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WKATIIKH: Partly doudy with mild tcmpcraturi's through Thursday; few thun-dcrshowcrs this afternoon and tonight. High 85, low 53, and high Thursday 85. APiD City Daily Journal Final Edition Price 7c "The NewslKitycr of Western South Dakota" NUMBER 22330 RAPID CITY, S. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 4.

1954 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRES fin iJm Mini LfU THE o) "jZI mm Airline flit's Dilois S1 hi ion Ovr Coiii vnvi Administration Still Opposed To Red China Ity Till-: ASSOC! ATI I) I'RKSS President Defends Marshall American Airlines filed a i Studio Suspends million-dollar luearh con WASHINGTON IAP) The suit yesterday against its striking pilots' union, hut the union gave no President his news conference Temperamental Victor Mature today touched on a number of I sign of backing down. I The suit, filed In New York Fed WASHINGTON LP) President Eisenhower, speaking of the Mc subjects, including; COMMUNIST CHINA- Eisenhower reiterated with great emphasis that he is opposed to admitting Red China to the United Nations under preset conditions. But the President went on to say he is always ready to wait and see whether the sinner reforms and comes into the fold. He would eral court, asKca one nuuum dollars for loss of levcimc resulting from Use four-day iiiounduig of Ihe company's fleet and a quarter of a million for the union's influence on striking pilots. The action was bnmght against the AFL Airline Pilots Clarence Saycn, uni piesidenl; Carthy dispute in the Senate, said today that anything tending to divide the Republican party must be of concern to him and he must try to do something about it.

The President refused to express any opinion on the move by Sen. Flanders (R-Vti and others to censure Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis). In emotional tones, however, he gave a ringing defense of Gen. Reduction In Foreign Aid Unfortunate By EDWIN IIAAKINSON WASHINGTON President Eisenhower said today the foreign aid cuts voted by the Senate Tuesday were so deep they would hurt the country badly.

Within minutes, a Senate-House conference committee voted to restore parts of the cut. The Senate, accepting a new half-billion dollar reduction before it voted out the foreign aid authorization measure, slashed ihe total to something under $2,700,000,000 or 800 million below the amount the administration asked. Today the two houses of Congress quickly put committees to fork ironing out differences between their versions of the bill. Sen. Wiley (R-Wis), chairman of Committee, emerged from the first session to report that the conferees had agreed to push the total back up above j.hree billion.

The President spoke out at a news conference as Senate leaders worked at the job of heading off further multi-million-dollar cuts. The fight this time is in the Senate Appropriations Committee, considering actual money Tuesday's action was taken by the Senate itself in passing an he added, if he J- Council, cna.imi.n of Us what conditions American Airlines Division; and be off his rocker, attempted to say HOLLYWOOD (1) Victor Mature's studio his suspended him and replaced him in the cast of a picture for failure to appear tor wardrobe tests. The suspension was ordered yesterday by 20th Century-Fox and was followed Immediately by the assignment et Richard Egan to Mature's role in "Untamed." with Tyrone Power and Susan Hayward. Mature was reported golfing at Del Mar. (Evidence of Mature's prima donna temperament was seen in Rapid City during the filming of "Crasy Horse" especially in the closing days on location.

Violent language was directed to all and sundry. He left Rapid City in a pout, leaving studio emoloyes to pack his baggage and clean up his hotel room.) t. H. IJnudt, New oii chairman of the union. would be five years from now with respect to Red China and the U.

N. ATOMIC POOL The President said he does not propose to be defeated on his plan for an interna "The filing of tins suit no way hasten settlement will in of this in Chi- George C. Marshall. Marshall had been attacked earlier in a letter from former Secretary of War dispute," Saycn remarked cago. C.

R. Smith, president of American, told a news conference in 1 i Br UN u7 V- I vi si, pter W.Mliwiiipin.tifjniiiH i i. I i in New York yesterday that the association "deliberately and wilfully" violated its contract by refusing to permit pilots to fly more than eight continuous hours on nonstop Harry H. Woodring. McCarthy produced the Utter in the Senate debate on the Flanders resolution.

McCarthy himself has sharply criticized Marshall. Charge Rejected Eisenhower explosively rejected WundriiiK's suggestion that Marshall would "sell out his grandmother" for personal advantage. On the contrary, Eisenhower said, Marshall's 50 years of service showed the highest type of patriotism. It Is a sorry reward, the President said, his eyes flashing, for someone to say at this stage transcontinental flights. To this, Sayen said: "American can relieve its self- tional atomic energy pool for peaceful purposes merely because Soviet Russia has refused to go along with the idea, lie said he still is trying to find a way to put the plan into effect without Russia and intends to keep on trying.

POLITICS So far as he is concerned, the. President said, the main issue of the fall congressional campaign will be simply this: Is the record of the Republican ad-ministration a good one or is it not? EUROPEAN FLOOD RELIEF Eisenhower announced that both Austria and Germany he did not say whether he was talking of West or Red-dominated East Germanyhave accepted the U.S. offer of surplus food for the relief imposed damages and get out from under its martyrdom of self-generated losses at any tinii' withdrawing their demand that the Kansas Upset Feature Of Tuesday Voting authorization measure some 800 million dollars less than the 3'2 billion the administration had that Marshall is not a loyal and fine American or that he served his country only to further personal ambition asked. pilots forsake a flight limit of 23 years or be discharged." The work stoppage started July 21 against American, the nation's largest domestic air carrier. In another airline dispute, nego By Till: ASSOCIATED PRESS Eisenhower said he thought the A revolt against Hie Republican Statehouse administration in Kan 45-41 Senate vote for an extra half-billion-dollar reduction was very unfortunate.

Kremlin ine President said he knows no one who deserves this verdict than Marshall. sas took the spotlight from three U. S. senators and 41 House mcm- of flood victims in the area of the Danube River and its tributaries. He added that Communist Yugo The discussion of Marshall and tiators in Seattle reported progress in efforts to avert a strike of the AFL Agents Assn.

employed by West Coast Airlines. The company serves 32 cities in Washington, He said there seems to be some lack of understanding in Congress slavia anti-Soviet government about what the Kremlin is doing has not been able to make a reply Dcrs seeKing renomination in lour McCarthy came while Senate lead-state primaries yesterday. rrs wcre combing a list of about While most of the incumbent 20 senators hunting for what they Congress members won easily, a middlc-of-thc-roHd commit-Gov. Fred Hall of Kansas held aitec to investigate McCarthy's con- in the world. as ytt.

Nor have there been replies from other countries elicible for And he said there would be less Oregon and Idaho. The union is seeking a wage increase of 6 to 7 per cent and resistance to foreign spending if such aid, he said. iiiuuiiuiik icmu in ni.N I'uaiictiKe ui rtijft members of Congress could see TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTH recognition of the eight-hour day. " uoy. how desperately the administration ORITY The President said he Elsewhere on the labor I t.t.i YVfllW At 4)1 Hi JUILT WUIIU Id scene: is trying to build up the free world iuv nuinv: A strike by 2,500 CIO steclworkers to counter the Kremlin propa Colorado Vacation Eisenhower was asked early in the news conference whether he thought the McCarthy controversy was having a harmful effect on the Republican party, and also wlie- Hall, seeking the GOP for governor, was trailed by chose Brig.

Gen. Herbert D. Vogel to be the new chairman of the TVA board of directors because Vogel is the kind of a man the administration wants in that job. at aluminum plants of the Reynolds Metals Co. in Phoenix, and Trouldale, was ended today with the drafting of a new George Templar, former U.

S. district attorney, who had the sup 1 BEARING BRUISES HE received In an accident Monday which cost the life of hit gypsy queen wife, Frank Mitchell itands at the head of the casket at ehrens Mortuary in Rapid City. The body bears no Iher llw tmuuihilit nf ttan port of the slate party eader-i (remaining technically in session Ihe President said he told Vogel that he looks for him to base his snip, All Incumbent eoncressmen won aftcr tnc adjourns, to re- contract giving workers a 5-cent hourly wage Increase and improved fringe benefits. recommendations with respect to any expansion of TVA, or anything their races in Kansas, Missouri crlve committee report on the and West Virginia, And all but one issue, would affect his plans for ganda and outright subversion and sabotage. On a closely related subject, Ei- senhower said this country should talk less about American ship and concentrate more on trying to be a good partner with its Allies.

Leadership To stand up and thump your chest and say what a great leader you are, Eisenhower said, is poor psychology. You can get farther, he said, by making other countries (Page 4 Coiumn 7) else, on his own best judgment. Then Eisenhower said emphatically he wanted to repeat that he is pledged not to destroy TVA YALTA BOOK READIED I lnc slx congressmen eariy vacation in coioraao. liiAcuivnn (Opposed for rcnom ina Uon held The President said he would deal jewelry, but a 50-cent piece has been placed between the fingers of Mrs. Florence Mitchell, a daughter of the acknowledged queen of the Evans and Mitchell gypsy tribes.

4 4 Funeral Planned Thursday Here For Queen Of Gypsies HOUSING AND OTHER CON nw.uuly siaie bdSi Veteran Democrat George Department plans to publish. O'Brien trailed by a narrow sibly by October, a bulky sccretargin. history of the wartime Yalta con-j sen. Matthew M. Neely (D-WVa) ference.

was renominated In a fifth ivm STRUCTION Eisenhower said he with the second question first. If the House is not in session, he said, there can't be any legislation, and so he sees no reason why he shouldn't bo ahead with his vaca- was unfamiliar with the details of pending legislation which would TL. I i authorize emergency construction three tion plans. ine voiume, jirsi in a series tnatltopping the closest of his will detail the major 4-1. In Kansas, Roman Catholic requiem mass curious hoping to see the body of purple velvet skirt and blouse with of school buildings.

He said he GOI Then, verv serious in manner, he gold trim. A red velvet shawl was conferences of the Roosevelt and; a gypsy queen. Sen. Andrew F. Schoeppel tri- went on to say that under the Am- Rapid City police were called umpnea casny over iwo opponents.

system the President would look into it and say later what his position will be on the matter. As for housing generally, the President said as lie has many Truman administrations, will include notes made at Yalta by Alger Hiss. Sen. Homer Ferguson of Michigan, last night to direct traffic at the Eighth and Kansas City Street (Tage 4, Column 51 placed over her shoulders and head. Adult women of the 25 gypsies in the caravan enroute to Rapid City made the shroud Tuesday.

The gypsy leader wears no jewelry but a 50-cent piece has junction, the Behrens Mortuary lo Notorious Private Now With MP Unit AUGUSTA. Ga. UP) One of the Army's more widely known privates G. David Schine has resumed duty with a military police unit at nearby Camp Gordon after a three-day pass spent with his family in New York. Columnist Learns been placed in her hands.

No ex planation was made for that and will be held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception here Thursday afternoon for a gypsy tribe leader. Mrs. Florence Mitchell, 44, died here Monday night of injuries received earlier in an automobile accident near Quinn. Mrs. Mitchell is the daughter of a gypsy matriarch, and as such was an "acting queen." The rites will start with a funeral procession from Behrens Mortuary at the corner of Eighth and Kansas City Streets.

Six members of the tribe will carry the casket six blocks to the Cathedral. A band will play funeral music as part of the cortege with several hundred gypsies following. Frank Evans emphasized there are no superstitions practiced by them. The five cars in the caravan had cation. A four-way stop on Highway 16, the intersection was cloggei with a continuous stream of cars for hours.

Many were passers-by, others were trying to halt long enough to see the gypsies and still others double-parked with the intention of passengers to join the continuous procession through the mortuary to view the remains. times before that there should be no racial discrimination in connection with any housing program where federal funds are used. FEDERAL INSURANCE The President said he was delighted over Congressional approval of 8n administration bill to provide group life insurance for government employes. He called the measure highly desirable. head of the party which has been given the responsibility of government by the voters and that the President cannot escape This does not mean, Eisenhower said, that he approves of everything the party does.

He said the President docs his best to keep party affairs moving in the right direction. But the important thing, he said, is the legislative program its permanent value and effect. Effect Certain As for the McCartny controversy he said, of course that is going iPayo 4. Column 6) Young Braves Prefer To Do Jitterbug Schine, a wealthy hotel heir but been in Fort Worth at a gathering when the tribe's matriarch, Rosie Evans, lingered near death as a result of her auto accident. She is more readily identified with Republican Sen.

McCarthy's wrangle with the Army, had been assigned The body has been attired in a to the MPs and service detach ment of the 3441 Area Service Unit. The Army reported yesterday he unable to move as yet and demands the body of Mrs. Mitchell be brought to Texas for burial. She could be flown to Amarillo to attend the rites, i will be with the Camp Gordon pn vost marshal's office. After the mass at 1 p.

m. the body will be taken to Newcastle and sent Air Patrol Made After Lightning Sets Five Fires Sprinkles Fail To End Drouth But Hills Cooling Off By HAL BOYLE PINE RIDGE, S. U. (A') The old Sioux, in the days when they I ruled the Great Plains, had a festival that combined in theme several' of the white man's holidays. i It was called the sun dance, and to the Indians it was Easter, Thanksgiving, and a family reunion all wrapped in one.

In those times the wandering Sioux bossed the land and chased the butfalo from Kansas to Canada, from the Mississippi River to I the 'Rocky Mountains. I But once a year the roving tribesmen came together and were knit into a nation by the sun dance, a ceremonial that symbolized their! by train to Amarillo, Texas, for burial. A spokesman for the tribe said Springs Keeps City Manager, Mrs. Mitchell was known as a leader of the tribe and this caravan was dependent on her for all decisions. Her husband called her the "driver." They were coming to Rapid City for the carnival starting (Page 4, Column 5) Rain fell here and there in the Aerial patrols of Black Hills were being made today after cflie Weather By The Associated Press Black Hills last night but no ap "we recognize the United States government, we have no king nor queen." The gypsies -customarily lightning set off at least five fires late yesterday afternoon.

unity and common faith in the Great Spirit. 'Government Biggest blaze was outside the na designate leadership and usually with the female of the tribe. the government, in an effort to destroy a tradition which it fea preciable amounts were recorded. At lookout stations in the northern Hills .02 was measured and the airport at Rapid City recorded .01. Partly cloudy skies held tempera tional forest and approximately five always held the danger of stirring up the fierce Sioux in fresh out miles west of Rapid City off old Highway 40.

The blaze covered ap breaks, banned the sun dance in 18R6. But it was revived more than HOT SPRINGS Residents of 20 years ago, and last week Indians came hundreds of miles to the this Southern Black Hills city vot-sprawling Pine Ridge Reservation here for a renewal of the symbolic ed overwhelmingly vesienlav tn r. tures down today with highs in the proximately 15 acres before it was definitely quelled about 11 d. m. A middle 80s forecast through Thins day.

Yesterday's maximums intlud centuries-old festival. Truck Blocks Road Four Youths Killed tain its city manager type of gov street tanker from Rapid City was ed 94 at Hill City, 92 at Hot Springs, ernment. A total of 1.067 went to the polls in SOUTH DAKOTA: Considerable cloudiness today and tonight, becoming partly cloudy on Thursday. Scattered thundershowers, mostly this evening and tonight. Slightly cooler today and tonight, high today 80-90, low tonight 52-62.

Thursday cool. Forest fire danger in the Black Hills as computed by rangers late yesterday includes: Central Hills Moderate Northern Hills Moderate Southern Hills High However, Mrs. Mitchell's mother is known as THE gypsy queen. She is Mrs. Rosie Evans of Fort Worth.

Texas, now convalescing injuries received last month in an auto accident there. Mrs. Evans had insisted the burial take place in Amarillo, Texas, where the family has a cemetery plot. Relations of the Mitchell and Evans families are coming here from Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and Texas to participate in the traditional three-day mourning ceremonies. So at Philip and 90 at Custer.

Dead wood's top was 83. Overnight readings were compari In earlier limes no formal date for the ceremony was set. The Indians simply drifted together as if pulled by a magnet by nature's signals the time when the buffalo were fat, when the choke-berries ripened, when new sage sprouts spranq foot-high, when moccasins made a crisp echo in the dry grass of summer. This year Frank Fools Crow, sent out the call. Thousands of Tn- used to supply water in the fight under direction of George Kelly, assistant state forester.

Less than an acre was covered by I a special election which saw a pro-iposal to return to the aldcrmanic I form of rule defeated 733 to 284. The election hart eallnH JMJLW HAHlrUKU, Iowa (r) uvely warm, ranging from at Four teen-agers were killed Tues- Custer to 6" in Rapid City and Hot umiin came oy jhh.m; ana waeon. on loot or in ueaien ud auiomoDi es. 1 ho eitv nnmn uiinr. day night when their car crashed Springs A few showers aie anticipated to fires at Buck mountain south of Nemo with Ranger Wally Staples in charge; Norris Peak, eight miles west of Rapid City, Otis Clifton, ranger; and four miles sou.h of Rochford, Don Price, ranger.

Approximately two acres were into a semi-trailer truck which authorities said was blocking the road on U. S. Highway 20 near here. day and tomorrow but nothing to break the dry spell. Over much of the middle west Behren's Mortuary, Rapid City's pioneer funeral home, is the cen The accident occurred four miles PP tr.

.01 ter of attraction for not only in- burned over in a Wolf Canyon fire west of New Hartford and about 15 temperatures ran up over the 100 mark yesterday. LaJunta, reported 105 and Kansas City 102. hundreds of 1 18 miles northwest of Custer. coming gypsies but miles west of Waterloo, They pitched their modern tents and faded tepees around a great 'signed by approximately 300 resl-cnclosure of willow poles hung with Rreen pine boughs. dents requested the ballot.

Prcpon- In the center of the enclosure stood a slender young Cottonwood of the aldcrmanic type charg-tree. The tree, selected in advance by a medicine man, had been tar-'ed during the campaign City Manned to the site and erected by strong braves who took care to see thatjagcr Joe Grams "had too much none of its leaves touched the ground. To the Sioux the leaves of this power and received too much pay." sacred tree stood for human hearts, and must not be bruised. Before the election members of Sheafs of sweet-smelling sage standing for purity were 'the city council had' made public placed in the crotch. From them dangled a piece of buffalo robe statements supporting the city man-and a man-shaped figure cut from a piece of buffalo skin, sym- lager form and one said the cam-bolising the Sioux dependence on the buffalo.

against the present type of The sun dance itself is designed to demonstrate the four great Sioux 'government was "based on half-virtues bravery, generosity, fortitude and integrity. truth and personalities." This year three young braves volunteered for the ordeal. Two were! A breakdown of the votini? hv The dead: Martin Olson. 16, son of Mr. and Claim Jumping Alleged Mrs.

Bernard Olson, Cedar Falls. Rehabilitation Of Dam At Aberdeen Roger Ericson, 17, son of Dr. and Mrs. Martin Erieson, Cedar Falls. Paul Cast, 18, son of Mr.

and Mrs. li 65 64 67 53 60 54 65 64 62 63 56 60 56 63 61 59 66 Hills Thorium Find Gerald Cast, New Hartford. Requested In Bill wnu JldU IJieUiiLU uiru I vus 10 3UI1 Udllic HI wards' iMl'St Warn fnr. gratitude for their safe return from Korea. WASHINGTON An amend .03 .49 used in making the hydrogen bomb.

ment providing for "emergency rehabilitation" of Willow Creek Dam Marvin E. Rawdon, 18, son of Mr. pnd Mrs. Walter Rawdon, New Hartford. The driver of the truck.

C. E. Miller, South St. Paul, Minn, escaped injury. er, 89 for aldcrmanic; Second Ward, first precinct 113 for manager, 49 ifor aldermanic: Second Ward, second precinct 175 for manager, 71 To purify and prepare themselves, the three first look a sweat bath in an "Ini," or sweat house, made of willow bows covered with buffalo skins.

Steam was provided by pouring water over hot rocks in a pit within ihe sweat house. near Aberdeen, S. D. was intro duced in the Senate Tuesday by "Some of our ore tested three and four per cent," interposed Prints. "And on, per cent ore ior aiacrmanic; rnirci ward 1 14 for The dancers wcre then painted red for the sun, blue for the sky, 'manager, 25 for aldermanic; Fourth Sen.

Karl Mundt iR-SDi on behalf Miller was fined $100 and costs in a justice of the peace court at yellow for the rocks, Ricen for the earth. of himself and Sen. Francis Case Ward 220 for manager, 50 for ald By BOB LEE Journal Staff Writer ROCHFORD This historic mining community is buzzing over recent discoveries of thorium deposits in the area, and reports of alleged claim jumping have heightened the furor. The excitement started shortly after two Rochford residents Ross Dunn and Everit Printz started laying out claims in the Whitetail 63 tr. iR-SD).

Parkersburg on a charge of enter crmanic. Without food or water the three men then danced around the cot-' tonwood tree to the music of beating tom-toms and the eerie, high-l i Mundt said the amendment to hi Rapid City K0 Airport 60 Philip Custer 90 Deadwood Hill City 94 Hot Springs 92 Fort Meade 87 Chadron 93 Valentine 94 Sheridan 94 Bismarck P3 Williston Pierre 91 Aberdeen 87 Watcrtown 83 Huron 89 Sioux Falls 85 Pickstown liT Lemmon 87 Mobridge 91 Sioux City 89 Duluth 74 Mpls-St. Paul 77 Rochester 80 Abilene, Texas 99 Chicago 81 Denver 97 Dcs Moines 89 Los Angeles 81 Miami 33 New Orleans 92 New York 71 Phoenix. 100 Seattle 63 Jj2 ntegina 70 The Pas 0 Winnipeg 73 ing a stop intersection and failing to yield the right of way to an on pitched chants of singers. They danced in turn in the direction of1 .06 .03 is considered high grade." Aye pointed out the government hasn't yet established a buying station for thorium because very little of it is produced in this country.

He explained that the government purchasing depot at Edge-mont is restricted to buying carno- Flooding Chinese the supplemental appropriations bill would allow immediate repair of the dam, located about six miles the four winds, pausing only when the tom-tom beaters had to rest. I watched the dance for part of each day, but to me the dance. coming vehicle. Butler County Coroner Dr tr Frank McKean sa'd he would hold River Sets Record I TOKYO The flooding 68 59 61 67 54 60 55 78 66 60 65 monotonous in itself, was less interesting than the faces of the old Indians and their squaws on the sidelines. Thrv wore a look of minded nride.

mvstie exaltation and urine an inquest rnursaay northeast of Aberdeen. Sen. Styles Bridges (R-NHi chairman of the Republican Appro Peak area about 10 miles west of The truck was loaded with hogs Rochford in the Black Hills Na and was headed for Ottumwa. priations committee, agreed to take tional Forest. They staked the Miller told authorities he had the amendment to a conference of To them this was no dance of celebration it was the pageant 0fj 'anSe Klvcr hit an all-time peak mankind's terrible struggle to survive, a victory of man's spirit ovcriof 95' 'ect today at Wuhan, the all the enemies he meets in his brief life under a blazing sun.

great trieity area in central China The look on the faces of the young braves in the audience wasiwn'cn includes Hankow, Ysnyang different. Few seemed stirred by the symbolism of the dance. Wuchang, Peiping radio an- missed the junction of Highways 14 .04 and 20 at Parkersburg and contin ued on cast several miles before claims in partnership with John and Willis Aye of Miles City, and Ralph Clem of Albion, Mont. Willis Aye said he and his partners took some of the ore to the South Dakota School of Mines and tite, a low grade uranium ore, and his party will probably stockpile the ore until there is a market for it. Two Rochford and three Montana men have formed mining company known as the Rochford Three-State Mining Company, and have filed 62 claims in the White-tail Peak and Black Fox-Deerdale campground areas.

Whitetail Peak, a 7,000 foot-high mountain, is in nounccd. wcre more interested in making eyes at the young Indian maidens, realizing his mistake. 66 81 76 -64 1.20 Officers quoted him as saying that he backed into a side road to Senate and House members on the pending appropriations bill. The amendment by Case and Mundt was added to an approved appropriation of $375,000 in Missouri River Basin projects funds providing for "additional investigation" on the White River and Willow Creek in South Dakota and the Garrison Diversion unit including the Sheyenne Farm Oakrs rie- 74 .10 Technoloev in Rapid City where make a turn and saw the car com ing when he pulled back on to the For them the sun dance was just another opportunity for courtship. Frank Fools Crow, who wears long braids as his forefathers did, said ssdlyi "The young Indians no longer care much for our old customs.

This may be our last tun dance." The young braves and their maidens prefer to jitterbug. Slowly but inevitably the once mighty Sioux are taking the while man's roads, roads that will scatter them to the four winds. The broadcast, heard here, said the crest is 2'2 feet higher than any recorded previously, and the river is still rising. Peiping made no mention of flood damage but reported that 100,000 "water tamers" are laboring on the soggy dike. 54 was identified as thorium.

He 32 ,29 added they also showed samples of 52 .03 the ore tn Atonvlc Knerev Cnmmis. highway. The officers said Miller Pennington County and the Black told them he tried to back off the highway but was unable to make 53 officials at the A EC office injFx-Dcerdale campgrounds are lo 50 Hot Springs because thorium is' IPage 4, Column 8) it before the cram Ivclopment tract in North Dakota..

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