The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1931
Page 5
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Al'HIL 17, 1931 BLTTHKVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NKWS PAGE-HV1 Here's the House of the Future SISTER MARY'S v KITCHEN • BY SISTER. MARY NBA Scnlca Writer With color running riot everywhere In. our homes and In our dresses, perhaps some of the good old rules for "setting" colors will freshen our memories about, washing these attractive hues. ' Even though we buy materials 'SI guaranteed "fast," care Is needed,In to one quart of ft'nter Is the proportion used. Epsom sails hi the proportion of one teaspooniul to one qunrl of water, added to both the washing nml rinsing waters, wlU'prcvcnl colors from running and fading. The actual washing of all colored fabrics Is very Important. Never colore dlhlhgs and never nib so.ip directly on them. Never use hot. water. Wash a piece nt n time, and If (ho water has been,colored nl all, USB fresh water for the second piece. Use a soup solution anil force the soapy water through any soiled spots rather than rubbing lti<;in with th cliands, Rubbing, even on those materials which are "fast" colors, Is apt to leave a whitish Wyoming Turtle Holacaust Puzzles U. S. Scientists np!clc skeleton ot tho Ions ex- nct Hymchyiis, were imiong the pallllon's Jlnds In Wyoming. ABOVE— Open the- 'front sale aS night and, presto, tho. haus? is flooded with light, inside land out. Flash the automobile headlights on the garage doer, and they oiren of their own.accord. These are just two of th« multitude of electrical inno- valiciii- on O. II. ..Cald well's unique estate at Cos Cob, Conn. RIGHT—O. 1!. Caldweli, former Federal Radio Commissioner and noted electrical enginter, is shown here at one of the two ilccp veils from whit'li, in summer-time, cold water is pumped eleclm-ally thru the steam radiator pi|its of his house, cooling every room. Note the weather-proof electric lantern on the stone fence. His • "Servants" Go lo Woi-k Without Even the Pushing ot a Button. i BY flONN SUTTON NEA Service Writer COS COD. Conn.—A home 103 years old has become the house of the future. .g. The magic wand of electricity, waved over kitchen, parlor and hed- rcom, has transformed an ancient farm abode here into a place that probably holds for the visitor mor3 shocks per square foot than any other homestead in America. A thousand servants worK in the house, but there is no servant problem. Fov the servants arc a multitude of electrical gadgets which O. If. Caldwcll, former Federal Radio Commissioner and owner of the estate, has installed *as an example of what the world's coming to, electrically sneaking. f)cors Open Themselves When Mr. and Mrs. Caldwcll drive borne at night, there's no tiresome getting out of the car to shove open the garage doars. laundering them and those colored things without the "guarantee" may mvc their lives prolonged It ccr- ,ln precautions nra taken with them. To fix pink or red, add one-half cup vinegar to one quart of water and soak the garment In this solu- lon for 15 cr 20 minutes. Hang to dry without, wringing. When perfectly dry,- wash as usual. • Lavender, orchid and violet tints ore made permanent by t'be-usc ol iiirpcnUne. Add from three-fourths to one cup of spirits ol turpentine to one quart of water. Let material soak for a few minutes and hang to dry whhoiit wringing. When dry wash as usual. ' ; Gretns iRcquIre Alum ' Alum Is-used for tho greens. Dissolve from one-halt to one ounce of alum In one quart of wnter and proceed as tor the other '. colors. For deep blue and brown, from one to two tablespoons .of ox-gall Li dissolved in one quart of water and the article ts soaked 1 and dried as for the other colors. Wash a: usual. A strong salt solution- !s recommended as a fixative for -black This can be used also for dark blue and to prevent colors'from running. However, sail is-said to hinder the action of soap, making clothes harder to wash. One cii] of salt Is used to one part, of water Some colors fade In the sunshine To prevent this they can be dipped in water In which alum has beei dissolved. Wash as-usual and before' hanging to dry, dip In the alum'.water. One tablespoon alum spot. Thorough rinsing is also necessary to keep colors bright. Soap left in materials has a tendency lo weaken the threads as well as tt:c colors and shortens 'the life of all cotton and lliu'ii fabrics. Colored tilings must be washed quickly, rinsed at once and \vrmit, through the wringer as dry as pus .siule nml hung to dry In a shad) place it Is not advisable to 'use bluing 11 the rinse water for pink, green •ellow or orchid. These suggestions apply to col on nml linen fabrics. Daily Menu BREAKFAST— Shredded fresh ilneapule, cereal, cream, creamed Irlcd beef, toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON— Creamed shrimps n rice cases, finger rolls, radishes, enion sponge, milk, tea. DINNEK—I'lanked shad, nmrlin- fwe potatoes, buttered string beans, Idllcd cabbage salad, rhubarb [rappc, siionge drops, milk, colfce. WASHINGTON. lUl'J—Wlial hit the Unties U one of the llilii; Smithsonian Institution excavators ope to discover In future cxnml- atlon of fossil ilclcls of the liridg- r linsln, Wyoming. In Us report recently published he Institution's fossil |«rly do. crlbcs a vttbt luvllc tlenlh spo vlicro one outcrop W feet long wa. x>mi>osed almost exclusively mile shells esido by side. Whu caused this wholesale- and obvl nisly sudden annihilation could no be learned. Charles W. Ciilmore, leader of Hi parly, thought It might have bsc noxious gas, volcanic nsh or [ici Imp? a sudden How of boiling wall CAMnmiX-.u, Mass. UH'>—Hnr- rd College library now has per- nps tlie most complete- collection Icelandic books out-side of Scan nnvla, The Institution's Icelandic ctlon -was greatly enlarged re nlly by a gltt from Mrs. William envy Schollcld of Petcrsboro, N. In memory of her husband, for er Harvard professor. -nil hinting at prehistoric ii| hcnvals In Ihe Wyoming bad land Crocodile skulls and an iihno. Nervous Headaches Go In Few Minutest Canudinc makes quick work of lieai aches due" to nerves, eye strain as liigli-iucssuruwotk—in (actany kind headache. llcingluiuiil. it nets in on third llic time rciniircil uyolln'r lorn Nnharuiml drugs. Approved by drn gislscvcryu'here. Irorllicagonyof m.' rili i and nraralg fo, too, nothi ng so Rood loc. joe, foe bottles at all drug store Or by the Jose at soda tountains. f* HICKS 1*^^ Capndine f fORHfAOACHft Courier News Want Ads Pay. Typewriters i Adding Machines Repairing — Rebuilding— Rentals—Ribbons—Carbon — 'Adding 'Machine Roll* Acton Printing Go. Typewriter. Dept. Phono 10 for More I Planting Seed For Sale Mi-s-Dul No. 2, @ $50.00 lier ton, ' Delfos 911, @ §15.00 [itr ton. Seed yii;n'ii»tccd pure and Kurminalion test 08'*. This Mis-Del is one year from breeding station. Staple 1 1-8 inch, thirds itself. The mast satisfactory cotton I Imvc ever grown. Prices F. 0. U. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs Grider, Ark. JVLake every day a holiday from your kitchen ..'. with a Westinghouse Flavor Zone Range stead, at the merest flash of the car's headlights on cleverly arranged photo-clcclric cells, tho doors automatically swing ciirn. When ll'.cy approach Ihe hm:s?. there's no drmser of slumtlinj over Ihe door-slep, no exasperating BV ISKALL Science Editor, NivA Service When the engine becomes so worn as to let the crankcase oil up into tile combustion chambers, it is time to have tlie whole motor overhauled. Oil pumping is only a step removed from complete brcak'Jo'>vn. Tf this condition is rimnitted to continue, any day the motorist may find himself, limping along the read on two or Hire;: cylinders and s'.:d- In- j denly developing a serious main hearing knock, due to considerable less of lubricating oil. Oil puniHing may be noticel by Ihe action cf the oil gauge on tne dash or by the smoky appearance of Ihe exhaust gas. When, every search for the keyhole, HD franlir j time you run into a service stalion, fumbling for liie wall switch. B.'- [ you are told yo;:r engine needs niorc rnnr.o sis soon as in outside "in? i oil, yon may suspect oil p'.unping is opened, the house i> flooded w:'h | or oil leakage., light, both inside and O'.M. , ]( cn ins!): , c ji 0 n O f Ihe spark Tne house holds fort:i hop:;, t.-o. j plugs, you tee they are foU::l with for p.n armislice in Hie JSattlc c! | carbon doposil, you will have fur- tte Radio Dial, which is 'vageci i:i : ihcr assurance tliat the engine is most American every cvo- I pumping oil. This begins cr;iinari- ning due to the fani'ly's t.ivergent | jy in the rear cylinders and at the tastes in programs. In this cice- [rilicd abode, there arc 10 latlio FCls, each placed in a different room. Tlie bedroom radics. for instance, will lull yen to sleep, nn'i then automatically shut themselves off. Ann that lulling will bs done in winter-lime, incidenlally. teneath ciec- Irically heated blankets. No Furn.irc Wors Does morning mean arising i-i Ihe chilly air lo stoke and fire Iru furnace. No, electricity takes oro o! all Ihal. IOD. And elcclrically operalccl air healers keep Ih? house al an even temperature thru Ihc cold month;. Likewise, eleclricily defies the hottest summer day to do its worst. In addition to all kinds cf electric refrigeration for foodstuffs, the rftoais Ihcmsclv'cs arc collc.'l by the electrical pumping of cold water, from two deep wells cn the estate, through Hie steam r.utiaior piprs of the house-. The kitchen, with Its 26 placss lor employing electric ci.rrent. would bewilder the old-fashioned housewife- There's that one elcelric machine, for example, that has least 150 different uses—for everything from openin; a can ol peas to slicing bread and washing tht dishes. Every meal ol the day Is rear bearing. Tn crdcr to be sure that it isn't pumping buc leakage that is causing the excessive less c.E oil. run the mclor while Ihc car is stand- ins still, a', a sp:cd cnual to about 45 miles nn hour. If oil dropj from Ihe engine, there is an oil leak •ITIN? | somewhere—in the oil pan, through i the gaskets, loose screws or flooded crankcase. Tf it is a mailer o£ oil pumping, several serious causes niny be located for it. The most serious arc loose main bearings and worn pis- Ions and cylinder wnlls. Somelimes tlic cylinders have become out ol round from the constant slap of the- pistons against tlie wnlls nnd the imcvciniess of the crankshaft. If the connecting red is vrarjKd or bent, if the piston rings arc loose, or if there is too much clearance behind the compression ring and loo liUIc behind the oil rin£, oil will find Us way easily into the combustion chamber. Sometimes the oil pressure is too great and an excessive amount o! oil is putni)cd through the oil slots into the engine. Anolher cause for oil pumping may be uneven heat dislribnlion so thai only part o[ the enghia cools quickly while the rest remains overheated. This thins out he oil and enables it to work its way more easily into the upper part of the motor. elcctrk.Tily prepared, foil bcinz cooked in on appetizing way can ciliated to electrify the diners. There are mere than 100 elcc- ,ric outlets in the hou?e for vcnli- aling fans', electric piano, electric clocks, cleaning nnd laundry equip input, telephones for communications between rooms and various liarts ol tiic grc;md?, and scores of other novel conveniences. Even the chiidrcn'6 loys ali arc electrical. Take a walk aro;:nd the 50-acre cstntr-. find yo'.t may hear music and chimes mystcrinns!y emanating from the leafy houghs of trees. I Radios again! Loud-speakers con-1 ceaicd amen? Ihe branches are apij to begin delightful al fresco entertainment at any time. All Ihis Cald'.vcli regards nol as anythhij freaki.^. tut slmp'.y as the logical development c! elec- Thcrc aro limes when Ihe oil gauge does not help the motorist discover the loss of oil by pumping or leakage. At such times the oil in the crankcase is diluted by an ovcrsuiipSy of gasoline that iceps through Ihc pislnn clearances. Then only the quality of the oil becomes a sign ol its loss through Icakge or puinpiug. Worn engine bearings may be sns]>ected when oil has to be replenished olicn and a slight ktjock. like a Ihud, Is heard as the enjine pt'lls np hill or in starting. Often no knock may be heard In the ordinary course o fdriving, because tlic- bearings may not he .loose enough for this. But if Ihe bearings are worn enough lo cause excessive clearance, an extra amount of oil will be thrown up into the cylinders. The pislon ring will not. be able lo take care of this excessive oil and so will permit some of it to pump thro-.igh into the combustion i chambors. OLIDAYS, too often, are workdays for the woman who lias to cook the family meals. This is hardly fair . . I and certainly not necessary when a Westinghouse Electric Range will turn even ordinary days into carefree holidays from the kitchen! Have you heard about this range? It's the only one made that can g\vc a dinner the delicious taste of old-time Dutch Oven cooking . . . without demanding a moment of your time after you put food in the cold oven. Conking is started and completed under positive automatic control. And, of course, the Westinghouse Range is everything else that a inoJcrn range should bo ... beautiful, convenient lo work with, easy lo clean and keep clean. Why not take one afternoon to drop in nnd sec this Westing-' house Range? It may mean many years of other afternoons free for you to do as you please. IGHESrTEST" af the price of ordinary gasoline QRAVITY from 60.6° to 71.4° TO MATCH WEATHER PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers of natural high gravity gasoline EGTRI^ WITH THE ^j L A V OR Z O N !• O V \L N Substituting heavier oil will nol help Ihe situation. It may retard tricity in ths home, as we all may j Ihe ultimate breakdown ot the mo- be employing it within a le-.v years.' to - on '5' f or a short time. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Yonr Service" Tranklj-, our hardest job is to get motorists to buy their first trinl tankful of Phillips 66 ... tlie greater gnsiliuc. After that our task is simple— they alwiyi ; come back for more. They quickly prove for themselves that this gasoline is an amazing performer. That it delivers extra power, smoother running, and longer mileage. That it brings out the best in the motor. And they appreciate that this premium performance costs not I penny cxtr.i. Give credit for these results to the famous Phillips principle of CONTROLLED VOL ATIL1TY, -which matches this gasoline to the monthly r'"an<- 3 in your wc.ithcr. Its year 'round p- 0.6° to 71.'(°, is always higher tc«t;:..i. .-. ..... . Convince yourself of the money-saving and performance-advantage:; of using Phillips 6<5. Try it just once and you will alsvays come back to the Orange and Black 66 shield. Also Phillips 66 Ethyl at the regular price of Ethyl gosoiine

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