Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 4, 1897 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1897
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. YEAB. THUKSDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER.4. NO. 6 Price is King at Our Store M'COilLt 'THIS When They Tell Him the Republicans Have the Legislature of the Buckeye State. ELECTION IS CONCEDED of the Republic-m We are determined to make this November the banner month of Bi9 _ p ! ura " ty our past career, our business experience has taught us that nothing will increase sales like =A •with this object in view we will enumerate a few ot our trade winners, with the request that you call at our Cloak Annex and inspect these bargains. At $5 All Wool Boucle Jacket J > Navy and Black Fly Front, close fitting back,turn-down Collars and Revers, well tailored, and elsewhere $8.00 Jackets ours for A* t7 4$. Extra Quality Beaver Al $1.40, j ac ket, Blue or Black, Silk lined, Fly Front, turn-down Collar and Revers, tailor back, a very "swell" Garment, well worth $10.00 for UK Over 2G.OOO—Base | Claims to Five Ma- eompareo wira tne last legislature, which was overwhelmingly Republican. Among the defeated Republicans are Senator H. L. Waterman, of Ottumwa, chairman of the ways and means committee, and Representative Temple, of Osceola, who became identified with the measure known as the Temple amendment directed agaicst the C,. B. and Q. railroad voluntarily relief department, or against the feature which exempted, the company from liability at law in case the employe injured elected to take the insurance. Des Moines, Nov. 4.—The Register figures out a Republican plurality of 35,000. These figures are based on prac- i tically complete returns. This will give jority on Joint Ballot—Talk of a Com- j Shaw a majority of nearly 20.000, which bine Against II:mna—Democrats Fail to j is in excess of that two years ago. At §9.89. Best quality Kersey Jacket, strapped seams, Velvet Inlaid collars, Fly Front Silk lined, hip pockets, tailor back. This garment has that nobby appearance that will make any lady well dressed, worth $15.00. At $9.48 Handsome .Novelty, Mixed Cloth Jackets, trimmed and bound in braid, Fly Front,turn-down Collar with Revers. Lots of styles, winter's warmth for $9.48, well worth 14-50. The Coat story today should have two more chapters, but no room for them. A word about BLANKETS. Get Ilie New York Legislature—Shaw'i Plurality in Iowa About 31,000—Fusion Triumph* In Nebraska— In« Situation In Maryland. Columbus, O., Nov. 4.—The Republican state committee has complete returns from eighty-six counties on the vote on the state ticket, and the other two counties of the state—Starke and Vinton—are estimated. In giving the pluralities by counties the plurality lor Bushnell for gov- ehnorandthe rest of the Republican state ticket is placed at 26,520. The plurality in Ohio last year for MeKinleywasol,- 109. Hamilton county gave McKinley last year a plurality of 19,740, and it gave Bushnell (Rep.) this year a plurality of only 1,- ASA a BCSHintU. 510. Chairman Nash says there were factional troubles in other cities than Cincinnati — notably Columbus and Toledo — and that the rainy weather BEPUBLICAX CLAIM IX MAKTIAXD. Enough Members of the Legislature to Retire Gormau from th« Senatti. Baltimore, Nov. 4.—State Senator Norman B. Scott, chairman of the Republican state central committee, made the statement concerning the legislative situation: "It does not avail now to do any claiming- that will not be substantiated by the returns. We have sixteen Republican senators to nine Democratic and one doubtful—the on<? from Calvert—although I am assured that both the Republic-;'.;-. K' r.ator and member of the house were ^;tc;d there. Of the sixteen senators rir.o are holdovers. If we elect the senator from Calvert—and I have no doubt but that we will—we wlli_ have a majority of ei^ht in the senate. J^_ "In the house • there are ninety-joae members. It takes forty-six of these tc organize the house. I. can show that we have forty-six- votes in the house. This gives us a majority of one in the house and either seven or nine On the Joint ballot. This is my claim and it will be found that It will be substantiated. I must eonfess that the majority is a little too close for comfort, but such a small working majority has At the Recent Article on Spain and Cuba Written by Ex-Minister Hannis Taylor. BOME SECEET HISTOET GIVES OUT To Show That the American Diplomat's Article in lui American Publication and His JExpressiou* to Spuniiin State»ioen Fail of Consistency—What Taylor In- forimed a Senator and TVliat the S«UAtor Did with Bis Information. I Madrid, Nov. 4.—Senator Salvani ha« I written a letter to the newspapers here j In reply to the article on the Cuban Question published in an American magazine of which article Hannis Taylor, the former United States minister to Spain, is the author. The senator says: "I am astounded at Mr. Taylor's article." Continuing he then proceeds to tell the following- story: "I met Mr. Taylor last April in a street of Madrid, and though out of prudence I asked him nothing, he said: 'Spain must not suppress the Cuban insurrection by force of arms alone. She must carry out reforms.' He did not mention a word Rqyal Baku Che food para. WN* POWDER •OYAL UHN* FOWOCR CO., NCWTODK. MURDER IN WEST VIRGINIA. Mixer-want Kill* Hi* Pouter Mothw an* Her Son and Daughter. Parkersburg, TV. Va., Nov. *.—Netr» reached here last night that IB Jackson county a tripple murder occurred. Mrs. Mary Green, a widow living with tw»- unmarried daughters an* a son about 19- year* of age on a. form on Graag tifck. about autonomy, but he added: 'Peace eight miles from Ripley, ^old a boroe then follow Immediately. Spain has Tuesday for $5S. Early In the nljfct th« f—j ,_ Tc"» 4rr\-:i_ -i-i'-..— _.t~» .. j family was awakened by «. ra.p at th« and other reasons on Tuesday caused | SO me benefits, for it always results in an unusually large stay-at-home vote, j cementing the party together for good He states that the official count will j legislative work." show that the vote was much smaller in the rural districts than expected, and Another estimate of the legislative situation is as follows: Forty-three with all that the Republicans carried Democrats and 43 Republicans in the We're selling a 1-4 Extra Heavy Gray Blanket, fnll size and •weight, at 73c, worth §1.25, also a 10x4, white or grey Blanket, same size and -quality as above only smaller for 4Sc. ; > WILEFv & WISE. 409 and 411 Broadway. 306 Fourth Street. After Dec. 1, 410 and 412 Wall Street. Use Logan Milling Co.'s Flours Patent and Automatic. These Flours are the Purest and of Highest grade on the Market THEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I'make your clothes . I'm making Fall Suits and Overcoats to order from $16 to $40.00 ............. G. 'Tucker, 'Tailor, ^ and Broadway THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. , Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ... FOR ... Dysp.psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, •Khenmatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, JSlervcus Debility, Sick Headache. Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. iScrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, "Weak Back, Fever and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. more counties than were carried last year on the presidential vote. Trying to Explain the Situation. The Republicans claim that their legislative ticket suffered defeat In Hamilton county because of the fear by the reform Republicans—or the fuaionists —that a strongly Republican legislature would reorganize Cincinnati or some of its municipal boards and take from Mayor Tafel, Democrat, recently elected as a fusionist, some of the powers of his office. The Democrats state that the results in Cincinnati and other cities were due to the feeling against "bosses," of whom Senator Hanna was considered the chief, and to factional fights that will be carried into the next session of the legislature on the selection of senator and other matters. Free silver was freely discussed by Bryan and others in the campaign, but neither national nor state issues cut much of a figure. The most prominent issue was Hanna. SIcC'oiiviHe Hopes For the tesislatnre. At both the Republican and Democratic state headquarters figures are being substituted for claims. Although others at Democratic state headquarters concede that the legislature will be Republican on a close majority of one or more Chairman McConvIlle does not concede the control of that body to the Republicans. He said the Republicans claimed the legislature by 75 to TO. He struck the representatives- from Wood arid Xoble counties from their list, also the senator from the Marion-Logan district, and said these three changes would m.ike the legislature stand 73 Democrats to 72 Republicans, and he would never give either of these three doubtful members up till the official count was completed. There are reports that certain arti-Hanna Republicans and Democratic managers have held conferences for S, combine to bring out another man if Governor Bushnell refuses to allow the •use of his name for senator. Republican legislative Claim. At the Republican state headquarters the list of districts is given in which it is claimed that the Republicans have 17 ar d the Democrats 19 senators. The only district disputed by the Democratic- managers is that which Includes Marion and Logan counties, and which would make the senate stand 16 Republicans to 20 Democrats. The Republicans concede that the Democrats will have two majority in the senate, and claim that the returns show the house to stand 58 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 2 doubtful. lower house with doubtful ones as follows: Montgomery, 1; Carroll, 1: Talbot, 1; Calvert, 2. The senate stands 18 Republicans to 9 Democrats, with 1 from Calvert In doubt. The counties heard from and estimates for others give Goldsborough (Rep.) for state comptroller 6.346 plurality. CONCEDES NEBRASKA TO FUSIOX FIGURES OCX 31,783 FI.l-KAI.rrY, That Is TVhat the Iowa Republican Manager Claims as Pretty Sear Correct Des Moines. la., Nov. 4.—The returns by counties are nearly all in now. Chairman McMillan, of the Republican state committee, has complete returns from ninety-four counties and has estimated returns from the five remaining counties. Bj- this means he has figured a plurality for Shaw, Rep., of about 31,782. He thinks that these figures will vary but little as the corrected returns for the five estimated counties come in. The plurality may be set down as above 31,000 and below 32,000. Chairman Walsh, of the Democratic state committee, has given out no figures. He thinks that errors in the returns may reduce the plurality for Shaw to 20.000. The Republican plurality last year was 63,522; according to Republican estimates it is therefore just about cut in two. Two years ago it was 59,090 for Drake for governor. Then the Populists had a separate ticket. If the Populist vote be subtracted the Republicans would have a larger plurality this year than two years ago. The legislature is safely Republican. The senate has fifty members of which thirty-eifrht are Republicans acd twelve Populists and Democrats. The house has 100 members of whom the Republicans have elected sixty-one and the Populists and Democrats thirty-nine. These figures are subject to slight variations, probably to the advantage of the Democrats, but they are essentially safe. The Republicans lost four member* IB the senate and seventeen i Republican Committee Secretary Admit! Defeat, but Hopes for the Regents. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 4.—The fusion ticket in the state has been elected by a plurality fully as large as that given Bryan last year, if not larger. Early yesterday afternoon it was generally admitted at Republican headquarters that the state was lost, and Secretary Sizer, of the state-committee, emphasized the common belief at 9 o'clock last Bight when he authorized the following: statement: "Returns thus far received by tha Republican state committee point to tha election of Sullivan (fusion) for supreme judge by a plurality of 5,000 to 10,000. Returns show that Republican candidates for regents of the university run ahead of their ticket, and we will not concede their defeat." Chairman Edmisten, of the fusion committee, said he had no reason to cbang-e his estimate of Tuesday night of 20,000 plurality for the entire fusion ticket. Neither of the political headquarters had returns yesterday or last night in quantity, and their estimates were ipi a measure surmise. Omaha, Nov. 4.—Thirty-eight counties, Including Douglass and Lancaster, give Post 43,641. Sullivan 49,101, The same counties last year gave MacCall 50,920, Holcomb 52,04a. Omaha, Nov. 4.—Returns have been received from 46 of the SS countiesof Nebraska, casting more than half the vote of the state. These give: Post, 53,748; Sullivan, 60,133, Last year the same counties gave MacCall 61,457, Holcomb 74.643. If the vote fals off In the same ratio in the remainder of the counties Sullivan's plurality cannot exceed 10,000. a. friend in tn"e White House, whbsepow- crs are on the eve of expiring and she ought to profit by the opportunity to obtain peace speedily, for whoever succeeds him is certain to be less favorable to Spain than President Cleveland.' • Was HiiKifWd by the Diplomat. "I recognized Uie importance of the foregoing- Separation, and I hastened to communicate with my friendCanova* (the former premier), who warmly thanked me in a letter which I have retained. Shortly afterwards the reforms of Canovas began to be talked about, and I was commissioned to explain door, the person desiring admicalon announcing himself as John Merg-an, &• adopted son. As Mrs. Green opened th« door the youig man struct: Jjfr with «"" club and bes.; her brains out. He thtn killed the eldest daughter with onebloi?, arid, as he thought, killed the younger one in the same way. As the BOB witnessed the murders he rushed through the rear door and hid in a corn crib, where he was soon found and beaten to death by the assassin. While Morgan was searching for the boy Mrs. Green's youngest daughter them to Mr. Taylor and to tell htm they re ^ ived and escaped into the woods, HONORS DIVIDED IS J.EW YORK. DemocraH Take the Appellate Judge and Gotham, Republicans the Legislature, New York. Nov. 4. — Returns from the state and city elections received yesterday do not change the result announced yesterday. Returns from all the counties in the state indicate a plurality of about 58,000 for Alton B. Parker, Democratic candidate for chief judge of th« court of appeals. His plurality in Greater New York is 133,058. "Van Wyck, Tammany candidate for mayor of New York, has SI, 548 plurality over Scth Low, and 118.401 o% m er General Tracy. The state legislature remains Republican. The senators hold over, and the new house of assembly stands So Republicans to 68 Democrats. Ten of the newly elected Republican assemblymen are said to be anti-PIatt. In the present senate the Republican majority Is 30, in the house 7S. The special election in the Third congressional district. Brooklyn, resulted in a victorj' for Edmund H. Driggs, Democrat, over William A. Prendergast, Republican, by nearly 2,000 majority. Last year Fran-cis Wilson, Republican, was elected in this district by more than 7,500 plurality. He resigned to become poatmas-ter of Brooklyn. Prendergast suffered because of the bitter fight between the Republican factions in Brooklyn. Th« Press says that the new state assembly will consist of 79 Republicans *ind 71 Democrats. would be published within a fortnight, as actually occurred. Mr. Taylor embraced me, saying: 'You and I will bring about peace in Cuba and thus powerfully contribute to the good of humanity and uphold the great interests of civilization by ending the war, the prototype of crime and a return to barbarism.' I ag-ain Imstened to communicate these words in the proper Quarter. Taylor Sayt, Sherman IK All Right. "Just prior to these events Mr. Taylor, at lunch in my house and in company with Castelar and others, toasted peace, warmly protesting his admiration and love for Spain, and expressing the desire to see us succeed in the work of pacification. Shortly after the election of President McKinley, when it was mooted that Mr. Sherman would be made secretary of state, I asked Mr. Taylor if Spain would not have reason to fear a man who in a speech • in the senate had displayed such hatred of Spain. Mr. Taylor replied: 'Don't notice that, for Sherman as a responsible minister will change his opinions. Spain has nothing to fear in this respect.' " In conclusion Senator Salvani says: "These ideas and sentiments differ greatly from those attributed to him now." FINANCIAL SCHEME FOR CUBA. where she was followed by the murderer, whom she managed to elude. Morgan ransacked the- house, took what money he could find and fled. The young girl, the only survivor, told the story to- a-neighbor yesterday morning. Morga« was found within a few miles of the place of his crime. He confessed his crime. The officers are guarding him in the woods. A mob is after him and there appears but little doubt of hia lynching. SCHOONERS COLLIDE AT SEA. Continues a TtepnbUcan State. Kansas City, Mo., Nov. -L— Indication! are that the Republicans have carried m majority of their Kansas county tickets, in roost cases by increased majorities over 1S95. Returns received from forty- one counties out of 105 place eighteen absolutely In the Republican column. give twelve to the fuslonists and show eleven to be mixed. Counties where the biggest Republican gains are expected are Kill to be b,eard_from. Bauk of Spain at Havana to Have the Entire Management Thereof. Havana, Nov. 4. — According to a dispatch from Madrid the Spanish government Intends to enter into a contract with the Bank of Spain at Havana, under which the bank will undertake the management of the Cuban treasury, the lottery, and the other public financial concerns of the island. It IB understood that the bank will make a. new issue of gold notes, to the amount of $500,090,000, and these notes will be received by the government in payment of taxes of every class, including custom house duties. The government silver bills, under this arrangement, will be withdrawn. Madrid, Nov. 4. — Owing to the fact that the Carlists are known to be importing arms into Spain the premier, Senor Sagasta. and the minister for war. General Correa, are considering the adoption of repressive measures. It is reported that General Azacarraga, who succeeded the late Senor Canovas del Castillo as premier, has decided to retire from political life. A dispatch from Barcelona says that 112 persons who have been confined In the fortress of Montjuich for a year on suspicion of complicity in anarchiat plots, and outrages, were released yesterday. Colorado I» Very Clone. Denver, Nov. 4.— The result of the election in this, state is still in doubt so far as justice of the supreme court is concerned, and it will tak« the official canvass to decide who has won. The ! Times, which supported Hayt, candidate of the Republicans and Silver Republicans, claims his»election by less than 1,000. In this (Arapahoe) county the entire Silver Republican ticket was successful except Borstadt for sheriff, The vote of the Republican (administration) party in tils county was quite a surprise *c many, reaching nearly 5,000 in a total of 25,000. - ^ Result in South Dakota. Huron, S. D., Nov. 4. — Returns of the election from the eight court circuits show that the Republicans have won the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth, In the third and Seventh circuits the fusionists have doubtless won, Wolcott's Mau Boston, Nov. 4. — Roger "Wolcott, the Republican candidate, has been reelected as governor of Massachnsett* 1>y a plurality of nearly 86,000. Wolcott's plurality last year waa 154,542. X«w Jersey legislature Is Republican. Trenton, K. J., Nov. 4,— The New J«r- sey asEemblr will have a Republican majority of 21 on joint ballot. With the bold-over senators the senate •tktld* 14 Republicans to 7 Democrat*. Doubt of the Fate of One of Them and Ihe Throe Men Aboard. Vineyard Haven, Mass., Nov. 4.—If tha schooner Fortuna survived a collision which took place early yesterday morning, twenty miles south of Montauk Point, with the schooner Edward E. Briery, three men of her crew ol eight are probably drifting about the ocean south of Long Island on their nearly- unmanageable vessel. Captain Ross, of the schooner who brought the news of the collision, believes that this is the case, although there Is a possibility that the Fortuna was so severely injured that she sank in a short time, In which case the three men went down in he». About 12:45 a, m. the Fortuna suddenly loomed up ahead of the Briery, and in a moment the two vessels came together with a terrifific crash. The Briery lost her entire head gear and the wreckage had to be cut in order to save the hull from further damage. As the two vessels were locked together Captain Chase, of the Fortuna, with the first and second mate, the cook and one seaman, managed to climb on board the Briery without stopping to ascertain- just what damage their boat had sustained, and a heavy sea parted the vessels before the three remaining men of the Fortuna could follow. Another bug» surge swept the two vessels farther apart and soon the Fortuna was lost altogether in the darkness. Complete Vote of Penn»j Ivania, Philadelphia, Nov. 4.—The complete vote of Pennsylvania is as follows: For state treasurer, Beacqm (Rep.), 364,597; Brown (Dem.), 240,216: Swallow (Pro.), 116,153; Thompson (Ind.), 13,293. Bea- com'a plurality, 124.38L For auditor general: McCauley (Rep.), 400,6fi5; Kltter (Dem.), 260,164; Lathrope (Plt>.), 56,882. McCauley's plurality, 140,531. The total vote for state treasurer Is 734,269, a« compared with 787,807 in 1895 and 1,194,355 in 1896. Dr. Swallow, the Prohibition candidate, has a.plurality in ten of the sixty-seven counties. Cam Tax Foreign Immrancce Companies. Springfield, Ills., Nov. 4.—In the cas* of Kunz vs. the National Fire Insurance company the supreme court ha« handed down an opinion which sustains the validity of an ordinance passed by the city of Chicago, requiring foreign Insurance companies doing business in the city to pay into the treasury 1 per cent, of their gross receipts, to be used for the exclusive benefit of the fire departmeat Increase of the~Ui*e of SUrra-. Paris. Nov. 4.—Five powers of the•" Latin Union, on the initiativeof Switzerland, have signed a convention to Ir- crease the number of small silver coira by a franc per head of their population, using the existing 5-framc pSecw to «uj> ply Uu necessary »Uv«r. You'l BelMeased When you see the nice things at 410 Broadway.New Goods tac- riving erery day. Birthday Presents, Wedding Present*. An- BiveTiwT-Presents. All Goods marked in Plain Figure* and en; Free of Charge.

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