The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1952
Page 3
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MOKDAY, MAY 26, 1958 1 Dead 8 Missing in Oil Blaze Tanker, Barge Collide in Delaware River WILMINGTON, De,, W—An oil (anker and a gasoline-laden uarge burst Into flames after colliding in the rain-swept Delaware niver is miles south of here last night. One man is known dead and eight are missing. The vessels were identified by the Coast Guard as (he 10 441-ton tanker Michael, with a carso of crude oil, and the motor barge E.D. Dodge. Scaring, gasoline - fed flames swept the badly smashed Dodge, which carried a crew of nine. She was reported split in two with ihe stern section sinking. The Michael, also burning, was able to limp away from the scene and later reported its fire under control. Rescued Man Dies One man, nude except for (he life jacket which kept him afloat, died minutes after he was picked up by rescuers. He was not identified but was believed to be a crewman on the Dodge. Two other men, also Dodge crew- members, were rescued from the water and taken to Wilmington General Hospital suffering from burns and shock. One was identified as Sjur Tellifsen, 20, of Brooklyn, N.Y. No Word of Others There was no immediate word of the fate of the other six men aboard the Dodge. The Michael, bound for Paulsboro, N.Y., from Persia with n crew of 40, reported two men missing—the third mate and a seaman. The collision was the third such tragedy within 10 days in this buss' shipping area. On May 15, two ships collided and burned in the nearby Delaware and Chesapeake Canal, killing four men. Last week three men drowned when a freighter and tug smashed together in the Delaware near Chester, Pa. Tellifsen said he was sleeping below decks on the barge: "When the terrible crash woke me up I didn't wait io find out what the trouble was," he said. "I jumped out the nearest porthole and swam until 1 reached a buoy. "There were flames all around and I could see other men floating and swimming in the water bul I was unable to help them. Pretty soon a tug saw me on the buoy and picked me up " . Tellifsen said his barge, captained by John D. Elliott of Col- lingsdale. Pa., carried 1G.500 barrels of gasoline and was bound from Camdcn, N.J., to Baltimore. The river, broadening as it becomes the Delaware Bnv a feu- miles farther south. Is about three miles wide at the scene of the collision. TRAFFIC EXECUTlVE-Hieh above tlie traffic, this policeman in Hanover, Germany, sits in air-cooled comfort (note electric fan), and directs several auto and pedestrian crossings by remote control. A loud speaker enables him to dress down offenders in traditional fashion General Ridgway To Receive Medal NEW YORK C/P>-Ocn. Matthew B. Rldgway will receive the UN Korean Service Medal today before leaving for Europe, to take over from Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ridgvvay, fanner commander of U.N. forces in Korea, will be the first person lo receive the medal at the organization's headquarters here. The award is the same one authorized (or all u.N. veterans of the Korean fighting, Rideway is scheduled to leave La Guardia Field at 4 p.m. < E ST) for Paris, where he will take over command of North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces from Eisenhower. Sobbing Johnny Ray Is Married NEW YORK MV-Crooner Johnny ?'!i' P ^™, sobs n 's son Bs . and his bride, the former Marilyn Morrison, settled down to married life today with their honeymoon put off until July. The 25-year-old singer and the pretty 22-year-old daughter of a Los Angeles night club owner were married here yesterday by Special Sessions Judge Herman Barshav. Ray said the honeymoon would be postponed until he fulfills theater commitments. Pilgrims Go to Eucharistic Congress Empress Holds Audience TOKYO <a>) _ Japan's empress held her first postwar audience for foreign envoys and their wives today. Read Courier News Classified Ads PROPOSED CONSTITUTION'*!, AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the 'electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon in such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas to wit: SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas be amended modifying Section )9 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 21 of said Constitution so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk in all of the said counties of the State, as follows: "The provisions for the election of a County Clerfc upon a population basis nre hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, mid in such coses, the County Clerk ,may be ex officio Clerk of tlie Probate Court of cou.ity unti 1 otherwise provided by the Genera Assembly." This Amendment shall be in fill force and effect upon and after its adoption. APPROVED. J.farch 20, 1951. Secretary of Stale C. G. HALL ' BARCELONA. Spain (f, _ Hundreds of Catholic prelates and halt a million pilgrims from almost ev ery country on earth crowded this my for- the opening tomorrow of the first World Euchamlic- Congress m 14. years. When,the last such congress was held in/Budapest in ISSB. an tin- easy world, then as now. was tryinV to avoid a war. The centra! theme of the prayers for this Congress Is peace-peace of man with hijnself" peace In his home and the JactmV peace among nations, and peace in the church of Christ. Every non-Communist country in the world is represented among the host oi pilgrims in this second city of S, M1 n. The countries dominated by Soviet communism are renre sented only by their exiles. India to Study Living Condition of Tribesmen 95 DON'T DELAY | WRITE TODAY/ DEMONSTRATION NEXT Our Representatives Go Everywlieie in !fie M26 UNION AVE. MEMPHIS, TENN. v ebuill Elcctfolux Vacuum Clconcr. Wooie Sind Specific Direction. conditions among India's 19 million tribesmen will be surveyed at on officiallv-sponsered conference here in June. Experts on tribal administration will discuss the best means of approaching and solving tribal problems. ' Indian tribal-, peoplco vary from the shy, retiring Todaji of the Vil«in hills In Maderas stale to the fierce Naga head-hunters from the isolated regions of Assam. TJWSB Yank Seen Walking Through Koje Compound JfOJE" IST.AWn Vn*» n sal* *. . „ ' 11 Ringleaders of Idaho Prison Riot Put in Solitary Confines BOISE, Tdahp «v-Eleven ring-. leaders In Saturday's riot at Idaho State Penitentiary were locked up in solitary confinement today. Most of the remaining participants in the four-hour riot, were kept in their cells. Some were released io clean up the rubble. Tear gas was used to break up the revolt afler 300 convicts barricaded themselves in the recreation 'iall and adjoining licence plate factory and began smashing windows,, machinery nnd furnilurc. Warden L. E. Clapp estimated damage at 515,000. Gov. Lcn Jordan gave Clapp his full approval for the warden's actions in rmelling the uprising. The (ear gas barrage was laid down from the prison walls afler the prisoners ignored Clapp's ai- ders to return to their cells. He relused to give in to any of the rioters' demands and wiper! out the prisoners' grievance committee in addition. The warden blamed the trouble on a group of "radicals" who, he said, were trying lo Inke over the committee's functions. The riot developed when guards locked up four of the ringleaders. Alter the riot. Clapp declared: "They know that we're running :he prison; there's no misunderstanding as to who they'll look to for orders." Because t straight line In an architectural structure will appear 1.0 sag. designers often provide a slight arch for such lines. Rubber Company Quits KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya (IF)— Because of '•mounting difficulties of supervision and sabotage" a British rubber company has sold its 288- acre estate and is transferring bus- mess elsewhere. The Wilkinson Process Rubber Co. snid it plans to deal In linarcx produced in Jamaica. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMK.VDMEKT NO 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the state of Arkansas and by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a Majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is nereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas Him upon being submitted to the electors of the Slate for approval or reject ion at Ihe next general election lo, Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the state of Arkansas, to-wit: Amendment No. 18 to the Con- stiUrjion of the State of Arkansas adopted by the electors of this State at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November, 1928, Is hereby amended to read as follows' SECTION!. It being most apparent that privately operated factories industries and transportation facilities are necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare of ite inhabitants, an annual tax of not exceeding one per cent of the assessed valuation of all taxable property within ihe corporate boundaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and second class for the purpose of pro- viamg funds to be used for the ac- riinsilion of sites within or without such cities and for the construction of such sites of buildings and other facilities, for lease or sale for the aforesaid purposes, or for'the amortization of bonds bearing in- tergst at not more than four per AT LAST SCIENCE HAS THE ANSWER ... LOSE UGLY FAT IN 10 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! • NO Drugs • NO Dieting • NO Exercise • NO Calorie Counting REDUCE THE |ll[||'\ WAY LWhere AH Other Redmers Fail! '-7^?* SVn" f ""^^^ •ut* i' f ' B , . c .;,"-:_ ! ! > ," r " <> '"^!'""'>--".o,., NOW YOU CAN EAT ALL YOU WANT! >' *** " .1 - :" •-'••• <v| i • tir j Ui> r,,\ $*** ™«^L l «!,-tR.X lh ^ W"< *X?X^L^lJ"±S""° "^ k ''"^ NF.VEH (;o HUNGRY i > ''.«=f«'-i.r,ii;ii,, B -c!cr.,«ni,.-witi;vi7.yu;M:X method >„„ |,,, c ,,,„, eravill(! fnr ,1 ~«rul YOU »CCiPTID TO* »DVIRT1SING IN A Wtll-XNOV/M MtDICAl JOURNAL Aiirancc al.n vvnmrn ore TOU« FI.ST fACKAGI Of jltfltX Will M THE itst INVISIMINT TOU IVI. MAD.I "cig! 1 ! er ni > «i i i l c»'i 2 " r 3 ?. po " nds ° v ««£<••.« •.tight rmlancrr. 'yoi't'lir'.'^ 1 _£«;";_!'••[«•. AMJ VOl'll I.IFE! K,"<!,,' pro%p thai o\ W* * fe*\ I . ...l.1^A -•!' LB-YOUR SCAU BE YOUR JUDGE * MTHlRyou ISli IUIJLS wntHT o« YOUR MONEY BA(K/ KIRBY DRUG STORES cent per annum Issued for such SECTION 2. When petitioned by lot less than ten per cent of tlie qualified electors residing therein he City Council or oilier govern-' ng body o! any sucll cily shall cull or an eleclion to be held not mere han ninety dnys thereafter for the aiirpose of having the qualified electors vote in the proposition SECTION 3. The General A«sem- ily shall enact such enabjing leels- alion as shall be required to effec- uale the purposes hereof APPROVED: March 20, 1951. Secretary ot State C. O. HALL , Korea Iff, — An American soldier was seen by correspondents today walking through Communist Prisoner of War Compound 91 and talking with the Reds. Brig. Gen. Haydon L. nonincr ordered an immediate Investigation. The new commander of the stii/e-rldilcii slocfcadc had ordered ill Allied personnel to stay out of :he compounds unless he ordered .hern Inside. Compound 91 is filled with prisoners moved here from Camp 10 J'here prisoners rioted last week. One man was killed In that riot Camp officials were upset by ih» report of a U.S. soldier mingling with the prisoners. They suiii they hart absolutely no knowledge tliat any Allied personnel hart been inside. Headier issued the order to prevent a recurrence of the incident of May 1 when Red prisoners cap- lured Brig. Gen. Francis T. Dodd, one of his prcrteressors as Koje commander, and held him tor ransom. Dodd was released four days lat- Judge to Hear Voice-Recording Testimony in McCarthy Case WASHINGTON f,T>) _ A Federal, udgc henrs arguments today on >cn. Joseph R. McCarthy's demand that a voice-recording machine be isori at pre-trial hearings In his ibel-slandei- suit against Sen. Wil"km Benton. McCarthy. Wisconsin Republican suing the Connecticut Democrat >r two million dollars. The action based on Benton's charges that McCarthy is unfit lo serve In the Benlon Is sponsor of a Senate •evolution aimed at ousting McCarthy. Pre-trial deposition hearings on he McCarthy damage suit were chedulcd to start May 5. but McCarthy called them off temporarily vhen Benlon refused to testify lines* a tape recordini; machine was cmovcd from the room. McCarthy, who arranged for use if the machine',' insisted the recorder nns necessary for a corn- ilctcly accurate account of the tes- imony. He suggested that Betiton tu'S"l commit perjury and said he vanted a verbatim record. McCarthy nlso said use of a i-oire recorder was the us'.ial practice In this Federal Jurisdiction. Benlon's attorneys challenged that and said the court reporter who was pre.scni was competent to make an accurate shorthand rcc ord. Benton .said !-.!> didn't care lion 1 mnny stenographers took down his words, but he balked at u« e o( a rccorriing machine. So McCarthy took the matter to court, seeking an order directing Bentfin to testify with a 13™ re cordcr operating. er Both he and Brig. Gen. Charles P. Colson. who handled the negotiations for Dodd's release, were broken to the permanent rank of colonel The language of Colson's exchange of letters with the Reds wns criticized In Congress and the Dclense Department as misleading and embarrassing lo the Allies. How Fistula May Affertjealth FREE HOOK — Explains ihe Penally of Neglect, \\ RtCTAKXMON DISEASCS rf- t A new. Illustrate!! 40-page FREE BOOK explains dangers of fistula, and other recial, colon nnd associated disorders. Learn facts. .Thornton & Minor Hospital. Suite 1772. 911 E. Linwood, Kansas City 3, Mo. BEAUTIFUL CUT STONE HOME O]icn for inspection, Sunday 1:00 lo G-.OO p.m. Shown by appointment during week days 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths $30,000 This lovely home Is quality throughout. Beautiful U-shaped klt- K ",' '.T ,v?" C " bl "" S "'"' "" "•" ^scries, including Klchen-Atde Dismvnsher. Dining „,„„,. spacious living room wilh marble ami mirror fireplace. The 3 bedrooms have latj™ walk-lii cedar lined closets. Boll, (l, e ball,, have colored HvtureV Slorugc-plus ,n lar R c .loom! aide l.arfic terrace in back with ba r j n "'•' , n" "'" ' ihC Ulis 5paci0 " 5 "° * I25 "• la-dMaped lot l)o,U fail lo investigate Ihe slurdlncs, o.ul choice material, used In iMimlrurlinn of this home maicrian house 0 :,,Trldef'" 00 I0a " '" ™ **"> "' *»• «' !l1 '"» '" »-»«« See or call JOHNNY MARR, REALTOR Of/ice t'lione 4111 Res. Phone 2596 It's Ready, evine Your New Store Located at 224 W. Chickasawba St., is Now Open for Business-Come in Today! CRACKERS Busy Baker 4 !/4-Lb. Pkgs. Stays Fresher Ib, box 23C EGGS SALMON FLOUR Sliced Morning Star Guaranteed Fresh In Cartons ^_. Gold Cove Chum Gold Medal or Kitchen Craft 25 Lb. Sock Rex Tra-Pak Pascal Celery Best When Green Loin Steak U.S. Choice Beef or Calf

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