The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 2
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SLTTMIYILLB (ARK.) COURIER NMP1 TB Association Hay Hire Nurse Society to Maintain Public Decency Has Its Troubles, Secretary Soys County to Expand, Permit If It tutfident toads ire readied dortac UM IMS Christmas Seal eftto, tt.'fe ttpecttd that the Mij- *im\yi? County Tutwrculosli Association will hire a nurse for full time UiberculcaJi .work in this county, it wu dicelocni jwtwdiy at the ex' «aiOn committee meeting of the : T—«»«-n~« in the court house. Mn. C. a. Redman, executive secretary, announced that the State Bovd of He»lth had approved the mm, uut-she pointed out that the nune wu badly needed to speed Ui« control program in the county. Mrs. Redman explained that If the nun* were added to the staff It would be under supervision of the BMlth Department, and would de- termlBe the actual extent of the tuberculosis problem in Mississippi County. Other matters given ooiisidera- Uoa of the executive committee included a report of the recent X-rny clinic, which was incomplete because of mechanical difficulties, . s but showed an average of 421.6 per' iora having chest plctur&s made during each of the 15 and one half days for a total of 6,615 chest X- iaj«. In a letter from Dr. A. C. Curtis, director of the tuberculosis control dirttkm of the State Board of Health it wu explained that muss surveys of this nature are being planned for every fifth year, in what Dr. Curtis called a "joint effort aimed at the-final eradication of tuberculosis." It was also decided that several v Bjr /*hn United rreM SUM NEW YORK, Junel. (UP) —John Surnner an attorney who gets paid to worry about other people*' morals, said today hi* Job It getliuc bigger every day. Sunnier 1» executlve-aecretary o* the Society lo Maintain Public Decency, an organization which lor IS years has been trying lo keep the public eye »nd ear free from moral turpitude. ' 'The country just isn't as decent as it used to be," Stunner said. "Moral standards are at a new low." Sumner's records showed that the society confiscated more than 16,000 objects of obscene nature in IMS. These Included books, circulars, postcards, photographs, phonograph records and motion picture reels. "Last year the figure rose to K,000," Summer said, "this year it may be higher yet." Sunnier said a lowering of moral standards had followed every war. "And always," he said, "there have been Individuals unprincipled enough to Inks' advantage of it'Just lo make money." Summer said that In the early new board members would be added before the next group meeting scheduled for October, and Knys Sullivan, who took over his duties ss new president of the association, announced plans to begin the organization of Mississippi County with j a view townrd expanding the work. The executive committee voted to send Mrs. Redman to the National Conference in New York which meets June 14 through June 10. Mrs. Redman will leave Blythevllle June 12 lo attend the National conference. The executive committee Is composed of officers of the association. 40'* most of th« violator* of the obscenity laws had be*n driven out of business by Ihe society and federal, state »nrt local police official!. Blamn Home Breaking! "They wert our cleanest yean," he said. He blamed present condition* on "the breaking up of homes; undisciplined children who are allowed to run wild; easy money and general lawlessness." Sunnier said the society got It* start 111 1873, when the YMCA appointed a committee to examine the effect of reading matter ol young men. The effect was pretty bad, he said. Two year.? later Anthony Coin- slock and several New Yorker* pooled tht'ir resources arfd began prosecution- oJ publishers ol obscene books, "The organization, which changed its name last year, was first known as the 'New York Society foi the Suppression ol Vice'," Sunnier .said. "It was, and Is today, a semi- Inw enforcement bureau" The society, supported by private contributions ,has a president, three vice presidents and an 11-man board of directors. It hires two attorneys niiii several detectives lo curry cut Its work. "The organization Is doing a whale of a job," Sumner suit!, "but we've got to do a bigger and better one if we're ijolng to halt the drop li morn! standards." English Actors Pay Final Tribute to Dame May Whirry HOLLYWOOD, June 1. (UP) -Hollywood's colony of English ac- lors will Pay final tribute Wednesday lo one of its most famous members Dame May Wliltly. The 82-year-old actress died at her home Saturdny flHer a brief illness, Fiinernl services will be held Hi a Beverly Hills mortuary, with Sir Aubrey Smith, Brian Aherne. Edmund Qwonn, Boris Karloff, Alexnndcr Kuox, John Van Drutcn and Herbc'rt Marshall among those in Rttendunce. At Miss Whitty'i request, mourning will not be worn at the funeral, 'liislcnd'of flowers, parcels will be sent 1 to Englmiil'i needy through care. TJie actress, best known In recent years lor her portrayals of lovable nnd crotchety old' English women, was bom In Liverpool June 19. 1865, She liad R 66 year career that began In England In 1881. She made her lirsl stage appearance In the clla- nis ot K light opera company at the age of 16. Miss Whltty came lo the United States In 1895 with her husband, the late Ben Webster, a lawyer who turned lo (he stage lo .share hH wife's career. They married after a seven-year courtship. !By her side when she died was her daughter. Mnrgnrct Webster, New York actress and widely known Shnkespetu'enn director. Special Parade s Staged for Bedridden Boy yvKSTBROOK, Nfe., June 1. <UP> —Nine-year-old D»v!d Gagnon watched with wonder yesterday as tilt city staged a special Memorial Day parade in hlj honor. The youngster, slowly winning i battle for life after 100 surgical operation!, lay smiling In Bis bed near »n upstairs window In his home while hundreds of uniformed marchers paraded by to the roll of drums, the crash of cymbals and the music of a brass band. David was severely burned two years ago when his clothes caught fire while he attempted to stamp out a brush fire. Even today his body must be held In a special sling so none of his tender skin touches the sheets of his bed. It was a year «BO—at Uie height of his fight to live—that the boy said he would love to see a parade. It was then Just a daydream said without hope of fulfillment, But Mayor Ernest Porell ordered two Memorial Day parades: one at noon to pay tribute to the war dead and one In the morning for David. "It just doesn't seem real,"the boy repeated sevcrnl times as the ranks passed by In review. He watched the Boy and Qlrl Scout troops, the veterans' organizations, the platoon of police and the .smartly ranked Infantry company marching behind a 100 piece brass band. »•« named police chief following lengthy litigation and hit appointment recently had betn upheld by C).an:^llor 6am Garret!.' State Sen. Ernest Maner appealed Garret's decision on behalf of the State Municipal Officers' Association. • WAJWINQ In the Chancery Court, Chlclca- D ^'M, Mis«!ss|pp| County, Ralph N, Parrar, Plaintiff v ' No. 10,4« Busie Irera Smith Parrar, Deft. The defendant, Susie Irene Smith Karrar, ta hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court riarned In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- ^TUESDAY, JUNE 1, iMf tiff, Ralph N. IMrraV. Dated llils'l? day [of May )M« HARVEY MPRRjts, Clerk Gene E. Bradley, Utty, J OT plf Clauue F. cooper, ittjr. ad lltem. OF KJI.IN« OK APPLICATION FOK LIQUOR PKRM1T Notice to hereby given that the undersigned has filed with Ihc Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell i and dispense vinous or spirituous , liquors for beverage at retail on the 1 premises described, as 378 S. Divi- I sion St., Blytheville, Arlt. I ' Application is for permit to he is- , sued for operation beginning on the ' 1 (lay of July, 1948, and to expire on i the 30 day of June, 1049. j Mrs. Virginia Johns V. Charles S. Lemons, Furniture POISON IVY OAK or SUMAC Ask for A COMPLETE CLEANING SERVICE!! FOR JUST ONE PRICE! 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A basket lunch will be .served nt noon itncl Methodists from other churches In this area are being Invited to hear Dr. Schisler. NOTICE OF FI1.ING OF Al'FI.ICATION i'OK LIQUOR I'BRMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at rctnll on the premises described as 121 S. Walnut St., Osceolti, Ark. Application Is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on tlie 20 days of May, 1948, nnd to expire on Ihe 30 day of June, 1D48. Mr.s. Virginia Johns FRESH BLOOD A MUST FOR FREE ENERGY l>o you feel UV0 you ara tied to * drtc everytLme you try to do something? if so, don't let a. low blood count hold you down vhen you may release vLbr.vnt energy to every rouble, fibre, cell. . Every day—every hour—millions ftf tiny reiJ-fclcxxt-celis must pour forth from the m*rrow of your bon« to repine* those that art worn-out. A low- blood count may >tt*ct you In nevrrnA •ways: no appetite, underweight, jia energy, a run-down condition, lack of resistance to infection and disease. To RC» real relief you must Xeep up your blood strength. Medical authorities, --by analysis of trie blood, hiwe by poal- Uvo proot shown that BS3 Tonic la aniazlugly eftectlvo In building up low blood strength. In non-orgimio nutritional anemia. This is duo to the SS3 Tonic formula which contains Bpeclai and potent activating InEredlenta. ff £, s0 ' sss To" 1 "; helps you enjoy the Laney Invited To Make Anti- Truman Talk LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 1.— <UP>—Gov. Ben Laney received an Invitation toony to speak In opposition to Prsldent Truman's nomination as the Democratic presidential cr.nd^rtate on a nationwide broadcast June 15. The pros sncl cons of Mr. Trti- man's nomlnallon will be discussed on the American Town Meeting of the Air broadcast from Harrlsburg, Lancy will be attending the national governors' conference at Portsmouth, N. H,, nnd said he would accept the Invitation If lie were able to attend. Former Gov. Ellis Arnall of Georgia arid Sen, Fronds .Myers ot Pennsylvania will be the Southern and Northern speakers favoring Mr. Tnminn'.s nomination. Chester Bowles, former OP A. chief, will represent the North has a speaker favoring the nomination of HN- olher candidate other than Mr Truman. The debate will lie broadcast over 251 stations. Uincy snid lie also had been invited to address a mass meeting over a Texas statewide hookup from Tyler, Tex, sometime between June 21 and July 1. He also Is considering an Invitation from Jonathan E. 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