Grand Forks Herald from Grand Forks, North Dakota on October 16, 1916 · 15
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Grand Forks Herald from Grand Forks, North Dakota · 15

Grand Forks, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1916
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|j«- Af-' lit A ¥nterborough North Dakota's Greatest Classified Section ANT A RATES and INFOMATION SCent a Word a Say. $X a tine a Month. (If no change In ad.) Minimum Charge 25c To Illustrate: 6 word* 1' day 8 words 3 days 8 words 6 days 25o SSo 40o Use this method of figuring on any number of words. Those rates entitle you to publication In both mornIns: and evening editions. Telephone 500 Bither Line. CLOSING HOURS—Want Ad Forms close every mnrntns at 11:30 for the evening editions, ind ,6 o'clock every evening for the Wwnlng editions, except Saturday, when forms close at 9 p. m. for Sunday morn- Ins editions. TELEPHONE WANT ADS Want Ads are received by phone, but are payable the same day as received and collection will bt made at your home or office as soon as is convenient for the collector to call. This is accommodation service and payment should be made promptly when the bill Is presented. OUT OF TOWN ORDERS must be always accompanied by the cash. Please comply with this rule to avoid inconvenience and delay. AGENTS I SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY NEW— automatic stove and furnace damper guaranteed saves 30% of fuel keeps even firo automatically just temperature you wish anyone can put it on in five minutes every home a customer right now low price 200% profit to agent rompt. shipments exclusive territory, Traction Co., of New York, uses this automatic damper in their 600 stations at a saving of 33 1-3% of coal. You sell it every time you show It. W. H. Protzman of Washington sold 200 In ten days. You can do this your profit over $250 cash. P. W. Lee. also of a little town in Washington, sold 7 in 30 minutes: bigBest, quickest, cleanest money maker of the age for agents, general agents, district managers $50 a week to $7,500 a year territory now being assigned. Get your county, free now. Write today. Arnold Damper Co., 506 Damper Bldg., 217 W. Schiller St., Chicago, 111. EVERY HOME ON FARM, IN SMALL town or suburb needs and will buy the •wonderful Aladdin kerosene (coal-oil) mantle lamp five times as bright as electric tested and recommended by government and 34 leading universities awarded gold medal one farmer cleared over $500 In 6 weeks hundreds with rigs or autos earning Dept. %5, Cincinnati, O. $100 to $300 per month: no capital required we furnish goods on time to reliable men. Write quick for sample lamp for free trial distributor's proposition and secure appointment in exclusive territory. Mantle Lamp Co., 794 Aladdin Bldg., Chicago, 111. AGENTS—SNAPPIEST HOUSEHOLD line on earth: red hot sellers steady repeaters 100% profit 250 light weight fast selling popular prices necessities agents outfit free get busy quick: write today postal will do. American Products Co., 943 3rd St., Cincinnati, Ohio. FASTEST SELLING PROPOSITION out.f iulck selling absolutely new hout-.- necessity big repeater no competition: exclusive territory co-operative sales campaign gets sub-agents and customers free sample. F-M Mfg. Co., Dept. 29-140 W. VanBuren St., Chicago, III. BIG MONET! SHOW AUTOMOBILlsts how to burn free air instead of expensive gasoline sell the Little Fiend, a fiend for power, mileage and gasoline saving "new wildfire seller." Free details. Edward Homan, Sales Dept. D, Cincinnati, O. LARGE MANUFACTURER WANTS agents to sell made-to-measure raincoats direct to customer cheapest prices: big nrofits 191(5 outfit free. American European Raincoat Co., 175 13. Broadway, New York, Desk 229. I3IJRN BARRET.S OF FREE AIR INstead of gasoline In automobiles new, inexpensive scientific device applied in ten minutes saves big money big profits to agents. White Mfg. Co., AGENTS—FREE CATALOGS AND samples photo medallions, crystal weights, mirrors, watch fobs, jewelry, leather goods make $5 to $25 daily no experience. Cruver Co., Jackson & Campbell, Chicago. LARGE MANUFACTURER WANTS representatives to sell shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses, waists, skirts, direct to homes. Write for free samples. Madison Mills, 590 Broadway, New York City. INTELLIGENT MAN OR WOMA-N TO travel and appoint local representatives for leading house: nine months contract guaranteeing expenses and $18.00 a week. Universal Bible House, Philadelphia. MAGI CO! THE GREATEST DRY cleaner on earth no gasoline: no acids: sells on sight 100% profit something new particulars free. The Magico Co., Crary Bldg., Seattle. AGENTS WANTED AND MANAGERS in exclusive territory every home a market steady employment big pay. Lakeside Sales Co., 1117 No. Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111. LIVE AGENTS—MEN OR WOMEN, wanted to introduce high grade household necessity big profit": brand new. Write today. Westberg & Co., Box 6, Danvers, Minn. AGENTS—500^, PROFIT FREE SAMples gold sign letters for store and office windows nnyone can put on. Metallic Letter Co., 435 N. Clark, Chicago. AGENTS—NEW GAME FOR CIGAR stores, barber shops, etc. easy, big seller particulars free. United Salesboard Co.. Trenton. N. J. ARCHITECTS J. W. ROSS & SON. Architects. Third & DeMers. Grand Forks. HAROLD E. WINSLOW, ARCHITECT. !:07 Wii'.lund Bldg. Grand Forks W. J. EDWARDS, Northwestern Block. ATTORNEYS. JNO. A. ALPHSON. Lawyer. fcK W. 370-J. Wldlun.l Bldg. T-S. 466 S. AUCTIONEER. JOHN A. NEAL, Euclid Minn.. R. No. 1. The live, wide-awake, up-to-date Auctioneer. Write or phone N. W. 3-8. rH15 OLD RELIABLE AUCTIONEER, write or phone. Col. J. J. Heffern. M'docb. N. D. AUTOS AND MOTORCYCLES NK FOltD^rOT RING^AIT7N^GOOD condition, *$22»: one Maxwell touring 1 car, good condition, $300 Overland! touring car, trunk body, good condition. $200 Excelsior Twtn motor' cycle, $65. Dakota'Auto Co. JTO TOP ROOF AND BACK CURroadster $6.95 touring, $8.96 pa reel post paid our instructions Ifnake it easy to apply. You save $-7 |aamples and catalog free. S. ft H. Top 496 Hunt, Cincinnati, O. HAVE THE FINEST STOCK OF •lightly used and second hand. cars nt we have ever had. Come In and' alt them over. Sims Auto Co. BOARD IRD BT DAY OR WEEK $4 WEEKor at 2 1 1 N or 8 lerald Wants' Adi Brine Results. AUCTION SALE. EXCHANGES AUCTION SALE OF 34 HIGH GRADE SHORTHORN CATTLE Not going out of the farming business but wishing to reduce my herd of cattle and sheep, I will sell at auction sale to the highest bidder at the Crescent Hill Farm, 3 miles north and a half mile east of Pekin, North Dakota, the following described high grade cattle and sheep. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1916 CATTLE 23 high grade Shorthorn milch cows. 6 high grade Shorthorn heifers coming 2 years. 2 lilgli grade Shorthorn bull calves 10 months old. 1 thoroughbred Shorthorn bull calf months old. 1 thoroughbred Shorthorn bull calf 7 months old. 1 thoroughbred Shorthorn herd bull. SHEEP. 140 breeding ewea 2 thoroughbred Shropshire rams all ewes high grade. 1 driving horse, buggy and harness. Sale commences at 1 o'clock P. M. Free lunch at 12 o'clock noon. TERMS—2 per cent discount for Cash or time to October 1, 1917, on bankable papers drawing 10 per cent. No goods removed unsettied for. A. H. SMART, Auctioneer. P. A. LEE. Clerk. J. W. BLISS, OWNER. AUCTION SALE 3 MILES SOUTH OF University and 1% miles west. Monday, Oct. 23. Fahey Bros. BAKERY. SUNRISE BREAD has the largest sale of any bread in Grand -v Forks and East Grand Forks. WHY? Because it Is made of the very best ingredients by experienced bakers and wrapped in specially made waxed paper that keeps It clean and fresh. ASK YOUR GROCER for It and look for the "Sunrise" label. Made only at KAUFMAN'S BAKERY East Grand Forks BUSINESS CHANCES LARGE"15A1JU9:ACTURING-CORPORation will give exclusive sales contract for high class line for which there is an unlimited demand In small towns and farming communities will show absolute proof of profits made by general agents of ten to twenty thousand dollars per annum best bank and commercial references $150 to $300 capital will establish a big profitable business. Sales Manager 1104 Washington Blvd., Chicago. A RELIABLE MANUFACTURER wants general sales manager to establish office and manage salesmen liberal contract $300.00 to $700.00 capital necessary money making possibilities unlimited will pay expenses-to Chicago if you are man we want. Acme Brass Works, Inc., 1018 Republic Bldg., Chicago. NICE CLEAN STOCK NEW AND SECond-hand stoves, furniture, etc., in Grand Forks for sale cleanest, nicest stock In town good location well established. Owing to 111 health will sell at big sacrifice: about 100 stoves In the stock all in good condition and quick sellers. W. T. Sheppard, 608 International ave. TWO BIG CHANCES A GOOD twenty thousand bushel elevator: thriving town. Modern mill fair sized town good money maker both in Western Minnesota, and have large town to draw from might consider trade give proposition first letter will sell right. State Bank of Correll, Correll, Minn. PATENTS WANTED WRITE FOR list of patent buyers and Inventions wanted $1,000,000 offered for inventions send sketch for free opinion of patentability. Our four books sent free. Victor J. Evans Co., Patent Attys., 622 Ninth, Washington, D. C. FOR SALE OR RENT—FURNISHED hotel: reason for selling, owner has property in the Canadian northwest and the renter is deceased only hotel In town of 500 .population. C. S. Robb, Milton. N. Dak. SUBURBAN STORE DOING GOOD business: 6 room cottage and barn on same lots shade trees fenced cement walks: water, electric lights: a snap for someone. Address 665 Herald. SMALL CONFECTIONERY AND lunch business for rent or sale new building: business established. Theo. Nelson, Dunn Center, N. D. WANTED TO HEAR FROM OWNER of good business for sale state cash nrlce and description. D. F. Bush Minneapolis, Minn. ONE HALF INTEREST IN THE TROY Steam Laundry for sale. Apply J. P. Durlclc, Star Steam Laundry, East Grand Forks. WANTED EXPERIENCED PHYSIcian to loccte In new town. Commercial Club., Dunn Center, N. D. I BUY ACCOUNTS, BILLS, NOTES OR judgments of any nature, anywhere. Address 130 Herald. FOR SALE—BLACK TENT MOVING picture show: complete: new. C. E. Hale, Rugby, N. D. CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE AT A snap if taken quick. Apply Purltv Sweet Shop. CONFECTION A RV STORE ON MAIN etreet for sale or trade. Address 129 ARCHITECT. Tel. 216-L N. W. I CHIROPRACTORS '^-^1 .': i-!-. 'J -VV 'i A BAHLKE AND B.\HLKE A. A. & Mrs. Nellie G. Bahlke. 1 Chiropractor*. Snrlggs Block. Phone N. W. 550. Tri-State 487 H. TTSD LE, CHIROPRACTOR AND Masseur: Human Bake Oven and Sulphur Vapor Bat-a. Suite 214 Security Bulldlnj!. ANGLE A KEH". "WTROPRACTORS— Scan-Amer. Rank Bldg. Phones 609. CHIROPODISTS DR. J. C. ANSON. CLIFFORD ANNEX, foot specialist corns removed fifty cents for one or two Instant relief to tired or aching feet nails, bunions and warts treated. Both phones. DR. NELLIE S. BAKER. Graduate Foot Specialist. -Amer. Rank Bide: N. W. 2XI-L. Mean. DANCING DANCINO LESSONS. BAST 290 T. S DENTISTS ECKMAN AND SHERMAN, DENTISTS. Suites 201-tOS Widlund Block. Both Phones 4BS-J. DRESSMAKING E E I E N E E S S A IN dona at home: reasonable. $1« Chestk. „W. EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKING. North Fourth 1098L N. W. TO EXCHANGE—GOOD 400 ACRE farm, well Improved one mile from town, for stock of farm Implements will invest some cash. Address Box B, Gardena, N. D. BUNGALOW IN PASADENA, CAL„ for sale or exchange city real estate preferred but would consider auto as part payment. Box 1091 University. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR VEGetables, kitchen range. 1605 University Ave. FARM LANDS 1916 IS ANOTHER GREAT YEAR IN the cheSip land districts of upper Wisconsin all crops fine. Including corn map and data for a postal. Wisconsin Advancement Assn.. 1555 First Nat. Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. WANTED—TO RENT—A FARM OF 3 quarters or one section. For references write Swedish American State Bank, Warren, Minn. Peder K. Farstad, Warren, Minn. WANTED—TO HEAR FROM OWNER of farm or unimproved land for sale. O. K. Hawley. Baldwin. Wis. FINANCIAL. BANKS BOUGHT AND SOLD CONFIdentlally. Jacob Backer, Investment Broker, St. Paul, Minn. FURNITURE MCKENZIE'S MILITARY DISPLAY. We are showing In the window of our furniture store at 137 South Third Street what Is probably the most unique collection of war relics In the northwest, owned by any individual. This collection embraces many different articles from many different wars and has been pronounced by those who have seen It to be a very valuable collection of curios. A visit to our furniture store will prove of greatest Interest to everyone. The curios are now on exhlbltlon In the window. The following are among the many items in the collection: Relic of Philippine Uprising. Cartridge one foot long, fired at Manila Bay. Civil War Relic. Relic of Indian Uprising. Exploded Shrapnel Shell. Gas Helmet from the world war. View this exhibit today. You will be amply repaid. McKENZIE'S 137 South Third Street." WE WANT TO BUY 500 STOVES also all kinds of furniture and household goods. Phone 6S0 and ask for McKenzle, 137 So. Third St. FOR SALE PRACTICALLY NEW •household furniture, graphonola, Ice box, gas stove. Call N. W. 895 or 205 Almont Ave. FOR SECOND HAND FURNITURE call at the Northwestern Furniture Co., 208 South Third St. BEDROOM FURNITURE FOR SALE. Trl-State. HELP—FEMALE LADY REPRESENTATIVES WANTED everywhere $25 to $65 weekly whole or part time, taking orders for well advertised "Knlttop" and "Carleton" made-to-measure silk petticoats factory to wearer direct experience unnecessary. We show you how. Spelman & Co., (est. 18.98) 237 S. Market, Chicago. AT ONCE—TEN LADIES TO TRAVEL, demonstrate and sell well established line to our dealers previous experience not necessary good pay railroad fare paid. Goodrich Drug Co. Dept. 480 Omaha, Neb. CHOCOLATE DIPPER WANTED— Must be first class experienced worker. Steady work year around. Good wages. Write at once to Manson Bros., Mlnot. ANY YOUNG WOMAN IN NEED OF A friendly hand will find It at the Young Women's Christian Association. 414% DeMers Ave. WANTED—SECOND COOK, WILLING to learn head cooking or take pastry work later. Address C'ramond Hotel, Rugby, N. D. STENOGRAPHER—MUST BE EXPERlenced give references, salary wanted, etc., In first letter. Address 131 Herald. WANTED, AT ONCE—WOMAN WHO can do sewing and assist tailor in making alterations. Address 135 Herald. WANTED GOOD HOUSEKEEPER for farm children not objectionable. Address Lock Box 363, Grand Forks. MIDDLE AGED LADY WITHOUT children wanted as housekeeper. Address P. O. Box 189 Grafton, N. D. WANTED—GOOD GIRL FOR GENeral housework. Mrs. G. A. Abbott, University Place. N. W. 1163-L. WANTED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework county hospital, Arvilla, N. D. wages $25 per month. WANTED—DINING ROOM GIRL AND chambermaid good wages. A. J. Sherman. Napoleon, N. D.- WANTED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Mrs. Martin J. Colton, 1024 University Ave. WANTED—COMPETENT GIRL FOR general housework. Mrs. J. R. Poupore, 20 Reeves. WANTED STENOGRAPHER WITH some experience In insurance. Address 136 Herald. COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Mrs. G. H. Wilder, S64 Belmont. GIRL WANTED FOR GENERAL housework In small family. Phone N. W. 659. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Mrs. J. W. Lyons, 1401 University BV«. GIRLS TO LEARN DRESSMAKING, Over Northern State bank. Margaret Lee. 303, third floor. JI COOK AND GIRL FOR GENERAL I work wrn'fd by Wednesday evening. 1 502 Belmont Ave. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Mrs. James Eltcn, 601 Belmont Ave. COMPETENT housework. GIRL NT ED Phone 602 N. W. E E I E N E A E A ID wanted. Hotel Dacotah. WANTED AT ONCE—2 BUS GIRLS AT Frederick Cafeteria. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. 308 Cottonwood. SALESLADTES Woolworth Co. WANTED. F. W. WANTED—A SECOND COOK, erlck Hotel. WANTED—COMPETENT GIRL. Hamlin. GIRL FOR WORK ON FARM. N. W. 409 #ranb2Fork0 Mtvulb NORTH DAKOTA'S .GREATEST NEWSPAPER MALE HELI'—Continued. A $1,500,000 ILLINOIS CORPORATION composed of the strongest and bestknown business and financial men in America Is marketing a quick-selling nationally advertised automobile specialty, retailing at from $10 to $16 exclusive rights will be granted covering territory In this state one or more counties or whole state to a responsible man or company able to furnish top-notch references and able to buy merchandise for cash no bonus asked a straight merchandilng proposition with a liberal discount amount of merchandise to be purchased determined by number of automobiles in territory: a wonderful money-making opportunity for any man who can qualify give selling experience references, including at least one bank. Wire or write promptly TIreoid Company, Chicago. WERE YOU EVER OFFERED A GROcery store? Our proposition Is better. Let us tell you how you can handle flour, canned goods, provisions—an entire line of groceries, as well as paints, roofing, stock foods, automobile and machinery oils and greases no rent to pay, no Investment in stock large orders taken from samples goods of guaranteed and proven quality selling experience not necessary very profitable work for "workers." Address R. S. Hill, president, Hitchcock Hill Co., Chicago. Reference: Any bank or express company. WANTED—LIVE HONEST HUSTLERS to sell famous Wedge Nursery stock: finest for northern planting work all or part of your time our agents frequently make $100 monthly and more, Pay checks Issued weekly. Free agent's outfit, consists of full Instructions and colored plates of fruits, shrubs, etc. Information free. Clarence Wedge ... Seventh St. Nursery. Box H. Albert Lea. Minn. full and secure splendid Income. H. O. Jones. Secty., 620 Schwlnd Bldg., Dayton, Ohio. SALESMEN SELLING RESTAURANT, hotel, cafe, cigar, pool, drug, general store trade can do big business with our new live pocket side line all merchants, towns 100,000 and under want it $5.00 commission each sale no collecting no expense or risk to merchant. We take back all unsold goods. Canfield Mfg. Co., 1'OS Slgel St., Chicago, 111. WOULD $150 MONTHLY AS GENERAL agent for $100,00u corporation and a Ford auto of your own, introducing stock dip, disinfectants, sweeping compound, fly oil, auto oil, lice killer, sprayers, liquid snap, stock and poultry remedies, etc., interest you? Then address Royoleuni Co-operative Mfg. Co., Monticello, Ind. SALESMEN WITH ADVERTISING experience who are looking for absolutely new field animated motion picture advertising sells SALESMEN WANTED—EXPERIENCE unnecessary earn while you learn: write for large list of openings and testimonials from hundreds of our students who earn $lu0 to $500 a month. Address nearest office. Dept. 236 National Salesmen's Training Association, Chicago, New York, San Francisco. SALESMAN-J-FOR GENERAL MERcantile trade in North Dakota to sell a new proposition of merit vacancy now attractive commission contract $35 weekly for expenses. Miles F. Bixler Co., Wholesale Jewelers, 202-42 Carlin Bldg., Cleveland. O. SALESMEN—CONNECT NOW AND hold territory for 1917 season: no dull .periods wjth our line success assured to real workers signs, leather goods, calendars, specialties very liberal agreement old house with modern methods. The Winters Co., Springfield, Ohio. MEN AND WOMEN LEARN BARBER trade best equipped barber schools in the-Northwest Scandinavian instructor catalogue free diplomas given positions waiting. Modern Ba'rber College, 20V4 E. Superior St., Duluth, Minn., or 333 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. WANTED—MEN TO LEARN BARBER trade. The only reliable, successful college In the Northwest school has proved successful for over 20 years start right and you will end right catalogue free. Moler Barber College, 28 Ntcollct Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. PRINTER WANTED FOR COUNTRY office at once must understand presses and be able to handle all branches of work usually done In country office good town: right money for right man. Milestone Mall, Milestone, Sask. SALESMAN—EXCELLENT PERM A Nent position open Nov. 1st: capable salesman In NorthvDakota staple lino for general retail trade liberal commissions: $35.00 Weekly Advance. Rice Co., 6242 Williams Bldg., Detroit. 500 SALESMEN WANTED AT ONCE: sell Magic Motor Gas $10 per day one quart, price $2, equals 50 gallons gasoline in mileage don't delay. Your territory may be open. Auto Remedy Co., Evans St., Cincinnati, O. WANTED—THE NAME AND ADDRESS of every ambitious man In Grand Forks and vicinity who Is Interested in reading law spare time only a splendid opportunity. M. G. Miles, Manhattan Bldg., Chicago. WANTED—MAN WITH HAY-BALING machine to' hale flax straw through eastern part of the state also men to bale In their own local districts. McCanna Fibre Company, McCanna, N. D. TRAVELING SALESMEN WANTED— best side line on earth: something new entirely different $5.00 commission on each order and repeats. Pan Mfg. Co., 255S Cottage Grove, Chicago. TRAVELING SALESMAN TO SELL our mill line spring dress fabrics and white goods to retail stores attractive side line good commission. Frank D. La Lanne & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 1 WANTED—FOR THE GARDEN OF Allah, 25 white men and women andj» 25 colored men and women. Apply stage entrance Metropolitan theater, Monday, Oct. 16, at 11 a. m. IT. s. GOVERNMENT WANTS CLERIvS. $100 00 month Grand Forks examinstlons coming soon sample questions l'rer. Franklin Institute. Dep't 300 T. Roc!-ester. N. Y. FOR GIRL WANTED FOR GENERAL housework. 522 Chestnut st.' GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK. MRS. H. G. Harvey. S16 Ashton. FRED- 31« 1671-9 WANTED—COOK AND HOUSEMAID. President's house. University. WANTED—A MAID. 6» FOURTH AVE. HELP—MALE SALESMEN WANTED—FOB VA» cancy experienced traveltnr salesman worth salary line staple and well known aola direct from factory to merchant. Iowa. y&ii Write Box 486, Iowa City, GOVERNMENT WANTS'...EN'-WOMEN' clerks: $75 month Grand Forks examinations Nov. 4th sample lessons free. Franklin Institute. Dep't 64. S. T. Rochester, N. Y. WE WANT HUSTLERS IN EVERY county to sell groceries, paints, oils, stock remedies and specialties direct to the consumer. R. L. Harris Company, Omaha, Neb. SALESMEN $90.00 WEEKLY TO hustlers: we give merchant $5.00 vending machine and gum free exclusive territory given. Millard 338 Broadway, New York. BARBER WANTED AT ONCE two years' experience steady job to 1 right man. Address Wm. Hennlngr, I Northwood, N. Dak. WANTED AT ONCE—A GOOD STEADY fiainter for outside and oil finish work nslde. Phone or write W. J. Daven, Inkster, N. D. EARN $50 WEEKLY SELLING COLlection cabinets to merchants. Sayers Company, 20 E. Jackson, Chicago. PRINTER WANTED IMMEDIATELY state salary wanted and experience. Tribune, Edlnburg, N. Dale. FIREMEN. BRAKEMEN. BEGINNERS Stallway. aid $120 monthly no strike service, Care Herald. MIDDLE AGED COUPLB WANTED ON farm during winter. Fred Huard, Thompson,.N. Dak. WANTED—FIRST CLASS BARBER. Jim Odber. East Grand Forks. •iekKifc* aH GRAND FORKS HERALD, MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1916. PAGE FIFTEEN'" II MALE HELP—Continued. WANTED—A SECOND COOK, erlck Hotel. Instructions fur- f*0—All modern room In Kelsey Block, nlshed that success Is assured. Write $37—6-room house all modern Belmont Ave. easy with our simple but effective selling plan liberal commissions no attention to replies unless accompanied by reference and experience. Camel Film Company, Chicago. FRED- HOTELS Family European Transient Finest Cafe In Northwest HOTEL DACOTAH Commercial Headquarters. Rooms $1.00 Up. Recently Improved. THE HOLLAND HOUSE New hotel. New furnishings. Steam heat. American Plan. $2.00 per Day. L. E. HOLLAND, Prop. Gllby, North Dakota. HOUSES FOR RENT WATCH GRAND FORKS GROW. For Rent. 9- 4-room house water free International Avenue. $10—R-room house water free North Seventh St. $11—4-room house water free Dell Avenue. $16—7-room houoe water free sewer— No«h Eighth St. $18—G-room house modern but heat Cottonwood St. $19—7-room hous« water and sewer Kittson Avenue. $20—6-room house: modern but heat: North Fourth St. $25—7-room house all modern North 3 pn™°™ ^t0Jse: Ttnv^r. oT-v $30—7-room house all modern Lewis WANTED—SIX MEN FOR OCTOBER I Bouleviard. to represent us in northern states: $30—10-1-oom house modern but heat our men earn from $150 to $250 month- North Third St ly and up $25.00 weekly advances for) $40—9-room house all modern Univerexpenses we pay each Thursday no ity Ave collecting such a!I modern South W. H. KELSEY. FOR RENT Minnesota. Ave. 10-room all modern house $45.00 So. 6th St. 8-room all modern house $45.00 Cottonwood St. strictly modern 8-room house $40.00 Chestnut St. strictly modern 7-room house $30.00 University Ave. all modern 8room tyouse $30.00 No. 5th St. strictly modern house $30.00 Alpha Ave. 6-room house all modern $30.00 University Ave. 6-room house all modern but heat $25.00 No. 7th St. strictly modern 7-room house $25.00 No. 5th St. 6-room, all modern hut heat $24.00 International Ave. 8-room house: all modern but heat fenced in lot ,...$22.50 Walnut St. 6-room cottage modern but heat $22.00 No. 3d St.: 6-room house with water and electric light ....$17.00 No. 5tli St.: 5-room house free water $11.00 Oak St. 4 room cottage city water $ 8.00 Dell Ave. 3-room house $ 7.00 Ask for Mr. Olson, Mgr. Rental Dept. E. J. LANDER & CO., 414 DeMers Ave. Grand Forks. FOR RENT—ALL MODERN 6 ROOM house close In 315 Hill Ave. $25 a month. Inquire Joseph Mahowald, 278L N. W„ 658J Trl-State, or 1129 N. W. FOR RENT—SIX-ROOM ALL MODERN cottage. $30.00 six room house modern, except heat $22.50. W. G. Miller Realty Co., Either Phone 6X3. 5-ROOM HOUSE, WATER, SEWER and lights: $10 a month. Call upstairs at 717 Second Ave. 7-ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT 620 ALpha. Inquire of L. H. Carter, Grocery Dept., Ontario Store. FOR RENT—PARTLY FURNISHED first floor of private residence modern. Call 937-J N. W. FOR RENT, AT 609 NORTH FIFTH— 7-room house with bath: also barn. John Elkhof. 6-ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT MODERN except heat $15 a month. Call 701 Fourth ave. 7-ROOM month. T. S. HOUSE FOR RENT $12 415 Cedar St., or call E. 193 FOR RENT—6 ROOM FRONT FLAT all modern. 126 South Third St. Inquire rear flat, A. G. Lockman. HOUSE FOR RENT AT 610 NO. 5TH St. Inquire of R. J. Purcell, City Hall. FOR SALE OR RENT—9 ROOM HOUSE —all modern but heat. H. Bendeke Co. FOR RENT—EIGHT-ROOM FURNISHed house: modern. 617 No. 3rd. FOR RENT—HOUSES AND HOUSEkeeping rooms. 401 So. 3rd St. COTTAGE FOR RENT AT 503 WALnut. T-S. 2S7-K. SIX-ROOM MODERN HOUSE. 765L, Trl-State. GOOD HOUSES FOR RENT. Roe Co. 2 ROOM HOUSE. $8.75 Inquire 517 Oak St. CALL JOHN PER MONTH. TWO FLATS IN MODERN DUPLEX house. Heated. Call Roat's Paint Store. FOTTSRfS—K A, F».AI»LAND. HOUSES FOR SALE FOR SALE. Choice residence property on Belmont ave. inside 8th nv«. Improved and unimproved house* entirely modern and up to date. W. L. WILDER. IfOR SALE OR TRADE—MY RESIdence. South Sixth street. 11 large rooms besides large bath room: dll hardwood floors, gas and electric lighted throughout hot water heat large gnrage. O. J. Barnes. FOR SALE—HOUSE, MODERN BUT heat 9 rooms and bath: full basement two screened porches, located on 50 ft. corner lot on South 4th st. One block from Central Park. South Fourth St. 1 FOR SALE, BY OWNER—5-ROOM COTtage water, gas, electric lights, l.-ath close In: 2 blocks from school: 1 block from car line: cement walks' and shade trees price $1,900.00. Address "G." Care Herald. NEW 7-ROOM, ALL MODERN HOUSE: WITH I Just finished: has sleeping porch and full basement 50 ft. lot: nrlce for quick sale $3,250. Call at 318 Washington St., Grand Forks. SEVEN ROOM HOUSE. MODERN, EX_cept heat, on 75 ft. lot desirable location snap for quick returns. Address 119 Herald. FOR SALE STRICTLY MODERN new six-room house, $8,200. E. A. Flsdeland. KODAK FINISHING MAIL YOUR PHOTO FINISHING TO Grove's Studio. Grand Forks. WE DO DEVELOPING AND PRINTIng lowest prices best Service. Lion Drug 8tore. t* 80. Ird. RAVE YOUR KODAK FINISHING dona at the Walker Studio. 117 S. rd Herald Want Ada Brine Results. INSURANCE NELSON & FORISTICR—Insurance. Bth Floor. Son.-Am. Bank Bide. LAUNDRY. W ANT ED—WASSHINCT~AT MRS. JAS. Weber's home laundry. Just phone 1731 J. N. W. Will call and deliver. LIVE STOCK WANTED "TO BUY—SOME 2 YEAR old steers have some llolstein cows to trade for Shorthorn cows or young stock. International Harvester Farm. I J. G. Haney. Supt. FOR SALE—A FEW CHOICE REGIStered Holstein bulls and heifers from 8 to 12 months old. M. L. Enrlgiit, East Grand Forks. Minn. FOR SALE—PURE BRED POLLED Angus bull for $125. McCanna Farming Company, McCanna, N. I). CHOICE Dl'ROC JERSEY BOARS, SIRed by Grand Champion Model Boy. John Kenmir, Emerado. DTIROC JERSEY ROARS FROM PRIZE winning stock $1S and $20.00. Frank Root, Lakota, N. I). TWO PONIES AND HARNESS FOR sale cheap. Abe McMahon, 1711 Universlty. LOST AND FOUND WILL THE PERSON WHO TOOK BY mistake a black silk jacket from the art counter in Ontario store last evening kindly return to Miss Hallick at Ontario Store. PARTY THAT STOLE WHITE DOG from 206 South Third is known save yourself trouble by returning same at once. LOST—BETWEEN LAKOTA AND ARvllla, bundle of quilts. Finder please address Fashion Shop, Grand Forks. FOUND—BLACK GAUNTLET ON UNIverslty Ave. Call at Herald. LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALE—CORNER LOT ON UNIverstty Ave. Will sell at a bargain if sold at on re. Call N. W. 1086L. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE PUTuTT7oNEY^(Wr~inr~^^ 2 cans, $12.00 1916 crop Is short: send In your order with money order. A. Tvan, Harvey, N. D. FOR SALE, CHEAP—HOT AIR nace. Call at 510 No. 3rd St. MONUMENTS W. R. Jack. Jr., Room 1. DR. G. J. GISLASON. SPECIALIST. Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat. Beare Block. Over Lion Drug Store. DR. JOHN D. TAYLOR Physician and Surgeon Special attention given to diseases of the skin and genito-urinary system. Office over First National Bank. DRS. HEALY, LAW & WOUTAT. Physicians and Surgeons. Office, Scan-Amer. Bank Bldg. DR. J. G. ARNEBERG, SPECIALIST. Ear. Eye. Nose and Throat. Over China Hall. Grand Forks. N. D. PIANOS. HIGH GRADE WALNUT CASE piano will sell at a bargain. First class condition. Walnut street. North Dakota's Greatest (Classified Section FUR- HIGH GRADE BICYCLE FOR SALE cheap. 708 North Fourth St. MONUMENTAL WORKS MARKERS VAULTS Grand Forks. N. D. OFFICES FOR RENT. DESIRABLE OFFICES FOR RENT IN the Beare Block suitable for lawyers or doctors. Apply to Eugene Fretz, SECURITY BLOCK. 2 ROOMS, SECOND floor, facing Third St. $25. C. W. Ross. Phone 166 N. W. OLD COINS. OLD MONEY WANTED—WE PAY TO $80 for certain large cents $5 for certain eagle cents, etc.: high premiums paid for rare coins to 1912' many in circulation: water vour change send 4c now get our large illustrated coin and stamp circular Numismatic Bank, Dept. 4, Fort Worth. Texas. OSTEOPATHS DRS. ORR AND MAY SANDERS Suite 306. Security Block Both Phones 542. Grand Forks. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS DRS. EKERN & MARSDEN. Specialists. Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat. S. A. Bank Bldg. Grand Forks. DRS. BRATRUD & KITTELSON. Physicians and Surgeons. Platky Bldg. Both Phones 141. Call 220 PIANO FOR RENT. CALL AT 212 Walnut. PICTURE FRAMING. PICTURE FRAMING. Bring in your pictures and farm views and have them framed a large selection of picture mouldIngs, a frames, tonvex glasses, etc. We repair broken pictures, tarnished frames or broken glasses reasonable prices. BARLOW'S ART STORE. Tri-State 284-S. 206 So. Third St. RAZOR BLADES. Safety Razor Blades Sharpened. We guarantee them to cut better than new. Prices. Single edg« blades 25c do7„ Double edge nlades o5c doz. Durham-Duplex blades ....S0c doa. Hollow ground (Star) blades 25c each Bring 'hem in or send them by Mall, enclosing stamps or money order. V. E. DeLong, Grand Forks. N. ROOMS FOli RENT NICE LARGE FRONT ROOM FOR rent In modern house board If desired ladies only. 316 Chestnut. 1659-L N. W. ONE COMFORTABLE FURNISHED front room for rent: close in: business man preferred. Address 140 Herald. LARGE, NEWLY DECORATED. ALL modern front room. Suitable for two. 520 So. 4th st. Tri-State 667J. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS with or without board. Mrs. James McHafTle, 12 No. 6tli st. FOR RENT—ROOM IN ALL MODERN house with or without breakfast. 618 9th ave. T-S. 305-L. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT AT 417 South 0th street. Phone N. W. 789 or call at house. FOR RENT—LARGE FRONT ROOM all modern 414 University. Call or phone 1258-J N. W. MODERN ROOM FOR RENT. BREAKfast and supper If desired. 856 Belmont. N. W. 931J. FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS downstairs |13 month. 308% South Third. FOR RENT—SINGLE. AND ENSUITB w)th steam heat, electric light. Hotel Ryan. 8^n^r ber. WifnnYStT' M." PALACE HOTEL—ROOMS SBe. I»c, Tie •1.M a week and aOeetno Ltera ROOMS FOR RENT—Continued. MODERN, WELL HEATED PARLOR, on ear line close In. Trl-State 197-L. TWO FURNISHED LIGHT HOUSEkeeping rooms. $8.00. Call 1128L N. W. MODERN ROOM. GENTLEMEN ON-, ly. No. Ijinnie block, Chestnut St. NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM for rent. Inquire 214 Cottonwood. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping. 318 North 8th. SUITE OF FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP. ing rooms: modern. 519 No. 5th. A MODERN ROOM FOR RENT IN family of two. Call 1S51J N. W. SUITE LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING rooms furnished. 316 Walnut st. PLEASANT, WARM FURNISHED room modern. 315 Dakota Ave. FOR RENT—2 NICELY FURNISHED rooms modern. 413 Cheyenne. MODERN FURNISHED ROOM FOR rent. 405 So. 5th: N. W. 1760. QUIET ROOM IN MODERN HOUSE gentlemen only. 515 No. 3rd. FOR RENT—TWO NICELY FURNISH^ ed rooms. 121 Cottonwood. 3 MODERN FURNISHED ROOMS FOR rent. 520 South Fifth St. WARM MODERN ROOM RENT REAsonable. 1740-J N. W. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT. «1« University ave. MODERN ROOM. 408 NORTH FIFTH. SHOE REPAIRING The Shoe Hospital—Largest and Most complete shoe shop in Grand Forks par« eel post paid one way repairing while you wait. .T. Solland. basement 314 D'Mera SITUATIONS WANTED STORM WINDOWS CLEANED, PUT up and screens removed 15 cents per window also repair frames and put In lights. Olaf Klmm, Phone 1017-J Tri-State. SITUATION WANTED IN HARDWARE] store: North Dakota town preferred am Scandinavian: no experience salary reasonable. Address 137 Herald. WANTED—BY EXPERIENCED MAN and wife with three children: work on farm or rent farm furnished good references. Address 126 Herald. MARRIED COUPLE WITHOUT CHILdren wants position on farm for win(••r can furnish references. Addresa i::s Herald. MAN AND WIFE WANTS POSITION on farm by month or year can give references. Address 134 Herald. YOUNG MAN DESIRES STEADY Position throughout winter. Phone 1362J or P. O. Box 116, city. EXPERIENCED MAN AND WIFE wants work on farm for the winter. Address 133 Herald. MIDDLE AGED MAN WANTS WORK on farm for the winter good milker. Address 132 Herald. WANTED: HOUSES TO PAINT AND kalsomlne. Work guaranteed. 572L NW ASSISTANT PHARMACIST DESIRES position. Address 85 Herald. LADY WANTS WORK BY DAY OR hour. 1116-.T N. W. STORAGE Household Goods Packed and Stored. Panovltz Furniture and Carpet Co. WANTED TO BUY WANTED—FLAX STRAW. WE WILL buy the straw in stack or baled, to be shipped at once. McCanna Fibre Mill, McCanna, N. D. WANTED—1,000 TONS OF COUNTRY mixed scrap iron. Write for prices to Ginsberg Bros.. Grand Forks. N. D. WANTED TO BUY—SECOND HAND bull tractor state price and condition. Box 21, 1, Niagara. N. D. WANTED TO BUY—ONE POWERS boreing machine: must be In good condition. Address 139 Herald. WANTED—TO PURCHASE A SMALL barn. Call A. P. Peterson 17S7-J N. W. T-S. S97-L. WANTED TO RENT MAN AND WIFE WANTS NICELT furnished modern flat. Phone 168® N. W. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE FOB. BIDS. For Construction of Grand For&s County Brain or Ditch No. 9, Grand Forks County, North Dakota. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Drain Commissioners in and for the County nf Grand Forks. State of North Dakota, will receive sealed bids for the construction and bridging of drain or ditch No. 9. located in the Townships of Brfnna and Grand Forks, in the County of Grand Forks, State of North Dakota, at tile office of the County Surveyor of the said County of Grand Forks, in the Court House in the city and County of Grand Forks, North Dakota, until four o'clock 1'. M.. on Monday, the 16th day of October. A. D.. l!!lf, at which time the said Board of Drain Commissioners will meet and said bids be opened and con» sidered by the said Board. Said bids to be made on bidding blanks furnished by Jos. A. Ingram, County Surveyor of the said County of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Bids must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of not. less than five per cent of the total aggregate amount of the bid, addressed to the Board of Drain Commissioners of Grand. Forks County, North Dakota, in care of said Jos. A. Ingram, and marked on the outside of 1 Me sealed envelope "Proposals for Grand Forks County Drain or Ditch No n." l'lats, profiles, plans and specifications and estimates are now on file and may be seen in the office of the County Auditor in and for the said County of Grand Forks, North Dakota, and also at the office of the said County Surveyor In and for said County. The Beard reserves the right to reject any or all bids in their entirety or such part or parts of bids as may be deemed exhorbltant. and cause such work to be done separately. BOARD OF DRAIN COMMISSIONERS Of Grand Forks County, North Dakota. D. C. Cunningham, Chairman, Clias. Colosky. Secretary. FORD PEACE ANGEL FOUND DESTITUTE Washington, Oct. 16.—Mme. Rosika Schwimmer, who persuaded Henry Ford to organize his peace party and charter the peace ship Oscar II, is 111 and in want in Sweden. Word to this cffect has reached Washington and was made known by one of Mme. Schwimmer's former co-workers. Although Mme. Schwimmer persuaded the Detroit man to get up the peace party and take it to Europe at a great outlay of money, her friends insist she never received a cent from Ford and was almost an' object of charity on the trip over. Her clothes, It Is' said, Were furnished by other women members of the party and only her actual expenses were met by Ford. Mme. Schwimmer was a. well known writer on international reform before the war3, started. She came to the United States and was ex~' ploited by several women's organizatlons. Then when the war started she he' 'came actively engaged in the effort S* to end it immediately. It was saldi? she who urged Ford' to attempt wtrip to call a conference of neutrals^ and to try to "get the boys out of the trenches by Christmas." On the way ov«r. %ir* an estrangement and Mme. !jf "ft! •M 'i-S A Schwimmer and she watt practically driven out of tha j»rn party. l!V

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