The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 3
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' TUESPAT, JUtrg 1, 1949 . Red Aims in Asia Blocked by China Future of Chine.. ? X'* al tm Po»t«»ne« 'o U.S. and World lete Com" * the The statements are contained In /<", Darned, »» Army t J solallon doe » not mean Her futur. u . worM " * 1 wot!d " (alr " ""1 ° ther natlon '-" lhe The Army said ft U doubtful If * «" «"«• b«om« a leading 1K>wer but h ' r "t'englh. tr ' al anrt m " llar y. *" grow Ohin»'« greatest handicap k l ao k of tedu.Wal "know-how," the n£7?L! But H added that th * OWnea. ai« overcoming It through ChJn»« jtudenu .tuning at American uiUrercltlM who return * om « *° ch A™* 1 '"" methods. na euum Spread . _/** f '? rm measttraa, although tn- 2*T» t V ! !?; Western rtandards, are •lowlr taking jhape," ,„„ Anily * -Pf^^d »»» lend reforms •md labor law via take place „ China Incliutrilalzw and agricultural Improvements take place The Arnvjr report stressed the •eriousness or the present Chines" !%nt«rnal situation. "At present, there !« no guaran- V*» that the Nationalist forces will SMS able to atop the spread of Communist* and put. an end to war " the report said. "The greatest single obstacle that •lands in the way of general recovery In China at present Is the civil war." The Army said that one thine Is certain, that china cannot become an Important world power without Intensive Industrialization. "Most experts feel." the Army said, "that China cannot develop mee scale Industry using only domestic materials. Much of the material will have to bo' Imported." Pine Bluff Commission Reports on Investigation PINE BLUFF, Art., June I. CUP) — The Pine Bluff City Civil Service Commission said yesterday an investigation Into alleged police brutality had not revealed sufficient evidence to cause the disciplining of any officer. • Chairman J. H. Sibley announced the commission's findings after an investigation over a period of nearly two weeks. Negroes hnd charged that city policemen hnd beaten them on past occasions Tie Score -——-— - i 'Integrated' Towboat Makes Trip at Double Usual Speeds Federal ,_ _ „ grated" towboat, Harr"y""Tnim'an~ l»y at her dock today after cotti- mg up the Mississippi River from New Orleana at an average speed that waa more than' double that of an ordinary tow. Tri« tow made tin voyngt hi four dayi, l« hours and 55 minutes, The trip was lhe Diesel-powered towboat'i first up tlie big river with ft. especially-built barges which fit snugly together between the Iww and stern of the divided towboat to form one long streamlined vessel l"£*. I!?/!. ° n '«>«. expect the n 0 " 8 ' tQ °' a rlvor '"'Bl't costs 50 percent. Capt. Cliff Northon of New Orleans aald it was the fastest trip up- n «u"?4 e h er mattt by * low ' lwat «" d n H* v? J ?."* SlQwer tlla » the '•«- Th«r«'i no doubt which candi- d«t« Ann Hoehler, of Jeffer«on City, Mo., favori for tha Republican presidential nomination. SKe'f wearing on* of the ftrjt TaH ties to b« x«n in Washington, D. C. Life Insurance Company Homes District Manager George O. Hodges, formerly of Little Rock, has been named manager of the Blytheville district of the Life insurance Company of Georgia, John D. Futch, Northern Arkansas division manager announced today. Mr. Hodges joined the Life of Georgia in 1940 and had served as an agent in Atlanta, and special agent in Little Rock and Memphis before being made he»d ol the Blv theville district. Mr. and Mrs. Hodges are at present residing at, 108 West Kentucky They arrived in Blytheville May 10' vf S M-n H ° dg , CS ' s Mlccee< «ng James McMillen who is still with the company in other capacities. Dr. Waters Resign* From U. of A. Faculty PAYETTEVILLE, ArK, June 1 (UP)-Dr. R. H. Waters yesterday announced his resignation as professor of philosophy mid psychology at the University of Arkansas He had been a faculty member here for 20 years. Waters said he would tench the first semester of the Summer term and then leave ° ^',", the . fac " lty ° [ Wooster Col- The tow, carrying six of its nine burgw. averaged 8 1-2 knots ordw *' r « not built .for speed ree- ^A' 1 * 1 *** t ""«" i '°^ H« explained that conditions of lhe river fulling rapidly ft , K ( ] ow lr , places, were not the Ijest on this trip and that, there was « total delay of five hours en route because or snort stops nnd hud venthcr Federal officials sold the average ow travels at a rate of about four '•-ots, usually taking 18 or 10 ( |r"- complete the New Orlcins Ixiuls trip. nus, the barges nt »o compactly there are no •breaks" along the sides to cMch water and slow It down ' C „ ,T"« t»»'l>oat llsetr, pushing lwo OW style barge., had made the t,|p tTkln 01 " N6W ° rteHns t "' 0 wcek « »B« Oklng more than six day,. More expeilmenlal trips are plumed soon Hlvm! 1 "" 1 ° 16 "" d Mlss0 "'" Northon said the c ,. ew , x . » its throi.Kh narrow or »-|iullni( l'I" " e M ' d " 1!lt wllc » «" " lts were used, "we n i| B |,(. have to slow down a little In some t ",n cl - erous 6|»ts." iruicn- . ' n « captain added, liowevcr (hat « didn't think the full 1,'iM-f"" enetu could be navigated thro S U,e smaller Illinois «,, d A[lss ^ Soldier to Wed Jap Girl Despite Family Objection ».T Prtw (l'nlt«l 1T«, Merrit Lauded by VFW X f,£"* f '™ /1 ''*' L * a <**' KVO'ro, Japan. June 1. (UP)— >'vt. rx^lbeil Hcnd »ll]l r>l«n« tt> I'inrry 1,1, Klmllto rinplta family oblectlo.n and May on i n j» 1>lln _ In miform-"Ju S l a> lon« u po«J. Die. iV 2 ?," yon ^1 !<l " K ' M «" ll < hi* ~ ^ "' Ol '" Re * i1 ' °< Colnm- Ohio, probably objected to linlt-JupniiMc fiancee because ha< never met her and "still bad about IVurl Harbor." •inifko hnd 'nothhig to do with •1 Harbor." he added -ecd suld Khnlko, 'JO, who works the Army Klnnnce Office and 'Its fluent English W(ls re . )llt ed from China li, Decemh i-^lforjiiolhet was Japanes* she K /or Canning Company Officla Diet at Fayittivitle G in 0. P. smith, H« WM • . Ark., jun, i. iil Norlli w «t Ar- 1 """"' 0 " lc1 ''. yesterday. f Arkansiu " WhTn J'l ' n ''< t<:liv < ! " 1" »«!<!. lrt. I A * tCUr "' f0r ° lt! " llul » I. In August, he Intend, 1 0 ,»'- S M"!?," H " ri """"" '" Jll l >9 " "« ings are better her. , ml Jh,, Tt ?. l . lb * r » nlo '-l'>l cnnduiatc Jim Men-lit of McGeliee veslpntnv wa, described as "one of U e o t l standing commanders" h, the hls- of lhe Veterans of PorelBn'wn'rs 0 " 1 ' Uio praise wns contnlned in R resolution approved by the deimi t mciit's Council of Administration meeting here. Men-lit u-sleiiKl rc- cenlly a s stntc eojiiiuaiuloi- to l>c- come » cBiirtlrtBte :or governor ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blyfheville Curb Market Phone 973 130 t. Main ake the * Lug* Out of Luggage* Lightweight LUGGAGE At Open an Account PULLMAN CASE $20.00 up iylcd h l»olh»r. l'9>i( D* o Icalhtr for torn- fort and travcffng eai*. Others $4.95 to $70.00 Prices .Include Federal Ta« Hrni tid vvtsi.vnu TttMS At Ho £xtra Cost not . K(«iv' XI i l " l ."* cl h< did " ot m *"!< Klmko last August under tlii provisions of (lie oi brides' law « "ti, 8( . », 01 , M i, ^ thUiRs." U e »«!„ „„ "' on thinking about It," »" Ihough the Army prescnlly does not authorlM such mari!a K o, Fire Razes Port Of South St. Paul Stockyard; 2 Hurt KOtrrH ST. PAUI,, Minn,, JUM 1. (Ul>) _ fire iwept throua-h/« (loutliwMt corner of th. her. ycsterriny, destroying ' '««rt wh ^Ic«t animal* were driven to ufc- « i £ , m , Ul)(ly MlsstKsl PPl Wver flats adjoining the, yards, Police suld one commission firm official reiKirted that "several do«n" hend of ciiille iierlshect. •riiere WKS no estimate available of lhe number of animals in the yards at tha tlm». NOW! FOUNTAINS L». At Kirby's Three Stores KOLD KRUNCH IS BACK~ 100 -- -•--•.• uui on a stick t Th« b«,t .„«„, ic « CI , om bor on 1|]e mar|tet Evening in Paris Both Powder and Cologne Hudnut Hoir Duet-Creme Shampoo and Rins. Jergens Lotion and Face Cream •^^^^"•^•^•^•^•^aam™^•«,.„„_.^^^ D. D. T. Insccto Light Shade Sun Glasses ~ Poloroid and Flightline Film Developed IQc Prints. Smoll At Kirby's Three Stores SALE All Items in Our Show Case* W« or* closing out our accessor™*. for 1942-1948 FORD Our Supply Is Limited Come In Early PHILLIPS Motor Co. Phonr 4453 BlythavilU, Ark. faffem far e fine cars of the fifties TWO COMPLETELY NEW 1949 IN A CHOICE OF MAGNIFICENT BODY STYLES AND TWO SEPARATE PRICE RANGES A NJ-W fiat car Isn't made overnight. •i *. Not a really now aiul really /ine cur. ™» W9t,iW»/«,youc«n»«niwalyoiir Lincoln dealer's Iiavc Iwon years perfecting. Here was a Job tliat couldn't t>. rushed. For iAeu 1949 Liucolns were <le- fignecl to meet the 1950s more half way; to he the automotive pattern for years to come. An thtylHwtiW? Of course, will, r, now massive hrcadth of lino Hint's fresh lo ll.n eye. .ami sheer joy when you S co how much exlra room it means. They've got t> low, luig-thc-roacl look And feel how their new super-lwlloon tires, will, ibcir wider tnfer rims, really ciu/iion your ride. THttlNCOlN Are they fotvtrjulf Tn born die Lfncolii and Lincoln Cosmopolitan, th«r«'tth« *ama powerful englno. Newly designed right from Ilia blucprintf up, 8-cyllnrler. V-type, ]'f u fine ari engirio as human skill can make. A fortreM of strength... built with thl pteciiion th«t goc« into aviation engine*. ' Are they luxurious, these new Lmcolnrf Naturally. From the smart upholstery fabrics and distinctive color combinations to their new carefree, effortless ride, theM Liiicolns ara a revelation and a new experience !n motoring. >H look at the fine cars of the '50«...Look at Lincoln. Nothing cou/(/6e fi'ner-or Newer/ Ut & Walnut THE B,GG E5 T NEWS IN THE F,Nt CM FIELD AT YOU. UNCOIN-MERCURY Still & Young Motor Company Llnenln-M*r*im n._i._ ' . • THI UNCOIN COSMOPOUTAM Phones 3479-4333-4334

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