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eiSACOLA'S (Bet Tm Orpfoecmv at Once If You Have Hot Already Got It. TO START 101 00 FOUNDATION HssMSBssBssssSsS EXCAVATIONS WILL COMMENCE for Handsome new building on palafox street adjoining masonic temple. in? SPiiGS BAYOU GRANDE Jng at 3 o'clock by Rev. R. J.

Haskew. Come. Two Heels First-Hun Pictures Today from 3 Until 11 p. m. VAUDEVILLE COMMENCING TO-MOR ROW The orflcr ef services at the various ehurches In and near Pensacola to-day as follows: CATHOLIC.

St. Michael' Church First Van at 7:00 a. m. Children' Mass. 8 a.

m. Lat Mass, 10:30 a. m. Rosary, Vespers and Bmdlction. 5 o'clock p.

m. scred Heart Church Cor. Jackson and Rev. Patrick Turner. Pastor.

Prof. Henry Seel, Organise Sunday services: 7:00 a. Low Mass. :39 a. High Haas, followed by Sunday School.

4:00 p. Baptisms. 4.00 p. Rosary and Benediction of Biassed Sacrament. Confessions Saturday and evea of feasts.

4:00 p. m. fit. Joseph's Church Order of services at St. Joseph's chureh antli further notice: Sundays, 7:0 a.


One Big Laughing Sketch. THE AUSTONS, ORPHEUMSCOPE, Big Novelty Act. Life Motion Pictures. 1 Work to commence this week In excavating for the foundation of the handsome new two-story building to be erected by W. S.

Keyser on Palafox street, adjoining the Masonic Temple and occupying all of the space from that building to the old building of the West Florida bakery, which is METHODIST. First Methodist Church New Building on East Wright street. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:00 p.

Rev. Gavin, Pastor. Telephone 1404. Sunday School :00 a. J.

A. Avant, Supt. Gadsden Street Methodist Church-Rev. Thoa. Abernathy.

Pastor. Services 11.00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.

Sunday School a. W. R. Bennett, Superintendent The Toung Men's Barac Class of the Gadsden Street Methodist Church meets every Sunday morning at All young men over the age of IS years are cordially invited. The Phllathea Class 'of Gadsden Street Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 o'clock as a part of the regular organisation, but In a "Class Room of Its Own." A sincerely cordial Invitation la extended to all young ladies not otherwise affiliated.

The Phllathea Class motto is. "We Do Things." Come and help us do them; you will find the pleasure mutual. Mr. Ed. Campbell, Teacher.

Busy People's Class A class In connection with the Gadsden Street' Sunday School for adult persons who do not have time to properly prepare the lesson during the week, meets at 9:30 a. in. At M. E. Curch, Corner of Navy Yard Wsll, Sunday, September 12, 1910.

Prayer Meeting every Sunday night at the usual hour, except the Third Sunday nights, on which the regular M. E. Church meetings are held, conducted by their pastor. Rev. E.

W. Roberta. now being remodeled. Down on Bayou Grande, two young Pensacollans. Stephen Lee and W.

F. a. High Mass and Instrnctlon; 3:00 p. Vespers, Rosary and Benediction of th Rlpjutevi Rafrmmfnt. Big Four-Piece 'Orchestrapirectlon Prof.

A. C. Reilly Lee, are developing an enterprise that may, and probably will, mean much for Pensacola. The plans of the new Keyser building are now being prepared, and will be ready by the time the excavation work is completed. The Turner Construction contractors for the work, will put a force of men on the Job Confessions tiaturday evenings from 4:00 p.

m. to :00 p. m. Also on the evenings before Holy Days of Obligation and 1st Fridays. Baptisms on Sundays at 1.09 p.

m. and 4:00 p. m. or by appointment. It is nothing more nor less than an artesian well, 1000 feet deep, which produces a stream of Vichy water at early this week.

Mass on week days at 8:00 a. m. iDTitr. the rate of 150 gallons per minute or 225,000 gallons every 24 hours. The size of the flow Is 4 1-2.

inches in are felt for the safety of the vessel and the crew, consisting of Captain Fred Courtson and four men. The vessel was of 138 gross tons and registered from Gulfport, Miss. diameter, the temperature la 92 degrees at the well, the pressure is 24 The building is to have an ornamental front and will contain several stores. CHICAGOlAlliS pounds to the square inch, and the LUTHERAN CHURCH. German Lutheran Church Rev.

3. P. water rises 58 feet above the surface of the ground. AMUSEMENTS. A comparative analysis of this Pen first- Baptist Church Sunday School SO a.

S. F. Fulghum, Superintendent. 9:10 a. Barac and Phllathea Class, with Sunday School.

1:00 p. Baptist Young People's Vnion. 7.30 p. Thursflayi, Teachers meet tng. A cordial Invitation to every one to all East Hill Baptist Church Between Gadsden and Jackson streets, on 13th avenue, J.

W. Senterfltt. Pastor. Preaching every Wednesday night at 7.45 p. m.

B. T. P. V. every Sunday at 7:45 p.

m. -West Hill Baptist Church 1912 West Jackson. Rev. K. B.

Rice Pastor. Sunday School, 10.00 a m. Preaching services 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p.

on second and fourth Sundays. B. T. P. :36 sacola Vichy with the water from the famous Vichy springs in France, and the Woodward Vichy in Texas, is shown by the following figures: ELITE THEATRE TODAY 1 4 Long and Interesting Pictures 4.

"THE FISHERMAN'S CRIME," A Drama With a Thrill in Every Act. "WHO KILLED JOHN DARE?" An Unusually Interesting Story. "TWEEDLEDUMS FORGED Screaming Screaching By Special Request, We Will Repeat "The Gover-y i nor's Daughter." OVER AN HOUR OF HICtH-CLASS ENTER-vk TAINMENT. 5c and 10c -THE SAME PRICE 5 and 10c POPULATION At the Orpheum Today. Commencing this afternoon at 3 o'clock until 11 tonight, the Orpheum It will run two reels of first-class pic-1 W.

Relnhardt, Pastor. English Service, 7:30 p. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH. First Chrlstlsn Church Corner Seventh Avenue and Gadsden etreeL Sunday School, 9.45 a.

J. A. Wilson, Superintendent Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 7:45 p.

by the pastor, Thomas Lennox. Prayer meeting each Wednesday evening at 7:45. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend any of our services. The Church of Christ Cor. Jackson and Albania streets.

Bible School will meet at 9:30 a. ra. Preaching at 10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p.

m. Boys' Bible reading at 7:00 p. m. Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m.

All are Invited to attend the services. 9 J. ftCMAlNS SECOND LARGEST CITY 15 1 3fl QCiowo ft MCC 00 p. m. Toung men are cordially Invited to visit the Bartca class of the First Baptist church at I 30 ju m.

Sundays. We welcome all. 1 si A IN THE UNITED STATES WITH A TOTAL OF ,185,283, AN INCREASE OF 486,708. EPISCOPAL. Christ Church The Rev.

Mr. J. H. tures. Next week another all-star vaudeville bill will be seen and from reports on all of the acts they axe there with the goods.

Mr. Dan Futch, the funniest of all black face comedians, will keep things on the run. The Austons, another big act, will sure be there with the goods. Castle and Laird, a real comedy sketch team, will liven up things at the popular Orpheum. The orchestra, under the direction of Prof.

Reilly, will be another feature, By Associated Press. Washington, Spt. 17. The popula au woo IS 3 "MOO tion of Chicago is two million, one hundred and eighty-five thousand, two Brown, Hector. W.

K. Hyer, Superintendent of the Sunday School. William Paekham, Mus. Organist end Choirmaster. The Seventeenth Sunday After Trinity.

7:45 a. Holy Communion. 11:00 a. Morning Prayer. Ante-Communion and Sermon.

:00 p. Evensong, followed by Ol-ran Recital. Greig's "Peer Gynt" Suite ('our selections) Miss Mabel Green will sing Gounod's Justly celebrated song. Lrtvtne Redeemer." All seats are free. hundred and eighty-three, an Increase FIRST UNIVERSALIST CHURCH.

Rev. J. W. Caldwell, Pastor. Preaching at 11:00 a.

m. and 8:00 p. on the first and second Sundays of each month. Sunday School at 10:00 a. nv, every Sunday.

Y. P. C. U. meetings at 7:00 p.

m. and first and second Sundays. CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTISTS. First Chureh of Christ, Scientist-Rooms 1J-14 Masonic Temple. Services: Sunday, 11:00 a.

Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Reading Room open during the day. all are welcome. of four hundred and eighty-six thousand, seven hundred and eight, as compared with the year of 1900.

The announcement leaves Chicago ranking in population as the second city of the United States, and fourtti INT 33 T.jw GIVEN BY WOODMEN CIRCLE at C. K. of A. Hall MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1910 Music by Barrios's Monarch Orchestra. 'Prize dance.

Admission, 25c. M. J. FLORES, Floor Manager. largest In the world.

Srf a- in tt- I I SALVATION ARMY. Salvation Army Hall 20 West Government Adjutant and Mrs. in charge. Junior services 1:30 p. Salvation Army meeting 8:00 p.

m. Services every night, excepting Monday, At the Elite. The work of DeWltt Brown, the new violinist at the Elite theatre, has been the subject of much favorable comment for the past several days. Mr. Brown arrived in Pensacola Thursday and took up his work immediately.

He came directly from the east, where he baa been playing as a soloist in New York, Boston and other metropolitan cities. The addition of this talented soloist to Professor Seels'a already popular orchestra easily entitles the Elite to the reputation of furnishing its patrons with music that Is far above the average. at 8:00 p. m. A cordial welcome will be 8T.

KATHER INK'S CHURCH. Comer of Cervantea and Davis streets, Jtev. WUliam B. Brayshaw la charge. Sunday services as follows: 7:00 a.

Holy Communion. 11:00 a. Morning Prayer and Sermon. Epiphany Chapel, Gouldlng Rev. Wm.

Brayshaw. 1:30 p. Evening- Song and Sermon, REED'S CHAPEL. Muscogee Mission There will be preaching at Reed's Chapel to-day at 4 p. and at iluscogee Mission this even- extended to ail.

PRESBYTERIAN. 5a. :2 "'sB-1- First Presbyterian Church, East Chase Street Rev. Julian S. Sibley.

Pastor. Sabbath School at 9:45 a. m. Men's Bible OPERA SINBER TO FIGHT CASE MADAME LINA CAVALIER COMING TO THIS COUNTRY TO SEE THAT HER HUSBAND KEEPS TO HIS AGREEMENT. Another step in the perfection of Tramp (to lonely spinster) Come, missus, arst yer 'us band if 'e ain't got a old pair o' trousers to give wgj-.

Spinster (anxious not to expose her solicitude) Sorry, my good man, he er er never wears such things. Punch. the equipment at this theatre is the Installation of a new organ with pipe HAIR SOFT AS SILK. organ attachment. The new instru ment will be used in the rendition of sacred and such classical selection as harmonize with its tones.

ti ew Sclentifio Treatment Kill Dan etruff Gtrma, and Makes Hair It Is an aeepted fact, a proven fact, that dandruff la a germ disease; and It Is also a demonstrated fact that RECORDER JOHNSON" f' HAS BUSY DAY Recorder Johnson did a better business yesterday than he did any other day during the week. He handled seventeen cases and collected fines to the amount of $32. Garden, dangerous and suspicious, was turned over to the county, as was also Joe Williams, a negro, on the same charge. Williams, it is alleged, stole several sacks from the patrol house and sold tbem. number of citizens were arraigned for allowing stock to run at large, but several of the cases were nol prossed.

class. 10.00 a. m. Preaching at 11:00 a. m.

and 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 5:00 p. m. New City Mission, 12th St.

and 13th Avenue C. F. Zeeky Superintendent. Sabbath School, 8:30 p. m.

Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 7 p. ra. i BAR AC A UNION. Open week days 9:00 a. rn.

to 10.00 p. m. The following churches are represented In the Baraca Union, and have class session every Sunday morning at 9:30 a. Presbyterian. East Chase street, W.

B. Ferris, Teacher. First Methodist, East Wright street, J. A. Kirkpatrlck, Teacher.

First Baptist Church. North Palafox treet. Mrs. Bickerstaft, Teacher. Gadsden Street Methodist Church, Mr.

H. H. Spindler. Teacher. Toung Men's Christian Association, 4:11 p.

J. H. Sherrill, Teacher. All young men are cordially Invited to Today being Sunday, the theatre dispenses with Its musical numbers, Newbro's Herplclde kills the dandruff germ. Without dandruff falling har but has added a special feature of four unusually good pictures to make up for the loss.

Messrs. Lee have their well completed and are now- at work in connecting it up with a huge cement tank in which they purpose to have a bathing pool and over; which they will erect a handsome bath house. The tank is now completed. It is 38 feet wide by8S feet long, inside dimensions, anil the water will be from three to six feet deep. The tank will bold 125,000 gallons and this water will be renewed every 24 hours by a would stop, and thin hair will thick en.

Herpicide not only kills the dan By Associated Prase. New 17. 'Although This Flannel-Velvet's sure the stuff To fix you up sure For sale at Mac's big Monday sale, Be there, my sweet, at nine. (ITS 15e AT MeMILLAN'S SALE TOMORROW, COMEI) Subscribe for The Journal. Madame Lina Cavalier Is coming to this country to fight for her -rights uuder the pre-nuptlal agreement attend one or these services.

MONDAY. 15-cent value Linenette Indian Head, yard wide. Monday, 10 cents. Brawner-Riera Co. Phillips's Candy Palace has removed to first door north of Court Housa.

Subscribe for The Journal. Y. M. C. A.

Y. M. C. A. Palafox and Belmont streets.

Open Sundays 3:00 p. m. 8:00 p. in. Free public reading room.

Visitors welcome at all times. Bible Teachers Training Class, Thursdays p. m. whereby her husband, Robert Wla-throp Chanler, gave her his fortune, the present indications are that it will be left to her husband, relatives or creditors to first Institute legal proceedings, -v Attorney Osborne, representing the opera singer, said she would take no druff germ, but It also makes hair as soft as silk. It Is the most delightful hair dressing made.

It cleanses the scalp from dandruff and keeps it clean and healthy. Itching and Irritation, are instantly relieved, and permanently cured. There's nothing "just as good." Take no substitute. Ask for "Herpicide." Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c la stamps for sample to The Herpicide Detroit, llich.

One dollar bottle guaranteed, A. D'Alemberte, druggist and apothecary 121 South Palaf ox street. further steps unless the agreement is HOW IT MIGHT HAPPEN. COLORED Bethel Baptist Church Services to-day as follows. Preaching.

11:30 ft. 8:60 p. attacked or ols client fans to receive the benefits to which she is entitled. p. m.

By the "Blind Preacher," at 3:00 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Pastor, Rev.

Times. constant flow from the well. The proposed bath house will be two stories high, with parlors, dressing and toilet rooms, and all of the most modern equipment and furnishings for an institution of that kind. This water possesses practically all of the elements of the famous French Vichy and the latter is prescribed by physicians and used by the whole world as a remedy for stomach disorders, insomnia, acid dyspepsia, rheumatism, gout and diabetes, breaking up and eliminating uric acid deposits and uric acid sand and gravel, and a perfect and sanitary table water as well. There is no reason why the Pensacola water should not accomplish all that the French water does.

The Lee brothers are going ahead with their work in the belief that it will do so. CW ORLEANS TAKES A DROP CENSUS RETURNS TAKE HER FROM TWELFTH POSITION IN LIST OF BIG CITIES AND PLACE COMFORTABLE SUMMER COLLARS Men wear turn-down collars in summer primarily because they are comfortable and do not wilt down so quickly as others. We help in securing these results by starching the collars in such a way as to give them "body" enough to resist ordinary perspiration and by ironing the top folded edge perfectly dry and smooth, so it will not dig or otherwise irritate your a Particular men send their; bundles to the pjers Method Laundry 15-17 W. Romana. Phone 186.

PARDON FOR A BANK CASHIER HER IN FIFTEENTH POSITION. By Assoclatsd Press. Washington, Sept. 17. The of New Orleans is 839,075, an.

in crease of 51,971 or 18.1 per cent as compared witn Z87.104 in 1900. While New Orleans' growth during C. M. ORR, SERVING SEVEN-YEAR SENTENCE IN GEORGIA PENITENTIARY, IS GIVEN AN UNC0N-DITIONAL PARDON. the past decade was only slightly be low her percentage increase of the previous decade, the Crescent City, through the more rapid growth of other cities in the 100,000 class, loses its position of twelfth in the list of By Associated Press.

Atlanta, 17. C. M. Orr, for the country biggest cities and now mer cashier of the Exchange Bank of Macon, after serving a year of his occupies fifteenth position. Detroit, with a 63 per cent increase.

Milwau seven-year sentence for embezzlement of ninety thousand dollars of the kee, with 31 per cent, and Newark, mm mmmmm banks funds, was today uncondition tlly pardoned by Governor Brown. N. with 41.2 per cent, all have Jumped ahead of New Orleans in the number of inhabitants and now occu py twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth J. W. Cafcaniss, president of the benk, was pardoned several days ago before, entering his year's sentence, because he said the president was held liable for an act chargeable prop positions, respectively.

erly to the directors. SCH. DArJTZER NOW IISSING You and Coffee This AgwwT, established forty-three years ago. writes Insurance on all classes of property, in twenty-five of the leading fire companies of the world, and whose losses are promptly adjusted. Before placing your next insurance, examine bi-iefly the great companies we rprsent.

and their methods of settling claims. Refer to patrons of this Agency during the past forty years. Lots of persons who cannot get a car while It Is standing still will run after It and try to get on, or "jump It ln the middle of the block. What do you get for It? What may. It The man who wrote this advertisement "jumped electric cars fcr several years before he got his fall.

LUCK kept him from under the wheels. The conductor called him several names and it did him a let of good. He picked himself out of the dirt and asked the conductor why In the name of safety hehad not called him those names BEFORE It happened! It's sure to happen In the long run. It may happen tomorrow. Call yourself the names today.

PENSACOLA ELECTRIC COMPANY. Don't Agree? Thousands have found relief In a change to well-made P0STUM By Associated Press. Galveston, Sept. 17. No word has been received from the auxiliary schooner Dantaler, which left Tamplco, last Sunday morning with a cargo of fruit for Galveston.

Her course lay directly in the path ot the tropical stolen that recently passed through the western gull. Grave fears 'There's a 1-.

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