The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 1, 1948
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— — ' J^fDOMlNANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHK, H «,« ' ' . *_ ^ * *~* ** & NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blyth«v)ll« Courier Blylhevllle Dally New Valley Leader Blytheviil* Her«ld TWELVE PACKS FIYB CENTS U. S. Navy Launch Overturns With Loss of 21 Lives NORFOLK, Va., June 1. (UP)-FJfth Naval District headquarters said today 2; men were missing anil presumed drowned when a 90-man Liberty launch fpundcred and overturned m the black waters of Hampton Roads last night A revised casualty list released by the navy said 10 Marines and 11 sailors were believed to have drowned in thc rain-swept, surging roadstead. An earlier navy list had set the toll at 22, including nine Marines and. 11 sailors. "The report of loss of life of Navy personnel last night may be placed at 21 men," said Rear Adm. C. A. P. Sprague, commander of the Tusk Force to which the men were attached. "This report is considered accurate and includes thc best estimates of possible stragglers," Sprague announced. Israel Accepts UN's Truce Plan Proposal Calls for 4-Week Cease-Fire Order, Arms Embargo By Robert Manning "Further checking Is now in pro- j United Pr« s staff CurresiKmdent fress." The Navy did not identify any the men presumed to be dead, but officers said a casualty list "might" toon be released. The Liberty launch capsized last night and Coast Guard search parties cruised the choppy water* all night and this morning. I The launch heeled over about 250 yards from the carrier Kearsarge a. half mile off the NorfoJk Naval Base. At least one man thrown into the swirling waters swam back to the dock. He was Boatswain's Mate 3|c Thomas A. Rowe of Huntingtoa Park, Caiif. The other survivors were believed to have been picked up by naval vessels near the Kear- •arge. The navy will hold an investiga- LAKE SUCCESS, jr. Y. J u:le i (UP)—An official spokesman disclosed today that Israel has accepted the United Nations plan for a four-week truce in Palestine and simultaneous arms embargo i n the Middle East. The offcial said Israel's not* of acceptance, while it would not contain any "conditions," would be accompanied by an "Interpretation" of the cease-fire plan voted last Saturday night by the UN Security Council. ' The note was expected to he deposited »ith UN Secretary General uJT 'fr shonl >-*' e11 before the UN deadline of 5 p.m. CST. The UN still awaited the first of- Iicial word from the Arab states If accepted by the ' cease-fire plan Arabs, the presumably would - - — -- , - - ~.- soon, brineinc at charges were expected against the least four weeks of peace to Pales officer who ordered the boat out tine during which a universal arms In the choppy tea. The launch was ' embargo would be clamped on the built for rough water he said, and Middle East and the UN would try tlon, a spokesman said, but no j go into effect le not considered overloaded. A spokesman said the 'Mediterranean Task Fores was under four- hour notice to sail and that-orders to lift anchor were expected shortly. The Kearsarge apparently picked up a large number of the men who had been pitched from the Liberty launch into the sea. But the carrier's skipper, Capt. S. C. Smiley, reported by' radio that it was still ."'uipossible to make' accurate estimate" of the number or su: Ca,-^:8mi!ey asked a,'l ran '.Miu in the Norfolk arealb cast an order to personnel attfeheif to the Kearsargc, who might still be ashore, 10 contact the district headquarters. It appeared to be the only way »n accurate check could be made to determine exactly who was aboard the overturned launch. Driving rain and gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour hampered the search. Searchlights from rescue vessels attempted to pierce the log and blackness, but visibility was reduced to about 25 feet. Richard D. Mowry, a photographer's mate first class, who went out Kith,a naval rescue party aboard a. tug, said on return that "we didn't find anyone." "The water was verv rough with gust s ol wind 25 to "30 miles per hour," Mowry said. "All \^ found was a white hat and a jacket all knotted." k Mowry said other naval vessels Pwcre "making every effort to find the men, but it seemed to be irj vain." One navy spokesman said last night that "it doesn't look so good for the men in the water." The scene was about a mile off Did Point Comfort In the broad roadstead where Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic. r to negotiate a more prauanent settlement, between Jews and Arab's If the Jews' "interpretation" should turn out to be reservation's that probably would be enough to create * serious dispute in the council. Two Arab diplomats at UN said shortly after the Israeli official's Jewish Bomber Strikes Air Blow At Arab Capital Amman Is Hit as UN Mediator, Arabic Leaders Talk Peace TEL, AVIV, June 1. (Up>_7 5ro e! struck the first air blow of Uw war at any, Arab capital today, boinb- mg Amman as Arabic leaders and mediators gathered there to weigh a United Nations appeal for a month's truce iu Palestine. A Jewish bomber wheeled over the Trans-Jordan capital for 18 minutes, dropping explosives and Incendiaries, six to 12 persona were reported killed, 30 wounded! and considerable damage done In the downtown am. The tiny, Israeli nir fo ,. cc ],i, Klcd its first punch nt the sent of (he Arab high command a few hours before the leaders directing the war against the Jews took up their answer to, the UN request for pence announcement received no that they still had word aljo>4 their governments' response to the cease- fire plane. ,d Singer Has Chcnce to Escape Contempt Citation By John A. Goldsmith United 1-rcss Staff Correspondent Bey Fawzl of Egypt El Kdouri of Syria said > indication what to {hey indicated they instructions Count- Folke liornadotte the UN mediator, and his staff of 18 flew from Haifa to King Abdullah's cap- Impetus was given to hope for R rucc by a lull in the battle for the new city of Jerusalem. The 16- dny barrage laid on the Jewish-held aiiartcr of Jerusalem was halted. Ihe pause was a reversal of evident Arab determination to overrun the city before the UN could bring about a truce. Arabs to Be ••Reasonable" Another hopeful sign came from Cairo. Premier Nokrashy Pasha said there that tho Arab answer to the UN would be "moderate and reasonable." H would not reject the principle of a truce, he added. hJh"^!? SwHlrit y Council asked both Arabs aud Jews to give their answer to the trues appeal by 6 p.m. EST today. J As thc deadline approached there appeared to be sonic relaxation in thc concerted drive of Arab armies on Tel Aviv. Week-end reports that the Arabs were pushing up from the South and stabbing at the coastal outpost of Natnnya on the North showed few specific advances. An | Iraqi communique said Iraqi forces captured a village four miles east of Natanya, In the raid on Amman, the Jewish plane appeared over the city st 3:la a.m. (7:15 p . m . Monday CST swooped low several times in TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 1J48 Oregon City Hit by Flood Ore. Po,nt. A " ael ' ln l view of the shambles led by the floo5"aT is presented here showing (upper right air mny be portion of the piclure.-(NEA Telephoto). / Out of 3 Restaurants Serve C/eo for Butter, Survey Shows Fire Damages Aufo Sales Firm Owner Discovers Night Blaze in Repair Department Fire believed lo have started in ° r 'biit would receive some during the afternoon. Memorial Day WeekendDeath Toll Hits 415 evident search of choice targets for its relatively light load of explo- ground fire greeted the At (By United Press) least 443 persons lost their survey showed lives in accidents over the Mem Day week-end, today, A United press survey showed that In the period beginning at midnight Friday 208 persons died traffic accidems. 01 drowned and144 were killed in plane crashes' by lightning, and in other types of mishaps. The Navy reported that 22 drowned last night when a launch overturned in the choppy waters )lk. Va.. as it carried sa.^o Marines back to the aircraft carrier Kcarsarge. off The traffic death toll approached that predicted by the National Safety Council. The, council had f ore _ cast that 225 persons would be killed in traffic, not Including those who will die in coming weeks or months of injuries suffered durin^ :he holiday. . The total number of deaths from all causes was still below the 1947 atality list of 482. one of the worst Memorial weekends in the nation's history. But last year the total was boosted by R series of Nc. WASHINGTON. June I,—(UP)—! erBshcs which killed 103 singer Paul nobesou ap- pe.ii-cfl today lo have an even chance of c-rnping a contempt citation for refusing to tell a Senate committee if he was a Communist. Robeson refused to answer the are-you-a-Communist question while testifying before the 'Senate Judiciary Committe on the House- approved Communist-control bill. He took thc same position as the 10 Hollywood figures who were indicted for contempt for leiu.sing to answer the same query from the House UnAmcrican Activities Com- airplane ^ , - -•• — persons. Only 20C died in traffic, 53 by drown- and 120 due to miscellaneous sivcs. Heavy raider but it pressed home the at- lacK. mi Amman dispatch reported U said the lirst official report, there was that six persons were killed and minor damage was caused. An official British announcement in Haifa said the' ruiti killed 12 Arabs and wounded 30 It added hat the Jewish plane bombed a Koyal Air Force station at Amman damaging a number of planes on' Ihe ground. One report from Amman said the raider was a. twin-engined plane winch dropiied three-inch shells and incendiaries from the cockpit Jhcy were said to have hit mud and stone houses 50 yards from one of the biggest hotels in n,e c ,ty United Press Correspondent Robert Miller said two me,, were arrested on signaling the plane. They were rescued by police from a mob which gathered abott them in a downtown street. Bernadottc, special United Nations mediator in the Palestine war conferred here last night with Premier David Ben Gurion and foreign Minister Moshc Shcrlok of Israel. He was accompanied by a party of 18 United Nations offi- •""'- and advisers. Fertilizer Plant Holds Interest of Missco Planters Rose. Koseland planter Charles Negro basso was the time but a . ^ The noted under oath at quorum of the committee was not present when the oath was administered. Sen. Homer Ferguson. R., Mich who asked Robeson the $64 question, said the lack o f a quorum raised a "legal problem" about citing him for contempt. Ferguson a former judge, said thc courts never 10 Grocers Announce Summer Schedule \ Effective tomorrow noon, lOD.j- thcvllle grocery stores will be closed Wednesday afternoons for the Summer months, it was announced today by the store operators The list of stores include: Liberty Cash. Kroger's two stores Biship Grocery: Happy Ifonr Grocery and Market- Nunally's Grocery; LuttrelVs Market; N,ibers Grocery; Freeman- Henley Grocery; Cecil Lowe Grocery; and Pickard's" Grocery Weather _„{ _ - ~f r ->ut fJi 1VII.1 ppi County Agent, attended th meeting of farm bureau represent atives in Little Rock today, wl, ic , of Arkansas *}!*""* the . PossiWlIt the members of the °SL7pp Farm Bureau Federation in th building of a $13,000,000 plant I, produce nitrogen fertilizers Ihe meeting was called by Walter May. of Marion, who ha charge of the meellng where E ie cutivc Director Owen a box last night damaged the r r ,° r ,M, B lnn!C ro? '» in the rear of a building occupied by the E C Burnett Auto Sales on South High-' way 61. ThednmaRe was not extensive and b _ l!U _1T. n ? confi "«l <° ono wall all Both were timt that ";,' 0 '*' '"= SftM . "> the restaurants server and a portloh of the cellln the wall and nearby celling burned. Three cars were in th c bulldine "TI, , •; but none was damaged. The room exiaIn Sl8 ! lir!en »t Voint l s tliat i. m which the fire occurred -was used ncaicrt O lo° t r f, gu!lUlt " ls a repair shop. j^"4 oteo „ he gubc of ^^ By Moore . Sen.,, Mi,,,,., sn | (l S^i"n , CCk af m restaurants showed that l out, or 3 served color- cd o lcomar B nrli,e or ™me other sul,- St 'i L e ,.':L> mtroi ! s re<I»«tl.i s butter. Therefore, said ilia dairy Senator. Congress should about repealing federal tnx colored oleo nnd prohibit its ufacturc altogether to slop ~t tlonal hoodwink on the people." Thy,. I, state forget GOP, Democrats Differ on Aims of President's Tour \ Republican* Say It'i Political But Whit* HOUM Claims It's Not (By IJnllfd frets) Democrat* and llepnbllciiM drifted still farther apart today on Just ivlmt kind of a trip President Tru"an Is m ulti,,g t n the West Const 111 s week. The OOP says It's political; the wiilto llouso says it Isn't. Mr. Truinim'x press hurlos o. Hoss, took todny to bolster the position. j[ C secretary, new steps While House announced ttmt only members of the President's Immr.- dlalo staff will accompany him on the 10-day S]inikln K tour. For weeks It had been exiwclnd I . , - v . Dl ''"° c ''"Uc pnlillclnns mohnbly IncUtrthur National chalr- iiian J. Howard McGrath. would lio no, - Houso today said Just spCTelmte, iildra and such. Hoinibllcan clinlrnmn Carroll ncecc Inilsl., that t), o tour will be inacWnc."""" 1 '" 1 "' L "° ^"""Tflwl II also was revealed today' Mr. li-nman apparently intends to *, C f fi 01 "? , s| ' ccchcs °" Hie return or the trip. One- of mny be Arizona and u couple of others rv..V , '" NDW ML ' X| ™. where Mr' irutnnns former secretary of aiirl culture cllutou P. A,v1er.,o.i. Is run•'"" for the Democratic nomlna- Aincrlcar leacler of thc senate 17™ » whlch ls opposing House-passed bill to repeal c taxes. He said Ihe survey of i? h (rMl » l " mill -' i ™ 5 c °'«l»ctcd eight cities last month Finders Associates, i nc York. butlcr-hloc by of Ir Facl New Hall Fire Station answered the call ns there are no lire hydrants In the vicinity, of the building located nboul (hrec-ouartcrs of a mil of the present city limits'. thT'"^ u " occil| " ecl second floor "o D.S. I,a w Violated ile South or flames penctmtetl the floor "° Mr. Burnett snjfl the fire probably started in a fuse box located behind chine In the building. The building drink vending thc is owned by Mrs. "lie, 15 oul of it or 20; in SI. Louis', 1 In San Antonio, is Knrl Green of Blythevllle. Two Firms Fined As Conspirators To Fix MHk Price 5 out of 20 Out OT 20. Thye said that "palming off" olco for butter is not n violation O f fed- "^•ri'JiMsrjfss; served as butter where it is freely ren-a 1 , i, 1 ' 01 ;™-""!"'''™' 1>H1 would repaal the 10 ceuls » pound fr-dcrnl lax on colored olco, ns well as the n q ,™ r ' C ,;:"!! t - fl -' 1 ? 1 "" 1 tax "'thill on boll, lon to the Bciinte. Tlirro S(»te» F.IMI California nud south Dakota voters went lo the polls today to noin- ""'° ', hc '' «" 1(li '^t" 'or Co,,,., ess nnd select c1clcga(c.i lo the lieuubll- lions. off clecllon Bates. lieuubll , 01 " ol: ™= P«ny conve, - lalwnm WHS havl,i R t. run Northwest Flood Crisis Nears as Thousands Flee "—* crisis. Beauty Contest Nears Deadline Miss Blytheville For 1948 to Be Named by Jaycees Tomorrow will | )0 iho deadline to, enli'iuils In the Miss Dlythcvllle am Mlsa Junior mylhcvillo ( 0 ,-cuUter with contest official,,. Hal,,), r> n u on , contest chilli mm, said today. Entry blanks can be obtained by he girl or her sponsor from Mr. Pillion. Charles Moore, or Mrs G D. Hammock, Jr. Mr. oul that u K l,-l need not have a pointed for Democratic delo- And In Delaware, Clov. Waller w Bacon was named clinfrmim of the stales nlnc-nmn delesntlon to Iho St ant Harold 'lillndclphfa hip of the aspl- OP "residential E st "Kien spc '°" ny """or Commit- ee , *> a ommt- ce for stassen. Tomorrow night he n ikes a campaign address at I'ltts- conSCe"" SUS " lccs « • ™ 3 U.S. Treasury, Post Office Get Budgets Cut • By Satldor S. Klrln ^1 rrM!1 SU(T Correspondent) ASHINGTON, j, mc i (up>_ °, , c A PI )ro l"-iatlons Commit- today slashed by 25 per cent the sponsor to enter, since Die contest committed would sec that all .entrants had sponsors. He also explained lhal sponsors who had some particular Dlythcvlllo girl In mind o sponsor in Uio Beauty 1-agoaiit thai was also pcrmlssaule. The beauty contest, sponsored annually by the niythcvllle Junior Clmmlicr of Commerce, will b« conducted at Haley Field nl 8 p.m. June- 9. with oiil-of-stute Judges naming Mlsa lilythevlllo" and "Junior Miss BlyUiovlllo." 'Hie pageant willbe followed by the Miss niythevlllo Ilwice nt the armory, with muslo furnished by Collo StoUz ami hi., orchestra. To dat* .wine 17 girls liavo announced as compc-Uioi-jj for (lio llllo or Miss niythevlllo and more arc expected lo announce a 5 candidates today and tomorrow. About 15 have been entered In the Miss Junior Hly- Ihevlllo competition. In addition to candidates previously announced for "Miss IllythQ- vlllc!" Miss Joyce Keith, Miss Mary Ellen atalford, Miss Peggy McMullin, Miss Mary Kllck and Misses Tina and Inn Cufwllo, twins, will Diimno Nelson, compete. Lucy C.mwford, Uranscuin, Mary Kay Michael Kny Yates, Linda Kayo Kills, Patty Jean Williams, Belinda Silo Snllba, Connie June Crawford, Maltha Cialo Lewis, Mary Jane Drokc, Jftna Lee Davis and Jo Ann Harger have been added to the list, I " In Red Cross truck*, In ow. blies «nd afoot, resident* moved out of imminently threatened dlatrleU atong the Washington and Oregon ' sliorea of th« cresting Columbia Th« mass evacoatlon was ordered at midnight last night by Col O. E Walsh, district engineer of the U.8. Army Corp of Engineers and affected 4S drainage districts from Ihe mouth of the Sandy River 12 miles East of Portland, to the mouth of tho Columbia »i Astoria, 1W iles West of Portland. The Columbia surged close to 1U maximum flood crest today and floods. Engineers said Mayor 6 C Tib!i' l 'flf f ^"B o abide by the declined. evacuation Instruc- of asplrunls to IJIythuvlllo titlu. the Junior Miss A !ovhi([ cup will bo prcscilled to the winner of the Junior Miss title and the winner of llic "Miss Blythe- villc" title will represent Ulythcvlllo in the competition at Ne..W|iorl June 30 to .July 21, sponsored by Eastern Arkansas Young Men's Business Club. The Miss niylhcvllle candidates will model bathing suits and evening dresses and the Miss Junior Dlythe- villc candidates will model either sun suits or bnlhlng suits. the flscnl year starting July l, It voted to «Ilo# the two u cles B total of $138,053 010 a re of juz.771.8W below the payments' budget estimates tor de- Osceola Jaycees To Install New Officers Tonight lions on grounds t i, e c ii y & protect _ ed by one of the most'slurdy dike., "' in tho flood control system, it Col D. A. Ellegel suld evacuation ot tho drainage district had been under way on a voluntary basU for several day B and that It was "lirse- ly completed" In some areas. ' than 60,000 iicrsons were s throughout the Northwest before the new order was Issued Those Included the 19.000 resident* of Vauport City which was wiped out Sunday when the Columbia Uivor smashed a dike. The number of dend In tho tragedy Jm 9 not. been determined. New torrents from lh» Columbia broke through three more big dikes today ami swept across a huge area of North Porllnnd. A score of communities was flooded or threatened on the Washington and Oreson shores of the river. It appeared that the entire sy»- tem ot lovces and dike's protecting lands along the lower Columbia ira* in danger of breaking down. Col. Walsh said all per 3 ons except those actively" fighting the flood, ' must, leave districts or, both the' Washington' and Oregon bafiks of ths Columbia from IU confluence with .tliei-9p>i,-l'y Biy«..kv*x mouth, at Astoria. •'••• •• •:;:'.' / "~ ;v «»W«~.T Shortly aflei- Walsh Issued hu, CH* or, the three dikes collapsed herfti "-' a fourth crumbled near dt-wsi tntocl Vanport City. The new breaki let a wall of water pour Into a rej- Idcnllnl district, of J.OOO homes and over the Portland Meadows Race Track, the Portland Amphitheater and several auto courta, Tho toll of the Northwest Hood* reached these approximate marks- Daumi-e — »is,020,coo, including! crops, properly arid Industries; dead —24; homeless—65,000. Vanport City Hit Again VANPORT CITY, Ore., June 1 (UP)— The Columbia River today sent, new torrents of floodwater through the muddy debris and splintered houses which hide Ihe late of those believed killed in the : Vanport City disaster. Authorities were mystified because not a single body had been found thus far in the wreckage of thc nation's largest housing pro- residents Imd fal cd to take a : r the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation presented the the Arkansas farmers furlhur action. project today Representatives from all r nrm bureaus In Arkansas wl lo were In™ crested in taking part In the building of the ., tend asked to at- . A J* ans! « forecast: Fair today, to- the meeting. The Mississippi is fo" rca " ls e °'"Z ahc « d with W At ^h loca ' cd ln ' A "ss'ssW. of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Fed" eratlon last November, the rte'c- ,favS ^ nt ... 0 .!!-!: CC , 0rd . as b «»8 In ,—=,-. — ...... ~ ^ u .w i, evt: r , . , - ettled clearly whether con- !" g i" nlld Wednesday. Little change ...... ------under tempt ca n be committed such circumstances- Chairman Alexander Wiley R Wls, indicated he will call a meet- nig of the full committee later this week to decide whether nobeson should be cited. He said he warn" interested whether Roticson was a Communist but wants to "preserve the dignity of the committee" Fcrg Usori sa | d tncr , s'billty" that Robeson, who ^r, Feared voluntarily yesterday, might to * ^ «« In temperatures. Minimum this morning— 54. Maximum yesterday— 83. Sunset today — 7:07. Sunrise tomorrow— 4:48 Precipitation, 48 hours to 7 J today — none. Total since Jan. 1—22.72. Mean temperature (midway tween high and Iow-68.5. Normal mean fo r May 702 This Date Last Year Minimum this morning— 57 Maximum ycstcrday_82. Precipitation, Jan. i (0 this ~ be- of j 0 , n | n g ,„ fa , |di nitrogen • plant. If the Arkansas r group today IQ work on the plant, pi™, for presenting the information to county farm bureaus were to have been worked out. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 1. —(UP)_ Close steady. Open March ...32.85 May 3251 July 37.19 October ..&3.72 December 33.12 3S.87 32.60 37.20 33.74 33.13 Ix>w 32.B9 32.:>0 37-01 33.52 32.02 Louis Dairy Co Dairy Co. The firms v , crc con . 'Icicd by a Jury last Friday. t) lc Irst conviction obtained by the government in its series of antitrust actions throughout thc nation aimed at lowering the cost of '• July food items. Soybeans (I'rlccs f.u.t, Chicago) 41-1B 415 412 32;m 335B 320 Survivor of Navy Tragedy Swims Two Miles in Choppy Sea to Safety •IH 335B story was told to KSr£=™™™ was being ^aval station. Doctors * nnd exhaustion.) ^ , . L k " C *.'^ s _I.""'?"«««« .ml 1-Kh which foundered ^^ B "^r."T M T ^ arT * """* treated today on board a hospital ship at Norfolk Nava, , said he was in "fair condition" suffering from shock nnd By Boatswain Mate 3-C Thomas A. Howe (As told (o Uniti NORFOLK, Va.. June 1. <UP>fought on Saipan nnd Okina Press) but never in -Wa my life have I been shocked as when I woke up this morning. ' r was prelty groggy when I got o the pier after my last shore leave, r guess r got Into the wrong boat, because they told morning T was headed me for this the Kearsarge, I'm really from thc attack transport Randall. I fell asleep as soon as I got in he Liberty launch, and when I voke up I was In the water. Ths joat all of a sudden seemed to have dlsapcarcd. I saw a lot of men in the water guess most of them came Several of them tiled lo pull inder. And I had to fight to stay Spots close 38.83, down 9. Close 32.87 ip. 32.60 A tag passed close to where 3,.08 vas but didn't see me. 33.651 I knew 33.04 J ve- U-n up. me c wcre lir ° Pi'cser- in the launch, but. there Just 't lime to gel them out. All Everybody was trying to hanir on everybody else. When tnnt, tug passed me by I knew I'd have to get to shore.' r could barely sCc some light „„ c ", 0 " how m " ch ey was reonlrcd to pay refunds to '-•".payers. 'Hie committee acrecd ^i — a^fs? iccinc amounts for that pur- House earlier th] s year volet w the Treasury $290,45.1,iw' 1 c ramc HlC co """ t! nsca for the Post Office. That •e, revlied by u,o Senate fnr » * , Hollsc -Sciiatc conference f °™ a '' ,".? usl "' p ". t »f differences. rhc new supplementa easure approved toilny by the committee : "l o measure " for two IV asu o»s $190,538.755 hn D unrd - I ""l $24S,4H,255 for the Post Office. Tho Treasury's r"- <Il ' C ? t l wcre Cllt by. $5,980,550. The 0 .120. trimmed New York Stocks Ihe distance, so I headed direction. in In tint CLOSING AT&T (Amcr Touncco .. Copper STOCKS The Osccolu Jui Commerce will [u a dinner-dance lo be held' tonJsht shoVTof Ynh'aculouT'lf The In thc Community House with which smashed the city of Perry Pipkin of Memphis, former resl(' ' ' national president of the Jaycees.' tlm as thc principal speaker. | Reports were numerous of men Henry James Swift will succeed women and children swept away by W. B. Nicholson ns president. Mr. the water or trapped in their homes Nicholson was elected a vice presi- . Hospitals took care of more than dent of the stale organization 100 injured persons but none was (it the annual meeting held recent- hurt critically. ly In Hot Springs. j Only Mabel Powell, 64, was de- Other officers lo be Installed to- {| nitely reported dead, but she suc- nlghl Includes: William McMath c " nlu tti to a heart attack en route executive vice president; Robert M J° n hos PHal. .Graves, vice president; Harry Lc- ' Tllc search for bodies today was vcnsteln, secretary; Harry Hall,. nampcrcd by houses that bobbed in and thc following . ' B lt>l»y-t«rvy fashion agaijist each IreiKiircr, and thc following dl- ; rcctnrs: Tim Bowles, who Will be other • and by splintered debris master of ceremonies tonight, Mr. ; Ilorllil1 8 over the watery grave of Nicholson, Jack Brawlcy. Sam Ed- j tllc c ^- riiiRlon and Emmelt Wilson. | " Wc haven't located a single body yet," Sheriff Martin Pratt said. "There undoubtedly are many inside the houses, but we don't know. Civic leaders Iu Osceola have been Invited to attend thc Installation meeting. Former Blytheville Man Believed Among 79,000 Routed by Oregon Flood A former Blytheville man, Auslin Morris, brother of Harvey Morris, Mississippi County circuit clerk. Is' almost certain lo have been one of lie 10,000 residents of Vanport City. Ore., driven from their homes by he Columbia River Hood, it was disclosed here today. We're gradually ! re-uuiting families and the list of missing Is dwindling, we don't know what to think." Author to Visit Wilson To Get Date on Article For National Publicatio Mrs. Thyra Sampler Winslow, New York City, who is at pres working on a story of Arkansas for Liberty magazine, will be In thn the — Northeastern Arkansas tomorrow to Bet maleria] for her articles. „„,„ „ , . Mrs - Winslow *in fly from Little Hnrvey Morris, 1138 Hearn, this I Rock to Wilson tomorrow morning, morning received a message from where she will be the guest of Mr. he Western Union Telegraph Coin- and Mrs. J. H. Grain. In the after- pany In Portland, Ore., stating that ' "oon she will visit the Lee Wilson It had been unable to deliver a | Company enterprises and will then message addressed to his brother at 2105 Victory Boulevard, but assuring him that all residents of Vau- port City hart been evacuated, Mr. Morris said that his brother who was with (he Kaiser shipyards during World War H, Is employed at1th f t Vanport City Housing Proj- natlon's largest housing] Auslin Morris lived here for about 1929 and while here lo a Russcllville girl They have been on the West Coast cct. the project. one year was married vlsll briefly In osceola and Blytheville. According to Glenn A. Green, public relallons manager for the Wilson company. Mrs. Winslrrw arrive In Blythevllle around 3:3 and will be shown major point of interest In and eround the nil Mrs'. Winslow plans to remain Arkansas several days. Thund:. she will be the speaker for the Wrl tcrs Conference at Conirmi ~ ~ J Mis. Wfiislow !» « naUyie „ 0reB °" for «•• . kansas, and hag comp magazine j books

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