The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1955
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER SO, 1955 BLYTHEVTI.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Meany Keeping Watchful Eye On All Union Maneuvering By NORMAN WALKER NEW YORK (AP) — Mergers within a merger are in prospect today, on the eve of the AFL and CIO joining forces for the first time in 20 years. George Meany, the ex-plumber who will steer this powerful machine through the obstacles ahead, has clamped .a heavy hand on any and all union maneuvers which by any LJ^.L-,, chaiicc might' interfere with his main objective of the past three years - the alliance which Pearl rldrCOr will be approved by the two groups in meetings starting here tomorrow. Youth Licks 'Battle of Calories; Gets His Wish-Service in Army NEWARK. N. J. ia - It was a toueh Jlaht. but John Carl Leonard won his "Battle of the Calories" and knocked oil furnish poundage 10 fulfill his biggest wish—acceptance in the U. S. Army. Leonard, 21. born in America but raised in Scotland, went on a rigid did aftc-r the Army turned him down as overweight. He pared 34 pounds from his 202-pound frame in But plans already are well ad-4 vnnccd for a number of smaller,, woaHer unions in bolh the AFL and 1 cro to merge Into stronger, more cffec-rivi bargaining and organizing un'is. For instance, (he separate AFL nr'l CIO loxlile unions have spen*. mi'lions of dollars scrapping each ot s cr for years, trying to snatch al r cady-orgaiized members irom each other. Amalgamation of these tv-o unions into one camp for an nil-out textiles organizing -' ive is expected, as ilso among rival o'nperworkcr unions, meatpacking unions, and possible electrical worker uni.-mE. The constitution of the merged \FL-CIO states as a policy that imions with conflictlnc and duplicating Jurisdictions shall be encouraged. though not compelled, to combirr Major Targets Office of white collai L/TTLC LIZ -* cream. Rivalries between unions are expected to continue. But Meany expects the merger will them and The new cati hove everything built in except caution and courtesy- •"""• workers the 1935-45 decade. The next 10 years they gained only 314 million for a present estimated membership of 18 million, including a million in Canada. Under the merger the new or ^anization is to hold conventions only every two years, whereas the AFL and CIO have until now held organlzmp drives in me ouuu, »™, ^ I \ v ™ ncv0 ™ t ^ 1n % u f *°'™m™w ' S Miners union bos, John L. Lewis, ered to make policy decisions. ^ and those In the oil-chemical and textile Industries are reported to be major organizing tart-els niter ions, three from present CIO unions plus Meany and William Schnttzler. The latter. Is now Meany's chief aide as AFL secretary-treasurer and is to have the same Job under the merger. As time goes on, Meany may make a strong bid to rid member un.on a *u ,..«, ,.«= »^. -= ---, ™">n5 of graft and corruption He he made an Identical merger pro- has moved against union leaders AFL has not been Invited to join the 'combined AFL-CIO. Meany's attitude toward Lewis and all other unions affiliated with neither the AFL nor CIO Is that, once the merger is completed, they can apply to get in if they wish. A number of these independent unions have Indicated a desire to join the merged AFL-CIO. Lewis has expressed no such interest, however, and has dubbed it a "rope of sand." meaning he doesn't think It can possibly last. Lewis likes to tell a story that when he was CIO president he made a merger proposal to the AFL, only to have it rejected. A few years later, after Lewis had brought his United Mine Workers Union back into the AFL, he says posal to the CIO but It, loo, was turned down. Stopped in Tracks Lewis tells this to illustrate the foibles of AFL and CIO chiefs, but It serve, to point up also what Meany had to deal with in weaving the merger together. Perhaps th= most compelling reason for the merger was that Meany and most union leaders realiEe that organized labor had been stopped cold In its tracks. Unions have made little substantial membership gain the past decade. They ''.el this has crippled their ability to bargain with employers and to exert Influence on the national scene. Unions have picked up a few million more members the past few years, but this has hardly kept up with the increasing size of the work force. This was pointed up in a recent Labor Departmeny survey. It showed unions grew from 3'i million to 14',i million members in from present AFL unions ana l Irom CIO unions. Meet Once A Tear Once a year presidents of al AFL-CIO unions are to meet with the executive council as a genen board to advise the council. The most powerful policy-male ing unit probably will be an eight- man executive committee, composed of three executive council members from present AFL un- Memorial Ready PEARL HARBOR '.« - A .nljor organizations ._ . job by pooling their resources wiUnn one family than has been possible with rival' federations. "We are not perfect," Meany .'ays. "We have our troubles and ve have all sorts of people with- !d m pe r rmit the' memorial to the men who died here UTC .« % n a h*..for i" the first Japanese attack against b to do a better ,.„.„•. c,L ae in Wft HH War nr,,_ the United Sttaes in World War will be dedicated Dec. 1. The memorial, sponsored by the Navy Club oi America, is a 10-foot- high natural lava rock with a plaque. The rock has been placed 'iKhl tt'eck.s, Shortly after he returned from Jliis^ow. .Scotland, where he lived with his grandmother [or 19 years, Leonard passed all his enlistment tests but was told by an Army doctor: "Sony, son, you're too heavy. Th<» Army can'L take you," Determined to make the grade, he spent the next 10 days on reducing pills "and not much else." Then he went on a calorie diet flt his mother's home in Newark. When he showed up at the Army center Monday, he tipped the scales at 22S and received his okay for service. HP had weighed even less—225 . rk apo, but he suffered a minor >ack in the form of Thanksgiving Missouri 'Ham' Gets Information On Ships Direct MONTREAL Wi — It took a man from Missouri to dream up a unique way of booking transatlantic passage with Canadian Pacific steamships in Montreal. John O. Rogers of Parkvllle wanted to sail to Britain with his family next spring and wanted to know in a hurry what bookings were available. An avid ham radio operator, Rogers contacted a Montreal ham on his set. had him plug in a telephone jack and discussed the matter with the steamship line's booking agent here. J. R. Ross, the company's general passenger agent, termed the approach "unique to say the least — and he got his bookings." Cemetery in Factory HUNTLNGTON, W. V«. W> — A small family cemetery stands in stark contrast near a big nmnufac- turnig plant here. The Everett family, which sold the site for the plant more than a quarter-century ago, •etalned ownership of the plot. Family members say a rose bush which still blooms In the cefnetery, ve nave au sons 01 ptroyit; wmi- iJi«n"c. ^i"- • ^~ r-- in our unions, good, bad and in- on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. riffe"pnt It is a few feet from the gang-But 'we have an American! blank leading aboard the_sunken philosophy and we have a policy that we feel contributes r. great deal to the upbuilding of the American way of life. If we have the power and ( I'-'lee to use it for good and solely for good, who can object to 16 millin people gathering tgether in it organization?" battleship Arizona where more than 1.000 men who died in the attack are still entombed. j5 o/J f or dipping into members' funds for their own use. He's ffered to cooperate with Congress in framing legislation to safeguard union resources. Meany played a major role in ousting the International Longshoremen's Assn.. the racket-rld- dtn waterlront union, from tfce AFL. In fighting labor racketeers he has had the full support of the CIO. It's not generally known, but ever since a Senate committee reported i million-dollar shortage in AFL laundry worker welfare funds, Meany has had s squad from AFL headquarters trying to straighten out the scandal. Stronj Stuff These moves are pretty strong stuff In an AFL organization where the traditional policy has been that the parent federation would leave each member union up to its own devices. Menny is the first to admit the merger won't be all peaches and Arkansas Cities Get Air Service WASHINGTON, HI — Central Airlines will be allowed to operate a new flight between Port Smith, Ark., and St. Louis by way ot Fayetteville and Harrison. The Civil Aeronautics Board Monday reversed a previous decision and decided to grant special permission to Central for the new line. Applications by Central, Ozark Airlines, the city of Fort Smith and the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce for approval of the service were rejected Aug. 9 by the CAB. The request asked the CAB to exempt one of the airlines from board regulations which prohibit service between Fort Smith and St. Louis. Later the board heard oral arguments on the Issue, and said Monday that It decided to grant the exemption after having re-examined the problem. Central, said the board, may involve less cost in the new flight than other air services because the firm already operates between Fort Smith and Fayetteville. SANTA MONICA, Calif. W — Movie actress Anna Lee, wife of George H. Stafford, gave birth to a son, Michael Anthony, In St. John's Hospital Monday. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Crutches No Handicap KERRVTLLE, Tel. m — Johnnie Anderson has been on crutches ince a fall last month. Came hunt- ng season and his friends built him blind equipped with a rocking hair. Sunday he shot a fat turktfj obbler. Monday he rocked on and agged a deer. • 26" Ceramic Lamp • Choic* of Color, Washable Shade '4K Gold Trim Compare at $9.95 iVlnnl flrniFns\VBar Ilinmnnil! FREE With SHIBLEY'S BEST Flour At Your Favorite Grocer's BUY 50 Ibs. Shibfey's Best 25 Ibs. Shibley's Best at your dealer prvte GET FREE 8 Ibs. Lord 5 Ibs. Sugar Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight and Firr, Snui* brund Denture cushion! «r« •. trl- nmph of tci«nc«. * sensational new plastie 1,-taios tk»t «*U rid of Ih. and fmulion of loose, bsdlr fitting f«ls* *«lb. Snui eues sor.. irritated gums dot to S... nttins denture.. Applied In . fe-T mlaulej. makes th« »obbl«st pl«le» aUI firmly in pl.ce-Eives nerfect comfort. E.I .nythins-ialk. lagsh-plates "stay put.' Bi SH"',tS^ "n'lS'V™, J t. « month!. Sl«. soil »nd not Sears, Roebuck & Company has Selling Positions Open For Two Aggressive Men Between Ages of 25 and 40.1 .Must have car and liability insurance. Commission and j draw insures excellent earnings. Many company hene-j fits include employes discount, profit sharing. Group I hospitalizalion and others. . . APPLY AT SEARS CATALOG SALES OFFICE 217 W. Main Blytheville, Ark. with adhesive*. Get Snul Cushions today! 2 liners for plates 11.50. Money b«ek U not satisfiid. At all dmniiists, and Dentur. r upper or low EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 LP A NEW ADDITION TO OUR SERVICE FOR THIS COMMUNITY DELTA PROPANE CO. Gas Appliances Gas Installation Tractor Conversion Phone For Free Estimates! R. C. 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MrliH Mliil AUIOMOBIltS ARE BURT BUICK Will BUILO THEM • Even about a whole new magic of angles and linkage in the front-end geometry to gift you with a new surety of control and impart a track-true "sense of direction to the front wheels. But that's just a telling of it. Only in the driver's seat can you <-<•! the led of it. Only there, too, can you sense the might)' sweep of Buick's great new 322-cubic-mch V8 engine, now stepped up to an all-time high in power and compression. And only there can you really know the thrilling doub'le- It's the '56 Ruick.- action take-off of today's new Variable Pitch Dynaflow* - the spirited action that gives you instant getaway response at merely part throttle, plus utter smoothness through every inch of travel. Come in for a visit, this week - just to sample at firsthand the sizzle and thrill and ride sweetness in the best Buick yet. •New Advanced Variable Pitch Dijnallotc is the only Dynaftow Buick builds today. U it standard on KoarlmattCT. 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