The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1948
Page 2
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turn TWO BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER "NEWS MONDAY, MAT SI, «tt Storm Is Blamed For Fatal Crash I Naval RMemst* KJIU4 Wke« Thra* Planet Fall , Ka., Ifay H. (UP) —A track florid* *torm wu blamed to- d»jr tor «n «lr tn(«dy in which thn* at a flight of 11 Naval Reserve tntataf pl«ne* crashed. near h«re, killing all fiv* men aboard. Tb* accident rained the aafety (•cord of a Birmingham, Ala., Natal auxiliary unit which had piled up a national mark for flying bout* without mishap aim:* tU activation last November. ' A. Tie-lent windstorm broke up the flight of 12 SNJ trainers ihortly after it refueled at Jacksonville, Fla., on a flight from Birmingham fought to Miami Saturday night. Th* other nine planes Outgo Exceeds Income for One Out of Four American Families through to make unscheduled land- Ings at whatever fields they could find. Six landed at Miami, two at Boca Raton and one at Naples, Fla. There was evidence that the three crashed' plan« may have collided In midair. Navy crash crews found the wreckage of all three within a three-mile radius on the edge of the Everglades. The Navy idcmitied the dead as 1st Lt. R. D. Russell, a Marine Corps reservist; Ens. C. L. Askew, USNR; Kn>. J. H. aiulkey, USNR; Ens. W. 6. Keck, USNR; »11 of Birmingham, and an enlisted Coast Guardsman whose name was not immediately available. One • ot the pilots who flew through to safety said the flight was in the midst of the storm before the pilot* realized it was a dangerous blow. "We didn't know what a rough time was in store lor us when we entered the storm," he said. "There •was no lightning and the clouds weren't particularly dark." They suddenly hit violent up- and-down drafts, he said, and were bumped around for 15 minutes be . fore flying out of the storm. Wben the flight came out of the storm and found that three planes were missing, one went back to wait tor them to come out, the pilot said, but' they never appeared. ' Austin C. Wehrweln Fret* Staff • Com*twnd*nt WASHINGTON, May SI. (UP) — One out of every four American famillM la spending money faster than It can earn It, a government- sporuored cost-of-living mrvey showed today. In It4«, the report laid, thU was true especially of famlllM earning (1,000 or less. But now, It added, an increasing number nuking up. to (7.900 find themselves in a ilmllar fix. The report was prepared by th* University of Michigan Survey Center for the Federal Reservt Board. Th* university used public opinion poll technique* to get a cross-section of 41,400,000 families. "The general financial italui of consumer* showed the firil tlgus or weakening in 19*7," the report said In concluding that high price's are squeezing low income families out of the market for *uch things a* homes and automobiles. The only way about a quarter of the nation's families can keep up with prices Is to dip into savings or >uy on the installment plan, it said. ThU trend, it added, was retlecteit )y the drop In family savings and checking accounts and the "substantial increase in total iiuteWtd- icss." But spending for durable goods and houses will continue to expand, .he economists predicted. Businessmen can expect to ring up record sales In spite of rising prices be- :ause of "very sirable shifts" In spending to the ''middle and upper assets, It said. Income level*," tht report said. Tht report aald there was a M per cent drop in the number of families in the homt market, moat of it concentrated among familiea earning less than $2,000 > year. And many people under tht U,000 bracket who hoped to gtt a new car last year have now given up. Nevertheless, the economist* expect th* demand for cars to stay greater than the supply, with higher Income families taking up tht alack left by those who decid* they can't afford them any more. One third of tht 15,000 and over families expect to buy radio*, furniture and other type* of durable goods this year. But in the (2,000 to (3,000 bracket tht proportion la only filth, and It goes down to one tenth in tht (1,000 bracket. 7'ha report said that prospects are for more credit and mortgage buying, particularly by World War II veterans. Last year, 8,000,000 families used installment credit, double the number in 19M. The total amount of this type of credit outstanding Is at a new high, the report said, and because government curts went olf last November the total for IMS will be higher than in 1M7. Tor consumers as a whole, there was a more than 10 per cent rise In Income, the report pointed out. Jobs anij total national income are At high levels, and despite the fact that many families are operating "In the red" or Just on the border, two thirds still have somt liquid 'Girl Friend' Tough Turtle Of Hitler Dies In Scotland OBAN. Scotland, May 31. (UP>— Unity Kitford, h!|hborn Englishwoman whose mysterious association with Adolf Hitler was the gos- »ip of the USD's, died Saturday nlg'nl In * hoapltnl her* on the Northwestern Scottish coast. She wai 33. Unofficial reports aald >he died from meningitis of the brain resulting from bullet wounds which caused [ her hurried departure from Munich! on Christmas Day, 1939. At that time she was reported to have shot herself because of a falling out with the Hon. Unity Valkyrie daughter also was Old War Gag Conies True: Office Boy Enters Pentagon, Emerges an Officer Hitler. Born Freeman-Mltford, fourth of Lord Redeidale, she the sister-in-law of Britain's leading Fascist, sir Oswald Mosley. Miss Mltford wis taken suddenly ill Friday and rusned from her father's home on the Isle of Incli- kenneth by her mother. Lady Rcd- esdale. In a wild motor launch (rip through atormy sets to the Hospital here. Lord Redesdale hurried from his country seat at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, to be at her bett- slde when she died. In her later life most of her time walking the wind- Washington, Precinct accom- lonely figure who spent Panles his prisoner back to the The charge was biting swlpt moors with her spnnlel dogs pedestrians, and resisting arrest. As a girl art student In Germany i The turtle was found on a busy In the 1930's. she was described by street and nipped two men be- both Hitler and Hreman Goerlng as ! fore the policeman captured it. a perfect type of Aryan woman- — --- —— hood." Lord Redesclale found it necessary to deny reports In 13381 Slay Congress Angered that ws daughter might ™"> B y Subversive Listing WASHINGTON, May 31. (UP) — bulge. Proposed Constitutional Amendment Brings Congressmen Woman Trouble Kiuing ia taboo la Tibet. BACKACHE Tor »Ulc» COBlonllK WlP tar . Mmmtuc Faint, cMiiiac Up ma***. >u<a« ' cloudr urlM, IrrtteJJat yutfcf**, ~ ~ ' By Bex Chantjr I identity of treatment would ,be dt- WASHINGTOM*" Corrt.pond,r.t I tr i me nlal to women." -Tht House Ju<jklary y commltt«! **• «" d th « P"* 1 "" <• d««per, 5SK SSr ^TaTSK la having woman trouble. than ont of "equality." And many !• »•?•_•••«* •».* ~«-wH»«!« KM»J >w It has before It a proposed Congressmen were Inclined to amendment to the constitution. It *srte. would provide that "equalitv of' rights Under " ' Bl.ddcr tr«MM, Irj CWNK. Quic*, «.tl.f.r*loo «r rwr trutflMt lor Crrtw tottj. CHICAGO, May 31. (UP)—John Keller, Jr. who wanted to be a war hero, went Into the Army's huge pentagon building In Washington to work as sn office boy and came out a second lieutenant. ualty and reserve section. He had an atrophied right arm which kept him out of military s vice. According to the criminal information, he made himself a second lieutenant by writing his own re- Eardley snld Keller awarded him- T ' 1e American Slav Congress, newly- self the bronze star, the combat In- branded by the government as a 'antry badge, the Purple Heart with subversive organization, charged oak leaf cluster, the bronze arrow- Saturday, the action was an "insult" head and the Belgian fourrager, ' " ....._. distinguished citation. Presbyterians Consider Move to Unite Branches 'ATLANTA, Ga., May 31. —(UP! —Delegates to the 88th annua Oeneral As*embly of the Southern Presbyterian Church' today wen to consider union with the denoml nation's Northern branch and continued membership in the Federal Council of Churches. Debate of the two controversial Mbjecti was'a scheduled highlight of a busy day which Included reports on bill and overtures, consideration of Inter-church relations, stewardship, evangelism and the financial budget for th* coming year. .Tht - Vtderal Council of Churches ha* been under fir* of some mem- bera of Southern Presbyter la nlsm because of. its views. Moves have been-made* to have the denomination withdraw from the organization. : He did it with an Army mlmeo- cord. He gave himself the file and graph machine and a typewriter, i number of an officer candidate who Keller, 22, a Peotone, 111., sales-1 failed to complete officer training man, was charged In x criminal I at Ft. Bennlng, Ga. a'r^^^h';! ™<v c r' n Y° & r y - he war hero by changing Army re- made hlm!wlf » platoon leader In cords. ' | an intelligence outfit. According to Asst. u. 8. Dist. Atty. Robert C. i Ms ticlkio\is record, he parBcbuted Eardley said that Keller, while behind enemy lines In Europe, *nrt working in the Pentagon building ' »•' a member of the OSS isabotaged as a clerk during the war, made enemy Installations. false Army records for himself. 1 The spurious recorH shows, Eard* Keller worked In a section hand-1 ley said, that Keller fought in Nor- llng -officers' records In the cas- maridy and In the battle of the to the memory or the late President Franklin D- Roosevelt. organization said that Mr. „ .,„.. oosevelt once singled It out as back to Halloran Hospital on Sia- "an example of the kind of unity ten Island. ; and cooperation to be expected from Keller married a Wave who w«s ^ le entire nation." | ipressed with his war record. i Attorney General Tom C. Clark. He was tripped, up when he went yesterday named the American back to the Pentagon Dec. 26. Slav Congress nrnong some 30 or- _ According to the record, he was ''wounded seriously" and was sent R the law shall not, be denied or abridged by the United ' Slates or by any state on account or «x." J But not even the women are ' greed as to whether the amend- i incut would be a good thing. 1 The Idea has been kicking around in Congress for 25 years. Sponsors of the current proposal Is one of the seven women memben of the ' House— Rep. Katharine St. George,' *v.i N. Y, j The Judiciary Committee, s, it I has dozens or similar proposals In the past, this week looked over Mrs. St. George's plan. But the membership—composed entirely of lawyers and former Judges— couldn't decide whether this was the answer to the problem. It will take up the matter again next Tuesday. Women who have studied the amendment are divided ns to the practical benefits that might flow from It. The National Woman's Party Is strongly for the amendment. It say.i that women are entitled to absolute equality. Tho League of Women Voters and some other women's organizations, on the other hand, are strongly opposed to it. They believe that women will make out better without any such tinkering with -the constitution. Piieda S. Miller, director of the Lauov Department's Women's Bureau, told the committee: "There are fields in which enlightened public opinion today is calling ror— and fast achieving — the enactment or law which treat men and women differently as » matter ol principle and where FLYIN'SFUN by RICHARDSON YARBROUGH "There, dear! Doesn't the little plane we bought from Blytheville Flying Service look cuter this way.?" BLYTHEVILLE FLYING SERVICE PIPER DEALER • y/./ ^«i.'l..-'. 'PHONE 2717 CHART!R SERVICE motcd to first lieutenant In the reserves. A Pentagon employe discovered thnt Keller had a false Army serial nurjiber. "If he hadn't asked for the pro- 1946, and requested that he be pro- giinlzatlons which are subversive. ••--•-• '- - • - • The new list Is in addition to about 80 previously designated. It was j scnl to all government agencies as a guide in'loyalty tests. The American Slav congress said motion, nobody would have caught , that it Clark Is "really Interested" him," Eardly said. in exposing and prosecuting subver- Keller said h« had fooled even : sivc nclivittes, hn should investigate his wife. | the International Peasant Union "I guess I Just wanted to be a | which hns Just completed a four- big shot," he said. day meeting here. SEE JIMMIE FIRST."..AND... Crump Becomes Issue In Senatorial Race f NASHVmJa 1 , Tenn., May 31 (UP) I —Tennetaee's Democratic campaign for U. S. Senator—like'the one for governor—presents an old, familiar ..issue" officially today, that j of political leader E. H. Crump, of Memphis. ^Crump aa an issue was welded hito the senatorial campaign by. one of the candidates he supports, Judgt John A. Mitchell, of Cooke- Ylllt. Two weekx ago Gordon Browning, who is running against Crump- backed Oov, Jim McCord, made an obvious reference to the Memphis political leader when he said tint. .Blosaism". .U the one big Issue In the governor's race. 'In hit first formal speech of the campaign, Mitchall said Saturday at Lebanon that he is "grateful" for Crump's support, Mitchell devoted one-tenth of his 19-page speech to discussing Crump's support of him and Jibed at two of his opponents, Ben. Tom Stewart and U. S. Rep. Estes Kefauver. ADD TO YOUR SUMMER. PJCNICi PLEASURES with a MOTOROLA PORTABLE RADIO SMALL — LIGHT — LOVELY SERTA Keep you feeling Fresh as a Daisy THE PLAYMATE Jfc YOUR PERSONAL PORTABLE Charles A. 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