The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1955
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 80. 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Dealers Blast 'One-Sided' Pacts 'With Automobile Manufacturers By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON (AP) — Spokesmn for the nation's 40,000 retail car dealers, complaining of "pressures," today renewed their plea for a freer hand in dealing with auto manufacturers. A score of dealers, members of the National Automobile Dealers Assn. (NADA), were invited to return for further testimony before a Senate Antitrust and Monopoly subcommittee. Frederick J. Bell, NADA president, contended yesterday that what he called "one-sided" contracts deny dealers rights as "independent businessmen," and give the Detroit auto executives virtual control over the investment of every dealer. The subcommittee is engaged in what Sen. O'Mahoney (D-Wyo) terms it study of the economic influence that huge General Motors Corp. exercises in the auto industry. Bell said the manufacturers, in rebuffing suggestions by the dealers for "correction of unfair . . practices," have subjected them to "factory pressure, threats and coercion.' , Toughly Competitive "We are in no way interested in fighting to preserve the business of a lazy man, an inefficient man, or a man who permits his so-called shrewdness to overbalance his business ethics." What auto dealers want, he said, is "to be toughly competitive, to sink or swim, rise or fall on their own merits and in accordance with, rules that are clearly understood, universally applicable and not subject to drastic change with every shift of wind that blows from Detroit." Bell said CM profits annually range from 15 to 20 per cent while the retail dealer average slumped from a peak of 6 per cent in 1850 to less than 1 per cent last year. He said many dealers have lost their franchises because they are forced to take cny quota of cars sent them by the manufacturer. This has led to "bootlegging" and other sales absues, he said. Cop Does Duty- Arrests Wife . Mont. Wl — City policeman Thomas Powell felt he had a duty and he did it — arrested his wife Denise. He gave her a citation for careless driving and causing an accident. No one was hurt. Powell said his wife posted S10 bond in police court, then forfeietd it without trial— and that she "still was a little burned up" at him. New Drug Combination Seen As Possible Control of Senility By FRANK CAREY AH Science Reporter BOSTON 1*1— Use of a new drug combination could prevent many oldsters from going "over the hill" to a .mental institution, the American Medical Assn. was told yesterday. Two Michigan scientists said experiments with the drugs among senile 1 patients in hospitals indicate control can often be achieved at home by family doctors for behavior problems that ordinarily require hospitalization for such people, Reseachers John T. Ferguson and William H. Fundcrburk of Traverse City State Hospital made the report in a scientific exhibit at the annual clinical meeting of the American Medical Assn. They said their objective was to eliminate "abnormal behavior" — such as destructiveness of cloth- Doctor Cuts Off Wrong Finger Woman Sues Him BIRMINGHAM, England (/P) — Mrs. Lily Patten haa won 2,600 pounds $7,000 In damages from a surgeon who got the wrong finger. Te 44-year-old woman was taken to a hospital after the middle finger on one hand was crushed in a press at the factory where she worked. The surgeon, Dr. B. H. Column, admitted in court yesterday he mistakenly amputated the little finger of the same hand instead of the injured one. STARR GAZING By BETTYE NELLE STARR Courier Newi SUft CorrespODd«ot 'Scuse me podner while I wipe moved to Texas, out some of this Texas Stardust, As ' Horace Greelcy said, "Texas is the most!" or something to that effect. of personal appearance — which predominated in each case, regardless of the mental diagnosis. , The drugs used were reserpine, which is a "tranquilizing" substance, and methyl-phenidylacetate whict acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system. The Idea was to produce an "active tranquility" in the patients, the doctors said, declaring that doses of the respective drugs were designd to take care of both "overactivity" and "underactiv- ity" in the patients. Describing studies among 215 female mental patients, the doctors said that in the large majority there was "marked improvement in the ability to cooperate and a new interest in their outlook on life and themselves." For example, the staff beauty shop operator was "swamped" with work following the dru? treatments, and appointments for ing or furniture, or faulty habitsf dental treatments rose sharply. Firemen Hunt, Women Talk And House Keeps Burning YORK. Pa. IB—Mrs. Cletus Bentz saw smoke puffing from her neighbor's farm home yesterday and called the volunteer lire department at New Salem, a mile away. - "I'm sorry," she was told, "but all the firemen have gone hunting." Pennsylvania's deer season opened Monday. Mrs. Bentz' call had been taken by Harry Noss, who runs a gas station in New Salem and also takes all the calls for the volunteer firemen. Noss figured he'd have to get somebody to the fire, so he tried to call the volunteer unit in Jacobus six miles distant. But two women were talking on his 10-party line and refused to give it up, he said Noss waited a bit, then tried again The women were still talking and still in no mood to stop. After another wait, this one last To Adopt Son HOLLYWOOD Iffl — Marie Wilson and her husband, television producer Bob Fallon, plan to adopt a 4-month-old boy the actress saw while playing a benefit in Tennessee. They have no other children. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS L. E. Potter, PHI. vs. No. 13,162 Goldie Potter. Dft. The defendant. Goldie Potter, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. L. E. Potter. Dated this 22nd day of November. 1955. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. T. J. Crowder, Atty. Ad. Litem. 11/30-12/7-14-21 I | WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Rebecca Jane Spencer, PItf. ! vs. No. 13.157) Allen Carl Spencer. Dft. | The defendant. Allen Carl Spen-: cer is hereby warned to appear' within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the connlaint of fie plaintiff. Rebecca Jane Spencer. Dated this 8th day of November 1955. SEAL GERALDINE -LISTON. Clerk Bv OPAL DOYLE, D. C Bill Steinsie". Atty. 11/9-16-23-30' REVIVAL -Hear"Little Ralph" Morton Amazing 12-Year-Old Boy Evangelist Speaking Every Night 7:30 p.m. Healed After a Year's Illness as A Victim of a rare bone disease. Little Ralph Will Be Telling His Life Story. Don't Miss a Night of His Soul-Stirring Messages! SPECIAL SINGING BY "LITTLE RALPH" and The Morton Family FOIL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Lilly & Vine Streets Rev. A. D. Tabor, Pastor Bachelor Loses The Big Prize DENVER Wl — For a time it ap- 'out there and there just ain't no peared a 27-year-old bachelor was j demand for anything as cheap as the winner of a furnished house | driver's license. My old friend, Joe Uid you know those Texans claim, and also convince you, too, that the sky's the highest, the water's the deepest, the grass's the greenest and stuff like that? Those little ole nasty oil wells all over everybody's backyards are just ruining all the white leghorn chickens. Never saw the equal. Drivers licenses are about the hardest things to buy out there. The reason for it, the way I figure it, is because they're so cheap. They've quit making dollar bills and new car in a theater contest. But last night the contest committee disqualified the announced winner, Theodore Sacks, a pots and j Applebaum, has flunked out twice "Osceola for trying to make an left turn." „„.„,;., *.„;„„„... „.,......, „ r ™ —-, If ne Passes on his next test, the pans salesman from the Bronx, N. | state of Texas promises to gradu- y. It said he entered 1,296 ticket [ate him in real Texas style — in stubs and violated rules of the con- cap and gown with a diploma tied test, conducted as part of a national! in two shades of black ribbon, on movie poll | account of, he's almost a dead duck Instead the judges announced the; as far as the Texas sheriffs posse $14,950 house, furnishings valued at j is concerned. 38,000, a year's supply of foodstuffs, I Darrell Crone got his license by a new outfit of clothing and the car j me skin of his teeth or rather by will go to the next person on a list> the highway patrolman's teelh, of nine names, each to be checked; which Darrel! almost knocked out. for compliance with the rules. Next j The HWP told Darrell to stop quick, in line was Mrs. Herman Emperlusi and you know those power-brakes! of Alamosa, Colo. Tne HWP's head went almost ~~ ' through the windshield but not un- ing over 10 minutes, he got through til he told Darrell he was the to West York, also six miles away, i damndest driver he'd ever seen. When the firemen got to the j Half of Txas, they tell me, drives scene, the house, owned by George 1 without driver's licenses. Maybe Mark Twain was horn on this date, In Florida, Mo., in the year 1835. November went about as fast as October which brings us up to December 1. The first train to run west of the Mississippi was the Pacific No. 3. On Dec. 1, 1852, the old wood burning engine ran 5 miles. From St. Louis to Cheltenham, Mo., then the end of the line. Regular passenger service began on Dec. 9. Monroe Doctrine was proposed on Dec. 2, 1823. Rome was made the capital of Italy, by Victor Emanuel on Dec. 5, 1870. The U. S. Naval Observatory was established on Pec. 6, 1830 and on Dec. 6, 1884 the Washington Monument was completed. Here's a new potato dish, try it. Fry one bunch of spring onions, tops and all, in '<, stick oleo until slightly brown. Empty a medium size can of mushrooms and saute, add 1 can crearn of chicken soup, slice potatoes not too thin and not too thick, place in casserole, pour soup mixture over, alternating potatoes with the soup. Bake at 359 degrees for 30 minutes. Sheets, was burned down. because half of Osceola has ! when When a diplomat comes to the parting of the ways, he goes both ways. There is a vast difference between a flat head and a level head. A pessimist is the fellow who, smells flowers, looks around for a funeral. The difference between law and custom is that it takes a lot of nerve to violate a custom. Unbalanced national budgets are jike pants without suspenders. You can't Iteep them up forever. In the good old days, the man who saved money was a miser; nowadays he's the eighth wonder of the world. Did you ever see as many things to do with money? I ain't never. Can't you remember when a $5 sack of groceries was Wheeled out of a grocery store? Now you can tote it out in a plastic bag and speaking of plastic bags and such, all of those extras are why groceries ain't cheap no more. Nobody nowadays would eat a pickle that the clerk reached his arm down into a barrel to pull out. See what I mean? Automotive Hint If you iro unable to discover which door on your cor is rattling, drive with ench one alternately open. When Ihe noise stops, the door that is open at Uie time Is the offender. An average-sized banana, when sliced or diced, will fill a cup or, if mashed, it will make about half a cup of pulp. Rub Away Colds SUFFERING OF STEWART DRUGSTORE Main at Lake Street BIytheville, Arkansas tot aches, pains, cuts, brulsei. D n r n *, c*lds. headaches bites aMd stives, try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment \vailahlf- at vmn 'in.irtte drue muiitei C. G. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. F6- SALUTES THE 1955 CHICKS >"• f£ We wish to congratulate the Chicks o n their brilliant season just completed. In their first season of playing "Big Eight" competition they lost only to Pine Bluff while compiling an 8-1 record. *5s 1^33^31 L te •Jp rs J3; W"* -"C^" Wteft •^v -'•"i.W' : iMfe «*fe wj**! fttf WAfe-vA? -K'-iSSKJLj'.: FIRST NATIONAL Biythevi lie, Arkansas Only National Bank in Mississippi County — Member F.D.I.C. 2 FOR 1 SHOE Does Not Include Entire Stock MEN'S-WOMEN'S-CHILDREN'S Buy One Pair At Our Regular Low Price. Get Another Pair of Equal or Lesser Value FREE! SALE GOES THROUGH DEC. 3rd. No Refund or Exchanges On Sale Items

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