The Missoulian from Missoula, Montana on April 18, 1931 · 10
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The Missoulian from Missoula, Montana · 10

Missoula, Montana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1931
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THE DAILY MISSOULIAN. SATURDAY MORNING, AP.RIL 18, 193f. 10 "BLUE SKY" LI EVASION CHARGED Peter Ivanhoff. Former Missoulian, Figures in Seattle Case. Charges of seeking to avoid the "blue sky" law by a subterfuge are contained in a warrant issued at Seattle last week for Peter Ivanoff, who recently built a $150,000 factory there and announced plans for incorporation of a $100,000,000 company, according to information received here. Ivanoff had advertised that he was building what he describes as a "co-motional motion power engine." While objecting to the term "perpetual motion," he claims that the engine would generate its own pow- er, trie lniormauon nwu cfcsiuwc states. Well Known Here. Ivanoff is well known in Western Montana. During the construction days of the Bitter Root Valley Irrigation company on the big canal ystem in the Bitter Root valley, he was a resident of the valley. Later ie w'as in Missoula and the -first mide model of his machine was fcullt here. Ivanoff worked on it at an East Broadway address and later he spent much time on its construction in a garage on West Pine street. Western Montana people. Including residents of Missoula and the Bitter Root valley are Interested in Ivanoffs invention. He went from here to Seattle about eight years ago and during the past year old friends from Western Montana have visited his plant at Seattle. New System. The prosecution of Ivanoff was Instituted at Seattle as the result of an investigation which the Better Business Bureau has been pushing. At his factory, Ivanoff declared he had worked out an entirely new system of mathematics. By the use of his "newer mathematics," he said, he could demonstrate that 400 divided by 20 comes to 128. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ays: "It all started, It seems, with the trisection of the angle that age-old problem with which mathematicians have always wrestled and which modern scientists declare to be Insoluble. "'I found the mathematicians were right,' said Ivanoff. That is, I found you couldn't trisect an angle with existing mathematics. But that didn't stop me. I built up a new mathematical system, starting in where spherical trigonometry left off, and with that I found I could trisect an angle.' "Just how he trisects the angle he didn't reveal, but he said his unorthodox mathematical studies led to the discovery that force can be split. He said Newton had the same thing In mind, but it remained for him to develop it. "The 'splitting' of force, he said, made it possible to build a machine which, after being supplied with an initial Impulse, will generate Its own power, thus doing away with gas and steam and revolutionizing industry. "But the construction of this machine Is no simple task, as he said it will take him several more months and $150,000 to $200,000, in addition to the $300,000 which he admit he has already raised, to finish building Just one demonstrator. "Ivanoff Insisted he was guilty of no wrong doing and pointed to the elaborate factory he Is operating as proof that he has not benefited personally from the subscriptions." Despite Ivanoffs admission that he raised $300,000, his bail was set at only $750, as the offense with which he Is charged, offering securities for sale without a license, is merely a gross misdemeanor. Reports from Seattle are that the prosecution did not come as a surprise to Ivanoff. Social Calendar Matter for the Sunday Social Calendar or for the Sunday Society page must be In the offlct by noon of Friday of each week. Ko exceptions can be made. Call 2625 mornings, for notices for tht society editor. FRENCH WDMJUI ID BE HERE THE W SATURDAY The W. B. A. will hold a special meeting at 8 p. m. at Union hall. There will be a class presentation. A one-act play will be staged. Refreshments will be served. Mrs. Salome Stafford of Great Falls, state regional director, will be present. The guards are asked to be present at 7:30 p. m. Bitter Root chapter of the D. A. R. will meet at 2:30 p. m. at the Chimney Corner to be entertained by Mrs. Frank Cooney and Miss Florence Irving. Delegates to the state convention will give their reports. YOUTH BORROWS SPRAY GUN AND THEN LEAVES MISSOULA Representing himself as connected with the local Salvation Army, a young man who eaid his name was John Thompson, Thursday afternoon borrowed a paint spray gun from the Fuller Paint company, and as far as officers are concerned, disappeared with the gun, it was reported at the sheriff's office Friday momir.g. The spray gun is valued at $75. Thompson was not acting for the Salvation Army, nor has he any connection with that organization, officers stated. TIRE IS STOLEN. Emeroy Johnson of 307 East Front street reported to police Friday morning the theft of a spare tire from his automobile which had been parked at the Country club Thursday evening. STOLL AT ST. PATRICK'S. Rudolph P. Stoll of 8t. Ignatius is a patient at St. Patrick's hospital. TONIGHT 7 Acts 1931 7 Acts 1 7 ARSITY ODVIL Tickets on Sale at Wilma Office. Reserve Them NOW I SHOWS' AT 7 AND 9 Ul A WARNER OLAND r""" f v?74 ' JUNE C0LLYER V VV r u LLOYD HUGHEJ You've waited months to see this great mystery thriller by Harold Mc-Grath. Stai 1 V'bt 1 C Terror! , J "What 1 ; 1 ThrittJ 1 "S 1 lest 1 a yo0 ever I 1 awl I "THE GREAT PANTS MYSTERY" Paramount Comedy "COWBOY BLUES" Fable Cartoon PARAMOUNT NEWS, "Kyes and Ears of the World'' "SPELL OF THE CIRCUS" Matinre Only Continuous Show 1:30 to 11 P. M. Member of Paris Court of Appeals Will Give Address at Banquet. Women of the city are extended a cordial Invitation to hear Dr. Juliette Veillier-Duray, a distinguished woman lawyer of France, who will speak at a dinner meeting to be held In tht Florence hotel at 6:30 o'clock Tuesday evening, April 21, under the auspices of the Missoula branch, American Association of University Women. Her subject will b "Education and Feminist Problems m France." Dr. Veillier-Duray, a member of the Paris court of appeals, is vice president of the French Association of University Women, and a mem ber of the committee of the International Federation of University Women which determine the economic and legal status of women. She was a delegate to the meeting of the International council of university women held at Boston from April 1 to 4. Her tour of the western states and Canada, which is succeeding the Boston convention, Is being sponsored by the A. A. U. W and she is being brought to Missoula for an address by the Missoula branch of the association. This is the first time In more than a decade that a local audience has had the opportunity to hear a speaker from abroad, and It is expected that many will take advantage of the occasion. . . . Reservations for the dinner must be made with Mrs. R. C. Shaver, Mrs., A. G. Phelps, Mrs. W. P. Clark or Mrs. George R. Mallick before 6 o'clock Monday evening. The Business and Professional Women's club and the Missoula Women's cltab has been requested particularly to cooperate with the A. A. U. W. in making this affair a success, but all women of the city are invited. While In Missoula, Dr. Veillier-Duray will speak before Le Cercle Francaise of the State University. This organization is honoring her at a tea Monday afternoon. The visitor will discuss "Contemporary French Literature," before the French society. Miss Ruth Smith, president of the A. A. U. W. branch, will preside at the dinner meeting. The program for that affair will Include music. POLLARD IS FOUND GUILTY OF FAILURE TO PROVIDE Clarence Pollard was adjudged guilty of omitting to provide for his minor children, following a hearing of the case by Justice of the Peace Ward H. Jonea Friday afternoon. The man will be sentenced Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Pollard was arrested In Yakima, Wash., several weeks ago, on charges of desertion of his minor children and returned to Missoula for trial. After a preliminary hearing of the case, Mr. Jones declared there was insufficient evidence to substantiate those charges and ordered that the misdemeanor case be filed against Pollard. Pollard pleaded not guilty to each of the charges. His wife, Evelyn Pollard, was the complaining witness. DIVORCE IS SOUGHT. Basing her charges of extreme cruelty upon several alleged bodily attacks upon her, Ruby Swanson Friday afternoon filed suit for a divorce from Albert Swanson, papers of which were filed in Clerk of the Court Harry M. Rawn's office. Mrs. Swanson seeks the custody of their five minor children, $75 per month for their maintenance and $75 attorney's fees. The couple was married in Kalispell June 8, 1918. WANTED HELENA 5 NABBED IN CITY Promoter Hires Stenographers and Collects Money From Them, Is Charge. Sheriffs officers Friday morning arrested a man who gave his name as Edward Cantor, but who is said to be wanted by Helena authorities under the name of E. J. Cannon for larceny. Cannon, it Is reported, arrived in Missoula Thursday night, accompanied by a Helena woman whom he had hired as a stenographer. She became suspicious and Friday morning told Missoula officers that the man was being sought in Helena. Cannon, ' according to an Associated Press dispatch from Helena Friday morning, registered at a leading hotel there, and represented himself as secretary of the Citizens' Military Trajning Camp association. Deposits Demanded. The warrant for Cannon's arrest came upon the complaint of a young woman who answered an advertisement for a stenographer and deposited $15, on his demand, to assure him, she said, that she would accept the place. The same story was told Helena officials by four other girls. Cannon did not return to his Rummage Sale Given by W. R. C. at the Corner of Pat tee and East Broadway, Opposite the Postoffire. April 18. 1931 gams Arcade-Farley Co. Phone 2171 601 Woody Street Phone 2137 110 West Main Street 2 lbs. Arcade Coffee and 2 Water Glasses . . 69c Fresh Creamery Butter, 3 lbs. .89c Strictly Fresh Poultry Farm Eggs, 3 dozen. . 55c hitter Root Honey, gal. can ... .$1.19 Bulk Dates, 2 lbs 33c Shelled Walnuts, lb 54c Shelled Pecans, lb. 89c Bulk Marshmallows, lb. .23c P. & G. Soap, 15 bars . . .59c Sunbrite Cleanser, 2 cans 15c Geisha Crab Meat, 2 cans 69c Dry Shrimp, 3 cans .... ,49c Royal Beets, 3 cans .... ,39c Mrs. Bakerfs Marmalade, jar .. .23c Red Mexican Beans, 5 lbs. 29c S. W. Beans, 5 lbs. 32c Bulk Macaroni, 5 lbs. ... 29c Blue Rose Rice, 5 lbs. ...35c Winesap Apples, 3 lbs.. .25c Box ..$2.69 SUNK1ST ORANGES 3 dozen 57c 2 dozen, medium ...... . 59c 1 dozen, large . ... 40c Fresh Strawberries Golden Bananas, lb. . . . .10c Florida Grapefruit, 3 for 25c Dozen .95c New Potatoes, 2 lbs. . . . .25c Green Peas, 2 lbs 35c Radishes and Green Onions, bunch ........ . 5c Rhubarb, 3 lbs 25c Cauliflower, 2 lbs. ... . .25c Fresh Asparagus, 2 lbs. . . 25c Head Lettuce, Fresh Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Spinach Onion Sets, 2 qts .25c Thompson Chocolate Malted Milk, lb. can... 48c Robb Ross Mustard, jar. 14c Johnson's Floor Wax, pt. 69c Fancy JV. B. C. Cookies, 2 lbs .55c Marble Cake (3 layer) each ...31c Hard Rolls, dozen 20c Carnation Rolled Oats, Large Pkg. 39c Carnation Wheat Flakes, Large Pkg. 39c Arcade Meat Market Phone 4377 DAVE MIX ' 110 W. Main St. Quality Meats for Less Money Legs of Young Lamb, per lb 28c Shoulders of Spring Lamb, per lb 22c Fancy Veal Roasts, per lb 22c Short Ribs of Veal, per lb .. 15c Breast of Veal with pocket, per lb 15c Choice Steer Beef Roasts, per lb 18c Short Ribs of Beef, per lb 15c Swift's Premium Picnic Hams, per lb 19c We carry a large variety of Lunch Meats Phone 4377 V :: We Deliver hotel Thursday night, but . telephoned asking that his engagements be cancelled and that his room be held. , Officers at Fort Missoula Friday morning stated that Cannon had no official connection with the Military Training Camps association, sheriff's deputies reported. Cannon was located In Missoula after he had called at The Missoulian Publishing company in an attempt to promote an advertising scheme. The man is said to be wanted in Denver under the name of H. B. Cannon, alias E. J. Marcell, for soliciting subscriptions for the "Fitzgerald Hospital Talking Pictures fund." Helena officers took Cannon to the Capital city Saturday afternoon. ATTENTION L. O. O. M. All members are requested to attend the Joint Memorial day services which will be held at the Vets' hall, Sunday, April 19, at 2 p. m. BEN WING, Adv. Dictator. TODAY LAST DAY rexall ONE CENT SALE Hundreds of Missoula people have visited this great merchandising event. If you have not yet availed yourself of the wonderful values offered, do so at once. The doors are open until 9 o'clock tonight Hundreds of items are on sale. We list only a few. MISS IRELAND IN CITY. Miss Elizabeth Ireland, state superintendent of public instruction, was a visitor In Missoula Friday from Helena. Nursery Stock Ornamental, Shade and Fruit Trees Flowering and Ornamental Shrubg and Vines Book, "How to Plant," Is Yours for the Asking Garden City Floral Co. CARDS (Dancing and Lunch) Scandinavian Fraternity Veterans' K. P. Hall SATURDAY, APRIL 18 PRIZES DANCE Tonight Milltown FINN HALL Music by W. WESTIN Piano Accordian Old Time and Popular Musio Admission: Men, 75c; Ladles Free MAIL ORDERS Agents for Columbia Viva-tonal and Records Send us your mail orders for Drugs, Kodak Supplies and Barber Supplies Kodaks and Eastman Films " Exclusively MAJESTIC REFRIGERATOR MAJESTIC RADIO Colorful Tones. "Mighty Monarch of the Air." Demonstrated at Your Home. SMITH DRUG STORES Developing and Finishing Prescriptions TOILET GOODS Two for Duska Bath Salts $101 Duska Cream ''6 Duska Bath Powder 1.01 Boquet Ramee Powder 1.01 Duska Face Powder 1.01 Jonteel Powder Puffs .16 Jonteel Face Powder - .51 Jonteel Cold Cream .51 Boquet Ramec Talcum .. M Georgia Rose Talcum .26 Toilet Waters, assorted. 1.01 Rikers lllasol - .51 Cocoanut Oil Shampoo.. .51 Harmony Lilac Vegetal ... .76 Theatrical Cold Cream, lb. .76 Hair Stimulator - 51 Olive Shampoo .51 Rexall Shaving Cream . .36 Rexall Shaving Lotion .51 Klenzo Liquid Mouth Wash .51 Mi 31 Shaving Creara 51 Duska Soap - .26 Violet Glycerine 15 Jergen's Lotion Soap .15 Henri Rocheau Soap 25 REXALL REMEDIES Two for Catarrh Jelly . ? 56 Foot Powder .26 Laxative Salt .51 Hygienic Powder, 6-oz 51 Headache Powder, 24 tabs. .26 Gargle. 4-oz - 56 Zinc Oxide Ointment, 1-oz .26 Mi 31 Mouth Wash 26 Cascara Sagrada Tablets.. .51 Mi 31 Antiseptic 70 Peptona 1.01 Rexall Orderlies .51 Puretest Products Two for Cod Liver Oil, pint $1.01 Milk of Magnesia, pint.... .51 Glycerine Suppositories: .36 Soda Mint Tablets, 140...' .26 Epsom Salts. 1-lb. tins 36 Castor Oil .26 Fluid Ext. Cascara .51 Boric Acid Powder ... .26 Rubbing Alcohol, pint - .70 Aspirin Tablets, 100s .70 SPECIALS Two for Flashlights -?1.01 Rubber Soap Dish 31 Facialin Tissue .. - .11 Rubber Aprons - 31 Rouge, assorted , J51 Solid Perfume .51 Fountain Pens 1.01 Compacts . 1.01 Hair Brushes 1.01 Firstaid Sanitary Napkins .41 Maximum Hot Water Bottles 1.76 Russian Mineral Oil 1.01 Bay Rum, pints 1.01 Bay Rum, 8-oz 51 Witch Hazel, pints .51 Witch Hazel, 8-oz. .26 Peroxide .26 STATIONERY Two for Assorted Stationery $1.01 Fancy Boxes . .76 Assorted Stationery .51 Cascade Pound Paper .51 Cascade Envelopes .41 Marsale Pound Paper. . .66 Marsale' Envelopes .51 SUNDRIES Two for Goodform Hair Nets .$ .11 Wash Cloths , .21 Pontex Toilet Tissue .11 Rubber Gloves .51 Ladies' Dressing Coinbs.. .51 Klenzo Hand Brush 36 Men's Handkerchiefs 26 Fit staid Adhesive Plaster .51 Klenzo Tooth Brushes .36 CANDY Two for Filled Hard Candies ? .76 .76 .66 .06 .06. Fenway Cherries, lbs..... Caramels, 1-lb. pkg. Assorted Mints Assorted Candy Bars Liggett's Assorted Chocolates Liggett's Sweet Milk Chocolates 1.01 .36 MISSOULA DRUG CO GRAND OPENING iAyiXT Sitter Root Inn Tonight Tr A Music by Tommy Meisinger's Red Hot Band All are welcome. Come and bring your good time shoes. Chicken Supper et 12 o'CIock. GOOD ROADS Si II II III III III III III II ill II II III II ED ANOTHER BIG FEATURE rn Phil Sheridan's 7-Piece Band With Freddie Crosby ADDED ATTRACTION THE GILMORES Clever Exhibition Dancers of Fargo in an Eccentric Fox Trot 15c BUSSES MEISINGER'S BIG BUSSES EVERY 20 MINUTES Many Extra Moonlight Waltzes, Including William Striker and Margaret Fisher's new waltz hit, "I'm Coming Back Girl of the Golden West." 1 DANCING UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK COMING! MAY 2 ART DAHL AND HIS COLORADO BAND A Guaranteed High Class Attraction ED A (3 T7 ff rT 17 tT! At Garden City Pavilion New Cooling System Installed MISSOULA CLUB ORCHESTRA Enough Sed Prizes for Best Waltzing Couple at 11:30 P. M. 12:45 Street Car Service Coming Up Wednesday, April 22, 1931 Big Benefit Dance for Patriotic Orders Convention Fund E II III 111 III III III III III III III III III III III

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