Pensacola Gazette from Pensacola, Florida on September 11, 1852 · 2
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Pensacola Gazette from Pensacola, Florida · 2

Pensacola, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1852
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f'.oai ij N-lto ;1 ljU--ge ict. Wiiitttld ieoU ,Tb live of men bjtve utm tu high ttatioa bj ;t tueie an opvlariiy, and u lt re, y ever dune any ibio worthy of retter4ibfuce , f et!y tid. A siugi page of ILi'-ory it uiore than the can cUmi. At id.. I, ii could oujy atyoi them that the) bred, and that the) rnjoveJ gret otlke. B ji vvucu a man ha realty fteiiormed iiiU) rnuai kab, m.'iJ even pi-udid ac'Mti, tt bvcutues tery diSiicuil lo reile bis l.le withiu so a c a I ui about io iak. It tail ol euurse, ouij be d-me by passing erv tlightiy over lUe smaller ui less necessary tails il the storj, and d L t k; pr atcipitiiy upon ihe giealei and mure Hi- cocri arquritrd Scutt of ! the c .a'gr ti uii.eti'lemany conduct' u J i-j a. J lrud u'cnt intention, but cuffttiltit"i' "I Ko ! rtWeriikt? conduct" 10 pjiitu : first, iu withholding tin- Hay do Urs, t ioe explained ; aod, aeeoiiJir, u having ta.d a p ihlic table thai Bj:r and ikiusou ier ihr ou't traiioi ie bad Seefl ; and liai " be fatter s a "-" and a .couudrei '' Fur lbee I u tact lh.-y con demoed biiii lo suspension from rank,"py, n-i e:ii.lutneiii lor twrie in nil,, but recommended tu the Presideol Ibe remission of nine month of thai punishment. Severe , eten in ibe eye ol the court, ai this sentence, it w as executed in full. It did n. 4, however, leaeii Capl. Scutl's military character, except fLr personal . . . .i urn. ..i..'n ii! rri iirf.ih imaiiiu nun. I L,, u Hie untuner in - r .' tiictil vm.1 eudeaor lu ni a uurt idc lueraliy tbouh- a be did, and o..!y LrlJ oftie gtal Ail;itcail CoiiiinaiiuKi, tlwi ('bee b IiuVm not inture to ieU one u loiijj a Kuuiitlo otr.) iu nte itoiber- . iba eiuiply ud no temjjiU: j for iWe l(4B'w,, grat yxil oi tuo eeiili i ui b a-tu lequiie Iju i n, ., .- ....),i ,..j..,;..u i...i,:). ttu "V l3lJTIJtrlH lltu lltril imhwiiv. ' 1 ail mifrjeienlati.'U. be- tbtir ecr, .Sol to, boever, ibe iitibl.C Ills Parentage cV Kducation. tmall piaut.Uitill 'l bia Utlirr, W ilium JiCutl, Bear TeiriiUuig, Vuima, uu tbe litlof Juu5, 138, tUe ytiir bi-lule lUr kinuiUuu of our UcjtituUuii. lla v.a ibeyou.nger f Io (, and bad ibree aisteri. , His jrandUl!ier a Scotcli getitleman, wh.j bad tukvti part in Ibe re. bcliiou oi 1745, tid fuiil.l ajiiit the Kiug. Forced to fly biacuulitiy, betook refuge in Viiiuia, wbeie bd bnaum a lawyer. Dyinj: farly, be traiuniiilcd '' big grandnbn (tiobably a larger aiimuut of fcalri'd jo Uriti.b Kiu ibau to '!i"riy. Hi-ton Wcaaie a iHruier, and iiiniritd Ann Maoii, a Toting ludy ol betler t'a 1 i ly tliatl' lorrLiir, but ijireal. 'virtue a'liu sensti ju!iHes lor rtDTCTl lrt' soon came to ffue great ci!iioii ; lor her liuliud ditid" younj;, leav'ini; her tbe nle guardian of hv cbildreH," aiid an esiate wbicbou.t high degree ol' pi ode nee could leiidei nuflicienl lor tleir upmrt and education. The. excellent lady, bowever, dichaigcd t he difficult task adiiiia!i!y. To do ao ie. quired great induify, liuality, and or derliries ; and tu the constant lei-dun ul ibene (yet ihH without I lit mil higher one of-lleligion, and of a ov of honor and knowledge) young iScoit, uu bred up ; tmj nursling ot ease and indulgence, but Ihr hardy cbild o dilhculiy and lortitude. Hi.-own exerii.iiu ecuudiii bin inotlier'r uiaiiiijjeiueiit, a good education war ob Uiliud ' lor ' bilM and, finally, nrleclhij; bi grandlatlier'a a hi prol'etaioii, be lit-landed a course oflaw iecuieat W illi jiii and Mary College ; afier w hich he; entered a lawyer' offico, and in H00" uu admit. Jad to the Bar. Fur tf'yettr alterwurJs be rod tba circuit. In the tneuii time -had lust hi mother. How he becomes a Soldier. la lb auunrierof IbU? occuiied the wanton attack ollhe Hiilisb frigate Lenp. ard upon our imprepaied ship, iba Chesapeake, and the arizure and 1111111 ejMneni of reral of tbe latter' ctew a fcnglih uhject. Thi outragn exciied a violent ?ublic reeutmeitt thrmighout our country, oung Scott shart'd in it must aidently, and, a war eeuiiiig to brt 011 the (loint of breaking out at once, joined a volunteer troop ot horse raied iu I'etersbuty to de. lend our coaet, and inarched with them down to the shore til Liiiihaveii Uay, wuere lor a v lute luey look up then i"tation in expectation of a I5rilib invasion. Neither our goverment nor the British had yet made up iu tmud ; this little cloud of I.L, .1 1 .. nuuu mew on , anu our volunteer were called home again ; but even this abort and bloodless expedition had pro unuijr ueen eiloilgtl to lotlSO In our VOUIlg ncio me nauve pasaiun lor arms, and to decide hi future, career. Fvery thing, uowever, looking peacelul mice mure, he returned lor a tune tu bis practice. But ourdillicullie with the pretended "Queen ot the Sea' upeedily agnin thickened. Alt, Jelleiaon tried in v.tin the weak rein edie ol an Embargo and Nun intercourse act. It became clear that a Miie enough war could not be much longer avoided : an army, therlore, was tube laised, and, it bilUor thi purpose being brought forward in Congress m lj,c c0ee u ii,0yt.iir le07, Scott applied lor a cummiasioii. The bill w passed iu the April following, and in May the gieat soldier that was to be was appointed by President Jeteron a captain ol light artillery. During the rest of he wa employed on the recruiting service and iu the atudy of hi new profession. QUARREL WITH GEN. WILKINSON. ITS CUN SEQUENCES. In 1309 he ttaa ordered to Louisana, and placed lor a lime under the command of Gen. W ilkinson, an ofkicer on w hom, in common .with many other ol hi countrymen, he looked as an acomplice ol ikin' conspiracy, and alterward a turpiug iiilonrier against tu aociates. Thinking o ill of hi commander, he declined all oflers-ol bi lavor, and even made no tpcrel ot bi ba J ojiiutou ot Lim. Tbis Coming to W i,kii)S04i' ears, he became bitterly the young soldici' enemy, and wiitched the opportunity lor revenge. About this time be was removed from the command there, and (ten. Vda Hamp. - ton appointed tu hi place. Upon this Scott ipoke ol him openly a " a traitor," at indeed he legally wig In ; fur tbe " Rules and Articles ol War" only lorbid disre spectlul language, or behavior towards one's commanding oflicer, not at all one's superior at a distance. Seizing upon this pretext, and that of bis having, while acting, without experience, aspuymuster tu the company lie rrciuilud, withheld lor torn two inoiiih about titty dollars in all of pay oioue'y to cover some ol their debt 10 a mWt tor which be had tendered him-t-ll liablf , Wiikuuou bi ought Scott to trial before a court-martial, tu tbe hope ol pro- herrabnu'; thev f)u;albiz,d entire') vilb tlje iut-pkeii )oung officer, and UahioiiV, there j gate biu a coiniiiuMetilary dinner. Scott i,u acUieu, ol course, tu oa about to re- trite a check iii hi prole.gioual advance. men!. But I have observed through life that e-miog niisfortuues are eidoui real ly ,uch, except tu the common run ot men. i brin ibey overlbwow ; Hie liuly gieal tiirj gt-i,era!ly help. The blow winch ui ei l Hie it ud terrilie the cow aid, r-ue the atr-jug nun and tiie the brave. Scott war nut disheartened ; but at oate threu binii-rif upon it mor e tboiuugh and striHa if study of tactics aud the whole si lence ol w r. I or ibis, a yeir s removal lunu Ihri duties of ibe camp gave him a most pliotiUible leisure. When he re appeared iii service lie ua a fir betiei uidier Ibau bewiinld have become during the r.inir time but tor Wilkinson's attempt 10 be rrvengell Ui'il bun. WAR DECLAUEU-llULL'S SL'R- RENDER I'UBLIC D1SCOUR. AGEuEN'T. -,-rrtrthe -rWtJunl",' I?12. -the waro h'tig elpected"tt'uuH,raTt-l but reluctantiy by our Government. Their liud been ubiiiiiluiil time liu ineparatioii, yet it was iii prepared ; aud its tirst effort that uu.iei den. Hull, tor seizing Upei Canada, though highly pi acticable, was n ill BiipMilt''d and so feebly conducted 10 10 cost us at once the whole army sent on ihut rniei pris , It enleied Canada I10111 Obi", at Detroit, oil the li h Juiy, Ir 12, and capitulated, al t'.e saine place, un ly 1 . t ... i- . 1 one mount hiiu two uu) s unet vvaru. 1 ins uuisi unexpected event, while it enraged aud motttried the ivilion, shook teryseii. ously 1 he country's and even the soldier's i-outidencM in our commanders and our loops, or 1 lit) ability ofeilher to withstand the experience of British geiienij and the discipline ot British armies. Under such leeling tidniy grows scarcely possible, and Hie war must hare bemi intie but -uccessioii of di'giaces, if a daring VouFng soldier had lint peedily come for" aid' to : brnak on land, a Hull did. at tea, the sprll of England' tupposed suprrioriiy. SCOTT la PROMOTED HDS FIRST SHOT AT THE ENE.M V. The rnpid jirnfessional attaiiime jits ol Scott and hit high q'iulilie for the soldier had uotv been perceived. He wn in July, 1812, piumnied to the lieutenant cnl- melry ol the second regiiaent of aitillery and sent ',0 Black Ruck, there to pioteci, with the two companies ol 1 owson and Bsikrr, Us little navy yard. While he lay there, on the 9th of October, his assis- tam e was aked ly Lieut. EHioll, of the navy, toward-scapturing Itro British armed lirip (the Adamt and the Calendutiia) whih weie mooted iiw'er the guns ol Foil Erie, almost opposite. He at once sent Capt. ToWjoii and a pa t of his com. puny ; getting ready me.iutiin to give nil help, il neceary, Irmu the shore. The attempt wa gallant and tucuesilul ; the brigs were c.piuied ; but in carrying them oil' one of them (the Adams) dilfled ashoie upon Squaw Island, where, the batteries of the foil commanding her, Llltotl took to his bouts again and aban doiied tier. I he enemy now sent armei boats to tecover her ? but the lay within itfive Ij bii.Ti Jw.o 'iu, curps &aJ ct al lervrarJs according Ui circuiiirl ii-cet. He actoi J 11 ''' came it L istuwn tie ttei- afll t ixk up & finsiiuMi fi'.m ttLUu i, cuul i lest piaV u-a euerny s tjaner.e ana cuirr our iaso.ii;;. AdJ Out tbtf ti!!o illusions oi attaca irtuved oti, iu only eibt boat. Cul. Soi- uinofi a Reuss,aer ledtba way:- C . Ct.fti! loliowed, with lha econd divi sion. The foruier succteded ir UndiC a part of his men ; the latter' boat were uept d-jwii by the current ; a port on ot ttje men failing into the eneiri) fuwer, uhile the re-i weie driven b.tck. Among the latter was their biave commander,! wounded; who, however, crosses yet again with aoma rm!orceirieuti,- aud L..i. I.ii oari iir 1 K t.,'1.1. ,1 naHl lint, ttiose 1 " . 1 .... . . . . . t 1 1 . wt.o landed With Vail Reut.eaer furtned , "fy ere Uul goiu - 10 ue -uieincu u. bl IU. lie was not a man, however, to give U his feiiow ciliZem, nor lu be aiieuceJ or kibeJ. Happily, other were landed hi manner ; aud wbeu they agitiu ; ... i,.L - ii.;.:, .. uA 1.. Wrii wrfiii to select.-he peremptorily 'ordered i bauiLcf of l.-'.UrioZiJ Cii.Z.riS, a 1 tiv. w-Loui ibetr tcui-j-.m vt V-Skt lrv;J to tie wf Irish biiih, led, Upoa lbi lyc-casloo, to a Brt isti clairo to deal it's tJCii pris'uuers aa uut enlitiej to the lawt ot in, Inii pUuishabis as tiaitort la their rviii '. I be whoie body of !hue taken eie tent dou tita Scott by water tu Quebec There they were taken out of tne teste!, Iu be skipped fur Botuu yti another, under ca te!, with a vie to their being exchanged. heu thi sL.p-rilcut began, Scoll soull perceived that thev were telrcling and meant to detain the liishuieri. He instantly intervened, and denied Ibeir right to make any dif ference between one Ameiicail ciiiz?u and another. Tbe office i haughtily toil) ihun he was a prisoner himself aud that aud advanced under a inuiderous caanun-ade from the heights. Beneath it, the Ci'lunel aud all bis otficer lell, WoundeC on a ver V'i'a.iaut astauit u.iuu the tniJ- Ins men iidl to auatt r any luriner ques- the ieai.h of Si-olt's gun as well ut the . ii i . . i i tor i a, aim ne urove oacK tlleir boat at the fort had driven off Elliott. J he con test who should finally bear her off was quite sharp; and tried veiy well the arlil lery practice on either side. At iait, however, Scott's ardor and skill prevailed ; he recovered the brig, and held her unti by the oideis of Gen. Sinythe (allerwad u ok u lor ti l s proclamations and bis dis coverlet iu the Auoculviise) she was burnt. BKAE LITTLE BATTLE OF tt EENoTOW.N HEIuHTS. -ri i . i i . I tils exploit roused to such a decree the lorce of militia, about 2,500 stiong, whtcli lav below at Leui.iutvn, undei Gen. Stephen Van Rensselaer, with about 450 regulars, that they demanded lo be led al once acioss into Canada, where indittd, there was not then w ithin reach a Biitishfoicn more ih'n half as lare to inuke head against them. On the other hand, there was no motive bu that ol honor lor such an invasion : for (lie Guteiumeiil had made no prepura dons Inr any such movement ; and woulu, uecessai my, nave auon Deen cui oil", if it advanced, or di iven back, if il did not. Besides, not even the easy preparation of boat enough for tarrying over a thousand men at a lime had been made. But Van Rensselaer' men threat rued lo leave him if he did not send a torte across; and he yielded. Tbe plan adopted was, lo cn lo Queeustown w ith two columns ul' about thiee hundred men each ; to arry by storm the bade ries on the Heights; and, a lodgment lor invasion being thus made, lo hold on there until one could be got ready. When ou the I'Jtn, tbe n'iw o w hat was inten ded reached Scott at UJack , Rock, he lorthwitn hastened to the scene of action fuieseuiug well there would be need of uim : and offered himself aud bit artillo ry. But the arrangement weie already made, and all that he couid obtain was way battery ami tbat oi tbe suimi it. j Bulb liirte were carried in ipiick surer, sioii, aud their routed defender forced to! lake retuge in s, strong stone house near the waler's edge. Heie they were reinforced by Governor Brock in persua, bo had liuw ar rived. That gallant aud beloved officer oiU afterwards fell, wnh bis secretary, Cul. McDonald, in leading Lack his men to' rtlake the bright. He tailing, they were repulti'd. Meantime scatteird par lie of Americans hud been "elliug over, from time lo time, tu the few and half. disabled bouts ; but scaicely one out of iwu in these p.ii ties was able lo join the tight. Tbe test were eilher landed too bigh up, where the cliff could not be sealed, or were twept loo far down aud made prisoner. 1'iobably six hundred tveie the utmost ever at one time engaged itHhe tighT. Just al" the lime of Brock's fall Cul. Scott reached the helgnTs7""te" had al last obtained leave lo cros and lake the command. He immediately drew op his men iu llie.beal position thai Could be lakeli lor maintaining the ground and covering the htudi-ig of the militia expected lioui the other side. Vain was thai latter expectation, however; the mili tia refused tu cross. Souk- constitutional scruples about the President right lo march tin-in beyond the border had ;id denly seized ihem, aud they Jell their comiades al Queeustown lo iheir fate. I be enemy was not so nice about help, mg their people. At the til at sound of tbe cannonade Ueii. Sheafle had Hunched from Fort Geoige, eight unlet below, with eight hundred and fifty Biitiah' re. aulurs ; and a nearer body of five hundred Indians watiiors had flung themselves forward upon Queenstov n. These lat. ler, arriving, reinforced the worsted neiny, who now, witn qune superior iiiiuibeis. poured upon our poaitiou a lerri- de attack. It was un the point ol over. vv hj-lni in ' nur men ; llieV U'mrt ft. It , ! n r. ' J - -'"S under i'; when Scott, uhohadbuen personally directing in the rear the repair of some captured cannon (now most needful) lushed back lo the front, reanimated our ..i i .- - men, and, turning ine ueieuce inio u tierce attack, drove the routed assailant in headlong flight by sheer valor, aud hen resumed bis position. I his was several repeated. Lislui''uisha- bie to all not more by his remarkable stature and the lull dress uniform iu which ie fought than by his presence at every point and the fiery intrepidity with which he met or led every assault, Scott became the Irequent rnaik ol Indian rifles. A gal- still militia officer, Gen. Wudsworth, again ai d again stiieided him, with his own per ton, from the savage markmen. It was now an occasion when not man- ccjvenn! tvm lo be used, but an exam ple of unconquerable courage to be given; and thereluie, when urged to quite his regimentals, as making bun too conspicuous, who wat quite enough so without it, he mote than once laid, "No, I will die in my robes." Fired by his example, all, militia aud regulars alike, fought like tigers ; and the enemy was obliged lo draw otf. , And now again reinforcements would not have been loo late. But noue came. nd every thing grew desperate. For now marched up to join the adversary Geu. Shealfe, with such a force as lell no choice but either lo die olorioisly. Sco'.t mounted on the trunk of a fallen tree and exhoiled his men to tbe latter choice. Il was necessary, he told them. lo wipe out the shame of Hull's somen. der, and leach toe and friend that Amer icans knew how to tiiilil to tbe last. Their lives' would be well laid down for such a purpose, and would, in the wat now only jusl begun, be worth many vic tories. Weary, lew, and sore as thev wore, his men all cheerfully assented, and prepared for a last struggle. Sheaffe, hewevei, more wary-ibau the earlier British leader, did not indulge us with any more c bulges, but coolly took his measures for surrounding them ; and men wbu are sui rounded (not being able to dght on ail tides at once) must be made pitsoneis, whether they will or no. For a lime our heroes held their gronnd most bravely against three or lour to one; but al last many of them were Ibtced over the precipice of the river bank, and the, rest, two nuuarea ana iiincty-three in number, weie compelled to lay down their arrnt. J bis was, bowever, a ur render almost, at glorious at most tri umphs; it redeemed the honor of our arrnt; showed, as Scott had designed, that Americans need turn their back ou no oody ; and proved, by defeat itsalt, that conquest was close at hand. Decatur, hat bravest of seamen, toon after said io bcott, "sir, you have-led tbe way to victory," HUSH PRISONERS ABOUT TO BE EXECU TED-SCO IT PREVENTS TT. The capture, among our troop of a ions. At (hit the Englishmen grew exasperated, aud ordered hiin to go below deck. But, though their prisoner, they could not intimidate nur manage him. A high quarrel ensued: but be wouid iiol tield an inch; declaring lo ibern resolutely that the lile of an English pnsoiier uuuld answer lor that ofevery Irishman they detained. Aud he kept his word: fur, although they kept and shipped off to Eng'aud lor trial ihe twenty-three ton of (he Green Isle thai they had already picked out, ibey could, lioui hi, making Ihem keep tileut, pitch upon no more; while he, a soon as he got io Washing, ion after being etchanged, reported the natter to the President, and brought about he pasage of a law fur retaliating upon English piisuuer any punishment in-dieted on those taken lroo us under pre, lence of their being native-born, and tiercfnre uarpetuil subjects" of . Ureal Britain." iiur-ftas it long before Scott liuuelf look a plenty of captives; nor did te lail lo set aside ut once, a he had fledged himself lo do, a number as bus tag loi the safety ol his Queeustown Comrade. 'The Consequence was that iuii of them were hurt; that they were ill, except two who had died, sent back ti iheir adopted country together alter the peace oflSlS; and that, by the par- .icular care of Sc ill, (then liien to the highest rank,) their back pay and bounty ands were secured to them. By a sin Jtilar accident, loo, in-st when they were Ituding in New York, he chanced to be passing the whait, and recognised them' a they did him Great may be supposed v the joy of that meeting on both sides awl strongly was it expiessed by the wirui-heaiU'd Hibernians; Inr Irishmen idotn forget their friends. But we must return lo our etory. SCOTT SENT BACK AS ADJU- TaNT GENERAL TO DEAR-BO UN'S ARMY. - The campaign of lrj 1 3 had just been opened by rtio taking ol York, whtcli Scolt arrired on the Niagara frontier, in May, as the chief of the staff lo Gen. Dearborn.. 'Thi important post requires the skill, io organize and direct all the details and all supplies and mateiials of war lor whatever opeiation the commander 111-chief may have decided upon. His adju. lanl general 'should be his right hand; fur upon that officer mainly depends all the preparation of battle. Scott coiiuucled his duties greatly to the satisfaction ofall. The labor and Ibe honor would have been quite enough for most men; but he claimed, besides, the right of taking the command oT bis own regiment, whenever it came into action. The claim was con-ceded to him and he soon made use of il. Continued iy ovr ext lion. K. C. Cabell. W received oa tL 4k- i'uil. the fo..OW. I'g second Landed cvroroui.icatioO from thi Hun. E. C. CaUSi. It s delivered Ui uaby ageitilemau who is la 1.0 way cou" aecte d r.b this paper, our La be v. riueu a hue fur il fur better than eighteen months', of which fact, we believe Mr. C. to be bY.1) aware. The delay lbat bas incurred in uut noticing, or giving it an earlier publiCal.oO must be attr. looted 10 Mr. Cabeit't own pecu.tar ineiLud of cunve) ing it to us. HO. OF REP., Aug. loth, 1-02. DfcAtt Sia: 1 dj nut )our 11 'hi to vyyute my election. to Cougrr.s, iar ieai du I 4jesliuu )"ur right to do w hat )ou so uecideuiy cuuJeum in me, withhold your artice support or your vote fruin "Vhe nominee of our party." But in your condemnation of tne aud in yuur rfi'vil la tin pi; e my polinc! friend with waul of confidence in me, you have faaen into an error, which justice lu in) seit requires me lo coirecl. 1 take the loiluwing extract tfoin an rial iu a late number of ttie Gazelle, de voted io my bumble sell ; "In what a singular category do we find him, and ii'.towbal bad company has lie thus fallen iu opposing General bcott ; the leading A bulitiuiii rt of the North are Uoatile to ibe Whig nomiiialluu, because it is uut fiee soil euough fur lueui. The iiiilleniuiu musl certainly be approaching when we see the Liou and the Lamb ly. ing down together. The; following are part of tbo Whig members of Congress opposed Scoil Uiiitherii uieuibers." E. C. CtUell, Fla., 1'. L. Cliiighaui, Ji.C. Jas. Abercruuibw, Ala. C. F. Faulkner, Va. St. P. Gentry, Teun, Abulilion aieruber.1 J. R. Gidding. O. Chs. Allen,' Ala. L, D. Campbell, O' J. W. Uune, Penn. i'baJ. Stephen, Alex. Stephen Gu. I Horace . Mann, Mats RulU Touuibi 11 t Aoios '1'uca, N. H. Verily, a siimufar association ! The association of my name with Gid, dhi"s and olbwr " leading abolitionists ot Ibe noiih could have had bul ope oiijecl. I have no remark to make ou the article in question, except thai none of the -ab olitioii member" whose uames you pub lish aie " ovpOiOl to Scott, except .tir. Gidduigs aud possibly Mr. Allen, who hate not even proJtsseA to bt wings lor years. They are " Free Democrats." I do not think that the fact that you hap pen lo find yourself iu this bad compa ny ;" nor the tact that you aud the Editor ot " the 1' lorida Democrat each oppose me, should impair that confidence that the Whig party have so justly reposed in you. 1'he mo! thttl cull bi' said thai it is " a i . t . singular association : ii ny no mean ollow that you are wanting in fealty to the Whig paity ol the South. It is an honest exercise ol individual opiuroil as to a man, not involving a political principle. Very respectfully and truly your Inend ami obedient servant. E. C. CABELL. To the Editor of the Pcusacola Gaz ette. PEiNSACOLA. September 11, 1852. FOR PRESIDENT, WINFHOLD SCOTT, oT Virginia. VICE PRESIDENT, WILLIAM A. GRAHAM, of North Carolina. For Governor, Col. GEORGE. T. W ARD. For Congress, E. CARR1NG PON CABELL. For Electors, Mitj. J. J. r'l.NLEY. i)r. Geo. 1). Fisher, Alternate. Hon. T hos. Randall. Geo. W. Call, Jr., Alternate. Col. J. P. Sanderson. Col. C. A. Mitchell, Alternate. For State Senator, O. 31. AVERY. For the House, FRANCIS B. liOBK. Naval. The U. S. Steamer Fulton. We i gratified to learn that the Navy Depart. inent has decided that it is not necessary lo send this ship lo the North, a it was expected would be the case, but the ne cessary alteration and repairs are ordered to be made-at our Navy Yard, and th Steamer it to continue attached to the Home Squadron until further orders. The contemplated alterations in the ar rangvment of the vessel will be made forth wilb, and the result will add mate rially to the comlort of her officer and crew. It app-ars from this letter Mr. Cabell takes exceptions to an editorial, that appeared in this paper on the 3lst July, re lative to his political course, in refusing 10 support the National Whig nomination' particularly the clause, wherein the Southern' and Abolition members suppos ed to be hostile to the election ol General Scolt are classified opposite to each other- It is not our desire to be unjust to Mr' Cabell, or to enrol! him amidst disagree able associations. Iu the article referred to, it was our intention to exhibit an it. nomalous stati ol things resulting from he nomination of Gen. Scott that a number of Southern Representatives opposed his election because they suspected liiin of Fiee Soil and .Abolitionism; and the same number of Northern Abolition ists opposed him for enliiely opposite lea-sons because he was one ot the earliest supporters of the various Compromise Bills duiing their passage, and before they became a. law. Alter his uomiua lion hu accepted. the platform of piinci. pies adopted by the Whig paity. aud fully approved by Mr. Cabell, and the other membeis ot the Southern delegation. Neither has he since that time exp.essed tho least reluctance or hesitation to abide by ihein. 'There is bul one certain way to judge ihe future, which is by the pas'.- Now we should like to know what has been di?covered in the past life ot Gen. Scolt that induce Mr. Cabell lo continue to doubt his honesty or consistency. We understand Mr. Cabell says, it was mainly through his efforts that the W'big plalfoim was adopted by the Convention. If such be the case, it is much tu be regretted that he puisnes a course eminently calculated lo destroy the noble fabiic of bis own handiwoik, by opposing the election of the man best calculated to se. cure tne supremacy oi rug principles, and the cuntii ance of a Whig Adinistra- tioii. Florida has great interests iu lliis mailer; we are in our infancy, and have many Rail Roads and Harbor Improve, tnonts under contemplation that requir tho parental aid of the General Govern men!, to oiiginato them. The expe rience ol the recent Congress exempli bet to our entire satisfaction that no earth ly hope exist in the event ofa Lofoco Ad ministration coruing into pouer, that ou1 various improvement schemes will receive the aid so much required to give them tint. It is an eiujui ttijty tf j tocv'um, that tb Goverstuiew. nl care of U oc ieterests, tad tie tbt.u!d tale cart bf iheir JCa w . , w a I 1 principle proclaimed by lhe Adoilo;.;, lion of Martin Van Burea" the u,r,itf oiiQ with outhera pjiueiples," jfl now in close affiliation with Geu. P,(c, "auwher northern ruaa wuh tumr-' principles." Bul Mr. Cabell inform us, lht Giddiug and Alien, all th otter Ftf, Soil member of Congrett above nur&a rated, wiil vu'.e for Gea. Scotu W i,Mt tLeuieea iu error ; but thi error irjS4. led not in ourlvs, but in the Rictnj Whig, -wherein we found the .L,,,, u.inei (except Mr. Cabell'i) uru, nJ classilied. Mr. Cabell has fa;l,J I( cuiiviiice us of lhe impropriety of i;-ing Kit oauie -' afrtbo 'i '311;,-suUihero meaibef oppoed to Geo. Seu He. has candidly told lhe people ofFior that he will not support . the NV.,, Whig uomine. thereby taking j,1Uj with Col. Ward, the worthy anj accru. plished gentleman selected as lie caacj- date lor Govaiuor, and icAo tcill be t'tc- led the wishes of bis democratic fiiendi io the contrary notwithstanding. Re U also at issue with Guv. Call, Judgt Ra. dall, and in fact, with ihe entire VVb; party in thut withdrawing hit tupport fiom Gen. Scott. The two gsntltroea just mentioned are as well acquiintui with Scott as Mr. Cabeil is, nd under, stands equally as well the necejsiliei 0f the south; and iheir anxiety fur the safely of southern rights aud intercut it ibon all party lies. - Mr. Cabell -is-- v!i;rlVi "WtrM-t nonentity, s far a hit eflorii arc concerned in tha coming (lection. With all due deference lo Mr. Ci iu. perior knowledge upon such subject!, i regard the Richmond Whig, situ, n good authority tespecting the politics! dn 'erminatioii ol northern Abolitimiiiti il is published in a Slate where it behuorti them to exercise a jetlou vigilance uptm these base and designing distuibertu! tli peace. I nis paper is decidedly the nioil influenzal W hig organ publi.-hed iu Vtr-gillia, and is sec 'lid only lo the National' Intelligencer fur incrriiy, candor iwl liuih. For ourselves, we aie glaj tu L thus informed th at lhe northern Aboliliin members of Congress prefer Gen. Scort-to the regular Abolition candidate for il Presidency it is a sigu lh:it the etTurir of such Mien a Florida's fivorile son Ui been like bread cast upon the waters, lai is now gathered alter many rjayi ; tub alas ! why doe he not aland at bis uson posi ? a sentinel on the walch-totvrr, rvi-dy lo extend a helping band to tliftt sinking men who are struggli-; lo obtain a footing upon the plallorm Le, liimiili has beeu mainly instrumental iu ettabliiL-ing. , It may not be inopportune her t to repra' here our denial; that we intended locisi. nfy Mr. Cabell w ith Giddings or suj f his hellijh crew in tbe offensive article noticed by him; were he our bittern1 foe, instead of our friend, we woulJ 'l to much iiiiuit him ; his whole puliiic;i life exemplifies a devoted aitaclmn'iit southern rights, and ho . has struI'd harder than most men lo blight ad the dangerous machination of ii'rlherli aggiessionists. For these gieal t"l I' iriotic effort Mr. Cabell i eittitird tuibf warmest gratitude ofevery soutbem ,I,1U' Bul there is a principle in lulu'! pli' losojihy called ihe point ofno itllit;ti"" a common centre, whoie lha atrhr"a,,v and negative powers meet only I" "P each oihei ; so il is in poliiici, 'r ' nisi. imetimes meel together at P"1" attracted from opposite extrrnir lf"m dille.ienl impulse, lo recoil ajani "a renew rd loathiiitf. Mr. Cabell is a!o rjiiilaken in ull"r particular respecting the offensit ar"c'e il was intended lo be advisory ribrl!l censorious, as the following strict ' exhibit . Wo want another Whig PrwJ and we want lo ee Mr. Cabell rJ.jJ again to Congres a a collsis',l, ' trom th i State i V dontly as we heretofore supporteti f we must proclaim in all candor, m Whigs of West Flurid will not ray him in bis present position, lit" .'liiri a single Democratic vote u " lating hiu. sell from his patty ; oD ,n tiaiv. autficienl u umber of W big witbdraw from him lo guarantee U lion of his opponent." We ar a loss to conceive be kuulC urnvod ul fVii rnnr lllriiirtl WU f hi election. His banner is 0,,'u'1 the bead of this papel we intend " poitand vote for bim notith'-" d'"f.. mat differ in the " honest ezerc w cidual opinion as to a wan. It i that a Yaoke h in,?''ls ... ...i.ii-h 111 a potato digging machine, oy Horse down ttie rows, ,- tj Ka U M H .4.- II - load up into lhe cart ; wU,iltj l' walkt alongiide, wbitiiii'f " n . lumbia," with hif bandt in h?c loot, teparatet them from

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