. i \ Dr. Kill k 8 S 3 t i\» « A 7 6 3 + t) J 7 4 A 3 1 2 VKQJ9 * 2 * !! + 632 N « A w J 6 W E y 1075 S • KQ Dcoler +K95 10 V 83 « .1 1 1) S S 4 2 * A 108 . Tourni'fnenl— N'eilhci \ ul. Soulh West Nnrlti E»rt Pass P. 3 « 3 SX.T. r. t * t 0 « l>. • 1 » 1 * V !>.« Pfls ,-S PilSF OOI V Double Pas Me s ss P.T.S Uoublc Opcninc — V 10 1 HORI7.ONTAI. 57 Pieced out 1,5 Pictured 58 Repast Uruguayan 59 Rip VERTICAL 1 Clashes 2 Verbal ambassador to U. S. 9 He is chairman of the governing hoard of the Pan-American Union 13 Operatic solo 14 Wicked 15 Followers ]« Rave 17 Wise 18 Lease IS Frozen rain (Pi.) 21 Property 23 Sun god 24 Symbol for Sold 25 Embrace 28 Machine parts 32 Lubricate 33 Pedal digit 34 Years between 12 and 20 T? Armada 39 Daybreak (comb, form) 40 Rough lava 41 Fondle 4S Purpose 4S Among 3Trigonomelri- cal function 20 Light knock 4Diner.i 22 Droop 6 Eggs 7 Equip 8 On the sheltered side 9 Rectitude !0 Genus of shrubs 11 Coin 12 Italian town 25 Folding bed 26 Prevaricate 27 Malt drink 29 Goddess of infatuation 30 Fish eggs 31 Harden 35 Required 36 Distress call 37 Winnow 38 Newest 4 1 Solicitude 42 Nervous malady 43 Mature 44 Bang 45 False god 46 Great Lak« 47 New star 48 Czar 51 Era 52 Narrow inlet J?CHd Courier News Want Acls. Gloria's engagement to Dr. J. Hairy K-itz WHS announced receiu- ly. When I asked Fixlibein if tlie dt-ctor p'i:»ys bridge, he said, "Here I i.« a hand he played—Judge tor yairsrir." • -i.* itmuujt If the doctor piayetl this hand as j 50Rendered fat wvll as Harry said he did. he cer- j of swine '.ainlv is a p,ood bridge player and 1 53Love Rod in n y c.uily displace the great Fish- ; 54 Stout cord bdn In the ranks o! the experts. 55 Exchange Tlie bidding shown is just ss ,,?/. Pr 9 ium rtshbcin save U to me. The open- »? Hindu deity

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