The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1956
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 195« BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE France to Give Self-Govemment To More Colonies PARIS (AP) — France movecj today toward granting self-government to French West and Central Africa and Madagascar along the pattern forced by nationalist movements in Tunisia and Morocco. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Mar 3200 • 3230 3200 May 3565 3564 3555 July 3368 3384 3364 Oct 3202 3211 3202 Dec 3202 3220 3202 New Orleans Cotton May 3558 3558 3554 July 3368 3384 3360 Oct 3206 3220 3205 Dec 3205 3220 3205 Chicago Wheat May .... 226% 22714 226 July .... 2023J 205% 2021/4 Sep" .... 204!4 207% 204'A Chicago Corn May .... 140& 140T4 139 7 / 8 July .... 143% 1445/s 143% Sep .... 144 144% 144 3227 3560 3371 3212 3216 3558 3374 3214 3214 226^1 204',! 206^ * The National assembly, in, a session lasting until about 4 a.m., voted 477-99 to give the government special powers to make broad political and administrative changes in the overseas areas. The measure now goes to the Council of the Republic, the upper chamber. It is i expected to run into tougher opposition there but not enough to give Premier Guy Mollet any real trouble. Areas involved under the new measure in"West~and Central Africa have a total population of 20,396,000. The bill gives the government an almost free hand in ending the division In political and civic affairs between European and'native populations. It provides for ending the present split of local assemblies into European and native sections. .The bill also authorizes the government to take steps to raise living standards. Separate clauses of the bill dealing with the island of Madagascar provide for restoration of pop- 140'A 144 14414 264 >/ 2 267 Vj 250 Chicago Soybeans May .... 264!/, 26434 263% July".... 266 261 Vi 266 Sep .... 247% 250 247'/ 4 New York Stocks A T andT 184 5-8 Amer Tobacco .' 77 1-2 Anaconda Copper 83 3-4 Beth Steel 164 Chrysler ^ Gen Electric 6* Gen Motors ^ ^~* Montgomery Ward 91 N Y Central 44 3-f Int Harvester 37 1-f Republic Steel 49 1-f Radio Socony Vacuum Standard of N J Texas Corp , Sears ................... Ml- U S Steel ......... . ..... ... 69 5 " 8 71 7-f 59 3-1 " Obituary Maynord Rites Conducted Today Services were held in Leachville Baptist Church today for Mrs. Doria Virginia Maynard, 48, who died in Memphis Thursday morning. Mrs. Maynard was a former Leachville resident. She was born in Cordova, Tenn. Surviving are her husband, Bland Gordon Maynard; a son, James McDuffey; two daughters, Mary Alice McDuffey and Mrs. Martha Jean Gardner; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Walls, of Cordova, and a brother, J. C. Walls. The Rev. Harold Presley conducted services. Burial was in Macey Cemetery, west of Leachville. Howard Funeral Service was in charge. SEGREGATION (Continued from Page 1) all six of the state's congressmen. "These public servants are just encouraging open defiance of the law and the Constitution when they endorse petitions for interposition and similar matters," said McCiinton. "We need public servants who will uphold the law. At Conference Table "I am not endorsing gradualism as such. But I think the Negro citizens of this state would • ac- IN Municipal Court BUI Dunamon pleaded guilty in Municipal Court today to drunk driving. . , Judge Graham Sudbury fined him $100, costs and sentenced him to spend 24 hours in jail. 94th Birthday^ For Luxoran LUXORA—"Uncle Ess" Moffitt celebrates his 94th birthday here today. The veteran resident of Luxora has been confined to his home since last summer when he broke his hip. Until that time, he had been very active. COURT ular government. The island has been . held under rigid controls since the French crushed a local rebellion shortly after World War H. Another separate clause gives residents of Togoland the right to determine their future through a plebiscite. COMMIES (Continued from Page 1) prison or'out, will knuckle under," Woltman predicted, with '-'thousands oi words of double-talk to i e £couragernent to thpse who woul sell anti-Stalinism to the rank and clrcumvent the law'; and "I si fed Stalin- . , fnr fh _ t . snrt . n e ihinz no cept a plan of gradual integration —over one to five years— if our people in high places would courageously recognize the law and proceed on some sincere effort to do so." McCiinton said Negroes would welcome a chance to "sit down at a conference table with 'any fairminded person to help solve this thing, but if a man is going to play footsie with somebody who has no intention of doing what the law says, I don't know whether we have leadership which any man can take seriously." The political leader said Faubus' petitions for the initiated acts "seemingly are designed to give .... , POLITICS ANTIAIRCRAFT I Continued from Page 1) and the"Olenn L. Martin Co., aided by the Airborne Instruments Laboratory of Mineola, Long Island, N.Y., and the American Machine and Foundry'Co. of New York. • What newsmen saw was a building packed with-renr. computing and communications equipemtn. Sweeping, green pencils of light on radar scopes: the chatter of computing machines; illuminated charts that show the arrival of planes in the area. The system relates this information, in split- seconds, to the location of nike batteries. Friends From Foe Officials said the missile master can detect individual planes of a mass raid, assign a battery to specific planed - and sort out friend and foe among aircraft in the area. The.Army says: "Missile master is the first integrated system for tying together all elements of antiaircraft missile defense from target detection to target destruc tion." The missile master center relies on two sources of information: data passed along from the distant Sage stations; data obtained from two radar outfits which are parts of the center. A "surveillance" radar, with range of about 200 miles, sweeps the skies constantly, on watch for unidentified, aircraft. A seconc "height finding" radar assists with data on the range of an approaching plane,' its course, altitude, speed. Officials said permanent m!ssil< master installations in other met ropolltan centers would be start: ed "in the near future." Congress is considering such a construe tion program, a spokesman said file which had been .__ _ Ism every morning for breakfast.' Max himself candidly acknowledged that he was "very much jolted" by the anti-Stalin policy, but declared- that talk of a Poster ouster was "just preposterous." As' for a party split, he continued, there's no sign of one. Referring to the letters to toe editor i his paper, he said: "Far from a split, there's going to be a lot of discussion and as a result, many people who've left the party will come back." On the matter of the articles written by him and Foster, he said there was no conflict but merely "a discussion of the same subject from different approaches." The Times had interpreted Foster's article as urging "a go-slow policy in re-evaluating Stalin's that his re- be directed The paper added "seemed to ;ee no "need "for that sort of thing now or at anytime. And I- didn't see any need for the manifesto that Was presented to Congress." Gov. Faubus, claiming that 85 per cent of."all" Arkansans favor segregation, announced yesterday that he would put his blessing on the circulation of petitions for initiated acts concerning interposition and a pupil assignment plan against Mr. Max," whose own article had been published two days previously. Max 'comments apparently were an acceptance of the new Moscow program but also seemed to raise questions about party leadership in both countries. Asked for comment on the ouster reports and interpretations of the articles. Foster asserted it all was "a lot of nonsense—speculation without any basis in fact." SPARKIE /'/'/T\'Y^ like a Apply with brutrt er ^relltr to ban wood flaart —old or ntw; quickly drift to e tough, durablt lv«- Irout finish lhat ntvtr ntkdt waxing or scrubbing. $2.05 qf. $6.98 gal. Mississippi County LUMBER COMPANY 1801 W. Main St. Ph. PO 3-8151 DELIVERS IT! ,i* PAYS FOR IT! BEAUTYREST MATTRESS No Carrying Charges — 10 Days Only This offer good only through Sat., March 31 HUBBARD & SON Furniture (Continued from Page 1) that some Democrats ,who have been neutral or backing other candidates or potential candidates, are reconsidering' their positions. Will Lose Popularity However, Sen. Ellehder <D-La) said in Washington "the South will not accept" Kefauver as the Democratic presidential nominee. Ellender said the South "will not go for Kefauver's views on civil rights." The Lousiana senator said "it looked to him as though Stevenson will lose popularity "irom here on out" and that "it will be necessary to nominate someone else other than Kefauver." Ellender said his first choice for the nomination is Sen. Kerr (D- kla) but that Kerr "doesn't seem to want it." Thus, Ellender added, "I'd be 100 per cent for Lyndon Johnson," the Senate democratic leader who has said he is considering a suggestion that he seek endorsement as Texas' favorite son candidate. Speaking in Sarasota, Fla., GOP Chairman Leonard W. Hall said the segregation issue had caused whatMie termed a "complete philosophical split" among the Democrats. He said he didn't believe the Republicans had been hurt in the South as a result of the Supreme Court's .decision against public school segregation. Hew Installment Plan ALBANY, N. Y. I*. — A used-car dealer here has advertised a 1955 automobile for 16 cents an hour. That would be $115.20 a month The ad did not say how many months. (Continued frdm Page 1) building November 30. Jeffries pleaded guilty. His brother, Harold Jeffries, similarly charged, was said to be beginning a 15-year prison term in Illinois. Homer Wynes, charged with grand larceny in stealing a bicycle Jan. 7. His plea was withheld pending determination o£ the value of the bicycle. Carl D. Johnson, cited for abandonment of his pregnant wife. The charge was dismissed at the request of the wife, who appeared with him in court. Allen Clayton, charged with assault with intent to kill Feb. 3 on the person of Oscar Lee Rogers. Clayton pleaded not guilty. Douglas B. Mcllwain, charged with possession of marihuana. Mc- llwain pleaded not guilty. Not Guilty Pleaa Roland Karr, accused of obtaining signatures to a S3.000 promisory note on false~presense lasfc~~ifuly; He was absent and his attorney was instructed to bring him to court later today. James Mantel Gracy. charged with forgery. He pleaded not guilty. Norman Eugene Byrd, charged with receiving stolen property and being an accessory before the fact and after the fact. He pleaded not guilty. The information said he influenced two juveniles to break a window in Thompson's Jewelry March 10. According to the information, they stole in excess of $200 in watches and other jewelry. HOUSE (Continued from Page 1) can Aviation, Inc., which is 99 per cent devoted to government business, the government paid for most research and development costs, but did not share In the company's income from licenses and royalty fees resulting from nongovernmental business. The two juveniles pleaded not guilty. Their attorney said they were drunk at the time. The boys are from Chicago. "Jim Bishop, accused of assault with intent to commit rape. Bishop pleaded not guilty. Prom one aircraft program alone, they said, North American received over five million dollars in royalties and license fees, mainly from foreign manufacturers. During one period, the report said, the Ford Motor Co. made a profit of 29.G per cent on airplane engines before voluntarily cutting its prices on the basis of cost experience. The refunds cut the profits to 19 per cent for the initial period, the report continued, while on total engines delivered under the contract over a three-year period the profit was 8 per cent. The investigators said Curtiss- Wright Corp. was still scheduled to deliver J65 engines to the Air Force after last Dec. 1 although Buck Division of General Motors Corp. had been making the same engines at a lower cost. German Cadets Arrive in US NEW YORK (*—Nine naval avl»- on cadets from West Germany ar- ved in the United States for flight aining yesterday. All volunteers, icy will be the nucleus of a new est German naval air force. They will go train tomorrow to e Naval Air Station, Pensacola, ia., for 14 months of flight trairj- for public schools. Both are designed to maintain the segregated school system. WITNESS WANTED! On July 5, 1955, I was involved in an automobile accident with another vehicle. The accident occurred 8 miles south of Tupelo, Mississippi on Highway 45 at approximately 5:30 p.m. In a heavy rain storm. At the time of the accident I was driving a 1952 Dodge which burned. The other vehicle was a 1953 Cadillac. A truck driver driving: a Ford tractor & trainer and hauling watermelons witnessed this accident. This gentleman lives In Arkansas near the Missouri line. It is very important that I get In contact with this driver.' Anyone knowing his identity, please contact me at once. REV. J. C. WASSON Methodist Parson Shannon, Mississippi THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekday Show Starts 7:00 p.m.—Sat. & Sun. 1 p.m. FRIDAY and SATURDAY Double Feature —AND— SUNDAY and MONDAY Double Feature Mighty Sptctocl* in Color by TICHNICOIOR «rliii9 HAYDEN • Colean GRAY —AND 'FRANCIS JOINS THE NAVY" ALSO CARTOON ««0 TWO-DOOR CATAINA The car says CO and the price won't stop you! High-Powered Hardtop. .. If s all alone up there, literally in • a class by itself! And it takes only minutes to prove it... just slip behind the wheel, head for the open road and watch this glistening beauty translate that statement into blazing action! Even at cruising speed you're using only a fraction of its tremendous potential. But should an emergency arise, that extra power is waiting for your signal ... and the slightest pressure touches it off! . Quick asa thought, 227*horees respond, whisking you to safety in a silken rush that leaves the emergency far behind . . . and with it all of your old ideas about performance! Here's America's best hardtop buy, by far, for this gorgeous Pontiac 860 Catalina costs less than many of the low-priced cars. Come on in and see it. If you love hard tops (and who doesn't?) here's your car! '56 STRATO-STREAK LOW-LOW PRICE TAG/ JTIAC *An fitra-fosl op/font til fi.p. w tbiwlard for Stir Chitf Srritt. WITH STRATO-FLIGHT HYDRA-MATIC NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, INC 5th t Walnut Phone 3-6817 cad Courier News Classified Ad«. Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre Last Times Tonight! at 7:15 and 9:15 p.m. Double Feature UMS-MR Ml —And— WAMNCK OHOS-MM^ . Battle WNHEfUK-HlOflRAY - j \ MB MlMMflM NSXM* •*/ MITIUK-MMH Sat. Night 10:30 Sun. & Mon. RICHARD MARK DONNA REED PINKY LEE'S Weatherbird Shoes Fit Correctly. HEUER'S PLASTERING Patching or Complete Jobs STUCCO WORK WATER PROOFING Phone 3-8J79 for Fre« Estimate Herschell Besharse $100.00 IFOR YOUR OLD STOVI (In Working Condition) ON ANY FULL SIZB ! Florence Gat Rang* •• — JHubbard & Sor iKurnltur* rtl«w 1-*4*»|

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