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The Weather Extreme Northwest Florida Fair And vanner Wednesday; Thursday probably local thundershowers. 2 CENTS No More PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, DAY MORNING, MARCH 2 8, 1 9 2 8 ON TRAINS FIVE CENTS VOL. XXXII. NO. 328.

I tl 1 AMES I (I fmm, I i I -J 3 IPENSACOLA BAY Saves Patients Dog Saves Boy By Seat Of His Pants Heflin Attacks Nicaraguan 'War9 GIRL Will GUN HOLDS WHOLE SCHOOL AT BAY SPAN DELAY IS BARON WILL BE COOK AS FLIERS DAREATLANTIC Other Two Germans To Sit Side By Side At The Controls MEN UNHURT IN AIR COLLISION 2000 FEET UP One Flier Uses Parachute Aiid Other Sticks To Damaged Plane TODAY By Arthur Brisbane More Fireworks. And Some Idle Men. Real Life I No Gamble. Roaes For Diamond Joe. NEARLYAT END Representative Tells Two Points Pistol At Others WASHINGTON, March 27.

(JP) presidential candidate running the Issue of withdrawal of narines from Nicaragua was jailed for in the Senate today by Senator Heflin. Democrat, Alabama, after he had again assailed administration policy toward Jiat country. The Alabaman said he was going to continue to talk to iw Senate "until some action is taken against this illegal war." He demanded either withdrawal or the marines or the approval by Congress of the "war." r- i When A Playmate Angers Her Boards Work To Begin In Sixty Days SPARTANBURG, S. C. March 27.

JP) Joe, a big white bulldog of uncertain ancestry, today was the hero of Spartanburg. In the darkness and terror following a tornado here last night that wrecked the home of B. O. Turner, his three-year-old son, Charlie disappeared, as did Jce his playmate. A frantic search was begun and a short time later, Joe, dragging something with his mouth, appeared through the gloom.

An examination showed the "something" to be Charlie that Joe was dragging by the seat of his pants. Charlie was unscathed but "most scared to death." YIELDS TO PRINCIPAL ALL READY FOR START WILL COST $2,000,000 BOTH SHIPS SMASHED MORE nnrWORKS in Wall Street. General Motors climbed to Nothinx gayer than fireworks. be sure the rocket stick doesn't rlS Bi hi iS3. But Texas Child Takes Revolver Home With Her After Trouble Ends you on the way down.

Project Will Include Park On Island And Bridge Across Sound Airmen's Takeoff From Erin Depends On Weather Plane's Wing Hits Other's Tail During Maneuvers-High In Air DUBLIN, March 23. (Wednes day) (JF) Early this morning it FLYING COWMEN ARE KILLED AS MEX GENERALS HELP SANDINO SAYS EXPLORER Scientist Declares Mexicans Are Directing Rebel Nicaraguans was stated that the German plane Marian E. Allard, 19-year-old student-nurse of Watertown, N. was In charge of the fourth floor at the Albany (N. hospital at the time a serious fire broke out.

She cleared the floor of patients and then was injured when she was forced to Jump from the window to save her own life. Bremen might not start for America today but will start If weather per AIRPLANE FALLS mits. A STOCK EXCHANGE seat sold for $375,000 $25,000 more than Saturday's price. Exchange seats will to half a million, and then th; 1,100 seats on the Stock Exchange will be-worth $550,000,000. When Russell Sage and Jay Gould were actl.e you could have bought them all for $55,000.

Everything goes up. THAT'S ONE side of the picture. The other side is supplied by Mr. TJavls. Secretary of Labor, who tells the Senate that "unemployment Is serious." Stocks increasing In value more than thousand millions in a day.

and 1.847.030 men out of work docs not make a pretty combination. On the flight Captain Hermann Koehl and Arthur Splndler will sit side by side in the cockpjt, each Two Ranchers And Lawyer Lose Lives In Trip To Mexico having a complete set of controls ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla, March 27. LONGVIEW, Tex, March 27. Angered by one of her playmates, a 14-year-old girl today held 140 school pupils and several teachers at bay with a revolver before she finally was calmed by the appearance of the school principal.

After a quarrel during recess, the girl suddenly took a position at a point of vantage in her class room and leveled the weapon at her schoolmates. She ordered seme one to "get the principal and don't call the police either." Excitement that followed among the 35 pupils and one teacher in the room attracted students and teachers from the second floor and soon the entire student body had gathered. The girl stood her ground at the head of the stairways menacingly waving her revolver. Where she obtained it was a mystery to of They will keep their seats through out the voyage but each will have a (A) The story of how he was held a prisoner by Augustino Sandino, cushion behind his head so that he Nicaraguan rebel, and of the inner can snatch a few- minutes sleep while his companion pilots the plane. STRAW VOTE ON DAYLIGHT TIME NEARS THE END Nays Lead Field In Latest Count To Determine Public Feeling Baron Will Be Cook workings of the army, was told here today by John Winthrop Sargent, returning from archeological explor Baron Von Huenefeld will have a compartment to himself.

He will keep the log book an act as cook ations in Central America. WHEN BURKE wept over "poor Marie Antoinette" Fox told him he saw fine feathers, but forgot the dying bird. He could see the fancifully dressed royal Austrian woman, but not the French peasants starving to death. and steward for his companions. The airmen will carry a quanity Held a prisoner by Sandino for two days and then given 24 hours to leave the country, Sargent, who previously had been connected with the of sandwiches and chocolate and 12 vacuum flasks filled with tea, cof conciliation of the Moncado and ficials of the ward school where the fee or soup.

MEXICO CITY. March 27. VF Three Americans were killed today when a plane which they were flying from Nogales, Arizona, to Mexico City crashed in the streets of To-luca, only about. 5 miles from their objective. The victims were Sterling Rohlfs, pilot, William E.

King and Wallace Springer. The plane was about 1,000 feet above the city when a strong gust of wind caught it. The pilot uppar-ently attempted a landing, but the machine nose dived and crashed. Rohlfs was a wealthy New Mexican cattleman, piloting his own monoplane. Springer is a cattle man from Cimarron, N.

and King, an attorney. The trip had been ararnged merely as a pleasure jaunt. Diaz factions, through his connection with the American Legation, said that Sandino now has three Mexican generals as his general The plane will carry 2,500 litres of gasoline, enabling it to remain '40 hours in the air. Its pilots hope to Two 'naval fliers escaped with their lives when their planes collided 2000 feet in the air over Ccrry field at 3 p. m.

yesterday. One flier came "down in his parachute and the other made a crave effort to bring his machine safely to earth after it had been damaged. The casualties were two smashed planes and one ankle. I Ensign J. M.

Carson, USN and Lieut. J. L. Kimes. U.

S. Marine Corps flier were- playing the air war game 2,000 feet over the field in their Curtiss Hawks. Wing Hits Plane's Tall Carson was attacking and Kimes was fleeing from the enemy. Carson's plane came too close and his wing hit Kimes' tail. The machine went out of control, and its pilot took to his 'chute.

Kimes, finding he could still maneuver, tried to land. He juggled his wounded bird to within a few feet of the earth when It dropped a wheel, nosed over and landed on its back. The flier crawled from underneath, unhurt. Plane Misses Gas Tank Meanwhile Carson's plane had crashed to the ground on the north side of the field, narrowly missing, a large gasoline tank and buying its motor deep into the ground. Its erstwhile master was flutter ing down in his parachute.

21 landed Li the scrub oak just eff the field, "s.nly suffer a from the 2,000 loot Lands Near Plane Carson landed within 60 feet of where hia plane struck the ground. "Feels pretty fine to be alive after a collision in the air," he said grinning. Kimes, whose home ls Monroe City, Mo, is married and has two children. 'Carson graduated from the naval academy in 1925 and automatically became a member of the "caterpillar club" when he went over the tide today. He is single.

reach New York within 36 hours. girl is a student. When the principal arrived the girl abandoned her position without any explanation except that she would "have something further to say." Instructions to go home were heeded without further resistance. The girl took the weapon with her. Charges of disturbing the peace and carrying a prohibited weapon were filed against' girl by Chief of Police Henderson.

Today's Daylight Saving straw vote ballot will be the last one printed by The Journal in its effort to determine public sentiment on the question. In five days nearly 2,000 persons ha I -irre their opinion on whether the city should act to provide additional hours of daylight. After all votes had been counted last night the standing we; Captain Koehl, who speaks no English, said it was foolish to assume that the flight was without risks but that reasonably fair weather was all that was necessary for staff, in his operations against the American marines. Sargent said he had substantiated this through tiocumentary evidence and through personal interviews with each of the generals, with whom he had been intimate during his stay, in Mexico in connection with the legation there. "These men were serving with A two million dollar development of Santa Rosa island, including two bridges and an amusement park will be started within the next 60 days.

This was predicted yesterday at a Joint meeting of the Escambia and Santa Rosa county commissions by R. J. Patterson, representative of Johnson, Drake Piper, northern engineers. Asks Support The meeting was called to consider several phases of the project on which county support will be needed. Patterson asked the boards to extend his firm's franchise for the Pensacola bay bridge.

During the 60 day extension the boards granted, his concern expects to wipe away the final obstacles in the way of starting work on the project, he told the board. The bay bridge would be of concrete, and the sound bridge, affording access from the northeast would be a creosoted timber structure. The latter would eventually be turned over to the two counties for maintenance. Money Assured Patterson explained to the boards that financing for the projects has already been assured, contingent upon six matters in which the counties involved would take part. These are: to get an act of Congress covering, the Santa Rosa sound bridge, lease or deed of lands to be used for 'the amusement park, low valuation on the sound bridge, con-, necting road links, cooperation in obtaining rights of way, and adjustment of legal technicalities in connection with the preceding matters.

The representative was assured that both counties would cooperate in any way possible in all these phases of the development. Banker Coming An assurance that Johnson Drake and Piper expect to push the project as rapidly as possible was contained in Patterson's statement that equipment for building the bridges will be in Panama City by June 1. He added that a representative of Harriman Co, New York bankers will be in Pensacola within the next few days, and will remain here until actual construction is under way. The Pensacola bay span will be a toll bridge. The sound bridge will be free.

Among the amusement features the company plans to install on the island will be hath houses, a casino and other typical seaside resort facilities, the boards were told. CHICAGO'S CHIEF of police, smashing gambling house doors, says -There will, always be gambling. Everything in life Is a gam-ale." That is inaccurate. Building public schools, radio sets, automobiles or telephones. Is not a gamble.

Gambling is a vicious substitute for such things. THEY BURIED "Diamond Joe" Espcsito, his own followers having shot slugs into bis back. Two airplanes flying low dropped 10,000 rose along the funeral road from the, lioly Family church to Mount Carmel cemetery. Very pretty, but if what the Bible says and what Joe Xsposlto's intimates say is true, Joe, as he looked up at the falling roses, must hate laughed. CITY- WILL BUY A A sovereign power of their Sargent said.

For one hour 874 For two hours 79 Against ..1,000 SHRINERS POUR INTO MARIANNA City Ready To Meet Groups Of Three States TEST PLANE FOR POLE HOP success. He declared his plane was the finest in existence. He said they were prepared for all eventualities and regarded the trip as well-planned scientific effort and not a mere adventure. Oil PUne'i Wlnr. "The experience of former Atlantic flyers has taught us that one of the most serious, obstacles is the weighting down of the machine by ice gathering on the wings.

I am trying to guard against that by oiling the wings of the Bremen with paraffin. "Moreover, if the thermometer shows that W3 are flying into freezing weather, we will change our course and go farther south." Langford Undecided As To Most Useful Type Floyd Bennett To Fly Plane Into Canada Voting was comparatively light yesterday, and was rriarked by an increase of 'nay' votes. Early in the ballot, 'yeas' took the up to the last few days, were easily ahead. A person who failed to sign a name, sent in this reason for voting against the measure yesterday: "I prefer to get the rest and sleep THE ITALIAN steamship line Is first to install and use the "auxiliary air taxi." The Conte Grande, on her way to Europe, will shoot an airplane from her decks at Gibraltar and send you wherever you want to go In Europe. "Da it now" is Mussolini's motto.

MAYOR'S FEVER DROPS DEGREE DETROIT, Mich, March 27. P) After making successful test flights here today Floyd Bennett and Bernt Balchen, members of the Byrd South Pole expedition, planned to hop off tomorrow for the Pas, Manitoba, for further tests of the new Ford all metal tri-motor monoplane to be used in the Polar explorations. They planned to make the 1,250 miles flight by way of St. Paul and Winnipeg. The test flights in Canada are expected to be under conditions similar to those anticipated in the Polar regions.

BEACH LEGION BUGLERS WIN MARIANNA, March 27. (Special) From 9 a. m. tomorrow until well after midnight tomorrow night this city will extend itself to entertain Shrinert from Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Special trains will bring Shrine groups for the ceremonial.

Bands, uniformed bodies and special delegations are expected to pour in this morning. Music in the Plaza, a parade, and barbecue will precede the ceremonial which is scheduled to take place in the lodge rooms at 2 p. m. and last until 6 p. m.

A ball lasting until midnight is to start at 8 p. m. and end the festivities. Either a flusher or sweeper will be purchased by the city in the near future to clean streets, Commissioner Adrian Langford has announced. Mr.

Langford is considering both devices, and is undecided which his department will The sweeper, he points out, while more economical, can be used only for street cleaning. A flusher could be used to wash paved streets or sprinkle dusty ones in the hot summer. In addition, during extremely dry weather it could be used, about an hour before ball games, to dampen the diamond at Legion park. Mr. Langford stated yesterday that he would continue to investigate the advantages of both before deciding.

Is Confined To Bed With Fin But Improvement Seen which God intended for us to have, not the sport and good times the devil has got laid out for us." More questionnaires returned by Chamber of Commerce members showed an increasing sentiment in favor of the change. Yesterday the chamber ballot stood at 173 votes in favor and 66 against an additional hour of daylight during the summer. Tost Wins Championship In Bnjlt Corps. YALE SENIORS place Lindbergh for Mussolini, because the young gentlemen understand what Lindbergh has done. Few of them know what Mussolini has done.

You cant compare a magnificent flying eagle with a man fighting the menace of anarchy, which is Mussolini's Job, or with such a man as old Baron ron Stein refusing to be discouraged or eowed by the power of Napoleon. LOVERS ELOPE ON U. S. CASH Senator Buried Amid The Snows JACKSONVILLE TO HAVE FROST Sunday School Worker Takes Posal Funds Mayor J. H.

BayUss was reported resting well at his home 254 East Gregory street last night though his temperature remained at 102 degrees. This was one degree lower than" yesterday afternoon. The mayor was taken ill Monday. Though he attended the city commission meeting that afternoon he was not well and went home immediately after adjournment. Dr.

W. D. Nobles, his physician, was called later in the day. He said the mayor was suffering from influenza. Mayor Bayliss was unable to be up all day yesterday but last -night a slight Improvement was noticed.

ATTACKERS OF CHIEF FREED CORAL GABLES, Fla, March 27. UP) The Palm Beach post today won the class A championship In drum and bugle corps competition at the state Aaieircan Legion convention. Sanford won in Class Tampa was a close second in the Class A contest. The national champion Harvey Seeds post corps from Miami did not compete but went with the winners as escort of honor. Tomorrow featured event will be the address of Rear Admiral William S.

Sims, retired, commander of the American Fleet In European waters during the world war. He will speak on the Importance of aviation in war and In peace. THE INFANT death rate is down in Pennsylvania and New York. And that's the most Important "crop year. If only civilization took as much Interest in babies as it does in young calves, pigs, boll weevil and corn borer.

Cold Weather Is Predicted For Florida City. CITY WtLL USE BRICK PAVING Special Vitrified Material Chosen For Palafox Thoroughfare BIG RAPIDS, Mich, March 27. (JT) Senator Wcodbridge N. Ferris, lawmaker, schoolmaster and statesman, was laid to rest today in the snow clad hills he loved. National guardsmen trudged through deep drifts of snow as an escort to the body of Michigan's most distinguished Democrat.

A blizzard, which raged throughout the night, had piled the streets and roads high with snow, but the state rushed plows and tractors to clear the way. The city will use vitrified brick to pave Palafox street when the work is finally undertaken, Adrian E. JACKSONVILLE, Fla March 27. Pi Frost for Jacksonville and the immediate vicinity was forecast tonight by A. J.

Mitchell, local meteorologist, for tomorrow morning. "Tonight will be cold and tomorrow should be a typical winter day." Mitchell said. He further predict LOUISVILLE, March 27. (JP More than $2,000 of government money financed the elopment of two officials of a Louisville Sunday school yesterday, it became known today. Federal authorities were searching for Hendricks Hayes, 41, and Mrs.

Andrew Vornbrock. Hayes, an assistant cashier at the postoff ice here, is alleged to have stolen $2,300 of funds in his care. He had been employed at the postoffice 18 years. He has six children. They range in age from three months to 18 years.

Mrs. Vornbrock has a four-year-old son. She took him with her. The couple left here last night on a southbound train. Langford, commissioner of streets Bonds Of $15,000 Provided In Alabama Case BIRMINGHAM, March 27.

JP) Mrs. Mabel Monteabaro, Miss Cecil Tubbs and their brother A. H. Tubbs, accused of an attack on Police Chief HJF. Blake, of Calera.

Ala, in a Columbiana, Ala, courtroom last Thursday, were released from jail at 5 p. m. today on bonds totalling $15,000. Mrs. Monteabaro and her brother and sister were arrested and brought here last Thursday on charges cf assault with intent to kilL ed that the mercury would continue CONSIDER nature's li ml tie 8 1 fecundity.

Mr. Ringlfcg shows you this year a sea-elephant weighing four tons that eats five per cent of his weight, or 400 pounds of herring, at one meal. Any, one of a dozen fishes in a few generations would fill all the oceans solid with fish If they and their descendants all survived. The elephant, on the other hand, lives a hundred years and only has two or three children at most. Wise nature.

to fall tomorrow. announced last night This type cf brick, It was explained, has a specially hardened sruface calculated to resist wear longer than the regular paving brick. Monday Commissioner Langford announced that the city will be in no hurry to pave the street, and will do a permanent job when it does. White House Guests Fly With Lindbergh WASHINGTON, March 27P Fire Strikes Mason House Second Time The demon fire seems determined to destroy a house owned by Stella Mason, at 402 South Florida Blanca street. For the second time within two weeks the Pensacola Fire department yesterday answered a call there to extinguished a fire in the roof.

The first time the roof was alrhost entirely burned off. Yesterday at 6:26 p. m. another blaze was discovered burning where the other left off. The building at present is unoccupied White House guests were passengers today in Colonel Lindbergh's plane Mrs.

Coolidge At Mother's Bedside as he wound up a week as aerial State A. Takes National Standards TARPON SPRINGS. Fla- March Airmen All Set For Endurance Flight JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla March 27. JP) With indications for favorable weather, George Halde-man and Eddie Stinson planned tonight' to take off at dawn tomorrow in their big Stinson-Detrciter monoplane on an endurance The great plane was in readiness, engines tuned, 540 gallons of gasoline and sufficient oil aboard and well provisioned for the flight which the aviators expect to last 60 hours. The present record of 52 and a half hours is held by German aviators.

They will alternate at ccntroh of the ship and take turns at sleeping. guide for official Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Prescott, Five Injured As Cars eet Head-On daughter and son-in-law of Mr.

and 27. itPy-Decision to accept the na Mrs. Frank W. Stearns of Boston, House Votes Millions For Navy Department WASHINGTON. March 27.

JP Without a record vote the House today passed the largest annual supply bill for the navy department since the Washington naval limitations conference. The measure, which now goes to the senate, carries $359,000,000, or $20,384,000 more than the current appropriation The bill's consideration was marked with a demand by Representative La Guardia. a New York Republican, for Immediate 'withdrawing of American marines from Nicaragua. tional Parent-Teacher association standardization, whih would elimi flew with Lindbergh, along with King Is Blue And Unable To Sleep VrENNA, March The newspaper Magyarszag says it was learned that King Alexander of Jugo-Slavia is seriously ill. He is said to be suffering from insomnia and melancholia.

nate the present state standards. their two sons and two daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Stearns close friends of President and Mrs.

Coolidge and Will Advertise For More Lillian Road NORTHAMPTON, Mass, March 27. CfP) The condition of Mrs. Le-mira Goodhue, mother of Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, who ls critically 111 at the Dickinson hospital here, remained unchanged throughout the day. The wife of, the President visited the hospital three times during the day, spending much time at her mother's bedside.

Mrs. Goodhue has been delirious most of the time since Sunday night. Faulty kidney functioning is given as the cause of her often their guests at the White House, did not make the flight. BALDWIN, March 27. OV-Five persons were injured in a head-on collision between two automobiles near here today.

The seriously injured were G. P. Gilmer, Warren. Ohio, and R. A.

Weeks, Starke, Fla, naval stores dealer. Others who received only minor cuts and bruises were Mrs. W. Dishinger and Mrs. W.

E. Sis-son, of Jacksonville, and J. A. was made by the executive committee of the state organization here today. The meeting was a prelude to the opening of the annual convention of the state Parent-Teacher association tomorrow.

The convention will continue through Thursday. Shall the Clocks Be Moved Up? Bids for the building of three additional miles of hardsurafce road on the Lillian highway will be advertised immediately. This action was authorized yesterday by the county commission. The project will be a part of the $19,000 Lillian road program, part of which Ls already "completed. Check here For Daylight Saving (One Hour) For Daylight Saving (Two Hours) Against Daylight Saving Mail Ballot to The Journal Cold Staves Off Floods In East BOSTON, March 27.

ijpy Colder weather tonight temporarily averted the danger of floods which were Sn-mincnt in Vermont and New Hampshire today. While many streanxa were at freshet height, their waters had stopped rising before causing any serious damage. Eurlington, Vt, remained virtually isolated, as a result cf the waters cf the Winooskl river Rain in New England early today increased the flood danger, but the temperature dropped the rsin turned to snow and freezing conditions prevented a further rise cf tin waters. Regains Health In His 89th Year JEKYLL ISLAND, Brunswick, Ga. March 27.

CP) George F. Baker, Sr New York banker and capitalist and one of the world's richest men, was thankful for improved health today on his 89th birthday. A year ago, the aged capitalist was critically ill on the island, but with recent months he has shown rapid improvement. A dinner party, attended by his son. George F.

Baker. Jr and other triendsr was the chief event of the quiet observation of the day. Bank Messengers Robbed In Capital WASHINGTON. March 27. C-TV-Two messengers of the Federal-American bank reported to the police today that they had been held up and robbed of $7,200 at Fourteenth street and Columbia read.

In the northwest residential section The messengers said that a man opened their automobile door and upon ascertaining that they were bank messengers drew a revolver and demanded the money. Must Pay Poll Tax This Week To Vote If Pensa coll axis have paid their poll taxes by Saturday, they will not be able to vote in the city electiccs. This tact was pointed cut again yesterday by tax collectors, who rioted that a wide gap still divide? the number who could vote from those who are at present qualified. The city's tax book are due to rloe Saturday. Flier Trying For Endurance Record ST.

PAUL, Minn, March 27. UP) Gene Shank, St. Paul aviator, hopped off tonight on. his fourth attempt to set a world's endurance flight record. He took the air at 7:14 o'clock at the St.

Paul municipal airport and easily attained altitude with his light machine despite its load of 143 County Will Move Ferry Pass Church The county will stand the expense cf moving the Ferry Pass Baptist church oft the state road right of way. it was decided yesterday by the commission. In connection with rights of way it was pointed cut that three more have been handed in to the board, Are you in iavor or against daylight saving time fot Pensacola? you have views on the subject mar', the ubove ballot arc bring or mail it to the News-Journal office. Today is the last chance The Penccla 'ournal tnd News are taking a straw Ballot among their readers. The result cf this ballot will be given to the city commission which is now considering the issue.

Your vote will help decide whether cr not the clocks are to be moved up this summer. gallons of gasoline..

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