Pensacola News Journal from Pensacola, Florida on September 7, 1911 · 2
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Pensacola News Journal from Pensacola, Florida · 2

Pensacola, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1911
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-rtllZ Pli?rSACOr,A JOURIIAL,, THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 7, 1911. 2 Baseball Golf ; ; r Tennis;; Racing Boxing Athletics w i . , ; BES AND BRIGHTEST' IN ; SB0RTS ' . ' , . . . -I- . i , . t v- . - - . f - i V'! v v' . J4 1; i'J IDIG LEAGUES i f.1AY DECIDE TO PRACTICE HERE t i i J MANAGEMENT 0F THE BASEBALL , PARK RECEIVES. LETTER FROM t i " PRESIDENT- AUGUST HERRM AN ! OF 1 N( CINCINNATI REDS. REGARD- Q TRAINING HERE. - ;5 . v ,v One hlff learue dub hae been beard Ifrom reerardlns; training ; In Fensacola I the coming- winter. . Yesterday Man- ag-er Oliver ; received, a letter from i President August Herratn of the Cln- I clnnatt National League club in reply I to one sent hin - several, days ago, end while the Clnolnnsti mogul does not I CMty that his team will come here, still-t It gtves encouragement as he promises to take up the matter later, .The letter -. ts as follows;' ' I "Cincinnati, Sept. 4. ltll. "Mr. Mr.1 John O. Oliver. Vice-President of Pensacola - Baseball Ass'n, Pensa- "Dear Sir: Tour letter of August 30 v Just ' received. We have a five years' I lease on the training quarters at Hot ..Springs. Two years of this lease, have i expired. . The , St. Louis ,-jVmerlcan 1 league club shares the grounds with : us. It might be that . thl fail either one or the other club may assume the entire lease. If such the case 'and A' ft r. AUGUST HERMAN President f Cincinnati Reds, who may -i train In. Pensacola. , p the St. Louis American. League club assumes the lease we might consider r; a proposition to train at Pensacola. Will write you later on with reference to this 'matter." iv.. ' " "Jtespectfully, "President." Mimotr Ol ivar'a Latter. ' -j . Ifanager Oliver has not only written j to Tesiaent iierrman, out to every 3 president of a club. In the National and '' American Leagues, sending them the --following letter: - j -.-v "My Pear Sir: Assuming that you , liave not yet made definite selection of ; ay spring training ground, I want to present the advantgae of Pensacola' w Polo baseball park and Invite you yo make Pensacola your spring head-.... quarter. - - "The baseball park is on the street . r. lln and Is 20 minute walk from Ic-the - San Carlo hotel cur new- half a million dollar institution, which is re-;.ngarded as one of the finest hotels in - the entire south. .-7 , "The grounds are regulation in every respect, with a grass outfield and' a -t skin-clay Infield, and I have no hesl- tat ton in stating that no finer grounds Tist: anywhere, either north , or south. They are equipped with improved dressing i.oros. having shower baths and all modern convenience and re-quirementa - - The temperature is ideal In , every -.respect. The mean temperature of . January la 53.J. of February B. of " March and of April 7.7. . There - is scarcely a day during the entire winter and spring season 'when . the .j team could not work. - On of PenSacola's strongest claims -ts the almost absolute pusity of our Xlrtnklnc water. It corner . from artesian well which bow up- through pure . white sand and an anlysia of the water -. by th chemist of Columbia Unlversitv 3 brought forth the report, that this Is etthe purest water we have ever analysed . and from the chemiet of the Ptortda state board of health that th! Vater Is "absolutely pure from a health jriewpoint . . ..,,-.:.- v-. . "Tn addition to the advantages of ah -Ideal ground, a proper climate, and the best of water,. Pensacola possesses numerous side attractions In the way of boating;; bathing, fishing and motoring, Tbich may appeal to you. f ; W t.-? Th hotel faculties re not only first-class, but Manager Geo H. "Her-"reyt of the San Carioi hotel, advises in that he will make a rate which he knows .will prove very attractive. ..Tou T3have doubtlees" heard of : the Hervey -otels In Pensacola, Mobile and Dallas, to that 'I need say nothing further on S'ihat score. .-- -f - Tf you wilt advise me that yon will 'orlng your, team here next spring. X -win see that the grouAjd and training! 'riej cestui i i ' V ' : W $ i Quarters ar kent In oroper order and all absolutolr fre of coat t" you.. In other words we propoe to keep the place In nrst-cla condition and turn It ever to you ( u kr your men rwithout cost. "I ball be glad Co ruralsn yeu any further particular refamiiif 'Fensa' cola and the conditions here upon re auest from you. "Trusting: that X may -hear from you, ana wiin nest wianes, i am. v Toure very trwly, 1 ' -"JNO. O. OLIVER." LEADERS OF THE NEW ORLEANS CITY LEAGUE SCHEDULED FOR THREE GAMES M AXE NT BA8E- BALI, PARK IS NAME SELECTED FOR 'GROUNDS. The Peres, leaders in the New Orr leans city league, and reputed-to rank rar above .- the Parker-Slakes and Eddys in playing' strength, have closed with the local management for a series of three games, the first to be played tomorrow afternoon, and Inasmuch as the Pensacolas are now stronger than they have ever been and will have Guitteres doing the catching, the game should be hard fought and Interesting. ' The following wire was received by the local management yesterday after-neon: : ' ! "' - ' ' "New Orleans, U, Sept. . 1S11. "John O. Oliver,. Manager .pensacola Baseball ' Club, Pensacola, Fla. "Will bo over Friday morning with the Peres, champions of the New Or-leans city league, i " - T. PERES. ' c , "Manager. i' Nam th Baseball Park. The managements yesterday decided ; upon a name for the . magnificent new -baseball park. It will be known hereafter as the. Maxent Baseball and . Amusement Park. A large sign has been painted and will be erected at the entrance. Many suggestions were re--."cr rv ,- made regarding a suitable name, so it vaa, decided to.- have the park ; known as the Maxejii Park. ' DENVER SELLS PITCHERS. . ! Penver, Co!., Sept. t. Pitchers Tom O'Brien- and Casey Hsgerman, two.- of - the mainstays of the Denver Western ILeague club, left last night to Join th Boston club of the Americanize ague. PERES COIfllNG Philadelphia Takes Two Games; Detroit Wins and Loses One f . - Philadelphia, Sept. . In both games !of a double-header the Athletics won by hard hitting, taking the first S to 4 and th second 4 to 3. Score: . . First Game R. H. E. Boston ...................... S i Philadelphia .... 4 14 1 Batteries Collins, Wood and Nuna maker,. Plank and Lapp; umpires, Dl-neen and Perrlne. - j; ; - Second Game R. H. E. Boston ..V........ 4 8 4 Philadelphia ........ ...... 5 It . 9 ? Batteries-r-Cicotte . and Williams, Bender and Thomas ; umpires, Xlneen and Perrlne. - ". ' I- i U:y.;"":fi Washington 6, New York 2. New York. Sept. ft. Washington scored an easy victory over the Highlanders today, the run-getting being materially aided by the three errors by the locals at critical times. Score: Barons Win From Mobile; Nashville Takes Two Games Y)lwttnnM ZCan a . . a v u.uamommi,icj;u We XXI I W CI VfJ lnninir game wftJ both pitchers work a I . . 1 m ..... .- ing xor victory ana wjitn nonors about evenly divided Birmingham won from Mobile 4 to 3. With a possible chance of Birmingham winning th pennant the largest crowd of fhe season are turning out Score: ; -1 . ' R. H. E. Mobile .......... '..fc S B 1 Birmingham 4 7 1 Batteries Demaree and Dunn, Speer and Elliott; umpire, Pfenninger. O9 Toole Wins Another Game; Chicago Shuts Out St. Louis Pittsburg. SepL . OToole pitched another superb gam today and" Pitts-burg won 4 to S. but In the second game- Cincinnati won 6 to 1. The second gam waa called at the end of the alxth .Inning to allow- Pittsburg to cath. train. , Score: - , . , First Game . R. H. E. Cincinnati ...... ............ 2 7- o PfttBburg ..'.,.......... 4 8 0 ; Batteries Suggs, j Gasper, McLean and Clarke.- O'Toole and Simon; umpires, O'Dtfy and Ems lie. Second Game R. H. EL Cincinnati .... S 9 ri Pittsburg . . . 1 ; 5 8 Batteries Keef and T. Clarke. Adams. Robinson and Simon umpires, 0Day.and Emslie. ; Philadelphia , Brooklyn 3. Brooklyn, Sept. 6. Stack pitched t - . - ssTsTasssTaTslss Men Who Arc Fighting to Keep Pirates in the Runnii -"t , tu r j; - " , ' - " ' " ' Z . , 'd'y ;' S-' Jif . ' :7nm GUITTEREZ IS TO PLAY HERE CATCHER OF THE PARKER- BLAKES' IS COMING BACK TOMORROW AND WILL PLAY WITH PENSACOLA8 BALANCE. OF THE SEASON. .-. Th management of the Pensacolas yesterday signed Catcher Guitteres, of the Parker-Blakes, to play the re mainder of the season with the Pen sacolas,. and he will catch the three games scheduled for the park this week, and .will, assist Xurton In the back-stop work for the - remainder of Guitteres- was aboftt th best man of . f ' . V the Parker-Blake team, not 6niy being a good catcher, but a fair batter and is exeeptlonaly good in bis throwing to second. i ' He will come over from New Orleans tomorrow . with the Peres, . a ticket having been wired him. - 1 R. H. E. Washington . 4 9 0 New York . ........ .......... 2 8 S Batteries Groram and Henry, Fisher, . Quinn, Hoff . and Phair; umpires, Connolly and Sheridan, i. St. Leuis-Z, Detroit 3-a , Detroit, .Sept. 6. The Tigers , took the first and ost the second game of a double-header today. Both games were hard-fought and were full of Interest Score: .. ' First Game R. H. B. Su-Xouls ....... ............. 2 - -4 1 Detroit .'.... ...... Jr ft l Batteries Hamilton . and KritchelL w iue ana Ktanage; umpires, Egan and O'Loughlip- s Second Game.' R. H. E. St. Louis . ...........i....,v. 2 -7 ,2 Detroit i I. , 0 4 ' -Batteries George and Stephens, Taylor, Works and Stanage; umpires, Egan and OXoughlln. - , Memphis 2,v Atlanta 0. Atlanta, Sept . Memphis scored a shut-out from th locals in a : hotly contested battle this afternoon.: Frit gav up eight hita but Atlanta -players could not cross the plat. Score: w J, - R. H. E. Memphis 2 6 0 Atlanta .jo 8 1 Batterie-Frits and 'Adam, Johns and Weilsj Vmpires, .Rudderham and KeUum. , i , , - t Philadelphia to victory in an exciting game this afternoon. H gave up seven hits, but they 7 were . well scattered. - - , R. H. EL .......i. 8 10 2 ......... 8 7 4 .and Kleinow, ; umpires, John- Philadelphia ... Brooklyn Batteries Stack Schardt and Erwlni stone and Eaaon. . . 5t- 1.ouj Shuout by Chicago. ' - Chicago,. SepL . Richie had everything his own way today and scored a shut-oat from Chicago Score: - St. Loui i... ..,., 0. g 4 Chicago ... ....... 13 0 Batteries Steele, Loudermllk .nd BUss. Richie and Noedham; - umpires, Riglerd Finneran. . 7 4 . Hans Wagner, the .greatest slugger in the National League, who la laid up with 'a sprained ankle, and the 'three other. Piratea. who ar lighting hardest o overcome the .leading-of the Giants and Cups an? bring the pennant . to Pittsburg, in the face of the handicap of the Flying , Dutchman's absence. A Wove, left to. right, are Catcher Geo. Gibson. Wagner and, Second Baseman Miller; below. Manager Fred Clarke. No one can say the Pira not a game bunch of. pasttmers, as they are fighting tooth and nail for every game. Nashville 1-5, Chattanooga 0-2. Chattanooga, Sept. 6, Nashville took both games . of a double-header this afternoon, taking the first. 1 to 0 and the second to 2.. - The first game went for eleven innings and the second was called in the seventh on account of darkness. Score: First Game R. H. E. Nashville ....... 1 7 1 Chattanooga 0.4 1 Batteries Fleharty . and Erloff, Co-valeskl and Flint; umpire, Fitzslm-mens. -Second Game :i R. H. E. Nashville ..... ,5 11 2 Chattanooga 2 5 2 Batteries Barr and Seabaugh.'More and Higglns ; umpire. FitzBimmons, DESIGNER OF BASEBALL-SHOES PASSES AWAY By Associated reea. : ' t . Media, Penna., Sept. 6. Waldo Claf-lin. a prominent shoe manufacturer who thirty year ago made the first shoe designed especially., for baseball players, died here today. . LAID OUT BY A BALL. Nashville. Tenn Sept. . Right fielder Ames M. Pitts, of the Johnson City. Tenn.,: Appalachian league team, waa hit with an Incurve aDove tne temde bv Pitcher Stulta. of th Bris tol, Tenn., team, in the game at Bristol yesterday afternoon.., ne was uncons-ous for four hours and is in the hos-pltaL . .His "home Is in Demerset, Ga. Nothing but good men wanted In th Red Men. Ar yow on7 , . FOLEY KIDNEY PILLS. Will reach your individual case if you have any form -of kidney and bladder trouble or urinary irregularities. Try them. : -' ;: - ; . . . W. A. DAlemberte. -druggist and apothecary, .121 S. PalaXox St. BURGLAR WOW RACE... ' ChantiHy. France, Sept. 6. H. B. Duryea's Burglar won the prlx d'Ham-ilto run here today. Friday , Saturday : .: Sunday ; , Polo Baseball Parli i?" :-. trf' 1"?. s - ' . - v.. -C' - BIRHI NOT SO ' - - : , SEMI-OFFICIAL STANDING ANNOUNCED BY, KAVANAGH'SVSEC RETARY PLACES-CLUB ' BELOW ? MONTGOMERY. By Associated Preia. New Orleans, Sept. 4. According to a semi-ofllclal standing of the Southern League issued today by President Kavanagh's secretary at Little Rock, at the request of ; the New Orleans Item, the New ' Orleans club ha still a three and one rhalf game lead in. the race and Montgomery, Instead of Birmingham, la in second place. STANDING OF HIGH - ' - ' : -W. . L. Pet. New York ............. 7 45 - .428 Chicago .72 48. .610 Pittsburg..., ....74 55 .574 St. Louis 64 69 .620 Philadolphia ... . . ....5 58 .628 Cincinnati . . . ; ...... 66 ' 64 ,487 Brooklyn .64 68. .43 Boston-.-... ..........3 81 .266 AMERICAN LEAGUE. W. - L. Pet. Philadelphia ....83 44 .654 IHtroit , .77 61 .601 Cleveland .66'. : 60 . .524 New York 67 61 .623 Boston .............. .63 65 1 .492 Chicago 61 68 .480 Washington ...... ...64 ' I 74 .422 St.- Louis .............. S6 . 86 .295 ;' ; SOUTHERN" LEAGUE. ' - - - w. - l. pet. New Orleans ...:.. ...71 49 .593 Montgomery .... ......70 65 -.660 Birmingham ...73 68 .557 Nashville 66 69 .528 Chattanooga .... ....... 63 66 ".489 Memphis 62 65 .48$ Mobile .... v.. 65 71 .437 Atlanta. ...... .j..... .48 81 .372 RESULTS YESTERDAY. National Leagu.. Brooklyn S, Philadelphia 8. - Chicago . St. Louis 0. ' .-: PlttsbuTg 4, Cincinnati 8, first game. Pittsburg 1,- Cincinnati 6, second game, six inhlngs.- American League. New.Tork 2. Washington . ' " -i Philadelphia 6, Boston 4, first game. Philadelphia 4, Boston 3, second game... . . -. . Detroit 8, St. Louis 2, first game. Detroit 0. St Louis X, second game. Southern League. . . . - Atlanta 0, Memphis 2. - Birmingham-4, Mobile 3, twelve innings. V., ? ' Chattanooga 0, Nashville 1, eleven innings, first game.' ' . Chattanooga 2, Nashville 5, second game- . MAntgomery-New Orleans, postponed, wet grounds. - - i" ' v South Atlantic League. Columbus 7, Macon 0,flrst game. ' Columbus 7, . Macon 0, second game, live innings, darkness. - - Savannah 2, Albany , first game. Savannah 2. Albany 5, second gam. ' .Columbia-Jacksonville, not scheuled. "GAMES TODAY. . Natlonal League. Philadelphia at Boston. ' v . .V ' ' . isrooiclyn at New Tork. - Cincinnati at Chicago. - Pittsburg ct St. Louis. - i- .' - 9 American Lesgu. St. Louis at Cleveland. -: New Tork at Washington. Boston at Philadelphia. . .Southern Leagu. V '...- y ' TCew Orleans at Birmingham " . - ' Atlanta at Chattanooga. - ' ' . No' other game scheduled. "' SPORTING WRITER DEAD. " Oakland. CaL. Sent 6.-i-Eddi Rmuh a weU-known sporting writer and fight ', ir jic luu-. ri e nad been ill with brain trouble for several weeks. - - - - - Join th Red Men - snrl get. right You will nvr regret it. Spicey Comment on the . 7" t ; Ball : Gamelby Rube ; Editors! ssssssssssBsssssBssBsssssssssssa7 Com all you Rnbos with, a baseball bat. - - For down in Pensacola we're going to - have a snap; They can sniggle and giggle just -all r they plea.. . . But we'll take th. game with grac - and ease. . ; . The last Sunday's edition of Th Pensacola Journal contained, an acceptance of the challenge -issued by the weekly press boys of the P. tc A dlvis ion to the snaggle-toothed, freckled-faced, bow-legged, red-haired,: white-eyed polly- woggs .composing th per-sonel of Pensacola' ragtime morning dally for- a game of baaebalL - W are ready for war! .The: Journal m either short on "gumption" or Jong ongall., It.. bad no idea the "Rubes", from the country would call its-bluff, and it will now endeavor to worm out of th sad predicament in which -it has so. foolishly .placed Itself. But the boys from the woods will force the Issue. - The Journal's thin spaces must play ball or bundle their rags and hike from. West Florida. For our part we are willing for Cleveland ofs the DeFunlak fterald to "manage"' the Rubes, - arrange- the date for the execution and attend to theother details of' the public slaughter. We are anxious for the fray, and if the Journal can't face the music in Pensacola, where they .fear the taunt? , and sneers or their mends, -we -are willing to meet them at Gait City,; Bev.r Head or Good- Range, but meet then: we will! We Insist on Bill Mapolw umpiring, and if we don't win the-game it won't be Bill's faulty We'r hungry for gore! Bonifay Adeyrtiser. . Don't let your wooden god fool you. Bro. Mayes. Don't get it in your head that 'because ThevJournal force clean-, ed np ' that little ' worty-nosed News, gang- you can do evertyhing. When ! you get-UP against these country edi-' toros and compositors who live in th sticks and breathe God'aresh air ana sleep i with their beads Ion lightwood -knots you will have something todo-more than to toot your Uttl horn. Santa Rosa Star. j The Journals played the team of the Evening News recently and won by ' score of 17 to 5. This made then hrtv nnA the DMicll eushers. and all- round printers of the P..& A. ar caU- ed unon to null them . down anotcn . The country editor and printers" have an easy win. .The , only; real enlovmehf we will .have in the win-.. ning will -be the! opportunity to play. baseball on- a "city aiamona - unca on the Polo grounds at Pensacola, the game will be ours for a' surety. xThe "advanced! .' printers who pound the Ivories on the linotype can not quad A "BONEHEAD ovftsv aino rim -eaoae CAr . mi. m... . Vm -rtraow -ro Tvrm ocrr One . .rbonehead" 'nlaver win Mm. times lose a game. The accomnanv. ing diagram Illustrates surh an nt. sode, and a most peucliar one. It was puUed off by 'Outfielder-Max Oarey. of the PitUbursr-j Pirates, i in. a recent game with . the -New "York Giants. ; It Wa In nth tar'hth Hvn - - Pittsburg had filled th base on Otis CrandaU with; two out.1 Tommy Leech was on third,. George ' Gibson, a very slow l runner, on. second, and - Bobby Byrne ,on ; first. Carev . hit - a. haro grounder at Larry Dovl and a this young gentleman was enjoying on of a is worst days -he let the ball dribble through hi legs and roll clear terthe outfield., "omray Leech acored in- a walk from third and even th - slow Gibson might also have scored from second.- had , the coacher - -not-: thrust him back onto the bar."-" - Byrne stopped at second when be saw that Gibson-had been flagged, but Carey-evidently taking for granted that Gibson would score on to - -7 V-i .5.1-' 'ii:-' W0 ' 4, m.L. J ' out ' nine full innings without bbh.J a "squirt.", , The weekly . papeTwl .will play so many "rings" amwdfcl "turtle" thrower that the will nver let "weekly" go by witfc nl , Tha Marianna ; Times-Courier- JU gests that a picked nine from t J west jjionua qiu oiuy press plsy-ta winning team in the Impending joor nm.MAwi - matcn. wata m..u O George Washington never smote iiath-with. bis litUe hatcheT"wST the confidence-we would feel In gottA up against - in jrensacoia. aggregaUffi-i of quill drivers and pewter punchen Bring on your old gamei Wear thirsting; for gore! DeFuniak Herali HARVARD'S GREAT FOOTBALL COACE! - Percy Haughton, Harvard's grea football coach who is rounding up th candidates for the Initial pcacjlce o Jhe Crimson squad on -S;jteitnfag-! - - :..4i US.', r; -1 Despite thelose Of Captah Mttiipc.-", Tackle Minot and HaJtba c3orbn- graduation. Coach Haughtows' declares Harvard will turn out another- championship team. . . -'. PLAY" THAT I A v X OST PIRATES ; ,Af ?GAME , ror and net keeping hia-ywow Byxn -racd blindly down " v, Bvrne off the bag. xJjrn Sef aafl for third? leisurely pnrsued -K Markle whTreiztd that iV wonld ieasV maiter to kOl "off ';Gibsa if He ran Leech right down on toHjJ trcushion and thaa. in toxsfo Gibson to make .an effort o ' score. Markle kept right after thl big fello til he bad chased lilm almbst and the inning waswover... - . ' But fo7 Ca7's stupioityU mignt nave mvm.wn -"v a r r very peculiar in that Markte car the ball almost- three- SuaTterraoi. -ynd the "pySS of which he pursued , three se T " runners for on assUt n .

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