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Evening Times-Republican from Marshalltown, Iowa • Page 7

Evening Times-Republican from Marshalltown, Iowa • Page 7

Marshalltown, Iowa
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In Hi lit St orjtficita-cases of failure, becktMe avery ofcatarrhafctroubfte'ifcoows hltaSelt FIE trfMtbiNn. m. wr" a re a lotion, salve or powder cannot reach tiie ieat the disease, the blood. The 'mucouai membrane to Hleve the blciod at poison by secreting large, quantities of mucous, the discharge closing up the nostrils, descending td the throat and larnyx, causing an Irritating cough, continual throaty deafness, Indigestion and many' other disagreeable and persistent symptoms. A remedy to' really cure catarrh must be an internal treatment a remedy which will gradually cleanse the system from catarrhal poison, and remove the fever and congestion always present in the mucous -ftiembrane. 't The best remedies for this purpose are Eucalyptoj, Sangulnarla and Hydrastln, but the difficulty has always been to get these valuable curatives cofnblned in one palatable, convenient aiii efficient form. tBecentijr this and the preparation put on the market under the name of Stuart's Catarrh Tablets fhey are 'large pleasant tasting lozenges, so that they may be slowly dissolved Ih the mouth, thus reach lng every part of the mucous membrane and finally the, stomach and, jntestlnes. advantage to bi considered also is that Tablets contala no cocaine, morphine or poisonous narcotics, so often found in' catarrh ppwders, of which'ofteii entaiW a habit monr 4angerous than the disa Stuart's sold druggists at 50 centsv sized package are probably safest and moat-effectual catarrh cure on the market Gillette Transfer a WMP IMVtrt Wstn Storace for lourtoM Goods. etc. mm STFU HOVM. fri-l I Greatly Reduced Prices' on WALL PAPER PETER MAYER'S PHARMACY n19 West Main street. 1 1 1 Mr M' DR. N. M. WILSON. PROPRIETOR OF THE MARSHALL-TOWN, IOWA I I A Nft CAST MAIN STREET. ESTABLISHED IN 1STB. This Infirmary tins uccu established In Marshalltown for twenty-fire' years, "where hundreds of patients and where eve: tiara beeu treated preparation made br.ttie treatmunt of of the eye and ear alone, and all surgical operations on ttiKfcc organs wheie necossary for Entroplan enarowluK lashes). Pterygium removed and artificial eyes fflthout puln. In cases of granulated lids and sore and ores, as well as ulcerated, purulent isr gonorheal opthalmia. the superior to any other practiced, from the fact it does not InJuM the eyea in any case. Bluestone and nitrate of silver aro generally' Slauentsuch ged In cases, sometimes causing perblindness. This infirmary has ifreated over 10,000 patients in tho past twenty-five years In this city, reference of which can be had by addressing the above, or for other references correspond with the business men of Marsballtowa or Marshall Wilson is a graduate in his profession Irom the Chicago Opthalmlc College. Also took a course at the Chicago Mil Clinical values In Niee ji China we have ever offered. School Hospital in 18IH, and the Illinois Eye and Ear Inttrmary of that llll We have I- the largest assortment and the most attractive designs and the best, GEO. Ji Doriittt la the Whloh Be Wu Charged With the Crime of Rtpi Penalty a Seven One and a Life Sentence in Prison Might Be Imposed. The Heseer Barglary Oaee on Trial One Mere Grittiaal Cue Tern. 'kc man from F. D. Ruseie, the young Green Mountain who has been on trial in the district court Charged, with the crime of rape on his young 'sister-inlaw, Myrtle McAfee, has been declared guilty by the Jury selected to hear the evidence. The Jury was sent out dt 10 o'clock this forenoon. When it had not reported at noon a disagreement was thought to be probable, but at .2:30 the Jury, had agreed and made up its findings. Owing to the serious nature of the offense the Jurymen deliberated carefully and after the first formal ballot every one of the twelve men" gave expression to his views. The Jury was practically agreed -from the as to the defendant's guilt, but frotjfrr itiflments made afterwards by one of the Jurymen there whs some doubt as to the law points. Where 'Understood there trouble in the tv The maximum penalty for thts-crime whitest is not probableuthai' Russie wUi. the limit, he will undoubtedly, be' sentenced to a long should succeed in obtaining a trial. An effort in this direction will be made, it is understood, on the point that the county attorney's assistant counsel referred to matters his argument that he should not have touched upon. The state caiee against Heeser, Indicted for breaking into a Great Western freight car and taking therefrom cigars', wearing apparel, was called today and the following Jury was secured: E. T. Barker, T. E. Cagwin, Walter Snelling, F. M. Haas, J. A. Walkup, J. E. Stouffer, John Hlnsberger, Henry Koppe, West, J. B. McCormick, Daniel and George Jensen. Block and Hesser, who were both indicted for this crime, demanded separate trials and the Hesser case was called first. The blbck trial will be the last on the criminal calendar at this term, owing to the continuance of trials for murder of Gray and Dunn. The Block case will probably be reached Monday, after which the balance of the week will be spent in matters and court will adjourn for the term. SEASON'S GAMES BEGUN. High School Foot Hall Team, After Week's Practice, Plays State Center. The first contest on the gridiron for the Marrtialltown high school eleven, was had this afternoon at State Center, when the team met the eleven of the State Center high school. The team has been practicing hard for a week, and the members are In fairly good condition for so short a period in training. This year's team contains a few last year's players and substitutes, with soma new material added, and the prospects seem very fair for a successful season. From a "beef" standpoint the 1900 team is bet? ter than that of last year, the line being especially heavy. Gossard. at center, who is a new man and a former State Center player, weighs over 200, and is supported' by guards' weighing 160 and 155. The rest of- the: line will, average 150 pounds, which makes a pretty husky appearance for high school boys. Rustsell Sieg is captain of the eleven, and to a player that has had two season's experience, is very fleet of foot and retains his head well. A return game is promised by Center on the home grounds two weeks 'from today, and a week from today the team meets the Waterloo eleven on the latter's field. For the State Center battle this afternoon the local eleven appeared as follows: Long, left end: Hull, left tackle Lounsberry, left.guard: Gossard, center: Robinson, right guard Parsons, right tackle: Burough, right end Beasley, quartec Sieg, left half Woodbury, right half Barber, full back. The sub etitutes are Whitaker, Veatch and Jor dan. Principal McCowan accompanied tije team, which, left on the belated morning tft ,8:40. Several of the students accompanied the-play era and others went to State Center on the early afternoon freight. OBITUARY. Curler. Elmer Carter, aged 11 years, son of Mr. J. C. Carter, of 600 West Linn street, who Is employed as Janitor of the Third ward school, died- Friday afternoon In the School for the Feeble Minded, at Glenwood, after a short illness with lung fever. Word to that effect was received In the city Friday evening by the parents of the boy. The remains are expected'to arrive In the city, at 11:25 tonight, and the funeral will probably be held Monday afternoon from the family home. The lad has been at Glenwood only three weeks, and as he has never been strong, either physically or mentally, since a babe, It was thought the work In the state school would benefit him. The deceased is a grandson of Mr. and' Mrs. J. W. Ankrum, of 109 North Second street. Y. M. A. PROSPECTPS. Annual Publication or the Kailroad Association Heady for Dlstrlbu tlon. Advance copies of the prospectus for 1900-1 of the Railroadi V. M. C. A. have been issued," and the entire edition of 2,000 copies will bo ready for distribution Monday. The present work is the neatest nd most elaborte document'of its kind ever issued in this city, and is something that every recipient will de sire to place in the home library. The book not only contains facts pertaining to the o(-popular entertainments to be. half-tone illustrations, but is an. association directory as well. The new and broader work inaugurated: since Secretary J. Felllngham charge is given in detail. This work will: be condmenced next leaders and instructors. The vsligtous department showsnhMtheBuadaytneetinrs and the Bible class studies are the features. Under the kmM oT "fecial iV mm tea teres ts" Is home" lng, of the Ladlss' AuailUrjr, to be hsld every Thursday* Ml- and ter also the work at UMrastoclatton glee club. "BvcMatf partment includes educational' classes, sheet metal drafting, mechanical drawing, air-brake instruction business education ahd special Instruction for those: early educations have been neglected. in the physical department there are bathing gymnasium practice, and basket ball. The junior department of tiie association is also to receive addeiKattention. The prospectus also contains the revised constitution and otlier facts concerning the work of the association. LOCAL COMMENT, The Des Moines newspapers are at If again. They have it that the Iowa Centrai and several other lines are anxious to build into the capital city, ahd are quoting Mr. Hubbell ds and as saying the roads are only waiting a formal invitation. In Hubbell's case the though is only the offspring to the wish, as he has trackage lights to sell and foe which he usually gets his own, price. There are richer fields for the Iowa Central than the vicinity of Des Moines. Deputy Sheriff Cal Hutson is of the opinion that he was twice lucky, altho his luck was the mlsfortuhe of some one else. Three days after he sold 'the hotel property at Ferguson it was'Completely demolifitied by the tornado. PHor his removal to the city less than a year agoi Mr. Huteon occupied the hotel, with his family, arid now contemplates what might have been had he not been appointed a deputy The Ferguson storm proves that no, locality is proof against the ravages of a tornado. The village Is Mirrounded on ail sides by high hills and would seem to be so located that it would be naturally protected from the elements, but from the work-of the storm on Tuesdaynight this seems to be. just the reverse. The storm passed over the high ground' to the southwest and then dropped down into the hollow, demolishing the buildings located, on the lowest level and leaving those higher up intact. Raising again over the hills beyond the town, the storm did practically no damage. The only place of safety when a tornado is headed your way is a fiole in the ground, and geveral feet of earth over it. The jury coincided with the city council in its contention that Mr. Hill was demanding more for his services than he was entitled to. By resisting the claim in court Mr. Hill gained nothing in a financial way and the city lost nothing, as the Mr. Hill's claim to the extent of 1165, which about pays the costs caused by the city's defense. On the other hand Mr. Hill is out his attorney's fees, four days' time spent here by himself and son, which is worth, according to his own standard, 50 per day, besides traveling expenses and the expense of a previous trip to Marshalltown to hire a lawyer. All. of which simply adds further proof to the well known fact that he who dances must pay the fiddler. The council'may also find this to be true by the time the case is carried thru the supreme court. The kickers are kicking. When the agreement for the furnishing of the $25,000 for the erection of asewagedisposal plant was entered into with the glucose company' no complaint was heard. Months have elapsed and now that the work is well started the chronic grumb ler is having his say. Some people who wouldn't know a sewage disposal plant from a gin mill are predicting that the project will be a failure. Others are wanting to know what assurance the city has that the glucose works will be kept in operation after the plant is completed. Others are quoting Engineer Pierson to the effect: that the whole scheme is simply an, experiment and that he doesn't know himself whether or not it will be a success. The kickers have remember what they have read, and they know Mr. Pierson. That gentleman doesn't talk unless he has something to say and khows what he is talking about. He is confident that the Marahalltown plant will be a success, because similar plants, lacking the latest improvements known to engineers, are successes elsewhere. Re garding anothec kick, that concerning the non-assurance of the operation of the glucose works, it was long ago printed in these columns that a written contract was entered into whereby the company would forfeit its claim to the unpaid portion of the 125,000 if the factory was closed at any time except to make necessary repairs. The grumblers await future develpoments. Very few people In Marshall countyknow of the manner of selecting grand ahd petit jurors and many are of thie opinion that jury appointments are still dealt out to men looking for an easy, Job. toils is a great error, and' the head of a 'big concern drawing a fat salary is as liable to be compelled to serve as any one. Under the present law, which has been in force for several years, election boards are compelled to annually draw from the list of voters of their precinct a per centage of the names of the voters at the last election. These lists are returned to the county auditor, are plaeed on a slip of paper provided for such purposes, folded and placed in regulation box made for the purpose, Twenty days prior to each term of court the county auditor and the recorder meet and Wraw from this box the necessary number of names of people who are to serve on the regular Jury panel. A record of those who have previously served- as Jurors during the year is kept, and If they are drawn for the second time they are exempt from further duty that year. Another known as the. talesman box. is kept in readiness for use in case the regular panel is exhausted during a term of court. The talesman box contains the names of voters of the so that those drawn In emergencies may be summoned for duty without delay The grand Jury is drawn in the same manner as the petit jury, but serves during the entire year, at each term of. court seven of the twelve grand jurors being selected by lot. While there Is considerable red tape qonnected with the present jury system, there is no opportunity for the officials to peddle the Jobs out to favored ones. Kdltor's Awful Plight. Higgins, editor of the Seneca (111.) News, was affllctM for years with piles that no doctor, of remedy helped until tried Bucklen's Ataica Balvs, the the world. He writes that two boxes wholly cured him.wInfallible for piles. Curs guaranteed. SoM by Osoivs Pvuwi. f. ffltWV "Ceaatjr Bepttlieta CmtraiCommU- tM Holii aMMtiBg to Diious Plus fir Work. A Fair Attendsaet and Speaking to Bt Frequent Until Eleotlon Ttaroant Gonnty. Vienna and Marloa Rough Rider Glib'a Fine Meeting Monday Night. The county republican, central com-, mittee met in the east court room this afternoon, In response to a call issued by Chairman G. Estabrook. The meeting was fairly well attended and was for the purpose-of talking campaign matters and to prepare for the work of getting out the vote, at the election in It was decided to assign speakers for the various for one or more addresses during the last two weeks of the campaign, and'with the big meetings arranged for this city. State Center Gllman and other -towns, the campaign will be lively from now on. Marshall county is eacpeoted to roll up its usual majority of from 1.500 to 1.800, and efforts from now on will in the line of awakening interest and getting vot-. ers to the polls. Plans for a systematic effort to get every republican properly registered this year'" In Marshalltown, the only portion of the county where the registration laws apply, were also perfected. Every voter In the city must register this year" before he will be permitted to vote. The registration boards have already been selected by the city council and will be in-session in the various wards at the time fixed by law. Thfc boards will be in seesion for three days of the second iweek before election on the Saturday preceding election, and on election day. On' this latter date, however, only thoK who were absent from" the city on the previous registration days will be allowed to enroll their names. AT GREEN" MOUNTAIN. The rough, rider club of Vienna and Marlon townships held a rousing meeting at the Green Mountain school house Friday evening, at which time Mr. C. H. Van Law, of this city, delivered the principal address. The remarks were well received by the large audience, which completely ailed the building. At the meeting the membership of the club, was nearly doubled and now reaches seventy-five. The club intends to send a large uniformed contingent to the Roosevelt meeting. WILL FEED ALL. A misunderstanding has gone out concerning the ability of the State Center hotels and restaurants to take care of the visitors from this city who will go to that place to hear Congressman Cousins on Monday evening. Every one will be provided with their supper at that place If they desire it, but County Chairman Estabrook desires to know beforehand how many will want to take supper after arrival there, so he can hptel keepers and enable them to make provision for the hungry. This is the idea that Mr. Estabrook wished to convey when he made the announcement at the McKinley and Roosevelt Club meeting Thursday evening, but his request was misunderstood by some. 5 A Poekei Cold Care, Krause's Cold Cure is prepared in capsule form and will cure cold In the head, throat, chest or any portion of the body in twenty-four hours. You don't hav to stop either. Price 25 cents. Sold by W. H. Evans, druggist. 113 East Main, and George P. Powers, druggist, 28 East Main. licensed to Wed. Charles A. Robinson, farmer, aged 21, of Marshalltown, and Jessie P. Augustine, aged 21. of Albion. Fred Hannusch, farmer, aged 26, and Anna Cook, aged 26, both of St. Anthony. Charles W. Hollingsworth, farmer, aged 20, of Bangor, and Florence W. Smith, aged 20, of demons. George Miller, boilermaker, aged 22, and Mattle D. Winebrenner, aged 19, both of Marshalltown. William J. Winslow, farmer, aged 24, of St. Anthony, and Myrtle L. Holcomb, aged 19, of Zearing. AMUSEMENTS. Melcdramn for several years part h-u rot been popular among a great number of theater patrons. While a few pastoral have found the public taste for something light and musical has caused the managers to cater to the passing mood. With productions moral, thrilling, edifying "Sporting Life," which came to the Odeon last night, melo-drama. would at least, divide the honors and the box office with the comedies and the light operas. The title of "Sporting Life" might sugsest to the seeker for the sensational and the vulgar.that something especially salacious woulij be If any there were who went to the Odeon last night with their expectations set along this line they were disappointed in that regard. "Sporting Life" Is simply a love story with the environments the race track and prize ring of England and the characters of the aristocrats and the lowly. While it requires a master hand to draw a moral from a tale of this character and to keep the minds of the public centered only In this moral drawn from the pitfalls of sporting life, th-e author and the presenting company have succeeded in thin to an admirable degree. The play Is decidedly English In respect to life and action, but the plot and the sentiment both appeal to the American taste, which does not always agree with that of our English couslne. The scenic effects and special dressing were elaborate but not beyond good taste, and the work of the company, Individually and collectively, was for above that of the average melo-dramatic cast. Aida Blair In the unpopular role of Olive De Carteret, tthe designing, heartless woman of the world, gave us a masterpiece of dramatic work, and after the death scene was called before the curtain with Herbert Brennon, whose Philip was good except somewhat overdone'. Lorimer Johnstone's Earl of Woodstock, and Albert O. Henderson as the Jewish money lender were excellent and the other lesding characters of the exceptkMutily large cast were la competent If His to ttotywtttwot of sCoapsaloa. While on a camping trip ln Webster county, Mr. B. I. Stump, of lformantown, W. had. a severe.attack of bldody flux. He ''I ttrmly believe that I owe my life to the forethought of one of the company who bad taken along a bottle of Chamberlain's Coltc Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy," Moral Procure a bottle of this remedy before leaving It cannot be obtained when on a hunting, flshlng or prospecting trip. Neither, can it be obtained while on board the cars or steamship, and at such times and it is most likely to be needed. The'aafe way Is to have It with you. Thouiands of travelers never leave home on a journey without it. For sale by druggists 98.08 to Cedar Kapldi, lows, and Kvturn, Via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold on account of carnival and fall festival, October 1 to 6,. limited to October 8. Apply to agents Chicago Northwestern railway. Poisonous toadstools resembling mushrooms have caused frequent deaths this year. Be sure to use only the genuine. Observe the same care when you ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. There are poisonous counterfeits. DeWitt's is the only original Witch Hazel Salve. It Is a safe and certain cure for piles and all skin disease. All druggists. eMiMMUMeimeiieMen PERSONAL MENTION Mrs. F. S. Wldl spent the day in Union. Mr. A. E. spent the day in Eldora on business. Rev. Richard- of Gladbrook, spent the day in the City. Misses Libbie and. Jessie Hall and Ella Bowers have been in Des Moines, today. Miss Sadie Horan left this morning for Waterville for a week's visit with her parents. Mr. Latimer, of EldoTa, is in the city to spend Sunday as a guest at the J. W. Burroughs home. Miss Esther Spencer went to Alden Friday evening for an over Sunday visit with her parents. Mr. James Allison, of State Center, spent the day in the city as the guest of his friend, Mr. F. L. Meeker. Lizzie Dixon left this morning for Burnside, where she will visit two weeks with her sister, Mrs. C. L. Taylor. Mrs. A. M. Vorhes and son1 Carl went to Tama this morning to spend Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. H. Toedt. Mrs. O. C. RatWbone and Mrs. E. Robb, of Eldora, arrived in the city this morning to be guests of Mrs. H. P. Bigalow over Sunday. Mrs. M. Ericson, who has been visiting for a little rover two weeks with relatives and- friends in Story City and Randall, arrived home Friday evening. Mrs. Louis Euziere and daughter. Miss Naomi, of Chicago, who have been visiting in the city a few days with the Messrs, Euziere, left this morning for their home. Miss Blanche Kuhns, of State Center, who has been visiting in the city for a few days with the family of her bro'ther, Mr. Clem Kuhns, returned to her home Friday evening. Mrs. Will Allen returned Friday evening to her home in Mason City after a few days' stay in the city on business, during which time she has been the gest of Mrs. W. D. Marston. Mrs. W. T. Maxey and children, Evelyn and Yale, went to LaMoiile Friday evening, where they will remain for an over Sunday visit with the former's mother, Mrs. E. M. "Wyatt. Mrs. Abbie Runkle, of Eldora, sisterin-law of Veteran Amos Runkle, of the Soldiers' was in the city between trainprFriday afternoon, being en route to her home from a several weeks' visit in Ohio. Mrs. Delos W. Vail, of Fort Atkinson-, who has been in the city a week on business and visiting at the home of her son, Mr. John D. Vail, and- with former neighbors and old friends, left this morning for her home. Mr. A. Watson and daughter, Mrs. E. M. Robinson, of Clinton, arrived in the city Friday evening and will remain for a few weeks' visit with their daughter and sister, Mrs. J. F. Tallett, and family, and with Mr. Watson. HAS NO COMPETITOR Ha One Patent Medicine Which Field to Itself. A prominent physician was recently asked why it was there are so many "blood purifiers," "nerve tonics" an! medicines for every 111 except one of the most common and annoying diseases, piles. He replied that there are principal reasons: First, physicians and people in general have thought for years that the only permanent cure for piles was a surgictti operation, and that medicinal preparations were simply palliatives and not a cure for the trouble. Another reason is that piles, unlike many other diseases, is in no sense an Imaginary trouble. A sufferer from piles' is very much aware of the fact and for this reason the few pile salves and ointments. have been short lived because the patient very soon discovered their worthlessness. He continues: However, there is a new pile remedy which, judging from Its popularity and extent of Its sale, will soon take the place of all other treatment for piles. It has certainly made thousands of cures in this obstinate disease and its merits, repeatedly tested, has made it famous among physicians anti wherever Introduced. The remedy is sold by druggists everywhere under the name of Pyramid Pile Cure. It Is in convenient, suppository form, composed" of harmless astringents and healing oils, gives immediate relief In all forms of pies and a radical cure without resort to the knife and without pain cr interference with daily occupation. One strong recommendation for the rereely is that it contains n-o cocaine nor opium and 1s absolutely safe to use at any time. One of the suppositories is applied at night, is absorbed and the cure is natural and painless. It permanently cures itching, bleeding or protruding piles and is the only remedy except a dangerous surgical operation that will do so. All drugists sell a complete treatment of the suppositories for 50 cents ahd the Pyramid Drug Company, of Marshall, will mall free to any address a little book on. the cause and cure of piles which may be of assistance in chronic cases. I rotfci we ARE YOU HAVANA! MAKERS SUUBER6ER-0PPENBEIHER CO. PHILADELPHIA. di PHIIPKLUMB CIGAR CO. Des Moines, Iowa, DISTRIBUTERS. lolcft Only By B. G. WALLACE. THE BEST COAL GENTLEMEN NAME.ANOlPftlCC ON THE CROSSETT SHOE And our customcM get the benefit without iancy prfecMMM. you give a TRIAL we will guarantee thatyov pUaaed whhthe wlti. W. L. PLACE, 412 South Center St. Coal, Wood, Lime, Cemeit Sewer Pipe, Etc. A a a A re a re a a a a a re a J- A And replace the old worn out heater with one of our Stewart Parlor Stoves this fall. Our line is complete in style and hard coal, soft coal, wood burners, hot blasts and air tight three to six sizes of each. Make your selection early Don't wait lor the first cold snap and make a hurried iskcttM. We have the foods and you can be fully satisfied. ABBOTT fe SON. ISONEOP EXTREME. STYLE AT POPULAR PdlCtS lN MISSING FEET ONE SHOULD LOOK FOR FIT, DURABILITY IAMD STYLE.YOY FIND ALL THESE IN THE CROSSETT SHOE. OSS' mr is (of AoM it flSaiM id IB THE MAN WITH GOOD JUDGMENT Never patronises a To be sure, some work mart be done by hand. We attend to that ifl right. But most work is better whea done by modera steam machinery. Ours is (be kat steam laundry. to that the extreme Cold weather finds yew pKpuad. Call ilf imwfi

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