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Evening Times-Republican from Marshalltown, Iowa • Page 8

Evening Times-Republican from Marshalltown, Iowa • Page 8

Marshalltown, Iowa
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siBiis "ml tRIVENTED BY tD i4f moat effective skin purifying and beantil jring soap, as well as purest and sweetest, tor toilet, bath, and nursery. It strikes at the cause of bad complexions, red, rough hands, falling bair, and baby blemishes, the clogged, irritated, inflamed, overworked, or sluggish Pobes. BeM ewiywheie. Pome Dm AND now, Boiton, U. 8, A.

Brittth depot: Nitw nratfop ops, London How to Cure Pirapiea" free. mmmt PILGRI Jl £7 CC 1 vV.MAV- DR. B. F. KIERULFF, Trade in the Wheat Pit Today Small in Volume, Mostly fessional Rain in the Northwest and Snow Predictions Make Shorts Firm.

ff Choice Cattle Steady, Others1 Down Weak to Niokle Lower Sheep Steady. IThe following market letter Is furnished the Times-Republican by Martin Slack, members of the Chicago Hoard of Trade, from their local office, over 22 East Main, thru A. J. Clark, local mauuKer.l Chicajro, Oct. 1.

AVheat Wheat oponc-d very weak ancl has been strong and higher since. Trade was not large and mainly local and professional. The rain today and rain and snow predictions for tomorrow in the northwest have made shorts nervous. World's shipments ft-r the week, bush01 els. AVheat on passage increased 963,000 bushels.

Liverpool closed lower. All markets were weaker. The I visible supply increasi is smaller than expected, bushels. English visible increase is 2.359.000 bushels. New fe- ears, S5T: last Monday, 850..

0 market was about firm and generally a fraction hisht'r, but continties without feature. On morning deliv0 jeries about 00,000 bushels went around. The visible decreased 24,000 bushels, against an increase last year of bushels. Cleared. 244,000 bushels.

Kanse of 1'rices. lVlit.Oct... Nov Nov. Dec Open I Low Close 7Ti'HrH IM 7 7.S5 7.12'i. I EYE, EAR, JV0SE AND 104 East Main Street.

XAPE WORMS liN worm eighteen feet long at 1406t came on the scene after my taking two CASCARETS. This I am sure has oauscd my Md health for the past three years. I am still taking OasoaretR, ttie only cathartic worthy oI by Mnslble people." Gbo. w. BowiiiB, Baird, Miss.

CANOV CATHARTIC' BwcwaB IMWIUI. Taste "Good. Do fivar BTekao, or Gripe, 10c. 25c. Wo.

OUM CONSTIPATION. IIjlHUml, 313 M-T4-M8 '77 1 tS'4 394 37 -i 33 Nov. J2 '8 34 7a 22 lS 52i4 1 1.. it: ill.70 J2.rn 11.50 11.77 vj 7.05 7. 7.S7'4 'Jo i8.00 7, JU 1) O.Uo "tasiti J'riees.

2 rtil, Xo. 3 ml, Xd. hard, Nn. 2 hard, 74 Xo. 1 northern sprinir, S0M northern spring, No.

3 northern spring, 7.1 40 No. 2 white, Xo. 2 yellow. No. 3, 40 N.i'.*3 yellow.

2. 22: Xo. 2 white, Xo. 3, Xo. 3 white, No.

4 (5 while. 2Sfi 4TED 1'KESSM AliKETS. clilcaco Chicago, Oct. 1. Cattle Estimated receipts.

26.000 choice about steafly, others down beeves. 4.70@5.S5 stockers, 2.50@4.50 cows, 2.70@4.13 Texans, 3.25#4.00. I Hogs Estimated receipts, 14.000 weak to r.c lower: heavy. 5.00#5.45 light. 5.10®3.50:- mixed, u.00@5.GO.

Sheep Estimated receipts, 19,000 steady to strung sheep, lamps. wv ik shade lower 4.25f(0.40. Cattle Receipts. Chicago, Oct. of native eattio for ihe week oi September broke all record Shipments of natives unci Tt xiis cattle have been increasing steadily, while became fewi-r.

iias't week's receipts of natives exceeded those cf the corresponding week of 1SU9 by S.oOO and thos'e of 1S38 by 5.100. For the entire month receipts of natives broke all. records with the exception of that of US0. September of that year head were and since then the largest, total has been iHO.OOO, in 1892. receipts 165.6C.0 natives.

23.300 straight Texutu' and 49.600 westerns. Total receipts for the- year to date are 1,077,700. Chicago iTuaure. Cliicago, Oct. 1.

November, November, November, Pork October. 12.57 4 January, 11.721b. 7.17V--: January, 6.85@ 7.80 6.27"A r.lV4®51'/i. 4.30. Hut creameries, 16021 dairies, 16.

Iced c-hickens, turkeys, I Vlsibie upplv:" Chicago, Oct. visible Wheat, 55.409,000 Inishels corn, 000 oats, 11,425,000. supply: ew ICorK New York, Ocf. 1. S34.

Rut St. LOUIK i'rodnrs. St. Louis, December, December, December, 23(g) '-SIMPeoria Produce. Mgg Peoria, Oct.

No. 2, 39. No. 2 white wfiSIjonal MarKetn. The following prices quoted are as nearly correct as it'is possible to obtain from the dealers themselves.

The quotations are for prices paid by dealers, corrected- Monday afternoon: GRAIN AND FEED. The Kansas City Grain ports the following prices: Iff CORN. Sugar Refining Com- The Glucose pany- will pay cents for corn. LIVE STOCK. today, 270.

Brlttain Co. are paying the following prices for hogs wagon load lots: Selected light, 140 to 200 pounds, 4.75. Selected heavy, over 200 pounds, 4.75. Stags and piggy sows graded according to quality after reduction. Rough includes thin old sows, milky bellies and hogs unfit iar PROVISIONS.

Marshalltown grocers quote the following prices for country produce: New cents. cents in trade. POULTRY. Butchers, commission and cold storage houses are paying the following cash prices: cents, loss off. Young cents.

Old cents. HIDES, TALLOW AND WOOL. H. AVillarcl. Son Co.

are "paying the following prices: No. 1 green cents. No. 2 green cents. cents.

Horse Beef OFFICIAL "WEATHER FORECAST. Special to Times-Republican. Des Moines, Oct. Iowa: Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday, with occasional showers stationary temperature. Synopsis of weather conditions: An area, of low piessure hag developed over Kansas and central Nebraska, and another low area overlies the states west of the Rocky Mountains.

The- pressure is high east of the Mississippi. river and in the British northwest. The temperature is higher in Nebraska, western Iowa and South Dakota, and has remained nearly stationary in other sections. Generally cloudy weather prevails this morning west of the Mississippi river, with rain falling at Omaha and Havre and snow at Helena and Swift Current. Rain is also reported from the Atlantic coast and-Texas.

The largest amount reported was 2.32 inches at Philadelphia. The following observations were taken at 7 a. central time: riaco U.i'* ,12.174 ill. T-J4 11.00 Bismnrk Chicago Denver iJes Iiuluth Guivo-ston Kansas City New Omaha St. lJaul r'alt Lake Cit.

7.07Vj 7.07^i 0.77H 7.174 7.1.*/ 0.8T) Nov .1 I Times-lttmiMttan, Ittm, packing. Premium hogs must be fmooth and fairly well fatteL All hogs subject to government inspection. Forecast Official. AYant Insurance Audits Licensed. Des Moires, Oct.

agents are talking up an ordinance thvy may isk the council to pass requiring agents soliciting insurance to pay an annual license of $100 for the privilege. It is admitted by those who are pushing the ordinance that its purpose is to limit competition, or, as they put it, to drive curb stone insurance solicitors and irresponsible agents representing companies that other agents will'not do business for out of the Held. One of the owners of a leading agency, in discussing, proposed ordinance, said: "I want it to pass, but doubt if it can be enforced, tho similar ordinances1 are'enforced in other states. Its purpose is to drive out what we term "premium These fellows have no offices, no desk rooms and a.s a general rule do hot represent companies. They keep an eye out for new business, however, hustle around to see the owners of the properties and get an insurance contract out of them.

This obtained, they call on the regular agents and hawk it to them at the highest bid. As a. rule we make little or nothing out of this ness, being compelled to give to the scalper all the profit in the first policy in the hopes of being able to rewrite the business at its expiration." A Ilubbiird Wedding Special to Times-Republican. Hubbard, Oct. high noon on Sunday, at the home of Isaac A'lberry.

Rev. Hunt, of Eldora. united in marriage Mr. Earl Alberry and Miss Otilia In- the neighborhood of lil'ty guests were present at the ceremony, which was very pretty and impressive. Miss Susie Alberry acted as maid of honor and Mr.

AA'ells Carter as best man. A wedding dinner was served the wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Alberry will reside in Hubbard.

Revival nt Waterloo. AA'aterloo, Oct. pastors of this city are planning for a revival to begin Oct. 7 that promises to surpass anything in this line ever attempted in this city. Negotiations are under way with Dr.

H. M. Wharton, of Philadelphia, to take charge of the services. A tabernacle will be erected for the. occasion.

The Y. M. C. A. and AV.

C. T. U. have joined the pastors in the plan. David City, April 1, Pure Food Company, Le Roy, N.

I must say In regard to Grain-O that there is nothing better or healthier. We have used it for years. My brother was a great coffee drinker. He was taken sick and the doctor said coffee was the cause of it and told us to use Grain-O. We got Saturday's Games Mostly In toe Nature of Tryouts for New Team Season to Open Up 8ome Good Contests October 1.

Ames Defeats Penn in Their First Game The Iowa Schedule. The foot ball contests Saturday among Iowa colleges were mostly in the nature of practice games, sort of tTy outs for the more important gomes to follow in1 the near future. The season proper for the colleges, large and small, begins next Saturday, when some games will be played. With the games last Saturday most of the managers seem to be well satisfied and profess to be well pleased with the outlook. Following is a short summaTy of the more important games In Iowa: College.

Kelley Ziegler Douglass (c) 30.00 10 44, 30.20! 74" f-K iClear 48 7Si IClear 30.OS 'f SE -Cloudy 30.1s OK XE Cloudy 30.001 HO, S8 Clear H0.00! SF, 'Cloudy "30.02! 90 NW.Clear 78! -Rain 1.72 itO.OO SE 'clear 20.6S 74 (Clear GEORGE :,1. CHAPPEL. AVlim First Gniue. Ames, Oct. defeated Penn with ease in her opening foot'Ball game here Saturday.

The soore was 16 to 0. Two touchdowns and one goal were scored in the first half, the Agriculturists relying almost exclusively on line smashes for their gains, which they seldom failed to make. Hopes of a good team this year are high, every one being well satisfied with the test. a package, but did not like it at first, but now would not be without it. My brother has been well ever since we started to use it.

Yours truly, Lillle Sochor. For Over Fifty A Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for children while teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind cholic and is the best remedy for. diarrhoea.

Twentyfive cents a bottle. National Association of Democratic Clubn, Indianapolis, Oct. 3-4, 1OOO. For this great political gathering the Chicago Great AVestern railway will on Oct. 1 and 2 sell thru excursion tickets to Indianapolis, via Chicago, good to return Oct.

5, a.t one fare, plus $2, for the round trip. For further information Inquire of J. A. Ellis, ticket agent. Marshalltown, Iowa.

Feelings of safety pervade the'household that uses One Minute Cough Cure, the only harmless remedy that produces immediate results. It is infallible for coughs, colds, croup and all throat and lung troubles. It will prevent consumption. All druggists. I.

S. N. 1 AtGrinnelJ. Grinnell, Oct. old-time stars tried conclusions with the younger generation Saturday and were worsted to the tune of 5 to 0.

The game was more closely fought than had been anticipated. The alumni had a f-alr'-array of substitutes on hand and were only scored on thirteen minutes of play. In the last half they braced up and the "varsity never seriously threatened their goal. The 'varsity was three times forced to surrender the pigskin before Capt. Douglass was pushed over the line In a short end run.

Alumni. Somers Harris Knapp Position. 1. ..1. 1.

Chase-Boyle Fellows Howell Baggs a 1 de woo e'c 11 ey r. Grinnell r. Rawson-Lynde R. Haines-Reed Fiske AVelker-Evans C. 1.

J. and H. Clark f. Reed-Halnes r. Gray Petrce-Miller Drake and IJes Molnci.

Des Moines, Oct, University and Des Moines College dedicated the base ball park to foot ball service Saturday In the first game of the season here. Drake outclassed their opponents, winning by the score of 29 to 0. It was the first public appearance of the blue and the white team. From the start they carried the Des Moines collegians right off their feet and scored their first touchdown in one minute and a half. day's At Cedar FuilB.

Cedar Falls, Oct. a foot ball game here Saturday the Stale Normar School defeated the Waterloo high school by a score of 43 to 0. Cedar Falls shows more strength than it was supposed she had. Her goal was never in danger and the ball but seldom in her territory. Improvement at Iowa City.

Iowa City, Oct. past week at the'University of Iowa has seen considerable improvement in team play. The team is. however, still a long way from the excellence it attained last year In running its interference to gether. The victory Friday over Upper Iowa cheered the students much from the size of the score.

In the opinion of the best judges this victory was not so much the result of Iowa's strength as the weakness of the opposing team. The quality of team work necessary tn sue cess in the harder games is yet lack ing. The team played a consistent game Friday, and with hard work may hope its last year's record. At indlanolu. Indiiinola, Oct.

foot bal! game played here Saturday between Simpson and East High ended in a victory fo: the former by a scoro of 23 to 0. East High played a quick game at times and made her gains by means of oiose formations and guardsback. She smashed for gains of two and one-half and three yaids, and at no time did she make a longer gain than five yards, iivirnpson at times was unable to block these plays, and thus East High kept the ball in her possession much of tho time. Simpson, of course, had the advantage in weight, but her opponents were snappy. lowu t'ollczo Schedules? 6, I.

S. N. S. at Iowa City 12, Simpson college at Iowa City 19. Ames at Ames 27, Drake at Iowa City November 3, Chicago at Chicago 10, Michigan at Detroit 17.

Grinnell at Iowa City 29. Northwestern at Rock Island. Grinnell Drake at Des Moines game played at 8 p. m. 20, at Minneapolis 27, 'Wisconsin at Madison November 3, Ames at Grinnell 17, Iowa at Iowa City 23, Drave at Des Moines.

6, Grinnell at Des Moines game to be played at 8 p. m. 13, I. S. X.

at Des Moines 20, Ne braska at Lincoln 26, Iowa at Iowa City November 2, Simpson at Des Moines II, Ames at-Des Moines 17, Penn at Oskaloosa 23, Kansas -Medical at Omaha 29, Grinnell at Des Moines, 6, Minnesota at Minneapolis 13, Nebraska at Lincoln 19, Iowa at Ames 26, Simpson at Ames November 3, Grinnell at Grinnell 10, Drake at Des Moines 17, Belolt at Ames 29, I. S. N. S. at Ames.

5, Penn at Oskaloosa 12, Iowa at Iowa City 20, Des Moijjes at Indlanola 26, Ames at Ames November 2, Drake at Des Moines 10, Monmouth at Indlanola 17 I. S. N. S. at Indlanola: 29, Penn at Indlanola.

Des 8, Still' college at Des Moines at Toledo 20, Simpson at 'Indlanola 27, "Western at Des Moines November 2 Ellsworth at Iowa Falls 21, Highland Park at VDZmttSt Bucjia YUta College at Sao City 2f, Buena Vltta College at Storm'Lake. 1 "Ames. at fAmca 13. Penn at Ut, Vernon ao, arlnneil at Kajnsas at Mt. Vernon November 6, Forest, at Mt.

VernotiWKnox ai Knox 24.1. 8. N. S. at Cedar Falla 80, Upper Iowa at Mt.

Vernon. 6, Iowa at Iowa City It, Spake at Des 'Moines 27, Upper Iowa Ut Fayette November 3, Coe at Cedar 24, Cornell at Cedar Falls 29, Ames at Ames. Upper 8. Lenox at Fayette 15. State Normal at 20, Hf4sconirln at Madison 27, I.

S. N. S. at Fayette November '8, Coe at Cedar Rapids 9, Dixon at Dixon 29, -Notre Dame at Notre Dame 30, Cornell at Mt. Vernon.

THE GRINNELL ORIST. DeCamp Divorce Cam l.ocal News. Special to'Times-Republican. Grinnell, Oot. case of Elmus DeCamp vs.

Anna DeCamp, an action for divorce, was decided Thursday by Judge Clements, to whom It had been submitted, in favor of the defendant. The case is dismissed on its merits and judgment for costs rendered agalpst plaintiff. The lire boys have again been called upon by force of circumstances to present a sliver fruit dish to a prospective benedict. Sam Jenkins Is the happy and fortunate man to receive the customary token of good fellowship and who is soon to be married. WILL REBUILD.

Destroyed Hotel at Ferguson to Be Rebuilt at Once. MT. James Filer, who purchased the hotel property at Ferguson just three days before its destruction by the tornado of last Tuesday night, has commenced the work preliminary to "rebuilding the structure. Four teams have been engaged in, picking up the scattered pieces of the hotel and these will be utilised as far as possible in the new structure. Mr.

Filer will conduct the hotel as soon- as It is ready for occupancy, and Mr. John Lovelady, the former landlord, will take a position with the Milwaukee road, with which ho was connected before he moved to Ferguson. Mr. Flier has settled with the insurance company, and on his policy of $1,175, which covered all the buildings cohnected with the hotel, has been paid $990. The injured in the Btorm of last Tuesday are doing nicely, and it is now probable that Miss Mamie Holubar, the hotel domestic who was severely hurt, will recover.

Mrs. Lovelady is much better, and all the others are improving nicely. COLORED ROUGH RIDER CLUBS. mi n. ''M, of Grand -Master I.

L. Brown, Calumet raaua PATENTS wUtx you hk PTHE Iowa Colored Masons, Will Organize for McKlnley. Grand Master Isaac L. Brown, of the Colored Masons of Iowa, left this afternoon on the Colorado special for Cedar Rapids, where he organize a McKinley and Roosevelt Club, or, more popularly known, a "rough rider" club, among the colored men- of that city. Mr.

Brown will receive the aid of the Masons in and the membership will be largely among that lodge, which represents the prominent colored men of the state. Mr. Brown will organize clubs in Clinton, Davenport, Burlington, Keokuk. Ottumwa, Albia, Def Moines, Sioux City and Omaha, and will be absent ten days. I Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed.

Chamberlain's Pain Balm applied to a cut, bruise, burn. or like Injury will instantly alloy the pain and will heal the parts in less time than any other treatment. Unless the Injury is very severe it will not leave a scar. Pain Balm also cures rheumatism, sprains, swellings and lameness. For sale by druggists.

SOME ANNUAL CONVENTIONS. One Fare and a Third Kate Via ChN cago Great AA'estern Railway. American Association, at Richmond, October 2-4, 1900. Tickets on sale September 28, October 4, good to return October 8. International Association of Fire Engineers.

at Charleston, S. October 9-12, 1900. Tickets on sale October 5-11, good to return October National- Spiritualists' Association, at Cleveland, October 16-19, 1900. Tickets on sale October 12-18, good to return October 23. For further information inquire of J.

A. Ellis, ticket agent, Marshalltown, la. George G. Blunt has been convicted of embezzling funds to the amount of $3,700 from the Interstate Building and Loan Association at Quincy, 111., of which he was agem. He will go to the Chester penitentiary.

Blunt was. at one time superintendent of the Baptist Sunday school and prominent in church work. Perfect in Qualify NOT MADE BY THE TRUST. N. E.

JOHNSON. Solicitor of Patents Trade Marks Copyrights secured. Write for information. Consultation and advice free 6)9 Iowa Loan and Trust Building, Des Moines, Iowa. Branch office in Washing ton, D.

C. alwars to be nn of jrettliur Ujo most for your money, urnoke D. B. LONQ A SONS SPORTSMAN In the best nleM dsarontfeemsrfeetaiMlniDcb bettor than bums otbara mating twlca much. Kame Sold EvtnmKm.

ami Hocking Valley Centerville Block Illinois Lump Cannel for Grates Well, VK PArfNT BAILEY RINEPORt 9U ani 916 Mtla St. GRINNELL, IOWA. A I 1 SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Crockery, Lamps, Etc. GROCERIES. BAKERY GOODS, ALL KINDS OF TIN WORK, STEAM KEATING.

FURNACES, HOT WATER. ETC. 9 Just the thing for roasting meats, retaininff all of the juice and saving twenty-five per cent over the old way BIG STORE HHM OA ANTHRACITE ALL SIZES Pekay Lump Pekay nut Iowa Hocking Beacon Lump OAk and HICKORY SVOVE WfOD PREPARED DRY KINDLING WOOD Well Screened. Prompt Service. Prices Right.

BAKER THE OLD RELIABLE. town, 202 East Main Foot of S. Third Ave. CLOTHIERS NEW STORE CLOTHIERS Old and New office and RoOmIc ThbsefHats Are here! (Positively ike and (bunlcip shapes in $2, $3.30 and $3 and grades, in and gentlemen's dimensions. These are the new-: right and we shall certainly be pleased to show them to Always the new things Headquarters for all Campaign Supplies.

Villi 8H 1 First Nation! Bank Baililaf WILLIAMS BROTHERS, MACHINISTS 11 11 1 I 1111111111111111111. ilWM! Iff iowa,.

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