Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 17, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 17, 1895
Page 3
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F. W. KINNBY, XI.I:HKO.U>WAY. •." DKAHJR is Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. Wn dress our own Poultry and therefore have;everything fresh. bysbl Pancake Flouri Makes Delicious Pan Cakes. Crystal leal Flakes: A Delicious Breakfast Food. Ask Your Grocer For It. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS 1>OIXTS THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. KKOE'JEK & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, JJroa<hvay. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wnniuil, Olioiip Cott»K<\H For Sale. WnnttKl Lots uii'l Acres for Sule. Wanted Sninll t'urius For Sale. Wanted BiMlnem Blocks For Salo. Wnnt«d to Kxvlianse Kiirms for Cltf Property. Wuntml Morelinnaisis to Tr.*lu for Fiirms. ADDKEiJ M. M. UOKUUN. 3t>rr Block Loxuntiport, Indlivnii. fl. E. TiilJAX, M. D. l Htu«ntloiiKlv«n to Nose, Lang, Liver «nd Cnronlu Dl.ne'ines. Ofllco ana Ittoltlunce ovfir State National Bunk. «Hont» m to 1- n. in., - to 'l p. iu.. unit 7 to 8 p. m. All ealls promptly nttonded. JR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Overstate National Bank, transport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL •SUNDAY MORNING, FEB. 17. r Watch und wait for Oito'd shoe sale. See our lovely Bilks for waists at the Trade Palace. Read the Beo Hive's change of advertisement. Freah tUh just received at Modrell's, Hubler'i) old aland. A 34-Inch serge and novelty goods for 15 cents, at the Beo Hive, Go to Modrell'd, on Third street, /Or choic« poultry find fresh country •butter. Duo notice will bo given of tho •opening of Otto KrauV great shoe .purchase. All DOW carpets, mattings, ruga, •curtains and draperies, just opened at the Trade Palace. Mr. Swigart will probably return Wednesday and tho sale will com, mence as soon thereafter as possible. The Journal has a low blrdseye views of Log-ansport loft. They can bo had In pasteboard tubes for na&illn^; •Or preservation for fifty cents. Look!—§20,000 worth of naw dress .goods, bilks and table linens, all to go DOW at prlcss to surprise everyone at the Ti ado Palace. Seo the beauties. Wanted—To purchase, a small piece •of land, with or without buildings, within ten mllosof Logansport. Leave word with S. J& Closson, No. 319 Pearl street. Everybody aaya, "It's no use, the Trade Palace boys knocks 'em all;'' but no matter, fair and square dealing always win?, bankrupts not In it. Come along this week to the Trade P»laco. We are firm and honest in our statement that nothing equals Brant's Bal- (Atn for cure of all coughs, cold*. throat or lung troubles, a» the many letters w.e have on Hie help to prove. A recent one from W, E. Rumpel, Columbia, Mich., says: "I caught a levere cold on my lungs lost winter and tried several other remedies which did me no good, until my lungs got in »vory bad shape" (opiates alwayi hurt the lungs), "but two bottles of Bract's Balsam cured me. I felt bet, ter before had used half a bottle." Get Brant's of Ben FUher, the Drug. A llolliuid CUM!. The people of New Holland, Ohio, have boon greatly surprised recently by tho almost wonderful cure of a young daughter of Mr. John Orahood, who for a long time had Doen afQlcted with fits or epileptic convulsions. The affliction scorned more dreadful because of the natural brightneHS of the child. Doutorn and other medicines failed to effect any lasting benefit and cure seemed hopeless until a aample bottle of Dr. Wheeler's Nervn Vltal- Izer was providentially handed Mr. Orahood and from the use of it and only two full bottles of the remedy, tho youcp girl has been completely cured of tho affliction which threatened to blight her life. Fortunately there are but few cases of epileptic fits, but we venturettoaay that half the people who read this would fuel like new beings after a thorough use of Dr. Whoelor'e Nerve Vitallzer; it Is a nerve food, restoring nerve force on the same principle that food restores physic.il vigor and muscle. If yours is a case of shattered nerves, frnquenl headache, perhaps nervously cross, troubled with sleep, lessness, a tired foolicg In tha morr- ing, debilitated, all worn-out feeling, promptly use this great remedy, for it will cure you, and also ward off tbe more'serious sickness or breaking down which your symptoms indicate. It is warranted sure to relieve and cure norva troubles as represented. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Tho Pennsylvania Kailroad Company is about to award the contract for equipping the Burlington branch of the Am boy division with the trolley system. This branch connects Bur. llogton and Mount Holly, N. J., and Is between seven and eight miles in length. Should the experiment prove successful other branches ot the Pennsylvania will be operated by electricity Instead of eteam. The Intention is to give a frequent service at high ppeed. The change of motive power will not prevent the use o' steam locomotives on the branch, and they will probably bo used, as at present, for hauling freight. THOUSANDS OF LETTERS. A Wonderful Euterprlss for the Relief of Cntnrrn Suflorerw. Since Dr. Hartmau'a offer to take charge of 10,000 cases of chronic catarrh without charge tbe letters have come pouring in from every jstato in tho Union. An enormous amount of mail matter leave the doctor's offices every day. A great many stenographers, copyists, and private clerks are kept busy from morning 1 till night in preparing the multitude of letters which the doctor dictates. Cures are reported by the score. An intense Interest prevails in all parts Of the country. Those who follow the doctor's directions carefully are sure of being cured. To become a patient one should write name, age, sex. and symptoms, and address to Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio. Each letter will be carefully answered in regular turm. The' druggists ail over the United States are already supplied with Dr. Hartman's remedies for the treatment of catarrh. Those who prefer, for any reason, not to have their names entered a* regular patients of Dr. Hartman's, and yet wish to avail themselves of the doctor's treatment, should send at once (or a copy of Family Physician No. 2. This book gives a description of the use of Dr. Hartman's great remedy, Pa-ru-na, in chronic catarrh, la grippe, coughs, coida, bronchitis, consumption, and all cllmai.c diseases Of winter. Sent free by The'fe-ru-na Drag Manufacturing ^Columbus, Ohio. For free book on ounaer address Dr. Hartman. Columbus, Ohio. Pan Handle engineer ChaB. Beam IB recovering from an attack of ihe grip. Pan Handle operator Jos. La Orange who for eome time past has been working at Union City has returned home. Owing to a pressiire of work a number of P<in Handle shop employes were compelled to worK yesterday afternoon The Wiibasb lines earned In tbe Erst week of February $189,295, a decrease a? compared with the same week of 1894 of $25,250. J W. Holloway, who was a Pan Handle train dispatcher and citizen of Logansport under Supt. Hill twenty years ago, Is visiting in the city. Mr. Holloway now lives in New York. Charles Clark who runs Wabash engine 413 was recently hrreated at Anderson on the charge of bastardy. He had an appoiitment to' meet a you'og Udy at a secluded spot, but instead was met by ao officer wbo served the papers on him He was able to give bond for lilt* appen-raace and is Hgaic running his engine A bill will soon be introduced in congress to authorize the postmaster general to purchase the postal cars instead of renting them from tho railroad companies. Ic is estimated that tho rents pa'd for these cars amount to twenty-five per cent, of the cash value. Besides tbla the government pays the rallroada a pound r»te for the transportation of tbe mails. The Pan Handle pay car arrived yesterday morning and went over the* Effner branch in tho afternoon. The shop forca will ba paid Monday. The amount of money to be disbursed here IB not very heavy aa business on the road during last month was not heavy and ihe operating expenses at the shops were cut down to a minimum. The Wabash pay car will ba here on the 25vh. When the extentlon cf the I. I. & I. road to South Bend was completed It was thought that much of that company's business would be converted from tho Pan Handle to the L»ke Shore and Grand Trunk roads Tbe train records however show that the Pan Handle has bean getting as much it not moro of tbe "Three I's" eastbound business as bafore the lino was extended from Koox. The postoflioe department Is endeavoring to stop ihe express companies from carrying lottery advertisements and to this end it is said is about to issue a circular to express companies warning them against carrying matter In envelopes without a stamp, as this Is first-class mall matter, and according to law should not be transported except in stamped envelopes. On account of the rate war on coal between the Illinois Central and C. & E. I. roads the Pan Handle and other roads hauling Ohio and Pennsylvania coal have not been able to secure much Chicago business for some time. It is rumored that if the fighting lines continue their warfare any longer the Eastern lines will take a band in It and compel them to stop. A Grout CamlliUta For your favor Is Otto's Cure for the throat and lungs, and we can confidently recommend it to all as a superior remedy for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, and all lung affections. It will stop a cough quicker than any known remedy. »Ve guarantee it no cure you. Instant relief in all cases of croup and whooping cough. If you are suffering, don't delay, but call on us and got a simple bottle of this great guaranteed remedy and be one of the great party on the road to health. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents at Ben Fisher's, the Druggist, sole agent. Six months ago the Illinois Central railroad introduced an electric weed- killer to keep its tracks clear from plants on one of the southern divisions. The Intercolonial Railway of Canada, has lately gone the Illinois Central one better, for it has added wings on each side of an old snow plow, so that not only are all the weeds removed when the plow runs over the line, but the ballast of the track is trimmed up to look like newly spread material. Imde, We would be pleased to have you call at our store for a free package of Bacon's Celery King for the nerves. ..'hioh we are distributing to all afflicted with dyspepsia and all blood, liver and kidney diseases. Bacon's Celery King is simply doing wonders in building up worn out constitutions, and is the fjrand specific for nervousness, sleeplessness, headache, and all derangements of the stomach, llrer and kidneys. Samples free. Large pack' •get 50 cent* at Ben FLsher'i, the ' Druggist, iole agent. , A Chance to Make Money. I am out of debt, and tbaokB.lo the Washer business for it In the past five weeks 1 hare made over $500, and I am BO thankful that J feel like telling everybody, so lhal .they can be benttmed by my experience. Anybody can sell Dish Washers becau-o everybody waois one. especially when It can be co' so cheap. I believe that ID two years from now every family will have one You can pet full particulars hv addressing the Iron City Dub. Washer Co.. E. E, Piltsburg, Pi, an 1 ! you can't help but make money la this business I believe that I can clear over $3 000 the coming year, and I am not going- to let auch an opportunity pass without improvement. We can't expect to succeed without trying. Mils. B. Tiro Lives Saved, Mrs. Phcebe Thomas of Junction City. III., was told by her doctors she bad consumption and that there was no hope for her. but two bottles Ur. King's New Discovery completely cured her and she says it saved her life. Mr. Toos. Eggers", 139 FlO'ida St., San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, approaching consump HOD, iried without result everything else, then bought one bottle ol Dr. Ktog'n New Discovery and in two weeks was cured. He is naturally thankful. It Is such results, of which these are samples, tbit prov^ the wonderful efficacy of this me.dicice in coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keesllnp's drug store Re£u lar size 50c. and $1. For some time past the Pan Handle has experienced much trouble and annoyance from petty car thieves on tbe Louisville division and a few davs ago caused the arrest of a prominent, citizen of Columbus, and who is said to be the leader of an onrnnlzid gang The company's detectives have been at work on the case for several week'. STATK OR Onto. CITT or TOLKDO, ) ss LDCAS COO.NTT-. ) FRANK-1. CnRNKV.nnkes oath that he is the junior partner ot the 11 nn oC If. .1. CHUNK v * Co.. doing bi$lne.i.i in the city of Toledo, Count) and State aforesaid, ano that said llrm will pay tho Bumo!OME UINDUED DjLURSfor e;ich and every o ise ot Catarrh that cannot bo cured br the use of RAIL'S CATARRH CORK. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to betoro mo and subscribed In my presence, tals lith daj of December. A. D. IS*. r~^J^r-\ A Wi iTLCjl&'JL'. ! SKAL £ ' Notary Public. Hairs Catarrh Care Is taken Internally and acts directly on Ihn blood an I mucous surfaces or ihe system. S ml for testimonials frw. F. J. CHESKY <t CD., Toledo, 0. j25~Solil by <lrua;Ut.s. Tie. IIuuklun'N APIIH'.H Salve. Toe btmtsalva la the world lt> r cu's bruise.- sores, ulceivj. salt rbeuui lever sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tiocs, and posulvoly cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed 10 give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keesling 01.1 People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will 2nd the true remedy in Electric Blt- tera. This, medicine does not stimulate and contains no wbibky or other Intoxicant, but sets as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on tbe stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to tbe organs, thereby aiding niture in the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people tind it just exactly what they need. Price 50 cents p;r bottle atB F. foesling's drugstore. Have You Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? ' Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? .TRY "SAN-JAK." Soldbr BBS PI * II EK, Druggist. CHICAGO, Hatch 7, 1S91. DK BoiiHM.uf. CHICAGO. MY DEAH diK-iljr intention was first culled to SANJAXlastywrln the fise of CapUlu J. 1L Broslas. «i Te.-ro Haute. Ind.. vvhj was attacked In Uis City witb acute nephritis and cystitis (In- Hmnnntlonol tne bladder and kidneys). After prescrlbliiKiheuiUil remedies wltHout avail San- jik w-is snss-sted, and ch* Improvement was so nmrkeJ niter tut) lira: dose, uiU a complete care followed so speedily, ttmt 1 at once commenced an Invesii'atio.iot Its merits and hive slnco pre- scrlbea It Iu almost every known form pfRlaiiej- bladder, uwtar*!. va?tnal and caiarrhal troubles, lolluwefl I" eicb Instaoci V tbe happiest results. A case or ennresls(luvolontary flow of urtne) -n myown famliy ma very muctt Improved by a few doses, and radically cared In less tbrui a week. Krom practical exyerlenca In. a nnmoer ol bad ca-esotleucorrhoea tarn free to say that L have round no remedy coat U equd to SAN-JAi.. ADd «W!e I Have never befor-j given a professional ludursement to a, proprteiary remedy, I say unliesltoUngb and .ithout reserve that i con slder5A.S-.lAK a veritable boon to humanity and alter anpLrtog It to the surest prolesslonal tests, ouT saf «i h oonttdenoe, lUs better than it Is re- liwwpTe all cases ot Benito-urlnaryorcatarrhal troubles, In preference to al otner known remedies. * aXBavriusic, SiX-JAK can be reUed upon fully and entlrily. The ddicious taste ot the mndlcuie Is also In Its favor. In prescribing It for SnndracL I am at present using s AX- J AX as an iterative In skin dlseasas, and in sever*! cases of cownle iSmTnave relded so readily to IM In- HaenwUiat I shall continue to nse It In similar case* leelln* confident that It wul meet all *.he ,. (Signed) ^ BEN FISflER '.DRUGGIST THE CHCKCHEH Services at the fconie tor the Friendless from S to to 4 tnis Wternoon. Devotional exercises led by Rev. D. I. Hobbs. Everybody Invuol BAPTIST CHOTtcn.-Servl«s today ut usual hour. Preachln* uioruinx and evening by Hev. T J KiH-h ot Greenwood. Ind. Sunday yr'hnul aU2m. Younx tfeople's meeting at t> P. »i. CM' I.CH or CHRIST (Scli-mlst) -Services will t* i Kid In their new rooms In tr-e iliure* block, corner of sixth n nd Broadway. Bible- Class nt lu:3u Sunday mornlriff. All are cordially Invited to attend. EVANGELICAL CiiCRCH-Rev. S. .T, Teiclal. pastor Services t. day a< follows: sabbatb school Ht 9:30 a. m preachlHK at 11>:S> a. in. by til" pastor. Y. P. A. at 6 D. m. Preacnln* In the t-venhiB ac 7 |,. m. All arr conllallj- lnvlied. ST. LOIR'S KVANCKUCAL LlTIIKItAS CnTKCH. Rev. J. 0. Kiiuffuimi, P;iswr. Seri-U-o- nt 11 a. m. Sunday school sit 9 *.i. Junior Fndwivor At '.2:30. >ounir People's society ot u Endeavor at ti and evenliiK services. we:cotne. "For Charity Suffereth Long.** BROADWAY PiiKSHVTERtAS C'mntcn— Sunday Sctioolut 9 SO. a iu. l>r*s\cliiiiK this n,oriin« m;d evening by Hev. W. 11. 11. Mnr<-u Y. P. d. C. E. meotlnu Ht 0:JU. Strangers sr.J others are cordially Invlwd to attend these services. Cinti^riAN CHDKCB— Cormr Nlntli and Speiir streets. Rev. T. S. Freeman, piiMor. ^^iTli—s ai II a u> aim 7p in.' Sunday School at S:3tl a. m.. G. -N". Berry. Snpt. Y. P. 6.0 E. at 5?»5 i). m rabjetf'. "L-ssons from the parali.e of the Good Samaritan." All uiviuii. A M. E CHUHCU— C nierof Olcott and Market "strt'ft, Rev. K. McDanlel ja<i>r. PreachltiK at HI 30 a m nndTsiOp, in. i>y tlm pm-lur. Sunday school at S p. in. TfichiTs' meeiliiK every wed ie=iiay evening. Pnyer mi-etuis eveijr Thursday e\vnlni;. All are cordially Invited KJHJT 1'nKsnfTKKi.of CHCKcn-Rev. D. P. Pm- nam, pnMor. ITeachlii: ;>t 11 o'clock a. in. brlhe-pa.».lor. Moinlni: subject, "The nmiEcr or t!ie Sea " Evening subjec , "Christ t!n> Way." Sunday scliO"! at SS»l 11. m. Yonni: people's nu'tHliifi hi ti |J. m. A ourduu welcome lor 411. WHKATI.A.MI ST. M. K.Ciii'ncn-Iiev. M. A. Hftr- lau uiisior. Sunday senool at i);Si a. m. K«vi- Vil services mornlneanij t'vvnlug At the close of IMC'I service mi option' nil) will *> c clven 1 1 flun ti.i> Nldiolsmi BM now pi-ndl'iK In 1U>- State Lenislat.no. Voters rc<iue.-U-d to be, present. ONIVKICSALIST CHUHCU— 1M-. T. S. (iiithne Pastor. Servu-H today at II a. in. and < p. in. Subject in tliefnrenoon: "Knlchthoiiri " In the evening, ".-•Jilviiiion and Damnation. Yoti'-i; people mfrilni: nl 0 P m Sunday school at 10 a, ra. Kowinl Cauls Sapt. Arl are Invited, CtlMHKUI.AMl PlUSHYYKIilAN C.JIC KCIt— CtlllS. B. . pastor, nun •••>• Scho-.l MM5 *. in, m. mill 7 P •" 'b; Hie past/.r. ,i in. • en or •; E. at<ip. ii M'rli-s ot Nerii^n^i'i' "Tlie ! 1 " " «'!'! u- preaclieit at the, Ali are Inviteit. p.e i ,lu i in ' l lif stu-uMU o 1 i, 'in TVstliiieni - m niornliiK s-r.lcf UARKXT ^THK>.T M. E. <'IIIJKO!I— Rev. W. IV «oii's. r.'i-tiir I're.ic'n * at I»:<S a. in. nnil Tp in ny til" paiti-r. AiMialh sehi 01 ii !i-:«i a. m. Ol.-iv^ ni'i-tl"!' .-it TIM.) a. m. and « ii 'm .luiiini ! «ui)f at 2* p. m. Epworlh I -.ai:ii» in i' p. m. Tunic. "I'lie Shew rirfHii." L aiier. Ella VaiiSteennere. All are Invited. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CircRcn—Bev. ..... . Huou.-. ...-our. &«-rvu'tj. uidiiy as fallows: 7n m' Holy 00:1111111111111 0 ; :>n n. n.. .-und»y •school. 11 ii. in- iimriiMK prayer and sermon. S.ibjeel. • Vinci-* K oin Heaven, 7u m I'vimi* pray rnn<1 sermon. ~ubject, "Ttin-i- S : y- »• sir* ;niil Ten." A cordial welcome L'lvt-ii in nil. BRUDWAY M. K. CHURCH—Rev. H. J, Norrls Piis-or. I'j-eu-'il -IL- hi in- HK>tor at 11 a.m. Jfmlaf D. P. Bald*ln "111 ilrHver Hie Ilrst (i a'senesofslx Iwinri^ at 7 B in. tills evi-n- irt" j-'ihji'c'. "KRypi." Sumlay School nt 1):45 .-.., m. Junior l.en«ue at S p. m. Senior Leiiiui' nt S P ">• coniKicied by Miss Ida naiiabnnKli. ^11 are Invited. A heavy t^hee'-in^ f"r 41- cents for one day oniv, at thn Bi e Hive. Mrs. L«urm C. Ptaoenlz. n»w»ukce, WU. "JBTatron •/ a Benevolent .Horn* and knowing tho good Dr. Miles' Norvino has dono mu, my wish to help ot'nor*, overcomes my dislike tor tho pnV'.-:::-, t.hla letter m.iy pivo mo. In Nov. ::-•.:; »•>:., ;S)3, T7ie imnate* had tho "LtiGripjfe y " and I w:isono of tlio first- Kosuming duty too soon, with Uio euro of so many sick, I did not regain my health, and in a month Ibfcame. no debilitatcA and ncn'Ottf from .slccplcssncs* and the drafts m;ido on my vitality, Uiat it was a quest Ion If I could go on. A dear friend advised mo to try X»r. Mile*' Rcittoratim A'crrin*. I tool: £ Ixittios and an: happy to say, I am In boticr healtli tlian over. 1 still continue Jin occasional tise, an a nerve food, as my work is very trying. A letter addressed to Milwaukee, Vi'is., will reach me." Juno C, ISM. Mils. LAIMLA. C. Piionsix. Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on a positive cuaranwo that tho tlrst bottle will benefit. AlldriiRpistssell it.'iiSI, G tattles for*5, or It will bosom, prcpiiid, on receipt of prlott by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind, Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health The Union Pacific Mud rt-rtnccd lh« n,t-$ on coal l.ir a novel renfon to prevent stealinc It is clhtmad that on one division tlx car londn of coal a day urn stolen, mostly by people who, owing to Inst summerV drouth in Nebraska. nrt> not abl<3 10 p»y » '»l' price for fuel Toe railway officials it»t» ihut at.one station n.lone. a village of two buoered POU'S no coiil hss been purchafid all wlnu-r, nnd yet the people bad fires and kept warm B«ri'".'ni!, harpainP. IB all-jibe cry It the Tradu Pa'nce. S»yn a lady: vl never sa*- tnch bt-autlful jtood* and eo cheap." Mora 1 : Doo'i buy moth eaten gooon whm you get frteh ROOdi cheaper. «»• -HE IS HERE- Dr, Chas. Mendenhall Indian Jfaiiie. Mon-Gos-Yali. The Great Indian Doctor. By the request, of many friends and patients, the Doctor has returned to Lo-ansport and will remain one week, and return one day every month for one year. Office at the Tucker House, Corner Broadway and 3d. Sts. Free! Free! Free! The Sick Treaied Kree nt the TUCKER HOUSE! TliSDoctor announce to the people oILoKansport that all wbo »oi>!y between now and Feb.. tDaXJ T ,; Se Doctor makes this extraonllnary om>r to clcmon ftrntf Ills Indian Medlcini In llie cure Of diseases. CO.UK IvtKI.Y A.\l> ,WOII> TI«K HI -Ml. Tbe Doctor was Uiken west when :i ™all boy In USflO. by tils uncle, win wis employed and sent by the sovernment to trade with tbe Indians. Xature's wonderlul remedies contilned la Roots, Barks, Buds, Berries, Leaves and Plants, b, ,«*. at you without asking any uuesilons. Consultation Free. in »U diseases of Men, Women and Children, wonderful cores perfected. « t/mliu * promptly cured. •• Young Men and Middle Aged Men. S cured at borne by letter. Sendalock of yoar hair, age. weight, . and you wlU be toW all your complaints by n-turn malL SPe * d iddreui all letters !o DR. CHAS. MENDENHALL. Office Hoow—9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Logawiport, Ind.

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