The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1955
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1958 OUR IOARDING HOUSE — with Mojor Hoopla BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE ELEVEN By J. R. William* OUT OUR WAY AW W0£b/ POSO DITZO/ fat RECftLLTHe XS«RSs«y?- M^AnT* M^I^^'ttS' rtlFS* MltfO THAT SUE HAD {^^ICQASsyT u£ FALLSri Id IOME WITH POS0 fffSW Vt,, 5l %"f DITZO, Art ACROPAT/— <fj. 1 f L Kl Ah E J? n K HORRISSEV FSARED HE'D MM£? *£ |t ° D ° a 86 TEMPTED TO HSLP *Si ff .(.ACCIDENT < POSO DOATU/UgLE- OFF A SKYSCRAPER ~$0 HE 015 . APPEARED// 0 V - ^-j—s/t , . Bg SERIOUS, CHUM.' CAM YOU ADP FIVE MORE STICK'S To THEM A.-'? HAVE ONLY You see LVE PLACED SIX STICKS IN A KOfi PIGMT ? "Yes, I'm glad to be Mama's little helper—do I get time and a half for overtime like the plumber?" Would you consider hiring two usherettes fw th» afternoon?" i POWELL.AS A eFSULT u OF YOU!? sows STATEMENT; E'ZF. oeOPPWS THE CHABSES AGAINST PAT C09E?T9.YOire 60Y WILL APPEAL IN WELL.m GWD IT'S CVEE WITH. LETS SQDAD. NOT so FAST; vows .lM NOT FINISHED/ J WITH YOU.' WHBQ Channel 13 Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WMCT Channel 5 6:00 Superman 6.30 Edcfie Fisher fi 45 News Caravun 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Ectdte Cantor 8:00 Television Theatre color 8:00 Thss Is Your Lite 9:30 Mr. District Attorney 10:00 Your Eeso Reporter 10:15 Srreon Director's Playhouse 10:45 Weatner 10.50 Mystery Tbeaira 1! :15 Tonight .12:00 Sign Off Thursday, December 1 8.50 Meditation 7:00 Today V.25 Weather — Memphis nreii 7:30 Today 1-.55 Today la MrmptUs 3:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News and Weather 9:00 Dlnp Dong School 9:30 Storyiand 9:45 Charm with Citthy 10:00 Home 11:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford 11:30 Feather Your -Vest 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 TV Movie Mntlnee 1:30 Homemnfcers Program 1:45 Dute With Life 2:00 Matinee Thotitre 3:00 Chnnne\ Five Theatre . 3:30 World of Mr. Swceiney 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 Pinky Lee 4:30 Howdy Doody-rolor 5:00 Afteiioon Movie 5:30 Interesting Person 5:40 Cartoons 5:55 Weather 6:00 Jungle Jim 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 You Bet Your Life 7:30 OaiiLjljListers a:00 Dnv^nei 3:30 Theatre 9:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Playhouse of Stars lO:-!5 Weather 10:50 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Wednesday night, Nov. 3D 6:0(1 6:25 6:30 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:45 10:00 10:10 10:15 10:20 11:50 Little Rascals Do You Know Why Disneyland MGM Parade Masciuenule Party nrrnk the Bank Wednesday Night Fights Sports PlcturB Weather I.cs Paul and MaiT Ford Late Show Weather Thursday. Dec. 1 8:45 News &, Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This is Hollywood 11:30 Stu Erwln 12:00 News 12:05 Liinchtime Theatre 12,^5 Early Show 2:15 Miss America Matinee 3:00 Foreign Intrigue 3:30 nozo and His Friends 4:00 Autry-nogers 4:55 Mr. lilngle 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club fl:00 Little Rascals 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 The Lone Ranger 7:00 R-.uru'.r of the Jungle 7:30 Stop the Music 8:00 Star Tonight a-.30 Down You Go 9:00 Mayor of ihe Town 9:30 Bishop Sheen 10:00 News 10:!0 Weather 10:15 Pattl Page 10:30 Late Show 12:00 Weather Paint Closeout ,H»»7 Tr»w an* C«l«n i Price Hubbard Hordwart >- GUARANTEED • ".Always a Good fef Kirby Drug Store $750 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schlck. Sunbeam, Ronson or Norelco RENT . FLASH CAMERAS . MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 BEST BUYS Christmas Cards Personalized with Name $450 up nr $4 LJ for I Samuel F. Norris Across From CHy Hall Day of the Outlaw By LM W*l!> TfcS, br l« Wtlh. DtjtribBtfd b y NEA Smict, IN. THE STOBYi An outlaw pack, •trnlnrd by Inner illflMrnMlon, IP Iflolnrrd l>7 mud In Hirtcr. Wya. The bitdim>n hnv* tnkcn " town. rnn« nnrl - _. „ linn. Te« Dnr- rovf, »•• rvcniirnJKed Vlvlna Me' I.enr n* »m oM IHenrt from Wlohlln. Later VlTlnn »»k* Oni» to nrcompnn? l»«r home. Shr In worried nhont Avn Itlken, vrltlrm the oatlniT*. xvn DAN shook his head. "It don't imake sense. Tex's partner killed Tommy, her own husband." Vivian came to the sofa and eat down. "Ava and I both lived the same life, in a way. But Tommy Rikes came along and Ava married him. He brought her toere, but A\ r a was running from •omething just as I was. She <lidn't love Tommy and she hated (Bitter. She took it out on him. She felt trapped here and it waf Tommy's fault Maybe it was. but Ava had something I never . Jiad. Tommy was crazy in love •with her." "You could tell ft." DaD agreed. "But Ava didn't care," Vivian , said heavily. "Dan, U this thing ladn't come up, Ava would have left Tommy in six months." "And now Tex." Dan said. . pursuing her train, of thought. "Now there's Tex," she agreed. "It's made to order for him. He'll promise to take her out of here, ie'll promise her the big towns, the excitement and all the things she's wanted." Vivian's lips curled. "Of course, Ava will have to make her payment ahead of time. Then Tex will 'ride out "when he's tired and leave her. You know what the town would do to Ava then, Dan. Tex knows It, but he don't care. That's his way. I know. And I've been paying for It for years." "What can I do?" he asked. "What can anyone do? Bruhn's ' fang holds all the face cards and . the jokn, Vlvlln." Her head came up and she swung to him, eager. "Would you do something, u° you had the chance?" He smiled. "I've been trying to find some way to hit those renegades. I wish ,1 had the chance." "Wait." She ran from the room. Her steps faded swiftly and Dan paced to the window, frowning, wondering what Vivian had in mind. He turned when she came into the room. Dan saw the gun in her band and his jaw dropped. "Where did you get that?" "I've had it since . . the old days. I've kept it welJ hidden. Here . . . use it." • • • DAN took the gun. He held it, felt its balance, his eyes alight. He shoved it in his holster, delighted to feel the old familiar weight on his hip again. Then he sobered and slowly handed it back to her. "Keep it awhile," he said and she stared, not understanding. "No. I'm not afraid to use it, but I don't want any of those renegades to find it on me. I'll come back for it the minute we've made our plans." He thrust it into her hands, picked up his hot and started toward the door, but Vivian blocked his way. "Dan, what do you think of me now?" She made a small, pitiful gesture. He placed his fingers under her chin and lilted her head. His voice deepened. "It makes no difference. You know that." She stepped back. "But it must Dan. I've been no angel, though hard times can force a person to do strange things. I met Tex in Wichita. 1 should have known his Kind, but he fooled me. Later I drifted Into Colorado and then Anally came here to Bitter, 1 thought I could start life new. But . . . the past catches up with you, I reckon." He smiled, sensing her distress "This changes nothing. You're Vivian McLear, still a woman I'm mighty proud to knoV." He dropped his hands, smiled and walked to the door. As he turned the knob, her arms went about his neck and she pulled his head down. Her lips met his. pressed close. She stepped bacfc, leaving Dan to stare in amazement at her She opened the door, smiling softly. "You've things to do, Dan Murdock. I'll expect you back for the gun." Dan stepped outside and she closed the door. He still felt the tingle of Vivian's kiss. It shook him. He remembered P a u 1 a's hurt look when she had seen him witb Vivian. • • • PAULA swung around from the desk. She looked hard at him and her chin lifted ever so slightly before she turned back to the desk. Dan came up to the counter and waited. The silence grew between them. He finally spoke awkwardly, studying his blunt fingers. "Where's Phil?" "I don't know," she said shortly. Dan shifted his weight. "Mad because of—" "Mad!" she echoed cutting him short and looked up in pretended surprise. "What should I be mad about? You can walk with whom you please." He grinned and she was all the more angry that she had trapped herself. Dan's smile vanished. "She'd been visiting Ava. and these renegades arc I o o s e. I figured—" "You did the right thing, Mr. Murdock," she said quickly. "I'm really not interested and it's none of my business." "But I don't want you to think," he (loimdcred and then become suddenly angry. His words grew gruff and slightly edged. "At Ava's, Vivian learned something about this gang, and she can help us. I have to find Phil." "He's around town somewhere," Paula said stiffly. (To Be Continued) New! Used! HOUSING PROBLEM? Right- Now, HERE in BLYTHEVILLE You Can See Mobile Homes • Low Down Payment • Low Monthly Payments • Lowest Interest Rates rnifif MOBILE UKAilV HOMES Of Blytheville. Ark. Highway 61 South Franchised dealer for over 50 NAME BRAND MOBILE HOMES NEW! USED! RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 508 Cl. Like Avt. Ph. S-698! Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling Nut Coal 2 or more tons $10 per ton plus tax B&CCoalCo. S. Hiway 61 Phone 3-8612 Watch Cleaning $3.50 . 3 day Service Mr. A. B. £ r ord, registered chron- ographer technician with 22 Vtars watchmaking cxpcricncft, is now associated with our firm. We are now offering 3-day watch repair service- O'STEENS 111 \V. Main BUFFORD SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe Repairing. Cleaning, Dyeing GOOD USED SHOES FOR SALE 112 8, Broadwij SHE BETTER CALL ME A BY MY REAL NAME.'./ I THINK I'M GOING TO FAINT SETTER U©HT TH£tft.W...OR SCWESOV'S tlk&V TO Stl&PECT 5a\^TWN&S FISHy HEffi/ Ut FLINT, I DON'T THINK VOUU HAV£ TD IMDRRV ABOUT THE CONMCT, THE 6EU H6 TRISP TO SWIM TO THE AWNWNR WE FOtlNP WH«T THE SHARKS LBT OP HIM ...THE WEXICAN I Vieirsp HAP HE^KP IT LAMP AT PAWM...AWP I SAW IT LEAVE ABOUT THE TIME STILETTO SAIPl BUT IT HEfvPEP SOUTH, HOT N.ORTMEST AS HE CLAlMEP! WOTHIW6 PEFWIT6, 1 IOTEEHEARP SHftNDY MEMTOM YES...AL50 ABOUTAPLMIE 5AW PRWJKIE'PKIVB HURRIEDLY AWAY FKOW 50 YOU THIWK THEy WERE rELUIWG THE TRUTH ABOUT KOYC6 STILU BEIUS ALIVE; THE CABW5, DIP VOU HEAR AMVTHING THAT MI6HT K A CLUB to TO WHERE- ,/ NAME THEY USED W HE WEWr ? esSa THIS L6TTK I WA& FORCER TO WRITE! AFfER HE WAS WJUK6D! AND ITS GONNA STOP WGHT HERE AND NOW: Y'HEAR? YEAH. C'MON!' SNAP . OUT OF IT) VOU \VHY, MY STARS. \.GDT NO (TA1JSE OOP. I DON'T L : H- \ TO LOOk 5O \ LIEVE I EVER SAW ALL- FIRED YOU LOOK "50 -\ BURNED UP! I KPN'T \(»IHW.'J WANT YA T' \BAP fNOUQH THINK I I HAVING YOU . FOKOTYA.'A PESTEE < ME IN THE MYT/ME' HA!?E, WHAT'S THE IPEA OF WAKING WE AT.THI5TIME OF NISHT?

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