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The Weather I Florida: Generally fair Sunday and Monday; cooler In extreme north portion Sunday night. Extreme Northwest Florida: Cloudy Sunday and Monday ml nl -3 1 ttPmmf mffw pensacoia kVj)1? ViWW; AMERICAN RIVIERA. r-: MORNING, MARCH 27, 1927. i PKICE. 5 CENTS VOL.

XXXL N0.315. Mill :1 To day a rjH a a a sa a i i. a a a a a a a i a arvi 'I i. V. i i I 1 Heeiri Americans From Yangtze Valley Points MUGH i BIlTSENESS- ALBERT SHAW i TO BE GUEST OF HONOR AT TWIN SLAYING IN MIAMI IS REAL PUZZLE CANTON GENERAL SAYS SHIPS CANNOT DROWN CHINESE ASPIRATIONS All Dull Except China.

Too Much Propaganda. Squandering Oil Wealth 400 More Baby Shoe. HERE MEETING DINNER HERE TO OFFICERS NEWS IS DULIs except In China. Tentative Program Civic Clubs Will Be Man and Woman yorious, Chinese war lords from the WARRIOR GOAL (MPAlIME Found Clubbed to Death in Home. south appear to have been Impressed by the guns of American flzhtinsr ships, when told For A.

Meet Announced. MANY TO ATTEND Anti Foreign Hosts to Visiting Editor Monday. IS OPTIMISTIC i Nanking would be bombarded if they did not free American citizens. JOINS SEMMES PENSACOLIAN IN ORIENT WRITES ABOUT THE WAR Action Mai DETROIT MAN It Is fortunate the Chinese decided to back, "down. To bombard a city ABOUT FLORIDA BEING SOUGHT Noted Educators Are Be Brewing Consolidated Firm be Warships Are Still Trying For Rescues American Women Brutally Treated By Soldiers.

Pensacoia Now is at small ieei rrmt is Known as Semmes Coal and Ice Co. Washington Officials Its Best, Thinks; Mr. Shaw, Found in Bloody. Carpet. Moffett Says Chinese Not Opposed to Christians.

MIAMI, March 26. CAP) With Are Worried About Situation. WASHINGTON, March 26. (AP) Fear that a far flung storm of anti- Dr; Albert Shaw, editor of the Review of Reviews, who with Mrs. the finding of the bodies of Mr.

and full of and children might be a national duty, but It would be unpleasant, especially as Americans involved bid Ignored the request of their government to come on board ship while they had a chance, and escape danger. RUSSIA'S SOVIET government remembering Goethe's suggestion that the quickest way to Germanize Poland would be to send -German plays and actors, uses the Russian stage for Bolshevik propaganda The plan is to wean peasants from their devotion to the church by Interesting them in theatres. Shaw arrived in Pensacoia yester That the revolutionists in China have shown np especial opposition SHANGHAI, March 26 (AP) Americans and other foreigners day from; Winter Park for a visit of bull were fleeing tonight from points to Christian work or workers. ScheduledtolMake Addresses J. T.

Perry, president of the Pensacoia council of the rent-Teachers association, has balled a imtmeeti of all; local associations in. the Tourists' hall, county courthouse annex, for 3:30 p. m. next Thurs- i -All officers anidf members are urged by Mrs. Perry to be Important business With ref-; erence to the' state contention here -April 5-8 is to come before the j- Reports will be submitted at the Mrs.

Edward Never, deade for ten days in their home here, police and county officers were enmeshed Saturday in the tangled skein of one of the most baffling murder mysteries Merger of the Semmes Coal and Ice company and the Warrior Coal company; was announced last night, Consummation, of the negotiations, which had been, pending for some "time, brought together into one firm two of Pensacola's best known companies, and likewise brought together in business -association several of1 the city's leading and most public spirited citizens. Both companies are well known in days at the Country Club with Mr. and, Mrs. John IL Perry, I along the xangtze valley, driven by win be honor guest tomorrow at a foreign terrorism may be brewing China officii Washington tonight, almost submerging the relief that came with word that sur- luncheon given by, local civic bodies. The hour has been fixed of the Miami district.

The two bodies, badly decomposed, were found Friday night. ati one o'clock, viving Americans at! Naklng were 1 Police believe the couple were participating in the Pensacolv having' been engaged in beaten to death with a hatchet after luncheon are the American! Riviera Dread of what may happen else they had eaten breakfast on the have worked up a political opposition against all foreigners, especially the British, is stated by Dr. Lacy Moffett, Pensacoia missionary In the Kiangyin field 4n a letter received by his mother, Mrs. A. S.

Moffett, 612 North Hayne street. The letter was written in February, before the most violent fighting and mob demonstrations. Dr. Moffett and other missionaries had gone from Kiangyin to Shanghai on the advice of Chinese authorities, whS feared that the presence of foreigners would complicate the association, Chamber of Commerce, the Realty Board, and' other civic clubs. tne iuel business here for; many years.

The Warrior company was organized about six years ago and operated a coal 'yard on Alcaniz BUT MR. TOMSKY, head of the Russian trade unions, warns government that performances ninety per cent propaganda can't succeed or compete churches, morning of Maarch 18. Axcopy of a newspaper found in the living where along the Yangtz river brought a call In the night from Admiral Williams at Shanghai for reinforcements. I room was dated March 15. Dr.

and Mrs. Shaw have been In street, near The Semmes tne I ires of anti-foreign feeling which the bombardment of Nanking has apparently fanned into' full blaze. Meanwhile a statement was is- sued by the Cantonese generalise simo, Chang Kai-shek, declaring that the foreign power, could not send enough warships to China to suppress the "aspirations of the Chinese 4 Chang, who arrived here today, reiterated that foreign lives and property would not-be endangered by the nationalist army lri Shang- hat, and said the nationalists had no Intention of using force to change the status of the International settlement here. That problem would be settled by diplomatic means, "at the proper time and place." He waved aside the Nanking af '-'Man Sought. H.

Collins, a roomer at the seventh annual convention of the Florida Parent-Teachers association when! it convenes here April 5 for a four-day session showing a re company was formed in 1909, and Another regiment of marines, Florida for several weeks. He came to the state to survey conditions here, and to speak at the inaugura 500 strong, has been ordered rushed Nevers home, whose business card reads 9309 Mack avenue, Detroit, Mich, Is sought. The police believe markable growth in membership of had been located at Tarragona and Jackson streets for the last fifteen years, and will continue the business at that location. If moved there tion of Dr. Hamilton Holt, his friend across the Pacific to his aid.

They win be foUowed, if called for, by whatever other forces are necessary for 30 years, as president of Rollins the organization during the last six he can aid in clearing up the case. CoUege, at Winter Parfc situation in the event that the prop from its original yard, to; make Deputy Sheriff J. Cone, recon Very Optimistie to extend protection to beleaguered Americans. 6418 Names. Added.

Preliminary1 figures 'made public room for the Louisville' and Nashville depot when that' building was aganda of militarists had Its effect Fine Spirit Shown "Our Chinese Christians in the Basing his opinion on his obser EDITORS OP labor newspapers have the same trouble. They are amazed to find that they cannot compete" against ordinary newspapers. In their case also it is -too much "tXR. TEAGLE, president of New Tsey Standard Oil, warns oil men that they are cutting their own throats. This country' Is treating the nation's oil wealth as unintel-l'gently as frontiersmen treated the herds, of bison.

The bisons soon vanished. Text Not Announced. The text of the call for help was yesterday revealed that 6.518 members had: added- their names to the associatioh's rolls dur vations here, Dr. Shaw expressed belief yesterday that Florida's continued advancement is assured. 1 He The consolidated business win be conducted in the future from the Kiangyin field have certainly shown a fine spirit, writes Dr.

Moffett structing the incidents surrounding the believes that an; argument was started at the table and that this argument led to a fight. Furniture In the bungalow was dslarranged during what appeared to have been a terrific struggle. After killing the man and not! made public. It came as word from Rear Admiral Hough, at Nan-king, of the rescue of the last known ing this period, making! the total believes the state will become the We have seen nothing of any anti- fair as au Isolated incident Chang yards of the Semmes company un membeership ,1155. These figures foreign or anti-missionary spirit greatest health and recreation cen American victim of outrages by the did not stop off at Nanking on his way from Wuhu.

as had been ex were to show still further der the firm. name, of the Semmes Coal-and Ice company. The new organization will repre troops in Cantonese uniform. gains by the date of the convention. pected, and his arrival here came as What reason Admiral Williams as woman, tneir murderer vThe tentative program of the con sent, locallythe Nevers body, with a rope around the signed for his request! that the marine contingent at Shanghai be ducts company, the Alabama Fuel ter.

In the world, and commended the public policies which are providing, good roads and and promoting agricultural development. These objectives, he declared, Justify the most liberal expenditures of the state. I-' I -L; neck, to a closet and closed the door vention, made public yesterday, outlined activities Of the delegates that will begin with en a surprise to the foreign authorities. Ref ogees to Shanghai Shanghai, with its armed and and when the test came of our going and putting the responsibility on them, they did not hesitate, though they were very humble about their ability to handle it The greatest problem Is the schools. The avowed purpose of the southern or nationalist party is to put aU education under the control of the gov doubled with aU- possible speed is and Iron company, and.

the De-Bardeleben Coal corporation, all be-" tag among the largest producers of against it. He then laced the woman, Mrs. Anna' Nevers, in' a "chair in her bedroom, locking the door from the outside. not known but the, dread that; what happened yesterday at Nanking may be repeated tomorrow at Hankow. with the.

post-convention meeting, barricaded International settlement offers the most secure place Of coal and, coke 4n the Birmingham have seen speculative waves hi district. yioriqajpngr ess op anagers, on Friday uuxrnins, 'AprQ avk? Heads of both victims were man at Chlnkiang or at any other river different1 parts the 1 United States, said Dr. Shaw, "and in Acquisition Of additional property port controlled by the. Cantonese ran Ithstspersed between these dates gled. body was in a closet, face downward with feet up ernment To accomplish this they have placed such restrictions on mission schools that nearly all have rewnUyiwas made by the Semmes some other parts of the refuge in nationalist China, and it is toward this port that the refugees, are headed.

Hankow, Nanking and Chung- -king are some of the points evac-' through every official message from China that came in', today. company.v adjacent to its present QH IS actually being sold for less than it costs to, produce, cheerful tor buyers, but it win not last JUllior i are spent developing new wells to incre-we competition wt' oil companies, aM; carrying parrels of all, BtorsVaSrve ground, at a annual cost, loss tni waste of 920000,000. THE COUNTRY'S natural oil wealth Is not merely private wealth. It is a great national asset, and a way should be found to give oil production some national control and stop I have never known any, region' that has shown better signs of weather against, the rear wall and sash cord around his neck. He was fully had to close.

From Peking, Minister MacMurray site, and track connections and storage bin extensions are now; being made that; wHTenable the com ing, without any serious harm, the advised the state department that he "In Canton itself some schools are stin running but in Central uated or which are to be evacuated by the foreigners, while the Amer reaction that always follows -acute ican destroyer Preble has gone to had directed consulates in nationalist controlled territory to make every effort to evacuate Americans China practically al lthe local revenue is absorbed in the military campaigns. They are particularly hos "Rapid recovery already Is, I pany to CMiy a larger stock of coal thus enabling an adequate supply at all tunes. "JA'J Personnel of the company, since, the merger, be.6.? take off small groups of Americans'! from Kiangyin and lesser ports be-! low Chlnkiang. Friction is report-' beginning to show itself in: view of. the demonstrated in tile to any direct religious instruc ability or unwillingness upon the throughout state.

Of course, reaction has not so far as. I can ed between the foreign and Chinese: sart of nationalist authorities to tions, or religious services being held In a school and refuse to make dis president manager; Frederick at Chungsha, Honan provlr-. protect American lives. The trouble is not confined to na tinction between private and public learn- affected Pensacoia t- at 'all, which fortunately was not one; of the bo6m towns of From Hankow, Consul General tionalists territory, for the Ame schools. Lockhart reported Americans being consul at Chef oo; on the Shan tuna That the right wing of the south Pensacoia.

at The visiting editor said Pensacoia embarked for the coast and a tense situation but no disorders as yet. YOU ARE TOLD many things about prohibition, for and against. R. H. Davidson" writing from Coron-ado Beach, California, asks, "Do you chance to know that the sale of children's shoes has increased 400 per cent per annum since prohibition came? peninsula, has requested the dis clothed with the exception of coat and shoes.

Police found wl- bloodstain on a bathroom carpet made by a stocking Prtot" Found, Added mystery is given the case by the finding of a woman's very small heel print In the blood on the carpet. Mrs. Nevers' shoe heels were much larger. -ft-, Nevers, who Is said to have lost about $20,000 in real estate deals, tried to "come back" by financing Collins, known as "Pete, police said. Investigation shows that Nevers' was reduced to such extremeties financially that he pawned his Jewelry for $400.

Collins' auto was found in the garage, but Nevers car is missing. All the keys to the house also are missing The murdered man was 45 years old and his wife was 42. QUimore, Sr vice, president; Q.v F. secretary, and Duncan treasurer. rv.

Both- Mr. Oillmore and Mr. Dim-can of -former company wm: be 'identified-with the Se'mmes company in the future, and 'will take an active part In prpinoting Its- ern party seem to be true patriots, trying to Improve the condition of patch of a destroyer there following Tense in ShainghaL From Shanghai itself, the greatest appeared at Its best upon his arrival. That' this city has gone forward and win continue to go" for will be committee reports on every phase of the association's seven-fold prtgram ithe home and school, addresses dealing with child school and hoijne study, standards In literatures ad- other subJectsJ.i?..4ii.. i Many out-of-town educators and national, officers of the' association are listed among ithose on the program or addresses.

tAlapng win be an address by-Mrs. Jean Reedjof tare Child Welfare of Flarida- Dr. J. president 'of Englh the rrniyersity' of Florid' will discuss pstandards Dr. Lome W- Barclay; of Tampa, will speak; on the "Pre-School Child, and MrsBruce Carr Jones, of Macon, QaV seventh 'vice' president of the national body'will deliver an address' on "Know the Child.

Pregram'vAimoimced. The tentative prograim (as announced yesterday General theme: Seven-fold program' of home and school Tuesday, April 5,927. 2 p. frnVto 5 p. registxation of delegates v) 9:15 mn pre-conventlon-meet-i tog of 'Florida Congress Board of Wednesday, Apfl 6,1927 San center of American' activities in China and the place of refuge for those fleeing from Nanking and success.

ward, he added, "goes without- saying, in the light of the opportunities other interior ports. Consul General which are enjoyed by all Florida," Spanish War-Vets i Dr. Shaw, for many years has been editor; of. The- Review; of Reviews, is internatiohally known as their fellow countrymen both internally and in relation to foreign nations is the opinion of Dr. Moffett Demands Are Made "Both parties, north and south, are demanding revision of treaties, returning of concessions, etc," writes the Pensacoia missionary, fit they go about it in the right way, I believe that they would have the support of nearly all foreigners living in China.

"The difficulty is made by the faet that in the southern party there is a very powerful left wing, who seem to be largely under the dominance of Soviet Russia. It is an authority on economics and in To Name Delegates Delegates' from the post of Spanish -War; June encampment Of Florida veterans to heU mtOcala will be elected' at a meeting of the local post to be held at the county commissioners' room; Monday nightCat 7130 o'clock. The regular meetings of the local ternational law. "We have a continuous' interest' in Florida because we have been looking on or-j a long time at the. development I of the United and have realized that the time -has come for a permanent utilization- of the greatest opportunity that has remained in the United States for the making'of a modern state! with aU the advan EVERYBODY WILL agree that -400 per cent more shoes for chil dren, combined with larger savings bank deposits, is a strong argument sfor prohibition, assuming those 7 ings to be the results of prohibition.

Those that would modify the Volstead act say that the average man is earning about twice what he earned before the war, and increased earnings, not the absence of beer, explain greater savings and more children's shoes. THE SAPntO-FORD case plods it weary way through the Detroit courts, and no matter how it ends it will not mean much. Mr. Ford's paper accused Mr. oplro.

Mr. Saplro sues Mr. Ford for 11,000,000. If the Jury decided that state- (Continued pa Page Nine) post are held the third Monday in each month but the "last meeting clashes between the police and Shantungese (northern) troops. With the evacuation of all the remaining Americans from -Nanking the crisis 'in that city is apparently ended.

One tilled and four injured' constituted the American ton of casualties, as far as known. Williams Shot 1 Dr. J. K. Williams.

American vice president of Nanking university, whose death was reported in previous dispatches, was shot by a Cantonese soldier who had Just participated in the looting of his Those Injured were Miss Anna E. Moffet a mission worker, shot twice by Cantonese troops; Marine Private Plumbley. Carl T. Hobart manager the Standard Oil plant on Socony Hilli where one band of -refugees were besieged by Canton-! era unrelieved by the Anglo-American naval gun fire; and an unnamed American bluejacket American women were treated brutally by the Cantonese soldiery, but with the exception of the shooting of Miss Moffet who is expected to recover, the offenses apparently were limited to Insults and rough handling. Japanese Mistreated On the other hand Japanese women and children were outraged and assaulted, and at least two of their men folks were shot or bay- netted In vain efforts to protect was postponed until tomorrow hlghtr Carlos.

Hotel, main dining-room. tages and the accumulated for; the observance of Me--morlal day will be discussed by the ence of mankind, but more free 7:30 p. press breakfastl Mrs.TW. N. Massengale, manager of publicity this element whp have followed; In.

the wake of the victorious southern army, driving out foreigners and looting foreign property generally. In addition they have by systematic agitation stirred up the ignorant coolie class to riots, strikes and aU sorts of violence. They have made the trouble at Hankow, Kiukiang from the disadvantages of a bad B. Y. U.

to Give Program at Church The Alberta Lee Davis B. Y. P. TJ, will render the following program at the First Baptist church tonight at :15 o'clock: The Southern Baptist World Program. Foreign Missions Mrs.

M. L. Wll-kerson, Home Missions Mrs. H. Bos-well; State Missions Mr.

BUlie Williams; Our School and Colleges Mrs. F. J. Fisher; Sunday School Board and Student Work Mr. M.

I Wilkerson; Relief and Community Board; Mrs. R. C. Merritt; Hospitals and Nurse Training and conclusionMr. R.

Merritt. Song: Pay the Tythe. presiding. bureau Florida. Congress, Address Mrs.

Z. V. Peterson, At veterans. Thre new members will be initiated at the meeting May Day Occasion! and wasteful start than-states that were opened up with real estate and booms one hundred years ago, said 1 he. "All this has been lanta, national sectional publicity publicity manager Song to Mrs.

Massengali Song to Land elsewhere. i said many times before, but the en tire significance has been Assembly hall, 8:45 a. regis grasped, even yet. Plans Professing A parade, featuring health and safety will precede the coronation of the queen at the May Day celebration to be held in the Plaza by the tration of delegates. The Weather "The truth is that national pros Local Aviators Have Narrow Escape One Is Killed in Crash perity is so remarkable 'today; las compared with 25 or 30 years ago, and the -growth of the population, Escambia "Federation of Woman's Guass 'reported the situation "very 4 "The greatest precautions to insure safety of foreigners) are being taken, he said.

Guass also reported on critical conditions at the river ports of Ki-ansyin, Taichow, Chiato and A destroyer has been sent from Shanghai in an effort to bring off In safety, the -Presbyterian missionary group at the two former and the Seventh Day Adventlsts at the two latter ports. 'it 'was this alarming picture that faced officials during the day on top of Admiral Williams' call for help. An immediate conference of high naval officers took, up the question of sending more marines. The state department was no sooner open than a grave conference took place in Secretary. Kellogg's office with Secretary Wubtf and Admiral Eberle, chief of naya operations, and Major General Summerall, chief of staff of the army, attending.

Announcement of the sending of the 1,500 marines followed the conference. First Army Point. General Summerall's visit to the state department was the first indication that even the possibility of sending army regiments to back up the navy in China was being considered. -No decision will be reached unless hope that the, Nanking outrages were but an isolated case where lawless soldiers escaped the control of responsible nationalist leaders proves" unfounded. There is no doubt, however, that in the event that the anti-foreign attacks spread to other cities along the river, troops would be called from the Philippines and Hawaii Near ly6.0OO American doughboys" are quickly- available there.

Regardless of the Immediate need of the moment, however Is no doubt that every other consideration win be swept aside by the Washington government and every agency of the war or navy departments be called upon if anti-foreign outrages at Nankins are fcl- clubs on April 31. Prizes will be given bv the clubs (Continued on Page Nine) AUGUSTA, Ga, March 26. (AP) C. T. Stone, aviation mechanic third class, of the Hampton Roads 9 a.

opening business session of convention. A. Fanger, president, presiding. Invocation Rev. FatherrSandai.

Mass singing P. T. Ai' songs. Reading of rr.iutes Mrs. A.

B. (Continued on Page Nine.) PEARCE SPEAKS for the best health group in the pa naval station, was killed near here U.S AIRPLANE TJ. S. WEATHER BUREAU, Pensa-eola, 1 9. m.

March 26. 1927 SunriM. 6.4 1 a. Sunset. p.

m.t next cfaas. of tho moon, new moon rise, 1:43 a. mooiwet, 1:20 1 moon -April next high tide about p. next kw tlda about 6 a. nu TEMPERATURE Accumulated deficiency thl month to date 17: accu-- mulated xcm thU year to date.

254: htgheat of record this time of year. 87; toweet of record thta time of year, -9. RAINKAIA Total for thla month. J. it); normal for March S.36; accumulated deficiency this montth to date, 1.6!: total for thle year to date.

11.29; accumulated deficiency this year to date, 1.8. iiUMlDrrjl a. cv, 8S; 12 noon. IS FIRED UPON them. The American marines who had been sent ashore to guard the crn- sulate, acquitted themselves splendidly and accompanied the Sorouy Hill refugees safely out of Nanking to the warships tn the river.

Youth is Sentenced To Year in Prison Walter Smith, 18, was sentenced to serve one year in the county Jail when he pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated assault when arraigned before Judge Moreno Jones in court of record yesterday. Smith was arrested on a charge of assault with Intent to murder. The warrant was sworn out by Elbert Est, who charged that Smith attacked him with a knife. this afternoon when a plane bound for the Pensacoia air station fell two thousand feet Lieut N. B-Wilklns, of Pensacoia, pilot and O.

F. Lawhorn, chief mechanic's mate, leaped and were unhurt Stone also Jumped and attempted to release his parachute, an investigation disclosed. The body as free of the TOCOSMOaUB Marine Planes in Nic p. M. Teltflraph'a ObervtJona aragua to Carry; Bombs.

Meetiner; is held at i ......30.04 4S SUMMARY rade and lor the best safety slogans. Mayor Bayliss will present the keys of the city to the May queen after her coronation. An orchestra win furnish music for the costume dances, drills and May pole dance. FOEEI GNBOARD. WASHINGTON, March 26.

AP) The senate foreign' relations committee may function this summer, after ah, investigating the Mexican, Nicarauguan and perhaps Chinese situations. 4 -1 Senators delving into the volume of senate rules have come across' an almosVf orgotten resoluttlbn adopted in providing that the reg-ulaar standing eommittee and "shall continue and have power to act until their successors are appointed." Osceola Country 0 Club. Revival to Begin Work on Abbatoir H. T. Pearce, chaplin of the Monday at Gadsden Naval Air Station, made the prin Will Begin Soon Material for 'the ereptJon of municipally operated alaughter house cipal address -of the evening at the.

regular weetry meenng oz-itne cos- Birmlngnara Jtovton .......29.83 Buffalo 29.74 Charleston ..30.00 Chicago ..20.14 Iner y. Worth ...30.00 dalvestoa 30.04 Helena ......30.11 Jluroa JTacksonvlUe OOins. City Slemphia 'H? liaml "'x Mobile Montgomery K-r Organs sw York ....29.83 ru. City Han Antonio Lui lo Jl 4 ,30 .4 S3 34 4 7 3 38 32 60 6 74 4 19 29 At IS 34 61 24 32 (1 6 68 74 6 73 50 24 78 34 44 3 3 a 44 74 3 69 -4 74 .6.0 7 the at mo club; held last night Osceola Country, club. I MANAGUA, March 26.

(AP)As a result of the firing on an, American plane yesterday by. the marine-aviators here wCl be supplied with bombs and machine guns -and instructed to return' such fire (in the future. Rumors received here that the liberals were planning an attempt to take the city of where American marines have established a neutral zone, tonight resulted in order to a 'force of 300 marines ito be prepared to proceed at tnj tlrps f.T? -f- Additional Marines are ordered to China as situation grews tense; Americans and ether foreigners la Yangtze valley flee for lives. Dr. Albert Shaw, noted pablishe and Editor, here on visit, win be guest of honor at dinner Monday.

night Warrior and Semmes coal companies are merged. Double slaying at Miami is pazxla' to police. Tentative program for P. T. convcfTi fcre is I Entertainment, was furnished by a Methodist; Church The first of a series of revival meetings to be conducted the Gadsden street Methodist church by the Rev.

A. E. Shafer, of Do than, Ala, will be held Monday night' Mrs. O. M.

Varnson will have charge of the singing during the revival. A sons service will held at At air sttv- quartette that sings at the 1VEDS. MARY VI tion services has been ordered and consuxreuon work win begin tomediately upon its arrival. Workmen yesterday began erecting a high fence around the site. Site for the pen was bought by th city from Mike Boley.

It is out-We the city.and near, the Oouldiaf i'' A March HARLAN, Kyi I Several other talks were made, among them being one-- by Miss 8, and C' E. Demp- Mary rvick eery, Nancy Iwloiypf -the" public-health sey, 28, were ied- at-a lawyera 43 44 effisais-jcd:.

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