The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1954
Page 8
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PAQBKIOST BtYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3T, 19M Notionoi Council Cooperative Church. Move Officials Cite Groups Weaknesses Last <rf Two Articles By GEORGE W. CORNELL BOSTON (AP) — The cooperative church movement today needs to do some important fence mending. That's the view of leaders of the National Council of Churches, which opens its biennial assembly here tomorrow. "Much has been done," declares a preliminary report. "Much remains to be done." Although the Interdenominational agency has become a vast, many-sided opera tion, officials said it has weak spots that should be braced up to make it more effective. The needs cited include: 1. Means to give the masses of denominationally secluded church members more personal contact and experience with interchurch activities so they can know firsthand the values of cooperative Christian labors. 2. Setting up of comprehensive information - gathering machinery on a national scale to show where the churches are doing their Job ki society and where they're fail- in£ — so tactics can be planned accordingly. J. Increased participation by Mymen—along with the clergy—in ohwch cooperative work. PRESIDING — Bishop William C. Martin, president of the Notional Council of Churches, will preside at the Council's Third General Assembly at Boston, Mass.* Nov. 28 to Dec. 3. Some 2000 church leaders will review work carried out by the Council, and help map plans tor future projects. 4. Further bolstering of the council's financial resources to provide a margin for more flexible operations and a reserve to protect against temporary income .slumps. 5. Bringing currently nonpnrticl- pating denominations which .share faith in a divine Christ into the movement. Although not named, the principal nonmembers are the Southern Baptists. Roman Catholics and Lutherim Church-Missouri Synod. B. Clearer channels of communication between local, state and national councils of churches and more deeentralt/.ed council meetings in all geographical areas to keep direction flowing from the bottom up. "State and local coastltuencies want guidance on the basis of policies and plans acceptable to all units of the council," the biennial executive report says. "They do not, want patterns dictated by national .staff people." The call for giving more rank- and-file Christians personal experience in Interdenominational affairs came from Dr. Roswell Barnes, the council's associate general secretary. Difficult Outlook "One of the major tasks," he said, "is Lo bring more of our members Into ox tensive ecumenical experience and . . . into deeper understanding of the ecumenical perspective." He said clergymen rratl laymen who have taken a direct part in interchurch activities have a "quite different" outlook from the bulk of churchgoers who are acquainted only with their own church. This difference in perspective, ho .said, is "rieep-acnted nnd quite difficult to deal with." Those who have had fnce-to-faci! rclnlloiifiliips with other churches see their own church In "the universal perspective" of Chrislinn- ity, he .said, while many others SCD their own church as a realm of values limited to it-self. He .suit! this clni-sn't menu that the e (! u m e n icnlly experienced Christ inn Is "less loyal" to his oU'n church—but (hat he i.s some- \vliuL like the overseas traveler who "gfilus iipprorliiHon for the culture nnd problems of others without thinking less of his own nntioiinl heritage." U.S. (Continued from Page U agreement." The United States charged that sentencing of U.S. military personnel was "grossly conU'ury" to all international standards respecting protection of prisoners of war It said the "maltreatment" of the two civilians was "equally reprehensible." It accused the Chinese Reds of having "willfully and deceitfully" I withheld Ihe civilians' muues from | the list of American civilians, pro- j vided at the time of the Asian peace lalk.^ at Geneva last June "The Chinese Communist author ities," the note added, "air under an obligation to redress insofar as possible the wronp they have inflicted on these Anipnvim nationals and their families. The United States Kovernmrnt reserves the right lo claim compensation as may be determined appropriate, and to demand ihe punishment of the Chinese Communist officials responsible for the denial of the rights of these pei smis "The Chinese Communist author ities should bear in mind thai the long list of Communist, outrages against American nationals, which the American peopk have borne with restraint thus fill is significantly extended by tht Chinese Cimimmist announrt i mt i nt of.Nov. 23." Other means of pressing the ( case, which are imdu (.oiiMciM i , tlon, include " ntiii-, a fo in \l I protest in the U.N.. making pro-| tests and demands through i-oun- [ tric.s other than Britain which: recognize Red China, reporting the) affair to the Truce Supervisory j Commission in Korea, and asking j Russia to use its influence lor the release of the men. j With The Courts f'llU'lUT— (Civil!—Mrs. Ji-wpll MiissLnKill vs. Phillip Banks, recovery nt automobile and $200 damages. (TrliiiUml)—Cit.y of BlyHieville vs J. W. Currie. laiiurr to yield rlnht of way. appeal from municipal Court. Stale of Arkansas vs. Zuck Mays, imivUvM- m first deem 1 . The ChinpHp tlo nut hnvr i\ tiny ot rest like our .Sunday, but they him? many days and family CONDUCTS HKVIVAL — The Rev. James Welch, of Blcden, Miss., is conducting special youth revival services at New Liberty Baptist Church bcRln- nin« Monday. Twice a day services will begin at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and last through Dec. 5. BurdcUe glee club will he on hand Monday night for special music. Nixon Faces Heckler's Suit For $750,000 SAN FRANCISCO. (/ly-Vlcc President Richard Nixon faces a $150,000 suit, chtirgttl with assault, battery and imprisonment by a man ejected from a political rally last month after a heckler shouted, "tell us a dog story, Dick." The heckler's remark en me as Nixon was finishing a speech at a Sun Mntco. Calif., nilly Oct. y0. Guards begun escorting James Heavey, ;i3, of San Franciso, from the auditorium, but when the speech ended. Nixon called him back nnd lectured him on freedom of speech, Heavcy's suit charges he was assaulted, buttered nnd falsely , detained by 12 men under Nixon's .supervision, sul'ferln^ "urave and severe humiliation, einbarnmsiii and shame, Including shock and Injury to his nerves and nervous system." The complaint describes the man who seized Heavey as "agents, servants ami employes" of U""? v 'ic R president who "were at all times acting within the conrfte and scope of their employment and under the direction and control and supervision" of Nixon, The .suit iisks $50.000 general and $25.000 punitive damages (Or assault, p.ntl the same amounts lor beinn "restrained without his consent." Professional Handcuffs PHILADELPHIA Wt—The Pluhi- JninMo Police Department is urder- Ine 200 new pairs of hnndcuffr. It seems someone in the department decided that a patrolman holding a prisoner by his belt looked unprofessional. Up until now pulice officers had the option of purchasing handcufls on their own if they wished but most of them used the felt method or .ji by ihe cufl ol COMMISSIONKK' S.U,K Notice Is hereby KiVcn Unit, pursuant to a decnee rendered !) V the Chancery Court for the Chlrkasiiw- ba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in the cause In which Dell Gin Company. el ul were plaintiffs and Ethel Walters, et al, ivere defendants, 1 will, within lawful hours on the KMh dtiy ol Drecmber. 1IJM, offer for sale In the highest and best bidder upon I ho credit of three months, liu. following properly situated in the Chirkasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas.' — The east half of Lot Number Hiveo i3> OKvt'pl the most southerly -10 feet ilinrnr. nnd all of the oast halt of Lot Number four MI. all m lilnt-k "A" ol Ihe Original Survey ol the Town of Hell, Arkansas. The purchaser at snid salf will be required lo nive bond with approved security, to secure the puy- nrnt of his bid and a lien will be returned on (In 1 property therefor Dniefi this 151th day of November, lilM. GERALDINF; USTON. Commissioner m Chancery. Marcus Kvnird, Ally, for Pltf. II 20-27 Nationalist Planes Hit Red Post TAIPEH, Konnoba <A*>—ChWfise j Nationalist warplancs, ranging out I over the China Sea following '.he I reported smashing of a Red Chinese invasion attempt, today blasted Tollmen Island, Red outpost 13 miles north of the Nationalists strategic Taehen Islands. Tnuinen is some 200 miles north of Formosa and tiny Wuchiu Island, where the Nationalists claim they hurled hack a Communist, attack yesterday. No new developments were reported today from Wuchiu, a half .square mile dot of land 72 miles wusl ol Formosa. In fact, dt-spite earlier reports ol Imnd-to-hand fighting, there now are indication:; the Communist trriops did not actually land on Wuchiu. In reporting tht incident today, the official Central News claimed the "invading fleet" was repulsed by shore naileries and Nationalist war planes. A CHRISTMAS CAROL BY CHARLES DICKENS STORM (Continued tram Page 1) Tcrschclllntf. DirkuwKgers Shipping Agency In Amsterdam said the trawler struck a mine and a lug and lifeboat were speeding to its aid. No further details were immediately available. Crewmen of the new 4QR-ton Dutch coaster Gramsbergcn radioed they were itbandonin^ ship after the vessel smashed against » rock in Fishguard Harbor, Wfile.s. The Polish trawler Penguin ran aground on Shlpwash Sands 15 miles from Harwich, nnd a lifeboat went to, her aid. Strainer Sin King The Norwegian steamer Granfoss radioed she was "sinking fast" off the northern tip of Britain. A .salvage tug put out to take her In tow to Lorwick, Scotland. A Dutch destroyer, the Evert- secn, escorted the Danish schooner Svaerdflskcn toward Norway from Scotland after the schooner .suffered storm damages. An urgent call for help wa.s sent by the (i,i)OH-ton Swedish freighter Los Angeles. The message said she wa.s handicapped in her brittle against the heavy sens by »a live in her hold. in the English Channel, the Danish cons tar Vega, 133 tons, had her hull smashed and cnglncroom flooded. The Dutch tug number nnd a British destroyer stood by for rescue work. The storm held the 81.000-ton liner Queen Mary in her berth at SouUiiimpton, her scheduled sailing delayed. A heavy damage toll was reported from West England where. sum 11 boats nnd pleasure craft were smashed and cast adrift in harbors and .swollen rivei'H. Hlph water stalled road and rail inilfu: in many parts of Britain. \V A H N 1 N O O II D !•: II The tlefcwlunlN. R. E. Lycvty. Uicillr Hart, Henry Hill. Golctie Chiirney, Ester V. Font hi- nnd Pauline Roper, are warned In appear in the ChitiiLM-'ry Court . for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty (toys and answer the Complaint (H the nlaintifi, Nannie L.y- erlv. in Uio case of NaonU* I.yerly ngnlnsl Lucille Hurl, ol al, Chan- iMM-y C'.mst- No. 12,1555. WITNESS my hand ns Clerk of said Court and Uie seal thereof on this November 18, 1954. ! SEAL OERALDINE LISTON. Clerk. J By OPAL DOYLE. D. C. \ Oscar Fendier, Ally, for Plif. -Limes W. Stelnsiek, Ally, Ad Litcm. 11.20-27-12 4-11 Christina Ew « a tint for I in 9 in 3, and of eours* tht CQfoJw wen out But one veiy «*wK carder made a very large mistake. He act « far as "God res* TO* merry, gentlemen, let nothing f* dismay .. ." .. . Wteo ffae door flew open. At Hie wHt of Scrooge, the little cacoW fled, dismayed. Bob Crotdnr asked Scrooge for a greqt favor —Christmas Day off. "A poor excuse for picking a man's pocket every twenty-fifth of December!" wailed Scrooge. "Oh, very weM. B*t be here ott rtte earlier next morning!" Overjoyed, Bob ran ofl Hie way home to Comden Town as hard as he could pelt. At te* Scroop w*l«* Hehodlh*«k at hb life when the face of his dead partner appeared to him on his door knocker. Jacob Morfey, dead Hiese seven years! But e»en more shocking things were to happen to Ebwwier Scrooge on Christmas E«! Fog, Smog Hold Tight Grip in California LOS ANGELES HV- For the fourth successive day, Southern California was in the grip today of traffic-paralyzing, eye-smarting smog and fog that" the weather man says will continue over the weekend. Indicative of the blinding effect of the fog, which rolled 10 miles inland from the Pacific, was a traffic report of 1,470 crashes since [lie dense, ground-hugging mist started last Wednesday. However, only two deaths were attributed directly to traffic. Fog closed Los Angeles international and Long Beach Airports again last night. Lockheed Airport at inland Burbanfc. usually free of fog, was closed for an hour and then reopened. Football games scheduled for last, night Were postponed. At Long Beach, a rugby game between teams representing New Zealand and Australia was halted because (he spectators couldn't see what was going on. Visibility in Los Angeles Harbor \vfis three quarters of a mile. The log slowed but did not stop the movement of ships. Fog horns in the harbor at Santa Monica had wailed stnndily 48 hours. Even Santa Glaus was grounded by fop in Santa Monica. Retail merchants there had arranged for him to arrive by helicopter. The children were on hnnd, despite the gloom and the mist, but old Santa JUKI roukin't fly through the fog. The merchants changed signals and Santa finally showed up late. riding in a slow-moving bus. The kids weren't impressed. S. T R E A S U R Y DEPARTMENT. Office of District Director of Internal Revenue, Little Rock, Arkansas. November 10, 1954. The fallowing described personal property, .seized from Charles W. and Veronica S. Nenbert, Bntosvillc, Arkansas under warrants, for dis- traint issued for the nonpayment of assessed taxes due. will be sold at public auction as provided in Section 3(590 of the Internal Reve- me Code, to be held at the S. J. Cohr- Company, Highway Gl South. Blythcvillc. Arkansas, at 2:00 P.M. November 20. 1054: 1 Bucyrus-Erie Scraper Serial No 789U3 Olin S, Godwin. District Di- rer-tor." 11 24-26-2'( EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbdrd Hardware Phone 2-2015 GREEKS? - The Alpha boys would probably make most any fraternity proud. They are: Tnu, 15; Kappa. 13, and Sigma, 10. The names probably make schoolteachers around Denver, Colo., do double takes. HESTER'S BEST ^ GRADE A 100 p.,' TON L (Plus Tai *n 2 Ions or More) S. Hijjhfljfly 61 Phone I'Oplnr 3-3186 NOW OPEN Al KormiT North Slar Uication i/t Mile from Dlyllu-villc on N. Highway lil — I'hone I'OpIar 3-9922 Serving Good Food & Catering to Parties— Large & Small Knjoy Diinrinj; In Our Newly Decorated Dining Room ROBERTSON'S Good Food lU'bcccn and Jimmie Robertson "roinpt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Kl West Main St. WESTBROOK IRRIGATION CO. Sales and Service For IREGO IRRIGATION SYSTEM FAIKHANKS MORSE • GARDNER DENVER • MARhOW PUMPS • WISCONSIN CHRYSLER WILLYS ENGINES 225 NO. 1st. ST. Estimates Free PH 3-1161 HOT C€G/ DELICIOUSLY SEASONED WITH OUR CHILI AND CHOPPED ONIONS TAKE HOME SACK—6 FOR $1 KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET • Fresh Oysters • Country Hams • Pure Country Sorghum • Fruit Cake Ingredients • Fruit Cakes Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In w« Deliver Come In 1044 Chick Cities in the metropolitan LOSJ Angeles area were asked to refrain from burning trash until the smog and fog seige is ended. Dr. Frderick D. Newbarr, Los Angeles County's chief autopsy surgeon, said microscopic studies will be made of three infants who died of respiratory ailments and added "but we have no test to determine definitely that smog in any way contributed to their deaths." Autopsies indicated yesterday two of the infants succumbed to pneumonia. Los Angeles police arranged for extra duty .officers to handle the anticipated weekend traffic. THE OCEAN HAS NO PITY-An LCM, left, has a rough time battling stormy waters ;js it assists Marines in placing a metal raised road from an LCT, right, to the shore of Onslow Beach. More than 20.000 Marines and Navy men took part in the two-day maneuver near Camp Le.ieune, N. C. Tiie "Exercise Phibcx," u'l-ose estimated cost was S250.000 to S500.000, was criticized by B Marine combat ofiWer a? "silly" hwrm-.:e there was so much make-believe about it. Steering Break Causes Wreck STEELE, MO., Nov. 27 — A truck which developed a break in its steering mechanism after rounding a curve at Aiken Corner, 4 miles north of Steele on Highway 61. sideswiped a passenger ca'r this morning. In the car were Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Allen of Alton, III., who were returning from a Thanksgiving trip to Texarkana, Ark., and Louisiana points. They were reported to have received only slight injury or shock after being brought to Steele in a German Ambulance nnd examined at the clinic of Dr. E. L. Taylor. The car was crushed at the left front wheel and sheared at slight depth almost the length of the left side. The truck, owned by Saundera Mills, an alfalfa dehydrating plant of Steele, was driven by Ellsworth Rhinehart. Only slight damage to the truck was evident. McCarthy Ready To Leave Hospital WASHINGTON (ffl — Sen. McCarthy's physicians reported today his condition is good enough, to permit him to leave Bethesda Medical Center tomorrow barring any complications. The Wisconsin Republican's- attorney.. Edward B. -Williams, already has said that McCarthy will be back in the Senate Monday when the Senate's extraordinary session on censure charges against him is scheduled to resume. . The scssmn was recessed Nov. 18 after McCarthy entered the hospital for treatment of an elbow he snid was injured wher a well-wisher shook his hand and accidentally banned his arm against a table top. SIMPLIFY SHO AND SAVING PPING WITH What do you Need? - Get it fast with a low cost want ad! Thrifty women — and men, too — read our classified ads every day for the best reason in the world: YOU SAVE! ! Want ads in this paper art a market place for everything you want to buy, sell, or swap and — for expert services. . . . Get the classified shopping habit, now. . . , w« will help you write the Ad! Ads placed before 5 p.m. will appear next day, except for Monday's paper when adt must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising payable In advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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