The Waterloo Press from Waterloo, Indiana on June 28, 1923 · Page 4
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The Waterloo Press from Waterloo, Indiana · Page 4

Waterloo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1923
Page 4
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';' :''5'.: ;- ; ":. '..''-' "..,: WATERLOO PRESS,THURSD AY, JUNE 28,1923 9 i r HE TTATEItLbO PR ESS ; .... '. : - :;.'FqUKDED 1IB. VIIKT-TRHRT ; JBVJEKT ' THURSDAY Herbert a Wlda, Ed'r and Pub'shsr I&tered at the Postoffloe at Waterloo, Indiana," as second class mall matter. : (:'i Vvf-.'tft ,t ; : : BrT.T PHONS No. '' S4 'V JUNE -4923 svx nor mDnniis .55";6895 10 II 12 13 Kl 15 IS 17 1819 20 21 22 23 K23Z27232930 SEVERAL times daring the past week -1- we hare heard, remarks made by peo- MAKING Waterloo, how much they A TOWN -think this ' town has Imi ; - proved of late; and all are unanimous :,ia the expression '.that the paving of the streets la Waterloo la the greatest step the town has taken along- any ' Woe of progress.,, There Is not a town in the United States that is consider- ed as a town of progress without paved streets. People who -drive through , Waterloo are . praising " the : town ; and y those whd r are ; responsible for J the - progress. As a concrete example, the v writer tn & Vjohversation with; Mr. C. C. Beyer t of Kendallville, mentioned .- the paving of Van' Vleck street ; that yadolnitfcpT6peTty owned by' Mr. y Beyer, who' gave this expression, that J be was in favor of any improvement In any town where he ; had property, and ' that he ' considered " that if his property" did ifof. bring ,hlnv sufficient - returns to, pay for, the .improvement . that he was willing to let the property go." This sort of an expression of a man who ia not even doing business A In his ".Waterloo property, is rather liberal, and it should .be a. lesson for people "who do live In Waterloo and ; have property here.' Street paving is . ' -expensive It is true.but it makes your '.town. ..Even people living in Auburn, frequently l express - themselves that with the paving of the streets" now underway in Waterloo, that the coun- - ty seat town will have to take a back seat when it "comes to good streets as compared: with Waterloo;- 7 . EVEN a whit mask worn these hot days is quite uncomfortable to say the ! least. Perhaps that Is why some'peo-vple do not join an order that masks. : - THE president is now making his 15,t00; mile trip to Alaska. 'During this time he expects to "become better informed as to the great resources of the country, and it is to be-expected that he will inform the public on some subjects that they are vitally Interest- In. ' . - - . - I ; H HHUUt H 4 1 Do you want good 01 Plcsmonfl Plash ms X this i3 the old style straight rim you used; to . get some yearo ago. ; Made by; the Eagle ! Oil Co.; DlALIOIipl FLASH S GAS and Z TBXACO 01 1 Z i r ;' : A mbiimtion hard to. beat .;;;-. .; YOUR etxtlxuslastn over USCO" ponn ance won't surprise the motorist who knows the fabric tire field. , - 0rf' Every 30x 3H tire user recognizes "USCO? as a value to be respected and to be investigated. - 'The users of'USCO," know it as a money's wortit that came before the public as a lecuier and that has maintained its leadership - w ' TJSCO" is made by the same people who; . ; make Royal Ctords,,.-i:..-; .:-;-:'-.,- ..:;;.'' Where to buy U71n ; J TATHAM'S SALES - Waterloo, . Indiana , :i':'i:jV.. INDICATIONS point td the fact that Canada ' now 'produces more liquor than' It. consumes. ?fepilfr&?r$ IF the. 1923 wheat - crop does : not yield what Isv supposed to be fan average crop, if will, force the wheat that has been stored to come onto the market, and ' oerhans the 'price J will have a tendency to climb. God save the ; farmers. ' '. THE migration of the negroes : to the north does not seem ot spotdap the complexion of Waterloo any.-.: It has been nearly thirty years' since there was ;even ;-ai single -. colored r manS to have regular employment in Waterloo, and not in the memory of the present generation was there ever a colored family to reside, in Waterloo. THE announcement made by C J. Munton, of KendallvUle,- last week, that; he would ?: be s a candidate for1 lieutenant governor on the republican ticket; is meeting with much favorable comment over the state: . So faVa Is known there are no other (candidates in i the ; field,? and . by "the. early an nbuncemnet of Mr. Munton it is quite likely that' there will'not be much If any opposition. THREE special Interurbon cars, are scheduled to leave Waterloo at three o'clock on . the - morning , of July. 4th, to go to Kokomo to carry members of the Ku Klux Klan, and they will re turn the same day, arriving here late in, the night" - Of course ,the reason of leaving before daylight Is so that the return trip can be made the same' day. . It - has - been , announced , that there will be eleven hundred inter-urban cars to arrive in' Kokomo on that day.. " ; "f . PRESIDENT Harding has sold his controlling -'. Interest ; In t the -Marion 6tar,the paper -. ot which, he was so long the editor!. Howevej, Mr. Harding still holds a- minority: Interest, and , will continue; to be ; associated with the paper in an editorial capacity. It ia 'hardly , likely "that the President had to make , the sale . to take his vacation trip to Alaska, as his Ohionewspaper was a paying proposition, made so by careful manage? ment under his direction.;. . 1 -f i ' v SOME concerted! action should be taken In Waterloo to prepare a regular campers site for tourists in Waterloo.. The school park presents ah ideal location for, such a place. Road signs should be placed along' the high ways out of Waterloo a' short distance citing them to ; this: 'location. There certainly would be - no objections to having campers' 'use the school park during the summer months, j Nearly j every night; some tourists now. camp the school park. The play ; ground equipment. Is there. -.Arrangements should be made for -.them, to' get water and other - necessities, all . of which could be done with but1 little expense, and it would help advertise the town. It pays to , show hospitality j to, visitors that, come to Waterloo. 1 1 It I 1 1 1 1 I ll 1 1 I gasolme? If soy fgo1 to -;r; Ion and SERVICE IE - OUR FLAG AVHAT IT STANDS FOR Readers : symbolizes i that ; freedom, equality, justice ; and ' humanity 'for - which our forefathers sacrificed; their lives and personal fortunes. Today this flag represents a nation of, over 100,000,- 000 tree people,lts - Constitution and institutions, . its ; . achievements . and aspirations. '..! ,' ' : y ." i 'The .national flag -represents the living country, -and is itself considered., as a living, thing. , . - - Pledge ' . r . - - "I pledge allegiance to the flag "of the United States and the Republic for which 'it 'stands, one - nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for alLM- - - ..." a ,,v o I Salute : - v "During the ceremoay , of hoisting or lowering the flag or when the flag is passing . in", parade, or review all persons ' present should stand at : attention facing the flag. ' Men's headdress should' be removed with ' the right - hand ' and held at ' the left shoulder. Those present '-. in- uniform should salute with the right hand. Women ' should ; :? stand ( at . attention facing the flag or as the flag Is passing in parade should : salute by placing; the : right hand over the heart. If the ' national : anthem V is played and no flag Is present all stand -at attention and salute at the first note of : the'-anthem.' : retain : the . oosition unW the last note of the air is played." .;.-; i ;: '"Anthem; ; '-":; "The Star , Spangled - Banner. Is recommended for . nnlversal . recogni- Itlon aa the national anthem. . : ' ; . WONDER ; why Ford ., don't - start right out as a candidate for president and use the slogan Vote for Ford and realize the difference.: : ; -t 'T' THE seventden-year locusts are again ' report' d in Indiana this . year. Who can rei-ember when the seven teen-year" loc sts did not appear T " J THE . Mini esota primary- Is over. and with the fourteen' candidates who were in the race, it will be Interesting to know how much was spent In the primary' campaign. .-'.. .. :;' ; THIS headline Is becoming popular I In the dailies of late "Another Crash Takes 'Street by Surprise. , Well, .we i Cannot see where there is any surprise ! in that at the rate the crashes have been coming to members of the New York Stock Exchange of late. THE story of "the fool and. his mon ey soon parted has been made to a practical "realization in. Waterloo dur ing the past two or three weeks. It I Is in the manner of spending money for firecrackers ; and torpedoes ; and shooting them off . promiscuously . be fore the Fourth of July. Young Amer- lca likes to make a noise but he should bettaught that to make a noise with I fire works is emblematic of the Day of Independence, and that shooting of his ammunition before that date is noth ing less than burning : up" money. It is done, without any reason "or even a desire to be patriotic . In: faet it is just the opposite. '.The Fourth of July is the day to shoot off the fireworks. In fact there is a town ordinance on the books." making it unlawful to ex plode any Fourth of July ammunition any other day than-the Fourth of July. y - ; ;, ; .NOW and then some pnetis heard to say..; that the government always followed some poor man and Bought to punish, him and " let the man ' of means and Influence go. Here is a little news story printed under -date line from Kansas City: . :- -. .St-: BSrwin B. Bergdoll was arraign--f ed late Wednesday before Federal ' Judge Arba ; S '. . Van r Valken-. bergh i on . a charge . of consplr-l acy4 to escape the draft laws,; and ' ' released on 110,000 bond signed by ' : the - United States Fidelity and Guaranty . Company, ; with head Quarters In Baltimorel ' ; ,' i BergboQ, a brother of Grover tbOldGlory jj " 1 -Study this then clip it out .;':...;-:::. hb'uw-;':';; 'There is but one' Federal statute which v protects the - flag ' throughout the country from desecration. This law provides " that ' a .trademark "cannot, be registered which consists of or comprise among ; other things, the flag, coat , of arms or other insignia of the United States or any simulation, thereof. : (33 StaL L. p. 725, Feb.20, 1905.) . -j . ... . .- J Display J : "The flag should be. - displayed from- sunrise ;to sunset, only or between 'such source as designed by proper ' authority : on . national and state holidays, and on historic and special occasion. ' ' The- flag sbould always be hoisted briskly aqd . , lowered slowly and, ceremoniously... :fWhe.n ..carried in ''a procession with another flag or flags the "place of the flag , of the United States is on the rights' "a v rWhen a number, of .flags are grouped and . displayed v from staffs the flags of the United , States in the center or: at -the highest point of the group. v-. v.; v.- t?rrti-' ' 7 V ,; '''y- Platform ';;: - ':t- j ' ; "When used on :a ' speaker's platform" the flag - should be ? displayed above' and behind ' the ! speaker. It should never be .used to cover 'the speaker's; desk ; nor drape , ever . the front of the platform.; - -. . . v . "When ' used in unveiling a statue or monument the flag should 'not be allowed to stall , to : the v ground, but should ' be! carried aloft" to wave out. Cleveland BergdoU, slacker fugi- ; tive, was- released from the Ft.' -i - Leavenworth disciplinary barracks and' immediately rearrested earli- . er in the day. He was turned " :''; over : to the ", United States dls- ; trlct marshal- from Topeka, Kas Bergdoll had served : two years " and ten months at the barracks ' ' ,i following conviction ;by . a court. ; martial ' for desertion in time of . . war ; by evading the draft. . ; He was rearrested - for alleged con-' . splrlcy to evade the draft. ;: ; " The Bergdolls are getting, just what is coming to them. It matters not what standing they had financially or otherwise, the federal authorities know, no wealth, no political pulL and once . in the clutches' of the law will get about all that the law allows. Saturday the : remonstrance will be heard, whereby a large number of citizens of Smithfleld township win make it known that they are opposed to the expenditure of 40, 000 for the erection of an addition to the Ashley high school building by L the township trustee. . The remonstrators allege that the property la too far from the center of the township to warrant the expenditure of such "a sumx as they claim that It would not properly serve the entire townshipl The case will be watched with considerable Interest! F ETCH around the peanuts " an ; the speckled lemonade I Feller 'advertises is the one that gets the trade. "Twenty-five concessions in the little City . Park, roDln't lnv the nlckles, from daylight till if s - dark.- Wagon-loads of sody-pop fills ' the day with cheer Speaker in the grandstand, nobody can hear. Flags awavln'. in the breeze to jollify the scenes Ain't a dozen fellers here, can figger what it means t Band a-playin. jazzy tunes hosses steppin! high. : Feller sweats a barrel, with so many drinks to buy. Take the country over, with a holiday on hand. -Fortunes made from cigarettes, or on the peanut-stand. Wonder why they hdve it when the weather is so . hot? Used, to know about it, but blame It I've fergot. . Used t'te be the patriots that celebrated here Now .-'.they never mention .'em, Golly, ain't It queer ? - ; HOW TO TREAT IT. arid save it .'. ',- ' forming a distinctive feature' during the remainder of the ceremony.; P : , . " :: Church -" f s ' t i "When the1.- flag Is . ' displayed, in church It should be from a staff placed l on the . congregation's right as they face the clergyman, with; the service : flag, Btate flag or other flag on the left walL ,'If .in-the. chancel the flag of the United' States should be . placed on v the 4 clergyman's " right as he faces the congregation. ' ; ' Donfs To not dip . the flag States to , any person The' regimental "color. of ; the United or .any ; thing. state flag, or- ganlzation or. institutional flag will render thisonor. ...:;1-.. fylt. ; - Do -not let the flag ot the ' United States touch the ground or trail In the water.';',;':'' " - '-':':'.' Do not use 1 the flag of the United States in any -form of ' advertising nor , fasten an advertising ilgn Kto"a. nag' K rt t A ' s :-k Do not .use use buntng. : r Do not ' drape ;the flag - over the hood,- top ' or sides of a . vehicle, " or of a railroad train" or boat; If It is desired to . display' the .flag on a .motor car affix- the staff firmly to the chas sis or. clamp it to the radiator cap. . . Do not use i the flag of the United States as a receptacle for receiving. holding 'carrying or -delivering ; any- thing. v ' '; yy ;';' Then ' ' too,-' there : seems" to be a, de sire among some to take a holiday on all public improvements. .' v - : DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN .Your dad went to the Centenial ex- positibn at ; Philadelphia " C A. O.. McClellan . advertised money to loan - " " " . -. Long and son conducted a store In the Matson building grocery ;- The ; Blaine ' and Logan carupaign clubs were attracting attention ; Haines Bros. & . Co. run a candy factory in Waterloo . - : : ;" - '. '-.- : 1 '.v r Lockhart Bros, i & '-'Co. . made - land rollers ';' i'W ' X' -, " ;;.:;;2f3? E. Y. Williamson manufactured fan ning mUls 'r A '.' 7' v. ,T ; Sarah Williams was in the furniture business ,V : -"."''-;: ' - . :- Jonathan ! Spencer V conducted the flouring mill . ': - ;;" the . flag - as drapery ; MAKE THE IF you would do what you can with what you have; ;S got, where you are; you will get more done than , by waiting to get something that you can't get. ' Wm. Spreigel run the brewery 7 . : ' v- ..-.-A.:,-' - '--. V- --. -r :; 1 r L. Henkey had a blacksmith shop in Unlontown $iX'iMH -Denison &- Salyer sold tobacco, cigars and confectionery;;; ' , , '. Maggie Bateson, Mrs,; Yant and Mrs. A. CX... Jackman were the milliners in Waterloo ' '....-.. v r. ? - Pnttnrson Bros.- faf 'company .with Newell Buckland .were the largest Rhlnners of butter-and .: eggs ins this part, of :the state There were "six church . buildings; in Waterloo and eight denominauons holding services in Waterloo E. A. M;D. 1-: GENERAL MEDICINE Special. Attention Given to Eye, Ear, Nose. Throat and. Fitting, of Glasses. Phone: Office. ZSO-t: . .Rem. vi 1I0-S Office Hour. I to 11 S to 4. T to . 7-7-7 Hair Soecialist - ? - :. '.' . . ' - ; Reveals' Secret Telia How He Grows Beautiful Hair - ; For the" Hollywood Girls : ' Mr. : G. ' W. ' Busche t French Hair Specialist of Los Angeles; attributes his success to- the use . f a remedy that he claims is nnequallfed. ; In a letter recently vwrltten to the manufacturers,:- Mr. , Busche .states: "Women who must be beautiful, come to me by the score, complaining that their hair is falling out or is scanty and , lacks lustre. ? In my forty years experience I - have tried ;-many remedies,- bat have never, found'- anything that does the work as well as your product Lucky Tiger." ' .-, . ',- i : What Lucky Tiger Is-r doing f oh the Hollywood girls it-will do for;.you. Ask . your druggist. Any . xlrug store will supply -your need; and a single botUe will; convince ; y-ir x -f V ' ' T ORDINANCE No. 4, 1923 :'' . .. An ordinance to require all male per-v sons i betweeni; the 'ages tof twenty- one and fifty years of age to work ' en the streets of the: said town. , . Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Board of Trustees of the incorporated town of Waterloo, DeKalb county, state of Indiana, that,: all ; male ; persons - between the ages - of ; twenty-one and fifty : years,' be required to work on the highways -of said town for the period? ol two-days during each calendar year, or in lieu thereof to pay . in 'cash the' sum of .three ($3.00).. Said labor to, be performed at such time and.. in such manner as the .Town Marshal or Street Commissioner . may direct, and such work to be done under his. supervision and direction. ' -:.- '-' - v v : ,..:' ; Sec. ' 2. - This ordinance shall be in full force and effect on and after its passage and publication in The Waterloo1;";,'i - ..j - -e- s'C r- ;v ; Passed at a regular session of the said. Board of Trustees of the said in corporated town of Waterloo, Indiana, on tne iztn day or June, 1923. ; ., By order of the Board of Trustees, r. - S. L. GOODWIN, President Attest:: Nina Duncan. Clerk. - j :' .' Notice to, NonRaldnt. : 4 State of Indiana, DeKalb County, :' ' In the DeKalb Circuit Conrt. M fT - IA(Mi - - , Alwyn Id Jr. Prang is hereby notified that an action baa- been commenced against bim in said Court, by Mildred L rraug; ine same win De beard and de termined on -the 22nd day of Arnrnat x9o oiDg toe disc jo -Kit cat a ay or tne n AAA a S .t A r . ' m next term of aald Court, which com mences May 21. 1923. - i V. ,:-.-: Witness, tbe Clerk of said Vart? tUi sealV ... E A. McCtintock, Oerk Geo. W. Crooks, Attorney.--. -V . Notice to Non-Ree'ldenta V :- ' . Cause No. 12772 - " State of Indiana, DKalb Cor.nty.'ss: - In toe UKalb Cirenit (Vtnrt . M. Term, 1923. , . , , . . s ' Ross Easterdav la herebv ' nntifiH that an action baa been vammnMH against aim in said Court, by Esther casteraay ror, divorce and that the same will be heard' and determined nn iutn aay or August, 1923 beinjp the 79th juridicial day of the May term of said vjoarc, wruea commenced May 21, 1923 Witness, tbe Clerk of said Cuurt tbis 9tb day of June 1923. . rSEALl EA. McClintoeV rirtr Atkinson & Huseelm an,- Attorneys. - Notice of Final Settlement - if Estate ; " Cause-No' "2557- -Notice is hereby riven to air interested in tbe Estate of William E. Byera deceased. 10 appear in tbe DeKalb Circuit Court,: held at Auburn. Indiana, on tbe 18 :h day of July 1923. and show cause if tnv. vhi m m.i Settlement Accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs and all others interested, re notified to then and there make proof of heirship or claim . and receive their distributive shares. . - - Witness. Mi name, thia IKth Am t June, 1923.. r . . ; CORTISL. CBILDS AHminiaf afA Unk & MeCiintock Attorney. - ... Mow Your Weeds. , . Weeds are injurious to public health. By order of the Waterloo Board of Health all property owners are ordered to mow their weeds on or before July 1. 923. " . Secretary of Board of Health. ; John Oyler, Marshal. BEST OF IT ' ? f '' H. C. Willis EXTREME HOT WEATHER - . DUrtlNG THE PAST WEEK The past week has been' one of the : hottest June weeks that ' this aeHnn has experienced In a number of years." The: thermometer registered as high as 84 degrees in the shade. A number of heat" prostrations "were - reported ' from - various' central - states. r- There were no casualties- in this place,but many, complained of the '.heat. - : i . FOR SALE Driving H..P. Strbh.- r : ; horse. Enquire FOR RENT Boom with 2 jingle .beds.'? , . .Suitable for two persons, bath. . W. J. Miller, Center Street - r ; 4 FOR SALE---TourIst tent and stove . Thlbaut's Garage. " ' FOR SALE sixteen -b,- p. : RusselJ engine, tank t wagon : tank ' pump drlve belt, Txullpr, ; and feeder. - Price ; $250. See John Melton, Waterloo. ; si -:.- : :;,: ' ,.' . ... FOR : ; SALE- ; Tank wagon, task pump, :drive: belt,- huller, ? feeder, for $250. . See - John. Melton, t Waterloo, Indiana., . . -; .;.,; ,51 FOR - SALE I h. p. gasoline engine. ! .Good condition. Enquire ' at the Press ; office. ."' ?-:: - 1 - FOUNTAIN-PENS If your pen needs repairs-bring .lt to.The Press Book-. storev '- ' . - ' ' ;, ;. EVERSHARPj PENCTLS We repair. . them. If yon have one that b not working right bring it in. ; . " . ;. CALLING CARDS rLatest styles as '' to size and styles of type. Call and see them at The Press Office, f ; FOR SALE Old newspapers at five cents a . bunch at The Press Office. SALESMAN 1 lIlVANTEDill i'N;::-)!;-. ' " " . -;.; .,1' The Atlas Oil Company, aeveland, : O. marketatera ainee 1S36 special iaed quality lubricants, deeires per-; manent services of capable repre- :: senUtiveor this' seetionl Selling -s direct to farmers ' 'ana preferred " - class of dealers. Unit have ' auto:; -. Commission basis with if weekly i drawing account Average earn-inga xe i d $200.00 .monthly. Goods shipped from . FV'Wayae; -; Write fuUv.' WUI arrange person-' ' al interview. ; - ; .' " ' '' ' ' 51 ' Link 6 MGlintocIc . . Successor to J. E. Pomeroy rs . ' ;;Att6raey-:atIw't;i:-? ' OVER COURT THEATRE . - AUBURN, INDIANA hi;:-' Dr. C.S.( Stewart ; B. and" O. RAILROAD ' ."" EYE and EAR SURGEON Spectacles - Furnished - ; AUBURN,:TP INDIANA ";":j HOSPITAL " -v Established m - '.. . ' U v -.i-i V -T 206 West Seventh - Street, : Auburn, Ind. Earl E. Prisbie Optician Churopractor Butler, Indiana APPOINTMENTS AT YOUR HOME DR BOHHELL SODDER'S :1 - i 4 ;--':-' i; ;;; -y- t'1 - . ; 2 mm : :.M .,: i V. "'--';-.;- t .; -' mi: -4

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