Pensacola News Journal from Pensacola, Florida on June 16, 1911 · 2
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Pensacola News Journal from Pensacola, Florida · 2

Pensacola, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1911
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THE PENSACOLA JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 16, 1911. LIVE SPORTING GOSSI NTEREST EVERYWHERE PERSACOLAS ARE READY FOR i GAME TODAY THe Baseball Season Opens Today at Pensacola's New Baseball Park. l STANDING OF THE LEAGUES It,1- NATIONAL LEAGUE. P OF JOHN KLING WILL MANAGE BOSTON TEAW1 , W. I Pet. Chicago ....... ...,83 19 .623 New York .MWUV..SS 19 .635 Philadelphia 8S 21 .604 Pittsburg .29 23 .658 St. Louis . 27 24 .629 Cincinnati . .........24 29 .458 Brooklyn .19 83 .265 Boston . . . ... 13 41 .241 TEAM IN FINE 8HAPE FOR THE ' : OPENING CONTEST OF THE SEA-; j 80N AT THE NEW BASEBALL ' PARK AND sdQ CROWD' IS EX- ' PECTED. . . : The Pens&colas are ready for the opening: -game of the majsva at the new ' baseball park this ' afternoon, when they -will mt the fast team .of the battleship " Idaho. If they do not win the first battle on their new ground it win not he because of not being la ood condition or that they did not try, for the local are determined to play the game out to the last notch. ; : But then, they' will be tup against : about the strongest proposition la the navy, and a team la just as good condition and equally determined to win, mo the new grounds will be christen sd by one of the hardest fougrht game rver witnessed on a local diamond. The Idaho team has a star twlrler, -and 'from the manner in which he has handled opposing' batsmen Is games ia New ' Orleans, Vlckabm-y and other ; cities the local are not due to make a cluster of hits In the opener, Opposed, to the Idaho twlrler will be either Webber or Moore, the latter of DeFuniak. Which of the two shows tip bent on the field will be sent to the mound. The line-up of the Pensacola will be from the following: players: Lurton or Webber, catcher; Griffin, first; Gordon or Sanchez second base; Tou-art, third . base; Roach r Graham, abort stop; Berg-en, right field; Jones, center field; Van Metre, left field; Web- ber or Moore, pitcher. ' 'The Big Htad ; ' is of two kind conceit - and . the bis heed that come from a elck head-: ache. Does your head ever feel like a gourd and your brain feel looee and ore? You can cure It In no time by acting- on your liver with Ballard's HerMne. Isn't It worth trying for the absolute and certain relief you'll pet? Sold by all druggists. Twilight League WHITMANS DEFEAT INDEPENDENTS 7 TO 1 CANDY BOYS WERE NEVER IN DANGER OF DEFEAT AND SHOULD HAVE HAD A SHUTOUT. Testerday was easily Whitman's candy day In the Twilight for the boys had little trouble In winning vic-". tcry for their standard. Most of the . Whitman, players saw service in the ' Twilight ' league last year while few of the Independents have had that exr f' erience and the difference was plain-y noticeable in their playing yes-. terday throughout the game. The vic-- tors showed a dash and skill that 1 pomes only from experience and prac-; tlce and Manager Johnson deserves I mm i i j 1 - . i - m i tv i i i n 1 1 1 1 i iii 1 1 1 1 ii 1 tiaM credit for the splendid team that he has gotten together. ; Pitcher Hodg-eboon held hi opponents safe ; at all ) stages and his effective work deserved a shutout, base en balls, a hit batsman, ard two clean drives were all that the liberty boys could ret from his delivery and but for J. Olsen's wild lean over third after Hollins had hit for two bags could never have scored. Other wise Olsen's work was of a ariltedge variety as was much of .his team mates. Nine hits three ef which were two bag-fers in the third Inning- served to fatten the Whitman's batting- averages. Most of the Independents are new men In the TwiUg-ht league and showed the lack of practice and experience. Manager Johnson pitched his own gam and worked hard but the support given him was not of a winning variety. Only his outfield may be expected from this as "Speedy" in "the center gathered in three hard ones and participated in a double with Callahan that brought forth, prolonged cheers. The score: cheers. The score: Whitmans : AB. R. H. PO. A. E. A. Olsen, 2b .. .... 10 12 0 0 Wolfe, ss .. ...... S 11 0 10 J. Olsen. c .. ...,. .3 1 17 2 1 Y7i X '4 MB Wallace, 8b . . XL Johnson, lb Mertiss, cf .. Gilmore, If . . Barms, rf. . . Hodfeboom, p, .. S . 3 8 . 3 ..1 . 2 1 1 1 1 0 1 r Here's m m m To Your lJtMK Good Health W IA and Pleasure v 0 Iff Come follow the arrow 'til you join the merry throne: of palate pleased men and women who have quit seeking for the one best beverage because they've found it Real satisfaction in every glass snap and sparkle vim and go. Quenches the thirst cools like a breeze. - Delicious Refreshing 'J - Wholesome 5 c ; Everywhere I Send for cur interest- ) ing booklet, i "The Truth jbout Coca - Cola' THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Atlanta, Ga. r 5 Whenever you tec aa- Arrow think of Coca-Cola Totals .......... 34 7 9 12 3 Independents : AB. R. H. Pp. A. E. Lowry o.. .. ,. 3 0 0 3 1 1 Johnson, p. .. .... 10 0 12 0 Hoar, ss 1 0 010 8 Davis, lb ., 3 0 0 1 0 0 Calloway, 2b.. .. .. 2 0 0 3 0 0 Thlgpen, 3b ...... 2 0 11 0 2 Hollins, If. 1 1 1 1 0 Cherbnrg-, If 1 0 0 0 0 0 Watson, cf. .. .. .. 2 0 0 3 1 0 Baxter, rf. .. ..... 2 0 0 0 0 0 Totals .. .. ..17 1 2 14 4 6 Summary: Struck out by Hodgw-boom, 7; by Johnson. 3. Base on balls, off Hodgeboom, 1. Two base hits: Wallace, Johnson, Gllmore and Hollins. Saeriflce hit: Borraa Stolen bases: A. Olsen, J. Olsen, Wallace, and Hodgeboom. Hit by pitcher. Hoar. Passed balls, Lowry, 2; Olsen 1. Time of game 43 minutes. Umpire Fitzpa-rick. .- - . - j .. .. Today's Big Game. The one thousand percent Rexalls and Alagaa are scheduled to meet this afternoon at 6 p. m. in what promises to be the hardest game of the season. It is possible that the Rexalls will be weakened by the absence of some ot their men from the city but they will have out a strong- line-up at this and promise to make the syrup smashers hustle to retain that one thousand per cent. Harold Bonifay or Avery will probably do the twirling for the Alagaa while C. Bonifay will work for the medical men. Chubby Wells and Bert Coleman will do the receiving and thier work will be watch ed .with a great deal of interest as catchers in the league. '- The game will not be called until six in order to give those attending the opening of the new ball park time to witness both games if they so desire. There will be no gam Saturday but the no names and John Whites will play Monday evening. '8 PENSAGOL MODERN NE EBALL PARK NONE SOUTH OF THE OHIO RIVER THAT SURPASSES IT IN ITS PERFECTION OF APPOINTMENTS FOR THE COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE OF PATRONS OF THE NATIONAL GAME. feet condition, will be as fast, before the present season is half oyer, as the Infield. Every Inch of space from the four base lines to the fences, has been thoroughly divested of every suspicion of a root or other obstruction, thoroughly ploughed and harrowed, rolled (Continued on Third Pagrs) AM ERICAN LEAGUE. W. L. Pet. Detroit .37 17 .685 Philadelphia ....... MM. 82 17 .663 Chicago ....... , 24 21 .633 Boston ............iS 22 .660 New York . ..., . . . 27 22 .651 Cleveland .20 34 .370 Washington ....19 33 .365 St. Louis 16 37 .302 SOUTHERN LEAGUE. W. L. New Orleans 25 Montgomery ..30 Birmingham 28 Chattanooga .26 Memphis j. .25 Nashville . .25 Atlanta .. - 22 Mobile i 24 19 23 27 27 30 80 29 81 Pet. .648 .666 .609 .491 .466 .456 .431 .431 RESULTS YESTERDAY. National League. Pittsburg 7, Boston 8. Cincinnati 0, Brooklyn 1. Chicago 0, Philadelphia L St. Louis 0, New York S. : American League. Washington 8, St. Lcmis 7. ' New York 6, Detroit 0. Boston 4 .Cleveland 2. ' k Philadelphia-Chicago, rain. - ' Southern' Lesgue. Birmingham 4, Atlanta 0. ' Blrmingrham 6, Atlanta 4, second. Mobile 4. Memphis i. Montgomery 4, Chattanooga 15. New Orleana 2. Naosavill 3. ; " , 8oath Atlantis League. Macon 6, Augusta 9. Jacksonville 2, Charleston 10. Albany 7. Savannah 8, Columbus 9, Columbia . GAMES .TODAY. National Leaa Boston at Pittsburg. Brooklyn at Cincinnati Philadelphia at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. American League. Detroit at New York. Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Washington. Cleveland at Boston. Southern League. Chattanoosra at Montgomery. Memphis at Mobile. Nashville at New Orleans. . Atlanta at Birmingham. ' , PRESIDENT RUSSELL ANNOUNCES THAT THE FAMOUS EX-CUB CA'i CHER WILL SUCCEED FRED. TENNEY AS PILOT OF THE TAIL END NATIONAL LEAGUERS. By Associated Preee. ; Pittsburg, June 15, President r:us sell, of the Boston National League team, announced last night that Job a Kling, recently acquired from the Chicago Nationals, will be appointed man-, ager of the Boston team. i - NOTICE TO PUBLIC, I am now exclusive agent In Pensa-cola f or lcC&Il patterns, and have just received new styles for J une. - ; E. GREENBLATT. , 111-114 E. Intend encla St. GRACEVILLE HAS! I PITCHER PATRICK STRIKES OUT SIXTEEN MEN IN NINE INNINGS IN GAME WITH GENEVA GRACEVILLE ALSO DEFEATS ANDALUSIA. pectal t The Journal. Graoeville, Pla, June 15. .The Grace-vfile baseball team went to Geneva, Ala, Tuesday and beat them seven to three. The feature of the game was Patrick striking out sixteen men. Geneva atfy got two hits off him in nine innings. Batteries for Graceville, Patrick and Price. The Andalusia team came down yesterday to play Gracevllle a series of three games, the first game resulting In a victory for Gracevllle, four to two. Battery for Oraceville, , Miller and Price. Five innings were played. Patrick will pitch for GraceyillJ.Oj morrow. , . - - . --".s , , T ELKS TO HAVE FISH CHOWDER ANTLERED TRIBE MEET ATCOUN-TRY HOME-ON BAY SHORE TONIGHT MEMBERS OF ORDER FROM FLEET INVITED. The Elks will consume a fish chowder at their country home on the bay shore tonight, beginning- at 7 o'clock. Every Elk is expected to be there and each member has the privilege of taking a friend with him. Exalted Ruler Mayes yesterday issued an invitation by wireless to the Elks of the fleet asking as many of them as possible to be present so that numerous members of the naval visitors will no doubt be there. These flsh chowders have become very popular and particularly during the summer months. The Elks from the city will go down on the 6:30 car. Fussy Lady Patient I was suffering so much doctor, that I wanted to die. Doctor You did right to call me in, dear lady. London Opinion. Marks Yes, Tm working- night and day to put the scheme through. . Parks You're foolish. Do nothing about it and it will fall tbrojgh. Boston Transcript. A By W. C Jones. Through the enterprise, foresight and progressive spirit of the promoters of the Pensacola Baseball Association, Messrs. C, F. Schad, John G. Oliver and Ed. W. Peake, Pensacola can now boast of one of the most modern baseball parks in the country- north or south. i . : As a matter of fact, there Is no baseball plant south of the Ohio river,, that surpnsses Pensacola's new park in its perfection of appointments for the comfort and convenience of patrons of the national game. While Pittsburg's Forbes' Field, Detroit's Bennett's Park and New York's Polo grounds, are all admittedly more elaborate in their; grandstand accommodations, none of these great nation-all.;" known Mecca s of the Fan are modeled or constructed, in any detail, on more modern lines than this new plant of the Pensacola Baseball Association. Every feature- of this new resort for Pc-nsacola's Fandom, Including the diamond, the outfield, the players' and prtss accommodations, the facilities for the entrance to and exit from the part the automobile parking grounds, the grandstand comforts, the toilet and lavatory facilities, eta, are modeled upon lines combining: the up-to-date icatures of the entire country's most modern baseball parks. Indeed, In the terse, expressive vernacular of the Fan, take it from me. It's as peachy a peach of a ball park as the "dippiest" Fan ever dreamed or. Arcl it's roing to put Pensacola on the baseball map; and, before the close of the 1912 season, in the race for the Tag." in on of the minor. If not the rnpjor, southern leagues. The park is located, at the southwest comer of G and Gregory streets jiust one block south of St. John's cemetery. It embraces one of the large city blocks ot the Maxent track, and is surrounded by a twelve-foot close boarded picket fence. A Fast Infield. The diamond is of regulation dimension, and has been pronounced by several experts who have visited the city since its completion, as fast an infield as is possible to be made. iMore than tight hundred double team loads of clay, thoroughly pulverized and mixed in proper proportion with sand, .were required in its construction. With the pitcher's box as the apex, It is oval in shape, like an inverted saucer, and will shed the water from any ordinary rainfall to the Bermuda grass sodded base lines, as rapidly as it falls, and but few games scheduled will have to "be abandoned on account of rain or wet grounds. The regulation distance from the home plate, along the foul line to left Meld fence, is 235 feet; the same distance from the home plate to right field fence. The distance from the home plate, along the foul line to the left fieid fence on the new Pensacola grounds. Is 2S0 feet; and to right field fence, 2S4 fret. ; The outfield, while not yet In F "Don't ; guessl Try ' Stud ! 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