The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1953
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAY 4, 1953 BI.YTHFVIU.E (A^.l COURIER NE\YS PAGE NINE High Level of Labor Unrest Is Forecast For Coming Months By B. L. LIVINGSTONE WASHINGTON (A?) —'A high level cf labor unrest is forecast for the coming year by David L. Cole, Just retired »s head of the Federal Med- Itution and Conciliation Service. Testifying before a House appropriate?-. -,r--, r ••"--• -•> . -i :••agency's money request, Cole, said, '".-. "e or. .::- i"> : . ,.. .., :.j see it, in the industrial relations field." he said he could foresee no diminishing of the number of 'es In the near future, but instead possibilities of a step-up in labor-management disputes as thrj time arrives for negotiation of new work contracts. "I see some bad situations in the offing, and any one or several of them could be bad cases," he told the committee. "We have the maritime situation coining along shortly. We have rubber. We have steel coming in June. They are some of the principal ones." Cole testified before the committee March 24. The transcript of the hearings was m?d^ public today. Resigned Friday Cole's resignation took effect Friday, and President Eisenhower designated Clyde M. Mills as acting chief. Cole told the committee it was "quite evident from our talks at the White House" that Eisenhower expects the mediation and conciliation service to deal with labor- management disputes without coming to him. "He is apparently determined— and I think properly so—that these . major disputes should be kept out C (he White House," Cole stated. ', Strikes have become more "obstinate," he said, and he added: "I think there are some parts of American industry that feel a li.lle triumphant over the change In administration. There are parts of the labor movement that are d-fiant, have a chip on their shoul- <;-:•—'Let's see what you can do to us now.' " Iran Labor Leader Denies Murder Plot TEHRAN. Iran (/P)_Labor p^rty leader Muzzafar Baghale has denied charges he was connected with murder plot to unseat Premier Mohammed Mossadegh's government. He demanded a prompt airing of the case In Parliament. A government communique Saturday said the kidnap-slaying of National Police Chief Gen. Mahmood Afshartus last month was part of a schems to overthrow Mos- sadegh and make Baghale government chief. Baghaie. immune from arrest since he Is a Parliament member told reporters yesterday the accusa tions "msut be submitted to the full Majlis (parliament), which has the sole power to lift his immunity. Government failure to make the charges In Parliament, said Baghaie, would be an admission they are false. Guests Found Out About Army Chow FT. ORD. Calif. (/P) _ A Ft.' Ord infantry company held open house yesterday to let relatives find out how good Army chow is. Soon after, 200 soldiers and their guests were rushed to the base hospital to be treated for food poison' ing. A Ft, Ord spokesman reported "in most cases the treatment was precautionary," and none of the stricken were sefiously ill. Read Courier News Classified Ads PRESIDENTIAL SIP-Relaxing al his home in Caracas, after his recent inauguration as president of Venezuela, Col. Marcos Perez Jimenez offers his 15-month-o)d daughter Maria- sol, a sip of "cherry soda." Jimenez was elected for five yean. LITTLi LIZ— RECORD BRUSH-OFF—Claiming a new world record, more than 100 men slap a coat of paint on this house in Ogden, Utah, in six minutes and 53 seconds. The stunt ivas sponsored by the Ogden Junior Chamber of Commerce to spark a city-wide cleanup, paint-up campaign. Cigarettes Found ReSoted to Lung Cancer but not Pipes end Cigars Too"often the guy with the Sunday school face has Saturday night ideas. • NU * WASHINGTON tpi — A cancel- specialist says unpublished findings suggest a close relationship between lung cancer and cigarette smoking, but not cigar or pipe smoking. Dr. Norman Topping, vice president of the University of Pennsylvania for. medical affairs, told a House subcommittee that a paper presented last month at the meeting of the American Epidemiological Society stated "that there was a definite correlation . . . between cigarette smoking (and lung cancer), but there was no correlation between cigar smoking or pipe smoking." "The implication there is that t was not the tobacco necessarily which caused the cancer of the ung, but that something in the process or perhaps the pecularities of the cigarette smoking were cor- •elated with cancer of the lung, •ather than tobacco per se. "Otherwise you would find it in leavy cigar smokers as well, which they did not find." Dr. Topping added that "this paper has not been published." He did not say who presented the pa- ~>er or what research preceded it. He and other physicians testified April 17 before a House appropriations subcommittee considering he budget requests of the National Cancer Institute. The committee made the hearing record public today. Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads of the Cornell University Medical School, and director of the Sloan-Kettering Institute of the Memorial Cancer Center in New York City, said studies have shown that when th< number of cigaretts smoked eacl day increases, the rate of mortal ity also increases "sharply." He'H Get Surprise LONDON (fl 1 )—Police have out nr alarm for a thief or two who mad off with a truck in the Piccadill section of London. The truck wa loaded with burglar alarms. GOOD USED FURNITURE We are now using the second floor of our store exclusively for used furniture. We feel by doing this we can serve our customers better in three ways. 1. We can give you more for your used furniture on new. 2. If you want to bur good used furniture we will have It. 3. If you want to sell used furniture we will buy it. In any of the three cases we would like the opportunity of figuring with you. Alvin Hardy FURNITURE CO. 113 E. Main Ph. 2302 ft 1 ' FEEL the difference in the new 1953 CARRIER -first room air conditioner to cool, filter, dsfmmldlfy every breath of air twice! The new Carrier mounts flush wilh the sill, takes no space in the room. Runs so quietly you can hardly hear it. New design fits any window quickly, easily. Telephone today for immediate installation. CITY ELECTRIC 109 S. Fifth Ph. 8181 "Servicing N.E. Arkansas and' S.E. Missouri" not for water alone Look at your water bill; then look behind it. Consider some items which might well appear, but don't. There's no reference to medical service, yet the health of your community, of your family and of yourself is protected by the vigilance of the men who check and treat and recheck water lo make sure it's safe for you. There's no fee for securing reduced fire insurance rates, yet the whole schedule of these rates is substantially reduced if an ade- quale public water supply — so necessary to an effective defense against fire — is available. There's no contribution levied for community development, yet key industries can produce goods and provide employment only because a dependable water supply is available. t Without a continuing flow of water, sewers could not be properly flushed or streets kept clean.' You could conceivably obtain enough water through your own efforts to satisfy your thrist, clean your body, and water your garden. But only through an organized system of collection, storage, distribution and treatment can water resources be mobilized to produce the broader benefits which you, as a citizen, enjoy. The price which you and all consumers pay for the water you use helps to meet the costs of making these benefits available to all. Without a water works system, the cost of urban living would be prohibitive 1 Blythetville Wabr Co. "Water Is Your C/itopMt Commodity" Model Threatens Suicide Atop Big Tower but Changes Mind SANtA MONICA, Calif. I/TI-A pretty model kept hundreds of onlookers in suspense by perching atop a 140-foot water tower for seven hours and threatening to jump to her death. Instead, she climbed down, sunburned from 80-ciegree weather, after her OI boy friend climbed an iron ladder and talked to her for more than nn hour yesterday. Dnrk-Ualred Mrs. Theresa (Terry) C. McKinncy, 20, divorced, mother of two small' boys, climbed the tower at 1;45. a. m. Apparently she was upset by a broken romance. 'She used to climb it a lot when she was n kid," said her brother Robert, 13, who saw her ascend the tower ladder. "She shouted that she wasn't coming down again—that she was going to Jump." Minister Helped He ran and notified a family friend, Eugene Houck, 10, who called police, then, climbed the tower and pleaded with Mrs. Mckinney for 45 minutes. A minister, the liev. Harold Longstreth of tne Christian Missionary Alliance, then look a half- 1 hour turn atop the ladder near where she clung to an aircraft bcncon above the tank's conical roof. As Houck made the ascent ngatn, she screamed, "Don't come any closer!" "I asked her what the trouble was," he reported after returning to the ground, "and she told me, Tin mad at the world. . . . Bob told me last nfelit his mother doesn't want us to be married." Cpl. Robert Herman, 21, of Los Angeles, made the climb and coaxed her down. Firemen put a rope around her waist and guided her. She was booked for disturbing the peace. Herman said he had been going with Mrs. McKinncy but added he and his mother told her last night it would be better if they didn't see each other any more. He wouldn't say what they talked about,on the tower. "I Just kept talking endlessly to her," he said. "I don't know If this will make any difference between us. It's problematical If I'll ever see Terry again." Only liquid that has more chemical uses than sulphuric acid Is plain water. 'rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Ilnurs: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. wilh Delivery to 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. "S"Marks THE CUSTOMERS'CORNER! F R E E I Few people know how to make a good Manhattan. Try this simple recipe: W sweet Vermouth, ^6 of any one of the fine whiskies shown on this page. Stir (Don't Shake!) For recipes for 30 popular mixed drinks, drop into the store where yoU see the "S" sign, and get a FREE recipe book. SPECIAL VALUE! Up goes the age lo 6 years! Down goes the price! A little luxury is good for every man! roi 5718 NOW! There is only one prized Bond -I. W. Harper . . . the gold medal whiskey. ?770 ' $482 PI. 8 YEAR OLD BOURBON ! Old Schenley Bottled in Bond Bourbon. Twice The Age of Most Other Bonds. 786 .. $J41 M/5Qt. 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HARPER '.00 PROOF, BELMONT 86 PROOF, OLD SCHENLEY 100 PROOF, ANCIENT AGE 86 PROOF, 6 YEARS OLD - ALL STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKIES, CREAM OF KENTUCKY, KENTUCKY WHISKEY A BLEND 86 PROOF - 70% GRAIN NEUTRAL .SPIRITS. SIR JOHN SCHENLEY 86.8 PROOF AND SCIJENLEY RESERVE 86 PROOF - BOTH BLfN'lED WHISKEY 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL I SPIRITS. SCHENLEY Gift DISTILLED FROM 100% GRAIN NEUIRAL SPIRITS 90 PROOF. ® 1953 SCHENLEY DISIRIDUTORS, INC., NEW YORK CITY

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