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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 1

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Wednesday, May 6, 1908
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IT ;.AST EDITION i u.iv.i ani coot.i:n. Nel pa 1.1 t 1 rru I t 1 on ftf April, i: ; Inrfiira-clis s'ou ..... A EIGHTEEN PAGES WEDNESDAY - EVENING, MAY 6, 1908. EIGHTEEN ;PAGES ISSJTWO CENTS! f A V.)L,. -v.vAlAtv. l.i.K NO U.T.iO , 'I J t J ! o .-"- -a - ; i! s !l i is. I i J 3, W AumaiM y ' : ' ' ' " ' AFGHANS ROUTED BY BRITiSH THDDPS Horrors of the Bender Family and the Holmes Crimes Eclipsed ori a Little Farm Near Laporte. si;: victims of murder unearthed Skeleton of Man and Several Detached Bones! Found To-day in a Soft Spot" at the Gunness Farm. CORONER VIEWING BODIES AT GUNNESS FARM DETAILS OF THE MULTI-fiRDER MYSTERY Evidence Tht the Woman Used Matrimonial Ads. to Decoy . f.'en vith Money to Her HomeWEoIice, However, Think Sho Had a Graveyard for Persons Murdered in Chicago for Insurance Money -Possibility That Mrs; Gunness Was Met Burned and That She is Now on the Way to Europe' Tctal Victims May Number Twelve. . , Trim a Ftil Correspondent. LArOi'.TE, Ind., May 6. The finding of lv..iy. rrak'.ng six im me U lt.:-ui "jenr('iy morning, pro-i ar.othtr r.sat!on In the Gunness ;rr r;ystry P-fi.iy. and the belief rrevalls thst the Gunness farm la a nr.j f -)r rnUrc'er vie Ums without i :, f ':! In ' AriTl'.-.l. r-.a r-.ore f -j s f ! i V t Our f he tin, that Mrs.' arur i ' : ;. r ,,s was a Plufhnrd In skirts. That u ! Cf.t ll to decoy numerous un- r - . c j.-.vrrs t her dan in the hU'.s ror!':i l I .n porta Is clearly apparent. v;c --era :jr cone, pall their money and ' h The cu.i was a t1vl!-plrltel woman v.. '.,! 0,n-rti.i"!.nLn cnl letter of Ujed the flails to Decoy. t t TV ? News correspond V p.t t.'.e Oinncss woman :-- t: cuv of Cui M with murilef-s s ...v. M i v'a u f the mails. E'.ioit- r tt -'' " t'a of r;-.:;lp Gunness, ts r ' y. Ti.ete tame from every-She l I 1 to hn ve !ial a nelsrh- ;te an r ! ei t ;-o:::'nt f-T her which ? ! ;;i n O! ;cir in -i t j irnotii '.1 puh- vf-rtisivnont- sa!l: (;;!-.c youiifit worn-it a l-: funi, ih-slres to i v .-1; a rt wealth !. i.;.yf, n. atrial' ny." - j Arswcrei Her Ad. err - i!ie-,t l-rnucM a fl'KMt of ; . :'.y f : t t'-i" -.VorlhwfJt, , i -.1 :i tli' a-lvertisemcnt . :Jt.s w. ie i reft-rre.l. It . ;..e nro 1 t;. p.-.r-tofflt-e t j 'cf i.,:,i f -r the n.If rt:?cr i ,f t: cM-.ei;' woman Kh In B 'crt t r:' ". 1 ly r'- !.--r f-! vi r- l-.f-re. I"-r i . "-.t:. 1- I'!'. A r!i pi !n rr3, Mrs. G'jnness .ril at t'ii rata of four to t t - . w n ft, vir.keirpt '. e t i fr it ures. S-'-.e l- 1 1 t--th. -"':e r p.Ue 1 1 me known 1. TV.e 1-ttrs j...-,. .-. . r, p. r.d pres- ;. t ' tfit itrarce i t . ,:!.! farm. ; I I r--;r..i t!.at v ; t . marry i . w- th of the . - ; r. Tie o . r'-'S : ( .1 r t! ry t-J Fed ! f rty- r ! . . . 1 f- r t: ! 1-! y i -i n ;,: - t noon Just how many more graves he will have to open aa a aacrlnce to Cupid. The body found to-day wn uncovered In aoft spot about five feet from where four of the bodies were found yesterday. Sheriff Smutxer, who wa an undertaker before he entered politics, ia familiar with the human anatomy, and when his spade struck a human shoulder blade a few feet below the surface he knew that he had struck' another victim of the widow. The body apparently occupied a woodei lox- about nve feet long.. The box was thin and had rottetf away, in h .so'ft ' ground. ' : j . i Skeleton of a Man. j Slowly and carefully the sheriff and his assistant removed the earth from around the fleshless bones, and the skeleton of a man wa txpored. It was lying: face downward and had apparently been care lessly dumped Into the box, then covered. Among the debris that covered the body was a little' tin stove, the plaything- of baby, perhaps of one of the Gunness children who ' died In last week's Are. After freeing the body SherlfT Smutxer covered it to await the arrival of Coroner Mack, who was to view the skeleton this afternoon. It will be placed in the shed nearby, where the rest of the bodies are. Detached bones were also found today among a pile of stones. It was reported that .two more bodies had been unearthed, but this rumor " proved to be untrue. Indicates-Two Victim. The finding of the man's body to-day may prove conclusively that two men who vinited the Gunness home about the same time a year ago are the victims. One. of thorn was a young man, a stranger, who was known as . the . sweet Ueart of Jennie 0!on nnd was to have married her, but he disappeared. The other may be a m'.d- C!e-a?ed Swede fron a town near Minne- a polls and who answered one of Mrs. Ounnejs's adv 1 1 tlsernen ts. lie came here and spent enteral days, durinsr which time he had a draft for $1,000 honored on a Minneapolis bonk. The money went to Mrs. Gunness. SherLT Smutxer obtained tiu niife of the man from Cashier J. W. Ci urr packer, of the Laporte Saving's Dank, to-day. but both refuse to divulge it until It Is known whether the man Is missing. Thinks Lamphere Knows. rri'."ci'.tr-r Fmith aJheres to:his belief that r.ay Irr.phere. the local admirer of Mrs. Gunnees, know all about the wid ow's murderous career, but efforts to f rce a confe-ion to-day failed.'. Lam-phere Is to jro before the grand Jury ne.xt v fpk. hnd Trosecutor Smith will attempt to ir.ilict him on five counts, one for mur- cer in earn r me rases or airs. (Junness fcnl hr three children and one for arson. I'rr.secutr.r S;r.ith Is sure he can rrove by circumstantial evidence that Lam- pi ere set Pre to the Gunness house la r to seal th li; s of the widow for ever, jimptire was seen in ih.e vicinity i f I' e Gunncsj home while the fire was st !''l.!;lt, Hi was also known to f!;nl l-i f'-ar rf the widow. The prls-i.-,rc j arcr.O ar. 1 two sisters living C - ? ' J as Hs was Phctcjraphed. otorap.iej by a score : '.i-i. era this morning, 1 . r 1 rl.el tobacco In.. 1 refused to i t ' " t n-wspaprr '. : 1 ail f-o;, net ; ,n ; : .... ;-Uv-::.e-'v. -:.-! :i v? x-:-V .. 4 : .; .. --.t. :- r.;,;.?,i;rv':.:!ti. ? ,;V''-. J,. .- ' . ,-: - -';'. n. i A-ir;'-; y .rtr- ., in, - J'. Hundreds Killed in Two Days' Battle at Khyber ; Pass. NATIVES SH0W COURAGE Indian Soldiers Make Bold Charge and r Hand-to-Hand Fighting Followa " Trouble Prpbably Ended. to'' tell the authorities -what she -knows about' Mrs.' Gunness and her matrimonial ventures and their -results. ' - ,- : , INCREASING IN HORROR.' w f s 1 : r j t- y lr. t 1 . . t;t ex-s-.r; r :el !. Developments to Date In the Murder Mystery -Private Graveyard. . ry ITrom a fitaff Correnpondent.J T LAPORTE., Ind... May 6. The horror of the Gunners home tragedy ' increases - almost .with each spadeful of earth that' is lifted in the private graveyard of ' the "murder farm.": ' . . If Is now believed the total number of victims of Jealousy . and the lust for gold will number at least , twelve. When the home' of ; Mrs. ' Bella' Gunness, near 'this city", was "burned on Tuesday of last week, the woman and .her three children perished.' At least it is supposed the woman was burned, though many people think another body was' substituted.' Tester day and to-day six . bodies . have been found1 buried . in the yard, and .'detached . bone indicate, there were , other . murders. . : Facts In the; Case. . Invektlgatlon to-day revealed these facts In the case: "."' ' ' That .Mrs. Gunness married twice, both her husbands, Philip Gunness and' Max Sorenson. having died mysteriously. She collected $12,000' life Insurance. That Ray Lamphere, -whom she former ly employed. -was Infatuated with : her. was discharged, and afterward - axrested on charge of insanity on her complaint. That . Andrew Hegeleln. an ; Aberdeen (S. D.) stockman, suddenly, appeared at the Gunness home and then disappeared. That the Gunness home was burned on April 27. and that Ray Lamphere was arrested the next day on a charge of murder. . . That' six bodies were dug 'up on the Gunness place, and that one of them was He'gelein's. '. A ? . .. ! . All Had Been Murdered. An autopsy on the bodies. of (two men. one girl and two children unearthed. yes terday from three "soft spots" on the farm! was held at midnight. All had been murdered.- Those bodies that were' not dismembered" were "foUnd to' have small holes in the skulL; '.-;'' :y .' X Following the 'midnight autopsy Sheriff Smutzer, Coroned ' Mack and ' the news paper men to-day began an examination of the Gunness 'house of mystery," and discovered three ."- new . sunken graves similar in every way to' those'from which the five" bodies were, dug yesterday. At daylight .Sheriff Smutzer set men to, work digging into these spots, lie said he would not be .surprised to And half 's dozen additional bodies. . Trunks Shipped from Chicago. The sheriff also notified the ; Chicago police to be on the lookout for a gang In that city believed to be in the whole sale murder business for purposes of collecting' Insurance. The ganc is believed to have disposed of part of the bodies In Laporte. On Satur day, ' April Zo, two daya. before her noma. was burned. Mrs. Gunness received by express from Chicago four large trunks. What their contents were has not been learntd. Sheriff Smutser is conudent, however, that they contained bodies of murdered people shipped here from Chi cago. . This leads the authorities to sispect that Mrs. Gunness conducted a "murder fence" to dispose of bodies of prsons murdered in Chicago for their, life ln- ;rance. ' May be on Way to Norway. The belief Is growing in Laporte. that Mrs. Gunness was not burned to death in the nher home, but that the body supposed Yo be hers Is really that of another woman. The basis for this belief U Vint the hei I of the body suppose! to be Mrs. GunncM'i is missing. The autopsy K-bl immediately aff-r the revffi'.-l' tMt w- 'le tiio bv'a-1 was tp-r y ' in 1 ". th r.-.-t of the lo-!y mi i ' fl'ry" S"-.-rch..- 1. Zlv.y peri.s LONDONV' My . .Three hundred Afghans were killed r and as . many more wounded in Sunday's and Monday's fighting with Gen. Sir Jarnes WUIcock's British fire at the west entrance to Khyber pass, according to' an official report from Peshawar, India. The native Indian troops in the English service showed the greatest gallantry, the report says, charging desperately up the precipitous slope upon which the Afghans clung, cutting them down hand to hand and finally dislodging the entire force above the Michnikandach blockhouse, around which the fiercest fighting centered. The Afghans resisted furiously,' but the natives paid no attention to the volleys with which they swept the slope. Reinforcements from , the rear Joined the Afghan Una as it was breaking, however, and for a time there seemed danger that the Sepoys would be driven nacK ward down the.- slope. Reinforced by Fusileers. Strengthened by the Munster .fusileers. at the very crisis of the fight, the British force finally began to forge ahead alow- A MOLLYCODDLE ROOSTEH. He Becomes Mother cf 12 Chicks Only to be Dispossessed by a Hen. ST, LOUIS.' j May The mollycoddle rooster, of Maplewixkd. Mo., I now a mother. , lie hatched twelve Plymouth Kock chicks out of fifteen eggs on which he has been sitting three weeks, and I Inordinately pifoud of th achievement. But he was not alrowrd to enjoy the pleasure of motherhood. N. D. Kitchell. his owner, was afraid he wcul I Injure the chickensjin moving awkwardly among them a fear which waa increased by the rooster' desire to exhihlt his brood to tlw others In tne . barnyard and took all I twelve away from h'ni, placing them In the charge of a -hen. The rooster could not apprised. Wh-nevr Kltchell walked away the btrd rvtuined to his attack upon the hen that bud dispossessed htm. Immediately . Ktlcheil struck on a happy experiment. He put out fifteen inor crirs f-jr the rooster to if on.- This subterfuge had the desired effect, and Mr, Mollycoddle Is again on ti.e Job. f j . LftHDIS TELLS DDE WEDS THEY HUE FOOLISH PEOPLE ACTIVITY IN, POLITICS WILL KILL THEIR BUSINESS. TART SPEECH IN THE HOUSE ' r The ladUnapoa News Bureau, 4 tVyatt Building. WSinNGTON-. May 6.-Representa-tiw Land's led, ihe fight in the House this afternoon to obtain a provision In the sundry civil appropriation bill prohibiting the maintenance of canteens In national soldiers' homes. In concluding a long speech he said: "I believe- this entire proposition is born of the desire of the men who manufacture beer to find a market for it. It is a notorious fact tlit one-half of the saloons of the country are KNOWN AND SUPPOSED VICTIMS OF THE GUNNESS HOME HORROR ly. At Kargalt village the Afghans made ?wnd 'TKth Vw!r"' thHr Po! y being , , ... J ... . I to force the saloon into every community their last stand. KlghOng from the cov- 1 where there is the slightest chance to er of the native huts, they resisted so I estabiis it. I resent tne Insolence with stubbornly that the British were forced Hlf.brTers .Dd ,whU'k.yv. nien .1 tntS ronnlrv nttirvt In T n, i- tha i. to settle down to something like a siege, j.uct upon people i and into communities It waa here that the fiercest fighting where instinct tells us. and common sense MRS. BELLA PAULSON GUNNESS, the alleged multi-murderess." . ' MYRTLE GUNNESS, age 11; . - '. ; '- ' ' .. LUCY GUNNESS, age 9. . -'' - ; - - ' PHILIP GUNNESS, age 5. ;'" ' i - MAX SORENSON, first husband of Mrs. Gunness. ' -.PHILIP GUNNESS, the woman's second husband. ANDREW HELGELEIN, Aberdeen,; S. D, lured by matrimonial ad. JENNIE OLSON GUNNESS, adopted " daughter, of Mrs.' Gunness. : Two un Identified bodies of men unearthed in the yard ' of ' the Gunness - ,'home. . "'.' ' . '' ; ' - ; y ; ' .- : Two bodies supposed to ba those, f grown children,. found under burled ' mattress In yard. ' . I but the British discipline and destruction the overwhelming sentiment against the wrought by the machine gitna at length satoon which we must recognize in this won nrt tha Afirh.n retrea.t beeam a o-v..v. . i or nnea lu l ney - - " i uare cnaiiengea It. rout, in aeieacea iorce Droae into smau parties and scattered In every direction. Gen. Sir James "Wtllcocks believes that BLACK HAIID AGEHT USES KlllfE Oil FIVE PEOPLE think Mrs. Gunness Is now on her way to Norway;;. c. ; ' . '. ;y' '-'.-, The basement, and walla of the. burned Gunness home were examined to-day, and tappings disclosed ' several hollow places. Sheriff Smutser will probably -tear these down' to" hunt for further bodies.. . The startling revelations of the day have awakened Laporte people to a recollection of some of the strange occurrences at the Gunness home during the last year. Last summer Mrs. Gunness reported 'to '. Chief of Police Cochran that a child had been murdered to the woods back of her house by a man : and woman who . had 7 driven past her home. ' 8howed Him an Empty Hole. . The ofScer investigated, but . could find do trace - of the , body, and dropped . the case, but a week later Mrs. Gunness aent her little daughter to him to state that she could . take .him - to the spot where the supposed - murdered : child , had ' been burled. ; Cochran went with the girl ahd In. the woods she showed him an empty hole,' explaining that some one must have taken the body, away.: Cochran now . be lieves that Mrs." Gunness slew- the child and ' later 'burled it. ' " ; y 7 ' v Mrs.1 Gunness '' has . . always been , re garded as - eccentric. ' If .". visitors called she '"sicked" the dogs on them. - She waa frequently seen as late as 2 o'clock In 'the morning walking about her yard. ; - Developments indicate that people were lured to the Gunness home and killed for their money,; or to obtain' Insurance" on their Uvea. Mrs. .Gunness waa twice" married. Her first husband waa Max Soren-sori. v He died ' under ' suspicious ' circum stances, as did her second husband," Mr.' Gunness.'. Jennie " Olson, an 'adopted daughter, disappeared mysteriously. ' Andrew. Helgeiein's -Disappearance. ' These facts were not recalled till yes terday,' when John Helgeleln arrived from Mansfield, S. DV to Investigate the disap pearance of his brother, Andrew Helge leln, a. wealthy, bachelor, who left Aber deen. S. D., on January I to come to Ijl porte. John Helgeleln knew that his brother had been corresponding with. Mrs. Bella Gunness, of Laporte, having be come acquainted with her through a mat rimonial agency, and that he went to Laporte for the purpose of meeting her. nd, if conditions were satisfactory. marrying her. After Helgeleln left Aberdeen 'nothing was heard from him, and this caused un easiness in the minds of relatives, par ticularly since he had drawn 13.000 from an Aberdeen bank after his arrival in Laporte. John Helgeleln wrote Mrs. Gunness regarding his brother and received a reply from her to the effect that he had gone to Norway on a pleasure trip from here. This story did not satisfy Helgeleln entirely, but he began no Investigation until he tead In the papers, of the burning of the .house andfthe death of Mrs. Gunness anad her three childre.n. Then he came to Laporte. arriving yes terday. ' Helgeiein's Body Unearthed. Confident in the belief t) at his Lrother had not left 1-aporte, Helgeiein began an examination on the Gunnes farm, for thre had t-en rumors that ldies of peo- i p'e m'.Tht have ben bur-d In. the yard. Conversation with Jo'i h n.ix."n, an em- j plbye of ' Mrs. Gunness, - who, ; barely .es caped from the burning house, brought to light .circumstances that whenever Mrs. I Gunness had something to throw away. refuse, etc," he had instructions to dump I It In "certain places. Clearing ; away this refuse showed depressions in the ground, and' so. Sheriff Smutxer set men at work to make excavations. . ' ; In the first bole workmen came on sev- Will Reap the Whirlwind. hostilities are definitely ended. No men-J y'" ' "7 a a , Z X tlon ia made of British losses. 4 battle. They invited and challenged it by attempting to dictate politics, local. State and national, in every part of the land. They have Invited and challenged It by studied, open, wilful, deliberate! violation of the laws. Their conduct has been imprudent, brasen and defiant. Thev have sown "the wind and will have no one to blame but themselves If thev reuD the whirlwind In all Its fury. i see in the dally print that they have succeeded In securing a grant to estab lish a bar In the new union station here at "Washington, that splendid building which would never hav been construct ed but for the assistance voted by the American : Congress. This shows the short-8ightednee of those gentlemen who call themselves friends of personal lib erty. Will Close Every Saloon. . 'They should be wis enough to know that that grant will be of short dirra tlon. In ray Judgment no district appro- BARBER'S BOY ATTEMPTS WHOLESALE. MURDER. W IE II ML -MiMEim: Cannon and Rcccbvclt Zl Signs cf Getting Tc-ci.1-. on Legislativo Prcsrcrr:. MUCH DEPE'.'DS O.'i ZZ:iTl Elder -Stateimen Disp!eas;i Cc:.:i Younger Members Are Disposed io Fight for President's Prc-ra.-.--. MAN AND WIFE MAY DIE . i-. priatlons bill - will ' ever again pass . this NEW TORK, May A sixteen-year-1 House that does not carry a provision old boy known xnly as CarmeUo. and em- sounding the death knell to that bar that ployed in a barber arsop in BrookIn, tg to established at the gateway to eral gunny sacks, which on being opened I early to-day cut the throats of his em-I this splendidcapital city. I would utter . j.i .--, .. . . iptoyer. Antonio reraso. Airs, i'eraao and I - . " v, ...v. u.ncuiuvivu wuj v. i - . - I rriends or personal liberty, and say thai nude man. Mr. . Helgeleln Identified th. 'I' ..'lo,v "" that very grant is likely to precipitate a . - 1 Faruo l arjartment at ivi Jniton street. I contest on this noor. under tnia dome. body as that of his brother. - I i that m ill not' only prohibit the sale of in - I .n- i K. mori.i hiu thn.. 1 toilcatlng llouors In the union station, FounMore Bodies Found. I thrM barbers are serious, but probably ( u clos forever every saloon within the ' I . . . - mbs , . I AAn Tls ass AT tA I llaf liT nT M 'nlnm tiln " Excavation of the second soft clae. I no xatai. ine noy escapea. ine poiiw vv...,Ur. v " " ". . tw.',iuc I ,-. & thwirv tht h hn, w- ut .,.1.1 Itepresentatlve Tirrell. of Massachu- brought to light four bodies, the first be-I of a Black Hand gang. j setts, offered the amendment to keep the tag that , of ' young person, , the second I I who was in the chair, held this amend- that -of., middle-aged man and Mother IttUbl HAIbtU I lib MM. X debaTon the VmendrnVnttwo two - those 'of - children. The belief is that one. of, these 'la the body of Jennie Gunness Olson, who was reared by Mrs. hmirff but the HnulA . refnari . In limit rvansas tOltor Tells Committee ADOUt I the time. Iast year's appropriation car riea a provision proniomng tne rule or beer or intoxicating lijuors in the House. REPORT THAT KACKLEY HAS GONE TD AUSTRALIA " His Paper Contract. . WASHlVRTflV. U'tTh tmhll.htn Quaness. i but .who. disappeared , In Sep- of newspapers appeared to-day before the temper, lsoe. . un , gin was about seven- I House committee investigating the wood teen years old at the time she left Mrs. I PulP n Prirt paper question. Frank Gunness said ah had 'gon to Loa- An-1 r' puou.ner 01 me .uauj , --','.'.:. . . I State Journal, of Topeka. Kas., was the geles. t Cal.. f to - attend , a school., , fir8t w,tnes. 2I. ,tatd that when the Last. week, Mrs... Leo. Arthur Ostrander, I combination of the papermakers was sister of -Miss Olson, came ; to Laporte to I formed the publishers were told not to learn ' the whereabouts 'of her 'sister. . I Set excited as it would result In their -h.' .U-..' v-. e benefit In the end. His contract for pa- . . v . . , I per at that time, he said, was tl.34 a garaingner since ana . was supposed , to I hljndred pounds at the mill. This con-have-left TnnrU for rllforAly Vnlhlnr i tract; he said, ran from September. - , . I to September, USDS. When the contract developed 'then, 'but' she 'said that she expired he wan unable to renew it at . . . . I that nrlee. The beat fla-nr h. -nn A waa never, able, to learn from Mrs. Gun- et malting a new contract was Sl.fG PRIFWn5 RFrCIVC Wfl WdRn - . i 1 ' . . . . I at mill I lr. -H nr.ln, I HIWW I I k-W k. I k. IIU OVIIW uco. - tt m .utr. suicr- wma crp( LUill I " . " " " ' ' --"' .' r I.wma.m V. A k n .1 V. n . 1 1 ......... . . . discount for cash, but during,' the last five years the prices .have been net SHERIFF FEARS HE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SERVE CAPIAS. she was away at school. ' r ? Leters Written In Norwegian. '' John Helgeleln' brought wlth him let ters which he had . received from " Mrs. Gunness regarding his ; brother and also letters which "Andrew Helgeleln received from ; Mrs. Gunness - before he .came - to Laporte. In these she addressed hira as "the r dearest . friend In all the world.' These letters, which -were written In Nor wegian, ar being translated ' and may play an important part In the case, , At, the. time Andrew Helgeleln came to Laporte in - January, Mrs. - Gunness told her lawyer. " M. E. ' Lellter, that he brought'.her $1,600 which he owed her. Prior to that time' Mrs. Gunness was try. Ing -to. borrow money, saying' that she was unable to obtain what ,was owing her In-the West, - She made various 1m provements, spending about $1,500 about her. house. - As Helgeleln drew from - an Aberdeen bank. Mrs. Gunness Is supposed to have got it all. Ray Lamphere's Jealousy. During the ' time that Helgelein WEATHER INDICATIONS. UNITED STATES WEATHER BUREAU. jlndlanapolla. Ind., Mar . 1909. I J Temperature- It is feared In the eherifTs ol3ce that there will b no iservice. by that office, of a grand Jury capias for the arrest of Thomas It. Kackley, former second vice- president and general manager of the At las Engine Works, now -under Indictment on a bribery charge in the county fraud cases. The rear Is the result of a report that the former Atlas man left the Pacific There have been reports of all kinds since the indictment against ivack'ey was handed down three weeks ago, and, it has been Bald that Kackley whs on his way re Cal.: that he was In Europe;' that h would stay In California, until he cotild learn the outcome of the first county fmx.A .. t- r-4 1 - ,Ka V nam In C-itilh v.i.n, u, ..uui. cuuwi I America anA other thinsra of tna k nd p. tn. May T: Clearing and cooler to- J hi friends snd attorneys here have stead- niaht: Tbureday fair and cooler. I lastly denied all Knowledge ci ivacKiey s nlght; Thursday generally fair end cooler. Forecast for Illinois: Fhowers this afternoon and posaibly to-nignt; cooler In itrtme south portion to-night; Thursday genertUly fair. Forecast fr Ohio: Kaln to-night and prob ably Thursday; cooler to-nlghi In sou(h-eat $3.0-j0 I portion. May , 1907. . May , JSOS. T a. in .49 I 7 a. m. H 11 ru 61 j 12 M J p. m. , U 1 2 p. m.' C3 Barotnatar 7 a. rn. ;..o U nu ".. v. n f P- m tt;-.-' 2J.7J Local Korecaat local forecast for Indianapolis and vl- Weather tn Other Cities The following table shows the srat of the weather tn other citlea at S a. tn.: celved from him. sent from .Santa Barbara, saying he would start home In few ilars. j hat was tw-3 weens ago and .Kacklev has not been' heard from since that tfme. s Wife In Chicago. The report that came to the sheriff's office to-day wps that friends had en Mrs. Kackley In Chicago last wek. bivl that sha had -told them at thst time that The IndUaapoIIs New, rjures-i, ---'' 41 Wjsit 13;.:; : ... WASlllXGTONi- May 6.-T!.e .,.tf Speaker Cnn..n to the White inim, :...t evening has feiulted in a letter u:. : r-standing between the Mouse, it was tlie flrst'time the ; -had called at the M'hite House s'.r.Ve f controversy over the legislative pi -j ia'i started. The outcona of the cor, f.-r it was said to-day authoritatively. 1 ,s an honest effort on the part of the I :.-. ltepublican leaders to put through ?v, i v-Ihlng the I'realdent Wiints exes.-t . l '. amendments to the Sherman anti-tr.;o ! i v an-1 jM'.ssLljly the h.m1 savings Km b ' The Veaker was not pr l irt-l t,i m. v that he coul.i force Die Hou to i i : -out the President's program. He i . : t unruly mavnty to dsi with snd i I it. The liepublicuns. ns shown 1 lt night's conference, are still tn rn .r i- m on proposal currency h-sislation, ar-.l it m realized that uny effort to put i i -i i-i suc-li an antl-injunct.'on act ns th I f -dent desires will meet with l-(er! opposition from some of the J '..-pub. :!.. Will Depend on Senate. The extent to which the lloue i;-..h-llcans act on the President's recomti r ! i-tlons will unquestionably depend In f-. n-.. measure on the attitude of the -r it.. i: .,... j uiirr any en vi H?"-ur- ance that the-hols of the. rr'v-i y. : .!" program will not be carried -.'; (' -House will be wlltinir to l-.r praoi ;-i.,y everything po throucit f"r polint al i.-, t. The elder btf.tesmen in the S-nat a i t. -t In a happy frame of. mind over the sitlon of the Hoim to aurrp-mier nin, r ly to tlie Whito House. It la trt.., to. that the so-called youns.t.prs In tH- S'-a-ate-are disposed to fi'hl for the nil i t ,n of the whole of the President's prv,r;iv . with the possible exception r f the -.,,.;-',-ments to the Sherman law. l.'inli-r t! tir". cumstances the Senate will toon i-i i-.o real seat of Interest in the eve-u t: House does decide- to open the Uoors to the President's propram. , But, "Nick" was There. Members of ConxTe.s are l.iugh:n? ht Senator Jonathan Hourne, of Oregon. t' original second elective termer. Lat x Senator Bourne sent out lfti-n tior.s to members of fconrens to ivi- t ;-t his apartments Sunday night to c-m-; :. r tho state of the Pnlun with r.p,:t i.j renomination of President r-l:" t ;t ;t the Chicago convention. The iVn.'jtor !;;.. an ample supply of ids famoti clk-m -ri lia.n. for the dt-Iectatlon of his piopa. truest.. Po far as can be learned tlie ni;' Invited guest to show up was Jtepresrnt i-five Nicholas Ixmgworth. of Ohio. (In President's son-in-law. What 7-pr. ii-iii.i. tlve Longworth. who la an urdont .-t.p-porter of Secretary Taft. was doir at: the Hourne confab has not yt brm explained. What Does This Mean? Political prophets who aro predkl h;,? n. uiira term lor president itoosevelt s.t up avjd took notice yesterday when Pres -lent Pooeevelt sent a message to Cornrf-n dated '"May, B, 1310." The message it.-lf consisted only of a letter of transn.Mt.'U of a document from Secretary of Htato Hoot relating to a prison confi-t .-in . For some unexplnlned n-ason th rM,i-ing clerks Of the House foritot to read imc date line In reporting the m :.' to ti. House, and the mistaken date lino una not caught until It readied the et.Mi-v- raphers. The mistake was tlie talk i f t!; Capitol . whfn the ltepublican currency conference was In prfgress last tiil.t. SHOT THREE AND HIMSELF. Horseman Killed Man and Two Women and Committed Suicide. WASHINGTON CL JI.. O., May e.- I'ert Pevaney, pe forty-three, wlilte, a v.tll- known horseman, last niisht sliot nnd killed LIda Btal, age twenty-two, a coj. ored girl, and shot her mother In th A'.;- rtomon, Indicting a probably fatal wound. He then mn across t':t town to the bun of Bllas Shackelford, where hn took i t-f- ue. IUjfuKiiiK to come out. !ih k-t.! went In after hltn and was shot Hint 1 y-d by Devaney. Kater Tevaney roriuiiU;"! suicide, it Is believed lievaney . was Ii- aane. Following the. rhootlng of th two worn- Company M, Fourth Kemment. Ohio National Ouaril. waa called, perm !netori I iv-ln? been given by Governor Harris. Tho ofjlcers surrounde-1 the barn and t) . rat-enetl to burn it. Final! v persona ver n f-t tir to the barn door and there saw . u - r rorin uooY. t noer cover, tl:ev remove 1 It. Later haveney'ii body was found. . l ' " a STILL UP AGREEMENT. Operators and Miners Trying to Get Together on Wage Question. fFpeclal Tha In'!!auair lis Nc . J . -TEHRK HAUTE. Ind.. May 6. The joint scale committee of the Indiana m,r -ri and operators resumed its session t morning. The m'.rers on the r.i- ri,'-1--. had received Inst ruf-e'or.s from t:r entifn In secre t session pi! ii . v. - r. day as to seveiul disputed provi-;, .-..m , . lie contract, and tli-y were ,..p-f - l ty.t. an agrrmtit woul-l he iv: iif-i At tne same time' mirers wci- i-,- tructed to report back to tii on i t . -i hi afternoon the re -p-t n U.i .r - T- - , timatum rer-elved fiuin the : i it.ij n the tornmntee. admitted Intimacy with Mrs. Gunness be- Statlon. was I Bismarck. X. D. ...... I U...,-n 1 ... here Ray Lamphere, who Is accused of I chuiao, id . I . , i setting fife to the Gunness house, worked j 1env,r v'oo'. V.'.Y.'.'.'.'. at the Gunness house and lived there. He U". CI,!C' Jaclt!onvll!. Da. .... K.nia. . tty. M-. fore the arrival of Helgeleln, but saidluttie Hock. Ark. I I xm Anaeles. Cal. .... afterward that she ' turned -him : down. Mobile. Ala Sheriff. Smutzer and Prosecutor Smith New -yorkN'- Y. advanced the theory that this - caused o'ahNcb.111.".'..::.'.'.'." Jealousy on' the xart of lamphere and pJ,VtVand' Ore! .".:'.'.'.'." led him finally to set fire to the house. "l"' i;".;;;; As Lamphere was at the house during sn Antonio. it. .... Francisco, Cal. .. the time Helgelein was there and when j St. LmiH, Mo I St. l'aui. M:nn he disappeared, the officers are confident v(!ii.iitr.n. l. C ... Par Te I her husband was on his waj to Australia, 3ft 41 1 -IA - I - ) Cloudy Who the friends were who are said to S' "leor I h.-ive) seen ilrs. iCackh v la not known. M '!?ar Kred C.ardner, of the Atkins iw 3 f loudjr T.nrb. . whoro Kacklev sent the la t 42 lear I .... I .. V,..a K.,.,, frrt,., V,.., ' 1 " . 1 . . ..... . V. , . . . . . - - . . lltldv eilltj l'?-ov will i-.- in1, kiii in,; it'i'i.'tl tlear of Katkiev's coing to Australia was un- t'!-r foundod. "1 think tlmt In lne tim-, some -Uni-ly of these days. Kackley will fhuw m 1inly lire." said Mr. tiardner. "Where he . t'liiilv now. we have i word, and I do n-.r know of anv one here who has hear.l of him Milli e tne telegram J rece:v.-d at.n;t two ((;! aO." ... ?.! ... 2B.M ... :s.s2 ... .V. S' ... ai.i'j ... &t ... ... i'i M) ,...;9.;n ... ... :v.ts ... ,.. i i ... 1".' ! ... .. '-'.I ?t . .. '." ... i- ."I .. 5-.r .. " ... 'h l.'l KS TJ H 44 4- 6-1 4-1 4 4 CORNSTALKS CLOCKED Il'A'I Washed on Railway Tricks fr; a Nearby Field. fperinl to Tlie In'hai. : i - ) MATTOON. 111.. :.!! .A n - r' y-" i pa8engi-r train on the I'..r,.i ,,. , , , f the Illinois Central rn'.'.v ay .ii .i. 1 to-day for more than f) : t.oj: f -ir fro.'ie IhU cay, by n r. ,r ; -. : ,i, n. i i aer'tpa the r e t.f.u si ft it;i'. fro-,! a n,-nt i.y 1..-: I i' -. , -i tht rU:ht-of-vvav d n.' .r ty;- n .' : rf'i nr.'d t.' -;!ori.-! '" n is.- ; men to remove i! ...-tr"e ;, ... Comb for Hi 4- 4h i'louil y 1 loti'iy Pain leHT IMCldy l'lr l ea r t'i-udy J:t In 1't. !Jy K.iln be ' knows something about tnis case. Lamphere wore Helgeiein's fur-lined coat after . Helgelein had. disappeared, and also displayed a (run In a barber shop, saying he was after somebody: Joseph Max son, the employe of Mrs. Contir sd cn Pas Eight. W. T. IiLTTHn. Kectioa Director. Hourly Terrp-rsture. 7 ... H ... ... 10 ... H ... "i ... 3 ... Interested In Indiarapclis. Mr. G.trdher sM that Mr. K.ivk!-.-y has not di-'poael of all of his jioj-.-rty and other investnients here a:-.d that l.e still heavily liit'-testd In l!i.!: ,r..-ipi.!-- lu -wa y. On t!, it . r f. jf , :i i, .; .-I Mr. iliirdij- r. .M r. ii.a - : y a tn no y , . wo'o-1 pn,h::b!y n Attorney lif-: rv rei.-iri.--d -... 1!'!ll l.e .!.,.-- in ! i- 1 e 1 . . 1 - : a 1 . !1. M f' l?rr.p k' o V , 1 1,' - r . , . I a .-';'() 1 r V , 1 : - i-cr ' -' V - I -. J ! I t e c. An : . y t i, :- - . . A ! ' - i- . i . t

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