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Highest of an ia hevrtsaag PowVtX. GoVt Report, Ang. 7 the Recording secretary of the convention was advanced to $50. THE BAPTISTS. NOTE AND COMMENT.

reported last year, as raised by us, above what Brothers Guynn and Plate had raised, $3304, and now we report $7833, making $14,107 In bonds and cash. The 7 n'a? I -1 1 as that officer is still at Washington preparing the programme of the cruise. He will join, the flagship at Roads, where all the ships of the squadron will rendezvous, except the Boston. That vessel, though still a part of the squadron, has not yet completed those repairs which brought her to the navy yard five months ago, but it is probable that she will be readv for sea Before the 1st of February. She will join the squadron In the Gulf of Mexico at that time.

Capt. O'Kane, the Boston's commanding officer, was detached yesterday, and Capt. Wlltse.hls successor, who Is now commanding the, Mlunesota, will take command Feb. 2. The Chicago carries to Hampton Roads a draft of sixty seamen and apprentices from the "guardo," to fill the complements of Atlanta and Dolphin.

This draft, which Is a type of of the squadron's entire complement, Is composed of equal numbers of Americans and foreigners, with the Scandinavians largely predominating in the latter class. This selection follows closely the wishes of the Admiral, whose experience with the squadron on its first cruise led to the belief that such classes of seamen were most efficient In the constant, unremitteut, and nnrelaxed discipline of a training squadron. A new feature of the equipment of Admiral Walker's squadron is the addition of the Ardois French) system of signaling, which "has been fitted to all the shins, and which will be subjected Am TJavldBngbee, 417. Stowers, to mas- Nor Dictator, 114, Jorgenaen to Sullivan timber Co Hor 1 Morris, 11M, Jacobsen, to Baara A Co Hor TJoetor Mezgar. 653, Kngclstad, to Basra A Co Bus Emilia, 44.

Axelqvlstto Basra A To Ft -Esperanee. US, Dime to Piagglo A Co Nor bk Egero. 1U01. Berentsen, to mister Nor Frlstid. 968, Danlelson, to muTler Ital Fortuaata tb't, Antola to itenef ee A Co.

Nor Glengalrn, 84S, Mortensen, to Baara ft Co i.i rc.nitnri had tm Menetee ACo Nor HaVeloek, 1079, Jacobsen, to Keaefee ft CO Ital Indus, nil, SohiafBno to Kenefea ft Co Br Kate Crosby, MelCasters, to SQili- van Timber Co Nor Lines Bros, 619, Svendsen -to 8 8 ftTCoi 1 Nor Loyal, 82J, Gregersen, to Baam ft Co Ital Luiglo Kooco, 546, Rebnffo to Caopo-d nieoACo. has Mercury, 6S7, Smitsrand to 8 8 Lft Co Ital Maris Be petto, P97, A vegao, to master BnsMatts August, 628, Wirpl to Menefee ft CO Nor New Zealand, 66, Elo Janeiro to master Nor-Nlna 644, fienrlkseU, to 8 8 ft Co. Ital Nuoya Manilla, 493, to Meaer; fee ft Co v. Nor Nadla, 690, to Green ft Co Nor NjaL 669. Bansen, to fiyer Bros Ital Ooeaalc, 67.

Ueflerarl, to 8 8 ft Co Mor PC Petersen, 64. Tollefsen, to 8 Keyset Ital Blftettl. 889, Elttorf to Menefee ft Co Ital Beligione et Llberto, $4, Denegrl, ta 8 Keyser Elngnorn; 961, Bentsea, to Snjllvaa TluiberCo TOo i Am Sunbeam; 845, Ifowatt toBaare ft Co Am SaraH A Stapler, 448, 0ay, to feaastea Ger Stralsund, 681, Qehlberg, to Baara ft Nor Stanley, lUt, Dublin to Sullivan Tim ber Co i Nor TJoroo, 6 0, Torgersen to 8 8 A Co' Nor Tordenskjold, 667," Point a Pltre to order 'r Nor Theodor Korner, Tborsen to 0 Wilson Nor Vineira, 9X6, Olsen to master -Bus Veritas; 678, 8c nan a to Kaars A Co Ger Tally, Walter, to Baars ft Co bus Waaama, 636, airman to Baars ft Co Itat Zefflro, Pell rano to master Dutch Zeenympb, 898, Grant, to 8 Key Norllpotar, 696, Byveftsen, to WS Keyset AnxMary Kimball, 458, Eddy to master -L Am Arnold, 736, Progresso to tiport Coal To i- i Aia S64, Gould, to order Am Famosa, 368, Moull to master Am Hand McLaln, 645, Kirk to ttxport Coal Co -1 Am Mexico, 861, Lorlng, to Kxpcrt Coal Am Aiaua jaouain, to Export Coal Vtt Br Polar 8 nr. 79. raatadn.

to Brr Rrd SECOND DAY OF THE CONVENTION. lntereetlng Report From the Board of State Mleaions Change of Annual Meat U19 umwtJMnimKW oicviu mm mm Naxl Place Meetiaa. Eto. Th Florid Tiantlat Rtata Convention was called to order at 10 a. yesterday by Bev.

Ji. A. Bailey, the secretary, to the absence of the president and vice president. Mr. Bailey read the 97th Psalm, after which prayer was offered by Ker.

W. M.Rabb, of Alabama. The minutes of the previous day's sessions were read and approved. Rev. W.

M. Rabb announced that he was authorized to represent the Alabama Bactlat 1b obtaining aabscrlntions. L)r. T. i.

Bell, of Richmond, assistant corresponding secretary of the Foreign Mission Board, and Dr. J. William Jones, of Atlanta, assistant secretary of the Borne Mission Board, were Introduced and Invited to seats in the convention. On motion the reports on Home and Foreign Missions were made the special for 7:30 p. m.

The standing- committees to report daring the session were then announced. ut. 1. jr. oeu preseuiea me claims 01 the Foreign Mission Journal and Dr.

J. William Jones presented those of the "Horn Field" to the convention. The boar of 10:80 a. m. baying arrived, the special order for that hoar was taken np, being the report of the State Board 1 I V.

1 1 nuaamam. xict. tv. n. wuauuoiu.

following: TENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF STATE BOARD OF MISSIONS, FLORIDA i BAPTIST CONVENTION. otiaawaarj nsni 111 ina aiais. 1. By missionar ies commissioned, including the secietarie-, thirty-five persons have been under appointment the whole or a part of the year, and have worked in West, Middle, Northern East, Middle East and Southern East and in central ana estern part 01 tne quarterly reports we have the following iwrcnta of work Weeks of labor 1118, churches supplied 60, mission stations 63, and 11 churches were organized, most of which wen the results of work at the stations occupied. Sermons preached 3212, and 721 addresses or lectures on temperance missions, Sunday schools, and other practical and doctrinal subjects.

As the result In part of this work, 653 persons were Immersed on profession of fulth, 85 were restored to fellowship, and 264 received by letter. To this is to be added the commencement of IS bouses of worship, the completion of 8, and making of TlSlbB, IBS UJSI.TLUU1.1UU Ul IU rc- ligious books, 60,605 pages of tracts, and 866 copies of the Scriptures, organized S4 Sunday schools, 5 Women's Missionary societies and bands, holding 447 children's meetings, and securing 319 renewals to the Florida Baptist Witness. They also report the traveling of 71,219 mites, and the conversion of 86 pupils of Saadav schools. We can say, as we said a year ago "the past has been our most prosperous year," not financially, but in results accomplished or spiritual suc- At Titasville and Arcadia, two county towns, bouse of worship are projected, and at the latter place an effective church has been organized during the past year. At Martanna, another county town, a beautiful house has been built and dedicated, while at Green Core Spring, the capital 01 Clay county, a cnurcfi nas been organized and a house built, thus, we may say, firmly establishing the cause in four county towns.

2. By aiding in building bouses. This csctinues to be an important branch or department of state work. Tour board regret their want of means to do more in this work. Help to the extent of $485.68 has been extended to 16 places by gilt and loan, viz: Chipley, Marianua, Apalachicola, Carabeile, Hopeful, Fer-naudina, Anthony, Olivet, Oxford, Wild-wood.

Lady Lake, Anciote, Titusville, Tart Pierce. Seffner and Rnel. At 13 of these places buildings are being used. Several other points are asking for help. 8.

Helping your ministers to secure an education is the third branch of work Is the state, and one that Is growing on oar hands. Since the last meeting of the convention, Brethren Dilworth and Anthony have entered upon their special work, the latter In Kentucky, the former in Slew York. But the number needing assistance Increases, and encouraged by ns to believe they would be helped, several have entered our own beloved nnlversity at DeLand. Joseph LeKoy, formerly of South Carolina, but more recently of Dade City; George W. Waae, Linden, Sumter county; John H.

Williams, Macon; Frank C. Edwards, of Costal River; Noah Norwood, Plant City; Robert Loveli, Apopka; James C. Harris, Umatilla, seven young men, sre bow In school and all needing, if not expecting some help, and will have to be assisted or leave school perhaps. Of these young men, the cautions and criti cal president of John B. Stetson univer sity says: "All these men are first-rate la character.

I have foundsothlng bui straightforward honesty and a good degree of consecration In them all. They ax imiy np to tne average 01 tneoiogi cai students anywhere, and I really be lieve- they are -above the Brethren, we must enlarge In this de partment of work. The Lord is placing honor upon us, and with it responsibility in this matter, and let ns show ourselves worthy of the one by manfully and Chris tl ally meeting the other. Work Out of the State. 1.

By or through the Home Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Though oar work in the state Is all virtually the work of the Home Mission Board, we feel that educationally and morally, it is proper that our people aid in that board's work ontstdeour state, especial lj um tffiuu lyaww, vim huku has claims peculiar upon us, and the other Cuban the Lord honored bv 1: a nainz us to start It. The Home Boars Is onr mother, and a good one she has been, and Is, and the. time has come when tne cttiia so long carea lor can helB the mother some, and we have made some advancement the past year, giving 1445 to this work. 2.

Through the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Conven tion. Hoping to realize an increase ta receipts, the beard ventured to Increase the number of appointments and Incur more responsibility in state work, and, falling in our expectations in regard to receipts, we nave not sent quite as mucn to the Foreign Board as last year. Considerably more has been sent thatr was designated, and we may be able to re-oort as much to the Southern Baptist Convention in Msv as last year. Your board has not, we thinkjbeen at fault In using bo more money in this branch of the work, with the receipts as short as they have been, or rather not being ln- lne committee on nominations reported Rev. J.

H. Curry, of Pensacola to preach the introductory sermon at the next session of the convention and Rev. C.H.Nash, as alternate; also that the time of the meeting of the convention be changed to Thursday before the sec- oua in January. The report of the committee was adopted. Tne question "Where shall the next session of the Convention be held?" was taken up.

Rev. W. B. Dye placed Klsslmmee in nomination. Rev.

L. 1. Geiger named Leesburg, out stated mat the people of bis place would ite satisfied with the convention two year Rev. F. B.

Moodie moved to substitute Lake ity for Klsslmmee, and was sup ported nv Kev. r. C. Drew. The motion to substitute Lake City was lout, and Kissimniee, was selected as tne nest place of meeting.

Messrs. Porter and Moodie and Dr, Forbes were appointed a committee to nominate members of the State Board of Missions. The convention th- adjourned until 7 p. m. At Night.

The church was filled to overflowing when the convention was called to order at 7 :30 p.m., by Vice President C. H. Nash. After devotional exercises the report of the committee on Foreign Missions was read by the Rev. W.

A Bryan. Dr. T. P. Bell, of Richmond, assistant corresponding secretary of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist convention, was.

introduced and for 45 minutes held the convention and audi ence enchained by his eloquent presents tlou of the work of the board closing with an earnest appeal In behalf of the work. At the close of Dr. Bill's remarks the report was adopted. The report of the committee on Home Missions was presented by the chairman, Rev. S.

F. Gove, and read by Rev Paul Willis. Dr. J. William Jones, of Atlanta, as sistant corresponding secretary -of the Home Mission Board, of the Southern Baptist convention, was introduced, and in an able address of an hour presented the work of the board and its claims to the convention.

At the conclusion of Dr. Jones' remarks the report was adopted. On motion of Mr. Ferris, a vote of thanks was extended Mr. Wm.

K. Hver, in connection with Col. W. D. Chipley, for the tender of steamers for an excursion on the bav.

Rev. Paul illi, in behalf of the otnans' Missionary Society of the San fora Baptist church, presented a beauti ul silk quilt to the convention, to he sold, the proceeds to be donated to the State Board of Missions, and the quilt to be presented to President Chaadoin A cash collection amounting to $38. 25 was npfor the quilt, and subscrip tions te theamoant of $.50. The conventiop then adjourned until tins morning. Womans' Missionary Societies.

The meeting of the Womans' Mission ary Societies of the convention, ap pointed for 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, was postponed until 10 o'clock this morning. The meeting will be held at the Palafox Baptist church in connection with tiie children's meeting to be conducted by Mrs. Telford. All the ladies and children of other churches are cordially invited. Rheumatism is like sand in the bearings of inachiuery.

Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great lubricator which cures the disease. FOR SALE. Three show caes. At the Chicago Hair and Millinery Store. Best butter in town at R.

M. Avery's. Little Boy "Ma, I did not know pigs had do son, you are thinking of that boneless breakfast bacon at R. M. Avery's." PROTECT YOUR EYES.

The greatest invention ever made foi numan eyes H. Uirschberg's Improve Diamond and Non-changeable Spects ant Eyeglasses. Every pair guaranteed foi life, none genuine unless stamper Diamond and Non-changeable on frames for sale it Pensacola only by their au-tborizec' agents Dow Coe. Call an have vonr evos fitted. f8-l AMUSEMENTS.

The Cleveland Minstrels Next Thursday Night. W. S. Cleveland's consolidated minstrels have been secured for an engagement at the opera house next Thursday evening, January 29th. This Is an organization of great strength and popularity, containing as it does some of the greatest minstrel celebrities.

The young manager, Cleveland, can be justly titled the Napoleon of all minstrel mansgers. He has put together this seasou three companies of such acknowledged merit that his fame has extended broadcast through the land, and Ihe name of Cleveland is now a voucher foi all that is great and good in the minstrel world. His success has-been phenomenal. He is only 28 years of age and hit wealth is estimated at over a hundred thousand dollars, and every penny of it made in three years out of bis minstrel euterpriseH. This is Indeed a bright record for a young man.

"Some call it luck," remarked a well-knowu theatrical man, "but that Is sheer nonsense. Will Cleveland has bad a hard up-hill light of it from the start and has bad more reverses than any young man in the profession, but the secret of his success bas been his plucky-perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds, combined with toil and hard work with good judgment and sound business principles thrown in." The company that it plays here is claimed to be he largest and most expensive minstrel company ever seen in this part of ihe country. CALL Telephone 105. 25 pounds good rice for $1.00. 36 pounds best family flour for $1.00.

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Our brick, are the best manufactured In the country. Send in your orders direct. Piss Bxkbxx Bjuck J13-6m. Pins Barren, la. statement or prophecy we mane to the convention a year ago, to-wtt ''but the work of raising it (the endowment) pro gresses, and at farthest will be con summated during tre coming conventional year," we regard as now a reality, to even a fuller extent than we then hoped.

Brother Bailey has raised In cash and bonds during the year $1578.19, Including amount given at last convention, and it has been given cheerfully and by all denominations and all classes of your people. Poor people have jdven liberally; ministers have given as mnch as and more than tbey have received for a year's salary; men bave gives bonds who could barely write; one brother made his maik. Your board has been profoundly impressed with the readiness and liberality of our people in raising this endowment. It was often grand, touching and inspiring. We do not say to cease our efforts, or that we can do it.

Sometime will elapse ere the money will be paid in fall, and reverses will come, and death will come, and then, what bas not been done ill never be, in most cases, and. In the meantime, Interest must be paid, and until the money 1b all paid in some expense will accrue, though such a work bas seldom cost so little so tai; and, to meet these things, you will be called upon occasionally not pressed, however, nor burdened and this will be well, as it will keep this great Interest before our people, help to advertise and cause livelier interest in It. But brethren, we do feel that the time of fear, anxiety and uncertainty is past. Think not of failure any more, if we ever have. So, that taking into account the work of last year, the last year of the first decade, in its entirety, it has been the grandest and most successful of the ten.

We must try to enlarge our work for 1891; to do less missionary work will be calamitous, art! not to do more in ministerial education will be so, as it will necessitate the cutting short the education of some noble boys by their having to leave school, while it is very important that we do more for the home and foreisru boards. Brethren, we must enlarge. The Cnban work In Key West and Ybor city will require more hip from us this year, or from some source, or work now progressing favorably will bave to be abandoned. Brother King represents that Mrs. Falez is doing successfully the work her daughter performed at one time, and which is quite as necessary now as ever.

But she cannot continue it without help. Brother Godinez, by the aid of the church in Tampa, has commenced work at Ybor City, and the outlook is encouraging; but the Tampa church cannot carry on all the work. We said above to do less missionary work would be calamitous. The demands are Imperative for more; but to do so we must have mear.s. We take pleasure in acknowledins? the reception of $14.50 cents worth of bibles, for sale and donation, from the American Baptist Publication Society, and con tributions from Arizona, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, cw Jersey and Pennsylvania, the last named being $100 for church building given by Brother John B.

Stetson, In Memoriam. This is the first time in the decade of this board now closed that we have had the sad duty to perforin herein loo is another evidence of Divine favor of noting the death of members of the board or of Its employes. Since we re ported to you last Judge J. II. Gos, of Gainesville, and Rev.

J. T. Lynch, two beloved brethren, and active, interested members of the board, have passed awav, and Dr. Henry Talbird, who was at the time of his death in our employment, and Dr. G.

P. Guild, who buc recently had been, also heard the call "from labor to refreshment," from toil to rest, and bave heard, no doubt, "well done" from Him whose service they loved, and upon whom they depended for life and salva tion. They were remarkable men men whose like will not soou be seen again. Further notice will be taken of these brethren by the committee on deceased ministers. After the reading of the report it was discussed by Dr.

Forbes, Messrs. I hau- dion, Hall, Bailey, Porter, Farraelee and Provence. On motion the report was unanimously adopted. In response to a call from the secre- tary, pledges were made to the board for the ensuing year to the amount of nearly $2000. Dr.

W. P. Harvey, of Louisville, was Invited to present the claims of the Baptist Book Concern at 3 p. m. lr.

X. A. Bailey offered a resolution that steps be taken to secure the passage of an act by the Florida legislature iu-ccrporating the convention, which was unanimously adopted. The reports of the committee on edu cation and the trustees. of John B.

Stetson university were made the special order for 7:30 Saturday. Dr. A. Bailey presented an invita tion from CoL W. D.

Chipley tendering two steamers to the convention for an excursion on the bay at 2 p. m. to-day. On motion the Invitation was unani mously accepted with thanks. A communication was read from the secretary of the Baptist Educational Society of the Southern Baptist Convention, and on motion a committee was appointed to nominate three delegates to represeut the -convention at the meeting of the society, to be held at Birmingham, In May.

A communication was read from Rev. L. B. Plumer, of Jacksonville, stating that he was prevented from attending the session by an attack of the grippe. The convention adjourned until 2:30 p.

m. i Afternoon Session. The convention was called to order at 8 p. by Secretary Bailey in the absence of President Cbandoin, who was detained by sickness. Devotional exercises by Rev.

W. A. Bryan. Mr. F.

J. Paxon, of Atlanta, representing the Baptist Publication society was introduced and invited to a seat in the convention. By invitation Dr. W. P.

Harvey, of Louisville, occupied the floor and lu a very forcible manner presented the claims of the Baptist book concern at Louisville to the convention. On motion. Dr. C. C.

Bitting, of Philadelphia, was invited to address the convention at 11a. Saturday in the interests of the Baptist Publication society. The report of the treasurer was read snd order spread on the minutes. Dr. T.

P. Bell offered some suggestions relative to the designation of funds collected for mission purposes. Messrs. Geiger and Nash addressed the convention on the objects and importance of the Baptist Ministers' Life association. Rev.

W. B. Dye offered an amendment to the constitution increasing the number of officers of the state board of missions, by adding an assistant corresponding secretary and auditor, which was referred to a committee. This committee later reported favorably on the amendment, and their report was adopted. l- The secretary of the convention was Instructed to publish 130t copies of the pinoles as soon aa practicable.

O3 jaotloa of Jr, Fortes the pay of EDITORIAL AJTD BEPOBTOBI! BUR PLUSAGE. Pith sad Peint Doings, Sayings snd Opinions An 011a Podrida. The Weather. That was an ugly southwester that slipped np on Pensacola's weather clerk alout 1 o'clock this morning. The wind blew great guns and the rain poured In torrxnts; some unsuspecting individuals, and It may be vessels, were caught.

The Pool Tournament. The second game of the tournament at Riera's billiard hall, between Williams and Marzoni, was won by the former. The third game played last night between Gam and Glddens was won by Gam. The game to-night will be between Brinig and Gam. Dry Dock Commission.

The Commission appointed to select a site for a dry dock on the Gulf of Mexico will reach Pensacola to-day, or Monday morning, as shown by the following communication: Commission, Dry Dock Sitk. itk, 1 BLEAKS, 22d, 1891.) Gulf of Mexico, New Ohleax January 22d W. D. Chipley, Pensacola, Fla Dear Sir: Yon are advised that the Commission will arrive in Pensacola on Saturday evening, or Monday morning Very respectfully, A. J.

Whitakbb, Sec'y. Confederate Children's Refuge. A concert far the benefit of this home for the destitute children and grandchildren of Confederate soldiers of every state in the South, will be given next Tnesday night, January 27th in the armory. Acting wax figures imported from Paris. France, and some little orphans of a Confederate veteran will be the principal attraction.

A stage will be erected for their exhibition and the price of admission will be only 25 cents For so worthy a cause the whole city ought to turn out en masse to this nnlquc, novel ei rtainment. Miss Anla Moore the only lady 'mesmerist and ventriloquist who was here nine years ago is the directress of the whole affair. Ihe Dummy Line. It is an 01 en secret that there has been some friction among the promoters of the dummy line. Tbey met in this ty in the early part of this week to settle their differences, Col.

W. D. Chipley having been requested by the subscribers in Baltimore who are to furnish the money to meet these promoters and see if matters could not be arranged. It will be a matter of general interest to the public to know that an agreement was reached ana signed and sent to Baltimore. Yesterday the following dis patch was received from the subscribers atBaltlmere: "Baltimore, Jan.

22d, 1891. D. Chipley, Pensacola, Fla. "Will assnrc you of completion of dumniv line." This shows that the settlement bas been satisfactory and that no. further delay will be experienced in carrying but the work.

Galveston Throws Up the Sponge. The statement below from the correspondence of an exchange, shows that Galveston gives up the fight for the naval dry dock. New Orleans might learn a lesson from Galveston's candid mayor. A free confession is good for the soul. At the meeting held to confer with the commission, Mayor Fulton remarked that If such were the conditions he was afraid Galveston was barred out, as she did not have more than 15 feet of water on tie bar aud he knew of no point after crossing the bar that had.

26 feet of witer. After the meeting the commissioners were taken in carriages and driven over the city. Iu the afternoon they boarded the revenue cutter Dix and were given a view of the bay and harbor improvement. To-night they held another meeting, and Lieutenant Ripley, late assistant engineer on the harbor improvement here, presented the advantages of the city for a navy yard, and Secretary Dana, of the inter-state deep water committee, presented the commercial Importance of Galveston. The commission divide here, a part of it returning to New Orleans to-morrow evening, and some going to Aransas pass in the morning.

The only two points on the gulf coast or contiguous thereto that possess the requisite conditions for the location of dry docks and a navy yard are New Orleans and Pensacola, the latter having docks and a yard. A fresh lot of Peter Oak's candy at R. M. Avery's. THE PUREST AND BEST Articles known to medical science are used in preparing Hood's Sarsaparilla.

Every ingredient is carefully selected, personally examined, and only the best retained. The medicine is prepared under the supervision of thoroughly competent and every step In the process of manufacture is carefully watched with a view to securing in Hood's Sarsaparilla the best possible result. Have yon made provision for your family in case you shonld die? Ed. Gale (juina represents the best life insurance companies In the wcrld. OUR VERY BEST PEOPLE Confirm our statement when we say that Dr.

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A. D'Alemberte. Druggist, 803 8. Palafox street. NAVAL AFFAIRS.

The Squadron of Evolution Resumes Active Operations. The flagship Chicago left Brooklyn navy yard on the 18th bound for Hampton Roads. Her departure, says the New York Times, swiftly following that of the Yorktown and Dolphin, marks the first step toward active operations in Admiral Walker's revived squadron of evolution. The plans for the cruise are similar to those advocated by the Admiral In former yiar, being designed, to use his own words, "to secure trantng ana constant exercise at sea the first conditions of naval effi ciency." The Chicago bas three months' stores aboard, besides a full supply of ammu nition ior target practice. Her bunkers are filled with 840 tons of coal, this being a sufficient quantity with which to steam 3,500 miles at a ten-knot rate.

Oot wardly she is quite as trim as inwardlv. having a bright, clean, bottom. fresh coat of white paint, and fall outfit of uew running rigging, she is thoroughly trim and Uut fore and afi, being quite the dandy of the Tne Chicazo has ot yet hoisted the Rear Admlral'l flag, PERSONAl AND PERTINENT. Dr. Bell, of Richmond, Is in the Cl Rain, warmer, is the local forecast for to-day.

Mr. A. S. Lyons, of, Mobile, spent yesterday in Pensacolntalflng his departure for home last Mrs. C.

Yeakley, of JJayton, is a guest of her sister, Mrs. J. Stevens, No. 615 East Zarragossa street A delegation from the Baptist convention yesterday visited the gymnasium and were delighted with the place 'and its appointments. On February 8rd the married ladles of Pensacola will give their annnal ball at the Continental hotel.

The affair will be one of the greatest social events of the season. Mr, John C. Woolf oik, of Montgomery, the well-known railroad man, recently Identified with the Pensacola, Mobile and Montgomery road, died yesterday in Montgomery. Dr. J.

Wm. Jones, who was General Lee's chaplain during the war, and who is otherwifte known as the editor of Southern historical papers and as assistant secretary of the Baptist Missionary Board, is one of the many visitors attracted to Tensacola by the Baptist convention. Mrs. John B. Stetson, the wife of the Philadelphia millionaire, who endowed the Stetson University of DeLand with more than accompanied- bjf Professor Forbes, president of the University and the latter' wife, are in attendance upon the Baptist convention now in session tn-this The steamers Echo snd Simpson, the nse of which respectively is tendered by Col.

W. D. Chipley and Mr. Wm. K.

Hver, will leave Palafox wharf at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon having on board the members of the Baptist con- ventlon, who will be taken to view the various points of iuterest in the lower harbor. Arrivals at Dunn's Hotel, Dunn Mooney, Proprietors Wm Cobb, Miss; Harold, Ala; Watson, city; Win McDsvid, Chn-muckla, Fla; A Ostendoff, Ala; Rollins, Baltimore: Fitzslmmoos, New Orleans; Buist, Detroit, Mich; Graney and wife. Columbus, Ohio. Arrivals at tile Merchant's Hotel Dorris.New Orleans; Glenn. Cincinuatt; Kramer, Chirleston; Wilson, Birmingham; A Guthman, Atlanta; Bulefaut, Philadelphia; Van Bvnschoten, New York; Jas Kerr, wife snd son, USA; Wm Welker, Menethro, Faon Atlanta; A Fredewhelm, Richmond, Va; A Gout, Warsaw, Wisconsin; Wagner, Wagner, Plamnell.

Mass; Mad-dox, Montgomery; W.Norton, Bell-ville, Wis; Cleveland. Mobile. WM. C. J.

For coal, free of si ick, slate, or slag, call telephone 81 and order from W. C. Jones. G. II.JACOUY, MnnHfiicturoris' Orders for Silver and Plated are, Jew-e'ry.

Cutlery. taken and goods guar-anteed as represented. Foil line of asm pies and catalogue to choose from. Parties desiring to Invest In this line will find it to their advantage to. consult me.

Office In rear of I Stone's clothlag store. P. Box 886. dta-am JSJAJjlTBlK, UTTERED TKSTKROAT. Br bk Clarence, tuS2, Webb, Cape Town to order- Nor bk Gaspee, Jonanneien, Middles-borough to muster Nor bk Jurlen, 1021, Dahl, London to 8 4 Co sawn timber, ft lumber by breen ft Co for ewcastl- on Tyne Swt-d bk Antxinctta, Oberg.

41,018 ft awn timber, lumber by Sullivan Timber Co for Liverpool Rua bk Usko, Elbholm, 23M ft sawn timber. 8J2.00O frlunber by 8 Keyser for Naples i Nor bk Undine, OSland, 63.784 ft sawn t'mber. 25,000 ft' lumber by 8 8 A Co for Sharpness i MIgCELLAST. Bks Bog-liasco, Tamerlane, and added to list of vessels bound for Pensacola Nor bk ToTvo, hence, arrived at Liverpool Ja- IS Nor bk Mafrnns Lagraboter, hence, arrived at I'alma (Majorca) Jan 10, slightly dum-aged above board Nor bk China, hence for Leith, passed Scilly Jan J7 I Ital bk Nlcollnaj Cette for Pensacola, passed Tarita Jan li, 1 i rRElCHTS. (Contributed by Boss, Howe ft Merrow, Ship and Steamship Brokers.

)-v fWan fTnalvFita sivoft tinent, and 5 to tbn Mediterranean, and 5, 5a to Spain. Large tonnge is qaot-d at 4, 5s to 4, 10s areordlng to size and position. To Rio and the Elver PUtte $14.50 to $15 Is quoted for prompt vqsseiy. By steam 4, 15g torfrls quoted to U. K.

or Coutlnent. vprlne lfwdlne. CoaBt Ise 15.75 til ffl tiHrA tn Vnrth Ida of Cnba, aud $6 i to to Northern ports. i Our frelxht ma ket lqnlton Bcconnt of Soaroltv of timber lasting for aouie weeks, having had ver little rulnsi of lute, (n ln f.ti taa creeas ana ormg down, limber from the in tenor. 1UB fumy eHatn o-inir at hnnrt ewu UlTa water enuusrh to iret tlniht- mifflrUni nn fThere are at tlmna.

lot i.uod auvrr Closing Doors. Thnsr "vi ue ropurtea Bereia next day. the SHippiyq TESSELO IS POST sair No Macduff, usa. kh.a.,.i.

0 iHlllo mt ui oyer Nor Cnba. sns. qq m-xpun jom Nor Anstria.891. Wailoe. to master.

Nor Amhlu. Wlm itaars Bns Alezandnp ak tre A Co Ts WhuingUnta Marcne 65a. LIcetl to Ital Biano rifiaaaitwn iu- 1 7 tsOTt to to Nor Pumlln. tn I Mcll8: 10 SklBBer ft Itak Cinnna nen ch ft Co Sun to a series of experiments with a view to Its introduction on board all the ships of the navy. The system is made np of ten lamps which hang vertically in pairs from a backstay, thus forming combinations which, being Interpreted, make np the code.

The combinations are "worked" from a keyboard having sixty-two different letters, signals, Ac. The Ardois system is now in use In the French and German Navies. At Hampton Roads the Chicago will find the Atlanta ready for sea service. Since last September that vessel has been undergoing extensive repairs in the nature of new piston rings, four feed pomps, ash-hoisting engines, improved ventilators in engine and fire rooms, end new auxiliary machinery, such as blowers, capstan and steering gear. -The boilers have also been refitted with new dry pipes and furnace fronts, and the old gallery bas been replaced by a new one.

Like the Chicago, she is now almost new again. The Yorktown, which left the navy yard Thursday afternoon, and the Dolphin, which bas been getting a new draft at Newport, will also be on band to sail with the rest. Owing to the absence of Admiral Walker 110 official statement could be obtained yesterday as to the programme of the cruise. An officer, in high standing on board the flagship said to a Times reporter, however, that be was 'sure no definite programme had as yet been prepared by the Admiral. It is known that the squadron willfrendezvous at New Orleans, because the mail for the ships has been ordered forwarded to that point.

Such a mobilization has not been held at New Orleans since 1888, when the flagship Richmond, under Admiral Lure, met there with the Yantic, Galena and other vessels of the North Atlantic squadron. The officers of Admiral Walker's squadron are looking forward to their arrival at New Orleans with eager xpectancy, as they hope to participate in the Mardi-Gras festivities, which take place in the week of their visit. The proposed stop at Key West while on the way to New Orleans is only-speculative. It is said to be part of the origiual programme prepared by the Admiral, but his plans have been altered somewhat by the Washington authorities. After leaving New Orleans the Yorktown and Dolphin will probably go to Galveston, and later rejoin the squad ron at fensacoia tor evolutions, target nring ana landing arms.

JONES, JONES. JONES. Let's see, I believe I've heard that name before. Jones! Oh, yes, I know the man you speak of. Jones! W.

C. Jones, the coul and wood man, around on Zarragossa street. Jones that does the selling. Pure leaf lard at R. M.

Averv's. Before going elsewhere, Inspect pho tographs at Perry 4 Zirnbauer, over Watson's. AS THE EAGLE SOARS ABOVE THE EARTH, SO DOES MOTER SOAR ABOVE ALL COMPETITORS. 30 pounds of good rice for Si. 38 pounds of best flour for $1.

15 pounds of granulated sugar for $1 22 pounds light brown sugar for $1. 18 pounds of Fairbank's lard for SI. 14 pounds of silver leaf lard (pure) ior Salt shoulder 4 cents per pound. Pic-nic hams 6 cents per pound. Best molasses 25 cents per gallon.

Choice Rio coffee, parched an I ground, 2U cents per pound. 2 ounce bottle extrsct lemon for 5 cents. 2punce bottle extract vanilla for 5 cents. Illinois creamery butter 5 cents per pound. Fresh meal 15 cents per peck.

9 one pound bars best- soap for 25 cents. v. 12 boxes of parlor matefrts for 5 cents 2 cans of nice corn for 15 cents, v-" 2 cans of nice tomatoes for 15 cents. Remember Moyer guarantees good iuii weigm every time. Remember the cheao Store corner uovernment and Alcauiz.

Don't insure VOur life until von have examined tne tonus and policies Issued oy mewew io xaie insurance Com pany, which is represented by Fx Gal Quins, No. 10 East Government stree FINE CIGARS. THE BEST 5 CENT IV TUT? CITY WARRANTED PURE HAVANA FILLER AT NIC APOSTLE'S. THESE CIGARS ARE MADE ESPECIALLY FOR NIC AND ARE THE LEADERS IN THI8 AKtLKT. PhotosrraDhs at Perrv Zlrnhanor am 1.

i a 1 a me oca i auu cueapest oyer waison 8. The importance of purifying the blood cannot be over-estimated, for without pure Diooa yon cannot enjoy good health. P. P. P.

(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium) is a miraculous blcod puri fier, performing more cures in six months than all the sarsaparillas and so-called blood purifiers put togetner. 031 -lm Finest glace finished photographs at Perry over Watson's. YOU ARE IN A BAD FIX Bet we will cure yon if yon will pay ns Men who are Weak, Nervous and Debilitated, suffering from Nervous Debility, Seminal weakness, and all the effects of early Evil Habits, or later indiscretion, which' lead to Premature Decay, Consumption or Insanity, should send for snd read the "Book of giving particulars of a Home Cure, sent (sealed) free, by addressing Dr. Parker's Medical and Surgical Institute, 151 North St, Nashville, Teoa. Tbey guarantee a ear or no s80iy.

Am Boot 4 it, elove, to aumter SPECIAL 0 CENT A iui va narked or th rata r- irm -ssmm. UCUI A UC VVord ner lnae tinn. Nn fcder this heading may be published for lesa ute Bireet. Apply next doorj J28-1W EtOBBENT. Af orrooin.

n8a and bak-b A ery, with eompl-te bake outfit: btma privilege of buying horse and breat w.gun. Apply No. 15 VVtMjt Government St Jifj iw IJV3R BENT. Three rooms np stain Ken-A shaw building, well ventilated and saleable for office or sleeping rooms, at. ply to Dr.

F. G. Benthaw. i'OIt SALE. COB SALE.

At a great bargain Md on improved fire and burglar proof safe with Ia cctiJeni order. AddIv err xrcasaooia. lor- IJUUJU A .1 and lot. of nHid 7 M1MCELLANEODH. 3 A BK yoo golnn to the Wax tone rt 1 1 the Armory.

Taesday night? of w.nrae!-because it ta u.r" jtta Vtmr a-. whoan js wanted to travyl Ith them. m-t, tnwh Escambia nvMu JTSZT-Tt Keeeivod freah every day. gWranEia iDbi-oolaad f-h rffn' ent9 per handred. mid oynTso Joaf26 eeau.

Baw oVters. mi ll wnts. Oysters sear oat. half Sonts per doaeo. Theaevraa" Jh and better sow than tbym ciJiatmL I employ Jim Brown, the pener to the atate.

GiardTnirt' wraer of Zarragoaaa and Rci. 634 NAVAL DIIILL Continental,) ENSAC0U. FLORIDA. Ijew Managetaenwstrlctlv cijt3w oa icy NKl owner, ior eon rr.p..n,.ble for. debts ow vt aaiu Vessel.

I CHEW TXy T. SRonslbiti jal vrit ere of said vesser "eted bv tne erew mXKBBOJt. Consignees. vaptaln. IVTSlTHEBtie eantau.

Af igaeeaot tne Nor bk tL 80r CcpiKin. bVJh Pcmart. for debt. -'Jevna by the crew of TeMelr eontrovi NOflCEST7 I ivo qo FOlt HJrJN'A. i CREBr Vrvl EdacstionslerEjiowmestWoHu Oar expectations have been more than realized in efforts to complete our fiad, sod th cash receipts 1 rtd ol' in.

We t-aptain. -K.

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